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  The Salvation Army Bridge Program invite people interested in learning Motivational
                   Interviewing to 2 x 2 day training courses in Hobart.


                                  2 x 2 Day Courses

                                      Facilitated by:

                                 Dr Allan Zuckoff (USA)

                                   Dr Joel Porter (NZ)

                                   November 27 & 28th

                             November 30 & December 1st

                                  Cost: $550 per course

             Introduction to Motivational Interviewing

                  Advanced Motivational Interviewing
                      & Engaging the Difficult

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a counselling method for helping people make decisions
about behaviour change. It involves the sophisticated and researched use of listening
and other clinical skills to elicit a person’s motivation to change.

In contrast with methods that rely on persuading people to change, MI is based on
conveying acceptance and hope with respect for individuality and autonomy, thereby
providing the professional with the opportunity to skilfully elicit each person’s individual
and powerful reasons to change.

Interest in learning MI has grown over the last 20 years, and research evidence is
supportive of efforts to train people to adopt and adapt the method in a wide range of
health, addiction, mental health, education, social and criminal justice settings. To date,
over 200 controlled trials of applications of MI have been published in scientific journals.

Learning MI and applying it in diverse settings is an ongoing process. We are offering
both Introductory and Advanced workshops for people looking to learn the foundational
MI skill set or deepen the skills they have already developed from previous training and
practice. Coupled with the Advanced workshop is Engaging the Difficult and will focus on
use of MI enhance treatment engagement and adherence, particularly with clients with
substance use and mental health disorders.

The workshops will benefit individuals with a variety of skill levels and clinical settings.
The workshops are informal sa as to ensure that proficiency is achieved as efficiently as

Introduction to Motivational Interviewing [30 Nov & 1 Dec]
Dr Joel Porter

For people who are interested in learning how to do MI and start down the road towards
In this two-day intensive workshop participants will:

      Develop an understanding of the fundamental Spirit and approach of MI
      Skill level assessment
      Learn and practice fundamental skills of this approach
      Gain experience through demonstration and practice
      Become familiar with research evidence on the efficacy of this method

Advanced Motivational Interviewing [27 & 28 Nov]
Dr Allan Zuckoff & Dr Joel Porter

For people who have had previous training and experience in MI and want to increase
their ability to use it effectively with a range of client problems and populations.

In this two-day intensive workshop participants will:
     Deepen the empathic capacity needed for powerful complex reflection
     Learn strategies for facilitating client self-affirmation and values exploration, the
        most potent catalysts for change
     Improve their ability to recognize, elicit, and strengthen change talk
     Identify their own vulnerability to responding to clients in ways that trigger or
        intensify resistance and practice alternate, resistance-lowering responses
     Increase their skill in helping clients develop effective plans for change
     Develop a personalized plan for post-workshop growth
     Experience live demonstration and practice of core and advanced MI skills, coding
        of expert practice, self-assessment and mutual feedback
This workshop will also cover
     Understand the variety of factors that impact motivation for treatment
     Become aware of adaptations to MI practice needed to address the unique
        characteristics of youth and adults with co-existing disorders
     Learn how MI can be used to strengthen initial engagement into treatment and
        increase participation in treatment activities
     Recognize warning signs for premature dropout that should trigger MI

Dr Allan Zuckoff

Dr Allan Zuckoff, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Western
Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Allan specializes in development and testing
of adaptations of MI for treatment adherence, and in the treatment of coexisting
disorders. He has been a member of MINT since 1998, and editor of
its online periodical, MINT Bulletin, since 2004. Allan has conducted over
100 trainings in MI throughout the USA and Canada. In the past 10 years he
has directed clinician training and supervision in studies of MI for adults
with mood and substance use disorders, depressed mothers and pregnant
women, adults with OCD, men at high risk for HIV, and adolescent girls at
risk for pregnancy and STD's. He has also integrated MI into a structured
treatment for adults with complicated grief and substance use disorders.
Allan is co-author of Improving Treatment Compliance: Counseling and
Systems Strategies for Substance Abuse and Dual Disorders (1999), the
chapter “Motivational Interviewing and Treatment Adherence” in the second
edition of Miller & Rollnick’s Motivational Interviewing: Preparing People for
Change (2002), and a number of related articles, chapters, and treatment manuals.

Dr Joel Porter, BS, MA, PsyD.

Director, Pacific Centre for Motivation & Change, Ltd.
Dr Joel Porter is registered psychologist in New Zealand. Joel is a Senior Clinical
Lecturer at the National Addiction Centre, Christchurch School of Medicine,
University of Otago. Joel has over 20 years of direct clinical and managerial
experience in a wide range of addiction and mental heath settings in New Zealand,
Germany and the United States of America. For the past four years, Dr Porter has been
providing training in Motivational Interviewing to professionals working in mental health,
addiction, health, educational and corrections settings. He has facilitated over 100
workshops in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Myanmar, Denmark
and Canada. Joel received his practitioner and trainer level training in Motivational
Interviewing from Dr William Miller and Dr Theresa Moyers. He is an active member of
the International – Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers and is currently on the
organisation’s Board of Directors.

To register please contact Debra Rees –
or phone 03 62788140

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