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									If you read, it might change the weight of your pocket . People does irrelevant things to
earn money but they are throwing bad influence for everyone, relevant money hard to
earn but easy to loose. We always hear from our elders or business tycoons that you want
to earn hundreds you got to invest thousands but i did it without investing too much i am
earning good. i am going to share with you only the trick which is useful for you and for
others before i start writing something, you all need to pay attention that i have been to
several sites i spent hundreds of hours on my laptop just for looking the relevant click and
finally I got it.

most of us or could say all of us have been to sites which are completely scams just want
to take your money but GOOGLE ADSENSE is the right and relevant way to earn
money, yes it`s google adsense, probably most of us heard of it we never paid a close
attention, follow these three steps and earn.

step 1 :- go to it is a free websites where you can create blog and articles,

just write whatever you like for example you like about shopping or sports then just
write about it.

NOTE:- use your gmail account to login create if you don`t have one, write article and
publish it.

step 2 :- send links of your blog to facebook -- twitter -- youtube, it is for to bring traffic
to your blog or site. once you have more than 600 to 800 page views on you site or blog
then you should go for step 3.

step 3 :- i suggest you to wait for one week after 600 to 800 page views then you could
apply for Google Adsense got to Once you get to this site you
got to fill up a form for adsense and wait for 48 to 72 hours and you shall receive a mail
from google adsense on your gmail for account approval.

NOTE :- if google disapprove your account please don`t get disappointed I am there to
help you, just send me an email contact me my email is in my profile but remember i am
earning and you could too.

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