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Document Sample
         Published by                                                                                              PO Box 368
                                                  FALL & WINTER                                             Kurtistown, Hawaii 96760
                                                                                                              Ph/Fax 808-966-9892
   Hawaiian Acres                                 2010—2011                                                          Email:
Community Association                                                                               

                         THE BOARD PRESIDENT’S REPORT
                                                             BY   DIANA MILLER
Aloha Everyone,
       As always, I would first like to thank our HACA mem-                 member and do not receive a ballot, please contact Abby the
bers for their continued support. The services that we offer                HACA office manager at or 808-966-
would not be possible without your contributions. Member-                   9892. Our next annual general membership meeting is on
ship in our community organization is voluntary and in these                Sunday, January 9, 2011, so we will need to have the ballots
challenging economic times, I realize that some who have                    returned to us by Saturday, January 8, 2011, in time to be
supported us in the past may                                                                                 counted and the results
not be able to support us at                                                                                 shared at the meeting.
this time.                                                                                                          The HACA board meets
       Our income from dues                                                                                  monthly and if you are in the
has dropped in the past few                                                                                  area at the time of our meet-
years, and as the HACA                                                                                       ings, you are welcome to stop
board of directors, we had to                                                                                in. We are always looking for
look for ways to reduce our                                                                                  people who want to be in-
expenditures. If you’ve been                                                                                 volved, to either fill a vacancy
member for a couple of                                                                                       on the board or to participate
years, you might remember                                                                                    in or to chair a committee.
when we mailed newsletters                                                                                   This past year we imple-
out to our members twice a                                                                                   mented some good ideas that
year. We wanted to continue                                                                                  were brought to the board by
communicating with our                                                                                       members. One of those ideas
membership, but with post-                                                                                   was to offer HACA members
age and printing rates in-                                                                                   access to our office WiFi.
creases, as cost-saving meas-                                                                                We’ve had to work through
ure, we decided to publish                                                                                   some minor glitches to get
our newsletters on our web-                                                                                  this up and running success-
site. We will still mail the                                                                                 fully, but we can now offer a
newsletter to our members                                                                                    great service.
on request at no charge but                                                                                      Thanks to everyone who
non-members are required to                                      Uluhe Fern                                  worked on this! If you have
send us a self-addressed stamped envelope to                 Dicranopteris linearis     another idea that you’d like to see happen, please
                                                                by Diana Miller
receive a hard copy. Almost everyone has access                                         get involved. Your dream could become reality!
to a computer, so we hope that this new procedure facilitates                       Depending on the outcome of the upcoming elections,
access to our publications.                                                 this could be my last president’s message. I have been hon-
As you read the newsletter, you will probably notice the can-               ored to serve as president of this great organization and
didacy letters. Yes, it is already time for our biennial elec-              hope the future group of officers and directors continue to
tions! Current members should be receiving a ballot post-                   serve the community to the best of their abilities. But, being
card in the mail in the next couple of weeks. Please take the               an optimist, I hope to be writing my next board president’s
time to read the candidates’ letters and vote for the individu-             message in about 6 months.
als whom you would like to serve as an area representative                                         Happy Holidays! Be safe,
or an officer for the HACA board. If you are a new or current                             diana
                                    WHATTYA MEAN, ELECTIONS???
                                                              BY FRED HOFER
     Every two years it's time to elect the HACA Board & the time is now, this December, 2010.
     It's one vote per membership. Every member gets to vote for the Hawaiian Acres Community Association board of directors’ presi-
dent, the vice president, the treasurer, the secretary, and the area representatives and at-large area representatives.
     Hawaiian Acres is divided into 4 areas, roughly equal in size. Area divisions run down the middle of D (Alula) Road. and through
the middle of the Acres between 5 (ʻUa ʻU) and 6 (ʻOʻo ʻAʻa) Roads as listed here:
         Area 1 is on the highway 11 side of D (Alula) Road. between 6 (ʻOʻo ʻAʻa) and 11 (Pule Lehua) Roads
         Area 2 is on the Pahoa side of D (Alula) Road between 6 (ʻOʻo ʻAʻa) and 11 (Pule Lehua) Roads
         Area 3 is on the Pahoa side of D (Alula) Road between 1 (ʻUhini Ana) and 5 (ʻUa ʻU) Roads
         Area 4 is on the highway 11 side of D (Alula) Road between 1 (ʻUhini Ana) and 5 (ʻUa ʻU) Roads
      As a HACA member in good standing (if you have paid your membership dues for 2010), you will soon get a ballot in the mail.
This ballot is in the form of a postcard with candidates listed for the various positions. Please circle the names of the candidates you
wish to vote for, or write in the name of another person of your choice, but if you write in a name, please make sure that the person
you name is in fact a member in good standing and willing to serve!
      For president, vice president, treasurer and secretary – there can only be one of each – please only circle or write in one name for
each position. There can be two representatives for each area and two representatives at-large, so for these positions you can circle
and/or write in two names.
      If you don't find a ballot from HACA in your mail by December 1st, please contact Abby in the office & request a duplicate ballot!
Please phone 966-9892 or email Abby at ! Your vote must be received, either by mail or hand-delivered, by the
HACA office, before noon, Saturday, January 8, 2011, in time to be tallied up before the annual general membership meeting on Sun-
day, January 9 at 2pm. Many thanks to Janet Judy for volunteering to help with this.
      Then you need to put the ballot into an envelope and send it to : HACA Election Secure Ballot Box, PMB 378, 16-540 Keaau-
Pahoa Road, Suite 2, Keaau, HI 96749, or bring it to the HACA Center. In case you don't know who you want to vote for, come
check us out, talk to us, read our statements. You can find all of us at the monthly HACA board meetings, on the 2 nd Monday of each
month at 6:30 pm, and please join us at the general membership meetings and yummy potluck dinners.
      Our next board meeting is on Monday, December 13th at 6:30pm, and our next annual general membership meeting will be on
Sunday, January 9, at 2pm, to be followed by another fabulous potluck meal (our community is blessed with some very talented cooks
and chefs!) after the meeting. Folks are invited to come with their families, participate in the general membership meeting at 2pm,
bring a favorite dish to share afterwards, enjoy meeting neighbors, talking story and savoring wonderful taste treats. Let the youngsters
see a good local organization at work, make new friends and enjoy a tasty potluck meal!
      You will find Ken Cutting at the Community Watch meetings, 2nd Tuesdays of the month, next meeting on December 14th at 6:30
pm, and John Lehnert and Fred Hofer can be found every Saturday morning hosting the free pancake breakfast. All these events are at
the HACA Community Center, corner of 8 (Moho) and C (Poʻo La) Roads. Or, you can use the contact information you find on the back
page of this newsletter.
                                                     Please do vote, do get involved!
                                                 Malama Aina & Aloha to you all, :-), fred

                        SEEKING SURPLUS FRUIT
     Do you have surplus fruit? Want to help feed Hawaiʻi’s hungry families? Hawaiʻi Harvest is a
volunteer group that seeks to get surplus food to our island’s hungry. Once monthly, we pick
donated fruit to be delivered to the Hawaiʻi Island Food Basket in Hilo.
     From there it is distributed to the various organizations (middlemen) that help feed Hawaii’s
hungry. Anything that you can donate is appreciated.
     If you are tired of the gnats attracted to your overripe fruit, or just can’t use all that you
have, please consider donating that produce. We accept anything, from red hot chili peppers to
lychee, citrus, avocados, mangoes, bananas, pretty much anything. We usually pick on Saturday
mornings, once monthly. If you have fruit or produce to donate, please call Sandra at 345-3250.
                                        Mahalo for your kokua!
                                            Aloha, Sandra
                                               HAWAIIAN ACRES
                                           COMMUNITY WATCH PROGRAM
                                                            BY KENNETH   CUTTING

      People have asked about the history of our Community                subdivisions in the state. And the answer we gave? It was and still
Watch program. Here’s a brief flashback in time to show how and           is, ‚Neighbors looking out for Neighbors!‛ No more, no less.
why we are here today:                                                          Your Community Watch Program is still going strong. Cell
      H.A.C.W.P. got its start in a Hawaiian Acres neighborhood on        phones have replaced C.B. radios. We tend to park more than
Superbowl Sunday in the year 1990. Just before halftime, a resi-          patrol because the cost of gas is so high. We have a strong core
dent’s daughter interrupted the game to tell her father that some-        of people who are always there, and lots of folks who come out of
one had just tried to get her into his car. The game completely           hibernation when the need arises.
forgotten, the father started calling his neighbors, who called                 Now more than ever, we need to come together as a Com-
other neighbors. ‚Watch out for a white station wagon with wood           munity. Constraints in the County budget have reduced the num-
grain sides.‛                                                             ber of Police working per shift, resulting in possible longer re-
      A small army of neighbors went out that day. They patrolled         sponse times. The legal system is so overloaded that it takes
the streets, looking for the person responsible. They did find him,       months before someone arrested for a crime is brought to court,
but that part of the story does not need to be told here.                 and people convicted of crimes seldom serve any jail time.
      Afterwards, everyone met at the corner of roads 4&F. It was               The time to plan for any emergency is BEFORE it happens!
decided that everyone needed to join together to help keep our            Get involved. Talk to your friends and neighbors. Get THEM in-
community safe. Phone numbers were exchanged. Neighbors who               volved. Help your neighbors to help you!
once had just a ‚nodding‛ acquaintance with each other were now                 Just, please! Don’t think that crime only happens to some-
friends. Someone suggested C.B. radios to keep in touch, and a            one else. With that kind of thinking, you someday might be miss-
network with weekly check-ins was established.                            ing more than just a football game….
      Crime in the Acres dropped, but other subdivisions got even               We are neighbors helping neighbors, nothing more, nothing
worse. We were invited to attend newly formed watch programs to           less. Please join us!
share our experience. There were newspaper articles, radio inter-               The HACWP meets the second Tuesday of each month at
views! Everyone wanted to know how Hawaiian Acres went from               6:30pm at the HACA Center, located at the corner of 8 and C
being known as ‚Lawless Puna‛, to one of the most crime free              Roads. For more information call the HACA office: 808-966-9892.

        Despite recent rains, our weather has been
          unusually dry this year, and the Forest is
                 very dry, even with the rains.                                                  SATURDAYS
        Please be extremely careful with any and all                                                    OR
          fires! Keep your cigarette butts with you
                    to dispose of properly.                                         FARMERS MEET THE ARTISTS
                 Don’t just toss them away —                                The Saturday morning event at the Community Center began as
             Hawaiian Acres is NOT your ashtray!                          a Farmers' Market and has evolved into a multi-faceted commu-
                                                                          nity event. Besides those who bring art/craft work, household
                                                                          goods, or farm produce to sell or swap, some people show up
                                                                          only for the free coffee and pancakes; some for Leo's ‚Coast to
                                                                          Coast‛ internet program; some for Charlie's tax lessons; some for
 Join the Hawaiian Acres Community Association (HACA)!                    the WiFi internet access; and some to visit neighbors or bring
                                                                          their children to play.
  Get involved with YOUR Hawaiian Acres community! An annual                This event has been going on for two years without any serious
membership in HACA is only $30 - such a deal!!! Come to our               problems, and it provides a wide variety of opportunities to com-
monthly board meetings and quarterly potluck general member-              munity members. Anyone may attend, contributions are encour-
ship meetings, share your thoughts, use the free-to-members               aged but there is no charge for any of it. There are almost always
WiFi, meet your neighbors, participate in plan-                           other freebies available such as clothing, fruit, and a variety of
ning and working together to help keep Hawai-                             useful recycled materials.
ian Acres such a wonderful place to live!                                   If you're interested in using this event to practice or test any
  For more information, call Abby in the HACA                             structured program, please call in advance: John at 968-7443 or
Office at 966-9892.                                                       Fred at 315-0624, to coordinate use of space, chairs, tables, etc.
                   AREA 2 REPORT                                             AREA 3 CANDIDACY AND REPORT
Aloha HACA Members and other friends,                                      To my fellow residents and land-owners of Hawaiian Acres –
   I hope, in these difficult times, that you capitalize upon some               I usually do not write a campaign letter to attempt to be the
of the opportunities Hawaiian Acres provides for residents. Our            Area 3 Representative, but I am doing so this year. I lived
land provides for sustainable agriculture and environmental pres-          through the 60's as a blossoming child, the 70's as a young and
ervation. My husband and I are farming under our ʻohiʻa forest             sensitive pre-adult and I barely survived the selfish 80's as a self-
cover. It’s a lot of work, but so far it seems successful. We are          absorbed young man.
getting more exercise and we’re learning more regarding native                   OK, jump 30 years and here I am, your neighbor. During
biology and agronomy. We are now getting more of our food                  those last 30 years I had a child, a son, which has grounded and
from our farming neighbors and friends in nearby subdivisions.             made me a better person, forgetting reasons that made me self-
We had fresh eggs from down the block this morning and en-                 ish, and inspiring me to be a responsible member of our society.
joyed them with a cup of our homegrown white tea. We’ll have                     As the prospect of mortality dawned on me, so did the ap-
some of our own pineapple later today and some local avocados              preciation of nature and consequently I have learned to love my
on our nachos for dinner.                                                  daily life here in the rain forest. Be it those frogs chirping or our
   I hope that lot owners reading this who have not yet joined the         beloved birds, I love the sounds of Nature as I lay down to sleep
Hawaiian Acres Community Association, or who let their mem-                and as I arise in the mornings.
bership lapse, will consider joining at this time. Whether it is the             We are blessed with a wonderful and diverse group of resi-
wireless hotspot, the Saturday market, the friendship and sup-             dents here in Hawaiian Acres and I encourage you to reach out
port of our membership, the numerous community groups’ ac-                 and say hello to those you pass daily but don't really know.
tivities going on at the HACA building, the ability to rent our            There may come a time during an emergency when it would be
HACA Community Center building, or just feeling part of this               good to know your neighbors.
community grassroots organization, HACA welcomes you and                         As a Representative of Area 3 these last few years, I would
needs your participation. Join today, stop in and set up your              like you to know that I have tried to be a good neighbor who
wireless password. On Saturday mornings, stop by the HACA                  respects privacy, and that the only reason I seek to hold office is
Center for delicious pancakes and coffee, talk story and perhaps           to maintain the rain-forest and country life-style that us old-
find some items at the friendly swap meet.                                 timers love so much.
                        Aloha, Julie Jacobson                                    And I promise to try to keep my Green Party, John Lennon,
                                                                           anti-war, pro-Gay/Lesbian, Pro-Choice for women, pro-marijuana
                                                                           legalization, pacifist beliefs to myself as much as I possibly can.
             TREASURER’S REPORT                                            Well… I promise not to go out knocking on your doors like
                                                                           ‘certain other people’, anyway.
                           BY PHILIP TAIT
                                                                                        Thank-you, Peace & Love, Mark Van Doren
      My name is Philip Tait. I became HACA Treasurer soon
after I moved to the Big Island in 2005.
      My goal as Treasurer has been to keep the Association                 AREA 4 CANDIDACY AND REPORT
solvent; to try to ensure that money is spent wisely, and for                                         BY KATE SCHUERCH
benefit of the membership; that the assets of the Association              Aloha All –
are preserved; and to stay in compliance with IRS and state                       As winter cold encourages another blanket on the bed, I
regulations.                                                               think about how blessed we are to be able to live in such a
      The Association finances are in reasonable shape consid-             beautiful and temperate location, where 50 degrees is cold!
ering the current economic circumstances, as seen from the                        Here in Area 4, life has been bumping right along. We
following summary:                                                         finally finished fencing our place to keep the ever-increasing
                    2008            2009           2010                    numbers of pigs out(!), and now my dogs can again run around
                                               (October)                   without the risk of their chasing pigs into the forest and getting
Income             35,547         38,449          33,577                   sliced and diced. Now I can replant my few surviving bananas.
Expense            50,128         39,958          25,880                          Despite the island beauty with which we are surrounded,
Net               -14,581          -1,509          7,758                   these are very difficult economic times for many island resi-
Bank               44,101         47,420          55,159                   dents, and I just want to remind us all that as we go about our
      Our income is down since last year, but the board has                daily lives, a true smile can go a long way toward making some-
done a great job in keeping expenditures in check, so I am                 one else’s day just a little better, and… they’re contagious!
hoping we will end this year "in the black".                                      As it is election time again, I am asking for your vote to
      We have decided to go ahead with accepting Paypal pay-               be your Area 4 Representative for another two years. It has
ments for dues payments over the next few months - you                     been my privilege and pleasure to serve with the HACA board
should see an announcement and link on the website by the                  on behalf of this diverse community, and with your support, I
time this newsletter is published.                                         hope to be able to continue. — A hui hou, Kate Schuerch
Aloha,                                                                         Aloha Everyone!
       My name is Diana Miller and I am offering my services                         My name is Fred Hofer, I’ve been a HACA ‚At-Large‛ Area
again as president of the Hawaiian Acres Community Associa-                    Representative for more than 2 years. This year I am running for
tion. I debated whether or not I should run for president of the               Vice President of the Hawaiian Acres Community Association,
community association again, and until recently I said that I                  and I ask for your votes so that I may continue to work and net-
would not, but I changed my mind (I can do that). So, here I am                work for our community here.
with my candidacy letter.                                                            I live quite happily & simply here ‚ in the woods‛, grow
       If you’ve read my previous candidacy letters, all that stuff            most of my food (I am a vegetarian), keep rabbits for their poop
still applies… but I am just a little older (and wiser, I hope) now.           & wait for my fruit trees to grow up. Many of you may know me
If this is your first time reading my letter, here’s my brief history.         as the guy who makes coffee while John makes his delicious
I retired from the USAF back in 2004. I was a navigator on air                 pancakes for the free breakfasts at the HACA Community Center
refueling aircraft most of my career. I bought my house in Hawai-              every Saturday morning. If you haven't been there already,
ian Acres back in 1994, but was not able to move over here                     please come by on a Saturday morning and check out the sense
until after retirement. I was in the service almost 25 years. Be-              of community and camaraderie that's been created there.
fore the air force, I milled around for several years after college.                 Methinks we should protect our native species and respect
This should not have been a news flash for me, but after gradu-                native culture. Let's have smart growth, and be wary of real es-
ating from the U of Maryland with a degree in Studio Art, I could              tate speculation in ‚The Acres‛. I also want to see a walkway /
not find a job. I know, it’s hard to believe. The Air Force was                bicycle path along 8 Road, at least on one side – to keep us
fun, but I am certainly enjoying life over here on Hawaiʻi Island.             slow moving traffic targets safe :-).
       I consider myself to be pretty ‘green’. I belong to a bunch                   We live in a beautiful place and I hope that we can do our
of environmental advocacy organizations (Sierra Club, Earthjus-                part in HACA to protect it. I ask for your votes to allow me to
tice, WWF, Defenders of Wildlife, KAHEA, etc.), and I also work                continue working for our beautiful subdivision and community.
part-time up at Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park as an interpreta-                           Malama Aina and Aloha to you all, :-), Fred
tion park ranger. I have learned a lot about our native forest
environment as well as the geology of this island, and I am al-
ways learning more.                                                             HACA BOARD VICE-PRESIDENT CANDIDACY
       I’ve been involved in the HACA since I moved over here in
                                                                               Aloha! My name is Ken Cutting, and I am currently serving as
October 2003. It’s been great working with the board members,
                                                                               HACA Board of Directors Vice-President. To everyone who voted
and with your votes I look forward to the prospect of another 2-
                                                                               for me the last time, a warm Mahalo! Again, I humbly ask for
year term as president of this excellent community organization.
                                                                               your vote, as I am again running for the position of Vice-
                              Aloha, diana
                                                                               President of the Hawaiian Acres Community Association Board.
                                                                                     I have been in love with this community since I moved
                                                                               here in 1990! In this time, I have served on the board many
    LET’S SET A COMMUNITY CLEANUP DAY !                                        times as an Area Representative and am the coordinator of our
        In the past, HACA has organized Community Cleanup Days in              Community Watch Program for the second time. I have been an
order to remove trash illegally dumped along our roadways, and                 active volunteer firefighter with our own Company 5-Bravo since
we’ve been getting requests for more cleanup days. We found out
                                                                               1995, and also a coordinator for the Hawaiian Acres Emergency
that Matson Shipping has a program called Ka Ipu Aina (container
                                                                               Response Team. I am a past VP of the Big Island Amateur Radio
for the land) for non-profit organizations (like HACA) to assist clean-
                                                                               Club (call sign KH7ZJ), and an American Red Cross volunteer
up efforts. In this program, Matson will pay for the delivery of a
container to a designated cleanup site. Then community volunteers              since 1993, holding the current positions of Logistics Function
fill the container with gathered rodside rubbish. Matson will also             Lead and Disaster Action Team Coordinator.
pay for the pickup of the filled container. But, that’s not all! Matson              My parents taught me the importance of giving back to the
will also make a $1000 cash contribution to a nonprofit that suc-              community and striving to make the world a better place, and I
cessfully completes a cleanup initiative!                                      truly enjoy serving our community. This has put me in a position
        The program that Matson offers seems like a great idea, but it         to meet lots of new people and to create stronger ties with my
will take a lot of effort to organize this event. Initially, an applica-       fellow neighbors and community members.
tion for this program must be submitted to Matson for considera-                     It has been an honor to work with my fellow board mem-
tion. The program committee at Matson reviews applications twice               bers these past years. They are a very hard working and caring
a month. If the application is accepted, there will be a requirement           group, and I feel blessed to call them my friends. If elected, I
for volunteers to collect and consolidate the waste into the con-              will do my very best to represent my neighbors’ interests and
tainer, and then to accompany the truck driver to the landfill to              keep Hawaiian Acres moving into the future, while keeping our
unload the container.                                                          ‚rural‛, laid back way of living.
        If you are interested in organizing and/or assisting in this                 If not elected, I will of course still be here. I will always
effort, please contact Abby at the HACA office at 966-9892 or by               support everyone’s efforts to make the world a better place!
email at .                                                                           --- Ken Cutting
         AREA 1 REPRESENTATIVE                                                       AREA 2 REPRESENTATIVE
               CANDIDACY                                                                   CANDIDACY
Hi,                                                                        Aloha —
      My name is Russ Wichman and I'm running for re-election                     I am grateful to have served on the HACA Board for the last
as Area 1 Representative. I have owned property in Hawaiian                few years, and am asking for your support again for my candi-
Acres since 1989, have lived here for the last 3 years, and I              dacy to Area 2 Representative to the HACA Board for another
appreciate Hawaiian Acres for its uniqueness.                              term. The other HACA Board members and I have been working
      I hope newcomers will consider leaving as much of their              together to face our fiscal challenges. HACA is wrestling with a
property as possible in natural growth. This will save money as            smaller budget and an increasing number of needs and respon-
well as our unique environment.                                            sibilities. Like the rest of the country, we too are striving to meet
      I worked as a nurse for over 30 years and, now retired, I            our challenges and are making necessary adjustments to our
have enjoyed my first experience with being a representative on            budget and programs.
the HACA council and I would be happy to continue represent-                      We are endowed with a beautiful lush forest, productive
ing Area 1.                                                                farms, a quiet place to live and a great bunch of neighbors. I
                     Mahalo, Russ Wichman                                  want to continue to protect our community, our aina (environ-
                                                                           ment), and support all the work residents have done to make
                                                                           this a great place to live. I am proud to be part of this commu-
 AT-LARGE AREA REPRESENTATIVE                                              nity and the HACA Board. Mahalo to HACA members for your
                                                                           membership and participation. I hope to see some of you at the
          CANDIDACY                                                        HACA meetings coming up.
                                                                                  Please vote for me for Area 2 Representative to the HACA
Aloha —                                                                    Board. Your vote matters!
      We have distinct issues here in Hawaiian Acres, as I know                       Mahalo, Julie Jacobson, Area 2 Representative
after living on F road for 6 years. I ask for your votes, as I would
like to join the HACA board as an at-large area representative to
contribute my experience from many years in engineering and
construction and most recently in advancing non-invasive pain
management healing modalities.
                                                                                          AREA 3 CANDIDACY
      As these difficult economic times further impact our liveli-         Hello Friends --
hoods, I, like you maybe, see urgency for us to come together                     I moved to Hawaiian Acres a little over a year ago, relocat-
more, to share, plan and play. As a community, we can manifest             ing from my Texas home to join my daughter and her family
even more resources to cater to more of our basic needs. So, in            here. I was a public school teacher in special education for over
short, if you would like my contribution to our sustainable com-           thirty years, and though I have retired from the Texas system, I
munity ideas, please give me your vote!                                    am currently preparing to do substitute teaching in our area
      I congratulate the fact that the present and previous HACA           schools. I enjoy reading, doing yoga, community theater, getting
boards have set an example to others by creating the founda-               together with my neighbors, and taking walks through the beau-
tion for our community to grow together. They got me hooked                tiful forest in which we live. Of course, my main source of enjoy-
with the membership WIFI access - a big draw as I do a lot of              ment lies with my 3 grandchildren and their activities. I also
wordpress and video marketing, offer various classes - I do the            have 3 other children and 4 additional grandchildren in Texas.
Yoga class on Thursdays, the get-togethers and Saturday Socials                   This is a wonderful place to be living! I believe that every-
morning market with John’s pancakes and Fred's super strong                one should take a part in the community. We are stronger when
coffee, and may I suggest, as a further draw, free internet ac-            we work together. I think it's my turn now, and I'm ready to con-
cess to anyone on Saturdays!                                               tribute my time and support to the HACA Board to help make
      I am 59 years old, born in London and am blessed with                our neighborhood an even better, safer place to live and raise
four children and one granddaughter.                                       children.
      My hobbies: body surfing, the Big Island, gardening, spend-                 I am running for one of the two Area 3 Representative po-
ing the summers with my 7 & 9 year old boys, global music,                 sitions, and ask for your votes so that I may take my turn work-
ecstatic dance, drumming and my Ashtanga yoga practice.                    ing for the betterment of Hawaiian Acres.
                        — Benedick Howard                                                         Aloha, Sharon Justice

                                                        WANTED: MUSICIANS!
       We're looking for musicians to come liven up our Social Saturday morning Swap Meet/Pancake Breakfasts. If you have a band, or
just like to pick and sing, we'd love to have you join us. Meet your neighbors, surf the internet and check your e-mail with the WiFi, enjoy
some delicious coffee and pancakes, and show us your stuff!
                                                          Mahalo, :-), Sharon Justice
  AT-LARGE AREA REPRESENTATIVE                                                         PROPOSAL FOR A CHANGE
           CANDIDACY                                                                     TO THE HACA BYLAWS
                                                                                                        BY DIANA MILLER
Aloha everyone,                                                            The following Bylaw changes are presented to the membership for re-
      My name is Raji Adhikary and I’d like to continue to serve           view and consideration. According to our current Bylaws, these pro-
you on the Hawaiian Acres Community Association board of di-               posed changes are be put to vote and adopted with a 2/3 majority of
rectors as an At-Large Representative. I’ve been serving as an At-         those members present in person or by proxy at a Meeting of the Mem-
Large Representative for several months now and appreciate the             bers.
enthusiasm and dedication of all the members of the board.                 ARTICLE IV
      Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I was born in Nepal       SECTION 2. Election. currently reads:
and grew up stateside. I’ve lived in Toronto, Denver, Tulsa, and           A standing Election Committee shall be appointed by the Council to
most recently Honolulu, among other places. My husband and I               count and tally the election ballots as follows:
purchased a lot on Road G in 2006 and we had been coming                   The Directors or assignee shall hire a mailbox service to accept ballots
back and forth from Honolulu since then trying to tame the jun-            on the first day of the month in which the balloted Newsletter will be
gle. What an unrelenting, but rewarding, task! This place is so            sent to Members.
beautiful and so giving. Sun and rain and sun and rain J                   The Ballots shall be accepted at the designated address for the period
      By last summer we’d had enough of urban living, and                  from the mailing of the balloted Newsletter through the day immediately
cleared enough land to move into a little yurt toward the back of          preceding the date of the Annual Meeting. The Members shall have until
our property. We’ve been here for over a year and we love it. We           noon on the day immediately preceding the date of the Annual Meeting
                                                                           in which to cast their ballots at the designated address. However, Ballots
love all the wonderful people we’ve met, we love the do-it-
                                                                           not in the Ballot Box at the time the same is delivered to the vote count-
yourself attitude and get-up-and-go gumption that everyone                 ing location on the date immediately preceding the date of the Annual
seems to have around here.                                                 Membership Meeting or if the same be a holiday, on the last business
      There are two main reasons I would like to serve you on              day excluding weekends and state holidays immediately preceding, shall
the HACA board:                                                            not be counted.
      1) Healthcare and Education: As a physician, many of my              The Directors or assignee shall instruct the mailbox service to release
patients live in Hawaiian Acres. As a healthcare professional, I           only one mailbox key to the election Committee Chairperson. The Direc-
would like to work with the HACA board to improve access to                tors or assignee shall further instruct the mailbox service to release the
medical care and health education for our community.                       ballots into a locking ballot box presented by the Election Committee
      2) Sustainability and Respect: We are all fortunate to live in       Members (at least two). The locked ballot box shall then be delivered to
                                                                           the vote counting location. Only Election Committee Members shall be
Hawaiʻi, and we all recognize that although our community and
                                                                           present in the counting area, with the exception of the Treasurer who
infrastructure may be a little ‚rough around the edges‛, many of           shall be present when the ballot box is opened and votes counted to
us choose to be here because of that ‚rough edge‛. I respect all           receive any moneys that might be enclosed in any envelopes with the
of the pioneers who have lived here since the beginning of the             ballots and/or proxies.
subdivision until today.                                                   ARTICLE IV
      We all live on agricultural lots and many of us live on some         SECTION 2. Election. proposed to be amended as follows:
of the oldest growth forest in Puna. I would like to work toward
                                                                           A standing Election Committee shall be appointed by the Council to
the preservation of this fragile ecosystem while implementing              count and tally the election ballots as follows:
permacultural techniques that allow us to create food forests              Ballots received by mail at the designated address or delivered in person
and abundance while maintaining the integrity of the rain forest.          to the HACA office shall be accepted at the designated address for the
      Those are the two main reasons I would like to serve on              period from the release of the ballots through the day immediately pre-
the HACA board. Mahalo for your consideration.                             ceding the date of the Annual Meeting. The Members shall have until
                            Sincerely, Raji                                noon on the day immediately preceding the date of the Annual Meeting
                                                                           in which to cast their ballots. Unopened ballots shall be kept in a locked
                                                                           ballot box in the HACA office. However, Ballots not in the Ballot Box at
                                                        Good               the time the same is delivered to the vote counting location on the date
                                                        Samaritan          immediately preceding the date of the Annual Membership Meeting or if
                                                        Brad               the same be a holiday, on the last business day excluding weekends and
                                                        Fleener, his       state holidays immediately preceding, shall not be counted.
                                                        dog and two        When the locked ballot box is delivered to the vote counting location,
                                                        rescued            only Election Committee Members shall be present in the counting area,
                                                        friends in         with the exception of the Treasurer who shall be present when the ballot
                                                        need. See          box is opened and votes counted to receive any moneys that might be
                                                        story on           enclosed in any envelopes with the ballots and/or proxies.
                                                        page 11.           Rationale for change: Currently, the election procedures require ballots
                                                                           to be received only at the rented mailbox. In the past, ballots have been
                                                        Photo by           delivered in person or mailed to the regular HACA office mailing ad-
                                                        John               dress. The proposed change will allow ballots to be dropped off at the
                                                        Fleener            HACA office or mailed to the designated Secure Ballot Box address.
       LETTERS TO                                                                             ADOPT A POLE
                                                                                                  BY MARK VAN DOREN

       THE EDITOR                                                          We on the Board of the Hawaiian Acres Community Association
                                                                           have heard complaints about the use of herbicide poisons, espe-
                                                                           cially Roundup, by the county workers around telephone/power
Dear Editor:                                                               poles, especially along 8 Road.
      Just in case lawmakers are interested in what the citizenry                 The problem is weeds and rainforest growth surrounding
thinks about the recent marijuana eradication operations on the            the base of the poles, posing a danger to the poles and to work-
Big Island, to judge from the amount of pure, unadulterated                ers who climb them. The reason poison is being used by the
hostility the D.E.A. helicopters generated in my neighborhood, it          county is that it is a cheap ‚solution‛ to this problem.
wouldn’t have been a surprise if the collective stink-eye had                     An alternate solution that we have come up with is to en-
blown them out of the skies. If there’s such a thing as ‚karma‛,           courage Hawaiian Acres residents to ‚Adopt‛ a telephone/power
it may take a couple of lifetimes of community service for the             pole and manually keep vegetation from around the base of the
perpetrators of these crimes to pay their debt to society for all          pole by weed-whacking or pulling the weeds by hand. If you do
the days they ruined, and all the people they totally bummed               this, and perhaps also put up ‚Do Not Poison‛ signs, then
out.                                                                       Roundup or other poisons will not be used outside your house or
      The federal government in particular is behind the times             in your neighborhood.
when it comes to representing the will of the people with re-                     It would be easiest for all of us to keep this an informal
spect to marijuana laws. Flaming liberals and rabid right-wingers          program, without paperwork, etc., at least on a trial basis to be-
alike can agree that new legislation is needed. Those running for          gin with, to see how it works. If you have the time and energy
public office, who don’t want to be on the wrong side of history           you are welcome to ‚Adopt‛ as many poles as you can! If your
might win by a landslide by pledging to bring more sanity to the           next-door neighbor is already taking care of the pole near your
discussion. People are darn mad, and they don’t want to have to            house, then perhaps you could adopt a pole down the street.
take such violations of their personhood anymore.                                 Together we can keep poison out of our neighborhoods by
                        Aloha, Bill Brundage                               initiating this ‚Adopt A Pole‛ program and keeping the area
                                                                           around telephone/power poles clear of weeds and vegetation.

                                                                      For comments and/or suggestions please call Hawaiian Acres
                                                                           Community Association at 968-9892 and leave a message for us.
Dear Editor:                                                               We are here to work for you, but we do need your help!
      On the afternoon of Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 three                                         Thank you, Mark
police vehicles were deployed to Hawaiian Acres, but they were
not sent to Hawaiian Acres in response to a call from a resident.
      The three police vehicles were parked on Kuauli Road just
around the corner where they couldn't be seen by motorists
leaving Hawaiian Acres via 8 Road as they came over the hill
going down to Kuauli Road. A single officer was standing at the
bottom of the hill watching motorists as they came over the hill
toward the intersection. Those not wearing seat belts were mo-
tioned to pull over around the corner of the intersection where
they were ticketed by the other two officers. Only motorists
leaving Hawaiian Acres were stopped.
      The hundreds of motorists driving little more than a hun-
dred yards away on Highway 11 were ignored while all three of
the police officers and their vehicles were being utilized to tar-
get Hawaiian Acres residents.
      I was not one of the Hawaiian Acres residents who were
ticketed, but I find this situation disturbing and objectionable. It                8 Road & D Road, from about 11 years ago
is a function of the police to ticket those they catch not wearing
seat belts while driving, but why are the police targeting individ-
ual neighborhoods with the type of ‚law enforcement‛ used to               Do you have a legal question? Need some information
create revenue?                                                             about a point of law? In the next issue of the HACA
      If it is necessary to utilize our police officers for revenue        News, we will introduce Ask a Lawyer, in which at-
enhancement rather than the pursuit of criminals, I believe that             torney and Hawaiian Acres resident Paul E.Booth
revenue should be pursued on public highways rather than pri-                    will answer questions sent in by readers.
vate roads going to and from private neighborhoods.                         So send your questions to:
                           — Russ Wichman                                            with Ask a Lawyer in the subject line.

         THE GOOD NEIGHBOR                                                              LEAST DESTRUCTIVE ACTIVITIES
                                                                                                               BY MARK VAN DOREN
              MANEUVER                                                                       When I was a teenager in Los Angeles I knew people who went
                                                                                     not just to jail (a year or less) but to prison (a year or more) for posses-
                             BY RUSS WICHMAN
                                                                                     sion of small amounts of marijuana. I was astounded by this seeming
        There has been some discussion concerning the 25 mph speed                   injustice, considering the relative merits (demerits?) of alcohol and
limit on 8 Road. My understanding is that Hawaiian Acres residents                   tobacco. All around me, I saw good citizens being labeled criminals
have no input on the speed limit, as it is chosen for us by the county.              over their use of marijuana.
        I have heard it suggested that if I am driving down 8 Road at 25                     Was marijuana legal? No. But children and young adults can see
mph and a line of vehicles forms behind me, I should continue driving                right and wrong more clearly than older people or politicians with
25 mph, no matter how many vehicles pile up behind me. If someone                    vested interests, and the criminalization of personal use of pot was
becomes frustrated and passes on the double yellow line, I am then                   such an obvious injustice back in the 70's that I KNEW FOR SURE that
encouraged to write down their license number and inform the police.                 by the time I was 50 it would be legal. (Ah, youth...)
        I am aware that most vehicular accidents involve vehicles making                     Tell you the truth, I am so hesitant now to talk about marijuana
lane changes, as opposed to vehicles exceeding the speed limit. There-               that I have held my tongue for years. The topic of marijuana has been
fore, it seems to me, passing on the double yellow line is more danger-              hashed (oops, sorry) to death and many of you are tired of hearing
ous to everyone on the road than exceeding the speed limit. It seems                 about it. But today on CNN I saw former Surgeon General Jocelyn Eld-
to me, if I am driving 25 mph on 8 Road and a line of vehicles forms                 ers, a woman I have long admired, speaking the truth about marijuana.
behind me, the worst, most dangerous thing I can do is to continue to                She is 60-something years old now, and when asked she replied that
drive 25 mph because that will make it more likely that someone will                 NO, she has never used pot, but if she was younger, knowing what she
attempt to pass, thus endangering their lives, my life, and the lives of             does now as a health professional, she might have used marijuana.
every other person on the road.                                                              What I loved in this CNN interview was that Surgeon General
        My own feeling is that the 25 mph limit is unreasonably low, and             Elders kept going back to some plain, irrefutable facts:
the residents of Hawaiian Acres appear to agree with me in overwhelm-                        1. no one has ever died directly from marijuana use;
ing numbers if one can gauge by how fast people drive on 8 Road, and                         2. and no, it is not physically addictive like alcohol, tobacco, or
I don't mean just people using 8 Road as a shortcut, I mean people                                 so many other prominent legal and illegal drugs.
who turn from 8 Road onto B, C, D, E, or F Roads. I should note that                         Another fact is that marijuana has real medical uses. This is why
this includes police officers, whom I have personally clocked driving                Americans are now closely examining the marijuana issue. 27 states
between 35 and 40 mph on 8 Road as I drove behind them.                              now allow the use of medicinal marijuana. During the elections this fall,
        Because the speed limit is legally set at 25 mph, it would be                several states had marijuana issues on the ballot. Don't get me wrong --
irresponsible of me to suggest that anyone exceed that speed limit, but              do I advocate marijuana use? No - I do not. But have I used marijuana?
I would strongly urge anyone who wants to comply with the 25 mph                     Yes. And after personal use and endless reading on the subject, I have
speed limit and who sees cars piling up behind them to simply pull                   found it to be one of the least destructive substances that we humans
over in a convenient driveway or shoulder and allow the drivers piling               use, and one with many potential benefits.
up behind you to pass safely.                                                                There have been many US Government studies showing benefi-
        I think of this as the ‚Good Neighbor‛ maneuver. If you are con-             cial health results from the medical use of marijuana, ranging from
tent driving 25 mph, you are not in any hurry, so pulling over will not              glaucoma (pot lowers the pressure inside the eye) to the anti-nausea
be an inconvenience. Plus, instead of engendering frustration and irrita-            effects of pot for those enduring cancer chemotherapy treatments, for
bility in your neighbors, you will earn their appreciation and respect. In           chronic pain relief, and relief from other health issues. You may hear
addition, you are preventing the creation of a dangerous situation and               people deny these facts, but look it up! The US Government has been
possibly saving someone's life.                                                      growing pot for medical studies for over 30 years, and the truth is that
        If you still think it's a better idea to frustrate the drivers behind        there are numerous documented positive medical uses for marijuana.
you till you get someone to pass dangerously so you can turn them in, I                      Should you drive a vehicle on pot? NO - of course not! But
encourage you to think it through:                                                   around the globe, most human beings seem to have a need or an inevi-
        If you try to write down their license number while driving, you've          table desire for relief from their daily lives. Some react to that desire by
now become as dangerous to others as the one who passed you. If you                  going to the movies or watching TV and living vicariously through the
willing to pull over to write down the license number, why not just pull             on-screen lives of movie stars, by gambling, or by trying to buy self-
over to let people pass in the first place?                                          esteem on the shopping channels. Others, many others, go to bars
        Even if you do manage to write down their number and call the                where alcohol is readily administered. But alcohol use and abuse can
police, what can they do? They did not witness the alleged violation                 have grave consequences, as many of us know.
and therefore can't write a ticket. You might be able to appear before a                     After 53 years of life, I have come to the conclusion that if you
judge and give sworn testimony about what you observed, but even if                  need an escape, marijuana use seems to be one of the least harmful
the judge was willing to act on that, you would then have to appear in               ways of venting that desire. And that basic human desire for the relief
court to testify against the other driver, and even then it's just your              from the pain or emotional stress of daily life which turns so many to
word against his.                                                                    tobacco (lung cancer), alcohol (liver disease, violence, etc.), or destruc-
        There is no benefit to this exercise in futility. So, please, consider       tive, illegal (or legal) pharmaceuticals (ice, crack, speed, uppers, down-
the Good Neighbor maneuver if you find yourself leading a parade of                  ers, etc), seems to be expressed in the least destructive way through
vehicles down 8 Road. The life you save may be your own.                             marijuana. Is that not what we, as a society, should seek? The LEAST
                                                                                     destructive activities of our neighbors?
                             — Russ Wichman
                                                                                                     Your Friend & Neighbor, Mark Van Doren
                                                                                        HAWAIIAN ACRES NEWS
                                                                                             Published twice annually, the next issue of the HA News
                                                                                       will be ready in June 2011. Submission deadline is May 1st, so
                                                                                       please get your wonderful articles, advertisements, HACA Offi-
                                                                                       cers, Area and At-Large Representatives reports, tasty commu-
                                                                                       nity news nuggets, favorite recipes or maybe a story, opinions,
                                                                                       some pix showing slices of our unique lives here in the Acres, a
                                                                                       poem to share, or whatever, in by then! This is our community
                                                                                       newsletter, so write your piece(s) and get published!
                                                                                             However, the editorial staff wishes it to be known that we
                                                                                       will not print scurrilous rumors, defamations of character, idle
                                                                                       gossip (or even the highly motivated kind), malicious snipings,
                                                                                       or naughty pictures, etc. etc., and reserves the right to edit for
Taken in 1960/61, this photo is of one of the first houses in Hawaiian Acres.          length and clarity. Our opinions are our own, and do not reflect
It was built by Alfred Molina and his wife who lived in it until it was sold in        those of anyone else unless so stated.
1990 to Lorna and Edward Uehara-Tilton. Over the years, the Molinas                          Please submit materials to Abby at the HA Community
planted numerous fruit and flower trees and vegetables on the 3 acres, and             Center in person, by mail or by email, and call her at 966-9892
added a carport, lanai and wash room to the house, which was maliciously
burnt to the ground in 2000. Many thanks to Edward Uehara-Tilton for shar-             if you need further information. Mahalo for your support!
ing this historic photo from his archives.                                                                    — Kate Schuerch, Editor

                                                       REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE
                                                                         BY DIANA MILLER
       When I was a kid, the Three R’s were reading, writing and                   bins on the way to the trash chute. The recycling areas generally
‘rithmetic. With the ever-increasing population of consumers on                    have a 2-bin recycling set-up. One bin is for glass and the other
our beautiful island, the new ‚Three R’s‛ needs to be Reduce,                      bin is for mixed recycling. Mixed recycling means paper, newspa-
Reuse, and Recycle.                                                                per, cardboard, box board (cereal boxes, etc.), cans, and certain
       I served as a commissioner on the Hawai’i County’s Environ-                 plastic containers (labeled #1, 2 and 5 – stuff like yogurt contain-
mental Management Commission, so I learned a lot about these                       ers, shampoo bottles, etc. Look for the number in the recycling
‚Three R’s.‛ How to get rid of solid waste is a big issue on this                  symbol, usually located on the bottom of the item).
island. We have two landfills, one on the Kona side and the other                        After I separate all my recyclables, I usually have a little left
in Hilo. The Hilo landfill is filling up and will reach capacity in the            to put into the trash chute and I am always so disheartened when
not-too-distant future. Then what?!?                                               I see people there dumping easy-to-recycle stuff like cardboard,
       ...A new landfill? (Where would it be located and who would                 glass, paper into the chute with the stuff bound for the quickly-
pay for it?)                                                                                               filling Hilo landfill. HELLO!!! We really do
       ...An incinerator to burn trash? (Will everyone who wants                                           need to work together on this… please!
an incinerator in his or her neighborhood please stand up?)                                                       Also, remember not to put hazardous
       ...Truck everything over to the rapidly filling landfill in                                         materials in with your household rubbish.
Kona? (Anyone like this idea? I don’t think Kona folks do.)                                                All batteries, automotive or household, are
       The County is working on what the                                                                   hazardous materials and should not go into
future of our solid waste disposal will be.                                                                the landfill. Compact fluorescent bulbs
But meanwhile, we, as private citizens, can                                                                (CFLs) are also considered hazardous waste
help prolong the life of the Hilo landfill and                                                             material. The County has regular household
help our planet as well by incorporating                                                                   hazardous waste collection events for
these ‚Three R’s‛ into our lifestyle: Reduce,                                                              proper disposal and some home improve-
Reuse, Recycle! We really must cut down on                                                 ment stores will also collect and dispose of these items.
the amount of recyclable materials we are                                                  Refer to the Hawai’i County website for more information.
heedlessly putting into our all-too-rapidly                                                      Electronic waste (E-waste): TVs, computers, boom-
filling landfills! Here are some ideas:                                                    boxes, etc., may be taken to Hilo Bayside Computers for
       REDUCE -- Try to buy items with less                                                free disposal. Green waste can be taken to the Hilo landfill.
packaging, which means less waste.                                                 They accept wood pallets there, too.
       REUSE -- Use refillable stainless steel water bottles instead of                  Remember… REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE! Please dispose of
plastic ones. Take reusable shopping bags to the store or use their                your used-up stuff in a responsible way, and help remind others of
cardboard boxes instead of using their plastic or paper bags.                      the importance of these ‚Three R’s‛!
       RECYCLE-- Recycling is easy, the landfills and transfer sta-                      Mahalo, Diana
tions all have recycling bins. In some cases, you pass the recycling
                                                                                 PIG AND DOG FIND WAY HOME WITH
                                                                                   HELP FROM A GOOD SAMARITAN
                                                                                                         BY JOHN FLEENER
                                                                               A black tame pig and companion, a little white fox terrier with brown
                                                                         spots, who have been friends since birth, went on an adventure for two
                                                                         days until they showed up on their own at Victor’s Pet Sanctuary on G
                                                                               After a day of investigation searching for the owners, including calls
                                                                         to the police, humane society, pig farmers, and going to neighbors’ homes,
                                                                         the owner was located by good Samaritan Brad Fleener. He located and
                                                                         talked to the dog and pig’s owner, who had a cow laying in his front yard.
                                                                               The worried owner, Israel, who was accompanied by his friend Kalani,
                                                                         was very grateful and appreciative for the safe return of his beloved pets.
                                                                               The moral of this story is to have tags with a telephone number on
                                                                         your pet’s collar for a quick safe return home.
                                                                                                       Aloha, John Fleener
                           Photo by John Fleener

  HAWAIIAN ACRES ROADS: HISTORY AND FUTURE                                             Hawaiian Acres is not a dump!! Litter us not into
     BY PATRICE MACDONALD, HAWAIIAN ACRES ROAD CORPORATION                                dumptation, but deliver it to the landfill;
       People call or email the Hawaiian Acres Road Corporation (HARC)                          reduce, reuse, recycle, amen!
frequently with questions about their property, usually regarding flood-
ing, grading, and grubbing. We do our best to answer these questions,
and here are some interesting facts about our beautiful subdivision and
the roads here.
       ʻOhiʻa trees take 100 years to grow 10" in diameter. They are one
                                                                                                   HACA WISH LIST
of the slowest growing of our native trees. Uluhe fern is the most impor-          Hi all, it's Abby in the HACA Office, in the HACA Center, corner of 8
tant plant in the rain forest. It creates privacy, maintains our watershed,
                                                                                   and C Roads. One of my favorite of the questions that I get asked
saves hapuʻu and ʻohiʻa and helps to prevent flooding and growth of
invasive species. If the forest is intact, there is little or no flooding, but     is: ‚Besides cash, what is it that the HACA Community Center
flooding and washouts often strike downslope when forest and uluhe                 needs?‛ Thus, here is a list of some items that we continually need:
have been ‘dozed.                                                                   1: Toilet paper
       Hawaiian Acres is the oldest subdivision in Puna; our charter was
written before statehood in 1959. We are the first and only subdivsion              2: Paper towels
that does not put liens or foreclosures on property for unpaid road                 3. Hand soap
fees. The charter states ‚All association fees are voluntary‛ and ‚all              4. Plastic garbage bags
landowners are members.‛                                                            5. Pens
       HARC has no means of funding maintenance for the roads, or
matching funds for numbered roads, except by land owners’ contribu-                 6. Printer paper
tions. Matching funds of $200 — $400 for gravel and materials are                   7. Ink for a 6500 HP color printer
available for numbered roads. Moho (8) and Uhini Ana (1) Roads, the                 8. Toner for a HP M2727 copier
paved easement roads, have most of the population now, and get most                 9. Tape, duct and regular scotch kind
of our revenue for numbered roads. Neighbors should partner up to get
matching funds on the numbered roads. If everyone contributes until                10. More book shelves
they acquire $200, they can receive matching funds, making $400 for                11. Pancake mix, butter, syrup and frozen juice concentrate,
gravel and road maintenance materials.                                             coffee and fixin’s for our free Saturday morning breakfasts
       As the subdivision’s population increases, more lots are being
                                                                                   12. Dish soap
developed in the flood zones. For a new resident landowner planning
on clearing an acre or more, or who is in the flood zone, a permit is              13. Bottled water or 5 gallon jugs of filtered water
required from the county.                                                          14. Tacks, staples and paperclips
       I hope I have shed a little light on some Hawaiian Acresand road            15. Enthusiastic volunteers!
maintenance history; explaining that we are a voluntary road corpora-
tion with no mandatory fees, depending upon road fees paid voluntarily                   These basic items keep us up and running, so if you have the
by landowners for the funds to provide for road upkeep and repairs. I              inclination, please feel free to make a donation.
recently applied for a grant to pay for our own road equipment which, if                 The office in our Community Center is open 9 am — 1:30 pm
we get it, will save us a lot of money(!)                                          Monday thru Thursday to answer questions, provide assistance,
       I commend and thank people like Martin G, Harold Hill, and many             receive donations, and accept HACA membership dues.
others who offer their services to keep our roads maintained.                            Looking forward to meeting you all in person, Abby
                          Aloha, a hui hou, Patrice
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                       THE LAW OFFICE OF
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            HACA Office hours:                                       HAWAIIAN ACRES NEWS
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              Located on the corner of                       the HACA office with a check payable to HACA.
            8 (Moho) & C (Po’ola) Roads                               For more information, please
                   966-9892                                         call the HACA office at 966-9892
Free Estate Planning Seminar                                              ULUHE, THE “LAND-HEALING” FERN
                                                                                                        BY DIANA MILLER
     Monday January 17, 2011 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
                                                                                 If you live in Hawaiian Acres or have visited this area before, you
Hawaiian Acres Community Center (corner of Roads 8 & C)                   have probably seen uluhe ferns growing on the ground and amongst
  Who will get my assets when I die? Will I have to pay taxes?           the trees. Some people refer to them as false staghorn ferns. Uluhe is
                                                                          an indigenous fern, meaning it’s considered native since it was on the
  I've heard about “Living Trusts.” What are they all about, and         island before people, and its scientific name is Dicranopteris linearis.
   should I have one?                                                            If you are still not sure which fern I am writing about, here are
  What happens if I die while my children are still young – who          some more details. Uluhe starts as a single purplish green stem with a
   will look after them?                                                  fiddlehead on top. It will grow straight up from the ground, and up in
  My kids aren't ready to manage a lot of money, if I die now. Is        Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park where I work part-time, some people
   there any way I can keep them from squandering their in-               think that we are marking trails with these purple-green ‚stakes.‛ The
   heritance?                                                             fiddlehead will unfurl to be the leaves and the stem will split and
                                                                          branch out to produce more fiddleheads, which will become leaves and
  What is the difference between “joint tenants” and “tenants            the stems will split and branch out again and again. Needless to say,
   in common”, and which is the best way for my partner and               this is a rambling fern. It will fill in gaps in the native rainforest and is
   me to own our home?                                                    considered a ‚land-healing‛ fern. Climbing up into the branches of
  I am in a profession where people get sued a lot. Is there any         nearby trees, it will often grow to be a dense patch of ferns. And that is
   way I can protect my assets from the claims of creditors?              good thing. Uluhe keeps down the weeds, and when shaded out, dies
  If my child gets divorced, I don't want the ex to take my              back to become a mulch base for other native plants.
   child's inheritance. Can I do anything to prevent this?                       Some people think uluhe is a weed. It’s all in your perspective, I
                                                                          guess. From what I’ve seen, if you remove uluhe from your lot, you will
  How should I fill out the beneficiary designation form for my          soon see lots of invasive weeds. There are many areas in Hawaiian
   IRA/401(k) policy?                                                     Acres where the lowland rainforest is still mostly intact. In these areas,
  What if I am in an accident and can't make decisions for my-           you will see ‘ohi’a trees, uluhe and hapu’u tree ferns, and ukiuki grass.
   self – who will manage my finances then?                                      When you disturb the native forest, weeds such as melastome,
  I don't want to be kept alive by machines if I have an incur-          tibouchina (both related to miconia, a very aggressive and invasive
   able illness – how can I prevent that from happening?                  plant), strawberry guava, albizia and cecropia trees as well as an assort-
                                                                          ment of other weeds will likely replace the native plants over time. If
  If I have to move into a nursing home, will I qualify for Medi-        you would like a low maintenance
   caid?                                                                  yard around your residence, you may
  My father just passed away, and he named me as personal                consider leaving uluhe ferns in place
   representative in his will. What does that position involve?           in the native forest areas. If non-
                                                                          native plants have invaded your yard,
      If you have these or similar questions, I invite you to             you may want to consider removing
         attend a free talk story led by a friendly lawyer.               the invasive non-native plants in the
                                                                          hope of re-establishing a native forest
      Space is limited so please RSVP by January 13, 2011 to              environment.
 or call 969-9110                                I am certainly no expert in the
                                                                          native plants of the island of Hawaiʻi,
                      THE LAW OFFICE OF                                   but I am interested in, and will con-
                   Paul E. Booth                                          tinue to learn about, this unique and
                                                                          special environment. If you’ve read
                                                                                                                                     Uluhe Fern
                                                                                                                                 Dicranopteris linearis
                   Estate Planning and                                    previous issues of our newsletter, you                    By Diana Miller

                      Probate Law                                         may have read some of my previous articles on our native forests. No
                           P.O. Box 1658                                  doubt, I will be writing more on similar topics in the future.
                           Hilo, HI 96721                                                                   Aloha, diana

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        to run around and play.                                                   Volcano: Monday, Thursday and Saturday 6am to 6pm
       Building a house? There is a new building code commit-             E-Waste (TVs, computers, printers, etc.) can be dropped off
        tee, with members from other subdivisions also, that is            for free recycling at the Bayside Computer Shop after calling
        scrutinizing proposed new county building code changes,
        and is organizing to educate the community about them.             first, at 934-7488, to coordinate time. They are located on
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