Patriot by ewghwehws


									Small boy ever so proud.
He takes life by the hand.

  Shows how he loves his land!
 Went off to fight for his nation
With every ounce of determination
       He had not a doubt

  He wouldn’t have wanted out

     Iraq was his destination

Hot, miserable place of infestation
Called home when he could
 They knew that he would

           Got home sick and lonely
            Had no one and only
Returns in a flag draped coffin
Which happens much to often

      Tears fall like the rain
For there is much to much pain.
    Even with all the medals

The families pain does not settle.
There lives are changed forever
But there love for him will never sever
            HELP OUT
A lot of people wonder. “How can I show the troops that I
care and that I appreciate there service.” Well here is way
you can show are troops how much you care and
appreciate them for all that they do for us. You can give
donations to a foundation that is building a memorial
area in Kaysville for all of are troops that have been killed
in Iraq and the memorial is not just for the troops it is also
for the victims of Terrorist attacks on September 11,

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