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					Google AdSense and Revenue Sharing Websites
This focuses on where you can make money from Google AdSense and other Revenue Sharing
Sites that can be used to generate an income on the internet. But first here is a brief outline of
what Google AdSense is for those of you who are not yet aware.

What it is Google AdSense? Google AdSense is an ad serving application for web publishers of
all sizes to generate revenue through displaying Google ads on their web content. Publishers get
paid every time an advert is genuinely clicked on (pay per click) or on a per impression basis
(paid for every time an ad is displayed).

NOTE: Do not click on your own Google Ads or ask anyone else to do so as this is against the
Terms and Conditions set out by Google and can result in termination of your account.

Google AdSense can be great in building an online income but this is NOT a get rich quick

Where to apply? To apply for you own Google AdSense account, go to and follow the steps on screen to apply for your account.

Places to generate revenue? There are many places online where you can generate Google
AdSense revenue and there are many similar revenue sharing schemes which can be used to
generate an income. I have put together a collection of these websites, split them into two
sections ‘Google AdSense Revenue Sites’ and ‘Other Revenue Sharing Sites’ then split them
further in categories. There are many more revenue sharing sites. This is not an exhaustive list so
please feel free to comment if there are any other sites you think others will benefit from. I hope
you find this very useful.

For more information on earning more money, you can visit my website at

Google AdSense Revenue Sites

VIDEOS This is a great place to share pictures, videos and blogs and receive 100% of
the revenue generated from the Google Ads that are automatically set up by Flixya and Google. On this site you can upload and share videos, you can generate AdSense
Revenue on here but you have to first get on the YouTube partners scheme. To get on this
scheme you need to already be producing original (not subject to copyright) videos that people
like and have a number of people subscribed to your channel. There are no specific set
requirements to get on the scheme, but your application is likely to get rejected if your channel
has less than between 500 to 1000 subscribers and if your videos have less than 100,000 views
combined between all of them. To apply just go to

BLOGS On this site you can create and post blogs and earn from the adverts placed
on those blogs. These adverts can be customized as to how they will appear and look on the blog. HubPages pay Google AdSense revenue to those who supply content to
the site by automatically displaying relevant Google ads on that content. When an ad is clicked
60% of the time that revenue goes to you and the other 40% of the time the revenue goes to
HubPages. You can also set up affiliate accounts with Amazon Associates and other programs. On this site you can get paid to blog. Blogger Party pays its authors
through the Google AdSense revenue that author generates. 50% of the time ads are displayed
the revenue will go to the author, 25% of the time it will go to the person who referred this
blogger to the site and the other 25% of the time it goes to Blogger Party. This site is for regular
bloggers, not for once off articles. This is a blogging site which pays Google AdSense revenue for the ads
clicked on which are displayed on the same page as the blog articles. Blog posts are displayed on
the sites homepage and on the authors’ personal blog page. On this blogging site you can earn revenue from Google AdSense and/or
Amazon affiliate. YouSayToo shares the revenue equally with the author, 50% to the author and
50% to YouSayToo. This site also offers a referral scheme where you will earn 15% of the
AdSense revenue of anyone that you directly refer using your own referral link and a further
10% from anyone who your referrals refer to the site in the same way. This site shares the AdSense revenue generated by blogging. The author of
the blog gets the revenue 60% of the time ads are displayed on their content and the other 40% of
the time ads are displayed Xomba with receive the revenue from them. This site is a blogging site specific to home improvements. It pays you
60% of the Google AdSense revenue generated by your content. Also it is great if you have a
home improvement related site or a blog elsewhere as this provides a great place to promote it. AdSense revenue can be earned on this blogging site. On your own blog
posts you receive 80% of the ad displays and on your affiliates blog posts you have 10% of the
ad displays. When you have posted more than 5 posts then you can also be selected at random to
have ads placed on the sites homepage and other pages on the site, this is done automatically by On this website you can post blogs, photo albums, articles and more.
You can earn 100% of the Google AdSense revenue for the pages that you add to the site. Get paid to blog on this site. For the first 60 days you will receive 100% of
the Google AdSense revenue generated from your blog and thereafter you and SoulCast will
have half the ad displays each. Earnings will be paid into your Google AdSense account. This is a technology community blog, where you can generate
AdSense revenue from the ads that will be displayed on your content. Over time users who are
good contributors can increase the role they play on the site and increase their revenue share. This site focuses on the following: blogging, making money online,
WordPress, Affiliate Marketing, Web 2.0, internet tools and search engine optimisation. The site
allows its guest bloggers to earn 100% of the AdSense revenue generated from their posts. This site is technology and gadget related blog where people can post
related articles on the site, in return the site will share 100% of the AdSense revenue that these
articles generate.

FORUMS This site is a forum site specific to Golf. Once you have placed 25 posts on
this site, your own Google ads can be placed with all your content you have already placed and
everything you place thereafter. Your own ads will be placed there 75% of the time and Golf
Nation will place their own ads on you content the other 25% if the time. This site lets you earn AdSense revenue for the content you contribute to
the site once you have contributed at least 10 posts. This is done by displaying ads on these
pages and giving 75% of the AdSense revenue back to those who contributed. This 75% is
shared between the user who started the topic and those who have replied to that topic, but giving
the larger share to the topic starter. On this forum site after contributing a minimum of 10 posts to the site you
can then earn AdSense revenue from each thread you either set up or contribute to from the
Google ads that HTTPPoint displays on that page. HTTPPoint and all a threads participants share
50% of the AdSense revenue generated from the Google advertising on that thread. After contributing 10 posts to this internet marketing based
forum you can start to earn AdSense revenue from this site. Google ads will be placed on each
thread and 50% of the time your ads will appear on threads and posts which you participate in. This site is based on discussing all aspects of web design and
development. It is a 100% AdSense sharing forum site, where your posts on the site can earn you
AdSense revenue. This is a web design and development based forum site. After
making at least 10 posts to the forum you can then participate in the sites revenue sharing
scheme. The revenue generated from AdSense is shared between the thread starters and the site
administrators. The thread starters have a 70% chance of getting their ads displayed and the site
administrator get the other 30% chance of getting their ads displayed. On this general forum site, active members can earn revenue through
Google AdSense or Yahoo Publisher. The share of the advertising revenue each member receives
is not specified on the site as the administrators can change this on a membergroup basis, to
anything between 0% and 100%. This is a webmaster forum site for new and established site owners.
This site shares 100% of the AdSense revenue generated from a users contribution to the site by
placing a Google Ad below every thread you create on the site. This is a Forum site on Google AdSense where members can discuss
tips, tricks and more. The site will share AdSense revenue with the thread starter by displaying
the thread starter’s ads 70% of the time and the sites own ads the other 30% of the time.

SOCIAL BOOKMARKING This site is a social bookmarking site where members share articles and
their favourite web pages. SquidStop gives 100% of the AdSense revenue to the author of the
content in which the ads are displayed. This can provide a great resource to build back links to
your website, page or blog. On this site you generate AdSense revenue by submitting video links. You
find videos you like from popular video sites like ‘YouTube’ and post them to this site. When
someone views that video you receive 50% of the advertising revenue that it generates. You can share your favourite videos on this site even if they are not
your own and get paid for the advertisements placed around them. This site shares 100% of its
advertising revenue with its members, who have a choice of which ad applications to display
such as AdSense, Affiliate ads and CPA. This is a search site where you can submit website links to your
own pages or favourite sites and write a bit about them. By giving your AdSense ID number you
can earn revenue on a pay per click basis. For each visitor the site has an AdSense ID is selected
at random for the Ads shown. This site also has a referral scheme to increase earnings. This can
help in building back links to your site and pages.

SOCIAL NETWORKING The members of this site can share articles, web pages, videos and
images. The site encourages members to share their opinions and vote on others content. Google
Ads are placed around the sites content and as a member you would receive Google AdSense
revenue 100% of the time from your own content. Also if you are to refer new members to the
site through your own referral link then you will get your AdSense Ads on all the pages they
create as well. These ads will appear 100% of the time for life. This is a social networking site where users can host blogs, make their
own profile, comment on others profiles, post pictures, videos and more. On this site its users can
generate revenue from Google AdSense. This is a social network where you can set up personal and business
profiles, post videos, pictures, blogs and make friends. You can also earn revenue from Google
AdSense or alternatively you can earn from Rotatrix AdClicks which operates in a similar way to
AdSense and makes payments via PayPal or RotatrixPay.

ARTICLES On this site you can post articles you have created. Upon registering your
AdSense ID with Seekyt and posting content to the site, the author of that content will receive
70% of the revenue from the AdSense impressions on their created pages and 100% of the
revenue from the clicks on those adverts. Also for every person who you refer to the site you will
receive 25% of the revenue from the AdSense impressions that appear on all the pages they
create. You can also earn more with the Amazons Associates program which this site offers. Upload articles you have written on this site and receive the AdSense
revenue that is generated from them. The ads that are displayed on your article are 80% of the
time your own ads that you will be credited for if anyone clicks on them. The other 20% of the
time Snipsly would be credited if someone was to click one of these ads. Is a free article directory where articles can be downloaded to build free
website content. On this site you can upload articles and Google Ads will be displayed with these
articles on 50% of the time you will receive the revenue these adverts generate
through Google AdSense. On users can share knowledge through various media
types (articles, pictures, sound). You can upload original content to this site. The site will share
75% of the AdSense impressions with you and 2% of any of your referrals impressions. Please
note it does appear to be just the impressions NOT the AdSense clicks. Users of this site can share tips, articles and blog entries. Users can opt to
generate revenue from Google AdSense for ads impressions shown on their content and receive
80% of the revenue from the ad impressions. Users can also receive a further 10% of the revenue
from the ad impressions of anyone they refer to the site using their own referral link. You can submit health, food and fitness related articles to this site
and if the article gets accepted you can earn money through Google AdSense. This site aims to assist people in their everyday purchasing decisions
through quality blogs and articles. You can sign up on this site to become an author and earn
money through Google AdSense. This site will split the advertising revenue generated from your
content 50/50. Trend Hunter aims to spot trends before they become fashionable by
having all its members submit what they think the next trend is going to be. Members can
customise their own portfolio page, build lists of their favourites, interact with others and earn
from AdSense. Members will earn 100% of the AdSense revenue generated from their portfolio
page and 50% of the ad revenue from their submitted trends. When members submit content to
the site it then becomes the intellectual property of the site. This site is a place where you can submit articles on almost anything. You will
receive 100% AdSense revenue generated from your content and this site can help in building
back links. On this site you can publish articles and ‘how to’ guides and earn revenue
generated from your work through Google AdSense or Chitika. You would receive 60% of the
revenue generated through the ads on your content. Snurtl looks for original quality articles that will benefit readers. Articles can
be on a wide range of subject areas. Contributors will earn 80% of the AdSense clicks from their
articles for as long as the author keeps the articles on the site. This site is somewhere people can post articles. It can help people promote and
build links to their online content, such as blogs, websites and articles, whilst earning AdSense
revenue. The author of content on this site gets their AdSense ads placed on their content 80% of
the time and Jevitt have the ads placed on the content the other 20% of the time. Post original written content on almost anything and receive 85% of the
Google Ads impressions next to that work. This means 85% of the time ads displayed on the
content the author will earn revenue if anyone clicks an ad and the other 15% of the time the site
takes revenue from the Google ad clicks. This site offers tricks and tips related to blogging, technology and general
internet usage. The site will give 100% of the Google AdSense revenue generated from articles
to their authors and allow authors to have a permanent back link in their author’s profile. This is an internet and computer related blogging site, which allows
guests to write articles for the site. The site is 100% AdSense revenue sharing meaning the
author of a post will receive 100% of the AdSense revenue that post or article generates. Members of this site can buy and sell professional documents. Members can
upload, set a price and sell their own documents on the site. Payments are made to members
monthly via PayPal or cheque, once they have earned $100. This site also splits the Google
AdSense revenue generated from an author’s content 50/50 with that author.

REVIEWS This is a review site where you can review almost anything (there are a
lot of ‘Top 10...’ reviews on this site). Content Producers are rewarded 100% of the AdSense
revenue for the content they produce. The site also offers a referral scheme in which for every
person you refer through your own referral link you will be given an AdSense ad which you can
earn the revenue from on being placed on all of the pages they produce for life.

IMAGES Using this site you can earn AdSense revenue from sharing your
images. Upon signing up if your images are accepted then this site will give you 80% of the
AdSense revenue generated by your download pages and profile pages. You retain the copyright
on your images but they are given away for free on this site. This is a stock photo sharing website. Photographers can earn 100%
AdSense revenue generated from the Google ads displayed on the profile and photo pages.
Photographers can also earn more from donations people can make to them via PayPal or Flattr.

ADVICE This is a network of IT experts. You can earn money through this site by
giving quality answers and tutorials to questions from users of the site. If you give the best
response to a question you will get ad displays on that page for as long as you hold the best
response for that particular question which can generate you AdSense revenue. This is an online question and answer site. If your answer is selected as
the best answer then you can earn ongoing revenue from the Google ads displayed on that thread.
The AdSense revenue is shared 60% to the site member and 40% to Web Answers.

OTHER On this site people submit tutorials which can be on pretty much
anything. Their respective authors can earn revenue from Google AdSense, 50% of the ad
displays will be the authors’ ad which they will make money from if anyone clicks an ad and the
other 50% of the displays TutorialTub will make money from if anyone clicks an ad. This site is a technology based story site where you can submit
your tech stories. As long as the story is approved by meeting the sites criteria then
TechSupportHumor will display the story. Google AdSense ads will be displayed along with the
story and the author will then receive 100% of the AdSense revenue that story generates for as
long as that story is displayed on the site. is used to give and receive tips on almost anything. This site
will give you option of receiving 75% of the AdSense Revenue that is generated from pages you
create. This site is a community of people who share tips and tricks on the web. For
every page of content you contribute to the site, you will receive the revenue from every two out
of three Google ads displayed on your content. The revenue automatically goes into your
AdSense account. This site is somewhere you can publish and share knowledge. Users can ask
and answer questions, review products, create info and news pages and more. This site uses
Google AdSense. The revenue share for members starts from 50% but can be increased to the
full 100%. This is an internet and technology related site with forums, reviews,
videos, tutorials and more. On this site you can earn 90% of the Google AdSense revenue
generated from your pages of content. This revenue is earned for one year from the date you post
the content. You can also earn further AdSense revenue by participating in forums and referring
others to the site. This site is also linked to a number of other sites which offer revenue sharing. This site offers a free button or widget that you can attach to your blog or
website. On the widget it can link your visitors to over 50 social networks. There is also a
‘Boostpost’ button within that and if someone clicks that button they will be taken to your
Boostpost page where you will receive a share of the revenue generated by the Google Ads on
that page, via Google AdSense. Members and Silverlight game developers can submit their games and
other interesting applications on here as well as playing games, posting product reviews, product
information, articles, participating in forums and more. Members will earn 90% of the AdSense
revenue generated from the Google ads placed on content they have contributed to the site. On Mashbite you get 100% of the AdSense revenue for social booking,
creating content, articles, blogging and uploading images and videos on the website. This is
another place that is useful in creating back links to your website, page or blog. This site also has
a referral scheme in which when you refer someone through your referral link to the website you
will instantly receive a 20% share of all their future advertising clicks.

Other Revenue Sharing Sites

VIDEOS Very similar to YouTube in it operations but this site rewards its members by
giving them back a percentage of the advertising revenue. 40% is rewarded to the creator of the
material, 20% to the recommender and the other 40% goes to Revver itself. This is not paid into
your AdSense account but into a PayPal account. This site can be used for hosting series of videos, not one-offs. If the site chooses
to host your series on their online TV channel then they will share the advertising revenue 50/50
with the video producer. Payments are made to the video producer via PayPal or cheque
depending on the amount. This site can be used to create ‘Yodio’s’ which are short video clips combining
audio and images. Members record audio and illustrate it with pictures these can then be made
into cards and tours. Members can sell their Yodio’s at a price they decide. For every download
they will receive 20% of that price. This is based on the free basis membership but there are
different levels of membership giving higher royalty percentages. Payments are made via PayPal
when your Yodio account reaches $50.

BLOGS gives you 50% of the advertising revenue generated from your lenses (a lens
is what squidoo call your own customisable web page). Payouts are made via PayPal or can be
made as donations to charity.

SOCIAL NETWORKING This site uses AdBrite which is a similar concept to Google AdSense, to share
revenue. You can use AdBrite to display various adverts on you profile page of this social
networking site. The ads are fully customizable and you then generate revenue for every ad
clicked. The site will pay you up to 85% of the ad revenue that you generate, but to get the full
85% it does require a VIP membership which costs $5.99 per month. This site also has an
affiliate signup scheme paying $1 for every signup. On this social networking site you can make friends and participate in
discussions, upload photos and add your blog. The site will reward you for participating in
discussions, posting comments and giving quality responses. For each person you refer to the site
you will earn a bonus equal to 25% of their earnings. Payouts are made monthly to a PayPal
account. There is a minimum payout amount of $10.

ARTICLES This news based site allows users to post articles about current issues, chat
and comment on others work. If the site chooses to post a users article to a sub-domain on the
site they will be able to receive 90% of the advertising revenue that the article generates. If a user
refers others to the site then that user will make 10% of the revenue each of those new users
generate through their own content. This site offer freelance writing jobs. First you would need to apply by
submitting some of your writing and a bit about yourself. If you get accepted then you will earn
royalties from articles you write. There are no specific percentages of the royalties set out in the
contract. You are required to give exclusive digital rights for one year on the work you submit
(this is only the digital rights your articles can still be produced in print). Users can write columns on this site. They will get paid on a pay per
view basis via PayPal (minimum payment of $5). Payments are made monthly. The site pays
around $1.50 CPM (That is $1.50 per 1000 views). This rate does vary though. The site does
offer a referral scheme where they will pay you the equivalent of 10% of the earnings of anyone
you refer to the site. This website encourages members to write and share what they know through
tips, reviews, essays, articles and more. Members can earn through this site via daily ad revenue
sharing, up-front payments for contributed work, in writing contests and in other ways. The daily
ad revenue share is split between the active members of the site based upon their level of activity
and what they have brought to the site. This site aims to offer readers information on everything imaginable, much like
Wikipedia. This is a place where anyone can write and publish quality work and receive 100% of
the advertising profits. This site focuses on topics related to making money online like
blogging and affiliate marketing. The site will pay its writers $1.50 per article they write.
Payments are made via PayPal once their account balance reaches $5. This is a place the sites users can share their technical knowledge. This site
shares 50% of the ad revenue with the content contributors by splitting that ad revenue between
them based upon a number of factors such as popularity of work and amount of content
contributed. A member can request a withdrawal after their account reaches $5, which is paid via

REVIEWS This site allows users to write track by track reviews on their favourite
music albums. The site gives all the revenue generated by ads on the site back to its users. All
this revenue is shared between the contributing users. As long as your account balance is over
$15 you will be paid each month, if not the balance will be carried over until the next month.
Payments are made via PayPal. On this site you can earn money for writing honest product reviews. Users
will earn ‘Eroyalties credits’ on the site for reviews that help other users. Eroyalty credits can be
exchanged for cash. Payments are made monthly by cheque, to request a cheque your account
must be a minimum of $10 in the US and a minimum of $100 for everywhere else. On this revenue sharing site you can earn money for the reviews you
write if your review is in the top 5 rated reviews for that category. This site allows users to earn money for reviewing music. Users listen to
an artist’s music and give them constructive and detailed reviews. Payments are made via PayPal
once the users account balance reaches a minimum of $10. This site will pay you for your reviews on almost anything and will
also pay you for voting on reviews on the site. The rates do vary but are displayed on the
homepage. The content you submit to this site cannot be submitted elsewhere online else you
would risk account termination. Payments are made via PayPal.

IMAGES On this site you can upload an unlimited number of pictures and create
online galleries. This site pays $0.22 per 1000 views and allows you to place Bidvertiser code on
your pages (Bidvertiser is a pay per click advertising firm, similar to Google AdSense). Cash
payments are made through PayPal. Alternatively earning can be redeemed as gift certificates. This site can be used to sell your pictures and videos online.
Each image will earn you between $0.25 and $28 per download and each video will earn you
between $2.50 and $15 per download. Initially you have to submit 10 images for review, if seven
or more meet the expectations of the sites staff then you can start earning else you have to wait
30 days before re-submitting images to be accepted. Payments are made via PayPal, or by cheque. This site also has a referral scheme. This site allows its users to upload photos and pictures for free and then earn
monthly royalties from them. This site is partnered with Artists can earn royalties through selling their photos, illustrations,
videos, audio and flash works on this stock website. Artists with non-exclusive work on the site
will earn between 15% and 20% and if an artist is eligible for exclusivity then they can earn up
to 45% of the sale price on this website. Payments are made via Payoneer MasterCard, PayPal,
MoneyBookers or cheque. On this stock photo website, artists can sell their images. Artists receive 50% of
the net proceeds from each of their image sales. They can also earn further by referring
customers to receive 15% of that customers purchase or subscription and refer other
photographers for 10% of each of their images downloaded. On this stock photo website artists receive 60% of each of their image sales.
Payments are made by cheque or funds transfer. There is a minimum payout of $250. This is a place where artists can sell their images, videos and vectors. For
every image or vector download members can earn between 25% and 63% of the price as a
royalty. This percentage is based on the members portfolio exclusivity and ranking. For videos
the earnings are between 30% and 49% of the sale price. Payments are made into a PayPal or
Moneybooker account.

ADVICE This site provides a place for anyone with a talent or expertise to sell their
advice. Upon registering with this site you can set a value that your time is worth and you will
then get paid to share your talent or expert advice via a phone call or on Skype as a video or
voice call, with anyone who would like your advice. Payments are made to your PayPal account
within 24hrs of completing a call. On the Fun Advice website you can ask questions, give advice, browse
photos and make friends. For your participation on the site you will earn points. These points can
be exchanged for cash, 10 points = $1. You need to keep 100 points remaining in your account to
keep all privileges that you have earned, so if you have 3000 points in your account – 100 points
= 2900 points redeemable = $290. Payouts are made via PayPal and can also be made by cheque
in the US. This scheme is not available for members in India.

OTHER If you have something of value to say then you can earn money by saying it to
others. When signing up you will get you own phone number, you can set your rates and can
choose when you want to take calls. You can also use this site to sell digital media via email and
your website. Ether takes a 15% commission from what you earn for providing this service.
Payments are made as a direct deposit to your back account or you can request a cheque. This site can be used to create Swickis. A Swickis is a search portal which
will display a few accurate results based on some predefined search criteria and search behaviour
of enthusiasts and experts. Your Swickis can be placed at various places around the web. You
can generate revenue through the Swickis Preferred Payment Program where you will get paid
per click from the ads displayed on your Swickis. There is a minimum payout threshold of $25
and earnings are paid into a valid PayPal account approximately 30 days after the end of the
month. There are other Swicki advertising programs where you can get paid directly from the
advertiser. In these programs ad revenue is split approximately 50/50 with Eurekster. This site can be used to create and host your own online talk show. After
promoting your show to achieve 20+ live participants and 1000+ weekly downloads you can
apply to join the TalkShoe cash program where you will receive a share of the advertising
revenue generated from your show. The site also offers a host referral program by which if you
refer a host to the site then you will receive a bonus equal to 25% of their first year earnings. This is a revenue sharing website for game developers, providing a place
to earn money from writing games. Upon submitting a game you have written to the site you will
receive between 25% and 50% of the advertising revenue that your game generates. Payments
are made via PayPal, cheque or wire transfer. This site allows its users to earn money from producing podcasts. To become
an affiliate of the site you must receive a minimum of 1000 unique page views a month and meet
other criteria set out by the site. You will then receive revenue from pay per click advertising and
from registering new users to the site. There is a minimum payout threshold of $50. On this site you can design your own t-shirts and set up your own
free online store using the sites premade templates. In your store you can sell your own t-shirt
designs as well as allowing your customers to design their own in exactly the same way you did.
This site will print and send the t-shirt to your customer and you collect the margin (which you
would have decided when setting a price for that t-shirt) via PayPal. This site sells a wide range of personalised goods which include t-shirts,
mugs, posters and bumper stickers. From this site you can set up your own free online one page
store of up to 80 items and collect a margin from your sales. CafePress will take care of all the
payments, returns and shipping, and they will send you a monthly cheque to pay you for the
earning you made from your sales. Music artists can earn money from this site by submitting tracks to the
website. The site shares 50% of the revenue generated from advertising with the artists.
Donations can also be made to artists and artists can opt into other programs to generate more
money. Payments are made to the artists via PayPal when they have earned 100€. This online music marketing platform helps music artists earn money. will share 50% of the advertising revenue that it generates with the artists on
the site based upon how much each has contributed. This site will let the artists add links on their
profiles to retailers selling their music. Artists can also use the sites gig finder search to find
venues in a specified area that have previously played that artists genre. This is part of Yahoo’s Contributor network where users can
upload their own created content, including text, audio, image and video. Yahoo offers what they
call ‘performance payouts’ which are ongoing monthly payments based on the amount of
ongoing traffic their content receives. Users can also make money from completing assignments
to create content for Yahoo and from up-front payments for content. This site provides a place for artists to meet and sell their work. Members
can upload designs and the site will take care of the manufacture, delivery and customer service.
There are a wide range of products which designs can be placed on including t-shirts, calendars,
posters, cards and framed prints. The artist earns a margin on every one of their sales, payments
are made monthly via bank transfer, PayPal or cheque. This site allows you to share images, videos, articles and audio. Triond will
post your work on the most relevant website according to its subject to generate the largest
amount of revenue. This site pays you 50% of the advertising revenue your content generates.
Your earnings are paid monthly via PayPal, check or Weston Union money transfer. Users on this site can upload images and videos, have blogs, comment
and vote, subscribe to news alerts and more. Users can also apply for paid work as a digital
journalist. What this means is will share a proportion of its advertising
revenue with its digital journalists based upon how much they contribute to the site. Payments
are made monthly via PayPal to all accounts that exceed $10.

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