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									Classifications and Standards
   Statistics New Zealand

         Prepared by Andrew Hancock
         Classification and Standards
Statistical Classifications in New Zealand
• Since 1993 there has been a centralised classifications unit
  (C&S) based in Christchurch

• C&S is responsible for developing, maintaining and
  implementing standard classifications across the Official
  Statistical System (OSS)

• C&S provides classifications best practice advice to survey and
  administrative collections

• C&S assists integration across surveys so that each area within
  Statistics NZ uses the same standards and classifications that
  best fit their survey needs
Classification Types
• Classifications used by Statistics NZ are assigned a
  classification type based on ownership, the proposed use of the
  classification and the resulting stakeholder consultation.

• All classifications in use at Statistics NZ must be approved by
  the appropriate authority, currently the Standards Governance
  Board (SGB) and/or the Government Statistician (GS):

        •   International Classification
        •   New Zealand Standard Classification
        •   Standard Classification
        •   Independent Classification
Classification Types (cont)

                             Statistical Classification

                                                   New Zealand Standard
    International Classification

                                                   Standard Classification

                                                 Independent Classification
Classification Types (cont)
• International classifications if adopted are usually modified to
  New Zealand conditions and made into New Zealand Standard

• Harmonised classifications are ones developed with the
  Australian Bureau of Statistics

• Standard classifications are ones used across many surveys

• Independent classifications are survey specific classifications
Major Classifications
• ANZSIC - Industry        •   Airroutes
• ANZSCO - Occupation      •   Areas
• ANZSRC - Research        •   Currency
• NZBEC - Broad Economic   •   Ethnicity
• NZHSC - Trade
                           •   Households and
• NZSCC - Country
• NZSCNPO - Non-profit
                           •   Iwi
                           •   Language
• NZSTC - Level of
  Processing               •   Qualifications
                           •   Religion
Classification Review Process
Current Review Work
•   ANZSCO update (released 31 March 2009)

•   ANZSIC06 update just released

•   Households and Families review in progress

•   Standard Coding Tool Policy and Review

•   Geospatial/Areas review (starting January 2009)

•   Metadata Project

•   Institutional Sector review (planned for 2009)

•   Classifications Best Practice Documentation
Classifications Best Practice
• Defines a statistical and standard classification

• Defines guidelines on principles to consider when developing

• Details essential components of classifications

• Has a checklist for developing a classification

• There is a basic version and a technical version
Industry Classification (ANZSIC06)
•   Is an Australian and New Zealand developed classification
•   Aligns with ISIC Rev 4
•   Uses a supply-side basis concept
•   Is a four level hierarchical classification
•   Has a supporting Output classification
•   Has a strong implementation process supported by
        •   Dual Coding Process
        •   Backcasting guidelines
        •   Time-series concordances
        •   Web enabled Classification Code Finder
Product Classifications
• Previously had ANZSPC – based on CPC V1.0

• ANZSPC decommissioned by ABS and Statistics NZ

• Users will concord to CPC V2.0

• ABS and Statistics NZ working closely together on linking to
  CPC V2.0
Classifications Management System
•   CARS stands for Classifications and Related Standards
•   CARS is an on-line computer package used when storing and
    working with classifications
•   CARS stores classification data such as:

         • classification definitions

         • classification versions

         • concordances (translations between versions)

         • synonyms used for coding survey responses
Objectives of the CARS system
• To provide centralised classification storage, maintenance and
  access facilities for all classification data used in the
  development and processing of surveys

• To facilitate the use of standard classifications in all statistical

• To facilitate the comparison and analysis of data by storing

• To provide common ways to update and access classifications
CARS Environment
• CARS is a generalised classification system which was
  developed as part of the Statistics NZ upgrade from a
  mainframe to a client/server environment

• Uses 32 bit Centura SQL Windows as client software

• Uses Sybase (v12.5) as the data repository

• Uses Sybase views and stored procedures to access data
CARS Environment   (cont)


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Classifications and Standards

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Classifications and Standards
   Statistics New Zealand

         Prepared by Andrew Hancock
         Classification and Standards

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