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Date: Saturday December 10, 2005

This program is an addition to the the 7th Triennial Meeting “Restoration: the
Information Regained, Lost, and Preserved“ for Restorers of the Baltic States December
7-10, 2005.

Venue: The Latvian War Museum (Smilšu iela 20)

Time           Activity

08:30h         Registration
08:55h         Opening
               Session: International Research and Cooperation
09:00h         The MIP Thematic Network
               by John Havermans (TNO, the Netherlands)
09:15h         The European InkCor Project
               by Gerrit de Bruin (Nationaal Archief, the Netherlands)
09:30h         The European Papylum Project
               by Drago Kocar (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)
09:45h         Survey of Ink Corrosion and Preservation
               by Veronique Rouchon (University La Rochelle, France)
10:00h         Discussion

               Session: Preventive Conservation
10:15h         Effects of Air pollution on the degradation of objects affected by Iron Gall
               Ink Corrosion
               by John Havermans (TNO, the Netherlands)
10:30h         Preventive conservation – the principal task in preservation of archives
               and libraries
               by Jozef Hanus (National Archives, Slovakia)
10:45h         Multispectral Imaging: Non Destructive Detection of Iron Gall Inks
               by John Havermans (TNO, the Netherlands)
11:00h         False-Colour Infrared (FCIR) imaging with standard digital camera
               by István Kecskeméti (EVTEK, Finland)
11:15h         Discussion

11:30h         Break
MIP – Thematic Network

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               Session: Analyses and Conservation
11:50h         Evaluation of procedures for determination of paper PH
               by Drago Kocar (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)
12:05h         Regards to the Restoration Treatments of manuscript
               by Maria-Carme Sistach (Arxiu Corona d’Aragó, Spain)
12:20h         Stabilization of Iron-Gall Ink Corrosion – Multidisciplinary approach for
               finding solutions
               by Jaan Lehtaru (National Archives, Estonia)
12:35h         Chemical and physical stabilization of serious ink corrosion damages
               by Manfred Anders (ZFB, Germany)
12:50h         Discussion

13:05h         Closing

13:15-14:45h Lunch

MIP Workshop

Location: Central Microphotocopying and Document Restoration Laboratory
(Daugavgrīvas iela 19/21)
Workshop assisted by Inta Rudzīte

Start at: 14:45h      Introduction and splitting in groups

                      Workshop items:
                      1. Non-bleeding iron and copper test; NIR reflectometer
                      2. FCIR with Nikon Coolpix
                      3. Multi-spectral Imaging (MSI)

15:00-15:30h          Workshop items 1, 2 and 3
15:30-16:00h          Workshop items 1, 2 and 3
16:00-16:30h          Workshop items 1, 2 and 3

16:30h         Conclusions of the MIP meeting symposium and farewell

17:00h         Closed session: MIP management meeting
MIP – Thematic Network

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                     Central Microfilming and Document Restoration Laboratory,
 address: Daugavgrīvas iela 19/21, see also http://www.arhivi.lv/engl/en-dep-lab.htm

Tentative Agenda MIP Management meeting
Date: Saturday December 10, 2005
Riga, Latvia


Time           Activity

17:00h         Welcome and some words by the coordinator

Topic 1        MIP EU and financial part
               Action by all: Please present your theoretical part of the residue of your
               For members not able to come: please send this part not later than
               Tuesday December 6, to the coordinator

Topic 2        The Survey and tentative results
               The latest actions and results will be discussed including how to use the
               results for our final report

Topic 3        MIP technical implementation plan
               This item is needed for our final report. A summary of all items will be
               presented at the final MIP conference. Members who do not send in their
               final implementation plan in January 2006 ready for publication in our
               final report, are not fulfilling their contract and there might be a change
               that the EU will demand back, all the previously paid money.
               At this meeting we will discuss the different implementation plans received
               in order to find out if there is assistance needed.
MIP – Thematic Network

MIPdoc-05-22/ date 20 November 2005 / page 4 of 8 / version 1.0

Topic 4        MIP2006 / 2nd Iron Gall ink meeting in Newcastle
               - speakers / posters
               - tentative program
               - registration of the delegates (on-line system)
               - the venue
               - site arrangements
               - other things

Topic 5        Other up coming topics

NB! See arrival information on the next page
MIP – Thematic Network

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ARRIVAL information

      Travelling by car. Driving into the city from south (from Lithuania, red arrow on
       the map) or from north (from Estonia, red arrow on the map), there is just one
       highway around the city and you should follow the signboards guiding into the
       centre. It's a bit more difficult to notice signboard in time driving from north.
       Hopefully every car-driver definitely will find heart of the city!

      Travelling by plane. Riga Airport is situating about 8 km southwards from the
       centre (red arrow on the map). It's easy to take a bus or a taxi to reach the centre.
       Bus No. 22. Journey time about 30 minutes, fare - Ls 0,20.
       There is available a express bus line from airport "Riga" to the city centre.
       Departure times: 19:45, 20:45, 21:45, 22:45, 23:45. Ticket price - Ls 0,25.
       Journey time about 15 minutes. Getting to the centre of the city would cost about
       Ls 5,00 - 7,00.

      Weather forecast for the end of week 48th: day +1/+3, night -2/0 (for week 49th
       see forecast homepage in English http://www.meteo.lv/public/index_en.html).

      Currency 1 Ls = 0,7028 EUR

      Tipping in the restaurants is not yet too established..

      Riga Tourism Coordination and Information Centre (Rātslaukums 6, Town
       hall square)

Costs for our attendance the Riga Restoration Conference will be 100 EUR . It covers
conference fee, room rent, coffe breaks, Fridays reception, mangement meeting costs etc.
We can pay it on-site.

HOTEL Information
Members must make their own reservation for accommodation.
Most of the MIP members are staying in Hotel Metropole
( http://www.rigahotel.com/metropole/)
      MIP – Thematic Network

      MIPdoc-05-22/ date 20 November 2005 / page 6 of 8 / version 1.0

MIP – Thematic Network

MIPdoc-05-22/ date 20 November 2005 / page 7 of 8 / version 1.0


                Laboratory, MIP workshop
                and management meeting
                                                                  Hotel Metropole


Highlights in Riga 8-10 December 2005:
For more detailed information, see http://www.virtualriga.com. Typing exact address,
you will have VERY detailed maps like this: Conference venue - the Latvian War
Museum, address: Smilšu iela 20.

Reception on Friday evening 19.00 - 23.00 p.m. in the Museum of History of Riga and
Navigation, address: Palasta iela 4. On the map close to Dome Square (Doma lauk.) area.
MIP – Thematic Network

MIPdoc-05-22/ date 20 November 2005 / page 8 of 8 / version 1.0

MIP Organizing Committee

The organizing committee is John, Istvan and Jaan (phone +372 55589357)

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