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                                   MARCH 2006
    BYLAWS OF THE USS THE SULLIVANS DD537/DDG68ASSOCIATION...Articie 1, Section 5 reads:
    Membe~ are encouraged to make an annual contribution of $10.00. Notice of dues will be included in the first
    newsletter each year. There are no mandatory dues.
    You will find included with this newsletter a printed card with infonnation on one side about 'dues' and on the reverse
    side infonnation as to what is contained in the Association files on each member or friend of The Sullivans
    Association. Moreover, an envelope addressed to The Sullivans Assn. Treasurer, Jim Rauth, is provided for your
    use. While it is hoped that many members will send a check of $10.00 some will be able to be more generous and mail
    a check for a greater amount, and others will find it difficult to mail any amount. Regardless, we hope that you will
    review the infonnation that is now in The Sullivans Association files as recorded on the enclosed card, make any
    corrections and mail it in the enclosed envelope. Many thanks in advance for your help and cooperation.

    The shipmates of the United States Navy Destroyers, THE SULLIVANS, join together:
    To: Promote the memory of George, Francis, Madison, Joseph and Albert, the five Sullivan Brothers who died
    when their ship, USS Juneau (CL52) sank after being torpedoed by a Japanese submarine during the battle of
    Guadalcanal on November 13, 1942: To: Continue the spirit and unity that lived and continues to live among the
    crews of these gallant ships. USS THE SULLIV ANS (DD537) and USS THE SULLIV ANS (DDG68) during their
    years of service to our nation: To: Promote and foster fellowship, camaraderie and communication among our
    members and their families: To: Pledge our continued loyalty to our great country: and TO Honor the memory of our
    departed shipmates.

                                                                           USS THE SULLIV ANS DD537/DDG68 ASSN.
        USS THE SULLIV ANS DD537/DDG68 ASSOCIATION                              OFFICERS ROSTER 2005-2007

                                                                                        CURRENT OFFICERS
       THE FOUNDERS OF THIS ASSOCIATION IN 1959                        PRESIDENT            JIM HENDRICKSON (62/63)
                                                                       VICE PRESIDENT           BRUCE KAHLER62/64)
                     CHARLESL.McCARTY                                  SECRETARY                ROGER SMITH (55/56)
                        PAUL T. FANT                                   TREASURER                   JIM RAUTH (61/64)
                       ROBERT SANDER
                                                                                      EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE
                    "WE STICK TOGETHER"
                                                                        CURRENT OFFICERS, CHARLES McCARTY (44/45),
                                                                        PAUL FANT (43/45), GERARD LEHNER (43/46),
                       With deep appreciation                           KENNETH JOSEPH (63/65)
                     From the officers and crew
                             1943-2007                                                  BOARD OF ADVISORS

                                                                        CLIFTON ROBERTSON (43/45), RONALD BLACK
                                                                        (52/55), RALPH HENDRICKS (51/55), RONALD
     John Mataka and a committee are working on the design              GLESSNER (51/55), RICHARD ROTH (53/54), JOHN
     and casting for a plaque to honor the founders of our              MATAKA (60/63), WILLIAM GALARNEAU (63/65)
     Association. This is just a preliminary design to give             DEAN LEONARD (DDG 68 02/05)
-    members some idea of the project. We hope to install and
     dedicate this plaque when the Buffalo Naval Park is re-                                  FOUNDERS
     dedicated in 2007.
                                                                        CHARLES McCARTY (44/45)
     PERSONALIZED POSTAGE STAMPS. You can design                        PAUL FANT (43/45)
                                                                        ROBERT SANDER (43/45) deceased
     your own Photo Stamps with a photo of USS The Sullivans
     DD537 or DDG68. There are 3 vendors associated with the
     U.S. Postal Service. You can visit the following websites           HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY
     for more infonnation. http://www.photostamps.com.
                             MARCH 2006

NEWS FROM BUFFALO NAVAL PARK sent by Patrick Cunningham, executive director of Buffalo Naval Park.
"As I write this it seems as if we just closed our twenty seventh season and we are already busy making plans for this
year's opening at the end of March. Dick Smith and his five person maintenance staff are doing many of the tasks we
are unable to accomplish when the Park is open. Dolores is busy with her annual inventory and is also filling mail
orders including two large ones placed from Australia. Anita continues to pay the bills and take reservations for our
tours and overnights. These eight people comprise my winter contingent.
          Speaking of the overnight program we are on a path to having one of our largest spring overnight program
ever. Right now we have bookings for close to 3500 youth and their leaders which is one third more than last Spring.
While bookings are cyclical with groups coming every two or three years, it also appears that people are less
concerned about the price of gas than they were last year.
          The HVAC project which I've talked about at your Reunion is moving along very well. Equipment
installation is complete and we are checking out the heating system. Air conditioning checkout awaits warmer weather.
Shortly we will begin advertising the availability of overnights during the summer. In conjunction with the local Sea
Cadets we have already begun planning for a regional Sea Cadet Boot Camp to be conducted at the Park tbis summer.
          Theunseasonably     goodweatherwe haveexperiencedthis winterhas benefitedthe contractor'son our inner
harbor project and they are ahead of schedule. The framework for the barn in our outside exhibit area is up and we are
on track to open this area to the public in early summer. Bids are in hand for our museum building and the rest of the
site work. They are presently being analyzed by the construction manager since they differed from their estimate.
At this time no problem is anticipated with our being able to occupy the building as scheduled in early 2007.
          We are also making plans for the unveiling of a statue on May 20thin memory of Father Conway who lost his
life in the sinking of the cruiser INDIANAPOLIS. This monument will be dedicated to chaplains of all faiths. The
Navy Chief of Chaplains is scheduled to participate in the ceremony..
          I'd also like to invite everyone to participate in our Tin Can sailors Field Day scheduled for August 17-20.
Cost is $35 per person. Sleeping will be aboard THE SULLIVANS.
          As you can see things continue to happen at our Park and we invite you to observe the improvements
personally if you are in the area. Until we meet again the staff and I wish you fair winds and following seas."

NEWS FROM DDG68 was provided by Capt. Wade Wilkensen and forwarded to us by Kelly Loughren.
         Since September, the months have proven to be busy ones for the ship and crew as they completed numerous
major ~nspectionsand training evolutions. In October, THE SULLIVANS completed Engineering Initial Assessment
(IA). Engineering space material condition, training records, and logs were thoroughly inspected. The engineers did a
great job getting the ship ready for the inspection, and the rest of the crew took part in our success by demonstrating
the capability to effectively put out a fueVlubeoil fire in an engineering space.
         In November, THE SULLIVANS conducted three weeks of advanced Anti-Submarine Warfare operations.
Our Immediate Superior in Command (ISle), Destroyer Squadron Two Four, has been designated
COMSECONDFLT's Anti-Submarine Warfare Syndicate lead, and we were asked by the Commodore to participate in
Southeast Anti-submarine Warfare Training Initiative (SEASWITI). One of the other ships in our squadron had to
drop out at last minute, and we jumped on the chance to participate in these complex war games against U.S. and
foreign submarines. Other ships participating included: USS RAMAGE (DDG 61), USS HUE CITY (CG 66), and
USS MCFAUL (DDG 74). The primary exercise threats to U.S. forces during the week-long exercise were PIJAO, a
Colombian diesel submarine and lIMCS WINDSOR, a Canadian diesel submarine. THE SULLIVANS, HUE CITY,
and RAMAGE conducted four days of exercises, employing and evaluating Anti-Submarine Warfare tactics against
challenging threats. The exercises included tracking, simulated attack, and torpedo evasion events.
         After completing SEASWITI, THE SULLIVANS and RAMAGE enjoyed a three-day port visit to Nassau,
Bahamas from November 8-10, 2005. The visit to the Bahamas, with its beautiful beaches and sunny 80 degree
weather provided great liberty for the crew. While in Nassau, THE SULLIVANS participated in two Community
Relations (COMREL) projects. Sailors from THE SULLIVANS and RAMAGE participated in a project at the Home
of the Bahamian National Council for Disability. Sailors cleared interior debris, tore up carpeting, repaired concrete
floors, and repainted much of the building. Additionally, Sa.ilors worked on the Community Nursery at the New
Providence Community Center. Sailors repaired the tool shed and replaced the roof on it, as well as constructed new
raised flower beds for the children to plant flowers in. The Community Nursery is a program used to educate children
between the ages of seven and nine about the environment.
                              MARCH 2006

          After their short stop for rest and relaxation in the Bahamas, THE SULLIVANS and RAMAGE began
 preparations for Submarine Commanders Course (SCC) Operations &om November 10-13 off the coast of the
 Bahamas. From November 14-17, 2005, USS THE SULLIVANS, USS RAMAGE, USS MCFAUL, and HMCS
 VILLE DE QUEBEC, a Royal Canadian Navy Frigate participated in SCC Operations. USS THE SULLIVANS with
 Commander, Navy Surface Warfare Development riders embarked, carried out Anti-submarine Warfare (ASW)
 missions to employ and evaluate surface ASW tactics against a nuclear powered fast attack submarine threat and to
 provide a realistic and challenging training environment for prospective CoI11manding     Officers and Executive Officers
 of U.S nuclear fast-attack submarines. THE SULLIVANS, along with the other ships, was able to employ exercise
torpedoes to test onboard weapons system perfonnance. Tactical watch teams were able to conduct numerous
 simulated attacks to sharpen training using onboard procedures.
         Throughout the three weeks of Anti-submarine Warfare operations, Commodore Carl Cramb, Commander
Destroyer Squadron Two Four, and his staff were embarked onboard USS THE SULLIVANS. The staff served as the
Anti-Submarine Warfare Commander for both major exercises and was key to the successful planning, execution, and
success of the exercises. THE SULLIVANS returned from the exercises on November 18 to continue preparations for
engineering Underway Demonstration and to enjoy the Th8nksgiving holiday with family and friends.
         On Saturday, November 19, 2005, the crew of THE SULLIVANS said farewell to their shipmate and friend,
 LTJG Cavan S. Tubbs, during a memorial ceremony held onboaid. Tubbs died as a result of critical injuries sustained
 in a high-speed motorcycle accident that occurred on a race track in Jennings, Florida on November 6. Tubbs reported
aboard THE SULLIVANS in July 2004 and had served throughout THE SULLIVANS' Fifth and -Sixth Fleet
Deployment as First Lieutenapt before becoming Electrical Officer during this past summer.
         Following the Thanksgiving holiday, THE SULLIVANS got underway to' enjoy a great port visit in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from December 1-5,2005. Both USS THE SULLIVANS and USS MCFAUL (DDG 74)
visited Philadelphia in support of the 1061h  Anny Navy gan;J.e.'Berthed at Penn's Landing on the Delaware River, the
two ships were in a prime location for visiting local tourist attractions and hot spots. The visit provided THE
SULLIVANS' crew a break from the hectic schedule of the Unit Level Training Phase. They enjoyed tremendous
                                                                                    service projects, and took in all of the
liberty, visited the Liberty Bell and historic sights, participated in cOJ:lll1lunity
Anny-Navy festivities.
         Working with the Philadelphia Navy League, THE .SULLIVANS arranged visits to local high schools in the
downtown Philadelphia area. On the morning of Friday, December 2,2005, Sailors from THE SULLIVANS and from
the MCFAUL went with representatives from Lockheed Martin to speak to local high school students. Sailors had the
opportunity to interact with students and share stories about their experiences in the military. During the afternoon,
Sailors from THE SULLIVANS and MCFAUL also visited the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, as well as the
Veteran's Administration (VA) Hospital. The ten Sailors broke into three groups and visited with the patients and
residents, distributing ballcaps. "We received a warm reception from everyone involved. It was great to hear the
excitement in the children's voices and see the veterans light up when they could tell about their experiences," said
HMC(SW) Tia Papile.
         During the port visit in Philadelphia, Kelly Sullivan Loughren and Captain Gerry Roncolato visited the ship.
Loughren traveled from her home in Waterloo, Iowa to enjoy the festivities of the weekend with the crew. Throughout
the weekend, THE SULLIVANS' Sailors supported over 800 public tours of the ship. THE SULLIVANS also hosted
a breakfast for the Philadelphia Navy League on Friday morning, and we were blessed to be able to host a luncheon for
The Sullivans' Foundation on SUIidayafternoon.
          On Friday evening, ten Officers and Chief Petty Officers, including CDRWade Wilkenson, LCDR James
Kirby, and CMDCM(SS) Jeffrey Hudson attended the Union League of Philadelphia Anned Services Committee
Dining Out.
         The highlight of the port visit for many was the 1061h   meeting of Anny and Navy football teams on the grid
iron. Philadelphia has hosted the Anny Navy football game 79 times throughout the game's one-hundred and fifteen
year history, being a central locale between the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, New York and the U.S. Naval
Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Braving the freezing cold temperatures and predictions of snow, more than 120
THE SULLIVANS' Sailors attended the game in unifonn and marched to Lincoln Financial Field on Saturday,
December 3, 2005. Anny and Navy were tied going into th~ game, with 49 wins a piece and 7 ties throughout the
game's history. By half-time Navy had sewn up a solid 21-10 lead. The midshipmen walked away from Lincoln
Financial Field in victory Saturday evening, winning 42-23, making Navy the first to fifty and winner of the
Commander-in-Chieftrophy for the third consecutive year.
                               MARCH 2006

The ship held a contest the week before New Year's for the best First Deck Log Entry for 2006. It was won by LTJG
Amy DesSureault, Public Affairs Officer for the ship.

2006 Deck Log Contest Entry
Continued the watch moored starboard side to B.3-1,           The year brought us back home &om sea
at NAVSTA Mayport, where Sailors come for fun in the sun.     to ftiends, loved otles, and fiunily.
Usmg six standard mooring lines doubled eye to byte,          Traveled to Savannah, for St. Patrick's Day,
the ship's all secure, with all lights burning bright.        took our families on the underway.

There's a generator in standy-by, in case we lose power,      Celebrated our Irish heritage in good cheer,
and two rovers that report in every halfhour.                 Marched in a parade and drank green beer.
Material condition Modified Zebra is set,                     Then on to Yorktown to offload our ammo.
and there's a Closure Log in case you forget.                 For the first time to drydock, soon we would go.

The CO, XO, and CMC are ashore tonight,                       In the yards high and dry, we sat for many a day
Hope they're not drinking until daylight.                     cursing the heat as we melted away.
The plant is cold iron for this New Year,                     From Ophelia to Norfolk, the ships in the basin did flee.
with various hotel services received &om the pier.            She followed us there, and chased us all back to sea.

We're surrounded by Naval ships of the Second Fleet,          Back home in Mayport, always kept busy each day,
but they all look at us as the one ship to beat.              preparing for CART fi, lA, and LOA.
THE SULLIVANS is worldwide in all seas, lands, and            We put in Saturdays, quite a few,
weather                                                       fighting fires in Main I and Main 2.
Because of our great motto: "We Stick Together."
                                                              Six new chiefs were trained &om among,
Named for the Sullivan brothers &om Waterloo                  Bates, Duran, Jackson, Teasdell, Wilson, and Young.
Who fought and died back in '42.                              Others awarded, &ocked, pinned, and promoted
63 years later, we still serve with pride                     Too many to name, but still should be noted.
Remembering how those five brothers died.
                                                              For three weeks with Commodore and staff, we went to sea,
The year has been busy, but now it's done.                    Spent three days in the Bahamas, eIYoying liberty,
We've worked REAL hard, but had some fun.                     after hunting the Columbians and Canadians in game.
Started the year by ''Crossing the Line,"                     Then after our own subs, huntiIig them just the same.
a Navy tradition as old as time.
                                                              After Thanksgiving, off to good old Philly, P.A.
Visited Seychelles, a tropical paradise afar,                 In support of Army and Navy's game day.
whose beauty the tsunami wave did mar.                        Navy did trounce the Army royally
We helped them rebuild after the tsunami hit,                 as we ftoze in the stands cheering loyally.
enjoyed the beaches and. relaxed a bit.
                                                              Philadelphia's cold and snow was much to endure
A port visit in Egypt, quite an unusual tliing,               But with the &ee pretzels, it was worth it, for sure.
to stop in this home of many a pharaoh and king.              Passed UD with an above average grade,
The Great Pyramid and Sphinx, a sight for all to see.         Worth all the efforts and planning we'd made.
We lunched in the Hard Rock while on liberty.
                                                              Then home for the holidays with family and mends
Transited the Suez, done with Fifth Fleet.                    Oh, but when that leave finally ends
Portcalled in Rhodes, Greece, and Souda Bay, Crete.           Returning &om leave, we soon all will be
Ready for home but still not time to go                       back to work and reality.
Visited Rota, and the time went so slow.
                                                              Back to sea we'll head once more.
Finally time to cross the pond once more,                     not knowing what the coming year has in store.
Headed for home, that far distant shore.                      Our battleflag we'll continue to wave,
Rough seas greeted us on the way,                             honoring the heroes and their watery grave.
but all we wanted was Homecoming Day.

ST. PATRICK'S DAY 1956. The Sullivans DDS37 was invited to New York City. Many of the crew marched in the
St. Patrick's Day Parade. It started snowing at the beginning of the parade, and when it was over there was 16" or more
of snow. Several crewmembers went to the Jack Parr show~ and a few of members were on stage with Mr. Parr and
presented him a model of the ship.       Send in similar reminiscences of your time aboard DD537 or DDG68.
                               MARCH 2006

          "The ArmylNavy weekend was absolutely wonderful. The highlight of my trip was the tailgate with the crew,
and watching them march in chanting to cadence; it's one of those moments with the crew that will always have a
special place in my heart," said Loughren. The snowy weather and chilly temperatures had little effect in dampening
the spirits of THE SULLIVANS' crew during their recent port visit, a busy but rewarding stop for the crew.
         Less than a week after returning from Philadelphia, THE SULLIVANS conducted Engineering Underway
Demonstration (UD). They successfully passed, receiving an above average grade, making them eligible for the Battle
Efficiency Award. THE SULLN ANS' crew has once again proven true to its motto of "We Stick Together" as its
team effort toward training led them to succeed at all challenges encountered in the training cycle thus far. After
spending the holidays with family and friends, the crew returned to focus its efforts on upcoming Final Evaluation
Problem (FEP) and INSURV.

The Sullivans Association has been invited to participate in a "Fletcher Class Tin Can Sailor" cruise aboard the Carnival Cruise
Line Ship "Inspiration" and will sail out of Tampa, Florida on December 4threturning to Tampa on December 9th.
                   DAY       PORT                                               ARRIVE         DEPART
                   Mon       Tampa, Florida                                                    4:00 pm
                   Tue       "Fun Day" At Sea
                   Wed       Grand Cavman, Cayman Islands                       7:00 am        2:00 pm
                   Thurs     Cozumel. Mexico                                    9:30 am        10:00 pm
                   Fri       "Fun Day" At Sea
                   Sat       Tampa, Florida                                     8:00 am
         Family and friends are welcome to come. There are 10 inside and 10 ocean view cabins available for a discounted group
rate. You will be berthed in a category 4A inside stateroom or category 6A outside stateroom with a picture window, and your
choice of two twin beds or a convertible king. The ship will be visiting Grand Cayman Island and the island of Cozumel.
         The total cost will be $716.70 per couple for an inside stateroom and $856.70 per couple for an ocean view
stateroom with a picture window. This is an all-inclusive cruise and the price per COUPLE, includes your cruise fare, port
charges,taxes, all of your onboard meals and entertainment plus 24 hour a day room service. You pay only for tips, alcohol, soft
drinks and (if you choose) whatever you should decide to contribute to the casino. Trip cancellation and medical insurance are
optional and available at a discounted rate.
         $250 deposit per person will be due by March 25th,and can be made on any type of credit or debit card by contacting
Adam Wolf at The Cruise Web, based outside of Washington, DC. His normal business hours are Tuesday-Thursday
10-7 eastern, Saturdays 9-5, and Sundays from 10-5. You can contact him at 1-800-377-9383 x274 or email



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  Photo taken at fIrst reunion, August 1959, in Chicago. Left to right: Paul Fant, Charles McCarty, Robert Sander,
    Elaine Sander, Adam Heinman, Zoe Hoel, Howard Hoel and Helen Fant. Note that they only drank milk!!
                                       MARCH 2006


                     Photo of some of DDG68 crew at Army/Navy game in Philadelphia on Dec. 3, 2005.
                                      Provided by CMDCM(SS) Jeff Hudson, DDG68.

               TIN CAN SAILORS, INC.                            Fill out this Membership Application and mail it with
                                                                your check for $25 to TIN CAN SAILORS, INC.,
    The Tin Can Sailors 2005 grant to USS THE                   P.O. BOX 100, SOMERSET, MA. 02726.
-- -SULLIVANS DDS37 was $20,000. Since 1992, Tin Can
    Sailors has given the ship a total of $244,900. All of
    these funds came from memberships in Tin Can Sailors.                  TIN CAN SAILORS, INC.
    ~so the Reunion Group supplemental grants program                    MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION
    donated $18,796 for a grand total of $263,696.
                                                                NAME     .

  600 members who served aboard DDS37, but only 160             ADDRESS
  of us belong to Tin Can Sailors. If you are one of the
  many who DON'T belong, now is the time to join.               CITY                                  STATE

  You can't go wrong. You will get free admissiori to           ZIP                        TEL.
  seven museum ships, a 40"page quarterly newsletter full
  of interesting articles, your name will never be given or     SHIP: USS THE SULLIV ANS DD537/DDG68
  sold to any commercial firms: and if you ever decide it
  was a mistake to become a member, Tin Can Sailors             DATES ON BOARD
  guarantees that it will .refund your membe~ship
  contribution, in full, without question. But BEST OF          mGHEST RANK OR RATE
  ALL, you contribute to the preservation of THE
  SULLIVANS DDS37 an9 the other museum ships.                   RECRUITED BY USS THE SULLIV ANS ASSN.
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