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									                                  How to Buy Gold

With the daily news reports of gold and the market, it is a little-understood fact that the
actual price of gold is more static than just about any other investment vehicle or
commodity. All of these market trends really just reflect the value of currency when
compared to gold, in any country, at any time. Because of this singular fact, that the
worth of gold today is similar to what it has always been, its value is always consistent
and reliable, and buying gold is rarely a bad idea. In fact, for the savvy investor, gold is
purchased at regular intervals, in order to hedge against economic declines of all natures,
from war, inflation, failure of other investment vehicles, etc. Gold is highly valued in all
countries, and this makes it far less dependent on the fiscal health of other commodities.

Gold is almost impervious to recession and inflation, which means that if you were to buy
gold steadily; you would be well-protected against future economic crises, where the
strength of the dollar is weakening. Especially in today's United States economy, where
the national debt has led to more and more dollars being printed, which actually weakens
the dollar, because there is less and less gold to back it up. Government deficits happen
periodically, and you should expect that they will always be the reality for a society from
time to time as wars, currency devaluation and other factors require an artificial infusion
of cash. The one commodity that almost always stands strong against these problems is
gold, and it can serve as a trusty source of capital during a national recession or even

In fact, another good reason to purchase gold comes to you from history; the Great
Depression happened when everyone ran to the banks all at once to withdraw their cash
during an economic downturn. The banks, of course, can't possibly - in any century -
cover this kind of expense, and the dollar collapsed. The president at the time ordered the
hoarding of gold as a federal offense, which means that you could be arrested and jailed
for trying to gather gold, because it was the one commodity that was still worth
something and could buy anything - food, shelter, clothing, etc. Despite the century
difference from then to now, the exact same thing would happen if the dollar became too
badly devalued to be of practical use; gold would still be worth as much as it always has
been, minus inflation.

Ideally, whenever you feel that war may be on the horizon, see the prices of common
goods skyrocket or rise significantly, or any other sign that currency is devaluing, it
might be a good time to get some gold for protection. However, in a more practical sense,
these things tend to jump up quickly, before you are prepared for them or can even see
them coming. As such, the best advice that a prospector can give is that it is never a bad
time to purchase gold.

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