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					                     2 Brant Avenue
                Mississauga, Ontario
                           L5G 3N8

                                                                                                            How much inch loss can I achieve?
                                                                                                            The results vary from person to person depending on
  How Does i-lipo work?                                                                                     your size, but results are instant and well measured be-
                                                                                                            fore and after treatments to show just how much you
                                                                                                            have lost. Some clients can lose as much as 5 inches.

When you consume more calories than you                                                                     Does it hurt?
use, the extra calories are stored as fat inside                                                            i-lipo is a comfortable relaxing treatment where the
                                                                                                            typical sensation felt is just a slight warmth where the
a fat cell. The i-lipo laser is the latest technol-                                                         pads are in contact with your skin. This treatment does
ogy; it emits low levels of safe cold laser en-                                                             not affect the neighbouring structures such as skin,
                                                      How Many Treatments will I need?                      blood vessels and peripheral nerves.
ergy, which passes through your skin and onto
                                                      To see the maximum results a course of 8 treat-
the fat cells. This affects the cell membrane I       ments is recommended, per body area. These            How is the fat released?
(outside wall of the fat cell) and causes it to       treatments should be taken twice per week at          Fat spills out from broken cell membranes and are re-
                                                      regular intervals.                                    leased into interstitial spaces where they are slowly
release the fat stored within it.
                                                                                                            transported through the body’s natural lymphatic sys-
                                                      Which areas of the body can be treated?               tem, it strongly advisable to immediately follow the
This does not affect the neighboring struc-           The i-lipo can be performed on,                       treatment with a form of physical exercise to help dis-
                                                      Calf, knees, thighs, buttocks, stomach, “love han-    pose of the fat more efficiently and ensure it is not reab-
tures such as skin, blood vessels and periph-
                                                      dles”’ arms, chin & cellulite.                        sorbed.
eral nerves. The fat spills out from the broken
cell membrane and are released into the inter-        How long is an i-lipo treatment session?              Is it suitable for men and women?
                                                      The first treatment also incorporates a consulta-     The i-lipo treatment works equally well for both, it is
stitial space where they are slowly trans-                                                                  not intended to treat obese clients rather a BMI of 30%
                                                      tion, so you’ll need to allow yourself a little
ported through the body’s natural lymphatic           longer for your first session (around 45 minutes      or less is ideal.
system, it is strongly advisable to undertake         for the consultation and treatment). A typical cold
                                                      laser/i-lipo session takes around 20 minutes. This    Who Cannot or even must not be treated with i-lipo?
some form of physical exercise to help dispose                                                              General contraindications are metabolic disorders,
                                                      is ideally followed by a short session of the T-
of the fat more efficiently and ensure it is not      Zone vibrational workout at our clinic. The           hepatitis suffered in the past, metal implants, diabetic
reabsorbed.                                           sooner the exercise is accomplished the better the    injections on the spot of application, tattoos, derma-
                                                      results are.                                          tological rashes and ulcers, nursing and pregnant

A minimum of 10 minutes exercise post treat-          You will be in the clinic for approximately 30-45     Is it an affordable treatment?
ment is required on our T-zone Vibration Ma-          minutes.                                              Compared to surgical liposuction and other ultrasound
                                                                                                            or laser techniques i-lipo is much more affordable with
chine for ultimate results. This will accelerate                                                            similar results.
the breakdown and removal of fat from the             How long will the effects last?
                                         area.        As long as your diet, weight and exercise routine     Financing is also an option for packaging
                                                      remains constant and healthy , your results will
                                                      last indefinitely and a booster i-lipo treatment      A single treatment                 $199.00 CDN
                                                      should not be necessary. However, one treatment       20 min i-lipo, and 10 minute T-zone vibration work out
                                                      performed now and then is a good incentive to
                                                      keep you in control.                                  8 treatment Shaper course          $1,200.00 CDN
                                                                                                            20 minute i-lipo, and 10 minute T-zone vibration work

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