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									     Antingham & Southrepps Primary School
               Newsletter 1 – September 2011
Welcome to the New Academic Year!
Welcome back to the beginning of a new academic year. We hope that you had a
good break during the summer, even if the weather wasn’t the best! We start the
term with the exciting prospect of our new building being completed before
Christmas. Due to the limited space that we have until the building is completed, we
won’t be able to invite parents for our achievement assemblies. As soon as we can,
we will invite you once more. When we start again, our achievement assemblies will
be on a Friday at 9.10am.
Thank you for returning your child to school smartly dressed in school uniform. This
fosters a sense of belonging, we all look smart and are ready to learn.

The Start of the School Day
We want your child to have the best education that we can give and, for some time,
we have had concerns about how the day begins. We have children both inside and
out, which makes it difficult to keep them safe. We also want to begin each day in a
calm way, ready to begin learning at 9am.
We are therefore asking you to bring your child straight to the door leading into their
classroom from 8.45am. There will no longer be a playtime before school and there
will not be any supervision for children before 8.45am. Please do not drop your child
off before this time. We respectfully ask that parents (with the exception of the
Foundation Stage) leave their children at the classroom door. This will allow teachers
to start the day promptly and get on with their job - to teach your child.
If you have an important message for the teacher, please be brief and respect the
fact that they are supervising the class at the same time. Please can all parents
ensure that, if they have to convey a vital message to the teacher, that they leave the
class by 8.55am at the latest. If you need to speak to the teacher for a longer time,
please make an appointment to see them at the end of the day. Thank you for your
help in this matter, we want to keep your child safe and to provide them with a calm
and unhurried start to each learning day. We will be providing lots of opportunities for
you to communicate with us and for us to share information with you.

Music Lessons
As children move on to secondary school it frees up time and the opportunity for
other children to take up musical instruments. We are very fortunate at Antingham &
Southrepps, to have a range of musical opportunities. If your child is interested in
playing classical guitar, a woodwind instrument, violin or piano, please come to the
school office for more details.

Holidays during term time are only given at the discretion of the headteacher and
disrupt learning that can never be caught up. Holidays during term time will only be
granted in exceptional circumstances. If approved, this will be for one holiday of up
to 10 days. Any application for term time holiday should be made at least 2 weeks
before and be accompanied by a letter explaining why the circumstances are
exceptional. These applications will be treated in the strictest confidence. No
holidays will be authorised during the month of May, as this is the crucial period for
assessment. Also, if you child’s attendance is below 95%, then no holiday will be
authorised. If holidays are taken without approval they are deemed to be
unauthorised. This will show up on your child’s registration forms and parents can be
fined, or even taken to court by the council’s educational welfare service. Absence
during term time is extremely disruptive to learning and devalues what we do.
I know that Mrs Day wrote to you last July about term time absence, because it is
rather high for this school. We are only following government guidelines and
legislation. Please put in your request for a holiday before you book it.
Thank you for your support in this matter – again, we are simply endeavouring to
provide your child with the very best education

Class 4 are Twittering!
Class 4 would like you to know that you can request to follow them on their secure
twitter account @ top of the school. There you will be able to see what they are up

Riding Bicycles to School
We are very happy for children to ride their bicycles to school, when supervised by
adults. However, we are very concerned that some children are not wearing helmets.
Head injuries can so easily be caused, simply by a child falling onto a kerb stone.
Please encourage your child to wear a helmet.

Amazing Challenges
Two people in our community at participating in the Great Barrow Challenge, when
they will be cycling or running the equivalent of 4 marathons in 4 days, from 21st –
24th September.
Jon Cooper, dad of Fred in Class 4, is cycling to raise money for The Big C in
Norwich. They do a fantastic job of supporting people and their families, who are
living with cancer. If you wish to sponsor him a form has been left with Mrs Flatman.
Chris Walker will be running to raise money for the school. She teaches a number of
P.E. lessons, so would like to put the money towards a new shed for the equipment.
If you would like to add to her sponsorship, there is a form with Mrs Flatman.

Thank you to everyone for the warm welcome that I have received. Please contact
me if you have any ideas, information or concerns.
J. Kingman
Dates for the Year
To help you organise your year, below are a list of dates. There will be an extra 2
days when we will be asking you to keep your child at home when the new building
is completed. At this point we will need to move three classes around, and it would
be impossible to do this when the children are here. The preliminary date that we
have been given for the handover is 2nd December, and it is quite possible that we
will need Friday, and the following Monday, (5th December) to get the school straight.
Please bear this in mind! I will let you know if there is any slippage in timescale.
The following dates should remain correct:
16th Class 4 swimming – 1.00pm
22nd Class 3 & 4 trip to Gressenhall Rural Life Museum
23rd Class 4 swimming – 1.00pm
30th Class 4 swimming – 1.00pm

6th Information evening for all parents 7pm-8pm. Please come along, this will be an
opportunity for you to find out more about the exciting learning in your school.
7th Class 4 swimming – 1.00pm
14th Class 4 swimming – 1.00pm
21st Class 4 swimming – 1.00pm
21st School finishes for Autumn break
31st Return to school

2nd Individual school photos
4th Class 4 swimming – 1.00pm
9th/10th Parents’ evenings
11th Class 4 swimming – 1.00pm

14th Christmas play performance (in the afternoon)
15th Christmas play performance (in the evening)
16th Carols in the woods (in the afternoon) End of term.
January 2012
4th Children return to school.

10th Finish for Spring break
20th Return to school
29th Parents’ evening

1st Parents’ evening
30th End of term

16th Start of term
25th to 27th Residential visit for Class 3

7th Bank holiday
KS2 SATs week – still not confirmed by government

1st Finish for the break
11th Return to school
28th One day holiday for the Norfolk Show

11th Sports Day
13th Children’s annual reports go home
20th End of term

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