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					                                                                                    August 28, 2011
                           St. Elizabeth Ann Seton                    Twenty second Sunday in Ordinary Time

                         Mission Statement                            SETON PRESCHOOL is currently accepting
 We, the Roman Catholic Parish of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton,            applications for upcoming year for three year old
     Bear, Delaware, are an all-embracing, diverse Christian          program - 2days a week and four year old program - 3
community who warmly welcomes everyone to join us. We draw            days a week. For information call Janet at 322-2631.
closer to God and one another through worship, which nourishes
 us for service to our brothers and sisters. We choose to combine             GREETINGS BROTHER KNIGHTS
 our many gifts to teach, celebrate, evangelize, help those in need   Brother Knights, our next meeting will be on
       and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus in word and deed.             Tuesday, September 13th, 7:30pm in the Seton
                                                                      Center. Also, the $10.00 per person deposit for our
         NOTES FROM FR. ROGER                                         Appreciation Night dinner is due by Sept. 13.To all
                                                                      men in the Parish interested in learning what the
Summer is a time for visits with family and friends,                  Knights do and about joining our Organization,
for vacations, for some extra reading and many other                  please speak with any Knight or call me, Mike Garko,
adventures. Hopefully we have had an opportunity to                   Grand Knight, @ 836-6007.
do some of these things. One person who has done
all of this is Daniel Hoover, our Echo Apprentice.                                     RCIA
This week we welcome home the newest member of                        690-9032 or (Adult)
the parish staff, Daniel, from his summer adventures.                 325-1069 or (Children)
                                                                      THE RITE OF CHRISTIAN INITIATION OF
Daniel has one more academic year with us, thus                       ADULTS is the process by which non-baptized
completing a two year program. We are blest to have                   adults, and children seven years and older, join the
his insights into theology and his enthusiasm to                      Catholic Church. The process is also for those adults
ministry for the Lord here at Seton Parish. Please                    and children baptized Protestant who want to become
make Daniel feel welcomed once again. Daniel works                    Catholic, and for those baptized Catholic but who
and ministers with many here in the parish and it is                  have not received any other sacrament. The first
good to always welcome others to join in the journey.                 session of RCIA begins Tuesday, Aug. 30th at 7:00pm
Together we celebrate God’s presence among us as                      in the Library. If you would like to discuss the RCIA
we enter more deeply into the mystery of Jesus.                       or to set up an interview, contact Maureen or Carol.

As these last days of summer move on, may we be                                    ADULT FORMATION
thankful for the warmth of this season. Soon all the                              Anita Wood - 322-6430x 314
committees will be back in full swing. Thank you to                     
all who participate. We need your leadership and
your strength. Together we will keep Seton strong.                    The Bible Reflection Group will meet Tuesday,
We celebrate 33 years of history and we have many                     August 30th at 7:00pm, in De Sales conference room.
more years of history yet in the making. Mother
Seton and Bl. John Paul II, continue your prayers for                 Thought for the week: The wishbone will never
us, your spiritual children.                                          replace the backbone.
                                                                                                                 - Will Henry

                                                                      SETON MONTHLY BINGO is Friday,
READINGS FOR NEXT WEEK                                                September 2, 2011. Doors open at 6pm.
First Reading: Ezekiel 33: 7-9                                        Refreshments are available. The cost is $20 for the 20
Second Reading: Romans 138-10                                         game packet. Additional packets can be purchased.
Gospel: Matthew 18: 15-20                                             There are door prizes and a 50/50 drawing. Must be
                                                                      18 or older. Questions - Contact Cindy at 834-2883.
2011 FALL 10% BACK TO SCHOOL PROGRAM                      Seton Tweens (6th -8th grade) & Teens (9th -12
Please leave your Safeway receipts from 8-10-11 to 9-     grade) Gatherings are held every other week on
13-11 in the green box in the Gathering Space. Thank      Monday nights -Time 6:30-8:30pm. Registration will
you.                                                      take place in September. Our open house is
                                                          scheduled for Sept. 26th. Come see what we have in
            RELIGIOUS EDUCATION                           store for this upcoming year. For registration and the
              Theresa Burke, ext. 102                     most up to date information call 322-6430 X 104.
Catechist Training: All sessions begin at 6:30                     2011 Confirmation Program
Monday, August 22nd, “Catholic Morality”                  Confirmation Retreat Information Packets with
Wednesday, Sept. 7th, “I Believe/We Believe”              Permission forms and everything you need to know
Thursday, Sept.8th, “Getting Started as a Catechist”      about the Retreat was sent home with the students at
Parents, Catechists, and Aides: Look on the Monitor       the last session, all signed paper work is due back no
in the Gathering Space for updated information about      later than August 15th. The Name choice Written
Religious Education.                                      Assignment is now past due. If you have not turned
                                                          your Confirmation Name choice paper in, please do
Registration for Religious Education 2011-2012            so by the end of this week. Parent and Sponsors,
Forms can be picked up in the Gathering Space any         items you were to turn in are still being collected.
time. A late fee will be charged for any form turned in
by a returning student after June 15th. No late fee for          MASS INTENTIONS
new students.                                             Saturday, August 27
If your children were in RCIA this past year and          5:00pm        Karla Estrada
came into the Church at Easter, we would like to
invite them into The Religious Education Program,         Sunday, August 28
where they would be with a community of their peers       7:30am        Mildred Guiliani Decino
continuing to learn about our faith. For more             9:15am        Paul Barbas
information contact Theresa Burke at ext. 102.            11:00am       Joe Karwacki
        SETON’S YOUTH MINISTRY                            Monday, August 29
        Mary Holmburg Ext. 104                            8:30am        Rev. Jim Kelly
Seton Tweens (6th -8th grade) & Teens (9th -12 grade)
Gatherings are held every other week on Monday            Tuesday, August 30
nights -Time 6:30-8:30pm. Registration will take          7:00pm        In Thanksgiving for prayers answered
place in September at our Open House scheduled for
Sept. 26th. Come see what we have in store for this       Wednesday, August 31
upcoming year.                                            8:30am       Gene Alessandrini
Confirmation Retreat. Parent and Sponsors, many           Thursday, September 1
of you have still not turned in items requested for the   8:30am        Ted Kowalewski
retreat, please do so ASAP. These items can be
dropped off to the parish office during the week and      Saturday, September 3
also during mass times. If you have any questions call    5:00pm         Joe Frisch
Mary Holmburg x104
                                                          Sunday, September 4
Attention 50+ Young at Hearters! Join us for Our          7:30am        Edward Cszkowski
7 Annual "Seton Senior's Prom" Hosted by Seton's          9:15am        Len Monclari
Youth Ministry Our Prom Destination (theme)this           11:00am       Joe Karwacki
year is the Orients. Come join us for an evening of
dining in our Beautiful Asian Garden. September 23,       CLEANING CORP – Team “C” is scheduled for
2011 6-9:30pm. To join us please RSVP prior to            Saturday, August 26th at 9:00am.
Sept. 16. RSVP Cards Collected in gathering space.
  2011/2012 calendars will be available on the web
site and the gathering space Sept. 1st
SAN MARCOS COMMITTEE: San Marcos                                  MEMORIAL GOLF CLASSIC
Committee: Final Reminder: Boxes are in the               The Elizabeth Ann Seton Memorial Golf Classic, now
Gathering Space for your medical supplies for our         in its fourth year is dedicated to the memory of all of
brothers and sisters in Nueva Buena Vista and will        our parishioners and friends who have gone before us
remain there through the 11:00 Mass, today, August        as founders, builders and supporters of the parish and
28th. If you are interested in making a financial         the community in which we live. We especially
contribution, envelopes are available at the San          remember those who have left us during the past year
Marcos table. Place your envelope in the collection       since our last Memorial Classic. Many of the
basket. Please contact Marie McFarlin at                  committee members serve in memory of relatives and or 834-3462 for info.            friends who have previously worked on and
                                                          supported projects that have advanced the progress
“Delight Night” Tickets will be on sale, again, this      and growth of our community over the past 33 years.
weekend after all of the masses. Members of the San
Marcos Committee will be in the Gathering Space.          From just a few families we have now grown to over
Tickets will also be available in the Parish Office       2300 families with a beautiful church and worship
during the week. Please contact Mary Jo Frohlich at       complex that provides for the religious, educational, or Marie McFarlin at             social, and spiritual needs of the people in the region.            for        info.      We ask you to join us in this joyful adventure on
                                                          September 22, 2011 at Cavaliers Country Club as a
      MEETINGS OF THE WEEK                                player or sponsor in memory of someone who is
7:00pm Tue., August 30th   Bible Reflections              special to you. This is a wonderful way to come
7:00pm Tues., August 30th  Special Events                 together as a community to celebrate those who have
7:00pm Thurs., August 24th Household Prayer               meant so much to us and our parish.
7:3opm Friday, Sept. 2nd   Filipiniana Choir              Please contact any member of the Committee in the
                                                          Gathering Space after Sunday Mass, or contact one of
         SETON 50+ GROUP BEGINS 2011-2012                 the Co-chairs for more information on how you can
              YEAR 50+ PROM DATE 9/23                     become involved: P. Kyle Adams 302-981-6928
Please ignore the announcement in the bulletin last Tom Cupples                 302-
week concerning the September and October                 261-6181
gathering. There was a little confusion...THE PROM
IS 9/23!! Please see the other announcement in the               PARISH STEWARDSHIP REPORT
bulletin and respond to the e-mail or use the cards in    Offertory for August 21st    $9,455.20
the gathering space to reply by 9/16. Thanks for your     Religious Education          $1,256.10
understanding in this matter.                             Thank you for your continued support.

   SETON CROCHET GROUP – Squares                          REGISTER NOW!! – Sign language classes are
Wanted!! Yarn Squares that is 7+7 inch 4 ply,             being offered. Evening class per week, Monday,
machine wash and dry yarn. Any style you would like.      Wednesday and Thursday or a weekly Saturday
We need all kind when making afghans for the needy        condensed 3 hours of class 9am-12 noon. To register,
in our parish. Please help by donating squares. We        call 302-563 or e-mail a
will sew them together. Donating 4ply yarn is always      Provided by Deafinitionsterp& Interpreting, LLC
appreciated. Marianne 449-0967
                                                          26th ANNUAL CATHOLIC CHARISMATIC
EAGLE SCOUT PROJECT…Daniel Hall, a                        CONFERENCE of the Diocese of Wilmington will
parishioner, will be collecting plastic bags for          take place at the Rehoboth Beach Convention Center
recycling. There are containers in the Gathering          from September 30 to October 2. This year’s theme
Space. Through this unique process the bags will be       is from Isaiah 43: “Behold, I am doing a new thing. I
turned into a bench that will be placed next to the Bl.   will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the
Pope John Paul II Garden to help with our prayer          desert.” Registration $60 until Sept. 10, $75 afterward
and reflection in the space. Thank you for your           (clergy, religious, & kids under 12 free). (302) 653-
support of this project and the on-going development      8279 or
of our Papal Garden.

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