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					                                           KUMAUN UNIVERSITY

             Programme of M.A. I (Private Candidate only) & M. A. (Final) Main Examination – 2012

Day &               Subject                                         11:00 AM to                     3:00 PM to
Date                                                                2:00 PM                         6:00 PM
Monday       1-   Drawing & Painting (Final) (Old Course) Paper-VII
16/04/2012        Studies in Modern Indian Painting
           2.     Geography (Final)                       Paper-I
                  Geographical Thought & Methodology
Friday      1-    Mathematics (Final)                                         Paper- I
20/04/2012        Linear Algebra & Complex Analysis
            2-    Statistics (Final)                                          Paper- I
                  Statistical Inference
Monday      1-    Economics (Previous)                    Paper- I
23/04/2012        Advanced Micro Economics
            2-    History (Previous)                      Paper- I
                  World History (AD 1453- 1776)
            3-    Mathematics (Previous)                  Paper- I
                  Advanced Analysis
Monday      1-    Political Science (Previous)            Paper- I
30/04/2012        Political thought
            2-    Sociology (Previous)                    Paper- I
                  Sociological Thought
            3-    English (Previous)                      Paper- I
                  Non Fictional Prose
            4-    Hindi (Previous)                        Paper- I
                  fgUnh dfork izkjEHk ls lksygoha 'krkCnh rd
            5-    Sanskrit (Previous)                     Paper- I
                  oSfnd Hkk"kk rFkk lkfgR;
            6-    Mathematics (Final)                                         Paper- II
            7-    Statistics (Final)                                          Paper- II
                  Multivariate Analysis & Sampling Theory
Wednesday 1-      English (Final)                         Paper-I
02/05/2012        English Poetry 19th Century
            2-    History (Previous and Final)            Paper- VII
                  Political and Economic History of India
            3-    Sociology (Final)                       Paper-VIII
                  Theoretical Perspective in Sociology
            4-    Psychology (Final)                      Paper-I
                  Psychology of Personality
            5-    Sanskrit (Final)                        Paper-I
             6-     Economics (Final)                               Paper-V
                    Advanced Marco Economics
             7-     Political Science (Final)                       Paper-I
                    Modern Political Theory and Analysis

             8-   Home Science (Final)                        Paper-I
                  Advanced Home Management
             9-   Mathematics (Previous)                      Paper-II
                  Differential Geometry & Modern Algebra
Friday       1-   Economics (Previous)                        Paper-II
04/05/2012        Quantitative Methods in Economics
             2-   History (Previous)
                  Historiography                              Paper-III
             3-   Sanskrit (Previous)                         Paper-II
                  O;kdj.k] Hkk"kk foKku
             4-   Hindi (Previous)                            Paper-II
                  fganh dfork % l=goha 'krkCnh
                  ls Nk;kokn iwoZ rd
             5-   English (Previous)                          Paper-II
                  English Poetry till-1798

Tuesday      1-   Political Science (Previous)                Paper-II
08/05/2012        Comparative Politics
             2-   Sociology (Previous)                        Paper-II
                  Social Research & Statistics
             3-   Geography (Final)                           Paper-II
                  World Regional Geography
             4-   Mathematics (Final)                                          Paper- III &
                  Electricity & Magnetism                                      IV(ii)
             5-   Statistics (Final)                                           Paper- III
                  Stochastic Process and Reliability Theory

Thursday     1-   Mathematics (Previous)                    Paper-III
17/05/2012        Fluid Dynamics
             2-   History (Previous)
                  a) Political and Economic History of India Paper-V
                    (600 BC-320 AD)
                  b) History of Delhi Saltanat               Paper- XII
                    (AD 1206- 1526)
             3-   Hindi (Final)                              Paper-I
                  Nk;kokn ;qxhu ,oa Nk;koknksÙkj fgUnh dfork
             4-   Economics (Final)                           Paper-VI
                  International Economics
             6.   Political Science (Final)                   Paper--II
                  International Politics
             7-   Mathematics (Final)                                          Paper-III
                  Functional Analysis                                          IV(iv)
             8-   Statistics (Final)                                           Paper-IV(a)
                  Bayarian Non Parametric inference

Saturday     1-   Sanskrit (Final)                            Paper-II
19/05/2012        ,sfrgkfld dkO; ,oa fucU/k
             2-   Geography (Final)
                  a) Urban Geography                  Or      Paper-III (i)
                  b) Political Geography              Or      Paper-III (ii)
                  c) Geomorphology                            Paper-III (v)

             3-   Psychology (Final)                        Paper-II
                  Guidance & Counseling.
             4-   Home Science (Final)                      Paper-II
                  Advanced Clothing & Textile
             5-   Sociology (Final)                         Paper-IX
                  Sociology of Development
             6-   History (Previous)
                  a) History of Mughals (AD 1526-1707)      Paper-XIII
                  b) Cultural History of Ancient India      Paper-XV

Wednesday    1-   English (Final)                           Paper-II
23/05/2012        Literary Criticism & Theory
             2-   Hindi (Final)                             Paper-II
                  fgUnh fucU/k ,oa Lekjd lkfgR;
             3-   Drawing & Painting (Final) (Old Course)   Paper-VIII
                  Philosophy of Art
             4-   Geography (Final)                         Paper-III (vi)
             5-   History (Final)                           Paper-II
                  Modern world History (1789Ad - 1945 AD)
             6-   Economics (Final)                         Paper-VII
                  Theory of Economic Growth

Saturday     1-   Economics (Previous)                       Paper-III
26/05/2012        Public Finance
             2-   Sanskrit (Previous) Hkkjrh; n'kZu          Paper-III
             3-   Hindi (Previous)                           Paper-III
                  fgUnh dFkk ,oa ukVd lkfgR;
             4.   Mathematics (Final)                                        Paper-III &
                  Theory of numbers                                              IV(v)
             5.   Mathematics (Previous)                     Paper- IV
                  Tensor calculus and Dynamics of rigid bodies
Monday       1-   History (Final)                            Paper-IV
28/05/2012        Indian National Movement and
                  Constitutional Development (1857AD-1947AD)

Wednesday    1-   Political Science (Previous)              Paper-III
30/05/2012        Public Administration
             2-   Sociology (Previous)                      Paper-III (a)
                  Rural Sociology
             3-   English (Previous)                        Paper-III
             4-   History (Previous and Final)              Paper-VIII
                  Archaeology of Uttarakhand
Thursday     1-   Geography (Final)
31/05/2012        Agriculture Geography        Or           Paper-IV(i)
                  Geography of Population      Or           Paper-IV (ii)
                  Geography of Rural           Or           Paper-IV(iii)
                  G. I. S. & Computer Mapping               Paper-IV(v)
             2-   Psychology (Final)                        Paper-III(A)
                  Psycho-Pathology             Or

                  Organizational Psychology                   Paper-III (B)
             3-   Sanskrit (Final)                            Paper-III
                  ukVd ,oa ukV~;'kkL=

Friday       1-   Political Science (Final)                   Paper-III
01/06/2012        Indian Political Thought
             2-   History (Final)                             Paper- IX
                  Cultural History of Medieval India
             3-   Economics (Final)                           Paper-VIII
                  Research Methodology & Essay
             4-   Sociology (Final)                           Paper-III (b)
                  Studies of Tribe and Weaker section.
             5-   Mathematics (Final)                                         Paper- III &
                  Mathematical Statistics                                     IV (vi)
             6-   Statistics (Final)                                          Paper-IV (c)

Monday       1-   English (Final)                             Paper-III
04/06/2012        20th Century English Literature
             2-   Hindi (Final)                  Paper-III
                  ¼d½ Hkk"kk foKku vkSj fgUnh Hkk"kk Or
                  ¼[k½ Hkk"kk foKku ,oa dqekÅ¡uh Hkk"kk
             3-   Home Science (Final)                      Paper-III
                  Human Nutrition and Diet Therapy
             4-   History (Previous)
                  Political and Economic History of India   Paper-VI
                   (320 AD- 700 AD)
             5-   History (Final)
                  History of Modern India (AD 1707- 1857) Paper- XIV

Tuesday      1-   Sanskrit (Previous)                         Paper-IV
05/06/2012        lkfgR; 'kkL=
             2-   Economics (Previous)                        Paper-IV
                  Indian Economic Development & Policy
             3-   Political Science (Previous)                Paper-IV
                  Indian Political System
             4-   Sociology (Previous)                        Paper-IV (a)
                  Urban Sociology
             5-   Sanskrit (Final)                            Paper-IV
                  dkO; 'kkL=
             6-   History (Final)                             Paper- XVI
                  Society and Culture of Modern India

Thursday     1-   Economics (Previous & Final)
07/06/2012        (a) Agricultural Economics             Or   Paper-X
                  (b) Labour Economics                   Or   Paper-XI
                  (c) Statistics                         Or   Paper-XIV
                  (d) Demography                         Or   Paper-XV
                  (e) Industrial Economics               Or   Paper-XVI
                  (g) History of Economic Analysis            Paper-XXII
             2-   English (Previous)                          Paper-IV
             3.   Hindi (Previous)                           Paper-IV
                  Hkkjrh; ,oa ik'pkR; lkfgR;'kkL= rFkk vkykspuk
             4-   Mathematics (Final)                                         Paper-III &
                  Modern Algebra                                                     IV(vii)

Saturday     1-   Political Science (Final)
09/06/2012                a) Indian Administration    Or     Paper-IV (a)
                  b) International Law                Or     Paper-IV (b)
                  c) International Organization       Or     Paper-IV (c)
                  d) India in World Affairs           Or     Paper-IV (d)
             2-   Geography (Final)                          Paper-III(vii)
                  Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing
             3-   Psychology (Final)                         Paper-IV (A)
                  Clinical Psychology.                Or
                  Human Resource Management                  Paper-IV (B)
Tuesday      1-   English (Final)                            Paper-IV
12/06/2012        Indian Literature in English
             2-   Hindi (Final)                   Paper-IV
                  ¼d½ dqekÅ¡uh lkfgR; vkSj laLÑfr Or
                  ¼[k½ fganh ds fdlh ,d lkfgR;dkj dk
                    fof'k"V v/;;u&izsepUæ            Or
                  ¼x½ fganh ds fdlh ,d lkfgR;dkj dk
                    fof'k"V v/;;u&lwjnkl       Or
                  ¼?k½ fganh ds fdlh ,d lkfgR;dkj dk
                    fof'k"V v/;;u&lqfe=kuUnu iar     Or
                  ¼M-½ mRrjk[k.M ds dFkkdkj
             3-   Sociology (Final)                          Paper- IV (b)
                  Industrial Sociology
             4-   Sanskrit (Previous)                        Paper-V
                  dkO; laLÑr lkfgR; dk bfrgkl ,oa laLÑfr
             5-   History (Previous and Final)                 Paper- XIX
                  Political and Cultural History of Uttarakhan
             6-   Mathematics (Final)                                         Paper-III
                  Relativity                                                  & IV(Viii)

Thursday     1-   Sanskrit (Final)                           Paper-V
14/06/2012        laLÑr x| dkO; ukVd ,oa pEiw dkO;
             2-   Sociology (Previous)                     Paper-V(a)
                  Gender and Society
             3-   Music (Final) (Vocal / Instrumental)     Paper-I
                  Applied Music Theory & Musical Compositions
Saturday     1-   Home Science (Final)                     Paper-IV
16/06/2012        Community Organization and
                  Home Science Extension Education
             2-   Sociology (Final) (New Course)           Paper-V (b)
                  Sociology of Environment
             3-   English (Final)                          Paper-V
                  (a) American Literature              or
                  (b) Linguistics                      or
                           (c) Indian Literature in Translation

                   4-      Hindi (Final)                                              Paper-V
                           fganh lkfgR; dk bfrgkl rFkk fucU/k ys[ku
                   5-      History ( Final)                            Paper- XXI
                           Economic History of India (1847-1947AD)
                   6-      Sociology (Final)                           Paper-VI (b)
                   7-      Sociology (Previous)                        Paper-VI (a)
                           Political Sociology
                   8-      Mathematics (Final)                                                                      Paper- III &
                           Riemannian Geometry                                                                             IV(ix)
Monday             1-      Education (Previous)                        Paper-I
18/06/2012                 Philosophical Foundations of Education
Tuesday            1-      Education (Final)                           Paper-I
19/6/2012                  Sociological Foundations of Education
Wednesday          1-      Education (Previous)                        Paper-II
20/06/2012                 Psychological Foundations of Education
                   2-      Mathematics (Final)                                                                      Paper-III
                           Special Functions & Partial Differential Equations                                       & IV (xi)
Thursday           1-      Education (Final)                           Paper-II
21/06/2012                 Teachers Education
Friday             1-      Education (Previous)                        Paper-III
22/06/2012                 Methodology of Educational Research
                           and Educational Statistics
Saturday           1-      Education (Final)                           Paper-III & IV (e)
23/06/2012                 Population Education
                   2-      Mathematics (Final)                                                                      Paper-III &
                           Operation Research                                                                        IV(xiii)
Monday             1-       Education (Final)                          Paper-III & IV (f)
25/06/2012                 Distance Education
Tuesday            1-      Education (Previous)                        Paper-IV
26/06/2012                 Comparative Education

Note:   No guarantee can be given to the candidates regarding the order of the question papers. Ex Students will also appear according to the
        above schedule and as per the syllabus prescribed for the regular students of the year 2012

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