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									Etowah County ESL Program

 Meet our EL students video
     The ESL “language”
ESL=English  as a Second Language
EL (ELL)=English Learner
HLS= Home Language Survey
ACCESS for ELLs= English proficiency
 test used by Alabama
LEP= Limited English Proficiency
FLEP=Former Limited English
    Determining EL students
Home   language survey
Prior school records
Screen using W-APT
EL committee meetings at schools
Serve students
                        Schools Served
De Anna Buhl             Amanda Foss           Holly Hubbard

Carlisle Elementary      Gaston                Duck Springs

Ivalee Elementary        Glencoe Middle        Glencoe Elementary

Sardis High              Highland              Glencoe High

West End Elementary      John S. Jones         Hokes Bluff Elementary

Whitesboro Elementary    West End Elementary   Rainbow Middle

                         West End High         Southside Elementary

                                               Southside High

LEP 1 & 2   FLEP 1 & 2

   124          83
Helping Teachers and Serving Students

Push-in and Pull-out
Training and EL student folders
                  EL Website
•Materials    for teachers
   •   English to a Beat
   •   Leap Pads
   •   Picture dictionaries
   •   Graphic novels
•Bilingual   Books
        Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives

 Met State AMAO requirements for the
          past 3 years in a row.

Goal 1- Almost half of our students must
 make a .5 gain on the ACCESS test each
Goal 2- Roughly 15% of our students must
 exit the program with a 4.8 or higher each
      UAB Master’s Program
2 year Master’s Program (Teaching English as
 a Second Language) where 10 of 13 EL
 courses are paid for by a federal grant
15 Etowah County teachers have taken
Teachers in Etowah County work together
 and meet each week to complete assignments
            EL Classrooms
Teachers who are currently enrolled or who
 have completed a master’s degree in EL are
 designated EL teachers for their grade-level.
  Opportunity to work with ELs while
   completing degree
    John S. Jones Elementary, Duck Springs
     Elementary, and West End Elementary
Goals for the program
           UAB Partnership
Partner with UAB for new cohorts
Scholarships pay for 11 of 13 courses in
Components apply for support staff and
 class AA certification
This could provide graduate degrees for
 80 to 90 teachers
      Extend EL classrooms
More   schools participating
Allows a higher level of partnership
 between EL and classroom teachers
Since push-in is more effective, this
 provides maximum results with
 limited personal
        Parental Involvement
Make  take home backpacks, which have
 books with CDs and other activities for
 parents and students to do together
Adult English language classes for parents
 of our students
Wider access to documents in home
 language to encourage parental involvement
 in school programs
  Maintain three EL teachers
 To maintain and grow, the program needs
  sufficient personnel, which allows us not only to
  meet AMAOs but ensure our students are
  prepared to succeed in life.
 EL teachers are involved in many facets of the
  students lives. We provide supplemental
  materials, contact parents, assist with special
  projects, and meet any need we can to insure
 EL Aides
    Professional Development
Professional  development for EL teachers
 is an excellent investment, as we have
 opportunities to pass on new information to
 a large number of teachers
We are creating professional development
 videos and can provide other programs
 tailored for our school system

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