Four Corners (Engage) Warm-up

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					                         Four Corners (Engage) Warm-up
         This is a pair share activity from Kagan Structures (rallyrobin)

    1. Teacher picks 4 different animals; for example, eagle, snake, bear, shark.
    2. Write the name of the animals and post in four corners of the room.
    3. Create a warm up (we have provided at the bottom possible warm up questions to use for
       this activity). If you don’t want to make copies possibly have students write questions
       and answers in their journal. Student needs to choose one of the four animals that he or
       she relates to the most and answer questions. Make sure this is done before sending
       students to corners for better class management.
    4. Once in the corners the students will be using a pair share strategy. To summarize
       briefly, students need to find a partner. She/he needs to raise their hand, high five, and
       introduce himself. Students share what they wrote. To make this work well students
       should have a certain amount of time or equal turns to share. Also make sure students
       have chosen their animals and written their responses before walking to the corners. If
       you have an odd number you can jump in or have a group of three. You may want the
       students to switch partners after each question. Simply by having students raise their
       hands (no bent elbows, straight in the air so it is easily seen) and giving a high to the first
       person he or she makes eye contact with. The students must also stay in their corners;
       no wandering around the room after each question. The purpose of introducing
       themselves is so they can build social skills.

These are possible questions: This is supposed to be easy enough for low level learners or all to
participate without too much prior knowledge.

    1. What does your animal eat, and how does it catch/kill its prey?

    2. How does your animal defend itself?

    3. How does your animal communicate with its own species; what about with other species?
       (Not only verbal; ex. Dogs urinate to mark territory)

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