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   Generalities of the Study

      Literature Review

       Research Frameworks

      Research Methodologies

   Data Analysis & Findings

Recommendation & Conclusion
                          Generalities of the Study


    The technological revelation & the massive use of internet &
     information is a common practice in the developed countries.
     Developing nations are still far behind from using their own
    In this regard, Bangladesh govt. takes a big step to advance IT
     knowledge with domestically made cheap laptop.
    Right now, Doel laptop is available in the market from the 2011 with
     price around 12000tk or $180.
    The state owned telecommunications firm Telephone Shilpa Sangstha
     (TSS) is making 4 types of laptops.
    Total production of Doel laptop is 12000.

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                    Types of service


 General                  Specific
objective                 objective
                   Types of service

                      General objective

 A study will be conducted to determine the reasons behind the
  poor response of the local branded laptops (like Doel) compared
  to foreign branded laptops (like Dell, Asus, Toshiba, and Apple
  etc) in the Bangladesh market.
                   Types of service

                     Specific objective
 To determine the competitive advantages those are enjoying
  the foreign branded laptops over the local brands.
 To determine the relationship between the price & quality of
  local and foreign branded laptops & how it leverage marker
 To identify how the demographic factors influencing the
  customer decision making process in time of buying a laptop.
 To find out the marketing strategy & distribution strategies &
  how these helps the foreign brands over the local brand to
  have a good market response.
                Significant of the study

 A clear idea of advertising and the selling strategies how
  influence the market will also come out in this study.
 Contribution to GDP
 Though the price is lower, still not getting good market
  response ( shown in analysis part)
                 Advantages for Students

                  Theoretical Background

Problem Recognition      Stages of      Purchase decision
Information search                         Purchase
                       Buying Process
   Evaluation                           Post-Purchase Evaluation

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                                    Research Frameworks

                  Related Literature Review
 This section reviews past studies on various factors, such as price, quality, brand,
  product information, demographic variables and interpersonal influence that
  might influence consumers‟ purchase decision and how these factors affects the
  social group in time making purchasing decision.
                              Literature Review

Porter five forces analysis
                                        Threat of
                                        substitute                Bargaining
                                        products                   power of

           Threat of                The Five (5) Forces
           New Entry

                                                      power of
                     Intensity of
                                  Research Frameworks

                      Theoretical framework

 The research will conducted to find out the poor market response of the local brand
  laptop over the foreign brand.
 . The study will be conducted covering the Dhaka IDB area which is the largest
  computer city in Bangladesh and some other areas like Banani, Uttara.
 The study is conducted for one month
 Different level of customers like students, professionals and household people are
  involved in our study
 Data is collected through survey. Most of data has been collected from primary
  sources. Some data for the study has been collected from different related websites
  and other secondary source like newspaper, magazine, books, journals, class notes
                          Research Frameworks

             Orientation of the variables

 Independent Variable (IV): The number of samples & the
  group of those samples who are the principle respondent of the
  research. The ranking set for the each question.
 Dependent Variable (DV): The question set for the
  information collect is correlated with each other. Cross
  sectional information interpretation depends on each other.
 Moderator Variable: The respondent social group, income
  level & the personality can create biasness in the response.
  This biasness can drive the research goal in a alter direction.
                    Research Methodologies

        Respondent & Sampling Procedure

 The sample size of the study is 150.
 The total population of the study is 500.
 The major respondents of the study are students &
  professionals and different seller of laptops.
Sampling Technique:
 non-probability quota sampling technique

                   Data Collection Procedure:

   The survey was based on the primary data collected through the questioner.
   A few interviews were also taken on spot
  Reason from choosing the survey method:
   A questioner is usually simple to administrate
   Since, the questions are usually limited to stated alternatives, the data
    obtained are reliable.
   The answers collected by a questionnaire are conductive to coding, analysis
    and interpretation.

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                                 Data Analysis & Findings

  Statistical treatment of Data:
   Hypothesis No: 1
   Null Hypothesis: Pricing strategy is believed to have no impact on consumer buying
   Alternative Hypothesis: Pricing strategy is believed to have a positive impact on consumer
    buying decision

      Here the analysis shows customer taking
      the decision in time of buying a laptop
      55% based on the quality. Only 17% go
      for the price. So it’s give a clear idea
      that customer are more concern about
      the product quality rather than the price
                           Data Analysis & Findings

   Hypothesis No: 2
   Null Hypothesis: Social group influence has no impact on individual
    person decision making process.
   Alternative Hypothesis: Social group influence a positive impact on
    individual person decision making process.

     Here the customer survey analysis
     shows in time of buying a laptop
     customer get to know about it 40%
     from their family & friends, only
     14%      from     the    Television
     Advertisement, 24% from the
     newspaper & 22% from other
     source. It shows the weakness of
     marketing mix of the companies.
                           Data Analysis & Findings

   Hypothesis No: 3
   Null Hypothesis: Product performance has no affect on customer brand
   Alternative Hypothesis: Product performance has an effect on customer
    brand loyalty.

   Here 31% of the customer says that
   they are somewhat moderately
   happy with the product performance.
   19% says it’s excellent & 27% says
   it’s good. This shows the brand
   loyalty of the customer to the brand.
                           Data Analysis & Findings

   Hypothesis No: 4
   Null Hypothesis: Product quality has no impact in switching brand.
   Alternative Hypothesis: Product quality has a positive impact in switching

      It shows that 43% people
      switch to new brand and 57%
      do not switch because of
      quality of the laptops.
                          Data Analysis & Findings

  Here 43% of the customers switch
   to new brand laptop. According to
   their opinion 44% of them switch to
   new brand for the quality. A large
   potation of them switches to the new
   brand for the quality purpose. It
   shows customers are deeply
   conscious about the quality in time
   of purchasing a laptop.
                            Data Analysis & Findings

 The Doel laptop is not available in the market
 People are confused about the feature & quality of the Doel laptop. So in time of
  taking buying decision they are going for the foreign laptop as more information is
  available of those brands.
 Foreign brand laptops have the after sell service which drive customer most.
 The laptops (Doel) were produce only in a few numbers with the help of chine’s
  technology. The bad rumors of chine’s product reduce the demand of the product.
 All the laptops are using by the customer are foreign branded.
 The marking & advertising of the foreign brand laptop are often in the marketing
  medium but there is marketing & advertising for the local brand laptops.
 The production of local brand laptop is not enough in respect to demand pattern.
 Most of user of the laptop are using rate is in-between 1-2 year & they are
  moderately satisfy with the product performance.

               Competitiveness of Price

  Making              Branding
 Effective            Government
                                          Features of
Distribution                               Cement
 Channel              More CSR

                Promotional Strategy

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   So as technological advancement has enabled people to expand their
    knowledge as well as contribute to economy by buying different kind of
    laptops and as citizen of Bangladesh we should buy more local barded
    laptops and govt. should take some steps to improve the quality and
    increase the sales through attractive promotional activities and greater
    customer loyalty.
   it has been found that there are no local branded Doel laptop user among
    our respondents and the main reasons for that is insufficient production
   Another reason is poor quality of the laptops and lack of after sell service
   The promotional activities of foreign branded laptops are stronger than
    local branded laptops and customer responds more in that.
   Telephone Shilpa Sangstha (TSS) needs to take strategic strategy to
    improve the quality of Doel laptops

Limitation of the study

                                 Time constrain
                                                   Confidentiality of

                  The number
                   of sample
                                                     of some
                           Difference of
                            methods in

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