Name: Zeeshan Ali Rana by 29z84v


									Name: Zeeshan Ali Rana


Cell Number: 03004239327

Currently Workin On: Software Quality Prediction

Abstract of current work:
Software quality prediction has been an area of interest for last few
decades. The motive of quality prediction has been to identify the
risk prone areas and modules in software and mitigate those risks at
early stages. This early mitigation of risks will help reduce software
development cost and eventually improve the software quality. Various
studies have been done for quality prediction in earlier phases, later
phases and quality prediction based on previous data. Many models and
techniques have been proposed and applied to predict software quality.
Each of these techniques has its own distinctive feature and it may
not give correct prediction of quality for a scenario different from
the one for which the techniques was designed. It is known that there
is need of a generic model which takes software as input and tells the
expected quality of the software. We are working on designing a novel
approach which takes metrics collected by the time design phase is
complete and identifies the paradigm used to develop the software and
calculates the desired and actual quality value of that software.

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