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									[Please print on UTAR official letterhead]

[Type name of In-Site Supervisor here]
In-Site Supervisor
Faculty of Arts and Social Science
Tel: 05-468 8888 ext. [type In-Site Supervisor’s office extension number here]
Email: [Type In-Site Supervisor’s email address here]

[Type the date of here]

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On-Site Supervisor
[Company Name]
[Company Address]
[Company Contact/Fax Number]

Dear Sir/Madam,


We are pleased to confirm that the following student will be undergoing Industrial Training in your
esteemed organization:

        Student Name:             ________________________

        Student I/C Number:       ________________________

        Student’s Programme:      Bachelor of [Type student’s programme of study here]

        Duration:                 ___/___/20___ to ___/___/20___

2. We hope that your company and our student will benefit greatly from this experience of learning and
application of tertiary education knowledge in a corporate environment.

3. Please refer to Appendix A for information on the objectives of the training, important documents,
visitation, extension of training and related websites.

If you have any queries, please contact the undersigned.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

[In-Site Supervisor sign here]
1. Roles & Responsibilities of Students Supervisors at the Workplace (On-Site Supervisor)
       To provide opportunities for interns to apply the knowledge & skills acquired in the University
       To provide guidance in helping interns to perform individual or group tasks.
       To assess and encourage improvements intern behaviour throughout the duration of the training.
       To provide a final assessment of students performance at the end of the training.

2. Supervisors are advised to collect the following documents from the intern when he/she report
for first day of work:
        2 Indemnity Letters – One signed by parent/guardian, one signed by the intern.
        On-Site Supervisor Evaluation Form – To be filled by supervisor after at least 10 weeks of
         training. The original copy (signed and stamped) needs to be handed directly to the University
         staff, not through the intern.

3. Academic Staff Visitation
      The On-Site Supervisor is to expect a visit from a UTAR academic staff during the course of
      The On-Site Supervisor will be contacted by the academic staff to make an appointment.
      The On-Site Supervisor is encouraged to submit the completed On-Site Supervisor Evaluation
       Form to the faculty staff during the visitation. Alternatively, the document can be couriered to In-
       Site Supervisor not later than ONE WEEK after the internship.

4. Extension of Industrial Training: Companies who wished to extend the duration of Industrial
Training may do so with the following conditions:
       The decision to extend the duration of training beyond the official dates stated above is at the
        discretion of the student intern. The university is not responsible or involved in this agreement.
       The intern is advised to notify parents/guardians about the extended dates.
       The university’s Group Insurance coverage DOES NOT cover the extended period of training. As
        such, the Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman is NOT LIABLE for any misfortunes that might
        happen during the extended period of training. The interns is advised to buy an insurance policy
        to cover him/herself during the extended period.
       The intern is required to attend an Oral Presentation as a part of the course evaluation scheduled
        after the internship. Attendance is COMPULSORY. The intern is advised to apply for leave from
        the company to present their final Industrial Training Report.

5. For more information, please refer to the following website:
       UTAR Faculty of Arts and Social Science (FAS) official website: > Academic > Faculty of Arts and Social Science (Perak Campus) >
        Programmes > Industrial Attachment Manual


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