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Now, let’s get down…

PayPal is by far the most popular payment method on the internet (over 210
million accounts) and used in over 190 countries by over 100,000 online
merchants, according to PayPal.

But the sad news is….

PayPal does not accept Nigerians! Hence if you go to PayPal website at, you won’t see Nigeria there.
The reason is simple…

Scam… Fraud… Cheat… name them…

But, is Nigeria more corrupt than some of the countries allowed by PayPal?

The likes of Singapore, Malaysia, Niger, SA etc are all there….

That’s why I doubt it when people say Nigeria is not included in PayPal list
because of fraud.

Of course ….

They know their reasons. It’s their oil company, so they can do what ever they like
with it.

But all hope is not lost as there is now a NEW REAL WAY anyone can own a duly
verified USA PayPal account in 48 hours or less.
And in case you’re thinking this is one of the bogus claims floating around the
internet, you can CLICK HERE to see screenshots of the PayPal account of some
people who are enjoying this service already.

But before you even consider opening a PayPal, you will sure meet the rock half
way if you don’t acquaint yourself with some tips and tricks about owning and
successfully operating a PayPal account from Nigeria.

Here we go…

One basic fact is that if you don't have the needed information about running and
operating a PayPal account from Nigeria, you'll be wasting your time trying to do
anything with PayPal.

Now let's consider some conditions:

    They tell you that all you need to open a PayPal account is to change your IP
and you can access it safely... Did they tell you that PayPal has a way of 'catching'
you via your browser cookies and cache? Even when you successfully change your
IP and access your account, these guys never told you that you are only using a
shared IP which will invariably lead to your account been limited the next minute.

     They tell you to rush to some sites and buy a virtual credit card, and then use
it to hurriedly verify your PayPal in 60 seconds... Did they tell you that PayPal
knows the difference between physical cards and virtual credit cards?

   Did the so called 'PayPal gurus' teach you that there are safe times to access
your PayPal account? Did they tell you that the only time you must login to your
PayPal should be ONLY when you want to withdraw?

   I have never heard anyone mention in their PayPal account opening jingle that
there are certain times best for logging into PayPal account. I guess they don’t
know of anything like this?
    Can you imagine that recently a Nigerian internet marketer friend lost more
than $1,800 to PayPal just because one of these so called 'PayPal gurus' opened a
PayPal account for him and asked him to access his account with The worst side of the story is that this guy paid
over N50,000 for this service. If you doubt me, search the internet for "Open
Verified PayPal account In Nigeria" and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

The truth is that if you rush into anything that has to do with PayPal opening and
management without equipping yourself with the basic information needed to
safely operate a PayPal account, you must meet the rock half way. And if you're
not lucky, you loose your money like my friend and cry! I guess you don't want
such thing to happen to you at all and I don't too; hence I've come with a lasting
solution that will finally nail PayPal problems like never before.

It’s high time we close our ears to these hyped claims about PayPal account
opening in Nigeria and go for something that works. Something that has proofs
something more than 87 testers have confirmed and testify about it. Something
that is devoid of the usual PayPal jargons.

All these individuals testifying HERE can not be wrong at the same time.

Just go there and see REAL LIFE testimonies yourself.

You’ll not only see it, but grab the chance to be a proud owner of a USA verified
PayPal account.

See you there;



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