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 Clinic: Family Practice WHITE(FBCH)                                                      MEPRS CODE: BGAA-8
OIC            MAJ Joseph Yancey
Head Nurse Mrs Millner
NCOIC:         Tsgt Cunningham
Team Nurse: Ms. Cheryl Bland
Triage:        Mrs. Robertson-Lang
Ob Coordina Ms. Nancy League            (571) 231-1861
Admin:         Ms. Anna Galloway        (571) -231- 1803                                  Fax: (571) 231- 1835
POC:           Judith Carr              (571) 231- 1958
Physicians                         Nurse Practitioners                     Physician Assistants
MAJ Joseph Yancey USA              N.P. Rebecca Smith                      P.A. Nyaint Connolly
Dr. Robert Manaker
 Dr. Anja Landis(leaving 6/12)
CPT Jeanmarie Rey USAF (leaving
CPT Annalisse Germain USA
CPT Colin Linthicum USA
CPT Gina Dattoli USAF
CPT Vincent Casiano USA
CPT Donald Chaffee USA
CPT Brad Havins USA

Hours:         0630-0745 Monday-Friday Active Duty Sick Call-(For patients assigned to the Fam Med Clinic
               0800-2000 Monday-Friday
               0700-1400 Saturday & Training Holiday
               Closed Sundays and Holidays
Clinic Goal:   Provide outstanding medical treatment and care to every active duty soldier and their dependents
               enrolled to this clinic.
Eligibility:   Active Duty, Prime or Plus assigned to this clinic. NATO/NON-NATO beneficiaries or military
               dependents and Active Duty who are here TDY. Other patients not assigned to this clinic cannot be
               seen.uty Patients whom are TDY to Ft. Belvoir.
               No patients under the age of 2 months should be scheduled with the PA. or N.P.
Military       Military physicals required for pre/post deployment; ETS physicals, chapter physicals and retirement
Physicals      physicals for Active Duty personnel are done at the Medical Readiness Clinic; located in the River
               Pavilion on the 1st floor. Patients should call 571-231-1019 between 0630-1500 (3pm).
Over Sea’s     Overseas screenings for active duty army are done at the Medical Readiness Clinic 571-231-1019
Screenings     Overseas screenings for all active duty dependent assigned to the FBCH are done at the Pediatric
               Clinic 571-231-1015 . Air force dependents can have their screenings done at Bolling or Andrews
               Airforce Base, if not able to get it completed at FBCH.
               EFMP screening is initiated by the EFMP coordinator who is located in the Pediatric Department at
EFMP           the FBCH. Mon- Fri from 0800-1200.(walk-in)
Screenings     The patient must start there, the coordinator will give them instructions. If they have their paper
               work and need an appointment with their pcm, they will need to be booked in a well slot. The EFMP
               packet contains a lot of forms that need to be completed.
               Ladies who are pregnant should never be booked with a N.P. or a P.A.; They are not authorized to see
Pregnant       pregnant woman, even if the patient is assigned to them.
Surgery        If a patient had surgery and are having complications, or need a follow up from their surgery, they
               are to contact the place where they had their surgery or follow the discharge instructions they were
               given. Whenever a patient has surgery, either at a Military or Civilian Hospital, they are always given
               discharge instructions. Do Not book them in the clinic.
Urgent Care    The triage nurse will determine if a patient can be sent to urgent care or not. If you do not have any
Family Medicine Clinic Fort Belvoir Community Hospital
Updated 04/27/2012
Referrals  opac appointments available for the day, please send a t-con to the triage nurse. Under no
           circumstance should you tell a patient to go to urgent care. Active duty service members are not
           authorized to go to urgent care.
IRMAC Can Book:
 Appt Type Detail Code             Instructions/Description
 OPAC         BPAPS WEA               Appointments are released at 1500 the day prior. These appointments are for
                                      patients with acute problems (non-emergency) who are assigned to this clinic.
                                      Acute issues are sore throat, fever. cold, flu, pulled muscle, sprain, back pain,
                                      allergy symptoms, insect bite, migraine, std, vaginal discharge/itching, rash,
                                      cough, ear ache, eye irritation, vomiting, diarrhea, etc
                                           The following issues should be sent to the closest Emergency Room:
                                           Chest Pains, Bleeding, Feel like I am going to pass out, Shortness of breath,
                                           Loss of sight, Eye injury, Can’t move, Allergic reaction, Head Injury,
                                           Seizures, Dizziness & Vomiting, Trauma (Fall, Car Accident, Shot, etc…),
                                           Sexual Assault, Physical Abuse, Fever 103 or higher. Animal bite.
                                      *DO NOT BOOK FEMALES WITH ABDOMINAL PAIN IN NIGHT
 EST          BPAPS WEA               Released 6 weeks out.EST are visits for patients assigned to this clinic who
                                      need to be seen to follow up on an prior issue or has a new one. These
                                      appointments are not for adult physicals/check ups. They can be used for
                                      physicals for children ages 2w-17 years except during school physical season.

 EST          BPPR 2W-15 WEA          Routine/well appointment for children ages 2weeks- 15 years
 WELL         BPAPS, , PE              Physicals for patients over the age of 17, Pap, Post-partum & Well-woman
              WEA 18-100              appointments can be booked in these appointments also for patients assigned to
                                      this clinic. 6 week Post-partum slots should not be scheduled with PA or NP.
                                      Pre-op physicals for surgical clearance if patient is not being treated at an MTF.
                                      Pre-Op physicals for surgical clearance for patients having surgery at Fort
                                      Belvoir Community Hospital are scheduled at TBD.

 WELL         BPPR, WB, 2W-24M
              WEA                      Appointments are released 6 weeks out. Patients assigned to the
                                       clinic between the ages of 2 weeks to 24 months, for well baby
                                       check up.
 WELL         BPPR 2w- 15 WEA
                                       Patients assigned to the clinic ages 2w-15 years

 WELL         BPPR                   !!!DURING SCHOOL PHYSICAL SEASON ONLY (15 MAY-15 SEPT)!!!
              3-17                   School, camp, sport, daycare, scouting, & youth services physicals. The exam will
              SCH                     be completed in one visit, and will be broken into 2 phases while you are here.
                                      Your first phase will be the nurse visit- during this time the nurse will screen your
                                      child and assist in completing all of the paperwork required for your exam. The
                                      2nd phase will be the appointment with your provider to complete the visit. If
                                      needed, your child may also have to go to the immunization clinic to receive any
                                      vaccinations required for the physical. Please be prepared to be at the clinic for 1
                                      to 2 hours to complete the paperwork, physical exam, and possibly
                                      immunizations. You must bring the following items to the appointment:
                                         Your child, Child’s military ID, Glasses or contacts if applicable,
                                         Immunization/shot records (VERY IMPORTANT All required forms-with
                                         parent portions completed. (VA State School Entrance form; Athletic

Family Medicine Clinic Fort Belvoir Community Hospital
Updated 04/27/2012
                                            Participation Form; College, Camp, CYS or Preschool Forms; Medication
                                            and/or Inhaler Authorization Forms), Children 17 years old or younger must
                                            have parent/guardian with them.
 WELL          BPAPS, PAP, FE,          Appointments for woman who need a routine pap smear. Other adult
               WEA                       physicals cannot be booked in these slots, these are shorter appointment
 EST           BPAD                     These appointments are for Active Duty Service members who are required
               18-39                     to get a PHA. They should be booked when available with their pcm, if not
               35-64                     they can be booked with another provider on the team. These are not
               PHA                       physical appointments. The appointment should be booked at least 2 weeks
                                         from the day of the call. After you book the appointment, send a t-con to the
                                         team nurse so she can enter the lab orders in the system for the patients.
                                         Please inform patients to complete part 1 of the PHA before they arrive at the
                                         clinic for their appointment. For Part 1, patients should be instructed to go
                                         to the FBCH website ( and find the link to the PHA
                                         page. The patient should then follow all instructions listed. If part one is not
                                         complete, they will be required to reschedule. Cross booking between other
                                         Family Practice Medical Home Teams is allowed for PHAs.
Do Not Book:
 Appt Type Detail Code              Instructions/Description
 WELL          PBO/OB             Booked by OB Coordinator
 EST           PBO/ OB            Booked by clinic for follow up ob patients.
 PROC          BPAPS/PBO          Procedures are booked by the clinic procedure coordinator. Patients who need a Colpo,
                                  IUD Implantation, IUD removal, wart removal, skin tags removed, cyst removed,
                                  back manipulation etc. They must be referred by a provider in the clinic...
                                  Patients can contact the procedure coordinator at 571-231-1899. There can/may be a
                                  2-3 month wait for certain procedures.
 PROC        BPAPS/               Vasectomies are booked by the clinic only; have the patient call the procedure
             BPO/VAS              coordinator at 571-231-1899. There can/may be a 2-3 month wait due to availability
                                  and demand. Patients DO NOT need a referral,
Information Regarding The Clinic:
 EST/Follow Up:     **Patient should follow-up with their PCM. If their PCM is not available, you may schedule with
                    the next available provider on their team... If there is nothing available in the 6 week window for an
                    EST or Well with anyone on the team you should send at-con to the team admin asst. Please inform
                    the patient it may take up to 5 working days for her to return the call. (DO NOT SEND
                    REQUEST FOR ACUTE ISSUES; they go to the triage nurse.
 T-CON              T-con’s should be left with the PCM’s team nurse. The team nurse and providers have 72 working
                    hours to return phone calls. PLEASE NO TRIAGE ISSUES TO THESE NURSES.
                    If the patient needs a prescription refill or a referral you should send the t-con to the team
                    Triage issues go to the triage nurse-(patient is ill and no appts available today, patients needs
                    advice on home care.
 Walk-ins           Blood Pressure Check          NO WALK-INS AFTER 1900(7PM)
                    Pregnancy testing.
                    B12 / DEPO Injections
                    Suture/staple removal

                       Patients who think they are pregnant may walk-in to family practice for a blood pregnancy
                       test. After the results are in they will be contacted by the ob coordinator if the results are
                       positive. They can call her directly if they have a positive home pregnancy test or you can send
                       her a T-con. Ob coordinator phone number is 571-231-1861

Family Medicine Clinic Fort Belvoir Community Hospital
Updated 04/27/2012
 Age Range:             All ages ( restrictions apply based on providers credentialing)

 No Appointment          Category                OPAC                  /EST                         WELL
 Available:              All Assigned            T-Con triage nurse. . If nothing available         If nothing available within
                                                                       within 6 weeks, book         28 days book with another
                                                                       with another pcm on          pcm on team. If nothing
                                                                       team. If nothing             available with another
                                                                       available with another       provider; contact admin
                                                                       provider; SEND A T-          Person for clinic.
                                                                       CON to the admin
                                                                       Person for this
                                                                       particular team

                         Not Assigned            N/A                     N/A                        N/A
 Questions From         T-con to team nurse
 The Patients:

Patient Instructions:
      Arrive 20 minutes early. If patients are10 minutes late or more, they may need to be
          rescheduled or wait to be seen at the end of the providers clinic. It will be determined by
          the provider they are scheduled with.
      Bring ID Card, 3RD Party Registration/Verification Card
      Patients requesting procedure appointments should contact the procedure coordinator at
      Only children with appointments should be present.
      May- September we have clinics specifically for school, camp and sports physicals


           -Are sent to the team nurse (Ms. Nancy League) if a the patient needs:

             o    Prescription refill
             o    Paper work completed
             o    Referral updated in the system
             o    Lab/ rad test results
             o    Non urgent issues

       -Triages are sent to the triage nurses (Mrs Robertson-Lang) for urgent issues:

       Patient needs a same day appointment and nothing is available (for acute issues
only, not physicals, well baby appointments or follow ups)

         Patient needs medical advice.

                             -Agents need to ensure they are:
Family Medicine Clinic Fort Belvoir Community Hospital
Updated 04/27/2012
         sending the t-con/ triage for the correct patient

         putting the correct reason on the message/triage

        not adding other patients to another patients correspondence



What is a Triage and who gets it: A triage is a message sent to the triage nurse for a patient who has a
medical problem and needs care within 24 hours or needs advice what they can do at home to try and
resolve a medical problem. Your triage nurses are Mrs. Heyrana for the Gold, Silver and Green teams.
 Mrs Robertson-Lang for the Red, White and Blue Teams. Do not tell patients they will receive a call back
within 2 hours. It may take longer for the nurse to get back to them or a shorter period of time. It
depends on how many calls they have ahead of that patient.
         Reason to send a triage:
         1. Patient needs a same day appointment and there is nothing available- the nurse can do a
             referral and send them to an urgent care clinic; but not the active duty soldier they cannot
             be treated by a civilian provider.
         2. Patient needs advice on how to treat a medical problem at home and does not want to
             come in to be seen.
What is a T-con and who gets it: A t-con is a message sent on behalf of the patient that is not an urgent
issue. The t-con is sent to the team nurse assigned to the patient’s team. Each team has their own nurse,
check your protocols to see which nurse has what team. All t-cons should be sent to the nurse and will
be forwarded to the provider if necessary
         Reasons to send a t-con:
         1. Patient needs a prescription renewed:
         2. Patient would like lab/radiology results
         3. Patient needs a referral or needs referral updated
         4. Patient has a general question
         5. Patient would like a call from the nurse/pcm
* If a patient calls for a med renewal and is completely out of their meds, send the t-con as urgent to the
nurse. She can make the decision if the patient must have it that day.

What is not a triage or t-con:
       1.       Surgery Patient- patient had surgery and is having complications or has questions in
           reference to the surgery- they need to call back to where they had their surgery. We do not
           have surgeons in this clinic and it’s a waste of your time and the patient to send that
           message to the clinic. Patients are given discharge instructions and it tells them exactly what
           to do.

        2. Behavioral (Mental) Health Referral- patient who is in crisis and needs mental help right
           away do not have to have a referral. The behavioral health clinic is self referral. They can go

Family Medicine Clinic Fort Belvoir Community Hospital
Updated 04/27/2012
          or call the clinic and the clinic will evaluate them. They can also go through Army One
          Source if they are Army, once again they do not need a referral.

      3. Patient assigned to another clinic or facility: the nurses in this clinic take care of patients
         assigned to the Family Medicine Clinic only. Check in CHCS to ensure the patients belong to
         this clinic. If they do not you should send a triage/ t-con to the point of contact at their

      4. How to take a triage/ t-con for the nurse:
            1. Check in CHCS first to verify the clinic the patient is assigned to and who is their pcm
                    a. It will have in Place Of Care: Family Practice (a color) FB FBCH
            2. Pull the patient up in AHLTA, you must use the patient the triage/t-con is for
            3. There is only one patient per triage/t-con
            4. Select the correct nurse that you are sending the triage/t-con to.
            5. Select the correct clinic the patient is assigned to (green, gold etc)
            6. For triages enter the following information:
                    a. Symptoms patient is having, how long they have been having the symptoms
                    b. Ask the patient for a good contact number, don’t assume the phone number
                         in the system is correct.
            7. For t-cons enter the following information:
                    a. Prescription Renewal
                               i. The name of the medications the person is requesting
                              ii. The strength of the medication
                             iii. How often the medication is taken
                             iv. The quantity they receive and number of refills if any
                    b. Referral Request
                               i. Name of specialty clinic patient needs referral for (ex: ortho, endo
                              ii. Is it a new referral or a renewal of a referral
                             iii. Reason for the referral
                    c. Test Results
                               i. Date test was taken (if patient doesn’t know exact date its okay)
                              ii. Type of test ( blood, xray, mammogram etc)

              8. Remember these t-cons and triages you send become part of the patient’s
                 electronic medical record. It is imperative that you enter the information correctly
                 and get the message to the correct individual.

Family Medicine Clinic Fort Belvoir Community Hospital
Updated 04/27/2012

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