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Health Insurance Kentucky for Recent Graduates – Tips to Stay Secure

If you are a new college graduate in Kentucky, there is no reason why you should go without
health insurance till you find a job. Affordable Kentucky individual health insurance plans
are available!

New surveys of recent graduates show that most are apprehensive about their job prospects.
A majority feel that they may not find a job, and many are worried that they may not get em-
ployment in their chosen field. In fact, many are looking at a prolonged wait for financial in-
dependence. Uncertainty about the fate of health reform is another major concern among
these young people. However, even with all these doubts in the air, going without coverage is
not advisable. Affordable individual health insurance in Kentucky is available. If you are a
recent Kentucky college graduate, going by the following tips can help you stay covered.

   ·   Health reform law now allows children to stay on a parent’s health insurance plan un-
       til age 26. If you are healthy, it may not cost much to keep you on your parent’s plan.
       You can even contribute a share of the premium if you manage to find a job – while
       you wait for employer coverage to begin.
   ·   Short-term health insurance is a good option. Low-cost, high-deductible, short-term
       plans offer coverage from 30 days to a year. Though they do not cover pre-existing
       conditions or preventive care, you would get coverage for a sudden or unexpected
   ·   If you are uninsured for six months or longer, you may be eligible for coverage in the
       state’s high-risk pool. The pool is meant to bridge the gap till a health insurance ex-
       change is established in 2014.

In a recent survey, most recent graduates reported that their first employer did not provide
them with a health insurance plan. If this is the case, you should definitely check out the af-
fordable Kentucky individual health insurance plans that leading health insurance companies

Be Aware

It helps a lot to be educated about Kentucky health insurance and any recent happenings and
how they will affect you.

   ·   Remember that, by 2014, you may be required to purchase health insurance on your
       own through a health exchange.
   ·   Budget for health insurance – you should not go without it. You should be aware
       about the various items that count towards the cost of your policy.
   ·   Look into whether it is cheaper for you to purchase a Kentucky individual health in-
       surance policy of your own, or to stay on your parent’s plan.
   ·   Educate yourself to understand health insurance terms.

In order to make the best decision for you, get professional guidance on all of the above from
an experienced, licensed Kentucky health insurance broker who can find affordable cover-
age for you.                   Toll Free Number: 877-549-1212

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