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					                                  ASMC Full Board
                                   Retreat Jan 30th
                                Cowell Conference Room

I. Roll Call (1 min)
     A. ASMC Members ( 10:16 a.m.)
        i.      Ashley Grant – Co-President
        ii.     Amber Williams – Co-President
        iii.    Jessica Brennan – Vice-President & Diversity Chair
        iv.     Marjan Soleimanieh – Academic co-chair
        v.      Rebecca Williams – Judicial Chair
        vi.     Aya Fawakhiri – Internal Affairs Chair
        vii.    Kelly McCoid - Public Relations Chair
        viii. Michelle Arauz – Accountant
        ix.     Amelia Lopez – Historian
        x.      Emily Meike – APER Senator (absent/ came to second half)
        xi.     Jodessa Lanzaderas – Ege Senator (absent)
        xii.    Emelie Whiting – Ethel Moore Senator
        xiii. Ciera Cummings – Health Senator
        xiv. Modesta Tamayo – Letters Senator
        xv.     Yolanda Tasso – Mary Atkins Senator
        xvi. Zainab Shabbir – Mary Morse Senator
        xvii. Rebecca Freeman– Orchard Meadow Senator
        xviii. Divinia Anderson – Senator At-Large (absent)
        xix. Ari Nelson – Senator At-Large
        xx.     Mariah Olivera – Senator At-Large (absent)
        xxi. Jaia Orient – Social Science Senator
        xxii. Meaghan Leferink – Sustainability Senator (absent)
        xxiii. Amandla Atilano – Class of 2011 Historian (absent)
        xxiv. Kalisi Kupu – Class of 2012 Historian
        xxv. Alexis Savage – Class of 2013 Historian (absent)
        xxvi. Courtney Young-Law – ASMC advisor
        xxvii. Angela Kramer
II. Gather welcome- Activity: name, position, what you admire most (10:17 am)
III. Approval of Agenda ( min)
     A. Agenda Approval (.m.)
IV. Approval of Minutes ( min)
     A. Minute approval ( p.m.)
        i. Motions stands approved.
V. Goals for the semester
     A. Circles- transparency, the students to know who we are and what we do. More
        events on campus, special funding, announcements, leadership, senators more
        active, transitioning, make exec board report, Roberts rules, tasks: assign a
        person/date, AC Transit, retention rate,
             a. graduate students- December 5th retreat- after AC Transit and other
            b. for Student Activities- shaped their work (i.e. weekend events), investing in
               women’s leadership (UCB leadership symposium, Mills- women’s leadership
               seminar- feb 12/19)
            c. student retention
            d. advertisement/ events
               (a) new ways of advertisement
                   (i) students news- tabs, rather than numbers and scroll down, separate-
                        books, events, graduate/under
                   (ii) calendar at post office wall
                   (iii) first # will get free item
            e. Friday feb 26- tea shop performer
            f. Athletic events, photos of events
       ii. Use ASMC Funding
    B. AC Transit
       i. Survey for AC Transit, link through account
            a. Tabling for three days next two weeks 11:30-1p - feb 3rd, 10, 11
            b. Goals of AC Transit
               (a) Survey/ Vote
               (b) Introduce board of trustees
       ii. ASMC is going to be voting, on behalf of the student body- talk to people/ survey
       iii. Will be on Monday- start talking
       iv. Inform students- by way of student notice after the vote, Ashley drafts yes and
            no emails by February 1st
       v. Kelly put up sign in teashop by first tabling
       vi. Be prepared for opposition
VI. Special funding committee
    A. Handout- will decide on how to move forward with finance committee this spring
       i. 3 options- meet on Mondays
       ii. Meet at 6:30, work on paperwork, and review Special funding applications
       iii. Open discussion for 10 mins
            a. Have small group to make special funding is complete
            b. How will rest of board know what is going to happen
               (a) Committee report backs, emails
               (b) Still constitutional process, can be changed
               (c) Judicial committee works with financial- jia, modesta, Yolanda (cannot
                   meet at 6p)
       iv. Vote
            a. Option1- will go over paperwork- 1
            b. Option 2- go over paperwork and decide on less than $500-15
            c. Option 3- go over paperwork, make decisions on all special funding- 1
            d. One abstention
VII. Judicial- accountability and attendance contract
    A. Contact Vice President- for attendance issues, Jessica Brennan
    B. Sign contract- going around
VIII. Org Sync Presentation
    A. Continue discussion on Monday
    B. This weekend, look at the demo/ org sync email- will be resent out
    C. Have we looked at other organizations
    D. Write down questions for Monday
IX. Game- finish the sentence
X. Committee meeting time
XI. Announcements
    A. Mills got talent at 7p in lisser
    B. Good job today
    C. Need to leave space clean
XII. Adjournment ( 3:39p.m)

Please add to the alias- Ari, jasmine, kalisi, Yolanda, divinia

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