Australian Flinders Ranges Accommodation and National park

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					  Australian Flinders Ranges Accommodation and
                   National park

Flinders Range National Park is situated in the central part of South
Australia, in Adelaide. It is one of the best tourist places in Australia. It
is mainly famous for three reasons. The Wilpenapound is the main
attraction of the park. This is also the only place where one can stay
contacting them through the website of wilpenapound. Flinders Range
National Park is located in the central South Australia. It is one of the
best places in Australia. Every year many tourists visit this place. It
occupies a wide part of the country. It covers a total area of 912 km².
The park is certainly the most spectacular and most beautiful part of
Australia. One can reach the place by passing Hawkers, which is nearly
400kms north of Adelaide.

Australia has named its special places as the National Landscapes., one
such place is the Flinders Range. The range has many interesting places
like, the Wilpenapound, Bunyeroo Gorge’s ancient seabed, Brachina
Gorge, the yellow-footed rock wallabies in Warrens Gorge, the Heysen
Trail, Mawson Trail and lots more. The parks centre of attraction lies in
the Wilpenapound, which is the only place, which holds
accommodation for the tourists. You can contact them through the
Geographical Features
A higher range of Adelaide Geosynclines is mixed in the area of the
park. The low ranges are a result of the soil erosion that took place a
while ago. The quartzite lead to the high ground and ridge tops in the
range. The Wilpenapound has some high walls, which is a result of the
out cropping beds.

Flora and Fauna of the Range
The park witnesses a high range of flora and fauna. Basically, all the
area is made keeping in mind the nature. Moist area like the Pound has
a wide range of Goreville’s, Guinea flowers, Lilies and Ferns. And other
semi-arid areas have Cypress-Pine, Mallee, black oak etc.

There is an equal range of faunas also. Red Kangaroos, western-grey
Kangaroos, Euros, Yellow-footed rock-wallaby, Foxes and other animals
are also present in the park.

Not only flora and fauna, but also a wide variety of birds is also there.
Parrots, Emus, Wedge-Tailed Eagles and also water birds are there. To
have a good idea about the park one must search at our website.

Facts about the Flinders Range National Park
The Longitude and Latitude of the park is 31.43 and 138.60
respectively. Before entering the park the tourists have to get a Day
ticket. The tourists are allowed to do camping here, but one has to get
the permission to do so. To enter the Wilpenapound extra permission
has to be acquired.

Now next time you plan your holiday do visit the Flinders Ranges of
National Park. It is a must watch place for all. The natural beauty is
inexplicable. To get the best flinders ranges accommodation click on
this link Wilpenapound resort, the only
accommodation available within the Flinders ranges national park.

Description: At the heart of all this is Wilpena Pound, a natural amphitheatre 17km long and 7km wide shaped by the weathering and uplifting of land over time. Ikara, as the local Adnyamathana people call it, is a significant place of many sacred Aboriginal rituals, and their Dreamtime stories tell of its creation by huge serpents.