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					       Options Agreement

       Please read this Options Agreement carefully before you sign the Brokerage Options Form.
       To: American Century Investments® brokerage options customers:
       The following Options Agreement (the “Agreement”) is being provided to you by American Century
       Brokerage, Inc. (American Century), and Pershing LLC, a subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon
       Corporation (“Pershing”). American Century and Pershing are referred to as “us,” “we” or “our.” This
       Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions governing options transactions in your American Century
       brokerage account. By signing the Brokerage Options Form, you have agreed to the following terms and
       conditions. Your access to and use of your account(s) and services is subject to compliance with all the terms
       and conditions set forth in the Customer Agreement and this Agreement. You understand and acknowledge
       that American Century may modify or change the terms and conditions in this Agreement by notifying you
       of such change(s).
       In consideration of American Century and Pershing accepting and carrying your account, you hereby
       consent and agree to the following terms and conditions.
       1. You understand that American Century is not acting as the agent of Pershing and that Pershing merely
           accepts from American Century orders for the purchase and sale of securities and instructions relating to
           other property in your account and that Pershing is not in a position, nor undertakes any responsibility,
           to give advice, make suitability determinations, supervise or oversee American Century’s handling of the
           responsibilities undertaken by American Century.
       2. You understand and acknowledge that options trading may be highly speculative in nature. You also
           understand that on certain days, options trading may cease and could result in a financial loss, and you
           agree to hold us harmless for such loss.
       3. You recognize that by writing or selling an options contract (such as a call, put or straddle) without
           depositing the underlying security, your risk of loss is potentially unlimited. You agree to honor all
           assignments and deliver the underlying security or the required funds in the prescribed time to us and
           upon your failure to do so in the proper time, you hereby authorize us to act as agent for you and to buy
           in or sell out such securities at the current market price or otherwise act to properly margin or complete
           your obligation. You agree to pay American Century a commission or fee for such service and to
           reimburse us for any loss incurred in connection therewith, and you authorize us to debit your account
           for all such amounts.
       4. You understand and agree that you are responsible for making all decisions about transactions effected
           in any of your accounts with us and that each order you enter (to buy or to sell) must be complete
           information about security, quantity, price and duration of the order.
       5. You are willing and able to assume the financial risks and hazards of options trading and agree that you
           will in no way hold us responsible for any losses.
       6. You understand that options transactions are subject to the rules, regulations, customs and usages of
           the Options Clearing Corporation (“OCC”) and of the registered national securities exchange, national
           securities association, clearing organization or market where such transaction was executed. You agree to
           abide by such rules, regulations, customs and usages and that you will both, individually and in concert
           with others, not exceed any applicable position exercise limits imposed by such exchange, association,
           clearing organization or other market with respect to options trading.
       7. If you do not satisfy, on a timely basis, your money or security calls, you authorize both or either of us,
           in our sole discretion, and without notification, to take any and all steps we deem necessary to protect
           ourselves (for any reason) in connection with options transactions in your account, including the right to
           buy and/or sell (including short or short exempt) for your account and risk any part or all of the shares
           represented by options handled, purchased, sold and/or endorsed by us for your account or to buy
           for your account and risk any options as we may deem necessary or appropriate. You will reimburse
           us for any and all expenses or losses incurred in this connection.
       8. You bear full responsibility for taking action to exercise an options contract; provided, however, that with
           respect to certain expiring options, we are authorized to permit exercise by exception to take place
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    automatically pursuant to the rules of the OCC as in effect from time to time, unless you specifically
    advise us to the contrary in writing. This procedure affects options which are in the money by a
    predetermined amount as set forth in the rules of the OCC. Additional information regarding this
    procedure is available to you upon your written request.
9. In addition to the terms and conditions hereof, your options account will be subject to all of the terms
    and conditions of all other agreements which have at any time been (or will be) entered into with us
    relating to the purchase and sale of securities except to the extent that such other agreements are contrary
    to or inconsistent with this Agreement.
10. This Agreement shall apply to all puts or calls which we may have executed, purchased, sold or handled
    for any of your accounts, and also shall apply to all puts or calls which we may hereafter purchase, sell,
    handle or execute for any of your accounts.
11. You agree to advise American Century Brokerage, Inc. of any changes in your financial situation or
    investment objective insofar as you deem such changes to be material to your options transactions.
12. You have received the most recent Options Risk Disclosure Document and have read and understand the
    information contained in that document.
13. You understand that we assign exercise notices on a random basis. You understand that upon your
    request, we will provide you with further information regarding the procedure used to assign
    exercise notices.
Arbitration Disclosure
14. You are aware of the following:
•	 All	Parties	to	this	Agreement	are	giving	up	the	right	to	sue	each	other	in	court,	including	the	right	to	a	
   trial by jury, except as provided by the rules of the arbitration forum in which a claim is filed.
•	 Arbitration	awards	are	generally	final	and	binding;	a	party’s	ability	to	have	a	court	reverse	or	modify	an	
   arbitration award is very limited.
•	 The	ability	of	the	parties	to	obtain	documents,	witness	statements	and	other	discovery	is	generally	more	
   limited in arbitration than in court proceedings.
•	 The	arbitrators	do	not	have	to	explain	the	reason(s)	for	their	award.	
•	 The	panel	of	arbitrations	will	typically	include	a	minority	of	arbitrators	who	were	or	are	affiliated	with	
   the securities industry.
•	 The	rules	of	some	arbitration	forums	may	impose	time	limits	for	bringing	a	claim	in	arbitration.	In	some	
   cases, a claim that is ineligible for arbitration may be brought in court.
•	 The	rules	of	the	arbitration	forum	in	which	the	claim	is	filed,	and	any	amendments	thereto,	shall	be	
   incorporated into this agreement.
Agreement to Arbitrate Controversies
Any controversy between you and us shall be submitted to arbitration before the New York Stock Exchange,
Inc., any other national securities exchange on which a transaction giving rise to the claim took place (and
only before such exchange), or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc.
No person shall bring a putative or certified class action to arbitration, nor seek to enforce any predispute
arbitration agreement against any person who has initiated in court a putative class action; or who is a
member of a putative class who has not opted out of the class with respect to any claims encompassed by
the putative class action until:
•	 The	class	certification	is	denied
•	 The	class	is	decertified
•	 The	customer	is	excluded	from	the	class	by	the	court	
Such forbearance to enforce an agreement to arbitrate shall not constitute a waiver of any rights under this
agreement except to the extent stated herein.
The laws of the state of New York govern.

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