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									                                                                                                    April   2012

            B IRCH C REEK

Famous April Birthdays                                     INSIDE THIS ISSUE
Apr. 1st Bo Schembechler                                   Famous April Birthdays                            1

Apr. 2nd Buddy Ebsen                                       Easter Sunday                                     1
                                                           Resident of the Month                             2
Apr. 3rd Alec Baldwin
                                                           Family Free Meal Ticket Winner                    2
Apr. 4th Muddy Waters
                                                           Resident and Staff Birthday List                  3
Apr. 5th Bette Davis
                                                           April Activities Highlights                       4
Apr. 6th Marle Haggard
                                                           April Dates to Celebrate                          5
Apr. 7th Billie Holiday
Apr. 8th Betty Ford
Apr. 9th Hugh Hefner
Apr. 10th Harry Morgan
Apr. 11th Meshach Taylor                                  Apr. 21st Tony Danza
Apr. 12th Vince Gill                                      Apr. 22nd Jack Nicholson
Apr. 13th Jack Casady                                     Apr. 23rd Shirley Temple
Apr. 14th Loretta Lynn                                    Apr. 24th Barbra Streisand
Apr. 15th Elizabeth Montgomery                            Apr. 25th Albert King
Apr. 16th Pope Benedict                                   Apr. 26th Bobby Rydell
Apr. 17th Jennifer Garner                                 Apr. 27th Casey Kasem
Apr. 18th Melissa Joan Hart                               Apr. 28th Jay Leno
Apr. 19th Kate Hudson                                     Apr. 29th Lane Smith
Apr. 20th Jessica Lange                                   Apr. 30th Willie Nelson

Easter Sunday, Apr. 8th 2012
Easter                                                    Easter Season

On Easter Sunday, Christians celebrate the                In Western Christianity, Easter marks the end of Lent,
resurrection of the Lord, Jesus Christ. It is typically   a 40-day period of fasting, repentance, moderation
the most well-attended Sunday service of the year for     and spiritual discipline in preparation for Easter. Lent
Christian churches.                                       begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter Sunday.
                                                          Eastern Orthodox churches observe Lent or Great
                                                          Lent, during the 6 weeks or 40 days preceding Palm
Christians believe, according to Scripture, that Jesus    Sunday with fasting continuing during the Holy Week
came back to life, or was raised from the dead, three     of Easter. Lent for Eastern Orthodox churches begins
days after his death on the cross. As part of the         on Monday and Ash Wednesday is not observed.
Easter season, the death of Jesus Christ by crucifixion
is commemorated on Good Friday, always the Friday
just before Easter. Through his death, burial, and        Because of Easter's pagan origins, and also because of
resurrection, Jesus paid the penalty for sin, thus        the commercialization of Easter, many Christian
purchasing for all who believe in him, eternal life in    churches choose to refer to the holiday as
Christ Jesus.                                             Resurrection Day.
  Page 2                                                                        Newsletter Title

  Resident Of The Month
 Our Resident of the month is June Collins! She was born
 in Glenmore, Wisconsin. June has four beautiful
 children. She has eleven Grand Children. June’s favorite
 food is Pizza. Her favorite beverage is coffee. June’s
 favorite animal is a cow. Hobbies that she has enjoyed
                                                                      A caption is a sentence describing
 in the past are crafting. June’s hobby that she enjoys
                                                                      a picture or graphic.
 now is playing Yahtzee! She has traveled to Ireland,
 Florida, and California! June’s favorite place to travel to
 was Ireland! She worked as a beautician. June’s favorite
 job was when she owned her own beauty salon. Her
 favorite childhood memory was always visiting relatives.
 June’s big events in her life were when she got married,
 had her children, and signed papers for her salon! Five
 things June could not live without are her family, Grand
 Children, friends, food, and religion. June wants to be
 remembered as a good and kind mother!

  Hillcrest Family Free Meal Ticket
Congratulations to Ruth Koltz who is our winner of
the Family Free Meal Tickets for the month of

We sincerely hope that you enjoy sharing a meal
with two family members or friends! This is a good
time to reminisce about the past or just share
some good laughs with your loved ones.

                                            Congratulations To Both
                                                 June Collins
                                                  Ruth Koltz!
Newsletter Title                                                                     Page 3

April Resident Birthdays
Apr. 12th Sue Cook

Apr. 15th Dorothy Hubert

Apr. 15th Dorothy Roffers

Apr. 16th Pat Bartels

Apr. 19th Dorothy Paulson

Apr. 19th Jean Palmer

Apr. 20th Victoria Hecker (Queen Victoria!)

Apr. 26th Ruth Koltz

Apr. 30th Leonard Schott

April Staff Birthdays                         April Staff Anniversaries
Apr.    9th Megan Robinson
Apr.    15th Mira Bottorff                    Apr. 10th, 2007 Felicia Young
Apr.    17th Olivia Jossie                    Apr. 22nd, 2008 Dee Hegnet
Apr.    20th Constance Salm                   Apr. 6th, 2011 Darci Vandertie
Apr.    28th Bill Bushner

A Wish For You On Your Birthday,
Whatever You Ask,
May You Receive,
Whatever You Seek,                            Happy Anniversary And Thank You For All You Do!!!
May You Find,
Whatever You Wish,                              Residents and Staff hope you have many more
May it be fulfilled,
On Your Birthday and Always!                                   Years to come!!!

Happy Birthday Everyone!
 Page 4                                                                                     Newsletter Title

April Activities Highlights                                2nd – 1:30 Dominos & Rummikub
                                                           3rd – 1:30 Water Colors & Card Club
                                                           4th – 1:30 Cooking Club
                                                           5th – 1:30 .25 Cent Bingo
*Exercise is Monday through Saturday at 9:30 AM            6th – 2:00 Happy Hour & Entertainment W/ Vern
*Sunshine Club in our Memory Care Unit at 8:00 AM          Nussbaum
*25 Cent Bingo is every Thursday at 1:30 PM                9th – 8:30 Oak St. Café For Breakfast
*Happy Hour every Friday starting at 2:00 PM               10th – 11:00 Yahtzee
*Nails and Hair days are on Tuesday’s & Thursday’s         11th – 2:00 Bowling
at 8:15 AM                                                 12th – 11:00 Balloon Toss & Board Games
                                                           13th – 2:00 Happy Hour & Entertainment W/ Rolly &
                                                           Tammy Ferron
                                                           16th – 1:30 Creative Hands & Time Slips
                                                           17th – 6:00 Family Bingo Night
                                                           18th – 2:45 Mass & Communion W/ Father Bob
                                                           19th – 4:00 Good Old Days
                                                           20th – 2:00 Happy Hour & Entertainment W/ Bob
         Resident Council Meeting                          Buxbaum
                                                           23rd – 11:00 Mc Donald’s For Lunch W/ Life Enrichment
       April   18th   at 9:30 AM right                     24th – 1:30 Spelling Bee & Hang Man
                                                           25th - 1:00 Word & Communion W/ Pastor Mike
             Before Morning Stretch                        26th – 11:00 Double Dice & Board Games
                                                           27th – Happy Hour & Entertainment W/ Maureen Kane
  We hope you will come and join us and share              30th – 10:30 Pet Therapy

              Your thoughts and Ideas!
                                                     Special Events and Days to Remember:

                                                     April 8th is Easter Sunday!
                                                     We Hope Everyone Has A Happy & Safe Holiday!!!

               A Special Thank You
                                                     April 9th, 2012 Oak St. Café For Breakfast!!!
             To All Of You Who Share                 April 17th, 2012 Join Us For Family Bingo Night!
              Your Ideas & Concerns                  April 18th, 2012 Join Us For The Resident Council
                     With Us!                        Meeting & Share Your Thoughts!
                                                     April 23rd, 2012 Mc Donald’s For Lunch!!!

                                                     April 17th, Will Be Our Family Bingo Night! Please Invite
                                                     Your Love Ones To Come Join The Fun With Us!
                                                     ( A Beverage & Snacks Will Be Provided! )

                                                     Resident Family Pictures- If You Are Interested In
                                                     Getting Family Pictures Done, Please Talk To Jodi In Life
                                                     Enrichment Or CNA Nicky!
Newsletter Title                                    Page 5

        April Dates to Celebrate

    1st – April Fool’s Day
    1st – Christian: Palm Sunday
    2nd – National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day
    2nd – National Banana Cream Pie Day
    2nd – Sweet Potato Day
    3rd – National Chocolate Mousse Day
    4th – National Start Walking Day
    5th – National Fun At Work Day
    5th – National Raisin & Spice Bar Day
    6th – National Hot Cross Buns Day
    7th – National Coffee Cake Day
    8th – Christian: Easter Sunday
    8th – Japan: Flower Festival
    10th – National Siblings Day
    11th – National Cheese Fondue Day
    12th – Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day
    12th – National Licorice Day
    13th – National Peach Cobbler Day
    16th – National Eggs Benedict Day
    17th – National Cheeseball Day
    18th – National Animal Crackers Day
    19th – Garlic Day
    20th – National Pineapple Upside-Down Cake
    21st – National Chocolate-Covered Cashews Day
    22nd – National Jellybean Day
    23rd – National Cherry Cheesecake Day
    24th – National Pigs-In-A-Blanket Day
    25th –National Zucchini Bread Day
    26th – National Pretzel Day
    27th – National Prime Rib Day
    28th – National Blueberry Pie Day
    29th – National Shrimp Scampi Day
    30th – Hairstylist Appreciation Day
    30th – National Oatmeal Cookie Day
    30th – National Raisin Day
                   Birch Creek                       The quality of service given by The Assisted
                  525 N 10th St             Living Communities by Hillcrest each day sends a
                De Pere, WI 54115           message. In the hours we spend at our facilities, we serve
                                            our residents with heart and mind, and that clearly
                 920-964-3737               reflects our values of love, selfless service, humility,
                                            dedication, commitment, dignity and respect. Every day
                       Fax:                 we are given the opportunity to touch people’s lives. We
                                            go the extra mile to serve our residents to see them
                     E-Mail:                smile, to make them feel loved and cared for. Our
              employees, residents and their families develop an
                                            emotional family bond with one another. Our residents
               Specialized Assisted
                                            truly are the ones that touch our lives and give each and
              Living and Health Care        every one of us at The Assisted Living Communities by
                                            Hillcrest more than we could have ever given them. In the
                                            end, we are here to help, love, honor, respect and
                                            treasure each and every resident! To us they are family.

                 We’re on the Web!             -   Nicole Behnke
                    Visit us at:

Birch Creek
525 N 10th St
De Pere, WI 54115

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