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									ONLINE GUIDE:
                                                                                               “Sure to rate...on the short
                                                                                               list of best superhero
                                                                                               spectaculars” (Variety).
                                                                                               The Man of Steel is back
                                                                                               to save the world once
                                                                                               again in this spectacular
                                                                                               update of the legendary
                                                                                               DC Comics superhero.
                                                                                               Returning after a five-
                                                                                               year absence, Superman
                                                                                               faces his greatest threat
                                                                                               from an old enemy: Lex
                                                                                               Luthor. Can he stop the
                                                                                               diabolical villain’s evil
                                                                                               plan before it’s too late?
                                                                                               Brandon Routh stars as
                                                                                               the Man of Steel; Kate
                                                                                               Bosworth is the lovely
                                                                                               Lois Lane. Also with
                                                                                               James Marsden, Frank
                                                                                               Langella, Eva Marie
                                                                                               Saint, Parker Posey, Kal
                                                                                               Penn, Sam Huntington
An antibody that can turn mutants into normal humans results in full-scale war in this third   and Kevin Spacey as the
X-Men film. At the core of the controversy is a boy whose body produces the antibody, and      nefarious Lex Luthor.
a tycoon whose personal stake prompts him to begin mass-production of this “cure.” But         (AC,AL,V) PG13-2:34.
while Professor Charles Xavier and his X-Men are leery but open to the possibilities, the      HBO Sept.2,4,8,10,16,
wrathful Magneto and his mutants set out to annihilate every trace of the antibody—using       18,29 C5EH
the resurrected Jean Grey as an unstoppable weapon. Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry and Ian          SPECIAL SUNDAY
McKellen star. (AC,AL,V) PG13-1:44. HBO Sept.1,5,7,9,11,13,15,27 C5EH                          PREMIERE,
                       STARTS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1                                            SEPTEMBER 2                    TM & © DC COMICS INC. All Rights Reserved.
                                                              Hollywood’s notorious 1947 “Black Dahlia” killing sends
                                                              two detectives down a trail of deception and obsession.
                                                              Bucky Bleichert and Lee Blanchard are cops whose bond
                                                              is cemented by boxing. But the brutal murder of a young
                                                              starlet shatters both men and sends them reeling past a
                                                              point of no return. Directed by Brian De Palma; screenplay
                                                              by Josh Friedman, based on the novel by James Ellroy.
                                                              (AC,AL,GV) R-2:01. HBO Sept.22,27,30 C5EH

The death of TV Superman George Reeves in 1959 shocked                                                                     Legendary TV cops Crockett and Tubbs go undercover in
his young fans. But was it a case of suicide...or was he                                                                   the hunt for a drug kingpin in this stylish, full-throttle
murdered? A washed-up private eye runs with a tip that                                                                     adaptation of the classic ’80s series. Jamie Foxx and Colin
Reeves met foul play—and finds himself entwined in a                                                                       Farrell star as the resourceful Miami-based duo who use
mystery that could prove fatal for him as well. Ben Affleck                                                                the cover of powerboat-racing drug runners to infiltrate
stars as Reeves. Adrien Brody co-stars as the detective;                                                                   the drug lord’s massive operation. Gong Li, Naomie Harris,
with Diane Lane as Reeves’ married mistress. (AC,AL,                                                                       Ciaran Hinds, Justin Theroux and Barry Shabaka Henley
BN,MV) R-2:06. HBO Sept.15,18,23,26 C5Eh                                                                                   co-star. (AC,AL,V) R-2:12. HBO Sept.29 C5EH
      STARTS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 15                                 STARTS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 22                                STARTS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29

            It’s the concert event of the year—and it’s only on HBO! Pop
            superstar Justin Timberlake rocks the world’s most famous
            arena, New York’s Madison Square Garden, in a full-length concert
            event. The performance includes renditions of many of
            Timberlake’s biggest hits, from “SexyBack” and “My Love” to
            “What Goes Around...Comes Around” and “Cry Me a River”–plus
            plenty of surprises! TVPG-2:57. HBO Sept.3,6,8,12,17,26,30 Sh
                      Maybe you c an have it all.

For Vince, Eric, Drama and Turtle, life in Hollywood’s fast lane can be an intoxicating ride.        Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie—a.k.a. Flight of the Conchords—have brought their
Don’t miss the Season Four finale this month of HBO’s hit comedy series. This year, having           act to New York’s East Village with hopes of conquering America…one fan (literally) at a
taken on risky new roles as producers of Vince’s new movie Medellin, Eric and Vince’s fates          time. HBO presents the Season One finale of this irreverent musical-comedy series
are now in the hands of temperamental director Billy Walsh. With the film poised for its             featuring the cutting-edge folk-comedy duo. In the series, Jemaine and Bret (playing naïve,
Cannes debut, will Billy’s crazy antics and insecurities make them critical darlings...or get them   fictionalized versions of themselves) move to downtown Manhattan, where their innocent,
booed out of theaters? Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, Jeremy           misguided efforts to find romance or land a gig rarely yield dividends, but do spawn
Piven and Perrey Reeves star. Widescreen. (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:27. HBO C5eh                               an abundance of memorable tunes. Widescreen. (AC,AL) TV14/L-:27. HBO Cse
       SEASON FINALE PREMIERES SUNDAY, SEPT. 2, AT 10 PM/9C                                             SEASON FINALE PREMIERES SUNDAY, SEPT. 2, AT 10:35 PM/9:35C


                                                                Sex. Life.
Sex. Intimacy. Marriage. Life. This is the story of three couples trying to stay afloat—and   Deep inside, you know you’re him. HBO’s hit comedy series returns for its sixth season with
one woman’s efforts to show them how to do it. HBO presents this intense new drama            all-new episodes starring Larry David as…Larry David. Each episode follows Larry at
series starring Jane Alexander as a marriage/sex therapist who counsels a 20-something        home, at work and around L.A. as he lands himself in an assortment of predicaments. This
couple concerned with fidelity, a 30-something couple struggling to start a family, and a     season, an African American family named the Blacks is displaced by “Hurricane Edna,”
couple in their 40s whose sex life is empty after two kids and 12 years of marriage.          and end up moving in with Larry and Cheryl; plus, Larry invents the perfect excuse for
Michelle Borth, Tim DeKay, Ally Walker, Adam Scott, Sonya Walger, Kate Towne, David Selby     missing parties, gets into a conflict with a dry cleaner, and steals flowers from a car-crash
and Aislinn Paul co-star. Widescreen. (AC,AL,SC) TVMA/S,L-:55. HBO C5Eh                       memorial. Jeff Garlin, Cheryl Hines and Susie Essman co-star. (AC,AL) TVMA-:30. HBO CS
                SUNDAYS AT 9 PM/8C STARTING SEPTEMBER 9                                                     SUNDAYS AT 10 PM/9C STARTING SEPTEMBER 9
            It’s shaping up to be an                                         From his inner-city roots
            interesting last few                                             in L.A., D.L. Hughley has
            months of 2007: gas                                              become one of the most
            prices are at record                                             popular comics working
            highs, while approval                                            today. This all-new HBO
            ratings for the man in                                           special will show audi-
            charge are at record                                             ences just how funny he
            lows. Where can America                                          is—with no apologies
            turn to make sense (or at                                        necessary! Taking the
            least fun) of all the mad-                                       stage in Washington,
            ness? Real Time with Bill                                        D.C., Hughley focuses
            Maher! HBO’s politically                                         on such topics as the
            incorrect muse returns                                           dangers of living in the
            to host more all-new edi-                                        nation’s capital, the
            tions of his cutting-edge,                                       qualifications of the 2008
            live talk series. Each                                           presidential candidates,
            show features an open-                                           the immigration debate,
            ing monologue, “round-                                           Cuban refugees, airplane
            table” discussions with                                          restrictions, the “n”
            Maher and a guest                                                word, Don Imus and
            forum, satellite inter-                                          freedom of speech,
            views with newsmakers                                            whites and blacks on
            and other guests, and                                            cruise ships, and much
            Maher’s popular “New                                             more—including D.L.’s
            Rules” segment that                                              now-famous interaction
            exposes some of soci-                                            with hapless audience
            ety’s most absurd habits                                         members in the first
            and institutions. (AC,AL)                                        row. (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:57.
            TVMA/L-:57. HBO CS                                               HBO Sept.22,28 Sh

                                         PREMIERES SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, AT 10 PM/9C
 ORIGINALS                                                                                  How far we’ve come, how far to go...
                                               erans is returning from                                          The wave of desegrega-
                                               Iraq. For these survivors,                                       tion that transformed the
                                               two days will forever                                            South began in Little Rock
                                               memorialize their lives:                                         in 1957. But what is the
                                               their birthday and their                                         legacy of the Civil Rights
                                               Alive Day—the day they                                           struggle for equal educa-
                                               escaped death. This                                              tion today? To mark the
                                               HBO Documentary Films                                            50th anniversary of the
                                               production presents the                                          forced integration of
                                               first-person stories of                                          Central High School, Little
                                               ten Alive Day heroes as                                          Rock natives Brent and
                                               told to Emmy®-winning                                            Craig Renaud provide a
                                               actor James Gandolfini.                                          candid look at the lives of
                                               From a conflict that has                                         contemporary Central
                                               left more than 25,000                                            High students. For many
                                               Americans wounded, the                                           Americans, the desegre-
                                               film explores the physical                                       gation of Central High is
                                               and emotional cost of                                            merely a chapter in history
                                               war through the simple,                                          books. But the students
                                               heartbreaking words—                                             and faculty of Little Rock
                                               augmented by harrow-                                             Central High live in the
                                               ing footage—of ten                                               ever-present wake of this
                                               soldiers who survived                                            historic event, living
                                               near-fatal wounds while      LITTLE ROCK                         amidst complex race,
                                               serving in Iraq. (AC,AL,V)
                                               TVMA-:57. HBO Sept.9,        CENTRAL:                            class and socio-economic
                                                                                                                issues. TV14-1:10. HBO
                                               13,16,19 CSEh                5 0 Y E A R S L AT E R              Sept.25,29 CEh
                                             PREMIERES SUNDAY,                                                 PREMIERES TUESDAY,
                                  SEPTEMBER 9, AT 10:30 PM/9:30C                                            SEPTEMBER 25, 8 PM/7C
                                                                                                                            HBO and NFL Films hud-
                                                                                                                            dle up with the storied
                                                                                                                            Kansas City Chiefs for
                                                                                                                            this hard-hitting five-
                                                                                                                            week reality series that
                                                                                                                            provides an all-access
                                                                                                                            look at what it takes to
                                                                                                                            make it in the NFL. As
                                                                                                                            the Chiefs enter camp
                                                                                                                            under head coach Herm
                                                                                                                            Edwards, they face a
                                                                                                                            number of challenges—
                                                                                                                            topped by their need to
                                                                                                                            settle a brewing quar-
                                                                                                                            terback battle between
                                                                                                                            Damon Huard and
                                                                                                                            Brodie Croyle. Each edi-
                                                                                                                            tion of Hard Knocks will
                                                                                                                            focus on the players’
                                                                                                                            and coaches’ daily lives
                                                                                                                            and routines as Edwards
                                                                                                                            leads an intriguing mix
                                                                                                                            of veterans, free agents
“The best news magazine on television-even if it is about sports” (Entertainment Weekly).
                                                                                                                            and rookie hopefuls
Having earned 19 Sports Emmy® Awards, including ten for Outstanding Sports Journalism,
                                                                                                                            through drills, practices,
Real Sports is TV’s most honored sports magazine. Featuring in-depth profiles and features
                                                                                                                            meetings, preseason
on today’s hottest sports topics, this one-of-a-kind show goes beyond the box scores and
                                                                                                                            games and even some
statistics to take a provocative and entertaining look at the world of contemporary sports.
                                                                                                                            fun. (AC,AL,V) :57. HBO
It’s informative, investigative and controversial. Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel...
nothing is out of bounds. (AL) TVPG/L-:58. HBO Sept.18,20,22,24,26,28,30 CsE                  SEASON FINALE SEPTEMBER 5TH   Sept.1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10
               NEW EDITION TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 10 PM/9C                                          at 10PM /9C


                                                                                                               CRIS CARTER CRIS COLLINSWORTH DAN MARINO BOB COSTAS

Bob Costas, five-time winner of the “Outstanding Studio Host” Sports Emmy®                   The NFL season is just heating up—and so is the 31st season of cable TV’s longest-running
Award, returns to host this hard-hitting new edition of the acclaimed sports magazine.       sports series. Hosted by Bob Costas, Cris Collinsworth, Cris Carter and Dan Marino, the
Focusing on fast-breaking and topical news stories that continually emerge in today’s        weekly series presents a blend of hard-hitting features, interviews, profiles and exclusive
sports arena, Costas NOW includes one-on-one interviews, hot-button newsmaker issues,        NFL Films highlights from the week’s games. Also included are special reports from Sports
enterprising journalistic and feature stories, roundtable forums, essays and commentaries    Illustrated® senior writer Peter King, humorous segments from Lewis Black and Wanda
from Costas, and a sprinkling of humor and history. “Intelligent, thought-provoking sports   Sykes, exclusive interviews, and “Cover Story” which examines the biggest issues facing
conversation” (The Cleveland Plain Dealer). TVPG-:57. HBO Sept.5,7,8,11,13,16,19 SE          the NFL. (AL) TVPG/L-:57. HBO Sept.12,13,14,15,16,19,20,21,22,23,26,27,28,29,30 CE
        NEW EDITION WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, AT 9 PM/8C                                                  WEDNESDAYS AT 10 PM/9C STARTING SEPTEMBER 13

Five hundred years in the                                               Haunting visions lead a
future, the dumbing-down                                                young woman on a
of America reaches the                                                  dangerous trek into the
level of a national disaster.                                           past in this supernatural
When “average” Joe and                                                  thriller. Sarah Michelle
Rita, human guinea pigs                                                 Gellar (TV’s Buffy the
in an Army experiment,                                                  Vampire Slayer) stars as
are frozen and accidentally                                             the talented transporta-
abandoned, they thaw out                                                tion-company represen-
half a millennium later in a                                            tative who heads back to
world populated by idiots.                                              her hometown in Texas to
While smarter people have                                               land a big client. Instead,
hesitated to reproduce, the                                             she finds herself drawn
dumbest citizens have                                                   down a frightening path
bred like crazy, resulting                                              into a violent past—one
in a society in which for-                                              that also holds a disturb-
mer soldier Joe and ex-                                                 ing link to the present.
prostitute Rita are the                                                 Also with Peter O’Brien,
smartest people! They                                                   Adam Scott (HBO’s Tell
must try to get back to the                                             Me You Love Me), Kate
comparatively civilized                                                 Beahan        (The Wicker
present in this “merciless,                                             Man) and Sam Shepard
spot-on” (L.A. Times)                                                   (The Notebook) . Directed
satire. With Luke Wilson,                                               by Asif Kapadia; written
Maya Rudolph and Dax                                                    by Adam Sussman.
Shepard. (AC,AL) R-1:24.                                                (AC,AL,V) PG13-1:25.
MAX Sept.1,3,5,11,16,                                                   MAX Sept.8,10,12,20,
20,28 CDEH                                                              25,30 CDEh
STARTS SATURDAY,                                                         STARTS SATURDAY,
SEPTEMBER 1                                                                  SEPTEMBER 8

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 A MAJOR MOVIE PREMIERE EVERY SATURDAY AT 10 PM/9C                                                     VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT CINEMAX.COM

                                       The honeymoon is hardly over for Carl and Molly Peterson
                                       when the newlyweds surrender their sofa to best man
                                       Randy Dupree (Owen Wilson)—who forfeited his job and
                                       home to attend their wedding. Dupree swears he just needs
                                       a few days to get back on his feet, but it soon becomes clear
                                       to the couple that the shaggy slacker has no real ambition
                                       to do anything! Kate Hudson, Matt Dillon, Seth Rogen,
                                       Amanda Detmer and Michael Douglas star. (AC,AL,BN,MV)            Clint Eastwood’s acclaimed WWII saga chronicles the lives
The heavy-metal parody duo
                                       PG13-1:49. MAX Sept.22,24,26,30 CDEH                             of several Marines who fought in the battle for Iwo Jima—
gets its own star vehicle in
                                                                                                        and who erected the U.S. flag in a moment that was cap-
this comedy. JB (Jack Black)
                                                                                                        tured in the famous photograph that inspired the nation.
and KG (Kyle Gass) are two
                                                                                                        For the three surviving men who planted that famous flag,
souls in search of a guitar
                                                                                                        it was the beginning of a whirlwind of fleeting fame that
pick with the power to make
                                                                                                        ended as quickly as it began—and left them alone to pick
its owners the greatest
                                                                                                        up the pieces. Ryan Phillippe, Jesse Bradford and Adam
band in the world. One
                                                                                                        Beach star. Screenplay by William Broyles, Jr. and Paul
problem: it’s in a muse-
                                                                                                        Haggis, based on the book by James Bradley with Ron
um! (AC,AL) R-1:34.
                                                                                                        Powers. (AC,AL,V) R-2:12. MAX Sept.29 CDEh
MAX Sept.15,17,19,
27,30 CDEh

       STARTS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 15          STARTS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 22                                   STARTS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29

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26 House on Haunted Hill           27 Slither                28 Texas Chainsaw: Beginning   29 The Departed                    30 Pan’s Labyrinth        31 Big Momma’s House 2   1 Idiocracy

2 Back to the Future Part III      3 Stripes                 4 The Departed                 5 Idiocracy                        6 Arlington Road          7 Big Daddy              8    The Return

9    The Departed                  10 The Return             11 Galaxy Quest                12 The Return                      13 John Tucker Must Die   14 Transporter 2         15 Tenacious D...Pick of Destiny

16 Idiocracy                       17 Fantastic Four         18 Final Destination 3         19 Tenacious D...Pick of Destiny   20 The Return             21 The Departed          22 You Me and Dupree

23 Big Daddy                       24 The Thirteenth Floor   25 King Kong                   26 You, Me and Dupree              27 My Cousin Vinny        28 Inside Man            29 Flags of Our Fathers

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                                                                                                                                    SEPTEMBER 2007
                                                                                                                                    30 THURSDAY                               31            FRIDAY                             1           SATURDAY                         2           SUNDAY
 5:15a MAX The St. Valentine’s Day          5:30a HBO    Necessary Roughness              5:00a HBO    Cinderella Man               5:00a HBO Home Alone 2:                    5:00a HBO    Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves      5:00a HBO   Addiction                        5:30a MAX   Doc Hollywood
             Massacre                       6:20 MAX     In Her Shoes                     5:20 MAX     Enchanted April                          Lost in New York               5:40 MAX     Tickle Me                                MAX   Death on the Nile                6:00 HBO    Too Hot Not to Handle
 5:45 HBO    Little Manhattan               7:30 HBO     Madagascar                       7:00 MAX     The Departed                 5:10 MAX    In Love and War                7:10 MAX     Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties    6:30 HBO    A Little Princess                7:00 HBO    Hard Knocks: Training Camp...
 7:00 MAX    Second Sight                   8:35 MAX     Serenity                         7:30 HBO     The Making of                7:00 HBO    Must Love Dogs                 7:30 HBO     Blood River                        7:20 MAX    Cheaper by the Dozen 2           7:15 MAX    Trust the Man
 7:15 HBO    Poseidon                       9:00 HBO     Walk the Line                                 Cinderella Man                     MAX   School Ties                    8:30 MAX     Date Movie                         8:15 HBO    Looking for Comedy in            8:00 HBO    Just My Luck
 8:30 MAX    Behind Enemy Lines            10:35 MAX     Two for the Money                7:45 HBO     Practical Magic              8:45 HBO    The Making of Poseidon         9:00 HBO     Madagascar                                     the Muslim World                 9:00 MAX    John Tucker Must Die
 9:00 HBO    Man of the Year               11:30 HBO     Dreamer:                         9:30 HBO     As You Like It                     MAX   Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang          10:00 MAX     The Wash                           9:00 MAX    The Witches of Eastwick          9:45 HBO    As You Like It
10:00 MAX    The Departed                                Inspired by a True Story               MAX    Alien                        9:00 HBO    Day of Reckoning              10:30 HBO     Life Support                      10:00 HBO    Hard Knocks: Training Camp      10:30 MAX    Problem Child 2
11:00 HBO    The Chase                     12:45p MAX    Munich                          11:30 MAX     Striking Distance           10:30 MAX    The Omen                      11:35 MAX     Brick                                          with the Kansas City Chiefs     12:00 HBO    Real Time With Bill Maher
12:30p HBO   Naked Gun 33 1/3:              1:15 HBO     Message in a Bottle             11:45 HBO     Prime                       10:45 HBO    16 Blocks                     12:00 HBO     Man of the Year                   11:00 HBO    Nine Innings                           MAX   The Marine
             The Final Insult               3:30 HBO     Wait ’Til Next Year: The Saga    1:15p MAX    The Departed                12:20p MAX   Bandidas                       1:30p MAX    Star Wars: Episode VI -                        from Ground Zero                 1:00p HBO   Clueless
      MAX    Simply Irresistible                         of the Chicago Cubs              1:30 HBO     Real Sports                 12:30 HBO    Poseidon                                    Return of the Jedi                       MAX   The Family Stone                 1:30 MAX    Phat Girlz
 2:00 HBO    Hard Knocks: Training Camp            MAX   Entrapment                                    With Bryant Gumbel           2:00 MAX    Pan’s Labyrinth                2:00   HBO   Walk the Line                     12:00 HBO    The Cowboy Way                   2:45 HBO    She’s the Man
             with the Kansas City Chiefs    4:30   HBO   Madagascar                       2:30 HBO     When the Levees Broke        2:15 HBO    Hard Knocks: Training Camp     3:45   MAX   Big Momma’s House 2               12:45p MAX   The Island                       3:15 MAX    Fantastic Four
 2:10  MAX   Aliens                         5:30   MAX   Unleashed                                     (Acts 1-4)                               with the Kansas City Chiefs    4:15   HBO   The Dukes of Hazzard               2:00 HBO    The Lake House                   4:30 HBO    Just My Luck
 3:00  HBO   Field of Dreams                6:00   HBO   Mr. & Mrs. Smith                 3:45   MAX   Catch a Fire                 3:15  HBO   Just Friends                   5:30   MAX   Charlie and the                    3:00 MAX    Batman Begins                    5:00 MAX    Back to the Future
 4:30  MAX   Mystic River                   7:15   MAX   House Party                      5:30   MAX   The Sentinel                 4:00  MAX   The Marine                                  Chocolate Factory                  3:45 HBO    Rebound                          6:15 HBO    Superman Returns
 5:00  HBO   Man of the Year                8:00   HBO   Snakes on a Plane                7:00   HBO   Big Love                     5:00  HBO   Take the Lead                  6:00 HBO     Hard Knocks: Training Camp         5:15 HBO    Major Payne                      7:00 MAX    Back to the Future Part II
 7:00  HBO   Entourage                      9:00   MAX   The Texas Chainsaw               7:20   MAX   A History of Violence        5:30  MAX   The Break-Up                                with the Kansas City Chiefs        5:30 MAX    Galaxy Quest                     9:00 HBO    Entourage
       MAX   The Departed                                Massacre:                        8:00   HBO   Flight of the Conchords      7:00  HBO   16 Blocks                      7:00 HBO     Snakes on a Plane                  7:00 HBO    X-Men: The Last Stand                        Season Finale!
 7:30 HBO    Flight of the Conchords                     The Beginning                    8:30   HBO   Entourage                    7:15  MAX   48 Hrs.                        7:30 MAX     Over the Hedge                     7:15 MAX    Rumor Has It...                       MAX    Back to the Future Part III
 8:00 HBO    Big Love                      10:00 HBO     Entourage                        9:00   HBO   Hard Knocks:                 8:45  HBO   HBO First Look Rush Hour 3     9:00 HBO     Entourage                          8:45 HBO    The 40-Year-Old Virgin           9:35 HBO    Flight of the Conchords
 9:00 HBO    Real Time With Bill Maher     10:30 HBO     True Crime                                    Training Camp with the       9:00  HBO   Bob Saget: That Ain’t Right         MAX     Big Momma’s House 2                9:00 MAX    Idiocracy                                    Season Finale!
 9:30 MAX    Slither                       10:35 MAX     Alabama Jones                                 Kansas City Chiefs                 MAX   Pan’s Labyrinth                9:30 HBO     Entourage                         10:25 MAX    Sin City Diaries                10:15 HBO    Hard Knocks: Training Camp
10:00 HBO    Big Love                                    and the Busty Crusade                  MAX    The Departed                10:00 HBO    Real Sex 23                   10:00 HBO     Real Time With Bill Maher         10:45 HBO    Hard Knocks: Training Camp                   with the Kansas City Chiefs
11:00 HBO    Idlewild                      11:55 MAX     Sin City Diaries                10:00 HBO     Real Time With Bill Maher   11:00 HBO    Big Love                      10:40 MAX     The Erotic Traveler                            with the Kansas City Chiefs     11:00 MAX    Sin City Diaries
11:10 MAX    Bedtime Stories               12:30a MAX    The Texas Chainsaw              11:00 HBO     As You Like It                     MAX   The Erotic Traveler           11:00 HBO     Flight of the Conchords           11:00 MAX    Sex Spa II: Body Work           11:15 HBO    Snakes on a Plane
11:40 MAX    Bedtime Stories                             Massacre: The Beginning         11:35 MAX     Sin City Diaries            11:30 MAX    The Erotic Traveler           11:15 MAX     Bikini Girls                      11:45 HBO    Jarhead                         11:35 MAX    Sin City Diaries
12:10a MAX   Pet Sematary                  12:40 HBO     The Last Kiss                   12:10a MAX    Bikini Roundup              12:00 HBO    Lethal Weapon 2                             from the Lost Planet              12:30a MAX   Idiocracy                       12:15a MAX   Sin City Diaries
 1:05 HBO    The Making of Idlewild         2:05 MAX     Jet Li’s Fearless                1:10 HBO     Real Sports                 12:05a MAX   The Marine                    11:30 HBO     Beerfest                           1:50 HBO    The Matrix Revolutions          12:50 MAX    The Marine
 1:20 HBO    Screamers                      2:25 HBO     The Virtual Corpse                            With Bryant Gumbel           1:40 MAX    Firewall                      12:30a MAX    V for Vendetta                     2:00 MAX    Martin Lawrence: You So Crazy    1:05 HBO    Real Time With Bill Maher
 2:00 MAX    The Departed                                America Undercover               1:30   MAX   Tommy Boy                    2:00 HBO    Hard Knocks: Training Camp     1:25 HBO     Bob Saget: That Ain’t Right        3:30 MAX    Frantic                          2:05 HBO    Fair Game
 3:10 HBO    Flight of the Conchords        3:10 HBO     Snakes on a Plane                2:10   HBO   Wedding Crashers                         with the Kansas City Chiefs    2:25 HBO     House of Wax                       4:00 HBO    The Life and Death               2:20 MAX    Hangin’ with the Homeboys
 3:40 HBO    Power Play                     3:50 MAX     Panic                            3:10   MAX   Fatal Attraction             3:00 HBO    Light It Up                    2:45 MAX     Jungle Fever                                   of Peter Sellers                 3:40 HBO    Superman Returns
 4:30 MAX    Dragonslayer                                                                 4:15   HBO   The Making of                3:30 MAX    Star Wars: Episode V -         4:20 HBO     The Chris Rock Show                                                             3:50 MAX    Seduced by Evil
                                                                                                       Wedding Crashers                         The Empire Strikes Back
                                                                                          4:30 HBO     Entourage                    4:45 HBO    HBO First Look Rush Hour 3
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              HBO SATURDAY NIGHT                            HBO SUNDAY NIGHT

             BIG LOVESM                             THE TEXAS CHAINSAW                             HARD KNOCKS:                             BOB SAGET:                                  BIG MOMMA’S                                    X-MEN:                                       SUPERMAN
                                           9:00P THE BEGINNING                           9:00P
                                                                                                   TRAINING CAMP WITH              9:00P    THAT AIN’T RIGHT                  9:00P     HOUSE 2                               7:00P    THE LAST STAND                      6:15P RETURNS
                                                                                                   KANSAS CITY CHIEFS
 3            MONDAY                         4            TUESDAY                        5            WEDNESDAY
                                                                                                                                     SEPTEMBER 2007
                                                                                                                                     6            THURSDAY                       7            FRIDAY                           8           SATURDAY                        9           SUNDAY
 5:20a MAX The Adventures                    5:15a MAX    Duma                           6:00a HBO Friends of God: A Road Trip       5:00a HBO Rookie of the Year                5:00a HBO    Regarding Henry                 6:00a HBO    The Making of Hollywoodland     5:30a MAX   Aquamarine
              of Pluto Nash                  5:45 HBO     The Golden Child                            With Alexandra Pelosi          6:45 HBO The Making of                            MAX    The Pride of St. Louis                MAX    Twins                           5:45 HBO    Shelter Dogs
 6:15   HBO   Star Kid                       7:00 MAX     The Departed                        MAX     Ice Age: The Meltdown                       Flushed Away                   6:30 MAX     Cheaper by the Dozen 2          6:15 HBO     Superman Returns                7:00 HBO    Hard Knocks: Training Camp...
 7:00   MAX   8MM                            7:30 HBO     Rebound                        7:00 HBO     Mermaids                       7:00 HBO The In Crowd                       7:00 HBO     Costas NOW                      7:50 MAX     Inside Man                      7:10 MAX    Conspiracy Theory
 8:00   HBO   Man of the Year                9:00 HBO     Superman Returns               7:35 MAX     Red Eye                             MAX Wallace & Gromit:                  8:00 HBO     Hope Floats                     9:00 HBO     Costas NOW                      8:00 HBO    ATL
 9:05   MAX   Idiocracy                      9:30 MAX     Rude Awakening                 9:00 HBO     Lady in the Water                           The Curse of the               8:05 MAX     Syriana                        10:00 HBO     Hard Knocks: Training Camp      9:30 MAX    The Departed
10:00   HBO   ATL                           11:15 MAX     The Departed                        MAX     Bee Season                                  Were-Rabbit                   10:00 HBO     X-Men: The Last Stand                        with the Kansas City Chiefs     9:45 HBO    South Boston Drug Court
10:30   MAX   Dr. Dolittle                  11:45 HBO     The Making of The Fast and    10:45 MAX     First Knight                   8:30  MAX    Dead Zone                     10:15 MAX     Big Daddy                            MAX     Pushing Tin                    10:15 HBO    Flicka
12:00   HBO   Hard Knocks: Training Camp                  the Furious: Tokyo Drift      11:00 HBO     Bury My Heart                  8:45  HBO    Major Payne                   11:45 HBO     Scoop                          11:00 HBO     The Fast and the Furious:      12:00 HBO    Real Time With Bill Maher
              with the Kansas City Chiefs   12:00 HBO     Hoot                                        at Wounded Knee               10:15  MAX    Fantastic Four                11:50 MAX     The Chumscrubber                             Tokyo Drift                           MAX   Final Destination 3
       MAX    You’ve Got Mail                1:30p HBO    Tremors II: Aftershocks        1:00p MAX    Idiocracy                     10:30  HBO    Accepted                       1:30p HBO    Billy Madison                  12:15p MAX    The Thirteenth Floor            1:00p HBO   X-Men: The Last Stand
 1:00p HBO    Blue Chips                     1:45 MAX     The Princess Bride             1:15 HBO     Making Bury My Heart          12:00  HBO    The Cowboy Way                 1:45 MAX     Switch                         12:45 HBO     HBO First Look The Brave One    1:30 MAX    Dr. Dolittle
 2:00 MAX     Lethal Weapon                  3:15 HBO     A Cool, Dry Place                           at Wounded Knee                      MAX    Digging to China               3:00 HBO     The Making of                   1:00 HBO     Bury My Heart                   2:45 HBO    Making/Fast & Furious: Tokyo...
 3:00 HBO     Billy Madison                  3:20 MAX     The Ringer                     1:30   HBO   Red Planet                     1:45p MAX    Ricochet                                    Superman Returns                             at Wounded Knee                 3:00 HBO    Red Planet
 4:00 MAX     Bandidas                       5:00 HBO     The Fast and the Furious:      2:30   MAX   Bachelor Party                 2:00 HBO     Hard Knocks: Training Camp     3:15   HBO   The Lake House                  2:00   MAX   Exiled                                MAX   The Departed
 4:30 HBO     The Making of                               Tokyo Drift                    3:15   HBO   X-Men: The Last Stand                       with the Kansas City Chiefs    3:30   MAX   Rumor Has It...                 3:15   HBO   Rehearsing a Dream              5:00 HBO    ATL
              Superman Returns                    MAX     The Skeleton Key               4:20   MAX   Final Destination 3            3:00   HBO   As You Like It                 5:00   HBO   Costas NOW                      3:30   MAX   Transporter 2                   5:30 MAX    Analyze This
 4:45   HBO   Man of the Year                6:45 HBO     HBO First Look                 5:00   HBO   She’s the Man                  3:30   MAX   Thank You for Smoking          5:05   MAX   Batman Begins                   4:00   HBO   Justin Timberlake:              7:00 HBO    The Sopranos
 5:30   MAX   Transporter 2                               The Brave One                  6:00   MAX   Children of God:               5:05   MAX   The Haunting                   6:00   HBO   Hard Knocks: Training Camp                   Futuresex/Loveshow              7:15 MAX    Final Destination 3
 6:45   HBO   Flight of the Conchords              MAX    Inside Man                                  Lost and Found                 5:15   HBO   Just My Luck                                with the Kansas City Chiefs     5:00   MAX   Inside Man                      8:00 HBO    Tell Me You Love Me
 7:00   MAX   Idiocracy                      7:00  HBO    Superman Returns               7:00   HBO   Flight of the Conchords        7:00   HBO   Justin Timberlake:             7:00 HBO     X-Men: The Last Stand           7:00   HBO   Superman Returns                9:00 HBO    Curb Your Enthusiasm
 7:15   HBO   Entourage                      9:00  MAX    The Departed                   7:15   MAX   Cruel Intentions                            Futuresex/Loveshow             7:30 MAX     Simon Sez                       7:15   MAX   The Ringer                            MAX   The Departed
 8:00   HBO   Justin Timberlake:             9:45  HBO    Making Tell Me You Love Me     7:25   HBO   Entourage                            MAX    Fantastic Four                 8:45 HBO     Entourage                       9:00   MAX   The Return                      9:30 HBO    Alive Day Memories:
              Futuresex/Loveshow            10:00  HBO    Entourage                      8:00   HBO   Costas NOW                     9:00 MAX     Arlington Road                 9:00 MAX     Big Daddy                       9:40   HBO   Bury My Heart                               Home From Iraq
 8:30 MAX     Shards                        10:35  HBO    Bob Saget: That Ain’t Right    9:00   HBO   Hard Knocks: Training Camp    10:00 HBO     Inside Deep Throat             9:15 HBO     Entourage                                    at Wounded Knee                10:30 HBO    Hard Knocks: Training Camp...
 9:00 MAX     Stripes                       11:35  HBO    Pan’s Labyrinth                             with the Kansas City Chiefs   11:00 MAX     Ghost in a Teeny Bikini       10:00 HBO     Real Time With Bill Maher      10:30 MAX     The Erotic Traveler            11:30 HBO    X-Men: The Last Stand
10:50 MAX     The Best Sex Ever Feature:           MAX    Sin City Diaries                     MAX    Idiocracy                     11:35 HBO     The Matrix Revolutions        10:35 MAX     Bedtime Stories                11:05 MAX     Naked Sins                     11:35 MAX    Bikini Chain Gang
              Naughty by Nature             12:10a MAX    Sin City Diaries              10:00 HBO     Real Time With Bill Maher     12:30a MAX    King Kong                     11:00 HBO     Flight of the Conchords        11:55 HBO     Hard Knocks: Training Camp      1:00a MAX   The Professional
11:00 HBO     Real Time With Bill Maher     12:45 MAX     Frank and Jesse               10:30 MAX     Behind Bedroom Doors           1:50 HBO     Hard Knocks: Training Camp    11:05 MAX     Naked Surrender                              with the Kansas City Chiefs     1:20 HBO    Real Time With Bill Maher
12:00 HBO     Go                             1:35 HBO     George Lopez:                 11:00 HBO     X-Men: The Last Stand                       with the Kansas City Chiefs   11:30 HBO     Bob Saget: That Ain’t Right    12:30a MAX    The Return                      2:20 HBO    Normal Life
12:10a MAX    Transporter 2                               America’s Mexican             12:00 MAX     The Break-Up                   2:50 HBO     Lantana                       12:30a HBO    The Last Boy Scout             12:55 HBO     Cathouse Season Two             2:50 MAX    The Mating Habits of the
 1:40 MAX     Dawg                           2:30   MAX   Rising Sun                    12:50a HBO    Snakes on a Plane              3:40 MAX     95 Miles to Go                12:40 MAX     The Texas Chainsaw Massacre:    1:25 HBO     Running Scared                              Earthbound Human
 1:45 HBO     Flight of the Conchords        2:40   HBO   Shocker                        1:50 MAX     John Carpenter’s Vampires                                                               The Beginning                   2:00 MAX     My Cousin Vinny                 4:05 HBO    South Boston Drug Court
 2:15 HBO     Renegades                      4:30   HBO   HBO Transmission Test          2:40 HBO     Entourage                                                                  2:10   MAX   The Road Warrior                3:30 HBO     Brokeback Mountain              4:20 MAX    The Dark Corner
 3:05 MAX     Chinatown                      4:40   MAX   Monterey Pop                   3:15 HBO     Bloodmoon                                                                  2:20   HBO   Showdown                        4:00 MAX     Commandments                    4:30 HBO    Rebound
 4:05 HBO     Yesterday                                                                  3:40 MAX     Reds                                                                       3:45   MAX   Limbo
                                                                                                                                                                                 4:00   HBO   The Object of My Affection
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             MAX SATURDAY NIGHT                            HBO DRAMA SERIES

          JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE:                              THE DEPARTED                            COSTAS NOWSM                                FANTASTIC FOUR                              REAL TIME WITH                               THE RETURN                                      TELL ME
                                                                                                                                                                                10:00P BILL MAHER
8:00P     FUTURESEX/LOVESHOW 9:00P                                                      8:00P                                       7:00P                                                                                    9:00P                                        8:00P        YOU LOVE MESM
 10          MONDAY                            11           TUESDAY                         12           WEDNESDAY
                                                                                                                                          SEPTEMBER 2007
                                                                                                                                         13            THURSDAY                        14           FRIDAY                      15            SATURDAY                        16            SUNDAY
 6:00a HBO On a Clear Day                       5:30a HBO   The Tale of Holyfield-Bowe       5:00a HBO   Children of Beslan               5:20a MAX    Willy Wonka/Chocolate Factory    5:00a HBO   Bye Bye, Love                5:30a HBO    The Making of Flushed Away       5:20a HBO    Stuart Saves His Family
       MAX Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III:    6:00 HBO    Blue Chips                       5:10 MAX    Stage Fright                     5:30 HBO     Making Bury My Heart...                MAX   Weird Science                5:45 HBO     The Golden Child                 5:30 MAX     The Constant Gardener
             The Turtles Are Back...In Time     6:45 MAX    MAX on Set King Kong             6:00 HBO    A Cool, Dry Place                5:45 HBO     A Little Princess                6:35 MAX    The Evening Star             7:00 MAX     The Departed                     7:00 HBO     Inside the NFL
 7:35 MAX    Going Berserk                      7:00 MAX    The Sisterhood                   7:00 MAX    Driving Miss Daisy               7:00 MAX     Mr. Wonderful                    7:00 HBO    White Hunter, Black Heart    7:30 HBO     X-Men: The Last Stand            7:45 MAX     King Kong
 7:45 HBO    Just My Luck                                   of the Traveling Pants           7:45 HBO    HBO First Look                   7:30 HBO     Flicka                           8:45 MAX    Trust the Man                9:30 HBO     Legendary Nights:                8:00 HBO     Costas NOW
 9:00 MAX    The Return                         8:00 HBO    Telling Nicholas                             The Brave One                    8:45 MAX     The Skeleton Key                 9:00 HBO    Red Planet                                The Tale of Holyfield-Bowe       9:00 HBO     Lady in the Water
 9:30 HBO    Mermaids                           9:00 MAX    Idiocracy                        8:00 HBO    Stuart Saves His Family          9:15 HBO     The Lake House                  10:30 MAX    My Cousin Vinny                    MAX    Forces of Nature                11:00 HBO     Real Time
10:30 MAX    Forces of Nature                   9:30 HBO    Flushed Away                     8:45 MAX    MAX on Set The Ringer           10:30 MAX     Back to the Future              11:00 HBO    Addiction                   10:00 HBO     Inside the NFL                                With Bill Maher
11:30 HBO    Hard Knocks: Training Camp...     10:30 MAX    Route 9                          9:00 MAX    Thank You for Smoking           11:00 HBO     Hope Floats                     12:30p HBO   Rebound                     11:00 HBO     Telling Nicholas                        MAX   A Prairie Home
12:15p MAX   MAX on Set                        11:00 HBO    X-Men: The Last Stand            9:45 HBO    Lackawanna Blues                12:30p MAX    Rumor Has It...                        MAX   Transporter 2               11:15 MAX     The Princess Bride                            Companion
             A Prairie Home Companion          12:15p MAX   The Family Stone                10:30 MAX    You’ve Got Mail                  1:00 HBO     Making Bury My Heart             2:00 HBO    Just My Luck                12:30p HBO    Billy Madison                   12:00 HBO     Rehearsing a Dream
12:30 HBO    Superman Returns                  12:45 HBO    The Making of Pan’s Labyrinth   11:30 HBO    ATL                                           at Wounded Knee                        MAX   Dead Zone                    1:00 MAX     The Departed                    12:45p HBO    Superman Returns
      MAX    Criminal                           1:00 HBO    As You Like It                  12:30p MAX   The Return                       1:15 HBO     The Fast and the Furious:        3:45 HBO    The Making of                2:00 HBO     Hoot                                   MAX    Ricochet
 2:00 MAX    It Takes Two                       2:00 MAX    Don’t Tell Mom                   1:30 HBO    Nine Innings from Ground Zero                 Tokyo Drift                                  Hollywoodland                3:30 HBO     Flushed Away                     2:30 MAX     Idiocracy
 3:15 HBO    Making of Lady in the Water                    the Babysitter’s Dead            2:00 MAX    Arlington Road                   2:15   MAX   Final Destination 3                   MAX    Stripes                      3:35 MAX     Red Eye                          3:30 HBO     Accepted
 3:30 HBO    Looking for Comedy                 3:15  HBO   The Making of Miami Vice         2:30 HBO    The In Crowd                     3:00   HBO   Bury My Heart/Wounded Knee       4:00 HBO    The Cowboy Way               5:00 HBO     The Making of Pan’s Labyrinth    4:00 MAX     Bachelor Party
             in the Muslim World                3:30  HBO   Costas NOW                       4:00 MAX    Downtown                         4:00   MAX   John Tucker Must Die             5:30 MAX    Dr. Dolittle                       MAX    Simon Sez                        5:00 HBO     Lady in the Water
 3:45 MAX    Phat Girlz                         3:45  MAX   Syriana                          4:15 HBO    Clueless                         5:15   HBO   X-Men: The Last Stand            6:00 HBO    Inside the NFL               5:15 HBO     X-Men: The Last Stand            5:45 MAX     King Kong
 5:15 HBO    Scoop                              4:30  HBO   Billy Madison                    5:40 MAX    Cheaper by the Dozen 2           5:30   MAX   John Carpenter’s Vampires        7:00 HBO    The Matrix Revolutions       6:30 MAX     The Departed                     7:00 HBO     The Sopranos
 5:30 MAX    Red Eye                            6:00  HBO   X-Men: The Last Stand            6:00 HBO    Justin Timberlake:               7:00   HBO   Inside the NFL                        MAX    The Break-Up                 7:00 HBO     Hollywoodland                    8:00 HBO     Tell Me You Love Me
 7:00 HBO    Real Time With Bill Maher                MAX   Idiocracy                                    Futuresex/Loveshow               7:15   MAX   Bandidas                         9:00 MAX    Transporter 2                9:00 MAX     Tenacious D                      9:00 HBO     Curb Your Enthusiasm
      MAX    The Return                         7:30 MAX    Ice Age: The Meltdown            7:15 MAX    Big Daddy                        8:00   HBO   Alive Day Memories:              9:15 HBO    HBO First Look                            in the Pick of Destiny                 MAX    Idiocracy
 8:00 HBO    Curb Your Enthusiasm               8:00 HBO    Pinochet’s Last Stand            9:00 HBO    Inside the NFL                                Home From Iraq                               The Brave One                9:15   HBO   Tell Me You Love Me              9:30 HBO     Superman Returns
 8:30 HBO    Making Tell Me You Love Me         9:00 MAX    Galaxy Quest                           MAX   The Return                       9:00 HBO     Costas NOW                       9:30  HBO   Curb Your Enthusiasm        10:15   HBO   Inside Deep Throat              10:30 MAX     Naked Surrender
      MAX    MAX on Set Tenacious D             9:30 HBO    Curb Your Enthusiasm            10:00 HBO    Real Time With Bill Maher             MAX     John Tucker Must Die            10:00  HBO   Real Time With Bill Maher   10:40   MAX   The Erotic Traveler             12:00 MAX     Storm Catcher
             in the Pick of Destiny            10:00 HBO    Tell Me You Love Me             10:30 MAX    Ghost in a Teeny Bikini         10:00 HBO     Shock Video Refried:            10:30  MAX   Bedtime Stories             11:15   MAX   The Best Sex Ever Feature:      12:10a HBO    Real Time
 9:00 HBO    Tell Me You Love Me               10:45 MAX    The Best Sex Ever               11:00 HBO    Curb Your Enthusiasm                          The Best of the Worst           11:00  HBO   Tell Me You Love Me                       Naughty by Nature                             With Bill Maher
       MAX   Rising Sun                        11:00 HBO    Costas NOW                      11:30 HBO    Tell Me You Love Me             10:30 MAX     Sin City Diaries                       MAX   Forbidden Temptation        11:50 HBO     The Rookie                       1:10 HBO     The 40-Year-Old Virgin
10:00 HBO    Bob Saget: That Ain’t Right       11:10 MAX    The Best Sex Ever               12:00 MAX    The Island                      10:45 HBO     Making Tell Me You Love Me      12:00 HBO    Hard Target                 12:35a MAX    Tenacious D                      1:35 MAX     Bloodbrothers
11:00 HBO    HBO First Look The Brave One      11:40 MAX    The Marine                      12:30a HBO   Inside Deep Throat              11:00 HBO     Inside the NFL                  12:30a MAX   Lethal Weapon                             in the Pick of Destiny           3:10 HBO     Alive Day Memories:
11:10 MAX    Naked Surrender                   12:00 HBO    Am I Good in Bed? Real Sex 31    2:05 HBO    The Last Boy Scout              11:10 MAX     Sin City Diaries                 1:40 HBO    Inside the NFL               1:55 HBO     George Carlin:                                Home From Iraq
11:15 HBO    Superman Returns                  12:40a HBO   Go                               2:15 MAX    Big Daddy                       11:45 MAX     Who’s the Man?                   2:20 MAX    Wide Sargasso Sea                         Life Is Worth Losing             3:35 MAX     When Worlds Collide
12:40a MAX   Phat Girlz                         1:15 MAX    Get on the Bus                   3:50 MAX    The Notorious Bettie Page       12:00 HBO     The 40-Year-Old Virgin           2:40 HBO    Roseanne Barr:               2:10 MAX     Picasso Trigger                  4:10 HBO     Contaminated Man
 1:50 HBO    United 93                          2:25 HBO    HBO First Look The Brave One     3:55 HBO    O                                1:15a MAX    8MM                                          Blonde and Bitchin’          3:10 HBO     Hollywoodland
 2:20 MAX    The Last Hard Men                  2:40 HBO    Another Day in Paradise                                                       2:00 HBO     Alive Day Memories...            3:40 HBO    Max                          3:50 MAX     The Sentinel
 3:45 HBO    Thin                               3:15 MAX    Cousins                                                                       3:00 HBO     Pan’s Labyrinth                  4:00 MAX    Patton
 4:00 MAX    The Leopard                        4:25 HBO    Curb Your Enthusiasm                                                          3:20 MAX     Her Alibi
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                HBO SATURDAY NIGHT                            HBO COMEDY SERIES

          SCOOP                                         ICE AGE:                                     INSIDE THE NFLTM                             ALIVE DAY MEMORIES:                               THE BREAK-UP                          HOLLYWOODLAND                                     CURB YOUR
5:15P                                          7:30P    THE MELTDOWN                        9:00P                                        8:00P HOME FROM IRAQ                          7:00P                                    7:00P                                         9:00P         ENTHUSIASM®
17           MONDAY                            18           TUESDAY                   19 WEDNESDAY
                                                                                                                                  SEPTEMBER 2007
                                                                                                                                 20           THURSDAY                         21           FRIDAY                       22            SATURDAY                     23           SUNDAY
 5:00a MAX   Waking Life                        5:00a HBO Red Planet                   5:00a HBO The Making of Flushed Away       5:00a HBO   Billy Madison                     5:00a HBO   On a Clear Day                5:30a MAX    Ice Age: The Meltdown         5:00a HBO   Major Payne
 6:00 HBO    Blood Brothers                     6:30 MAX The Adventure of Sherlock     5:15 HBO Star Kid                                MAX   Buffalo Bill                      6:30 MAX    Limbo                         5:35 HBO     Lackawanna Blues              6:20 MAX    Children of God: Lost & Found
 6:30 HBO    Rebound                                        Holmes’ Smarter Brother    6:00 MAX Butch Cassidy                     6:30 HBO    Bye Bye, Love                     6:45 HBO    Shelter Dogs                  7:05 MAX     Rumor Has It...               6:45 HBO    HBO First Look The Brave One
 6:45 MAX    Frank and Jesse                    7:00 HBO ATL                                       and the Sundance Kid                 MAX   Free Willy 2:                     8:00 HBO    Bury My Heart                 7:15 HBO     She’s the Man                 7:00 HBO    Inside the NFL
 8:00 HBO    The Fast and the Furious:          8:00 MAX Final Destination 3           7:00  HBO   Too Hot Not to Handle                      The Adventure Home                            at Wounded Knee               8:45 MAX     Dead Zone                     7:30 MAX    Big Daddy
             Tokyo Drift                        9:00 HBO Looking for Comedy            7:50  MAX   Tenacious D/Pick of Destiny    8:15  MAX   Stripes                           8:45 MAX    MAX on Set                    9:00 HBO     Real Sports                   8:00 HBO    Nine Innings from Ground Zero
 8:30 MAX    Tenacious D                                    in the Muslim World        8:00  HBO   Hoot                           8:30  HBO   Real Sports/Bryant Gumbel                     Final Destination 3                        With Bryant Gumbel            9:00 HBO    Fast & the Furious: Tokyo Drift
             in the Pick of Destiny             9:35 MAX    Problem Child 2            9:30  HBO   Just My Luck                   9:30  HBO   White Hunter, Black Heart         9:00 MAX    The Producers:               10:00 HBO     Inside the NFL                      MAX   The Island
 9:45 HBO    The Making of The Fast and        10:45 HBO    The Cowboy Way                   MAX   Lethal Weapon                 10:00  MAX   Transporter 2                                 The Movie Musical            10:30 MAX     The Marine                   10:45 HBO    Countdown to Taylor-Pavlik
             the Furious: Tokyo Drift          11:05 MAX    Batman Begins             11:15 HBO    Accepted                      11:30  HBO   Pinochet’s Last Stand            10:15 HBO    A Cool, Dry Place            11:00 HBO     Rookie of the Year           11:15 HBO    Flushed Away
10:00 HBO    The Deep End of the Ocean         12:30p HBO   Flicka                    11:30 MAX    8MM                                  MAX   Dr. Dolittle                     11:15 MAX    Galaxy Quest                 12:00 MAX     The Haunting                 11:20 MAX    John Carpenter’s Vampires
10:05 MAX    Back to the Future Part II         1:30 MAX    My Cousin Vinny            1:00p HBO   Costas NOW                     1:00p HBO   Scoop                            12:00 HBO    Mermaids                     12:45p HBO    Lady in the Water            12:45p HBO   Real Time With Bill Maher
12:00 HBO    Clueless                           2:15 HBO    Superman Returns           1:30 MAX    Phat Girlz                           MAX   Simon Sez                         1:00p MAX   The Departed                  2:00 MAX     Slums of Beverly Hills        1:15 MAX    First Knight
       MAX   John Tucker Must Die               3:30 MAX    Arlington Road             2:00 HBO    Lady in the Water              2:30 MAX    Red Eye                           2:00 HBO    The Making of                 2:45 HBO     HBO First Look                1:45 HBO    The In Crowd
 1:30p MAX   Star Trek V: The Final Frontier    5:00 HBO    The In Crowd               3:15 MAX    Conspiracy Theory              2:45 HBO    Stuart Saves His Family                       Lady in the Water                          The Kingdom                   3:30 HBO    Scoop
 1:45 HBO    She’s the Man                      5:30 MAX    Analyze This               4:00 HBO    Hope Floats                    4:00 MAX    Idiocracy                         2:15  HBO   Major Payne                   3:15   HBO   Flicka                              MAX   My Cousin Vinny
 3:15 MAX    Inside Man                         6:45 HBO    Hollywoodland              5:30 MAX    The Marine                     4:30 HBO    Flushed Away                      3:30  MAX   You’ve Got Mail               3:30   MAX   The Skeleton Key              5:15 HBO    Fast & the Furious: Tokyo Drift
 3:30 HBO    The Fast and the Furious:          7:15 MAX    Cheaper by the Dozen 2     6:00 HBO    The Lake House                 5:30 MAX    The Family Stone                  4:00  HBO   ATL                           5:00   HBO   She’s the Man                 5:30 MAX    Arlington Road
             Tokyo Drift                        9:00 HBO    Real Sports                7:00 MAX    The Professional               6:00 HBO    Real Sports                       5:30  MAX   Fantastic Four                5:15   MAX   Rising Sun                    7:00 HBO    The Sopranos
 5:15 HBO    Major Payne                                    With Bryant Gumbel         7:45 HBO    Making Tell Me You Love Me                 With Bryant Gumbel                6:00  HBO   Inside the NFL                7:00   HBO   The Black Dahlia              7:30 MAX    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre:
 5:30 MAX    Big Daddy                                MAX   Final Destination 3        8:00 HBO    Alive Day Memories:            7:00 HBO    Inside the NFL                    7:00  HBO   The 40-Year-Old Virgin        7:30   MAX   The Marine                                The Beginning
 7:00 HBO    Real Time With Bill Maher         10:00 HBO    Tell Me You Love Me                    Home From Iraq                 7:15 MAX    The Princess Bride                7:15  MAX   Galaxy Quest                  9:00   HBO   D.L. Hughley:                 8:00 HBO    Tell Me You Love Me
      MAX    Tenacious D                       10:35 MAX    Hotel Erotica              9:00 HBO    Inside the NFL                 8:00 HBO    Accepted                          9:00  HBO   Curb Your Enthusiasm                       Unapologetic                  9:00 HBO    Curb Your Enthusiasm
             in the Pick of Destiny            11:00 HBO    Superman Returns                MAX    Tenacious D                    9:00 MAX    The Return                              MAX   The Departed                        MAX    You, Me and Dupree                  MAX   Big Daddy
 8:00 HBO    Curb Your Enthusiasm              11:05 MAX    Hotel Erotica                          in the Pick of Destiny         9:30 HBO    HBO First Look The Kingdom        9:30 HBO    Curb Your Enthusiasm         10:00  HBO    Countdown to Taylor-Pavlik    9:30 HBO    Countdown to Taylor-Pavlik
 8:30 HBO    HBO First Look The Kingdom        11:35 MAX    Cruel Intentions          10:00 HBO    Real Time With Bill Maher     10:00 HBO    The Best Sex: A Retrospective    10:00 HBO    Real Time With Bill Maher    10:30  HBO    Tell Me You Love Me          10:00 HBO    Hollywoodland
 8:45 MAX    MAX on Set King Kong               1:15a MAX   Friends & Lovers          10:35 MAX    Naked Surrender               10:30 MAX    Bikini Chain Gang                11:00 HBO    Tell Me You Love Me          10:50  MAX    The Erotic Traveler          10:35 MAX    Hotel Erotica
 9:00 HBO    Tell Me You Love Me                1:40 HBO    Curb Your Enthusiasm      11:00 HBO    Curb Your Enthusiasm          11:00 HBO    Inside the NFL                   11:30 MAX    Bedtime Stories              11:30  HBO    The Last Boy Scout           11:05 MAX    Hotel Erotica
      MAX    Fantastic Four                     2:15 HBO    Hollywoodland             11:30 HBO    Tell Me You Love Me           11:50 MAX    Idiocracy                        12:00 HBO    Inside Deep Throat                  MAX    Naked Surrender              11:35 MAX    Inside Man
10:00 HBO    Justin Timberlake:                 3:00 MAX    Criminal                  12:05a MAX   The Best Sex Ever             12:00 HBO    Bob Saget: That Ain’t Right             MAX   Behind Bedroom Doors          1:00a MAX    You, Me and Dupree           12:10a HBO   Real Time With Bill Maher
             Futuresex/Loveshow                 4:25 HBO    The Chris Rock Show       12:30 HBO    Guyver 2: Dark Hero            1:00a HBO   Maria Full of Grace               1:30a HBO   Inside the NFL                1:15 HBO     Hard Target                   1:10 HBO    Eternal Sunshine
10:50 MAX    Sex Spa II: Body Work              4:30 MAX    MAX Transmission Test     12:35 MAX    The Best Sex Ever              1:15 MAX    Man on Fire                             MAX   The Departed                  2:50 MAX     Perfect Assassins                         of the Spotless Mind
12:20a MAX   The Witches of Eastwick                                                   1:05 MAX    Twin Falls Idaho               2:45 HBO    Final                             2:30 HBO    Jarhead                       2:55 HBO     The Black Dahlia              1:45 MAX    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre:
 1:00 HBO    Showdown                                                                  2:40 HBO    Alive Day Memories: Home...    2:50 MAX    The Thirteenth Floor              4:00 MAX    Hangin’ with the Homeboys     4:30 MAX     Nine to Five                              The Beginning
 2:20 MAX    The Haunting                                                              3:00 MAX    Made in America                4:35 MAX    Butch and Sundance:               4:35 HBO    Friends of God                                                           3:00 HBO    Middle Sexes: Redefining...
 2:45 HBO    Jarhead                                                                   3:40 HBO    Costas NOW                                 The Early Days                                                                                                         3:20 MAX    A Wedding
 4:15 MAX    Macarthur                                                                 4:40 HBO    The Making of Jarhead          4:40 HBO    The Making of Hollywoodland                                                                                            4:20 HBO    Murder in Mind
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        HBO SATURDAY NIGHT

        TENACIOUS D IN THE                              REAL SPORTS WITH                      THE PROFESSIONAL                            THE PRINCESS                                  THE 40-YEAR-OLD                            D.L. HUGHLEY:                             BIG DADDY
7:00P PICK OF DESTINY                          9:00P    BRYANT GUMBELSM               7:00P                                      7:15P    BRIDE                               7:00P     VIRGIN                          9:00P      UNAPOLOGETIC                     9:00P
24           MONDAY                           25            TUESDAY                        26 WEDNESDAY
                                                                                                                                        SEPTEMBER 2007
                                                                                                                                       27            THURSDAY                       28           FRIDAY                             29           SATURDAY                       30            SUNDAY
 5:30a MAX   Aquamarine                        5:00a HBO    A Little Princess               5:00a MAX    Off and Running                5:30a MAX Return of Maxwell Smart            5:00a HBO   Rehearsing a Dream                  5:00a HBO   Flushed Away                    5:05a HBO    Rookie of the Year
 6:00 HBO    Too Hot Not to Handle             5:05 MAX     Men Don’t Leave                 5:40 HBO     Flicka                                      (The Nude Bomb)                       MAX   Rover Dangerfield                   6:00 MAX    Mom and Dad Save the World      5:15 MAX     Out of Africa
 7:00 HBO    Tremors II: Aftershocks           6:45 HBO     Rehearsing a Dream              6:30 MAX     The Constant Gardener          5:45   HBO   Lackawanna Blues                5:45 HBO    Making/Fast & the Furious...        6:30 HBO    Superman Returns                7:00 HBO     Inside the NFL
 7:15 MAX    Cheaper by the Dozen 2            7:00 MAX     The Return                      7:15 HBO     Scoop                          7:05   MAX   Milk Money                      6:00 HBO    The In Crowd                        7:30 MAX    Fantastic Four                  8:00 HBO     Real Sports
 8:45 HBO    The Cowboy Way                    7:30 HBO     Hope Floats                     8:45 MAX     Hangin’ with                   7:30   HBO   Clueless                        6:15 MAX    Dr. Dolittle                        9:15 HBO    Making of Superman Returns                   With Bryant Gumbel
 8:50 MAX    The Road Warrior                  8:30 MAX     Phat Girlz                                   the Homeboys                   9:00   MAX   The Departed                    7:45 HBO    Looking for Comedy/Muslim...              MAX   Stripes                                MAX   Ice Age: The Meltdown
10:30 HBO    HBO First Look The Kingdom        9:30 HBO     Accepted                        9:00 HBO     Billy Madison                  9:15   HBO   HBO First Look                        MAX   Inside Man                          9:30 HBO    Countdown to Taylor-Pavlik      9:00   HBO   Hoot
       MAX   You, Me and Dupree               10:10 MAX     8MM                            10:20 MAX     The Ringer                                  The Brave One                   9:30 HBO    She’s the Man                      10:00 HBO    Inside the NFL                  9:30   MAX   Galaxy Quest
11:00 HBO    Stuart Saves His Family          11:00 HBO     White Hunter, Black Heart      10:30 HBO     Countdown to                   9:30 HBO     Blue Chips                     10:00 MAX    The Family Stone                   11:00 HBO    The Making of Miami Vice       10:30   HBO   HBO First Look The Kingdom
12:20p MAX   Wolfen                           12:15p MAX    The Adventures of Pluto Nash                 Taylor-Pavlik                 11:30 HBO     X-Men: The Last Stand          11:15 HBO    Fast & the Furious: Tokyo Drift           MAX   King Kong                      11:00   HBO   The Cowboy Way
12:45 HBO    The Lake House                    1:00 HBO     Bury My Heart                  11:00 HBO     Real Sports/Bryant Gumbel            MAX    A Prairie Home Companion       11:45 MAX    The Skeleton Key                   11:15 HBO    Accepted                       11:10   MAX   Tenacious D
 2:15 MAX    The Break-Up                                   at Wounded Knee                12:00 HBO     Flushed Away                   1:15p HBO    The Making of Miami Vice        1:00p HBO   Real Sports/Bryant Gumbel           1:00p HBO   Just My Luck                                 in the Pick of Destiny
 2:30 HBO    Countdown to Taylor-Pavlik        2:00 MAX     Fantastic Four                        MAX    You, Me and Dupree                   MAX    Big Daddy                       1:30 MAX    Analyze This                        2:10 MAX    The Professional               12:45p MAX    You, Me and Dupree
 3:00 HBO    Pinochet’s Last Stand             3:15 HBO     HBO First Look                  1:30p HBO    Justin Timberlake:             1:30 HBO     ATL                             2:00 HBO    Hoot                                2:45 HBO    Little Rock Central High...     1:00 HBO     Real Time With Bill Maher
 4:00 MAX    Problem Child 2                                The Brave One                                Futuresex/Loveshow             2:50 MAX     My Cousin Vinny                 3:15 MAX    The Island                          4:00 HBO    HBO First Look The Brave One    2:00 HBO     Justin Timberlake:
 4:30 HBO    Hoot                              3:30   HBO   She’s the Man                   1:50   MAX   Pushing Tin                    3:30 HBO     Rebound                         3:30 HBO    Red Planet                                MAX   King Kong                                    Futuresex/Loveshow
 5:30 MAX    Who’s the Man?                    3:45   MAX   Bachelor Party                  4:00   MAX   Back to the Future Part III    4:50 MAX     Tenacious D                     5:30 HBO    HBO First Look The Kingdom          4:15 HBO    Superman Returns                2:45 MAX     Cruel Intentions
 6:00 HBO    Real Sports/Bryant Gumbel         5:15   HBO   Accepted                        4:30   HBO   Flicka                                      in the Pick of Destiny                MAX   The Witches of Eastwick             7:00 HBO    Miami Vice                      4:20 MAX     The Ringer
 7:00 HBO    Real Time With Bill Maher         5:30   MAX   The Return                      6:00   MAX   Transporter 2                  5:00   HBO   Lady in the Water               6:00 HBO    Inside the NFL                      7:15 MAX    Phat Girlz                      5:00 HBO     HBO First Look
       MAX   You, Me and Dupree                7:00   HBO   Little Rock Central High:       6:15   HBO   Major Payne                    6:30   MAX   The Departed                    7:00 HBO    Fast & the Furious: Tokyo Drift     9:00 MAX    Flags of Our Fathers                         The Heartbreak Kid
 8:00 HBO    Curb Your Enthusiasm                           50 Years Later                  7:30   MAX   John Tucker Must Die           7:00   HBO   Inside the NFL                  7:30 MAX    Idiocracy                           9:15 HBO    HBO World Championship          5:15   HBO   The Lake House
 8:30 HBO    Countdown to Taylor-Pavlik             MAX     Lethal Weapon                   8:00   HBO   Real Sports                    8:00   HBO   X-Men: The Last Stand           8:45 HBO    HBO First Look Heartbreak Kid                   Boxing Live!                    6:00   MAX   The Return
 9:00 HBO    Tell Me You Love Me               8:15 HBO     HBO First Look                               With Bryant Gumbel             9:00   MAX   My Cousin Vinny                 9:00 HBO    Curb Your Enthusiasm                            Jermain Taylor vs.              7:00   HBO   The Sopranos
       MAX   The Thirteenth Floor                           The Brave One                   9:00 HBO     Inside the NFL                10:00   HBO   A Real Sex Xtra: Pornucopia:          MAX   Inside Man                                      Kelly Pavlik; Andre Berto       7:30   MAX   Transporter 2
10:00 HBO    Pan’s Labyrinth                   8:30 HBO Countdown to Taylor-Pavlik                MAX    You, Me and Dupree                          Going Down in the Valley        9:30 HBO    Curb Your Enthusiasm                            vs. David Estrada               8:00   HBO   Tell Me You Love Me
10:40 MAX    Hotel Erotica                     9:00 HBO Tell Me You Love Me                10:00 HBO     Real Time With Bill Maher     10:30 HBO     Cathouse Season Two            10:00 HBO    Real Time With Bill Maher          11:15 MAX    The Erotic Traveler             9:00   HBO   Curb Your Enthusiasm
11:10 MAX    The Erotic Traveler                     MAX King Kong                         10:50 MAX     Naked Sins                    11:00 HBO     Inside the NFL                 11:00 HBO    Tell Me You Love Me                11:45 HBO    Countdown to                           MAX   Tenacious D
11:40 MAX    Final Destination 3              10:00 HBO Tell Me You Love Me                11:00 HBO     Curb Your Enthusiasm                 MAX    The Best Sex Ever              11:10 MAX    Bedtime Stories                                 Pacquiao-Barrera                             in the Pick of Destiny
12:05a HBO   Pinochet’s Last Stand            11:00 HBO Tell Me You Love Me                11:30 HBO     Tell Me You Love Me           11:30 MAX     The Departed                   11:40 MAX    Bikini Chain Gang                  12:15a HBO   Tell Me You Love Me             9:30 HBO     The Black Dahlia
 1:15 MAX    The Getaway                      12:00 HBO Inside Deep Throat                 12:15a MAX    Simon Sez                     12:00 HBO     White Palace                   12:00 HBO    Countdown to Taylor-Pavlik                MAX   Ghost in a Teeny Bikini        10:35 MAX     Forbidden Temptation
 1:25 HBO    A Real Sex Xtra: Pornucopia...   12:10a MAX Forbidden Temptation              12:30 HBO     Justin Timberlake:             1:45a HBO    Middle Sexes:                  12:30a HBO   D.L. Hughley: Unapologetic          1:15 HBO    George Lopez: America’s...     11:35 HBO     Real Time With Bill Maher
 1:55 HBO    Maria Full of Grace               1:35 HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm                             Futuresex/Loveshow                          Redefining He and She           1:05 MAX    Idiocracy                           1:10 MAX    Fantastic Four                 12:05a MAX    The Return
 3:20 MAX    Crimen Ferpecto                   1:40 MAX Thank You for Smoking               1:40 MAX     I Like It Like That            2:00 MAX     Tenacious D                     1:30 HBO    Inside the NFL                      2:20 HBO    The Chris Rock Show            12:35 HBO     O
 3:40 HBO    Making Tell Me You Love Me        2:05 HBO The 40-Year-Old Virgin              3:30 HBO     Hollywoodland                               in the Pick of Destiny          2:30 HBO    The Rookie                          2:50 HBO    Miami Vice                      1:30 MAX     American Gigolo
 3:55 HBO    Real Sports                       3:15 MAX Ricochet                                 MAX     The Sicilian Clan              3:00 HBO     The Black Dahlia                      MAX   Syriana                             3:00 MAX    Flags of Our Fathers            2:10 HBO     United 93
             With Bryant Gumbel                4:05 HBO Countdown to Taylor-Pavlik                                                      3:35 MAX     Sitting Pretty                  4:35 HBO    Opiate Addiction...                                                             3:30 MAX     El Aura (The Aura)
                                               4:35 HBO Plastic Disasters                                                                                                            4:40 MAX    95 Miles to Go                                                                  4:05 HBO     Cadillac Man
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   HBO SATURDAY NIGHT

         THE THIRTEENTH                                 LITTLE ROCK                                  YOU, ME AND                                     LADY IN THE WATER                           IDIOCRACY                                   HBO WORLD                                    TRANSPORTER 2
9:00P    FLOOR                                7:00P
                                                        CENTRAL HIGH:                      9:00P     DUPREE                            5:00P                                        7:30P                                          9:15P
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             CHAMPIONSHIP                       7:30P
                                                        50 YEARS LATER                                                                                                                                                                       BOXING® LIVE!
A                                                ARLINGTON ROAD A professor fears his             BEE SEASON A gifted speller from a            BLOODBROTHERS Richard Gere is a                  BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE                 CLUELESS Alicia Silverstone sparkles as a
                                                 next-door neighbor may be a terrorist in this    dysfunctional family is coached to compete    restless teenager who knows what he              KID Paul Newman and Robert Redford are         popular high-school teen who turns a new
ACCEPTED A college reject enlists fellow         thriller. Jeff Bridges, Tim Robbins. (AC,AL,V)   in bees by her Kabbalah-influenced father.    wants out of life, but can’t escape the          the infamous, wisecracking outlaws on the      girl into a bombshell. (AC,AL) PG13-1:37.
slackers to create a fake college that           R-1:58. MAX Sept.6,12,18,23 CDEH                 Richard Gere, Juliette Binoche. (AC,AL)       stifling burden of family love and domin-        run in this classic megahit western.           HBO Sept.2,12,17,27 CDEH
quickly becomes a hit in this outrageous                                                          PG13-1:44. MAX Sept.5 CDEH                    ation. (AC,AL) R-1:56. MAX Sept.16 CE            (AC,AL,V) PG-1:50. MAX Sept.19 CE
comedy. Justin Long. (AC,AL) PG13-1:33.          AS YOU LIKE IT HBO Original Movie Kenneth                                                                                                                                                      COMMANDMENTS After a setback, a man
HBO Sept.6,16,19,20,25,29 C5EH                   Branagh’s exotic adaptation of Shakespeare’s     BEHIND BEDROOM DOORS A sexy                   BLOODMOON A brave lawman sets out to             BYE BYE, LOVE Three divorced buddies           decides to challenge God by breaking all
                                                 delightful comedy. Widescreen. (AC,AL,V)         extortionist puts the moves on her wealthy    catch a killer who is slicing and stomping       experience the pains and pleasures of          ten commandments in this irreverent
ADDICTION Insights from experts on               PG-2:07. HBO Sept.2,6,11 C5EH                    neighbors and then threatens to tell their    the world’s top athletes to death. Frank         single life. Matthew Modine. (AC,AL) PG13-     comedy. Aidan Quinn, Courteney Cox. (AC,
trends and treatments in the ongoing battle                                                       wives. With Nicole Sheridan. (AC,AL,N,SC)     Gorshin, Gary Daniels, Chuck Jeffreys.           1:46. HBO Sept.14,20 CDEH                      AL,V) R-1:28. MAX Sept.8 CSEH
against drug and alcohol abuse. (AC,AL)          ATL A street-smart Atlanta youth and his
                                                 friends face tough decisions as they come        TVMA/S,L-1:28. MAX Sept.5,21 CSE              (AC,AL,GV) R-1:43. HBO Sept.5 CSE
TV14/L,D-1:26. HBO Sept.1,14 CSE                                                                                                                                                                 C                                              CONSPIRACY THEORY Mel Gibson is a
                                                 of age. Tip Harris. (AC,AL,V) PG13-1:47.         THE BEST SEX EVER Adult series. 12:           BLUE CHIPS A college hoops coach                                                                paranoid cabbie who leads skeptical
THE ADVENTURE OF SHERLOCK HOLMES’                HBO Sept.3,9,12,18,21,27 C5EH                    Warrior Princess (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-       considers resorting to illegal recruiting        CADILLAC MAN Robin Williams is a car
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                lawyer Julia Roberts on a wild adventure
SMARTER BROTHER Gene Wilder stars in                                                              :24. MAX Sept.11 CS; 13: Housesitting         practices in order to land top players for his   salesman forced to negotiate with a
                                                 B                                                                                                                                                                                              after one of his theories proves true. (AL,V)
this hilarious 1975 spoof as the master                                                           (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-:25. MAX Sept.11        school’s team. Nick Nolte. (AC,AL) PG13-         machine-gun-wielding nutcase. (AC,AL) R-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                R-2:15. MAX Sept.9,19 CDEH
sleuth’s jealous brother. Marty Feldman.         BACHELOR PARTY Tom Hanks says                    CS; 23: Love Lessons (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/       1:48. HBO Sept.3,11,27 CDEH                      1:37. HBO Sept.30 CDEH
(AC,BN) PG-1:31. MAX Sept.18 CEH                                                                                                                                                                                                                THE CONSTANT GARDENER A British
                                                 goodbye to singlehood on a night to              S,L-:27. MAX Sept.19 CS; 24: Dirty            BOB SAGET: THAT AIN’T RIGHT Former TV            CATHOUSE SEASON TWO 12: “HOT TO
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                diplomat begins digging for clues into the
THE ADVENTURES OF PLUTO NASH Eddie               remember...complete with hookers, strippers,     Dancing (AC,N,SC) TVMA/S-:29. MAX Sept.       dad Bob Saget (Full House) shows his truly       TROT” The girls of the Moonlite Bunny
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                mysterious death of the wife he barely knew.
Murphy stars in this loony comedy about a        booze and a drugged-out mule. (AC,AL,            19 CS; 25: Naughty by Nature (AC,             twisted side in this one-hour, adults-only       Ranch share erotic memories; later, a new
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Ralph Fiennes, Rachel Weisz. (AC,AL,N,V)
former space smuggler whose nightclub is         MV,N) R-1:45. MAX Sept.5,16,25 CEH               AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-:25. MAX Sept.27 CS         stand-up comedy special. (AC,AL) TVMA/L-         wave of working girls arrives. (AC,AL,N,SC)
threatened by mobsters. (AC,AL,V) PG13-                                                                                                                                                                                                         R-2:09. MAX Sept.16,26 CDEH
                                                 BACK TO THE FUTURE Michael J. Fox is an          THE BEST SEX EVER FEATURE 06:                 :55. HBO Sept.4,7,10,20 CSH                      TVMA/S,L-:28. HBO Sept.8,27 CSE
1:35. MAX Sept.3,25 CDEH                         ’80s teen who accidentally zooms back to                                                                                                        CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN 2 The Baker               CONTAMINATED MAN An industrial
                                                                                                  NAUGHTY BY NATURE A compilation of            BOXING Middleweight champion Jermain                                                            chemist (William Hurt) tracks a man who
ALIVE DAY MEMORIES: HOME FROM                    the nifty ’50s—and almost un-creates             shows from this erotic series. (AC,AL,N,SC)   Taylor defends his title against Kelly Pavlik.   clan is back for more family fun in this
IRAQ HBO Documentary Films The first-            himself. With Christopher Lloyd. (AC,AL,MV)                                                                                                     uproarious comedy sequel. Steve Martin,        doesn’t realize he’s carrying a killer
                                                                                                  TVMA/S,L-1:17. MAX Sept.3,15 CS               Plus, Andre Berto vs. David Estrada. (AL)
person stories of ten soldiers who survived      PG-1:56. MAX Sept.2,13 CDEH                                                                                                                     Eugene Levy, Bonnie Hunt star. (MV) PG-        contaminant. Also with Peter Weller. (AC,
                                                                                                  BIG DADDY Adam Sandler is a 32-year-old       TVPG/L-2:27. HBO Sept.29 CSEh                                                                   AL,V) R-1:38. HBO Sept.16 CDEH
wounds while in Iraq. (AC,AL) TVMA-:57.          BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II Marty                 slacker who adopts a kid to win back his      THE BREAK-UP Vince Vaughn and Jennifer           1:34. MAX Sept.1,7,12,18,24 CDEH
HBO Sept.9,13,16,19 CSEh                         McFly and Doc Brown go back to 1955 to                                                                                                          CHILDREN OF BESLAN The devastating             A COOL, DRY PLACE A young lawyer on
                                                                                                  girlfriend in this comedy. Joey Lauren        Aniston play an out-of-love couple whose
AM I GOOD IN BED? REAL SEX 31 This               recover a sports almanac that negatively                                                                                                        aftermath of a heinous atrocity: the 2004      his way up the corporate ladder faces a
                                                                                                  Adams, Jon Stewart. (AC,AL,MV) PG13-1:33.     shared apartment becomes the battlefield
white-hot edition of HBO’s adult                 affects the future. Michael J. Fox. (AC,AL)                                                                                                     Russian school siege that left more than       difficult dilemma when his ex-wife
                                                                                                  MAX Sept.7,12,17,23,27 CDEH                   in their two-person war. (AC,AL) PG13-
documentary series includes a visit to an        PG-1:48. MAX Sept.2,17 CDEH                                                                                                                     350 children and adults dead. (AC,AL,V)        reappears. Vince Vaughn. (AC,AL) PG13-
                                                                                                  BIKINI CHAIN GANG A woman framed for          1:46. MAX Sept.5,14,24 CDEH
erotic masquerade party. (AL,N,SC)                                                                                                                                                               TV14/V,L,D-:57. HBO Sept.12 SE                 1:39. HBO Sept.4,12,21 CDEH
                                                 BACK TO THE FUTURE PART III Time                 a crime she didn’t commit rediscovers her     BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN Ang Lee’s heart-
TVMA/S,L-:45. HBO Sept.11 CSE                    traveler Marty McFly revs up the DeLorean        sexual desire while doing time. Beverly                                                        CHILDREN OF GOD: LOST & FOUND                  COSTAS NOW Bob Costas hosts this
                                                                                                                                                wrenching drama that chronicles the
AMERICAN GIGOLO Business takes a                 one last time to save Doc Brown in the Wild      Lynne, Nicole Sheridan. (AC,AL,N,SC,V)                                                         Cinemax Reel Life Filmmaker and former         acclaimed sports magazine show that
                                                                                                                                                forbidden love shared by two cowboys.
dangerous turn for sensual hustler Richard       West conclusion to the trilogy. (AC,AL) PG-      TVMA/V,S,L-1:21. MAX Sept.9,20,28 CS                                                           Children of God member Noah Thomson            follows hot-button issues in sports. TVPG-
                                                                                                                                                Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal star. (AC,AL)
Gere, whose specialty is pleasing wealthy        1:58. MAX Sept.2,26 CDEH                                                                                                                        goes in search of others who have escaped      :57. HBO Sept.5,7,8,11,13,16,19 SE
                                                                                                  BILLY MADISON Lazy 27-year-old Adam           R-2:14. HBO Sept.8 C5EH
older women. Lauren Hutton co-stars. (AL,        BANDIDAS Sexy outlaws Penélope Cruz              Sandler is forced to go back to school with   BUFFALO BILL Joel McCrea plays the               the cult. 1:06. MAX Sept.5,23 S                COUNTDOWN TO PACQUIAO-BARRERA
N,V) R-1:57. MAX Sept.30 CSEH                    and Salma Hayek go on a rampage in               six months to graduate or risk losing         Indian fighter, scout and buffalo hunter         CHINATOWN Roman Polanski’s 1974 film           HBO Sports presents this preview for
ANALYZE THIS Mob boss Robert De Niro             the name of justice. (AC,BN,V) PG13-             the family business. (AL,MV) PG13-1:30.       whose private life was as tempestuous as         noir classic with private eye Jack             Manny Pacquiao vs. Marco Antonio Barrera.
feels he’s losing his edge until he meets        1:32. MAX Sept.3,13 CDEH                         HBO Sept.3,7,11,15,20,26 CSEH                 his public one. Maureen O’Hara co-stars in       Nicholson on the trail of corruption, murder   (AL) TVPG/L-:27. HBO Sept.29 CE
family therapist Billy Crystal in this riotous   BATMAN BEGINS Christian Bale dons the            THE BLACK DAHLIA Hollywood’s most             this 1944 drama. TVG-1:30. MAX Sept.20           and sex in 1930s L.A. Faye Dunaway.            COUNTDOWN TO TAYLOR-PAVLIK HBO
gangland comedy. Lisa Kudrow. (AC,AL,V)          bat-suit of the Caped Crusader in director       notorious murder sends two detectives         BURY MY HEART AT WOUNDED KNEE                    (AL,BN,V) R-2:10. MAX Sept.3 CEH               Sports presents this preview for Jermain
R-1:43. MAX Sept.9,18,28 CDEH                    Christopher Nolan’s dark re-imagining of         down a trail of deception and obsession.      HBO Original Movie Epic tale of the cultural     THE CHRIS ROCK SHOW Emmy®-winning              Taylor vs. Kelly Pavlik. (AL) TVPG/L-:27.
ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE Four criminal            the Batman saga. Michael Caine. (V) PG13-        Josh Hartnett, Scarlett Johansson, Aaron      extermination of the Sioux tribe in the 19th     talk series. 02: Jenifer Lewis/D’Angelo        HBO Sept.22,23,24,25,26,28,29 CE
drifters form a makeshift family...until         2:20. MAX Sept.1,7,18 CDEH                       Eckhart, Hilary Swank star. (AC,AL,GV) R-     century. Aidan Quinn, Adam Beach, Anna           w/Raphael (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:27. HBO              COUSINS Cousins by marriage Ted Danson
tragedy and strife intervene. James Woods,       BEDTIME STORIES Adult series. 09: The            2:01. HBO Sept.22,27,30 C5EH                  Paquin. Widescreen. (AC,AL,GV) TV14/V,L,D-       Sept.29 CS; 55: Ice-T/Nikka Costa              and Isabella Rossellini begin an unlikely
Melanie Griffith, Vincent Kartheiser. (AC,GL,    Gift (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-:30. MAX Sept.7       BLOOD BROTHERS: THE JOEY DIPAOLO              2:13. HBO Sept.5,8,13,21,25 C5EH                 (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:34. HBO Sept.18 CD             affair in this romantic comedy. (AL,BN)
N,V) R-1:41. HBO Sept.11 CSEH                    CS; 10: The Other Woman (AC,AL,N,SC)             STORY LifeStories: Families in Crisis The     BUTCH AND SUNDANCE: THE EARLY DAYS               THE CHUMSCRUBBER A California town’s           PG13-1:53. MAX Sept.11 CDEH
AQUAMARINE Two 13-year-old girls try to          TVMA/S,L-:28. MAX Sept.14 CS; 11:                story of a courageous, 11-year-old            When Butch Cassidy met the Sundance              self-involved residents find themselves        THE COWBOY WAY Two cowboys trek to
help a mermaid in her search for true love       Truth or Dare (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-:27.         Brooklyn boy who stood up to tell the         Kid—and the Old West met two of the most         entangled in each other’s peculiar lives.      NYC to find a friend. Woody Harrelson,
in this comedy. Emma Roberts stars. (MV)         MAX Sept.21 CS; 12: The Regular (AC,             world he had AIDS. Parental guidance is       unlikely outlaws. William Katt, Tom Beren-       Glenn Close, Ralph Fiennes, Lauren Holly.      Kiefer Sutherland. (AC,AL,V) PG13-1:47.
PG-1:43. MAX Sept.9,24 CDEH                      AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-:27. MAX Sept.28 CS            suggested. TVY7-:30. HBO Sept.17 CSE          ger. (AL,MV) PG-1:51. MAX Sept.20 E              (AC,AL,V) R-1:47. MAX Sept.7 CDEH              HBO Sept.1,6,14,18,24,30 CSEH
CRIMEN FERPECTO (THE PERFECT CRIME)                THE DEPARTED Martin Scorsese’s 2006              ENTOURAGE Season finale of HBO’s hit            FINAL The relationship between a therapist      FREE WILLY 2: THE ADVENTURE HOME               GO Sex, drugs, gambling and guns are the
Darkly comic tale about a department-              Best Picture Oscar®-winner with Leonardo         series. Widescreen. 53: No Cannes Do (AC,       in a mental hospital and her patient takes      Willy the whale is threatened by an            ingredients of one exhilarating weekend
store Casanova who finds himself                   DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson             AL) TVMA/L-:27. HBO Sept.7 C5Eh;                a surprising turn. Denis Leary, Hope Davis.     environmental disaster in this sequel. Jason   for a group of interconnected youths.
beholden to a hideous co-worker. (AC,AL,           and Mark Wahlberg. (AC,GL,GV) R-2:31.            54: The Cannes Kids (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:27.         (AC,AL,MV) R-1:51. HBO Sept.20 CDE              James Richter, Michael Madsen, August          William Fichtner, J.E. Freeman, Katie Holmes,
N,V) TVMA/V,S,L-1:43. MAX Sept.24 SE               MAX Sept.4,9,15,21,27 CDEH                       HBO Sept.2,3,4,5,7 C5Eh                         FINAL DESTINATION 3 Death stalks a group        Schellenberg, Jayne Atkinson, Jon Tenney.      Breckin Meyer, Jay Mohr star. (AC,AL,N,V)
CRIMINAL A veteran con artist moves from           DIGGING TO CHINA A drama about the               THE EROTIC TRAVELER Erotic series.              of unlucky teens. Mary Elizabeth Winstead,      (MV) PG-1:38. MAX Sept.20 CDEH                 R-1:42. HBO Sept.3,11 CDEH
petty crimes to a major heist with the help        misunderstood friendship between a lonely        Widescreen. 05: The Girl From Jimena            and Ryan Merriman star. (AC,GV,N) R-1:33.       FRIENDS & LOVERS Six Los Angeles               GOING BERSERK John Candy, an aspiring
of a novice crook in this caper. John C. Reilly,   10-year-old girl and a mentally handi-           (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-:28. MAX Sept.24          MAX Sept.5,9,13,18,24 CDEH                      twentysomethings convene for a weekend         nightclub drummer, moves to a different beat
Diego Luna, Maggie Gyllenhaal. (AC,AL,MV)          capped man. Kevin Bacon stars. (AC,AL)           CSH; 06: Stripped (AC,AL,N,SC)                  FIRST KNIGHT Sean Connery plays King            of provocative fun. Stephen Baldwin. (AC,      after he’s brainwashed by a zany religious
R-1:27. MAX Sept.10,18 CDEH                        PG-1:39. MAX Sept.6 CDEH                         TVMA/S,L-:33. MAX Sept.8 CSH; 07:               Arthur and Richard Gere is Lancelot in this     AL,N) R-1:42. MAX Sept.18 CSEH                 cult. Eugene Levy, Joe Flaherty. (AC,
CRUEL INTENTIONS A modern updating of              D.L. HUGHLEY: UNAPOLOGETIC Popular               Carnal Cabaret (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-:32.       telling of the legend. With Julia Ormond. (V)   FRIENDS OF GOD: A ROAD TRIP WITH               AL,RP,V) R-1:24. MAX Sept.10 CEH
Dangerous Liaisons with Sarah Michelle             stand-up comic D.L. Hughley takes the            MAX Sept.15 CSH; 08: Baring It In               PG13-2:14. MAX Sept.5,23 CDEH                   ALEXANDRA PELOSI HBO Documentary               THE GOLDEN CHILD When Satan incarnate
Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon          stage in Washington, D.C. in this special.       Bali (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-:36. MAX Sept.       FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS Clint Eastwood’s           Films Intrepid reporter/tour guide Alexandra   kidnaps a Tibetan child destined to save
and Selma Blair. (AC,AL,BN,MV) R-                  (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:57. HBO Sept.22,28 S             22 CSH; 09: Object of Desire (AC,AL,            WWII saga about the Marines who planted         Pelosi travels to America's heartland for a    the world, it’s L.A. social worker Eddie
1:37. MAX Sept.5,18,30 CDEH                        DOC HOLLYWOOD Med-school grad Michael            N,SC) TVMA/S,L-:31. MAX Sept.29 CSH             the flag at Iwo Jima. Ryan Phillippe, Jesse     look at the leaders and followers of           Murphy to the rescue. (AC,AL,V) PG13-
CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM The Season Six                J. Fox’s trek to a big-bucks job in L.A. is      ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS                Bradford and Adam Beach star. (AC,AL,V)         the evangelical Christian movement. (AC)       1:33. HBO Sept.4,15 CDEH
premiere of HBO’s hit comedy series with           stalled in a small southern town. (AC,AL,        MIND A man has his memories of his ex-          R-2:12. MAX Sept.29 CDEh                        TVPG/D-:57. HBO Sept.5,21 CSE                  GUYVER 2: DARK HERO The mutant hero
Larry David. 51: Meet the Blacks (AC,AL)           BN) PG13-1:43. MAX Sept.2 CDEH                   girlfriend erased, only to regret it. Jim       FLICKA An unruly teen takes the reins of        G                                              takes on a new super-fighting creature in
TVMA-:30. HBO Sept.9,10,11,12,14,21                DON’T TELL MOM THE BABYSITTER’S                  Carrey, Kate Winslet, Kirsten Dunst. (AC,AL,    an equally rebellious horse in this remake                                                     this thrilling science-fiction sequel.
CS; 52: The Anonymous Donor (AC,AL)                DEAD A teen and her four siblings are left       MV) R-1:48. HBO Sept.23 C5EH                                                                    GALAXY QUEST The cast of a cult sci-fi TV      David Hayter and Kathy Christopherson star.
                                                                                                                                                    starring Alison Lohman. (MV) PG-1:35.           show is called upon to help out an alien
TVMA/L-:30. HBO Sept.16,17,18,19,21,28             alone after their elderly babysitter drops       THE EVENING STAR A moving sequel to             HBO Sept.9,13,18,22,26 C5EH                                                                    (AL,V) R-2:04. HBO Sept.19 CSH
CS; 53: The Ida Funkhouser Roadside                dead! Christina Applegate stars. (AL)            Terms of Endearment with Shirley MacLaine,                                                      race in this hilarious spoof. Tim Allen and
Memorial (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:30. HBO                   PG13-1:45. MAX Sept.11 CDEH                      Juliette Lewis, Miranda Richardson, Ben
                                                                                                                                                    FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS Season One              Sigourney Weaver star. (AC,AL,V) PG-           H
                                                                                                                                                    finale of the HBO comedy series. Widescreen.    1:42. MAX Sept.1,11,21,30 CDEH                 HANGIN’ WITH THE HOMEBOYS Four
Sept.23,24,25,26,28 CS; 54: (AC,AL)                DOWNTOWN A suburban cop finds himself            Johnson and Jack Nicholson. (AC,AL,BN)          12: The Third Conchord (AC,AL)
TVMA/L-:27. HBO Sept.30 CS                         transferred to an inner-city precinct.           PG13-2:09. MAX Sept.14 CDEH                                                                     GEORGE CARLIN: LIFE IS WORTH LOSING            friends cruising around the South Bronx
                                                                                                                                                    TV14/L,D-:27. HBO Sept.2,3,5,7 CSE              George Carlin unveils a hilarious catalogue    one Friday are forced to question their
D                                                  Anthony Edwards and Forest Whitaker star.        EXILED A disgraced N.Y. cop reassigned to       FLUSHED AWAY A pampered pet mouse
                                                   (AL,V) R-1:36. MAX Sept.12 CDEH                  Staten Island takes on a murder case that                                                       of pungent observations in his thirteenth      lives. Doug E. Doug, Mario Joyner. (AC,AL,
THE DARK CORNER Lucille Ball plays it                                                                                                               gets flushed into the sewers of London in       HBO stand-up comedy special. (AC,AL)           V) R-1:29. MAX Sept.2,21,26 CDH
                                                   DR. DOLITTLE Animal logic makes a mess           may help him get back to Manhattan in this      this animated tale. (MV) PG-1:25. HBO
straight as a secretary who tries to help her                                                       drama based on TV’s Law & Order. (AC,V)                                                         TVMA/L-1:14. HBO Sept.15 CDH                   HARD KNOCKS: TRAINING CAMP WITH
                                                   out of nutty pet doctor Eddie Murphy in this                                                     Sept.11,15,20,23,26,29 C5EH
boss beat a murder rap in this taut 1946                                                            TV14/V,D-1:28. MAX Sept.8 CSEH                                                                  GEORGE LOPEZ: AMERICA’S MEXICAN                THE KANSAS CITY CHIEFS The finale of
                                                   riotous remake. (AC,AL,BN,MV) PG13-1:26.
thriller. (MV) TVPG/V-1:39. MAX Sept.9                                                                                                              FORBIDDEN TEMPTATIONS A couple who              Expect the unexpected when America’s           the five-week series that captures life in
                                                   MAX Sept.3,9,14,20,28 CDEH                       F                                               does repairs for a living find the perfect
DAWG A heartless womanizer must make                                                                                                                                                                favorite Latino comic, George Lopez, hits      Kansas City Chiefs’ camp. #4: (AL) TVMA/L-
                                                   DRIVING MISS DAISY Winner of four 1989                                                           sexual fix for their troubles. (AC,AL,N,SC)
amends with a dozen of his past conquests                                                           FAIR GAME Leggy lawyer Cindy Crawford                                                           the stage in this stand-up special. (AC,AL)    :57. HBO Sept.1,2,3 CSE; #5: (AL) TVMA/
                                                   Oscars®–including Best Picture–with                                                              TVMA/S,L-1:27. MAX Sept.14,25,30 CS
in order to inherit one million dollars. Denis                                                      and Miami cop William Baldwin try to stay                                                       TVMA/L-1:03. HBO Sept.4,29 CDH                 L-:57. HBO Sept.5,6,7,8,9,10 CSE
                                                   Jessica Tandy as a spunky Southern lady
Leary and Elizabeth Hurley star. (AC,AL)                                                            one step ahead of a renegade killer. (AC,       FORCES OF NATURE Fate leads a guy on            GET ON THE BUS Spike Lee’s inspiring           HARD TARGET Merchant sailor Jean-
                                                   and Morgan Freeman as her chauffeur. (AL)
R-1:23. MAX Sept.3 CDEH                                                                             AL,BN,V) R-1:30. HBO Sept.2 CDEH                an adventure with a wild young woman.           drama that traces the emotional fortunes       Claude Van Damme goes to war in the
                                                   PG-1:39. MAX Sept.12 CDEH
THE DEAD ZONE A man awakens from a                                                                  THE FAMILY STONE A culture clash                Sandra Bullock, Ben Affleck. (AC,AL,MV)         of several black men on a bus bound for        Louisiana bayou against a sinister group
                                                   DUMA A boy and his pet cheetah get lost                                                          PG13-1:46. MAX Sept.10,15 CDEH
five-year coma to find he's developed              in the Kalahari desert. Alex Michaletos,         ensues when a career woman spends                                                               the Million Man March of 1995. (AC,AL) R-      that hunts homeless men for sport. (AC,AL,
strange psychic powers in this thriller            Eamonn Walker, Campbell Scott, Hope Davis.       Christmas with her boyfriend’s family.          THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN Steve Carell             2:01. MAX Sept.11 CDEH                         GV) R-1:36. HBO Sept.14,22 CDEH
based on Stephen King's novel. (AL,BN,V)           (MV) PG-1:41. MAX Sept.4 CDEH                    Claire Danes, Diane Keaton. (AC,AL) PG13-       plays the inexperienced title character on a    THE GETAWAY Steve McQueen and Ali              THE HAUNTING A scientist and his three
R-1:44. MAX Sept.6,14,22 CSEH                                                                       1:43. MAX Sept.1,11,20,28 CDEH                  misguided quest to score. (AL,N,SC) R-1:56.     MacGraw star as a parolee and his wife         test subjects are menaced by phantoms in
DEATH ON THE NILE 1978 Agatha Christie             E                                                FANTASTIC FOUR The crime-fighting quartet       HBO Sept.1,13,16,21,25 C5EH                     who lead a wild chase after committing         an old mansion in this remake. Liam Neeson,
whodunit with Peter Ustinov as super               8MM A man searches for the truth about a         battle the metallic menace, Dr. Doom.           FRANK AND JESSE Rob Lowe and Bill Paxton        one final heist in Sam Peckinpah’s thriller.   Catherine Zeta-Jones. (AC,AL,V) PG13-
sleuth Hercule Poirot who is out to find the       girl who appears to be killed in a snuff film.   Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans        star as outlaws Jesse and Frank James,          (AC,V) PG-2:03. MAX Sept.24 CEH                1:53. MAX Sept.6,17,22 CDEH
killer of a beautiful heiress. Mia Farrow,         Nicolas Cage, Joaquin Phoenix. (AC,AL,N,V)       and Michael Chiklis star. (MV) PG13-1:46.       robbing banks, stagecoaches and trains. (AL,    GHOST IN A TEENY BIKINI A luscious             HBO FIRST LOOK Sneak previews of
Bette Davis. (MV) PG-2:21. MAX Sept.1 E            R-2:03. MAX Sept.3,13,19,25 CDEH                 MAX Sept.2,6,17,21,25,29 CDEH                   BN,V) R-1:46. MAX Sept.4,17 CDEH                bombshell encounters an alluring               movies coming to theaters. The Brave One
THE DEEP END OF THE OCEAN Michelle                 EL AURA (THE AURA) A taxidermist fixated         THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS: TOKYO DRIFT           FRANTIC Harrison Ford stars as an               apparition on the haunt for some sexy fun      TVPG-:13. HBO Sept.4,8,10,11,12,14,
Pfeiffer plays a mother whose abducted             on pulling off a crime finds a prime op-         The third entry in this street-racing series.   American doctor in Paris on a desperate         in this tantalizing erotic film. Nicole        23,25,27,29; The Heartbreak Kid TVPG-
son turns up nine years later. (AC,AL,MV)          portunity to realize his ambition. (AC,AL,V)     Lucas Black, Bow Wow. (AL,MV) PG13-1:44.        search for his missing wife. Betty Buckley.     Sheridan, Christine Nguyen. (AC,GL,N,SC)       :13. HBO Sept.28,30; The Kingdom TVPG-
PG13-1:49. HBO Sept.17 CDEH                        TVMA/V,L-2:13. MAX Sept.30 SEH                   HBO Sept.4,8,13,17,23,28 C5EH                   (AL,BN,V) R-2:00. MAX Sept.1 CDEH               TVMA/S,L-1:25. MAX Sept.6,12,29 CS             :25. HBO Sept.17,20,22,24,28,30 C
HER ALIBI Tom Selleck serves as an alibi        INSIDE THE NFL HBO Sports presents all-        L                                                A LITTLE PRINCESS A resourceful young         MAKING TELL ME YOU LOVE ME Behind                 MEN DON’T LEAVE A happily married
for a beauty who may be a murderess. (AL,       new editions from the 31st season of this                                                       girl goes from riches to rags after her       the scenes of HBO’s Tell Me You Love Me.          suburban woman is suddenly thrown into
MV) PG-1:34. MAX Sept.13 CDEH                   long-running football series. #1: TVPG-:57.    LACKAWANNA BLUES HBO Original Movie              father is reported killed in WWI. Eleanor     TVPG-:13. HBO Sept.4,10,13,19,24 S                turmoil when her husband dies in an
                                                HBO Sept.12,13,14,15,16 CE; #2: TVPG-          Story of an extraordinary African American       Bron, Liam Cunningham, Liesel Matthews.                                                         accident. Jessica Lange stars. (AC,AL)
HOLLYWOODLAND The death of TV’s                                                                woman. Widescreen. (AC,AL,V) TV14/V,L,D-                                                       MAN OF THE YEAR Political jokester Robin
Superman George Reeves. Adrien Brody,           :57. HBO Sept.19,20,21,22,23 CE; #3:                                                            G-1:37. HBO Sept.1,13,25 CDEH                 Williams runs for president as a gag–and          PG13-1:55. MAX Sept.25 CDEH
                                                TVPG-:57. HBO Sept.26,27,28,29,30 CE           1:35. HBO Sept.12,22,27 C5EH
Diane Lane, Ben Affleck. (AC,AL,BN,MV) R-                                                                                                       LITTLE ROCK CENTRAL HIGH: 50 YEARS            wins–in this political satire. Christopher        MERMAIDS A woman moves her two
2:06. HBO Sept.15,18,23,26 C5EH                                                                LADY IN THE WATER Paul Giamatti is an            LATER An eye-opening look at today’s Little   Walken, Laura Linney, Jeff Goldblum. (AC,MV)      daughters every time she falls out of a
                                                THE ISLAND Ewan McGregor and Scarlett
                                                                                               apartment building superintendent who                                                          PG13-1:55. HBO Sept.3 C5EH                        relationship in this drama. Winona Ryder,
HOOT Three kids create chaos to save            Johansson star in this futuristic thriller                                                      Rock Central High School, once a symbol of
                                                                                               discovers an otherworldly creature living in                                                                                                     Cher, Bob Hoskins, Christina Ricci. (AC)
endangered owls. With Luke Wilson, Logan        about two clones who try to escape their                                                        the struggles of the Civil Rights Movement.   MAN ON FIRE A burned-out former CIA
                                                                                               the complex’s pool. (AC,AL,V) PG13-1:50.                                                                                                         PG13-1:50. HBO Sept.5,10,21 CDEH
Lerman and Brie Larson. (MV) PG-1:31.           doomed existence. (AC,AL,V) PG13-2:16.                                                          TV14-1:10. HBO Sept.25,29 CE                  agent protecting a little girl goes into action
                                                                                               HBO Sept.5,16,19,22,27 C5EH
HBO Sept.4,15,19,24,28,30 C5EH                  MAX Sept.1,12,23,28 CDEH                                                                        LOOKING FOR COMEDY IN THE MUSLIM              when she is kidnapped. Scott Glenn.               MIAMI VICE Legendary TV cops Crockett
                                                                                               THE LAKE HOUSE Two people occupying                                                            (AC,AL,V) R-1:32. MAX Sept.20 CDH                 and Tubbs go undercover in the hunt for a
HOPE FLOATS A humiliated woman moves            IT TAKES TWO Look-alike girls from                                                              WORLD Albert Brooks’ send-up of politics
                                                                                               the same house two years apart conduct a                                                                                                         drug kingpin in this action-thriller. Jamie
back in with her mother. Sandra Bullock,        opposite sides of the tracks switch lives to                                                    in the age of terrorism. (AC,AL) PG13-1:38.   MARIA FULL OF GRACE HBO Original Movie
                                                                                               supernatural love affair. Keanu Reeves                                                                                                           Foxx and Colin Farrell star. (AC,AL,V)
Harry Connick Jr. star. (AC,AL,MV) PG13-        play matchmaker in this family comedy.         and Sandra Bullock star. (AL) PG-1:39. HBO       HBO Sept.1,10,18,28 C5EH                      A Colombian girl in search of a better life
1:54. HBO Sept.7,13,19,25 CDEH                  (AC) PG-1:41. MAX Sept.10 CSE                                                                                                                 becomes a drug mule. Catalina Sandino             R-2:12. HBO Sept.29 C5EH
                                                                                               Sept.1,7,13,19,24,30         C5EH                M                                             Moreno stars. Widescreen. (AC,AL,V) R-            MIDDLE SEXES: REDEFINING HE AND
HOTEL EROTICA Steamy erotic series. 05:         J                                              LANTANA A link between various characters
She’s the Boss (AC,N,SC) TVMA/S-:28.                                                                                                            MACARTHUR Gregory Peck delivers a             1:41. HBO Sept.20,24 C5EH                         SHE America Undercover A look at how
                                                JARHEAD Boredom drives a Marine sniper         rises to the surface after a woman’s             memorable portrayal of General Douglas                                                          different societies handle sexual identity
MAX Sept.23 CS; 06: Chasing Jamie                                                                                                                                                             THE MARINE WWE wrestling star John
                                                and his fellow grunts to the brink of mad-     disappearance. Anthony LaPaglia. (AC,AL,         MacArthur in this drama. Dan O’Herlihy co-                                                      and sexual orientation. (AC,AL,N)
(AC,N,SC) TVMA/S-:27. MAX Sept.23 CS;                                                                                                                                                         Cena is a disgraced Marine who becomes
                                                ness in this drama set during the Gulf War.    N,V) R-2:01. HBO Sept.6 CDEH                     stars. (V) PG-2:10. MAX Sept.17 CEH                                                             TVMA/S,L-1:14. HBO Sept.23,27 CSE
07: Falling in Lust Again (AC,N,SC)                                                                                                                                                           a one-man army on a mission of revenge in
TVMA/S-:27. MAX Sept.18 CS; 08: Blue            Jake Gyllenhaal, Jamie Foxx. (AC,GL,SC,V)      THE LAST BOY SCOUT When the stripper             MADE IN AMERICA A young black girl is         this action-thriller. (AC,AL,V) PG13-1:31.        MILK MONEY A young boy decides that a
Plate Special (AC,N,SC) TVMA/S-:26. MAX         R-2:03. HBO Sept.1,17,21 CDEH                  he’s guarding is gunned down, gumshoe            shocked to discover her ‘father’ is a white   MAX Sept.2,11,19,22 CDEH                          good-hearted hooker would make the
Sept.18 CS; 09: Legally Yours (AC,AL,           JOHN CARPENTER’S VAMPIRES A vampire            Bruce Willis teams up with her boyfriend,        car salesman. Whoopi Goldberg, Ted                                                              perfect wife for his widowed dad. Melanie
                                                                                                                                                                                              MARTIN LAWRENCE: YOU SO CRAZY An
N,SC) TVMA/S,L-:28. MAX Sept.24 CS              hunter (James Woods) takes on the most         Damon Wayans, to find the killers. (AL,          Danson, Nia Long and Will Smith star.                                                           Griffith, Ed Harris, Malcolm McDowell. (AC,
                                                                                                                                                                                              outrageous comedy concert with Martin
                                                powerful bloodsucker in the West. Daniel       BN,V) R-1:45. HBO Sept.7,12,22 CDE               (AC,AL) PG13-1:51. MAX Sept.19 CDE                                                              AL) PG13-1:49. MAX Sept.27 CDEH
I                                                                                                                                                                                             Lawrence. Warning: Adults-only humor!
                                                Baldwin and Sheryl Lee co-star. (AC,AL,N,V)    THE LAST HARD MEN Charlton Heston is a           MAJOR PAYNE Career military man               (AC,GL) TVMA/L-1:25. MAX Sept.1 CD                MOM AND DAD SAVE THE WORLD
I LIKE IT LIKE THAT A moving, funny tale of     R-1:48. MAX Sept.5,13,23 CDEH                  retired lawman who thinks his gunfighting        Damon Wayans takes a civilian job turning                                                       Comedy about a couple who are kidnapped
                                                                                                                                                                                              THE MATING HABITS OF THE EARTH-
a Bronx mother at a crossroads in her life.     JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE High-school girls         days are over until an old enemy returns. (AC,   clumsy prep-school kids into soldiers in                                                        by a lovestruck intergalactic despot. With
                                                                                                                                                                                              BOUND HUMAN Spoof about an alien
Lauren Velez, Jon Seda, Rita Moreno. (AC,       plot to bring down the campus stud. Jesse      AL,RP,V) R-1:37. MAX Sept.10 CEH                 this comedy. Karyn Parsons. (AL) PG13-1:37.                                                     Jon Lovitz, Dwier Brown and Kathy Ireland.
                                                                                                                                                                                              (David Hyde Pierce) who narrates a special
AL,MV) R-1:47. MAX Sept.26 CDEH                 Metcalfe, Brittany Snow. (AC,MV) PG13-         LEGENDARY NIGHTS: THE TALE OF                    HBO Sept.1,6,17,21,23,26 CSEH                 about the love rituals of humans. (AC,AL,         (AC,AL) PG-1:28. MAX Sept.29 CDH
ICE AGE: THE MELTDOWN Animated ice-             1:30. MAX Sept.2,13,17,26 CDEH                 HOLYFIELD-BOWE The battles between               MAKING BURY MY HEART AT WOUNDED               MV) R-1:30. MAX Sept.9 CDEH                       MONTEREY POP The hit concert film that
age creatures face their biggest challenge                                                     Evander Holyfield and Riddick Bowe. (AL)         KNEE Behind the scenes of this HBO Films                                                        chronicles the historic 1967 Monterey
                                                JUST MY LUCK A luck-blessed girl and a                                                                                                        THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS Keanu
yet: global warming. Voices: Ray Romano,                                                       TVPG/L-:27. HBO Sept.11,15 CSE                   production with Aidan Quinn, Adam Beach       Reeves, Laurence Fishburne and Carrie-            International Pop Festival. With Janis Joplin,
                                                luck-deprived guy fall in love–and switch
John Leguizamo, Denis Leary. (MV) PG-                                                          THE LEOPARD Luchino Visconti’s epic              and August Schellenberg. Widescreen. (V)      Anne Moss star in the third and final             The Who, Otis Redding, Jimi Hendrix and
                                                fortunes–in this romantic comedy. Lindsay
1:31. MAX Sept.5,11,22,30 CDEH                                                                 1963 drama of a proud Sicilian prince            TVPG/V-:11. HBO Sept.5,13 CSE                 chapter of the sci-fi trilogy. (AC,AL,GV) R-      more. (AC,AL) TVPG/L,D-1:19. MAX Sept.4
                                                Lohan and Chris Pine star. (MV) PG13-1:43.
IDIOCRACY Two human guinea pigs awaken          HBO Sept.2,6,10,14,19,29 C5EH                  facing the passing of his way of life. Burt      THE MAKING OF... These featurettes take       2:09. HBO Sept.1,6,14 CDEH                        MR. WONDERFUL A man with alimony
500 years into the future to see a society of                                                  Lancaster. (AL,MV) PG-2:41. MAX Sept.10 E        an inside look at movies. The Fast and the    MAX John Cusack stars in this searing             problems hits on a perfect solution: find his
idiots. Luke Wilson. (AL,BN,MV) R-1:24.         JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: FUTURESEX/
                                                LOVESHOW Pop music superstar Justin            LETHAL WEAPON The action classic with            Furious: Tokyo Drift (MV) TVPG/V-:13.         portrait of a fictional relationship between      ex a new husband so he’ll be free. With
MAX Sept.1,3,5,11,16,20,28 CDEH                                                                Mel Gibson and Danny Glover taking on a          HBO Sept.4,9,17,28 CSE; Flushed               a wealthy Jewish art dealer and a frus-           Matt Dillon and Annabella Sciorra. (AC,AL)
                                                Timberlake rocks the world’s most famous
THE IN CROWD A young woman just out of          arena, New York’s Madison Square Garden,       vicious narcotics ring. (AC,AL,BN,V) R-          Away TVG-:13. HBO Sept.6,15,19 CS;            trated young artist named Adolf Hitler. (AC,      PG13-1:39. MAX Sept.13 CDEH
an asylum winds up in bad company. Lori         in a full-length HBO concert event. TVPG-      1:50. MAX Sept.3,14,19,25 CDEH                   Hollywoodland Widescreen. (AC,MV)             AL,V) R-1:49. HBO Sept.14 CDEH                    MURDER IN MIND A woman out to prove
Heuring, Susan Ward. (AC,AL,BN,V) PG13-         2:57. HBO Sept.3,6,8,12,17,26,30 S             THE LIFE AND DEATH OF PETER SELLERS              TVPG/V,D-:13.        HBO      Sept.8,14,20    MAX ON SET Behind-the-scenes specials.            she didn’t kill her husband comes to learn
1:45. HBO Sept.6,12,18,23,28 CDEH                                                              HBO Original Movie Geoffrey Rush stars in        CSEH; Jarhead (V) TVPG/V-:13.                 Final Destination 3 Widescreen. (AL)              that the truth is worse. With Nigel
INSIDE DEEP THROAT A look at the legacy         K                                              this darkly comic portrait of charismatic        HBO Sept.19 CSE; Lady in the Water            TV14/L-:13. MAX Sept.21 CS; King Kong             Hawthorne, Mary-Louise Parker. (AC,AL,
of the notorious porn film. Widescreen. NC17-   KING KONG Peter Jackson’s epic remake          actor Peter Sellers. Widescreen. (AC,AL)         (AC,MV) TVPG/V,D-:13. HBO Sept.10,21          Widescreen. (MV) TVPG/V-:13. MAX Sept.11,         BN,V) R-1:28. HBO Sept.23 CSEH
1:30. HBO Sept.6,12,15,21,25 CDE                about a giant gorilla that runs amok in NYC    TVMA/L-2:01. HBO Sept.1 C5EH                     CS; Miami Vice Widescreen. (AC,V)             17 CS; A Prairie Home Companion TVG-              MY COUSIN VINNY Two youths facing a
INSIDE MAN A thief sets an elaborate bank       after being taken away from his native         LIMBO A tentative romance turns into a           TVPG/V,D-:14. HBO Sept.11,27,29 CS;           :12. MAX Sept.10 CS; The Ringer (AC,AL)           murder rap in Alabama hire New York’s
robbery in motion. Denzel Washington,           island—and his dream girl. Naomi Watts,        primal struggle to survive. Mary Elizabeth       Pan’s Labyrinth (AC,MV) TVPG/V,D-:13.         TVPG/L,D-:12. MAX Sept.12 CS; Tenacious           newest lawyer in this comedy. Joe Pesci,
Clive Owen, Jodie Foster star. (AC,AL,V) R-     Jack Black, Adrien Brody. (AC,AL,V) PG13-      Mastrantonio, David Strathairn. (AC,AL,V)        HBO Sept.11,15 CS; Superman Returns           D in The Pick of Destiny Widescreen.              Ralph Macchio, Marisa Tomei. (AC,AL) R-1:59.
2:09. MAX Sept.4,8,17,23,28 CDEH                3:07. MAX Sept.6,16,25,29 CDEH                 R-2:07. MAX Sept.7,21 CDEH                       (MV) TVPG/V-:13. HBO Sept.3,7,29 CS           (AC,AL) TV14/L,D-:13. MAX Sept.10 CS              MAX Sept.8,14,18,23,27 CDEH
N                                                OPIATE ADDICTION: UNDERSTANDING                  THE PRIDE OF ST. LOUIS The 1952 sports           REBOUND A disgraced college-hoops coach           RISING SUN Two L.A. cops investigate the        S
                                                 REPLACEMENT THERAPY Hospital admini-             classic with Dan Dailey as pitching whiz         takes over a lousy junior-high team in this       murder of an American party girl in a
NAKED SINS A lawyer discovers that his           strator Scott Farnum lectures on different       Dizzy Dean who led the Cardinals in the          comedy. Martin Lawrence. (MV) PG-1:27.            Japanese-owned skyscraper in this thriller.     SCOOP Woody Allen’s comic murder mystery
late wife was working for an escort service      types of opioids, their effects, and why         1934 World Series. TVG-1:33. MAX Sept.7          HBO Sept.1,4,9,14,17,27 C5EH                      Wesley Snipes, Sean Connery. (AC,AL,N,V)        about a reporter who tracks a killer with
he recently joined. (AC,AL,N,SC,V)               replacement therapy is an effective treat-                                                                                                          R-2:09. MAX Sept.4,10,22 CDEH                   help from a hack magician. Hugh Jack-
TVMA/V,S,L-1:23. MAX Sept.8,26 CS                                                                 THE PRINCESS BRIDE Bright & breezy tale          RED EYE Wes Craven’s high-altitude                                                                man, Scarlett Johansson. (AC,AL) PG13-
                                                 ment. (AC) TV14/D-:21. HBO Sept.28 CSE           of swords, sorcerers and true love. Mandy        thriller with Rachel McAdams battling a           THE ROAD WARRIOR Mel Gibson stars in
NAKED SURRENDER A sexy detective with                                                                                                                                                                                                                1:36. HBO Sept.7,10,20,23,26 CEH
                                                 OUT OF AFRICA Meryl Streep shines as a           Patinkin, Peter Falk, Billy Crystal. (AL,MV)     cold-blooded assassin on a red-eye flight.        this Mad Max sequel as a loner who stalks
a dark past joins up with her cop ex-            married woman in Kenya who falls for a           PG-1:38. MAX Sept.4,15,20 CDEH                   Cillian Murphy co-stars. (AC,AL,V) PG13-          Australia’s Outback for fuel after WWIII has    SEDUCED BY EVIL Suzanne Somers stars
husband for an erotic case. (AC,AL,N,SC,V)       charming adventurer in this memorable                                                             1:25. MAX Sept.5,10,15,20 CDEH                    destroyed most of civilization. (GV,N,RP) R-    as a writer whose life is upended by an
TVMA-1:30. MAX Sept.7,10,16,19,22 S                                                               PROBLEM CHILD 2 The juvenile jokester                                                                                                              interview with a creepy character in this
                                                 1986 Best Picture Oscar®-winner. (AC,MV)         returns for more malicious mischief in this      RED PLANET Sent to Mars to investigate            1:35. MAX Sept.7,24 CDEH
NINE INNINGS FROM GROUND ZERO An                 PG-2:41. MAX Sept.30 CDEH                                                                                                                                                                           thriller. Also with James B. Sikking, Julie
                                                                                                  comedy sequel. John Ritter, Michael Oliver,      problems with U.S. colonization, a space          THE ROOKIE Clint Eastwood toughs it out
inspiring look at the role of the dramatic                                                                                                                                                                                                           Carmen, John Vargas and Mindy Spence.
                                                 P                                                Laraine Newman, Amy Yasbeck. (AC,AL)             crew discovers that they are not alone. Val       as a veteran crime-fighter paired with
2001 World Series on America in the                                                                                                                                                                                                                  (AC,V) PG13-1:28. MAX Sept.2 CSE
                                                                                                  PG13-1:31. MAX Sept.2,18,24 CDEH                 Kilmer, Carrie-Anne Moss. (AC,AL,V) PG13-         rookie Charlie Sheen on the hunt for
aftermath of the September 11 attacks. (AL)      PAN’S LABYRINTH A little girl faces the                                                                                                             stolen-car king Raul Julia. (AC,AL,V) R-        THE SENTINEL A model finds herself at the
                                                                                                  THE PRODUCERS: THE MOVIE MUSICAL                 1:47. HBO Sept.5,9,14,18,28 C5EH
TVPG/L-1:02. HBO Sept.1,12,23 CSE                horrors of a fantastic netherworld in order                                                                                                         2:01. HBO Sept.15,28 CSEH                       doorway to diabolical terror when she
                                                 to escape the ones in her normal life in         Mel Brooks’ classic roars to hilarious new       REDS A world torn by war is the setting for                                                       moves into an apartment with a dark past.
NINE TO FIVE Three put-upon office                                                                life in this musical comedy. Nathan Lane                                                           ROOKIE OF THE YEAR An accident turns
                                                 Guillermo del Toro’s “richly imagined”                                                            a romance between an idealistic journalist                                                        Cristina Raines and Chris Sarandon star.
workers hatch a plot against their sexist                                                         and Matthew Broderick star. (AL,MV)                                                                an inept Little Leaguer into a pitching
                                                 (Variety) Oscar®-winner. (AC,AL,GV) R-                                                            and a woman who wants to be his equal.                                                            (AC,AL,N) R-1:32. MAX Sept.15 CEH
boss. Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton.                                                      PG13-2:14. MAX Sept.21 CDEH                                                                        phenomenon for the Chicago Cubs. With
                                                 1:59. HBO Sept.4,13,24 C5EH                                                                       Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton, Jack Nichol-
(AC,AL) PG-1:49. MAX Sept.22 CEH                                                                                                                                                                     Thomas Ian Nicholas and Gary Busey. (AL)        THE SEX SPA II: BODY WORK A sexy
                                                                                                  THE PROFESSIONAL A professional hit              son. (AC,AL,V) PG-3:15. MAX Sept.5 C                                                              masseuse develops passionate feelings for
95 MILES TO GO Ray Romano takes to the           PATTON This compelling biography of the                                                                                                             PG-1:44. HBO Sept.6,22,30 CDEH
                                                 tough World War II American general won          man “adopts” an orphaned 12-year-old girl        REGARDING HENRY A rich Manhattan                                                                  an affluent customer in this steamy sequel.
road for a return to his stand-up comedy                                                          in this drama with Jean Reno, Natalie                                                              ROSEANNE BARR: BLONDE AND BITCHIN’
                                                 eight 1970 Oscars®, including Best Picture                                                        lawyer finds his world turned upside-down                                                         Kaylani Lee, Jessica Drake. (AC,AL,N,SC)
roots in this amusing documentary. (AL)                                                           Portman and Gary Oldman. (AC,AL,GV) R-                                                             Roseanne Barr takes aim at everything
                                                 and Best Actor (George C. Scott). Karl                                                            when he is left with amnesia. Harrison Ford                                                       TVMA/S,L-1:29. MAX Sept.1,17 CS
R-1:18.       MAX      Sept.6,28         CD                                                       1:49. MAX Sept.9,19,29 CDEH                                                                        from old men taking Viagra to Vice President
                                                 Malden. (AL,V) PG-2:49. MAX Sept.14 CS                                                            and Annette Bening star. (AC,AL,V) PG13-                                                          SHARDS A hip-hop DJ confronts the horror
NORMAL LIFE Instant attraction between a                                                          PUSHING TIN The competition between              1:47. HBO Sept.7 CDEH                             Dick Cheney in this stand-up special. (AC,
rookie cop and wild temptress leads to           PERFECT ASSASSINS Andrew McCarthy                                                                                                                   AL) TVMA/L-:56. HBO Sept.14 CSH                 of his drug addiction while on a bender one
                                                 stars as a terrorism expert who is baffled       two air-traffic controllers takes a personal     REHEARSING A DREAM Cinemax Reel Life                                                              week after he watched his best friend die
trouble. Ashley Judd, Luke Perry star. (AC,AL,                                                    turn. John Cusack, Billy Bob Thornton. (AC,AL,                                                     ROUTE 9 A dusty Nevada highway detours
                                                 by a new crop of assassins. (AC,AL,V) TVMA/                                                       Gifted 17-year-olds share a week of dreams                                                        in this short. Lamont Bentley. (AC,BN,
BN,V) R-1:42. HBO Sept.9 CSEH                                                                     V) R-2:04. MAX Sept.8,26 CDEH                                                                      to danger, double-cross and death in this
                                                 V,L-1:38. MAX Sept.22 CSEH                                                                        in Miami learning from renowned artists.                                                          GL,MV) TVMA/L-:23. MAX Sept.3 CD
THE NOTORIOUS BETTIE PAGE Gretchen                                                                                                                                                                   thriller. Kyle MacLachlan, Peter Coyote star.
Mol plays the 1950s pin-up girl in director      PHAT GIRLZ Mo’Nique delivers plus-size           R                                                TVG-:40. HBO Sept.8,16,25,28 CS
                                                                                                                                                                                                     (AC,AL,V) R-1:45. MAX Sept.11 CDE               SHELTER DOGS America Undercover A
                                                 laughs in this raucous comedy about an           REAL SEX PRESENTS THE BEST SEX: A                RENEGADES Kiefer Sutherland and Lou                                                               look at an upstate New York dog shelter
Mary Harron’s biographical film. (AC,GL) R-                                                                                                                                                          ROVER DANGERFIELD A wisecracking Las
                                                 overweight woman living in an                    RETROSPECTIVE This edition of Real Sex           Diamond Phillips play an undercover cop                                                           whose controversial owner considers
1:31. MAX Sept.12 CDEH                                                                                                                                                                               Vegas pooch is like a fish out of water when
                                                 underweight world. (AC,AL) PG13-1:38.            includes food-fetish feasts, nude beauty         and a Native American man who team up                                                             euthanasia a humane option in rare cases.
O                                                                                                                                                                                                    he ends up on a farm in this animated
                                                 MAX Sept.2,10,19,25,29 CDEH                      pageants, virtual sex and more. (AC,GL,          to achieve a common goal: revenge. (AC,                                                           (AC) TV14/D-1:13. HBO Sept.9,21 CSE
                                                                                                                                                                                                     comedy featuring the voice of Rodney
O Shakespeare’s tragedy of jealousy and          PICASSO TRIGGER It’s a graphic, lusty            N,SC) TVMA/S,L-:54. HBO Sept.20 CSE              AL,V) R-1:45. HBO Sept.3 CDEH                     Dangerfield. G-1:14. MAX Sept.28 CDE            SHE’S THE MAN Teen star Amanda Bynes
deceit is set in a modern-day school. Mekhi      tangle of Feds vs. vicious drug kings,           A REAL SEX XTRA: PORNUCOPIA: GOING               THE RETURN Haunting visions lead a                RUDE AWAKENING After 20 years in                turns Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night on its
Phifer, Julia Stiles, Josh Hartnett. (AC,AL,N,   starring several gorgeous ex-Playmates.          DOWN IN THE VALLEY The premiere                  young woman on a dangerous trek into the          Central America, hippie dropouts Eric           ear in this fun variation on the gender-
V) R-1:34. HBO Sept.12,30 C5EH                   (AL,N,RP,SC,V) R-1:39. MAX Sept.15 CE            episode of this adults-only series. 01:          past. Sarah Michelle Gellar. (MV) PG13-1:25.      Roberts and Cheech Marin return to New          bending comedy. (AC,AL) PG13-1:45. HBO
THE OBJECT OF MY AFFECTION A straight            PINOCHET’S LAST STAND HBO Original               Perky and Punctual (AC,AL,N,SC)                  MAX Sept.8,10,12,20,25,30 CDEH                    York to expose a CIA plot–and then the          Sept.2,5,17,22,25,28        C5EH
woman and a gay man who live together            Movie Former Chilean dictator Augusto            TVMA/S,L-:26. HBO Sept.24,27 CSE                 THE RETURN OF MAXWELL SMART (THE                  culture-clash      complications      begin!    SHOCK VIDEO REFRIED: THE BEST OF
find their relationship complicated by her       Pinochet’s surprise arrest for crimes            REAL SPORTS WITH BRYANT GUMBEL The               NUDE BOMB) Don Adams is back as the               (AL,BN,V) R-1:40. MAX Sept.4 S                  THE WORST America Undercover Sizzling
pregnancy. Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd.          against humanity while in London in 1998.        acclaimed sports magazine that goes              bumbling secret agent from Get Smart.             RUMOR HAS IT A journalist discovers that        clips of TV from around the globe. (AC,AL,
(AC,AL) R-1:52. HBO Sept.7 CDEH                  TV14-1:17. HBO Sept.11,20,24 CDE                 beyond the scores and stats. (AL) TVPG/L-        (AC,MV) PG-1:33. MAX Sept.27 CEH                  her mother and grandmother may have             N,SC) TVMA/S,L-:44. HBO Sept.13 CSE
OFF AND RUNNING A “mermaid,” a golf              PLASTIC DISASTERS HBO Documentary                :58. HBO Sept.18,20,22,24,26,28,30 CSE           RICOCHET Two old enemies battle to the            been the inspiration for The Graduate. Jen-     SHOCKER A notorious serial killer con-
pro and a hooker’s kid run for their lives in    Films Three case studies of plastic surgery      REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER HBO’s                  death in this electrifying crime drama.           nifer Aniston, Kevin Costner. (AC,AL) PG13-     tinues his murderous ways from beyond
this comic mystery. Cyndi Lauper. (AC,AL,        procedures that went horrifically wrong.         edgy live talk series. 106: (AC,AL) TVMA/L-      Starring Denzel Washington. (AC,AL,GV,N)          1:37. MAX Sept.1,7,13,22 CDEH                   the grave. Mitch Pileggi stars. (AC,AL,GV)
MV) PG13-1:31. MAX Sept.26 CDE                   (AC,N) TVMA/S-1:00. HBO Sept.25 CSE              :57. HBO Sept.2,3,5 S; 107: (AC,AL) TVMA/L-      R-1:42. MAX Sept.6,16,25 CDEH                     RUNNING SCARED A gangster’s task of             R-1:50. HBO Sept.4 CSEH
ON A CLEAR DAY An unemployed man sets            A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION Stirring                :57. HBO Sept.7,9,10,12 S; 108: (AC,AL)          THE RINGER A screwball pretends to be             ditching the guns from a botched drug deal      SHOWDOWN Billy Blanks stars as a high-
out to swim across the English Channel.          recreation of the beloved radio show and the     TVMA/L-:57. HBO Sept.14,16,17,19 S; 109:         mentally challenged in order to fix the Special   goes awry when his son’s pal steals one         school janitor who takes a bullied youth
Peter Mullan, Brenda Blethyn. (AC,AL) PG13-      events leading up to the final broadcast. (AC)   (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:57. HBO Sept.21,23,24,26;        Olympics. Johnny Knoxville. (AC,AL) PG13-         and shoots his abusive dad. Paul Walker. (AC,   under his wing and teaches him karate.
1:39. HBO Sept.10,21 C5EH                        PG13-1:46. MAX Sept.16,27 CDEH                   110: (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:57. HBO Sept.28,30          1:34. MAX Sept.4,8,26,30 CDEH                     AL,GV) R-2:02. HBO Sept.8 C5EH                  (AC,AL,V) R-1:38. HBO Sept.7,17 CDE
THE SICILIAN CLAN A Sicilian crime family        THE SOPRANOS Encore plays from the             SYRIANA A series of parallel stories reveal       TOO HOT NOT TO HANDLE This cautionary              WEIRD SCIENCE Two teen nerds use their           Y
teams up with a hot-headed young cop-            sixth and final season of HBO’s acclaimed      a searing tale of danger and double-cross         film offers a guide to the very real impact        computer wizardry to create a high-tech
killer to hijack a planeload of jewels in this   drama series. 78: Soprano Home Movies          set against the oil industry. George Clooney,     of global warming in the U.S.–and the              goddess with superhuman powers. Anthony          YESTERDAY HBO Original Movie Inspiring
1970 thriller. Jean Gabin, Alain Delon.          (AC,AL,BN,GV) TVMA/V,L-:51. HBO Sept.9         Matt Damon and Jeffrey Wright. (AC,AL,V)          measures that can be taken to reduce this          Michael Hall, Kelly LeBrock. (AC,AL,BN,MV)       2004 Oscar®-nominee for Best Foreign
(AL,N,V) PG-1:58. MAX Sept.26 CEH                C5EH; 79: Stage 5 (AC,AL,GV,N)                 R-2:08. MAX Sept.7,11,28 CDEH                     threat. TVG-:53. HBO Sept.2,19,24 CSE              PG13-1:33. MAX Sept.14 CDEH                      Language Film about an African woman
                                                 TVMA/V,S,L-:56.          HBO         Sept.16                                                                                                                                                         with AIDS who vows to see her daughter go
SIMON SEZ Dennis Rodman plays an                                                                T                                                 TRANSPORTER 2 Driver-for-hire Jason                WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE Scientists race              to school. Leleti Khumalo. Widescreen.
Interpol agent who helps an old buddy            C5EH; 80: Remember When                                                                          Statham tackles a new job and a new set            to build a rocket ship before doomsday
                                                 (AC,AL,GV,N) TVMA/V,S,L-:58. HBO Sept.23       TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES III:                                                                                                                     (AC,AL,V) R-1:33. HBO Sept.3 DEH
while battling an arms dealer. With Dane                                                                                                          of villains using only his nerve and a high-       arrives in the form a maverick star hurtling
Cook and Natalia Cigliuti. (AC,AL,V) PG13-       C5EH; 81: Chasing It (AC,AL)                   THE TURTLES ARE BACK...IN TIME The                                                                   towards Earth in this 1951 classic. Richard      YOU, ME AND DUPREE The honeymoon
                                                                                                                                                  performance Audi. (AC,AL,BN,V) PG13-1:28.
1:25. MAX Sept.7,15,20,26 CDEH                   TVMA/L-:50. HBO Sept.30 C5EH                   brave Turtles are warped back into ancient                                                           Derr, Barbara Rush. G-1:22. MAX Sept.16 E        comes to a grinding end for two
                                                                                                                                                  MAX Sept.3,8,14,20,26,30 CDEH                                                                       newlyweds who take in the groom’s
                                                 SOUTH BOSTON DRUG COURT A profile of           Japan in this third film in the family series.
SIN CITY DIARIES Erotic series.                                                                                                                   TREMORS II: AFTERSHOCKS The giant,                 WHITE HUNTER, BLACK HEART Drama                  slacker best man. Owen Wilson, Kate
                                                 a drug court where repeat, non-violent         (V) PG-1:36. MAX Sept.10 CDH
Widescreen. 01: In Capable Hands                                                                                                                  ravenous graboids are back and ruining an          based on John Huston’s making of The             Hudson, Matt Dillon. (AC,AL,BN,MV) PG13-
(AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-:33. MAX Sept.4            felons are mandated to receive treatment.      TELL ME YOU LOVE ME The series                    oil company’s business by eating                   African Queen. Clint Eastwood stars. (AL,V)
                                                 (AL) TV14/L-:23. HBO Sept.9 CSE                premiere of HBO’s all-new drama about                                                                                                                 1:49. MAX Sept.22,24,26,30 CDEH
CSH;              02: Chorus Dreams                                                                                                               everything in sight. Fred Ward. (AL,V)             PG-1:52. HBO Sept.14,20,25 C EH
                                                 STAGE FRIGHT Alfred Hitchcock’s 1950           three couples and the therapist they share.                                                                                                           YOU’VE GOT MAIL Tom Hanks and Meg
(AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-:33. MAX Sept.4                                                                                                             PG13-1:39. HBO Sept.4,24 CSEH                      WHITE PALACE The relationship between
                                                 thriller about a drama student who turns       01: (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:55. HBO Sept.                                                                                                                     Ryan are rival bookstore owners who fall in
CSH; 03: Con Man (AC,AL,N,SC,V)                                                                                                                   TRUST THE MAN Two New York couples seek            a young, successful widower and a middle-
                                                 detective to help an old flame accused of      9,10,11,12,14,15,25 C5EH; 02:                                                                                                                         love via their anonymous cyberchat! (AC)
TVMA/V,S,L-:35. MAX Sept.13 CSH;                                                                                                                  solutions to their problems in this romantic       aged waitress is put to the test by society’s
                                                 murder. Jane Wyman, Richard Todd, Marlene      (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:50. HBO Sept.16,17,                                                                                                                   PG-2:00. MAX Sept.3,12,21 CDEH
04: It Almost Didn’t Happen One Night                                                                                                             comedy. Billy Crudup, David Duchovny,              norms. Susan Sarandon, James Spader. (AC,
(AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-:31. MAX Sept.13           Dietrich. (AC) TVPG/D-1:50. MAX Sept.12 C      18,19,21,22,25 C5Eh; 03: (AC,
                                                                                                                                                  Maggie Gyllenhaal, Julianne Moore. (AC,            AL) R-1:43. HBO Sept.27 CDEH
CSH; 11: The Boss’s Daughter                     STAR KID Spencer is the loneliest seventh-     AL) TVMA/L-:48. HBO Sept.23,24,25,
                                                                                                                                                  AL) R-1:40. MAX Sept.2,14 CDEH                     WHO’S THE MAN? Doctor Dre and Ed Lover
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      PLEASE NOTE:
(AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-:35. MAX Sept.2            grader on earth, until a magical cybersuit     26,28,29 C5Eh; 04: (AC,AL)                                                                                                                            We now use the following new TV Parental
                                                                                                TVMA/L-:50. HBO Sept.30 C5Eh                      TWIN FALLS IDAHO Conjoined twins                   star as barbers-turned-cops in a drug-laden      Guidelines. We hope that, used in conjunction
CSH; 12: Tour of Duty (AC,AL,N,SC)               turns his world around. Joseph Mazzello.                                                                                                            Harlem hood in this comedy. (AC,AL,V)
TVMA/S,L-:38. MAX Sept.2 CSH; 13:                                                               TELLING NICHOLAS America Undercover               venture into the outside world...and find it                                                        with our usual content advisories, they will help
                                                 (MV) PG-1:41. HBO Sept.3,19 CDEH                                                                                                                    R-1:29. MAX Sept.13,24 CDH                       you make more informed viewing decisions.
Angelica Needs a Vacation (AC,AL,N,SC)                                                          Heart-wrenching documentary about a               challenges the integrity of their relationship.
                                                 STAR TREK V: THE FINAL FRONTIER A                                                                (AC,AL) R-1:51. MAX Sept.19 CSEH                   WIDE SARGASSO SEA A plantation heiress           TVY     Appropriate for all children
TVMA/S,L-:35. MAX Sept.1,2 CS                    Vulcan mystic hijacks the Enterprise to go     family faced with telling a little boy that his
                                                                                                                                                  TWINS Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny              enters into an arranged marriage that            TVY7 Directed to older children
THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING                  on a quest for God. William Shatner,           mother died on 9/11. Widescreen. (AC,AL)                                                                                                              TVG     For General audiences
                                                                                                TVPG/L,D-1:25. HBO Sept.11,15 CSE                 DeVito are the unlikeliest—and loopiest—           begins as a dream...until the force of her
PANTS Four best friends circulate a special      Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley star. (AL,V)                                                                                                         desires begins to drive him away. (AC,AL,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      TVPG Parental guidance suggested
pair of jeans during their first summer          PG-1:46. MAX Sept.17 CDEH                      TENACIOUS D IN THE PICK OF DESTINY                twins ever to cut the cord. (AC,AL,V)                                                               TV14 Parental guidance strongly suggested
                                                                                                                                                  PG-1:47. MAX Sept.8 CDEH                           N,SC) NC17-1:38. MAX Sept.14 CDE                 TVMA Mature audiences only
apart in this adaptation of Ann Brashares’       STORM CATCHER Ace pilot Dolph                  The heavy-metal parody duo goes in search
popular novel. Amber Tamblyn, America                                                           of a guitar pick with magical powers. Jack        U                                                  WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE                    Below is a detailed list of content advisories for
                                                 Lundgren finds himself wrongfully accused                                                                                                           FACTORY Gene Wilder is the world’s               our programs to help you make more informed
Ferrera, Blake Lively, Alexis Bledel. (AC)       of a plot to overthrow the U.S. (AL,V) R-      Black and Kyle Gass star. (AC,AL) R-1:34.
                                                                                                                                                  UNITED 93 The horror and heroism of                greatest candymaker in this musical fantasy      viewing decisions for you and your family. They
PG-1:59. MAX Sept.11 CDEH                        1:35. MAX Sept.16 CSEH                         MAX Sept.15,17,19,27,30 CDEh                                                                                                                          also appear on HBO at the start of each program.
                                                                                                                                                  September 11, 2001, is seen from the               based on Roald Dahl’s acclaimed children’s
SITTING PRETTY The 1948 comedy                   STRIPES Bill Murray is the modern              THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE                  perspective of the one hijacked jet that did       story. G-1:40. MAX Sept.13 CSEH                  AC Adult content            BN Brief nudity
classic that launched the popular “Mr.           military's most unlikely hero in this wild     BEGINNING The origins of Leatherface are                                                                                                              AL Adult language           N Nudity
                                                                                                                                                  not reach its intended target. (AL,V) R-           THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK A trio of                GL Graphic language SC Strong sexual
Belvedere” series. Robert Young, Maureen         comedy romp. Also with Harold Ramis,           brought to gruesome life in this prequel to       1:51. HBO Sept.10,30 C5EH                                                                           MV Mild violence                 content
O’Hara, Clifton Webb. TVG-1:24. MAX Sept.27                                                     the 2003 remake. Jordana Brewster. (AC,                                                              witches go looking for Mr. Right—and up
                                                 John Candy and Warren Oates. (AL,MV,N)                                                                                                                                                               V Violence                  RP Rape
THE SKELETON KEY Hoodoo magic haunts             R-1:46. MAX Sept.3,14,20,29 CEH                AL,GV) R-1:31. MAX Sept.7,23 CDEH                 W                                                  pops the satanic Jack Nicholson! Cher, Susan     GV Graphic Violence
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Sarandon and Michelle Pfeiffer. (AC,AL) R-       C indicates closed-captioned programs. Special decoder needed.
a nurse after she takes a job caring for a       STUART SAVES HIS FAMILY Saturday               THANK YOU FOR SMOKING Aaron Eckhart               WAKING LIFE Richard Linklater’s acclaimed          1:58. MAX Sept.1,17,28 CDEH                      s indicates programs in stereo, where available. d indicates
man in his creepy plantation house. Kate         Night Live 12-step devotee Stuart Smalley      lights up the laughs with a devilishly dry        animated film follows its protagonist                                                               programs with Dolby Surround Encoding, where available. Registered
Hudson, Gena Rowlands. (BN,MV) PG13-                                                            performance as a smooth-talking smoking           through a haunting series of dreams. (AC,          WOLFEN Werewolf-like beings of                   TM of Dolby Laboratories. Used with permission. E indica
                                                 risks his sanity by confronting his dysfunc-                                                                                                                                                         programas en español, donde fuesen disponibles. h indicates
1:44. MAX Sept.4,13,22,28 CDEH                                                                  lobbyist in this satire. Mario Bello. (AC,AL)     AL) R-1:41. MAX Sept.17 CDEH                       extraordinary intelligence run wild in New
                                                 tional family. Al Franken. (AC,AL) PG13-                                                                                                                                                             high definition (HD) version will air on HD feed, where available. In
                                                                                                R-1:32. MAX Sept.6,12,25 CDEH                                                                        York City. Albert Finney stars as a detective    homes using HD feed, E function is not accessible. 5 indicates
SLUMS OF BEVERLY HILLS A teenage girl            1:37. HBO Sept.12,16,20,24 CDEH                                                                  WALLACE & GROMIT: THE CURSE OF THE                                                                  programs in Dolby Digital 5.1, where available. © 2007 Home Box
                                                                                                                                                                                                     who tries to solve the case. Gregory Hines.      Office, Inc. All rights reserved. HBO®, Cinemax®, MAX®, America
deals with her eccentric family’s nomadic        SUPERMAN RETURNS The Man of Steel is           THIN This documentary takes a deeply              WERE-RABBIT Wallace and his mute mutt              (AL,GV,N) R-1:54. MAX Sept.24 CD                 Undercover®, World Championship Boxing®, Entourage®, Tell Me You
lifestyle in 1976 Beverly Hills. Natasha         back to battle the diabolical Lex Luthor.      affecting look at the struggles of women to       Gromit race to stop a monstrous herbivore                                                           Love MeSM, Curb Your Enthusiasm®, Real Time with Bill MaherSM, Real
Lyonne, Alan Arkin, Marisa Tomei. (AC,           Brandon Routh. (AC,AL,V) PG13-2:34. HBO        overcome eating disorders. (AC,AL)                in this 2005 Oscar®-winner for Best Animated       X                                                Sports With Bryant GumbelSM, HBO Films®, Costas NOWSM, Big LoveSM,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      and HBO Documentary Films® are service marks of Home Box Office,
AL,N) R-1:31. MAX Sept.22 CDEH                   Sept.2,4,8,10,16,18,29 C5EH                    TVMA/L-1:42. HBO Sept.10 CSE                      Film. G-1:25. MAX Sept.6 CDEH                      X-MEN: THE LAST STAND An antibody that           Inc. Oscar and the Academy Award are registered trademarks and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      service marks of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
SNAKES ON A PLANE Deadly poisonous               SWITCH A dead man is not allowed to            THE THIRTEENTH FLOOR A computer geek              A WEDDING Director Robert Altman’s biting          can turn mutants normal results in war in this   Exclusive titles are exclusive on national pay cable to HBO during the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      term of their license. HBO reserves the right to make a schedule
snakes of all kinds are unleashed on a red-      enter Heaven unless he can go back as a        is swept into a virtual-reality nightmare in      1978 satire of America’s last great tribal rite.   third entry in the X-Men saga. Hugh Jack-        change or program substitution without notice. Flight of the
eye flight. Samuel L. Jackson. (AC,AL,BN,        female. Ellen Barkin and Jimmy Smits star.     this sci-fi thriller. Craig Bierko. (AC,AL,V)     Carol Burnett, Mia Farrow, Desi Arnaz, Jr.         man, Halle Berry. (AC,AL,V) PG13-1:44. HBO       ConchordsSM service mark and trademarks are used by Home Box
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Office, Inc. under license. Batman Begins TM & ©2005 DC COMICS
GV) R-1:46. HBO Sept.2,5 C5EH                    (AC,AL) R-1:43. MAX Sept.7 CDEH                R-1:40. MAX Sept.8,20,24 CDEH                     (AL,BN) PG-2:05. MAX Sept.23 CDH                   Sept.1,5,7,9,11,13,15,27 C5EH                    INC. All Rights Reserved.

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