Beth Reporter

                         BETH REPORTER                                                 February 2001
                                                                                      Sh’vat/Adar 5761

                                                     wait! There’s more! Our Rabbis tell us that
                                                     HaShem called all the trees together and inquired
                    As I See Things…                 as to which one would volunteer its wood for the
                    By Rabbi                         structure. And despite an excellent case made by
                                                     the fig tree, the vine, the apple tree, the nut tree,
                    Shawn Zell                       the Etrog tree, the willow, and the cedar, the
                                                     thorn-bush is ultimately chosen.
         Thorn- bush, Crataegus monogyna—                    The next time you receive Temple corre-
probably one of the most overlooked, when it         spondence (look at the top of this page), you’ll
comes to trees. And that’s a shame! Were it up to    notice our logo. Those flames that represent the
me, I’d go out on a limb this Tu B’Shevat, and no    burning bush? It wasn’t just any bush that was
different than the Chinese with their Year of the    not consumed, as the Torah would have us be-
Dragon, Monkey, etc., I’d proclaim it to be the      lieve. It was the thorn-bush. And no fewer than
Year of the Thorn-bush. And I base my choice not     ten reasons are given for HaShem choosing the
only on the very fact that the thorn-bush seems to   thorn-bush through which to manifest Himself
be so often supplanted and overshadowed by tall,     (one reason was that HaShem, by speaking via a
magnificent members of the same genus, but be-       stunted, prickly thorn-bush wished to impress
cause of its sheer importance when it comes to       upon us, that He too suffers along with His Cho-
our people’s past. To wit:                           sen People).
         Each Rosh Hashanah, we read how Hagar               So, whether it be oak, ash, lemon or lime
and child were sent away by Abraham (at Sarah’s      or whatever tree you feel to be of importance,
insistence), and how Ishmael (the child) was cast    personally, I’ll root for the thorn-bush.
off beneath a tree , once the food and water run             Happy Tu B’Shvat to All!
out. But that’s bush- league compared to what hap-
pens to Asnat. Born to Dinah, Jacob’s one and
only daughter, Asnat, the product of Dinah having                 BACK UP AND BOW
been violated by Shechem, son of Hamor, was          Upon completing the Silent Amidah, Judaism asks
abandoned under a thorn-bush. Evidently, the         that we take three steps back, bow to the left, bow
shame and shanda was too much to shoulder. And       to the right, and bow straight ahead. The three
yes, from that thorn-bush, Asnat was transported     steps back is our taking leave of holy ground
to Egypt by angel express, no less, and adopted by   (standing before HaShem making various request—
Mr. and Mrs. Potiphar, a childless couple. And       much the same as a servant takes leave of his mas-
years later, Viceroy Joseph, when looking for a      ter after a request session).
wife, casts his eyes on...You guessed it! And, the   Bowing to the left, then right? There are two oppos-
rest, they say, is history.                          ing faces on either side of HaShem: mercy and
         Personally speaking, I have no idea about   vengeance. We attempt to harmonize these two op-
                                                     posing forces in life. Bowing straight ahead? Ac -
the material used for the cross that was used to
                                                     knowledging that harmony only exists through
punish that man from Nazareth. Centuries earlier,
however, a cross made from the wood of a thorn-
bush was built under Haman’s direction to be
used as a gallows from which Mordechai would          FEBRUARY TORAH DISCUSSION TOPICS:
hang. Divine intervention made it so that Haman      February 3 All For One and One For All
ended up double-crossing himself and hanging         February 10 What’s the Difference?
from that very same thorn-bush gallows. But          February 17 Your Day in Court
                                                     February 24 Clues for Jews
      Page 2                                             BETH REPORTER

                                                     who coordinate our events, but, in order to be able to
                                                     maintain our engaging and informative programs, we
                             From The                are absolutely dependent on the financial support of
                                                     our entire membership. Therefore, I am encouraging
                             President               all of you to support our Sanctuary Seat Dedication by
                           On February 1 (15th       remembering or honoring a loved one, or just simply
of Shvat), we will celebrate Tu B`Shvat, or          making a donation toward this worthwhile fundraiser.
“The New Year For Trees.” Like a tree that is                As we celebrate Tu B’Shvat, let us all resolve
firmly planted in the soil with a strong and nu-     to further strengthen the community we call Temple
merous foundation of roots to support it, TBO/       Beth O’r/Beth Torah, so that we can continue to pro-
BT provides the strong sense of community -          vide ample enrichment and nourishment to our me m-
the “soil” where our members can be enriched         bers and the community-at- large.
and nourished in a supportive growth environ-
ment.                                                B’Shalom,
Those of you that attended our “Edith and            Lauren
Mark Lief Scholar–In-Residence Shabbaton,”
can impart to our fellow congregants all that we     Dear Congregants:
learned from our guest lecturers, William                   Pursuant to the Constitution of TBO/BT you are
Helmreich, noted author and Professor of Soci-       hereby notified that the Nominating Committee will be se-
ology and Judaic Studies at CCNY, and his
wife, Helaine, an author in her right. Our           lected at the meeting of the Congregation Board on February
Men’s Club also conducted outreach and work-         12, 2001. Any member of our congregation, in good stand-
shops on the mitzvah of laying tephillin.            ing, may submit his/her name for consideration by the Board
Adults and students alike were able to partake
                                                     for membership on that committee, provided such notice is
of this very meaningful project.
      February is a relatively quiet month for us,   received by the Board prior to the February meeting of the
but rest assured, we are extremely busy plan-        Congregation Board.
ning for a jam-packed March. Of course, we                   Howard Spialter, Nominating Committee Chair.
look forward to spending time together during
synagogue services throughout the week and on
Shabbat; especially on February 9, when we
will participate in a Tu B’Shvat Seder follow-                                             SHABBAT
ing Shabbat evening services. In addition, why                                             ACROSS
not take advantage of or participate in the many
ongoing programs offered at our temple, such                                               AMERICA
as, our Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah class, our Ulpan                   Friday, March 23
and Yiddush classes, maybe a “Lunch &
Learn,” or a regularly scheduled meeting or
                                                            Blessings, Ruach, Singing
two of the various arms and committees of our                     Dinner: 6:30 PM
shul. And please, when called upon to assist                         No Charge
with Bingo, consider giving an hour or two of
your time each month (Sisterhood will give do-         Donations to TBO/BT are greatly
nor credit).                                         appreciated to help promote these types
        Always remember, the success of our
programming is not only dependent upon our                    of events in the future
dedicated professionals, staff and volunteers        Must RSVP by March 15th, 2001. Rides
                                                        are available. Please call the office.
           Page 4                                      BETH REPORTER

                            Sisterhood                      Sisterhood Special fund
                            President’s                Mazel Tov
                            Message                    To: Zal Spialter in honor of his performance in
                                                       Guys & Dolls
                                                       From: Gloria & Richard Brown
                                                       To: Alan Gordon in honor of his 70th birthday
In February, we celebrate the holiday of Tu            From: Gladys Blum
B'Shvat, the birthday of the trees, on the 8th. Our    To: Helene & Al Davis on their 25th anniversary
Sisterhood calendar is quiet. However, national        From: Judy & Steve Hurok
events this month include Jewish Music Season          To: Wendy & Alan Mandelbaum in honor of
on February 10th and Sisterhood/Brotherhood            Meryl’s Bat Mitzvah
Week beginning on February 18th.                       From: Judy & Steve Hurok
Purim is around the corner. Look fo r our mailing      To: Shulamit Sebbag on the loss of her father
regarding our wonderful Shalach Mones pack-            From Elyse & Howard Spialter & Family
ages. Please help support Sisterhood by returning      Yarzeits
your order forms quickly. Elyse Litt is chairing       From: Joan Oberman in memory of Sidney Zim-
this important fundraiser and is already busy at       merman
work with her committee. Last year she did an          From: Shirley Wachter in memory of Dora Wa-
outstanding job. Let's help her again this year.       chter

Diane Goldstein
                                                               Golden Books may be
                                                               purchased once again
         RUMMAGE SALE                                           from our Captains :
          APRIL 22, 12:30 TO 3 PM
    Volunteers needed.                                     Sondra Caplan (732) 906-8718
    Call Cindy Jay if you need to                          Evelyn Shulman (908) 276-6894
    activate your donor credit number                      Betty Needleman (908) 769-7498
    or to volunteer. (908)561-3392
                                                           The cost is $2.00 each.
                                                           Payments for Golden Books should go to:
                                                                  Roz Shifrin
                 Bend? Bow?                                       189 Middlesex Avenue
                                                                  Iselin, NJ 08830
           Steps Forward or Back?                                 Tel # (732) 283-4780
 Come learn to feel more at ease at Shabbat Services
                        At the
                                                                  BOOK DISCUSSION
              Sunday, March 11, 2001
                                                                  Sunday, March 4, 2001
                10:30—11:30 A.M.
                                                                        10:30 A. M.
                    Temple Library
        Women & Men are encouraged to attend                        The Committed Life
         R. S. V. P. to Shirah Zell by March 4                 By Rebbetzin Esther Jungries
                     732-574-9457                           Discussion leader: Susan Lieberman
                            BETH REPORTER                                             Page 5

            Tu B’Shvat Seder                                         PASSOVER FOOD
                                                                WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR
               Come Celebrate                                   ORDERING AND PURCHAS-
          the New Year of the Trees                              ING FROM CHAI CUISINE
              Join us on Friday,                                More information will follow in
              February 9, 2001                                        the March Bulletin

           From Seder to Seder                                   SPONSOR THE KIDDUSH
Granted that we are still eating the fruit of Tu B’Shvat, but
can the matzah of Passover be that far off?                          AT PASSOVER!
         Temple Beth O’r/Beth Torah                             $125 for each Kiddush or any amount
                                                                      you feel comfortable with
         Annual Congregational Seder
                                                                 Please call Dan Shifrin or Al Davis
             Sunday night, April 8, 2001
                                                                              for details
                     7:30 P.M.

                        SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2001, 10 A.M.– 1 P.M.
         The JCC of Central NJ and Temple Beth O’r/ Beth Torah, through a generous contribution
 from the Jewish Federation of Central NJ, will feature author and professor at Columbia University
 Graduate School of Journalism, Samuel Freedman, as Scholar for a Day.
         His newest book, Jew vs. Jew: The Struggle for the Soul of American Jewry is an exploration of
 the current internal struggle facing Jews in America today. Come and join this informative and educa-
 tional program.

       Join the TBO/BT fund-raising supporters by
                   participating in the
               Sanctuary Seat Dedication.
                             There are several options available:
                                       A pew for $1800,
                                        A seat for $180
                      A Donation without plaque (your choice of amount)
                     We would like to see 100% participation in this event.
                  The Sanctuary Seat plaques will be dedicated in a ceremony
                                  at the Membership Dance
                              On Saturday evening, March 31
            Call Gloria Brown @ 908-352-1207 or Lorraine Loshin @908-276-9481
        Page 6                                                     BETH REPORTER

                   MEN'S CLUB                           wards USY/Kadimah activities as well as our Teen and Junior congrega-
                                                        tions, and provides gifts to all our B’nai Mitzvah.
                   The Prez Sez                         Ø Our Paid-Up Membership event (Kosher Chinese for you and your
                                                        significant other as well as two passes to a first run movie) alone is
                                                        worth the dues. (Movie tix are $9@ on average, coffee and dessert at
                Shalom Chaverim,                        any diner is at least $2.50@ and a Kosher Chinese meal has to cost at
                Hopefully, everyone has survived        least $6.50@.) Add it up – it’s $36.00.
                the snowy January and as our            Ø Programming is better than it’s been in recent years. We had Rabbi
thoughts turn to T’u B’Shevat and trees, warmer         Fellner with his video lecture series that was very well received, Casino
temperatures will prevent a recurrence. Blizzard        Night which was a rousing success (ask anyone that was there). Our first
or not, Men’s Club was represented at services          Dorney Park trip was greeted with excitement, and our Past Presidents’
that fateful Shabbat and we brought our families –      Breakfast was enjoyed by all in attendance. Men’s Club Shabbat has
there WAS a Minyan!                                     been extremely well received in the last few years and the addition of
          As I write this we are beginning a new        our “choir” last year added a touch of class that we are still hearing
year, a new century, and a new millennium. If           about. We are about to hear a gala concert performed by the Solomon
ever there was a time for resolutions and new be-       Schechter High School Choir and the upcoming Rabbi’s Forum will give
ginnings, this is it. Personally, I want to review      you a lot of food for thought as they answer “The Impossible Ques-
those things I set in motion for correction during      tions.” In recent years we also brought you Tuvia Singer in an all day
the High Holidays and get back on track where I         program on Fighting the Hebrew Christian Missionaries, Esther East
strayed. As president of Men’s Club, I need to do       from JFS speaking on Alcoholism in the Jewish Community, a program
the same for the club.                                  on Communicating Effectively with Your Teenagers (led by a clinical
          When I took the presidency in June of         psychologist), and Jonathon Pollard’s sister speaking on the Pollard is-
’99 I set a goal of 150 paid-up members by the          sue.
time I left office (we had 76 then) – a lofty, but      Ø We’ve had a trip to Atlantic City, several to see the Trenton Thun-
not unattainable goal. We upped the number to 92        der play baseball and there are more planned.
last year – a nice increase but not close to goal. It   Ø Men’s Club had a bowling league once upon a time but it fell apart
pains me to report that, a year later, we’re at the     when not enough people wanted to participate. We also placed a pro-
same 92. Frankly, I can’t understand how we can         posal on the table to sponsor the shul’s softball team but no one ever got
have 375+ family units but only 92 of them have a       back to us.
Men’s Club member. I must conclude that Men’s           Ø Men’s Club members are active participants at Shabbat services
Club is not seen as being important to the shul’s       whether on Friday nights, Saturday mornings or both. In addition to
functionality or you don’t feel we are providing        Men’s club Shabbat, we take over at least one Friday night over the sum-
the types of services, educational or social activ i-   mer and we are footing a movement to get men (and women) involved
ties that are of interest to you. I have reviewed       with the mitzvah of tephillin.
every aspect I can think of and this is what I come               What else can we do? What els e should we do? What will it
up with.                                                take to get you to join us and even participate? You tell me – I’m all
Ø Our dues are only $36.00/year and arrange-            ears!!!
ments can be made for anyone not being able to                    Frankly, I’d like to have our Men’s Club have a new beginning.
afford that sum so it isn’t the money.                  I’d like to see us be a vibrant arm of the Temple performing services and
Ø We provide services including: visiting the           putting on programs that make people sit up and take notice. If we’re
sick and elderly at the moshav z’kaynim; bringing       going to attract new members (and we MUST do this), then we need to
the special adults in our community to services         make every single area of our Temple shine – services (ALL OF
periodically; building and taking down the shul’s       THEM!), Hebrew School, Sisterhood, Seniors, Young Couples and
Sukkah each year; providing minyanim for fami-          Men’s Club. The more we have to offer individually and collectively,
lies observing a Shivah (as many as four at a           the better chance we’ll have at competing for members with other local
time!) so that Kaddish may be said; providing           shuls. Will you help us in this arena?
ushers for B’nai Mitzvah to maintain decorum and                  You missed some great programs in the past and just missed a
keep the roving hordes corralled; providing a full      great Paid-Up Dinner and Movie but don’t miss the boat. Send us your
complement of ushers during High Holiday ser-           membership dues and while you are at it, send us your ideas. There are
vices to facilitate the services, maintain decorum,     several vacated positions on our board so if you really want to see things
assist with seating and aliyot, and assist with         changed, here’s a way for you to change them. Remember, organiza-
pledge cards, etc.; dishing up the ice cream and at     tions are changed from the inside not the outside. Our Men’s Club, like
the annual Purim Ice Cream Social; delivering the       our shul, is a “can do” place. All that’s missing is you.
Yom HaShoah candles; and others.                        B’Chaverut,
Ø Men’s Club supports our children via the Pu-
rim Carnival each year and donates money to-            Al Davis
                          BETH REPORTER                                           Page 7

February 2- 4 - If you are attending USY’s Midwinter    February 25 - Zonal Event - An Afternoon of
Kinnus in Ocean, have a great time!                     Games: "Name that Tune" and "Who Wants to
                                                        be a Jewish Millionaire?" sponsored by
February 3rd - USY’s Regional Dance in Ocean.
                                                        CLUSY. Time: 1pm - 2:30pm. Place: Temple
Time: 8pm - 11:30pm. Cost: $7. Must RSVP to your
                                                        Beth O'r/Beth Torah! Must RSVP to your advi-
advisors if you are attending!
February 9 - Kadima’s Friday Night Service. If you
                                                        Mark Your Calendar:
are interested in participating, please contact Shawn
                                                        March 2nd - USY’s Upcoming Friday Night
Cammy 732-549-4725 or by e- mail: DX8812@aol.
                                                        service : if you are interested in participating
                                                        please contact USY’s Religious VP Bethany
February 9 - USY’ers . Join us for USY’s Toons -for-    Shiffrin 732-283-4780 or if
Teens Service. It’s a place where you learn USY         interested in a part!!
tunes and hang out! Time: 8pm at the Temple. Pick-up:
                                                        For further information regarding USY con-
10pm. Must RSVP to David Corman or Steven Le i-
                                                        Co-Presidents: David Corman, Phone: 908-
February 11 - Scavenger Hunt for Kadima - Wood-         654-7163 e-mail: or Steven
bridge Mall. Time: 2:15pm - 3:15pm. Meet at the Car-    Leibowitz, Phone: 908-232-5435 or e-mail:
ousel! MUST HAVE ONE PARENT CHAPERONE          for further informa-
PER TEAM! Must RSVP to your advisors!                   tion regarding Kadima contact Jordana Orn-
                                                        stein, President, Phone: 908-355-8852 or e-
February - 11 - Scavenger Hunt for USY - 3:30pm -
                                                        mail: or Tammy or
4:30pm. Woodbridge Mall. Meet at the Carousel!
                                                        Debbie Freeman, your advisors- Phone: 908-
February 17 - Kadima Dance in Flanders. Time:           964-8865 or on e- mail:
8pm - 10:30pm. Cost: $6. Must RSVP to your advi-        No calls on Shabbat/Holidays or after 10PM

                                                            TEEN CONGREGATION
 USY SUMMER SCHOLARSHIPS                                    The next service will be held
 are available for approved programs such as
 USY on Wheels, Israel Pilgrimage, etc.                      Saturday, February 10th
 Applications are in the office. Deadline is                       at 9:30 AM.
 March 1.
 Irene Goldstein                                         The Solomon Schechter
                                                             Choir Concert
        WE ARE NOW ON-LINE!                                Sunday, February 11 th at
       Temple Beth O’r/ Beth Torah’s
 brand-new web site was officially launched
      at                  at Temple Beth O’r/Beth Torah
           Page 8                                              BETH REPORTER

                                                                           Don’t Forget!!
From the Principal’s
Desk                                                              Wednesday, February 7, 2001
     I want to thank all of you for your good                            Tu B’Shvat
wishes and words of comfort as I experienced
the loss of my beloved father A’H.
                                                                Each class will conduct its own mini-
         It was, also, comforting to know that Hebrew
School continued to function smoothly during my absence.       Seder, do some planting, and have a con-
This was because of my excellent teaching staff, as well as    test with prizes, of course!
the volunteer efforts on the part of the parents. Todah Rab-

                                                                   Purim is Coming!!!
         As we continue on, this month we look forward to
the Daled Shabbat on Friday, February 2, mini-Seders in
each class on Wednesday, February 7, and the Congregation
                                                               Sunday, March 4 — Purim Party/Seudah
Tu B’Shvat Seder on Friday, February 9. Together with
Rabbi Zell, I encourage all Hebrew School students to at-
tend along with their parents.                                 Thursday, March 8, 6:30 P.M.—Megillah
                                                               Reading, Make Your Own Sundaes, & En-
Shalom,                                                        tertainment
Shulamit Sebbag, Principal
                                                               Friday, March 9, 6:30 A.M.—Megillah
                                                               Reading & Special Purim Treats
          Dates to Remember
   Friday, February 2—Daled Dinner
   Wednesday, February 7—Mini Tu B’Shvat
                       Seders in each class
   Friday, February 9—Congregation Tu B’Sh                                             Rachel Winograd
                                                                                    Rachel is a Seventh
                       vat Seder
                                                                                    Grade Honor Student
   Sunday, February 18—No Hebrew School
                                                                                    at John Adams Middle
                                                                                    School, Edison who will
                                                                                    be celebrating her Bat
                                                                                    Mitzvah on Shabbat
    The Premier Israel Experience program,                                          morning, February 3,
             Livnot U'Lehibanot                                                     2001. She is a member
                  announces                                                         of the Band and the Pen
                                                            Pal Club. She plays softball and attends theater
TO ISRAEL WITH A PEER GROUP, THROUGHOUT THE YEAR.           camp and has studied dance for 9 years. Her
   Our upcoming program is February 11 - 25. Partic i-      interests include playing the drums and chatting
pants will engage in challenging hikes off the beaten       with friends on the computer. Rachel was cho-
track, learn about their Jewish roots, and contribute to    sen to play on the Allstar Traveling Softball
meaningful community service projects.                      Team for the last 3 seasons. She is looking fo r-
   For additional information about the trip, including a   ward to the responsibilities of becoming a Jew-
sample 2-week schedule, visit the website at www.           ish adult. Mazel Tov to her parents, Roy and, or contact Livnot U'Lehibanot at 1-888-      Marilyn Winograd, her brother, Daniel, her
LIVNOT-0 or Participants can          grandmother, Edith Winograd, and her grand-
register on-line. Contact office for further details at     parents, Norma & David Wein.
 972 2 679 3491, fax: 972 2 679 3492
           Page 9                                                 BETH REPORTER

                                                                  Scott, & Britty Cohen; Flora Mae Weiss; Lauren & Bill
                                                                  Falk & Family; Helene & Michael Miller
                                                                  To: Carol Gerald on the loss of her father
Mazel Tov                                                         From: Laurie & Larry Marcus
To: Lynne & David Brotman for Michelle’s Bat Mitzvah
From: Elyse, Reed, & Jake Altholz; Gloria & Richard Brown;        To: Diane Goldstein on the loss of her father
JoAnn, Sam, Jason, Scott, & Britty Cohen; Helene, Al, Orin, &     From: Barbara, Jay, Holli, & Dara Van-Wiemo kly
Michelle Davis; Claudia & Andrew Dorsch & Family; Lauren,         To: Sidney Goldstein on the loss of his sister
Bill, David, Evan, & Alex Falk; Bob, Joleen, & Marc Fridson;      From: Arthur & Adeline Gesten, Roz & Herb Dube, Ev-
Diane, Michael, Josh, & Amanda Goldstein; Sidney Goldstein;       eline & Morris Roth
Jdy & Steve Hurok; Paula & Paul Hymanson; Hinda & Jerry
Kaplan & Family; Jack & Susan Lieberman & Family; Sue &           To: Diana Lazaruk on the loss of her mother
Ben Margulies                                                     From: Barbara, Jay, Holli, & Dara Van-Wiemokly

To: Al Davis on becoming Man of the Year                          To: Barbara Muhlgeier on the loss of her mother
From: Arthur & Adeline Gesten                                     From: Laurie & Jack Marcus, Flora Mae Weiss, Gary &
                                                                  Henri Rosen & Family, Joleen, Bob, & Marc Fridson,
To: Mr. & Mrs. Irving Kersner for their grandson’s, David, Bar    Debbie & Scott Seidman & Family, Lauren & Bill Falk,
Mitzvah                                                           Diane & Michael Goldstein; Cindy, Bobby, Adam, &
From: Bunny & Ralph Confino                                       Evan Jay; Barbara, Jim, David, & Michael Segala; Elyse,
To: Mr. & Mrs. David Koerner for Melissa’s Bat Mitzvah            Reed, & Jake Altholz
From: Gladys Blum                                                 To: Mitch Nadler on the loss of his father
To: Sue & Ben Margulies in honor of their granddaughter,          From: Laurie, Larry, & Jack Marcus
Alanna                                                            To: Sarah Reinholtz on the loss of her mother
From: Jean & Richard Corman, Morris & Eveline Roth                From: Helene, Al, Orin, & Michelle Davis; Joleen, Bob,
To: Sue & Theodore Moreines on the naming of their daughter       & Marc Fridson; Jean & Richard Corman; Barbara, Jay,
From: Eveline & Morris Roth                                       Holli, & Dara Van-Wiemokly; Elyse, Reed, & Jake Alt-
                                                                  holz; Carla & Michael Rockcliff; Gina & Ken Fried-
To: Thelma & Art Purdy on their 50th Wedding Anniversary          lander; Joann & David Goldstein; JoAnn, Sam, Jason,
From: Sandi & Irv Gleitm Sylvia Lipson, Morris & Eveline          Scott, & Britty Cohen; Jack & Susan Lieberman & Fam-
Roth, Miriam & Marty Levine                                       ily; Helene & Michael Miller; Judy & Steve Hurok
To: Harriet & Justin Rothschild on the birth of their grandson,   To: Mr. & Mrs. Harry Reitman on the loss of their sister
Jason                                                             From: Arthur & Adeline Gesten, Esther Lehner
From: Flora Mae Weiss; Helene, Al, Orin, & Michelle Davis;
Sidney Goldstein                                                  To: Rona Wexler on the loss of her father, Bernard Wex-
To: Mr. & Mrs. R. Schlossman for the Bart Mitzvah of their        From: Diane & Michael Goldstein & Family, Carla &
granddaughter                                                     Michael Rockliff; Harold Presser; Joleen, Bob, & Marc
From: Gladys Blum                                                 Fridson; Gina & Ken Friedlander; Sarah & William Rein-
To: Roseanne & Alvin Skopp on the birth of their grandson         holtz; Elyse, Reed, & Jake Altholz; Sidney Goldstein;
From: Lauren & Bill Falk & Family; Judy & Steve Hurok;            Lauren & Bill Falk & Family; Joanne & David Goldstein;
Carla & Michael Rockliff; Gloria & Richard Brown; Sidney          JoAnn, Sam, Jason, Scott, & Britty Cohen; Hinda & Jerry
Goldstein; Sue & Ben Margulies; Kare, Ian, David, & Steve         Kaplan; Sylvia & Aaron Margolies
Langer; JoAnn, Sam, Jason, Scott, & Britty Cohen                  Speedy Recovery
To: Sharon & Wayne Traub on their new home                        To: Lou German
From: Debbie & Scott Seidman & Family                             From: Adeline & Arthur Gesten
To: Gene White & Ellen Cohen for Ari’s Bar Mitzvah
From: Elyse, Reed, & Jake Altholz; Gloria & Richard Brown;
JoAnn, Sam, Jason, Scott, & Britty Cohen; Lauren & Bill Falk
& Family; Diane & Michael Goldstein & Family; Jack & Susan
Lieberman & Family                                                The Beth Reporter is now being
Condolences                                                       published by the office staff. Please
To: Herbert Dube on the loss of his brother, Harry                make sure you submit all articles and
From: Arthur & Adeline Gesten; Diane & Michael Goldstein;
Paula & Paul Hymanson; Harold Presser; JoAnn, Sam, Jason,         notices by the 15th of the preceding
                            BETH REPORTER                                                          Page 10

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund:                               MAZEL TOVS to: Bob Lapidus on his selection as
 *Anonymous                                               the community representative for A. L. Johnson HS
 *Norman Brotman, In honor of granddaughter Mi-           Middle States Evaluation committee; Maxine &
 chelle's Bat Mitzvah                                     Donald Paris on the marriage of their son, Brian, to
 *Laurie & Larry Marcus, in appreciation & thank          Karen Suissa & his graduation with a Doctorate in
 you to Rabbi Zell                                        Chiropractics; Diane & Allan Richman, on the en-
 *Ida Mandel, in memory of daughter, Sharon               gagement of their daughter, Elaine, to Elliot Rand;
 *Milton & Lorraine Loshin for Nathan Loshin's            Roy & Marilyn Winograd on the Bat Mitzvah of
 Yahrzeit                                                 their daughter, Rachel
 *Jacob & Frances Rubinstein for Yizkor
 *Dave & Bea Wolman for Jacob Wolman’s Yarzeit            CONDOLENCES to: Ann Levine, on the passing
                                                          of her brother, Nathan Bassman; Phyllis Chanin, on
 Yahrzeit Fund: George Austrager, Martin Ax-              the passing of her husband, Paul; Shulamit Sebbag,
 elrad, Alan Davis, Claudia Dorsch, Arleen Duchin,        on the passing of her father, B’Chor Natan Isbia
 Esther Ducoff, Lisa Edles, Pauline Feibush, Martin
 Fink, Fred Fisher, Edith Gittleman, Joyce Goldberg,
 Lois Kawut, Freida Kovar, Cecilia Lobato, Betty
 Unger Needleman, Barbara Plotkin, Lawrence Rie-                    ONEGS, KIDDUSHES & SEUDAHS
 mer, Eli Robbins, Marvin Rubinstein, Arthur Shalit,                  RECENTLY SPONSORED BY:
 Sarah Sofman, Nettie Stein, Dorothy Tankel, Muriel
                                                          Ruth Gold, in honor of her granddaughter, Sarah
 Tannebaum, Vivian Vogel, Sidney Wilchins, Sylvia
                                                          Emily Gutman’s, naming; Wendy & Alan Mandel-
 Wolkin, Myrna Young
                                                          baum in honor of Meryl’s Bat Mitzvah; Jeffrey &
                                                          Florence Berman in honor of Michelle’s Bat Mitz-
 Dr. Alred M. Schulman Memorial                           vah; Sisterhood; Congregation.
 Library Fund: Helene & Michael Miller

 Minyan Breakfast Fund: Ruth Dengrove
 in memory of Irving Dengrove; Rose Tannenbaum
                                                                  SIMCHA TREE LEAVES
 Sol Sern Memorial Fund: Anonymous,                           ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE
 Debbie Friedman in memory of brother Barry                           AT $180 EACH
 Kelner                                                     This is a wonderful way to honor Bar/Bat
                                                            Mitzvot, Weddings, Anniversaries, special
 TEMPLE BETH O’R/BETH TORAH FUND                            birthdays, births. Please call the Temple office
                                                            to reserve your leaf
 Barbara & Jay Van-Wiemokly in memory of the fa-
 ther of Susan Horwitz and in honor of Maxine &
 Don Paris’ son’s wedding; Ann & Fred Goldstein in
 honor of Hilda Moses’ special birthday; Dr Noah
 Chivian in memory of Paul Chanin; Alison &                     When That Time Comes, God Forbid
 Stanley Reus in memory of Paul Chanin
                                                                Should it happen that there is a loss in the family
                                                                and you wish to have Rabbi Zell officiate, please
                                                                contact him regarding setting a time before
 THANK YOU BOX                                                  speaking with the funeral chapel. This will mini-
 Shulamit Sebbag wishes to thank everyone for all their         mize scheduling difficulties.
 kind thoughts and wishes during this difficult time.

          SUNDAY, MARCH 4, 2001
             1:30 to 4:30 P.M.

              UNTIL MARCH 1
       $12 WORTH OF TICKETS FOR $10.

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