; America’s Most-Trusted Dad Urges Procter & Gamble to Include Fathers in Olympics Ads
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America’s Most-Trusted Dad Urges Procter & Gamble to Include Fathers in Olympics Ads


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									America’s Most-Trusted Dad Urges Procter & Gamble to Include Fathers in
Olympics Ads

“Thank You, Mom!”–P & G’s controversial slogan for its Olympics ads—is
the subject of a fast-spreading internet petition

Oakland, CA, May 25, 2012 -- Armin Brott,an internationally acclaimed
authority on fatherhood, is urging Procter & Gamble to stop ignoring
fathers in their advertising for the upcoming summer Olympics.

He says that the company's current "Thank You, Mom" campaign alienates
dads as consumers and ignores the tremendous influence fathers have on
their children.

"Of course moms should be thanked," says Brott, who, in addition to being
the father of three, is also a bestselling author and a nationally
syndicated columnist and radio talk show host. "They do a lot! But moms
and dads each contribute different - yet equally important - things to
their children's development. Why leave dads out?"

The contributions fathers make to their children's development are quite
powerful. "When fathers are actively involved, their children do better
in school, participate more in sports, and are less likely to abuse drugs
and alcohol," says Brott, a former U.S. Marine, who has served on an
advisory board for Pampers, one of P & G's flagship brands. "They also
work harder, have more self-confidence, and, as athletes, are more
resilient in the face of defeat." A more appropriate P & G ad slogan,
Brott says, would be "Thank You, Mom and Dad," and a growing number of
petition signers agree.

Brott's first book, The Expectant Father, is seen in the movie "Act of
Valor," where two Navy Seals (one is an expectant dad) share concerns
about being assigned far from home. And in the hit film "Knocked up," an
unintentional dad in need of urgent parenting advice is seen reading The
Expectant Father.

The Military Father, Brott's most recent book, helps deployed dads keep
strong relationships with their family before, during and after
deployment. Rave reviews include one from Linda Powell, daughter of
General Colin Powell, who called The Military Father a "wonderful book
that will help ease what are difficult journeys."

Brott is available to discuss the P & G petition and also talk about the
importance of fathers - to children, to moms, to dads, and to society as
a whole.

Readers interested in supporting the petition can sign at: tinyurl.com/P-

About Armin Brott
Based in Oakland, California, Armin Brott, has helped millions of men
around the world become the fathers they want to be. The author of eight
bestselling books on fatherhood, Armin also writes the nationally
syndicated newspaper column, "Ask Mr. Dad," and the DadSoup blog, runs
MrDad.com, and hosts the syndicated "Positive Parenting" radio show,
which airs on more than 500 stations.

About MrDad.com:
We provide books, CDs, and many other resources designed to give fathers
the skills, support, and encouragement to be the dads they want to be--
and their family needs them to be.

Armin Brott
302 Zephyr Drive
Oakland, CA, 94607

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