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					                                                                    July - Aug. 2009
Massive Expansions
for Jaz Hotels, Resorts & Cruises
     Jaz Hotels, Resorts & Cruises
     Expands its Portfolio in Marsa Alam

     Jaz Hotels, Resorts & Cruises         Iberotel to Manage
     Launches First Hotel in Aswan         Il Mercato Sharm El Sheikh
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      July - Aug. 2009

                                                                                                                                                                          four scarabs, 94 beaded necklaces, and 99
                                                                                                                                                                          fragments of pottery with colored drawings
                                                                                                                                                                          and long funerary figures.

                                                                                                                                                                          Minister of Investment Announces
                                                                                                                                                                          Finalization of Upper Egypt - Red Sea

                                                                                                                                                                          Minister of investment, Mahmoud Mohieldin,
                                                                                                                                                                          recently announced that 77% of the works on
                                                                                                                                                                          the highway connecting between Upper
                                                                                                                                                                          Egypt and the red Sea are accomplished.
                                                                                                                                                                          The long highway that is financed by the
                                                                                                                                                                          Ministry of Investment, and costs
                                                                                                                                                                          approximately LE 3 billion, will be connecting
                                                                                                                                                                          the governorates of Sohag, Assiut, and Qena
                                                                                                                                                                          to the Red sea through Sinai. It is scheduled to
                                                                                                                                                                          begin operations in September of 2009.

                                                                                                                                                                          Government Discloses Plans for
New Kingdom Temple Discovered in Sinai                                                                                                                                    Renovating Downtown Cairo

                                                                                                                                                                          The government began renovating the areas
An archaeological mission sponsored by Egypt’s              decorated with images of ancient Egyptian deities,                                                            of downtown Cairo, with plans to turn it into
Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) has discovered
the remains of a large New Kingdom temple in the area
of Tell Hebua in the Sinai.
                                                            including Horus, Hathor, Tefnut, Montu, and Renenutet.
                                                            The temple also contains images of Thutmose II and
                                                            Ramsis II.
                                                                                                                         News in Brief                                    an attractive touristic area, in junction with
                                                                                                                                                                          the completion of a four-floor parking in Al-
                                                                                                                                                                          Tahrir square.
Excavators have found inscriptions in the temple dating     Early studies of the temple indicate that it was an          Repossessing Ancient Artifacts from              The government has also undertaken plenty
to the reign of Thutmose II (ca. 1516-1504 BC) through      important religious center for Egypt’s eastern border        Eton’s Myers Museum
that of Ramsis II (1304-1237 BC). Zahi Hawass, Secretary    region. Its walls were brightly painted, and it housed
                                                                                                                                                                          of procedures to slowdown the traffic
General of the SCA, described the discovery as one of the   three limestone purification basins along with a number                                                       including closing down a shopping mall, and
most important ever made in the Sinai. It is the largest    of chapels. The team found two groups of storehouses         Egypt succeeded in repossessing 454 ancient      rerouting public transportation in order to
temple known in the region. It is built of mud brick, and   consisting of 13 rooms each. These storehouses               artifacts that had been removed out of the       encourage using them more than private
surrounded by a 4 meter-thick wall. It consists of four     probably date to the reigns of kings Seti I (ca. 1314-1304   country for more than 30 years ago. The          vehicles; in addition to requesting the
rectangular halls containing a total of 34 columns          BC), Ramsis II and Seti II (ca. 1315-1215 BC).               Egyptian Authorities stated that the             downtown buildings to remove all the
                                                                                                                         repossessed artifacts include pharaonic          encroachments that blemished their

EgyptAir Rewards its Customers                                                                                           pottery and bronze coins.

                                                                                                                         On April 30th, the Egyptian Chief

                                                                                                                                                                          Ministry of Tourism Improves Hurghada’s
As the airline continues to enhance and improve its         class of service.                                            Archeologist, Zahi Hawass, stated that the
services, EgyptAir launched its loyalty program,            When the member enrolls with EgyptAir for the first                                                           Security System
                                                                                                                         pieces have returned to Egypt from the UK’s
EgyptAir Plus, offering its customers a world of            time, he receives the classic blue card, and as a special
unlimited rewards.                                          welcome gift, EgyptAir adds 1000 bonus points to his         Myers Museum.                                    The Ministry of Tourism will be paying LE 10
EgyptAir plus invites its members to have the benefit of    enrollment card. Upon accumulation of 20,000 points,         Mr. Husseni Al-Afuni, head of Egypt’s Red Sea    million in order to provide all the touristic
a smart card- based loyalty program encompassing a          the member is automatically upgraded to the Silver           antiquities department, cited that the           squares and locations in Hurghada with
wide range of aspects. To become a member, one can          Card, and then he earns more points with an additional       recovered artifacts were taken out between       security cameras. The 24 hour- operating
enroll directly online or through the applications that     20% bonus of points entitled for every flight. After the     1972 and 1988 after UNESCO banned                cameras will be hosted by the old Hurghada
are found in EgyptAir’s offices and the travel agents.      accumulation of 45,000 points, the member receives the       antiquities trafficking in 1970, He also added   Police Station, which is scheduled to be
Every time the member travels with EgyptAir on              Golden Card, and gaining more points with the                that the artifacts included 12 bronze coins,     renovated.
international and domestic routes, he will earn points      membership of this card allows him to have an
that vary according to the distance traveled and the        additional 30% bonus to points entitled for every flight.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            July - Aug. 2009

                                                                                                                            Team Takes Part in Desert Expedition
  Obama Visits Egyptian Landmarks                                                                                         Travco Group participated in a 15-day desert expedition       where the pharaohs stopped for fresh water refills.
On June 4th 2009, United States President Barack where they spent a few hours admiring the history and                    in search for Egypt’s primary human beings and their          Moreover, they discovered the Black Desert, which is
Obama arrived in Cairo to deliver a keynote address culture of the country.                                               habitat. Using all its resources, Travco along with           located to the south of the marine oases according to
about a new US partnership with the Muslim world. The                                                                     21other participants including researchers,                   geologists, and is mostly coated with iron oxides which
speech took place on the campus of Cairo University,                                                                      archaeologists, and members of the desert tourism             gives it its dark color. They also spotted several pyramids
one of the oldest secular institutions of higher learning                                                                 industry, dug deep into the desert’s thick sands and          and sphinx-like monuments, as well as the world’s
in the Arab world.                                                                                                        exposed the roots of our ancestors.                           largest natural engraving museum.
The president's brief stay in Cairo included a visit to the
Sultan Hassan mosque, a 600-year-old center of Islamic                                                                    Mr. Mohamed Al-Kaisouni, Environment Advisor to the           At the end of their expedition, and after reaching the
worship and study. He also toured the Great Pyramids of                                                                   Minister of Tourism and Supervisor of Desert Tourism,         peek of El-Gilf El-Kebir, the team found more
Giza, which he labeled as “awe-inspiring”. Obama                                                                          stated that the main goal of this expedition is to improve    monuments resembling the first Egyptians who
described the tour as the best off the record experience                                                                  the valleys and pedestrian routes for the tourist convoys     reached that point. These monuments included that of
of his presidency so far.                                                                                                 by placing benchmarks leading to the areas where one          Ahmed Hassanein Pacha, Prince Kamal El-Din Hussein
                                                                                                                          can find long lost relics dating back to Pharaonic times.     who was the first to reach the peak after Ahmed
Travco Group provided transportation to the                                                                               Travco Group contributed to this expedition by                Hassanein Pacha stopped just below it at the valley, and
delegation, including residents and guests, from the                                                                      providing the desert equipment, qualified guides, and         the third belonged to the Egyptian Samir Lama, who just
Maadi and Garden City districts in Cairo, to the Pyramids                                                                 the required vehicles for these wild terrains. All team       recently was the last to summit this magnificent
                                                                                                                          members were offered extreme safety measures during           mountain.
                                                                                                                          their 15-day trek. The expedition began on the 21st of

Egypt to Launch Awareness Campaigns in India                                                                              March, where the team was trekking through valleys
                                                                                                                          and oases including El-Gilf El-Kebir, and archaeologists
                                                                                                                          described its geographical foot with its sands and hills
To promote Marsa Alam on the Red Sea for the                tourist destinations in Egypt, in order to create a           as that of the planet Mars.
honeymoon and MICE segments, Egypt Tourism will             lasting impression in the minds of Indian travelers.
be launching advertising campaigns in major Indian                                                                        The trail covered was about 4000 kilometers in almost
metros starting with Delhi and Mumbai soon.                 When asked about the new destination and travel               500 hours, 300 of which they spent amongst the desert’s
Apart from that, Egypt Tourism will also organize           products that Egypt wanted to focus on and promote            caves in well-equipped cars used as shelter.The team
Egyptian cultural nights in important Indian cities like    in the Indian market, Selim stated that Marsa Alam on         was able to unveil more about the lives of the pharaohs'
Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai           the Red Sea will be promoted as a preferred                   ancestors, who began their lives on the peek of El-Gilf El-
and Pune in the coming months. This information was         destination for the honeymoon segment and MICE                Kebir and Owaynat Mountain prior to residing by the
disclosed by Magdi Selim, Director Egyptian Tourist         groups. “It’s a virgin destination with lots of leisure and   Nile. They made very interesting discoveries such as
office in India.                                            adventure opportunities. Moreover, there are plenty           Wadi (valley) Soora, which was renowned for the
Moreover, the tourism department also plans to host         of convention and exhibition facilities around this           engravings made inside the Sabaheen Cave; in addition
TV channels from India for fashion shoots at important      area,” opined Selim.                                          to El-Mestekawy Cave, Wadi Bakht, and Wadi Abu Ballas
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              July - Aug. 2009

             al Re   so rt –
Ja   z Cryst

                      Jaz Little
                                    Venice G
                                             o     lf Resort
                                                               – Lobby

                 Jaz L
                                        e   Golf
                                                                                   Massive Expansions for Jaz Hotels, Resorts & Cruises                                                                                  Jaz Little Venice Golf Resort – Superior Room
                                                          rt – H
                                                                   eal th
                                                                            Club   Jaz Hotels, Resorts & Cruises, the hospitality division of   Almaza Bay resort on Egypt’s North Coast with the          To be launched this month on the unruffled shores of
                                                                                   Egypt’s number one travel conglomerate, Travco               recently introduced Jaz Crystal Resort and Jaz Oriental    Marsa Alam, 25 km south of the Marsa Alam Airport, is
                                                                                   Group, is set to undergo the largest expansion plan to       Resort - both offering relaxed, elegant, and Moroccan      Sol Y Mar Dolphin House, a true sanctuary for those in
                                                                                   date with more than 22 properties in the pipeline, 11        environments.                                              search of a relaxing and unhurried holiday. Sol Y Mar
                                                                                   of which are nearing completion within 2009. Known           At Almaza Bay opportunities are aplenty with the           Moreen Resort & Spa is the other upcoming resort on
                                                                                   for its sizeable portfolio of 60 hotels, resorts and         shopping, sports and entertainment facilities; that in     the Southern part of Marsa Alam. The 4-star hotel
                                                                                   cruises, Jaz is currently experiencing a period of           addition to the area’s first international Marina and      comprises spacious and tastefully furnished superior
                                                                                   unprecedented growth.                                        boardwalk under planning. Almaza Bay is shaping up         and family rooms and enjoys its own private beach.
                                                                                                                                                as a prime all-year round destination with the upscale     The variety of sporting and kids facilities makes the
                                                                                   The 5-star Iberotel Cairo Hotel & Casino was the first of    residential complex under development by Travco            resort ideal for families in search of a quiet vacation.
                                                                                   a series of new strategic and key locations the              Properties.                                                With an international diving center, this resort will
                                                   Master      Bedroom
                                       i Palms –                                   company is exploring. Its strategic location combined                                                                   attract diving enthusiasts from all over the world.
             Iberotel                                                              with state-of-the art conference and banquet facilities      In Hurghada, the luxury beachfront resort Iberotel
                                                                                   makes this venue ideal for all types of groups and           Aquamarine, will soon welcome its guests at the plush      There are four upcoming developments in the
                                                                                   events. This prestigious hotel offers various leisure        5-star holiday retreat. Its rooms and suites provide the   budding tourist destination, Sharm El Sheikh,
                                                                                   activities including the Casino, the upcoming Spa, and       full range of modern day amenities including in-room       including the 4-star Sol Y Mar Sharks Bay and Sol Y Mar
                                                                                   the variety of specialty restaurants, to name a few.         internet connection.                                       Naama Bay situated in the heart of Naama Bay.
                                                                                                                                                As for Madinat Makadi, the company’s tourist village       Designed by the world famous Daniele Morelli, the
                                                                                   The recently unleashed Jaz Little Venice Golf Resort in      along the coastline of the Red Sea, it has recently        new 5-star hotel, Spa and restaurants complex,
                                                                                   Ain Sokhna is a mere two-hour drive from Cairo. The 5-       introduced Iberotel Makadi Palms residences. The           Iberotel Mercato, is the next management venture in
                                                                                   star resort consists of well appointed rooms and suites      interiors of these apartments and studios are              the exciting and dynamic shopping complex Il
                                                                                   overlooking the 9-hole golf course and the                   tastefully decorated offering a luxurious homey feel.      Mercato. For those seeking more serene
                                                                                   picturesque beach. Little Venice provides a full range       All residences are juxtaposed with views of the            surroundings, there is the 5-star Jaz Bab El Shams
                                                                                   of leisure facilities so guests won’t need to leave in       championship golf course and the sea. Residents can        resort which is tucked away on the quiet shores of
                                                                                   search of entertainment outside.                             enjoy the full range of facilities on offer at Madinat     Nabq Bay.
                                                                                   The company is boosting its presence in the pristine         Makadi.                                                                                                Continued
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         July - Aug. 2009

                                                                                                                      Portfolio of Hotels & Resorts:

                                                                                                                        Jaz Belvedere                           Sharm El Sheikh               5*          317 Rooms & Suites
                                                                                                                        Jaz Mirabel Beach                       Nabq Bay - Sharm El Sheikh    5*          645 Rooms & Suites
                                                                                                                        Jaz Mirabel Park                        Nabq Bay - Sharm El Sheikh    5*          196 Rooms & Suites
                                                                                                                        Jaz Mirabel Club                        Nabq Bay - Sharm El Sheikh    5*          160 Rooms & Suites
                                                                                                                        Jaz Little Venice Golf Resort           Ain Sokhna                    5*          120 Rooms & Suites
                                                                                                                        Jaz Makadi Star Resort & Spa            Madinat Makadi                5*          167 Rooms & Suites
                                                                                                                        Jaz Makadi Golf Hotel                   Madinat Makadi                Deluxe       73 Rooms & Suites
                                                                                                                        Jaz Almaza Beach Resort                 Mersa Matruh                  5*          395 Rooms & Suites
                                                                                                                        Jaz Crystal Resort                      Mersa Matruh                  5*          263 Rooms & Suites
                                                                                                                        Jaz Oriental Resort                     Mersa Matruh                  5*          212 Rooms & Suites
                                                                                    M/S Chateau Lafayette Suite
Down South is the 5-star Iberotel Aswan which offers        this summer. Following the immense success of M/S           Iberotel Palace                         Sharm El Sheikh               5*          254 Rooms & Suites
various meeting and banquet facilities making it the        Jaz Omar El Khayam on Lake Nasser, Travcotels               Iberotel Lido                           Sharm El Sheikh               Boutique     75 Rooms & Suites
best setting for large scale events. Iberotel Aswan is      continues to dazzle its guests with the M/S Jaz Minerva     Iberotel Club Fanara                    Sharm El Sheikh               4*          262 Rooms & Suites
also an ideal honeymoon getaway for those                   and M/S Jaz Legacy which are of the 5-star deluxe           Iberotel Fanara Residence               Sharm El Sheikh               4*          116 Rooms & Suites
enchanted by the marvels of ancient Egypt.                  category; in addition to the M/S Jaz Columbus which is      Iberotel Dahabeya                       Dahab                         4*          144 Rooms & Suites
                                                                                                                        Iberotel Aquamarine Resort              Hurghada                      5*         1001 Rooms & Suites
With the unprecedented ultra-deluxe 5-star                  to join the fleet next year. The company has also           Iberotel Makadi Beach                   Madinat Makadi                5*          313 Rooms & Suites
development in the 6th of October area, an eco-resort       recently unveiled plans for the M/S Jaz Elite Dahabeya      Iberotel Makadi Oasis Club              Madinat Makadi                4*          196 Rooms & Suites
on the beautiful Bobales Island in Siwa, the                and M/S Jaz Prestige Dahabeya, introducing a new            Iberotel Makadi Oasis Resort            Madinat Makadi                4*          325 Rooms & Suites
developments in Sahl Hashish and Soma Bay, Jaz              concept of exclusivity through its well appointed 8-        Iberotel Makadi Palms                   Madinat Makadi                5*          102 Apts. & Studios
Hotels, Resorts and Cruises is set for a major boom. The    cabin yachts for those who appreciate the luxuries of       Iberotel Makadi Saraya Resort           Madinat Makadi                4*          325 Rooms & Suites
group’s expansions extend to the tropical island of the     modern day cruising yet gentler paced and intimate          Iberotel Coraya Beach Resort            Madinat Coraya - Marsa Alam   5*          364 Rooms & Suites
Maldives where construction of its 7-star                   surroundings. In consequence to the great success in        Iberotel Lamaya Beach Resort            Madinat Coraya - Marsa Alam   5*          389 Rooms & Suites
development project will soon be underway on the            the niche floating hotels’ segment, the company is          Iberotel Samaya Beach Resort            Madinat Coraya - Marsa Alam   5*          143 Rooms & Suites
                                                                                                                        Iberotel Luxor                          Luxor                         4*          185 Rooms & Suites
Baa Atolls’ most pristine Island of Vokkaru. The Nile       planning for its second all-suite cruise ship, M/S Jaz      Iberotel Aswan                          Aswan                         5*          190 Rooms & Suites
Cruise division is the other area recording growth with     Esperia, consisting of 34 elegantly furnished suites        Iberotel Cairo Hotel & Casino           Cairo                         5*          412 Rooms & Suites
the new M/S Château Lafayette to set sail very soon         unmatched by any other vessel on the Nile.                  Iberotel Miramar Al Aqah Beach Resort   Fujairah – UAE                5*          321 Rooms & Suites
Portfolio of Nile Cruise Ships:
   M/S Jaz Jubilee                          Luxor - Aswan                    5*Deluxe          80 Cabins & Suites       Sol Y Mar Sharming Inn                  Sharm El Sheikh               4*          253 Rooms & Suites
   M/S Jaz Regency                          Luxor - Aswan                    5*Deluxe          52 Cabins & Suites       Sol Y Mar Shams Suites                  Sharm El Sheikh               4*           47 Rooms
   M/S Jaz Royale                           Luxor - Aswan                    5*Deluxe          52 Cabins & Suites       Sol Y Mar Sea Star                      Taba                          4*          171 Rooms & Suites
   M/S Jaz Senator                          Luxor - Aswan                    5*Deluxe          17 Suites                Sol Y Mar Club Makadi                   Madinat Makadi                4*          270 Rooms & Suites
   M/S Jaz Omar El Khayyam                  Aswan - Abu Simbel               5*Deluxe          80 Cabins & Suites       Sol Y Mar Makadi Marine                 Madinat Makadi                4*          167 Rooms & Suites
   M/S Iberotel Crown Emperor               Luxor - Aswan                    5*Deluxe         118 Cabins & Suites       Sol Y Mar Makadi Sun                    Madinat Makadi                4*          145 Rooms & Suites
   M/S Iberotel Crown Empress               Luxor - Aswan                    5*Deluxe         128 Cabins & Suites       Sol Y Mar Ivory Suites                  Hurghada                      4*           47 Studios & Apts.
   M/S Chateau Lafayette                    Luxor - Aswan                    5*                55 Cabins & Suites       Sol Y Mar Paradise Beach                Safaga                        4*          236 Rooms & Suites
   M/S Crown Prince                         Luxor - Aswan                    5*Deluxe          80 Cabins & Suites       Sol Y Mar Abu Dabbab                    Marsa Alam                    4*          256 Rooms & Suites
   M/S Crown Jewel                          Luxor - Aswan                    5*Deluxe          80 Cabins & Suites       Sol Y Mar Dolphin House                 Marsa Alam                    4*          200 Rooms & Suites
   M/S Helio                                Luxor - Aswan                    5*                50 Cabins & Suites       Sol Y Mar Dar El Madina                 Madinat Makadi                4*          139 Rooms & Suites
   M/S Imperial                             Luxor - Aswan                    5*Deluxe          50 Cabins & Suites       Sol Y Mar Dolphin House                 Madinat Makadi - Marsa Alam   5*          200 Rooms & Suites
   M/S Lady Sophia                          Luxor - Aswan                    5*Deluxe          70 Cabins & Suites       Sol Y Mar Solaya                        Madinat Coraya - Marsa Alam   4*          209 Rooms & Suites
   M/S Nile Empress                         Luxor - Aswan                    5*                29 Cabins & Suites       Sol Y Mar Pioneers                      Al Kharga Oasis               4*          102 Rooms & Suites
   M/S Nile Monarch                         Luxor - Aswan                    5*                45 Cabins & Suites       Sol Y Mar Mut Inn                       Al Dakhla Oasis               4*           21 Rooms
   M/S Regina                               Luxor - Aswan                    5*                60 Cabins & Suites
   M/S Regent                               Luxor - Aswan                    5*Deluxe          80 Cabins & Suites     Planned Openings:
   M/S Tania                                Aswan - Abu Simbel               4*                28 Cabins & Suites       Sol Y Mar Sharks Bay Oct 09             Sharm El Sheikh               4*          138 Rooms & Suites
                                                                                                                        Sol Y Mar Naama Bay Oct 09              Sharm El Sheikh               4*          200 Rooms & Suites
Planned Openings:                                                                                                       Iberotel Il Mercato Jan 10              Sharm El Sheikh               4*          260 Rooms & Suites
   M/S Jaz Elite Dahabeya Winter 09/10      Luxor - Aswan                    5*Deluxe            8 Cabins               Jaz Royal Taba TBA                      Taba                          5*          180 Rooms & Suites
   M/S Jaz Legacy Winter 09/10              Luxor - Aswan                    5*Deluxe          76 Cabins & Suites       Jaz Bab El Shams TBA                    Sharm El Sheikh               5*          600 Rooms & Suites
   M/S Jaz Minerva Winter 09/10             Luxor - Aswan                    5*Deluxe          77 Cabins & Suites       Boubalis TBA                            Siwa                          TBA         120 Rooms & Suites
   M/S Jaz Prestige Dahabeya Winter 09/10   Luxor - Aswan                    5*Deluxe            8 Cabins               Sahl Hashish TBA                        Sahl Hashish                  5*          301 Rooms & Suites
   M/S Jaz Esperia Winter 10                Luxor - Aswan                    5*Deluxe           40 Suites               Soma Bay TBA                            Soma Bay                      TBA         1400 Rooms & Suites
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        July - Aug. 2009

New Additions to
the Hotel Portfolio in Marsa Alam
Sol Y Mar Dolphin House is Jaz Hotels, Resorts & Cruises’      as “Dolphin House”. This name came about because a
latest addition in Marsa Alam, adding to its existing          large number of spinner dolphins have made it their
properties an even more enjoyable experience for those
who seek quiet and relaxing holidays.
The 4-star hotel features 200 well-appointed and
                                                               home. The half-moon shaped reef is also famous for the
                                                               beauty of its underwater caves and its shallow waters
                                                               are accessible for novice and advanced divers as well as
                                                                                                                          Iberotel to Manage Il Mercato Sharm El Sheikh
                                                                                                                          On May 19th 2005, Mr. Hamed El Chiaty, Chairman and        Sharm El Sheikh, as well as visitors, an enchanting
distinctive guest rooms, equipped with a host of               those who simply enjoy snorkeling.                         CEO Travco Group, concluded a new management               shopping experience away from the city’s chaos.
standard amenities to ensure guests a pleasant stay. Sol                                                                  agreement of Iberotel Il Mercato Sharm El Sheikh. The      With 276 spacious and differently furnished guest
Y Mar Dolphin House enjoys a captivating seamless                                                                         property is due to start operations by January 2010.       rooms, the hotel will surely offer an unforgettable
fusion of modern amenities and a passion for                                                                              The signing ceremony took place at the Travco Group        experience. Special facilities in the hotel include a very
uncompromising service that combine to offer guests                                                                       headquarters in Sheikh Zayed, and was attended by          large spa with a sauna, massage room, Jacuzzi, and a
an indulgent experience in serene settings.                                                                               Tewfik El Kady, regional director of managed hotels, Mr.   fitness centre; and four luxurious swimming pools
As for leisure activities, one can enjoy a dip in one of the                                                              Effat Fawzy, Mr. Mosad Selim, Mr. Ahmed Selim, and Mr.     located around the hotel.
three swimming pools, including one just for kids, as                                                                     Mamdouh Selim owners of Il Mercato Sharm El Sheikh.        Dining options are multiple, with four different
well as shops and animation programs with live music;                                                                                                                                restaurants offering different cuisines, including the
and as for entertainment in the evenings there is the                                                                     Iberotel Il Mercato is anticipated to be an exclusive five main one which could seat up to 500 people at once.
disco and bar. Guests can also explore the hotel’s other                                                                  star hotel located in Hadabet Um El Seed – the centre of The hotel caters to all MICE groups regardless of their
sports facilities such as water polo, beach volley ball and                                                               Il Mercato Promenade, which is home to some of the size with its two well equipped meeting rooms and the
a variety of water sports including surfing, snorkeling                                                                   biggest international brands, offering residents of large conference room available.
and parasailing, table tennis and darts, aerobics classes,
health spa with sauna, Jacuzzi, steam room, gym,
billiards, and air hockey tables.
                                                                                                                           Cristal Awards Eleven
As for the dining options, Sol Y Mar Dolphin House offers
guests delicious recipes at any one of its two
restaurants, serving international and Mediterranean
                                                                                                                           Jaz Hotels, Resorts & Cruises
dishes.                                                                                                                   In May of 2009, eleven of Jaz Hotels, Resorts & Cruises and Iberotel Samaya Resort in Marsa Alam, Sol Y Mar
 As the name suggests, the Sol Y Mar Dolphin House is an                                                                  were classified as the World’s                                                  Club Makadi Resort, Sol Y Mar
ideal destination for dolphin enthusiasts and scuba                                                                       Safest Hotels by Check Safety          Jaz Hotels, Resorts & Cruises were Makadi Marine, and Sol Y Mar
divers as well as those in search of a relaxing holiday.                                                                  First, and were handed the
                                                                                                                          Cristal Awards. Cristal Awards
                                                                                                                                                              classified as the World’s Safest Makadi Sun in Madinat Makadi,
It is ideally situated 35 km south of the city of Marsa                                                                                                                                                   Iberotel Lido, Iberotel Palace,
Alam, and a short walk away from a glorious beach on                                                                      are an acknowledgement for          Hotels by Check Safety First                Jaz Belvedere, and Jaz Mirabel
the magnificent Red Sea Coastline. It is also closely                                                                     hotels that are consistently                                                    Beach in Sharm El Sheikh, Sol Y
located to one of the most popular dive sites off the                                                                     achieving exceptional levels of health and safety.      Mar Sea Star in Taba, and Jaz Almaza Beach Resort in
coast of Marsa Alam - Samadi Reef, which is also known                                                                    The awarded hotels are Iberotel Coraya Beach Resort Mersa Matruh.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          July - Aug. 2009

Jaz Hotels, Resorts & Cruises
Launches First Hotel in Aswan
In a city famous for its splendor, rises the new Iberotel
Aswan, completely furnished with a combination of
luxury and an aroma of history. Iberotel Aswan will be
                                                         courts, a fully equipped health club and gym with
                                                         sauna, Jacuzzi, steam rooms and massage parlors, a
                                                         sundeck terrace, and a bowling alley, as well as an
                                                                                                                         Madinat Makadi
receiving its guests on the 1st of July, 2009.           in–house cinema, and a theater in which nightly
Iberotel Aswan is considered to be an experience
beyond mere accommodation through its 190 spacious
                                                         Cabaret and music performances are presented by its
                                                         lively animation team. Young ones weren’t forgotten as
well appointed guest rooms that are divided into royal   Iberotel Aswan provides them with their own
suites, deluxe chalets, superior chalets, and royal villas.
                                                         freshwater swimming pool and kids’ club to entertain
                                                         them everyday with various activities and games. Baby
                                                                                                                         Iberotel Makadi Palms
All rooms are equipped with deluxe amenities, and cots are available on request and babysitting services                 Travco Group announced the official launch of Iberotel
propose a serene and peaceful view of the Nile. can be provided at an extra charge.                                      Makadi Palms; its real estate development project in
Providing exclusive meetings and conference facilities                                                                   Madinat Makadi, Hurghada. The first phase of the
including VIP salons, Iberotel Aswan knows exactly Gifted with such marvelous location enjoying unique                   Iberotel Makadi Palms comprises 102 units and is              standards as renowned by Iberotel.
what business men may require to smoothly run their view of the Nile, Iberotel Aswan offers honeymooners                 located in the tranquil locality of Madinat Mak adi           The residences provide a magnificent view of the
corporate events.                                        the idyllic romantic gateway, where they can tempt              surrounding the picturesque Golf Course.                      resort’s 18-hole championship golf course offering golf
Additionally, Iberotel Aswan enjoys a variety of leisure their imagination to envision the glorious times of a                                                                         fans a premium experience whether during a game, or
facilities namely; heated swimming pool, floodlit tennis once by-gone era.                                               All apartments transform one to the true spirit of luxury,    while relaxing in one’s terrace.
                                                                                                                         with its fully furnished contemporary interiors, ultimate

Iberotel Makadi Beach                                                                                                    security facilities, and the highest in service and quality   Managed by the company’s flagship hospitality brand,
                                                                                                                                                                                       Iberotel, all owners are entitled to exceptional terms of
                                                                                                                                                                                       service, warm hospitality, and superb leisure facilities.
Ranks Among Top Ten Worldwide Resorts                                                                                                                                                  Iberotel Makadi Palms is designed for those who
                                                                                                                                                                                       appreciate quiet and calm surroundings, with unique
According to recent polls made by several travel              Sarojin Thailand, Four Seasons Bali, and Kurhaus Binz                                                                    locations, exclusive designs, and a variety of leisure
websites including Tripadvisor and HolidayCheck,              Rugen.                                                                                                                   activities available at the resort to ensure their holiday
Iberotel Makadi Beach in Madinat Makadi was ranked            Iberotel Makadi Beach is one of the company’s award                                                                      at Makadi is unmatched by any other.
among top ten beach hotels around the world.                  winning hotels. In 2007, the hotel reaped a TUI
The hotels were awarded based on the ratings of               Environment Champion Award, a TUI ECO Resort                                                                             Moreover, Iberotel Makadi Palms witnessed one of
travelers who had previously visited the nominated            Award, and SGS Certificate, in addition to receiving the                                                                 Egypt’s most talked about events, where celebrity star
hotels, and whose reviews exceeded 15 million guest           ISO 14001. As for 2008, Iberotel Makadi Beach also                                                                       Melanie Brown and husband Stephan Belafonte
surveys. The other nine hotels in order of ranking were       received the TUI Environment Champion, Gulet                                                                             renewed their vows among their close friends and
Jumairah Beach Hotel Dubai, Rheeti Rah Maldives,              Austria – 100 Best Hotels, TUI Holly, TUI ECO Resort                                                                     family, and referred to the resort as “their home away
Gran Hotel Residencia Gran Canaria, Coca Island               Award, and the HolidayCheck Award in the first place                                                                     from home”, especially after purchasing their first
Maldives, Le Touessrok Mauritius, Datai Malaysia,             amongst only five hotels in Egypt.                                                                                       property in Egypt.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   July - Aug. 2009

 Travco Dubai Receives
 “Outstanding Achievement Award”                                                                                         Travco Dubai Presents
The annual awarding ceremony of Jebel Ali
International Hotels took place this year onboard its
                                                              through our common goals in support of maintaining
                                                              the UAE’s prime position in the global tourism map.
                                                                                                                         Top Producer Awards
                                                                                                                                                                                  Express, Russia, and TUITravel UK.
very own luxury cruise vessel “Bateaux Dubai”on
April 27th 2009. The event was a gathering of all major
DMCs, trade partners, and tour operators.
                                                              Certainly Jebel Ali Hotels has been preferred among our
                                                              partners, and we confidently promote its properties for
                                                              their consistence of quality and supreme service
                                                                                                                         to International Partners                                The gathering included many high profile trade visitors,
Travco Dubai has yet again been recognized with an            standards delivered to our valued clients” .                                                                        travel partners and the distinguished figures of the
accolade for its outstanding achievement. The award           From the luxurious 5-star Jebel Ali Golf Resort & Spa,      On the sidelines of the Arabian Travel Market (ATM 09), Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing that
was received by Mr. Osama Bushra, chief operating             comprising both the Jebel Ali Hotel and Palm Tree Court     Travco Dubai hosted an event to award its valued        has been the back bone of Travco’s success. The event
officer Travco Dubai.                                         & Spa, to the exquisite 4-star Hatta Fort Hotel mountain    partners in appreciation of their unwavering loyalty andwas an opportunity to express appreciation to all trade
Commenting on this achievement, Mr. Bushra said “our          retreat, the group offers a choice from an inspiring        steadfastly growth.                                     partners that contributed to the success of Travco
corporate relations extend a long way back, and we            selection of unique properties and venues that emulate      Despite the economical                                                       Dubai.
have certainly nurtured this mutual relationship              the world’s high-end resorts.                               slowdown, corporate partners and
                                                                                                                          their mutual support have always
                                                                                                                                                                          An opportunity to
                                                                                                                                                                                                         The Travco team lead by Mr.

Travco Takes Part in the IMEX 2009                                                                                        kept the business moving forward,
                                                                                                                          which has been quite an
                                                                                                                          achievement in comparison to
                                                                                                                                                                   express our appreciation
                                                                                                                                                                   to all trade partners that
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Osama Bushra, chief operating
                                                                                                                                                                                                         officer Travco Dubai, Ms Jyoti
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Panchmatia, general manager,
Travco Group participated in the 10th edition of the IMEX                                                                 competitors who are battling to                                                Ms Aysha Omar, director of
                                                                                                                          overcome the impact of the world
                                                                                                                                                                   contributed to the success
in Frankfurt, from the 26th till the 28th of May, and                                                                                                                                                    business development, Mr.
showcased its forthcoming hotel projects which seem to                                                                    wide economic slowdown.                  of Travco Dubai                       Waleed Sotouhi, business
be leading the wave of expansions. The group’s                                                                                                                                                           development associate, and Mr.
hospitality arm, Jaz Resorts, Hotels & Cruises has recently                                                               Travco Dubai’s participation at the                                            Mohammed Fiala, sales and
added, and continues to add more hotel properties in all                                                                  ATM was under the umbrella of the Department of         marketing manager, were welcoming their guests to
prime destinations in Egypt. Madinat Makadi’s                                                                             Tourism and Commerce Marketing with three               this glamorous gathering.
championship golf course was also showcased after its                                                                     dedicated booths reflecting its usual strong presence   Mr. Bushra commented “it was certainly a great
successful launch in October 2008. According to Mr.                                                                       and its renowned expertise in the region.               opportunity to show our gratitude to our international
Samer Samir, division manager MICE and Shore                                                                                                                                      partners which has moreover encouraged them and
Excursions Travco Travel, the demand this year was                                                                        On May 6th 2009, the awards were presented by Mr.       made them feel greatly important in the role they play.
leaning toward historical and cultural tourism in Egypt,                                                                  Osama Bushra to the top producers namely; FTI,          Certainly our relations represent much more than this
and especially to Luxor and Nile Cruises, and that the flow                                                               Germany Pyramise, Greece, Lanta Tour, Russia,           and this is yet another sign of appreciation towards the
of visitors to the Travco booth was much higher this year.                                                                Mostravel, Russia, Designer Tours, Brazil, Russian      support we have mutually moved on with.”

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