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									Dear Servant Leader,

Greetings to you my friend in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. On behalf of
our Senior Pastor and First Lady, Dr. Thomas Scott and Lady Marva Scott we would like to
present to you our 5th Annual Family Fest. Family Fest was a vision of my wife some five
years ago as we were on vacation. The Lord spoke into her spirit the importance of hosting a
conference in Tampa that would meet the needs of families, ministries, and leaders. Over the
last four years the conference has grown into a successful and highly anticipated event in the
Tampa Bay Area. We have blessed thousands of families with; back to school supplies,
haircuts, health screenings, clothes, and so much more.

Our scheduled speakers for this year are: Grammy Award Winning Singer and Notable
Michigan pastor, Pastor Marvin Winans; Bishop of the State of Florida for the Full Gospel
Baptist Church, Bishop Rudolph W. McKissick, Jr; Dynamic preacher/teacher as well as the
pastor of one of the most fastest growing church in the A.M.E. Church, Dr. Jamal Harrison
Bryant; and the prolific, powerful, and most scholarly preachers of this generation, Pastor
Phillip Pointer.

This is the conference to attend. Family Fest 2010 will begin on Wednesday, August 11,
2010 and end on Sunday, August 15, 2010. Inside this packet you will find all pertinent
information to disseminate to your congregation. Thank you in advance for your attendance
to our 5th Annual Family Fest. For more information please call our office or email us at

In Christ Service,

Rev. Dr. Jeffery A.J. Johnson
Pastor of Ministries

Dr. Thomas Scott
Senior Pastor

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