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									                                                                                                                 Kyoung Lee
                                                                                   113 felix st. apt#2 Santa Cruz CA 95060
download: PDF | Word | plaintext                                                                   http://accad.osu.edu/~elee

               Objective   To obtain a Lighting Technical Director position in 3D animation production

        Academic record    M.F.A candidate (graduate in May 2004) in Art and Technology
                                   The Ohio State University
                           B.F.A. in Computer art
                                   Savannah College of Art and Design
                           B.S. in Chemistry
                                   Sung Shin Women's University, Seoul, Korea

 Technical Proficiencies   Three-dimensional animation:
                                   Alias|Wavefront Maya, Houdini, Renderman
                           Print/Web Graphic Design:
                                   Adobe and Macromedia package, HTML, JavaScript
                           Digital compositing/Motion Graphics:
                                   Discreet Flint/Combustion/Effect, Adobe AfterEffects
                           Video and Sound:
                                   Adobe Premier, Media 100, Avid, Sound Edit 16, Sound Forge, Protools
                           Operating Systems:
                                   Windows NT/2000/XP, Mac OS, SGI Irix, Linux, Media 100

Professional Experiences   June 2003- May 2004 ACCAD, The Ohio State University
                                  Graduate Research Assistant
                           Sep 2002- May 2003 Department of Art, The Ohio State University
                                  Instructor of foundation course, Beginning Drawing (Art170)
                                  Copy of syllabus will be available upon request.
                           Jan 2002- May 2002 Department of Art, The Ohio State University
                                  Instructor of Multimedia Authoring Web (Art451)
                                  Syllabus on the web: http://artandtech.osu.edu/art451kyoungsp/index.html
                           Sep 2001- Dec 2002 Department of Art, The Ohio State University
                                  Teaching Assistant of Professor Ken Rinaldo
                                  New Media Robotics/Digital Imaging II (Art550, Art693)
                           Mar-Aug 2001 UCLLab, Seoul, Korea
                                  SAT, SSAT Instructor, Teaching English Second Language High School Students
                                  an English verbal and Math sections for SAT and SSAT test preparation
                           1998-2000 Savannah College of Art and Design
                                  Tutor, Tutoring Adobe Photoshop, AfterEffects, Alias|Wavefront Maya
                           1997-2000 Savannah College of Art and Design
                                  Computer Lab Technical Assistant
                           1995-1996 Han Sol Inc. Korea
                                  Secretary of Architecture Drafting Department

     Awards, Screening,    2004 May Zlinsky Pes - The Student Film Competition, Czech Republic
       and Exhibition              Animated Film, "Enclosure #2"
                           2003 Sept Wexner Center Student Film and Video Showcase, Columbus OH
                                   Animated Film, "Enclosure #2"
                           2003 Sept MFA thesis show "FOURSEEN", Drexel Theatre, Columbus OH
                                   Animated Film, "Enclosure #2"
                           2002 May Art and Technology group show "Digerati", Hopkins Gallery, Columbus OH
                                    Robotic Sculpture,"Communication"

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