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   Overview and Rules

                    Chris Carr
Director of Informatics, Radiological Society of North
                  America (RSNA)
            What is a Connectathon?

• Face-to-face interoperability testing event
• Tests implementation of Integration Profiles:
  integration capabilities defined in IHE TF
• Testing structured and supervised by Technical
  Project Management Team
• Successful results recorded and published by event
• Used as preparation for demonstrations events
• Primary purpose: foster adoption of standards-
  based solutions in products

June 28-29, 2005         2               IHE Education Workshop

June 28-29, 2005        3         IHE Education Workshop
June 28-29, 2005   4   IHE Education Workshop
      Where did the idea originate?

• First radiology Connectathon was
  preparation for 1992 DICOM
     – DICOM committees and RSNA Electronic
       Communications Committee organized and
       staged event
• Similar interoperability events in non-
  healthcare IT domains preceded it
June 28-29, 2005         5             IHE Education Workshop

• 1998: First IHE Connectathon
• 1998-present: continual expansion of scope
  and participation
• 2001: First IHE-Europe Connectathon
• 2005: First multi-domain North American
  Connectathon: Cardio, IT, Rad

June 28-29, 2005      6            IHE Education Workshop
         What are you applying for?
• IHE Multi-domain Connectathon, January
  16-20, 2006 – RSNA HQ, Oak Brook
     – Will include all transactions defined in Final
       Text Technical Frameworks and Supplements
       for Trial Implementation (www.ihe.net)
           •   Cardiology
           •   IT Infrastructure
           •   Laboratory
           •   Radiology

June 28-29, 2005                   7        IHE Education Workshop
 Does application include demos?

• No. IHE demonstration processes are
  separate from the Connectathon
     – However, Connectathon participation is a pre-
       requisite for HIMSS and ACC demonstrations
     – Demonstrations have separate applications and
       participation fees

June 28-29, 2005           8              IHE Education Workshop
                   Who should apply?

• Any company producing systems that fall
  under the scope defined in the IHE
  Technical Frameworks
     – Users and consultants have a vital role as
       advisors and implementers of IHE, but do not
       participate in the Connectathon
     – Intent of the Connectathon is to foster
       implementation of IHE capabilities in
       commercially available products
June 28-29, 2005           9              IHE Education Workshop
                     What do you get?
• Early access to MESA tools and test plan
• Testing in controlled and validated environment with
  TPM oversight
• Objective success criteria for each actor
• Structured process with opportunities for additional
  cross-vendor testing
• Build relationships with industry peers
• Promotion of successful results in sponsor educational
  and outreach materials
• Qualify to participate in demonstrations at HIMSS,
  ACC and RSNA 2006 meetings
  June 28-29, 2005          10             IHE Education Workshop
   Connectathon Results Browser

June 28-29, 2005   11    IHE Education Workshop
    Connectathon Results Browser

June 28-29, 2005   12     IHE Education Workshop
    Connectathon Results Browser

June 28-29, 2005   13     IHE Education Workshop
What do Connectathon results signify?

  • Successfully performed IHE
    actor(s)/integration profiles
       – We do not publish “failures”
  • IHE is not a certification body
  • Connectathon testing does not certify
    product compliance
  • But participants are strongly encouraged to
    test real products and to quickly productize
    all IHE functions
  June 28-29, 2005           14         IHE Education Workshop
Incentives to put IHE in products

• Connectathon Results encourage customers
  to ask
• Integration Statements allow you to
  promote IHE capabilities
     – Vendors self-publish their conformance to IHE
       Integration Profiles
• User Handbook explains how and why to
  implement products with IHE capabilites

June 28-29, 2005           15             IHE Education Workshop
                   Integration Statements

June 28-29, 2005             16             IHE Education Workshop
Integration Statements at www.ihe.net

June 28-29, 2005   17       IHE Education Workshop
              Why Participate?
        Improve Product Development
• Align development strategies for integration
  with industry competitors/peers
• Gain experience and credibility working in
  multi-vendor environment
• Coordinate implementation of integration
• Get MESA tools for pre-testing and as
  implementation aid
June 28-29, 2005       18            IHE Education Workshop
                 Why Participate?
             Improve Product Marketing

• Gain increased visibility
• Demonstrate and publicize open systems
   – IHE publications and promotional efforts
   – Sponsoring organizations annual meetings
• Build and strengthen business relationships
  with peers and goodwill with customers

 June 28-29, 2005         19             IHE Education Workshop
         Submitting the Application
• Application due Sept. 15, 2005, include:
     – Company Info/Contacts
     – Full list of Actors/Integration Profiles for each
       system, with any explanatory notes
     – 50% of total fee due to RSNA (other half due
       by Jan. 9, 2006, prior to Connectathon)
• Applications will be submitted through
  online registration tool

June 28-29, 2005             20               IHE Education Workshop
                    Demonstration Applications

  HIMSS Showcase                 RSNA Demo                  ACC Demo
     Application                  Application               Application

                     Demo Participation Guidelines

 HIMSS Showcase                   RSNA Demo                  ACC Demo
Technical Guidelines          Technical Guidelines       Technical Guidelines
   for Application               for Application            for Application
 _______________               _______________            _______________
 _______________               _______________            _______________
 _______________               _______________            _______________

                    Connectathon Application (Web)

Vendor System XYZ                                    Which Demonstration?
Connectathon System Name (provided                   HIMSS 2006        
by Web tool, not product name)                       ACC 2006          
System Description (text)                            RSNA 2006         
 June 28-29, 2005                      21                    IHE Education Workshop
                    Key Dates
Sept. 15, 2005           Applications due

Sept. 20                 MESA Test tools: First full release
Oct. 6-7                 Participant Workshop/
                         Teleconferences – Dates TBD
Nov. 4                   MESA Results Due for Radiology
Nov. 27-Dec. 2           RSNA 2005 (PDI Demo)

Dec. 1                   MESA Results Due for IT,
                         Cardiology and Laboratory
Jan 16-21, 2006          Connectathon
Feb 12-16, 2006          HIMSS Annual Meeting

March 11-14, 2006        ACC Annual Meeting
June 28-29, 2005        22                    IHE Education Workshop
                   Connectathon Fees

• $4,000 for each system tested
• $4,000 for each domain participated in
• Rationale:
     – Support cost of process for sponsoring
     – Provide value for participants proportional to
       their investment

June 28-29, 2005            23              IHE Education Workshop
                   What is a “system”?

• Any combination of IHE Actors that could
  be delivered as a product
     – Cramming too many actors on one system
       makes life difficult for you and testing partners
     – Sponsors and project managers exercise
       judgment as to allowable combinations

June 28-29, 2005            24               IHE Education Workshop
                   What is a “domain”?

• Clinical or operational field with a
  particular set of interoperability issues
     –   Cardiology
     –   IT Infrastructure
     –   Laboratory
     –   Radiology
• Defined by which Technical Framework
  contains the transactions being performed

June 28-29, 2005             25       IHE Education Workshop

• IT Infrastructure:
     – No additional domain fees incurred for other
       domain systems (Cardio, Rad) implementing
       ITI profiles
     – No additional domain fees incurred for ITI
       systems used in profiles by other domains

June 28-29, 2005           26              IHE Education Workshop
              Sample Fee Calculation
System/Product     Domain       Actor(s)                   Integration

Special MRI        Radiology    Acquisition Modality       SWF
                                Image Creator              CPI

RadioPACS          Radiology    Image Manager/Archive      SWF
                                PPS Manager
                                Report Repository          RWF

CardioPACS         Cardiology   Image Manager/Archive      Cath WF
                                PPS Manager

                                3 systems x $4000 = $12,000
                                2 domains x $4000 = $8,000
                                                   Total $20,000
June 28-29, 2005                  27                    IHE Education Workshop

• www.ihe.net
• ihe@rsna.org
• Questions?

June 28-29, 2005        28       IHE Education Workshop

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