Tips on Choosing Stair Lifts for Homes

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					                     Tips on Choosing Stair Lifts for Homes
Limited mobility is a problem experienced by a number of individuals in our society. Stair lifts
are mobility solutions that are definitely a boon to those persons who have difficulty climbing
stairs. With this stair chair lift or home stair lift, you can ensure safe, secure and comfortable
movement for your dear ones from one floor to another.

There are several popular and reliable manufacturers of chair lifts that offer stair lifts featuring
attractive designs and advanced utility features. Even though there is a wide choice of stairlifts,
the main two would be straight stair lifts and curved stair lifts. The straight stairlift is used for
stairs that are straight and curved stairlift is designed to travel around bends.

There are so many factors to consider when choosing stair lifts for your homes. So, prior to
entering into the selecting process of what you want and from whom you should purchase, it is
better to have some basic knowledge regarding the different models of stair lifts. This article will
guide you in selecting the right stair lifts for your home.

Shopping for Stair Lifts – Factors to Consider

   •   Ensure that the stairlift supplier offers a wide choice of products and makes, thus
       allowing you to choose the right stairlift for your needs.
   •   Consider whether the company you choose offers a good warranty option, preferably 3
       years for new stair lifts.
   •   Ensure that your company serves your area, so that you can get a fast response when
   •   Consider whether the dealer has extensive experience in the stair lift business.
   •   While making a choice, make sure that the stair lift you choose will be the right one for
       your needs.
   •   It is also very important to consider the flexibility of the system. Ensure that the stairlift
       you choose operates on both DC and AC power. This will ensure that your stair lift works
       even when there is a power outage.
   •   It would be wise to go for a lift that can accommodate heavy weights.
   •   Consider the durability of the system while making a choice.
   •   Consider the brands and models of stair lifts available today. Choosing a branded model
       would ensure that the lift you choose incorporates safety features and comes with proper
       warranty. Savaria, Federal Elevator, ThyssenKrupp Access and Bruno are some of the
       established manufacturers of lifts and elevators.

   •   Consider the specific requirements of the user.
   •   Ensure that the dealer you choose offers excellent after-sales support which includes
       timely inspection, repair and maintenance services.
   •   You must make sure that the electric stair lifts you purchase have all essential safety
       features such as emergency alarm and light, emergency stop button, obstruction sensors,
       and telephone system.

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Description: Stair lifts are alternatives to elevators and provide access to different floors in a multistory apartment. This web page tells you what you should consider when choosing stair lifts for homes.