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 2009                       Reflections
 Resthaven Care Community Newsletter                                   2008 Annual Report

          Life Will Never be the Same! we often long for the
  Good Old Days! However, we donÕ t
  think that will be the case once
  residents of Resthaven Maple Woods
  get a chance to enjoy their new Chapel
  and Gathering Room. We know that
  life will never be the same... in a very
  good way.
                                                  Geneva Rice and Vesta Speet, Maple Woods
  The Chapel/Gathering Room                       residents, are looking forward to enjoying
  addition to the north side of the               the new addition and the Festival.
  building has residents and their
  families buzzing with excitement.       fun weÕ ll be having at our Maple
                                          Woods Grand Opening
  Everyone, all of our friends and family Festival on Monday,
  are invited to share in the joy and the June 22.

                     Special thanks to Jack H. Miller
                       whose generous gift made
                          this addition possible.

                 Maple Woods Addition: view from the back parking lot looking south

                                     YouÕ re Invited!

                  Maple Woods                                                        m!

    Fre e H
                 Do g s
                              Monday, June 22

                                                                         C l as s ic C
                                                                                         a r Sh o w

                                                             ras       c            s
  Tours of th
             e Addition
                            5:00-7:00 PM               Blueg el Musi
                     Family Friendly Open House        G osp
                            7:00-7:20 PM
                         Dedication Ceremony             All FREE...
   Balloon                  7:30-8:00 PM                 until itÕ s gone!

ple Woods 32nd Street
                  Annual Meeting for Resthaven Patrons
    Spring 2009

     Good Shepherd Award 2009:
     Marylin & John Bright
     “John and Marylin Bright are two        why they were being made to go.
     of the most Spirit-filled, authentic,   “And all of the way home,
     caring, and positive people walking     all four of us would be full of
     the planet, and they have a true        gratitude to God for allowing us to
     heart for older                                            be used by Him
     adults,” declares                                          in service for
     Mark deRoo,                                                the Lord,” says
     Resthaven’s                                                Marylin.
     Director of
     Development.                                               What makes
     In 1988,                                                   special for John
     John became                                                and Marylin
     Minister of                                                Bright? “The
     Music at Christ                                            spiritual, caring
     Memorial                                                   atmosphere,”
     Church. Marylin                                            states Marylin.
     spent two years                                            “We see the
     at Rose Park                                               hands-on,
     Reformed Church                                            gentle care
     and then moved                                             the staff
     to Christ                                                  provides
     Memorial as                  John and Marylin Bright       to residents.”
     Director of Women’s
     Ministries and then Network              Resthaven’s annual Good Shepherd
     Director. The couple retired in 2005.    Award is given to
                                              those who:
     All Resthaven Care Center residents      1. Have a heart
     enjoy the Christmas party programs       for the elderly.
     John and Marylin provide, as well        2. Visibly provide
     as Christmas presents given by the       significant time or
     Christ Memorial Church Sanctuary         financial resources.
     Choir each year.                         3. Serve as a
                                              model to others
                                                                      The Good
     John serves as Power of Attorney         in the care
                                                                   Shepherd Award
     for special friend Priscilla Estell.     of Elders.
     “Priscilla THRIVES at the Care           4. Promote the
     Center as never before in the 21         cause of senior care.
     years we’ve known her,” states
     John. He frequently pops in to visit     Marylin and John join previous
     Priscilla and may hold a sing-along, award recipients Jack H. Miller,
     get ice cream, or play games.            Edna and G.W. Haworth,
                                              Vern and Lois Boersma, Dr. Richard
     Marylin relates that for many years      Leppink, Marjorie Hoeksema,
     their family held inspirational mu-      Darell and Mary Schregardus,
     sic programs at elder care facilities.   and Elsa Prince Broekhuizen.
     The whole trip there would be full
     of complaining from the Bright’s
     middle school-aged sons asking

    Thomas Edison                 Ben Franklin              Colonel Sanders

                 —ENCORE! LAKESHORE Awards—

            Who Will You Nominate?
What do Ben Franklin, Thomas            Through a community-wide
Edison, and Colonel Sanders             nomination process, a panel will
have in common? They all did            choose seven profiles that will
their best work as Ò seniors!Ó          inspire, uplift, educate, enlighten,
This spirit is alive and well right     and encourage our community.
here in our community.
                                        These ENCORE! LAKESHORE
Resthaven and the Holland               Award Winners will be honored
Sentinel are teaming up to              at a gala to be held October 1,
celebrate the outstanding               2009. Then these seven over 70
achievements of Lakeshore               will be invited to speak with area
older adults after their retirement     clubs, schools, and student groups
by creating the ENCORE!                 throughout the next 12 months.
                                        Who will YOU nominate? Watch
WeÕ re searching for seven older        the Sentinel beginning in mid-June
adults over the age of 70 who           for your opportunity to honor
have retired, and then reinvented       those over 70 who have made
themselves in order to make a           a difference.
difference in our world. Undergoing a Transformation
                                        Early this summer, you will be able
                                        to visit Resthaven on-line and
                                        enjoy our newly remodeled
                                        web site. Watch for our new
                                        Prayer Ministry, links to resources,
                                        Resthaven events, stories from
                                        Resthaven, volunteer information,
                                        Wisdom of the Elders... and
                                        thatÕ s just the start!

    Spring 2009

                                                                      Elliot is the oldest at
                                                                      16, and often plays
                                                                      checkers with a friend
                                                                      who may have difficulty
                                                                      remembering the color
                                                                      of her checkers, but
                                                                      consistently challenges
                                                                      his strategic skills.

                                                                      Isaac, at age 14, has
                                                                      musical talent that he
                                                                      shares through hymn
                                                                      sings with his mother.

                                                                       Corban, 12, has found
                                                                       a friend that shares his
    The multitalented Anderson family features Isaac,                  interest in birds. He
    Londa, Corban, and Elliot.                          refills her feeders and they enjoy
                                                        birding magazines together.
    Resthaven Volunteer Profile                         “Open your heart!” exclaims
                                                        Londa. “You get far more out of
    With the Andersons,                                 it than you put in.”

    Volunteering is a                                   If you feel called to lend a helping
                                                        hand in this area or in others,
    Family Affair                                       contact Margo at 616-796-3604 or
    What have three teenage boys                        She will work with you to find just
    discovered about connecting with                    the right fit. There are many
    seniors? “Volunteering at the Good                  opportunities from visiting to
    Shepherd Home has been an amazing                   helping with special events to
    experience for our family,” says                    office assistance to yardwork... and
    Londa Anderson.                                     just about everything in between!

                                                        Resthaven Board Member Profile
                                                        John Schmidt
                                                        It’s a rare but special combination...
                                                        a pastor who plays the organ, piano,
                                                        and (of all things) a trombone!

                                                        The Reverend John Schmidt has
                                                        served the pulpit at Second
     Board Member Rev. John Schmidt enjoying            Reformed Church in Zeeland
     the Warm Friend Coffee Shop with resident
     May Aernouts.                                      since 1995, and has a big heart for
                                                        those we serve here at Resthaven.
Resthaven At Home

Living in
Your Own
Home          TM

Why move when you
can have Assisted Living
In Your Own Home™?

Resthaven At Home
has discovered that
for some people,
leaving their homes
is just not an option.

So, we have created
a program, tailored
to each individual’s
needs, to receive just        Adeline Decker (R), enjoys the gentle touch of Nurse Judy Johnson.
the right amount of
assistance right in their own homes. Help us spread the word about
                                               Assisted Living In Your Own Home™.
“My family says it’s the best gift             Anyone can call for a FREE in-home
I’ve ever given them,” says a loyal            consultation without obligation,
client. “And it was far less expensive          796-3800 in Holland, or 800-839-9320
for what I needed than moving.”                toll free.

Rev. John is married to the Rev.                 “I love our continuum of care at
Dawn Boelkins who teaches at                     Resthaven,” says Rev. John. “I
Western Seminary. The couple                     love the staff—they truly care for
has a daughter, Becky, who teaches               residents and clients. And I love
and coaches volleyball for Hope                  working with colleagues on our
College.                                         Board who want the very best for
                                                 all the fine folks living this
Energized by working with                        chapter of their life in one of our
those in his church who desire                   Resthaven communities or with the
to be “living in the kingdom,”                   help of Resthaven At Home.”
Rev. John is passionate about
helping his congregation work
toward “doing justice, loving
kindness, and walking with God.”
    Spring 2009

    Greetings from the
    President & Board Chair                              Breaking ground for the new addition to Maple
                                                           Woods is Mike Bosgraaf, former Board Chair;
                                                      Greg McCoy, current Board Chair; Charlie Vander
    Dear Friends,                                    Broek, President & C.E.O.; Lois and Vern Boersma,
                                                     and Jim Hinkamp. Lois Boersma and Jim Hinkamp
    This report reviews the 2008 operations             are children of the Reverend Paul Hinkamp, one
                                                        of the primary motivators behind the building of
    for Resthaven, but what is most important                     Resthaven Maple Woods in the 1950’s.
    is that the caring touch of Resthaven
    employees and volunteers served
    hundreds of people every minute
    and every hour of the day, every
    day of the year.

    Each of these volunteers and
    employees deserve special thanks
    for so generously offering their
    compassion, talents, and skills.
    We are blessed to have such dedicated
    people serving the older adults in
    our community.

    There are three very special people
    who deserve notice. We need to
    say “good-bye” to retiring Board
    Members Mike Bosgraaf, Bob Dentzman,          devastating diseases. We see new
    and Marcia Westrate. Each has made an         needs for seniors leaving the hospital
    exceptional contribution to the future of     in need of rehabilitation and recovery
    Resthaven, and we will miss their wisdom      and have excellent programs to help
    and generous hearts. Please join me in        them safely return to their homes.
    thanking them for their service when
    you see them.                                 We know that today we need to work
                                                  even harder, and we also need to ask
    We know that it is impossible to accomplish   you to help us a little more. Resthaven’s
    our unique mission without YOU and            mission has never been more vital.
    other community members. Last year, you       Our not-for-profit, faith-based mission,
    helped provide very special care and          backed by a 64-year legacy of caring,
    assistance to over 1,000 seniors, many        is exactly what the most vulnerable in
    who have limited financial means or who       our area need as they age. Resthaven’s
    need very special, costly treatment and       community-based Board of Trustees
    care. We thank you for your compassion        assures that we maintain a clear vision
    and financial support in helping us           and we strive to achieve our mission
    maintain a place where our mothers            of quality care that demonstrates the
    and fathers can get a helping hand.           love and compassion of Jesus Christ.

    Yes, these are trying times. The demand       Honoring Our Fathers and
    for our services is rapidly increasing,       Our Mothers,
    and we are looking to the future to see
    how we can better meet our mission by
    providing new services. Older adults
    want to stay at home as long as possible.
    To answer that need, we have expanded         Charles Vander Broek, President/C.E.O.
    Resthaven at Home. We see the numbers
    of people with dementia and memory
    loss increasing rapidly, and we are
    developing new ways to help families
    and individuals deal with these               Greg McCoy, Board of Trustees Chair
2008 Annual Report
Statement of Financial Position 2008
                                                                        Other 2.9%*
                                                                                       Care Center -
                                   Care Center - Medicare 15.9%                        Medicaid 41.1%

Total Operating
                                         Home Care 8.4%
                                      Warm Friend 8.4%

                                           Maple Woods 8.9%
                                                                          Care Center - Private
                                                                          Pay/Other 14.2%

                                         Facilities Operation 11%
Total Operating                                                                        Direct Resident
Expenses                                                                                Care 67%
$16,210,646                                 General and
                                     Administration 13%

                                  Resident Food Services 9%

*Other Income
   Investment Income                                                $      83,263.00
   Gifts & Bequests                                                 $     526,958.00
   Total Other Income                                               $     610,221.00

Volunteer Activity                                                  11,989 hours

Residents & Clients Served                                              1,032 people

                Care Center 398

                                                                    Home Care 431

                Maple Woods 115

                                             Warm Friend 88
2008 Contributors

    Memorials                         Clarence & Linda Falstad
                                      Donna Farkas
                                      Daniel & Hillary Feder
                                                                       Michigan State Police
                                                                       Don & Brenda Miner
                                                                                                         Don & Ruth VerBeek
                                                                                                         Lee & Bette VerBeek
                                                                                                         Henry Vermeer
    Edmund & Ann Anderson                                              Gary & Lynelle Mulder
                                      Robert & Lee Fortney             Jack & Carol Naber                Hazel Visser
    Jack & Carol Apol
                                      Eugene & Mary Foster             Scott & Kate Nash                 Ade & June Vlietstra
    Appletree Condominium
                                      Dale & Mary Fris                 James & Betty Newman              Virginia & Pam Vroon
                                      Douglas & Elizabeth Gates        Dale & Marla Nienhuis             Evelyn Vukin
    William & Elizabeth Arendshorst
                                      Dennis & Nancy Gebben            Wayne Nyboer                      Bob & Cris Walters
    Judi Atman
                                      Walter Geiersbach                Robert & Joyce Nyenhuis           Mark Walton
    Nancy Atman
                                      Gentex - EA Department           Shirley Oetman                    Steve & Jo Ann Wassenaar
    James & Wilma Avery
                                      James & Gladys Genzink           Lynn & Joyce Orcutt               Mary Ellen Weber
    Jan Bailey
                                      Joan Geurink                     Ottawa Reformed Church,           Raymond & Sidne Weis
    Russel & Merry Bartels
                                      Evelyn Gosselar                    Senior Moments                  Robert & Bonna Weller
    John & Rosemary Baumann
                                      Graafschap CRC Ladies Aid        Harris & Jane Overway             James & Diane Wilson
    Shelby Beagle
                                      Lars & Carol Granberg            Wayne & Micky Overway             Paul Winchester
    Beechnau Elementary School
                                      Great Lakes Warehousing, LLC     Judy Owen                         Dale & Edith Winter
    Mary Beelen
                                      Paul & Elizabeth Green           Painters & Allied Trades, DC 26   Helena Winter
    Jean Behnke
                                      Geneva Greenwood                 Alan & Barbara Paris              Dan & Sarah Wiszkon
    Ernest & Barbara Bekken
                                      Bev Groenheide                   Kathleen Pathuis                  Dale & Maxine Wolters
    Robert & Marylou Belote
                                      Patrick Grossman                 Shannon Pathuis                   Norma Woodwyk
    Austin & Nancy Belschner
                                      Al & Sally Gubitz                Morris & LaVerle Peerbolt         Robert & Frances Wright
    Duane & Marlene Berens
                                      Charles & Janice Guikema         Shirley Percival                  Joyce Yarbrough
    Jerry & Sherill Bergsma
                                      Herman & Patricia Guikema        Harold & Elaine Peters            David & Pamela Yonker
    Gertrude Berkel
                                      Robert & Barbara Gulbranson      Ben & Mary Phillips               Debra Yonker-Hecht
    Robert & Louise Bishop
                                                                       Elwood & Darlene Plaggemars       Jeffrey Zavadil
                                                                       Marion Poll                       David & Jeanne Ziegler
                                                                       Larry & Sally Poppema             Lloyd & Esther Zoerhof
                                                                       Joel & Judy Potts                 Landis & Judith Zylman
                                                                       Ronald & Carolyn Prins
                                                                       Jim & Ruth Rabbers
                                                                       James & Lori Raterink
                                                                       RE/MAX Lakeshore                  David & Grace Altena
                                                                       Milt & Judith Reeths              Del & Muriel Arendsen
                                                                       Fred & Sherry Renker              John & Nicki Arendshorst
                                                                       Ruth Ann Resparc                  Mark & Cheryl Armstrong
                                                                       John & Esther Robbert             Richard & Shelly Arnold
                                                                       Kenneth & Marlene Robbert         William & Norma Ashby
                                                                       Richard & Mary Robbert            Nelis & Joanne Bade
                                                                       Royal Technologies Corporation    John & Linda Bader
                                                                       Paul & Jacquelyn Rozema           Andy & Christina Baer
                                                                       Jerome & Marilyn Rumery           Loran & Kathy Bakker
                                                                       Harry & Lavina Sammons            Carolyn Bareman
                                                                                                         Esther Bareman
    Joe McDonough, volunteer, shares his helping hands and             Robert & Elsie Scheetz
                                                                       Patricia Scholten                 Chester & Kathryn Baumann
    good humor at the Care Center.                                     Scholten Fant                     Steven & Bev Baumann
                                                                       Fred Schreur                      Jon & Delores Bechtel
                                      Carol Gunneman                   Austin & Phyllis Schrotenboer     William & Irene Beckman
    Dorothy Bleeker                                                                                      Mike & Elaine Becksvoort
                                      Hamilton Education Association   Angela Shook
    Ed & Barbara Boer                                                                                    Kenneth & Agnes Beelen
                                      Carl & Donna Haverdink           Larry & Ellen Slagh
    Arvilla Boere                                                                                        Thelma Beelen
                                      Gordon & Florence Haverdink      Chan Slotman
    Edwin & Marjorie Boeve                                                                               Edward & Ruth Behringer
                                      Joe & Marilyn Hoffer             Clare Slotman
    James Boeve                                                                                          Neal & Anna Berghoef
                                      Holland Trailer Sales, Inc.      Sandra Smith
    Allen & Gloria Bomers                                                                                Edward & Hester Berghorst
                                      Winifred Hollenbach              Gwen Sneller
    Gertrude Bomers                                                                                      Roy & Myra Berry
                                      Roger & Virginia Hondorp         Nelson & Joyce Sneller
    Mark & Lynne Bonnette                                                                                Robert & Jennifer Bieri
                                      Sally Hopkins                    Eric Soucey
    Edward & Judy Bosch                                                                                  Barb Black
                                      Margaret Hovizi                  Maxine Spaman
    Bottling Group Midwest Division                                                                      Dorothy Blackmore
                                      Loren & Elsie Howard             Marvin & Faye Staal
    Gerald & Judith Boury                                                                                Ronald & Debra Blood
                                      Loren & Karen Howard             Russell & Verna Stanton
    James & Donna Brooks                                                                                 Marjorie Boer
                                      Donna Huber                      Howard & Barbara Stauffenecker
    Belva Brower                                                                                         Lyle & Ruth Boerman
                                      Ruth Iverson                     Timothy & Mary Steinbeck
    Julia Brower                                                                                         Constance Boersma
                                      Randall & Judith Johnson         Daniel & Claudia Sterne
    Rianne Bruinsma                                                                                      Vernon & Lois Boersma
                                      Scott Johnson                    Marlys Stewart
    William & Norma Bruinsma                                                                             Eileen Bolcer
                                      Marvin Kaper                     Richard & Sylvia Stoudt
    Michael & Patricia Burgess                                                                           Daniel & Katie Bolt
                                      Beverly Kemme                    Joe & Barbara Stuive
    Craig & Peggy Buter                                                                                  Robert & Deanne Bolt
                                      John & Carolyn Keuning           Richard & Terry Swaney
    Muriel Buurma                                                                                        Louis & Bette Bomhof
                                      Thomas & Sheryl Klaasen          Adeline Sybesma
    William & Michelle Buurma                                                                            David Bonnette
                                      Earl & Arlene Kleinheksel        Roger & Joan Syswerda
    Lawrence & Virginia Cain                                                                             Barbara Bonzelaar
                                      Arletta Klomparens               Charles & Margaret Talbot
    Donald & Lois Capel                                                                                  Jeff & Tonya Book
                                      Kurt & Melinda Kloostra          Shirley Tebben
    Duane & Judith Carlson                                                                               Harlen & Elaine Bouman
                                      Arlene Knooihuizen               Gregory TenBrink
    Robert & Lorena Chambers                                                                             Julia Bouws
                                      Frank & Virginia Knoop           Donald & Ann TerHorst
    Mark & Kathy Chase                                                                                   Leona Bouws
                                      Ronald & Elinor Koetsier         Ruth Theule
    Compagner Farms                                                                                      Elizabeth Boven
                                      Alfred & Myra Kohsel             Barbara Timmer
    Robert & Virg Condit                                                                                 Stanley & Elizabeth Boven
                                      Willard Koning                   Eugene & Linda Tobias
    Consumers Energy                                                                                     Judson & Catharine Bradford
                                      Erwin & Doris Koop               Toddlerville Daycare
    Donald & Kathy Cook                                                                                  Don & Sue Branderhorst
                                      Donald & Caryl Koopman           Fannie Tubergen
    Larry & Janet Cotts                                                                                  Verna Bremer
                                      Darwin & Judy Koops              William & Judy VanAppledorn
    Michael Creagan                                                                                      Gordon & Lorraine Brewer
                                      Debra Kraai                      Joyce VanDam
    Barbara Dalman                                                                                       Douglas & Sally Brink
                                      Carl & Alicia Kramer             Kenneth & Lucille VanDam
    Cornelius & Mary Lou Dame                                                                            Anita Brooks
                                      Ruth Kruithof                    Kenneth & Linda VanderKolk
    Martha Deason                                                                                        Roger & Connie Brummel
                                      Douglas & Patricia Laarman       George & Kay VanderKooi
    Randall & Teresa DeGraaf                                                                             Barnard & Iola Buikema
                                      Mary Labarge                     Richard & Linda VanderKooi
    Paul & Sandra DeJongh                                                                                Don & Kathy Burmeister
                                      David & Ann LaHaie               Wayne Vanderlaan
    David & Marilyn DenBleyker                                                                           Marjorie Busscher
                                      Carl & Jody Lamar                Robert & Betty Vanderlip
    Rodney & Nancy Dent                                                                                  Robert & Ruth Busscher
                                      Bill & Elsie Lamb                Helen VanderMeulen
    Robert & Mary Jo Deters                                                                              Harvey Buter
                                      Willus & Shirley Lambers         Thelma VanderPloeg
    Lucille DeVries                                                                                      Virginia Collins
                                      Sally Laukitis                   Julia VanderVeen
    Dale DeWaard                                                                                         Betty Cook
                                      Pauline Lee                      Leon VanderZwaag
    Donald & Gerrie DeWaard                                                                              Jean Cook
                                      Charles & Margery Lembke         Michele Vandrak
    Nelvin & Eleanor DeWeerd                                                                             Robert & Evonne Cook
                                      Derick & Diane Lenters           Susan VanDrie
    Jo DeYoung                                                                                           Gerald & Sally Cooper
                                      Marla Lindsay                    Nell VanDyke
    Marvin & Sylvia Dirkse                                                                               Philip Crookshank
                                      Suzane Linn                      Scott & Stacey VanDyke
    Kenneth & Deborah Dykema                                                                             Clifford & Erma Cuneo
                                      Eileen Lohman                    Florence Vaneenenaam
    Larry & Mary Ann Dykstra                                                                             George Daily
                                      Harvey & Harlene Lubbers         Adrian & Henrietta VanLiere
    Glen & Mary Elders                                                                                   Robert & Peg Danhof
                                      Judy Lubbers                     Kay VanOpynen
    Fred Elias                                                                                           Kenneth & Ruth Dannenberg
                                      Janet Lugers                     John & Theresa VanOss
    Carlyn Ellering                                                                                      Olive Davies
                                      Lois Lugten                      Carl & Arlene VanRaalte
    Jane Elzinga                                                                                         Kenneth & Margaret DeBoer
                                      Robert & Janet Manglitz          Andrew & Joan VanSchouwen
    John & Betty Engelsman                                                                               Stephen & Joy DeBoer
                                      William & Elizabeth Maschewske   Rudy & Suzanne Vedovell
    Calvin & Carol Evans                                                                                 Donald & Brenda DeBruyn
                                      Peter & Lexie McGregor           Lyle & Donna Veldheer
    Harriet Faber                                                                                        Robert & Maxine DeBruyn
                                      Juliana Meiste                   Thomas Veldhoff
    Jack & Judy Faber                                                                                    Roger & Cherie DeCook
                                      Ted & Sue Melonas                Cleo VenHuizen

2008 Annual Report
Catherine Dekker                      Kenneth & Jane Knoll                  Edward & Angelyn Sjoerdsma        LaVerne & Doris Welling
Douglas & Sandra DeKock               Robert & Kathleen Kolk                Evelyn Slager                     John Westhuis
Donald & Lorraine DeKraker            Marilyn Kollar                        Elvin & Giletta Slenk             Lois Williams
Douglas & Debra Deleeuw               LaVerne Koning                        Greg & Jeannie Slenk              Maurice & Elizabeth Witteveen
Clair & Genevieve DeMull              Lloyd & Marla Koning                  David & Kathy Sligh               Joel & Susan Wolfe
Ronald & Nancy DenBesten              Paul & Jodi Koning                    Karen Slipchuk                    John & Lois Workman
Harold & Dorothy DeRoo                Robert & Ruth Kraai                   Beatrice Slotman                  Arthur & Joyce Wyma
Mark & Roxanne deRoo                  Kenneth & Kathleen Kragt              Benjamin & Judy Smith             Peg Yokom
Stephen Deters                        Robert & Marcia Kroeze                Ray & Sue Smith                   Rick & Victoria Zeman
Garth & Mary Deur                     Ruth Kronemeyer                       John & Judy Spoelhof              George & Joan Zuidema
Carole DeVos                          Garry & Claire Krouse                 Milton & Gladys Steketee          John & Marilyn Zwart
Jason DeVries                         George Kuiper                         Sara Stevenson                    Richard & Teresa Zweering
Walter & Lois DeVries                 Robert & Eleanor Kuiper               Barbara Stockman                  Theodore & Myra Zwiep
John & Jean DeWeert                   Kenneth & Joni LaGrand                Clara Stoel                       James & Suann Zwiers
Angeline DeWitt                       David & Carole Lake                   Angeline Streur
Dale & Norma DeWitt
Eunice DeWitt
                                      William & Joan Lalley
                                      Gertrude Langejans
                                                                            James & Dolly Strikwerda
                                                                            Richard and Susan Strikwerda
Jack DeWitt
Marvin & Jerene DeWitt
                                      Glenn & Phyllis Langejans
                                      Marvin & Myrtle Lemmen
                                                                            William & Sally Swets
                                                                            Sy & Gertrude Sybesma
Greg & Meribeth Diekema               Richard & Patricia Leppink            Elwood Tallman                    Christian Evangelical Foundation
Howard & Angeline Diepenhorst         Donald & LaVerne Lievense             James & Mary Tamminga             Community Foundation
Lamont & Ruth Dirkse                  Judith Linn                           Raymond & Gail Tardi                of Holland/Zeeland Area
Michael & Beverly Donahue             James & Carol Lont                    Janet Tazelaar                    The Edgar and Elsa Prince
Katherine Donnelly                    Lorena Lozada                         Lee & Mildred TenBrink              Foundation
Virginia Dooley                       William & Cindra Lyzenga              Vicki TenHaken                    GE Foundation
Gary & Stacey Dozeman                 Curtis & Jean Mans                    Clayton & Ruth TerHaar            Howard Miller Foundation
Elaine Draisma                        Daniel March                          Dwayne & Shirley Teusink          Marsilje Foundation
Paul & Marilyn Dunning                Lloyd & Mary Martin                   Harold & Constance Thornhill      Slikkers Foundation
Mary Dykema                           Sam & Jean Martin                     Hazel Tibbe                       Adrian VandenBosch
Brian & Cheryl Dykstra                Bruce & Carla Masselink               Gerald & Cornelia Tillema            Charitable Trust
Robert & Marilyn Dykstra              Jean Mast                             Hubert & Tena Timmer              Warren Westrate Foundation
Paul Elzinga                          Gregory McCoy                         William & Sarah Unzicker
Kay Eurich
Steven & Rita Falk
                                      Linda McFadden
                                      Hannes & Marjorie Meyers
                                                                            Randy & Shari Utting
                                                                            Donald & Mary Ann Van’tHof
Dwight Ferris                         Christie Miller                       Nancy VanAndel                    Anderson Technologies, Inc.
Francis & Janice Fike                 Dale & Dawnette Miller                Donald VanArk                     Architects Collective, P.C.
Russell & Meg Fincher                 Jack Miller                           Harold VandeBunte                 Architectural Systems Group, L.L.C.
Lamonte & Joyce Fineout               Andrew & Lois Mulder                  John & Linda VandenBos            b.comm adv.
Daniel Fisher                         Diane Mulder                          Charles & Laura VanderBroek       Bradford Company
Bruce & Susan Formsma                 James & Nancy Mulder                  Barbara VanderHaak                Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Nancy Frens                           Larry & Karen Mulder                  Roger & Joan VanderKolk           Buiten & Accociates
John & Allyson Fris                   Conrad & Laurie Mutschler             Edward & Mary VanderKooy          CL Construction
Edwin & Joan Fuder                    Richard & Susan Muzzy                 Tom & Muriel VanderKuy            Creative Dining Service
Wilma Galema                          Carol Nash                            Mary VanderLinde                  Donkersloot Law O ce
Robert & Jean Galien                  Marion Nelson                         Jay & Sylvia VanderMeulen         EagleTech
Elaine Garvelink                      John & Eileen Nordstrom               Alvin & Beatrice VanderPloeg      Ferris Busscher And Zwiers
Frank & Connie Gary                   Thomas & Marilyn Norman               Elsa VanderPloeg                  First Choice Cleaning Co.
Dawn Geerts                           Randy & Jody Northuis                 Ronald VanderSchaaf               Fris O ce Out tters, Inc.
Raymond & Johanna Graves              Cheryl Nyhuis                         Josephine VanderZwaag             Gentex
Dale Grissen                          Daniel & Mary O’Keefe
Nancy Guikema                         Michael & Maria Ochs
Edna Haworth                          Robert & Janet Oosterbaan
Richard & Ethelyn Haworth             James & Carolyn Oswald
Douglas & Nyla Heerema                Richard Oudersluys
Justin & Joann Heetderks              Je & Peg Padnos
Eugene & Ruth Heideman                Mitch & Karen Padnos
Harvey & Donna Helder                 Myrtle Pelon
Je & Nancy Helder                     Connie Perry
Cecil & Shirley Helmink               Mary Pfruender
Alice Hertel                          James & Mary Piers
Ronald & Mary Hesche                  Edward & Jean Pierson
John & Wava Heyboer                   Nancy Ponstein
James Heynen                          Ruth Post
Audrey Hislop                         Edward Postma
Renze & Marjorie Hoeksema             William & Abby Price
Peter & Diane Hoekstra                Iris Prins
James & Sybella Hoeve                 Merle & Arnola Prins
Terry & Ruth Hofmeyer                 Daniel & Judith Printz            Winnie Hollenbach, Warm Friend resident, at a Red Hat luncheon
Greg Holcombe                         Wayne & Linda Pynnonen
David & Elaine Holkeboer              Helen Reek                            Kenneth & Deloris VanderZwaag     Haveman Electrical Services, Inc.
Jantina Holleman                      June Reimink                          Randall & Mary VandeWater         Haworth, Inc.
Marjorie Horn                         Kenneth & Terry Reimink               Jerry & Norma Vandewege           Hillman Associates
John & Gesine Horsting                Steve & Marlene Renz                  Gerald VanHam                     Holland Charter Township
William & Bernadine Hovenga           William & Maura Reynolds              Robert VanHam                     Hub International Midwest
Richard & Margaret Hudelson           Richard & Coral Rhoda                 Donald & Shirley VanHoeven        Jamesway Tool & Die
Darda & Barb Huls                     Norman & Ellen Rieck                  Donald & Shirley VanHuis          Lamb Industrial Supply
Larry & Mary Hulst                    Roger & Evelyn Rietberg               Dan & Mary VanKampen              Maplewood Auto, Inc.
John & Sue Hutchinson                 Daniel & Cathy Rink                   Case & Leigh VanKempen            Meijer, Inc.
Donald Iacovoni                       Dorothy Robinson                      Dale VanLente                     Merck Partnership for Giving
Lynne Ihrman                          Willard & Laura Rooks                 Wilma Vannette                    Meritage Hospitality Group
David & Barb Janssen                  Robert & Connie Rosendahl             Jerry & Arlene VanNoord           Mikalan Roo ng, Inc.
John & Sally Janssen                  William & Diane Ryckbost              Janice VanOss                     Nelson Steel Products
Micki Janssen                         Andrew & Ilse Saewert                 Howard & Ellen VanRaalte          P zer Foundation
Norman & Shirley Japinga              Jeanne Sanford                        Peter & Jennifer VanRegenmorter   Siemens Water Technologies
Gerald & Anna Jipping                 Charles & Caroline Schaap             Clare & Joann VanWiren            Techno-Coat, Inc.
Grada Jongekrijg                      William & Beverly Schaap              Roger & Betty VanWyk              Town & Country Group
Daniel & Faith Jonker                 Richard & Clarabelle Scheerhorn       Gordon & Margaret VanWylen        Zeeland Wood Turning Works, Inc
Cindy Joy                             Caroline Schierbeek                   Mary VanZanten
Paul & Linda Kalkman
Jacoba Kamerman
                                      Beth Schipper
                                      John & Dawn Schmidt
                                                                            Hattie Veenstra
                                                                            Benjamin Veldkamp
                                                                                                              Bethany CRC
Robert & Susan Kammeraad              Joseph & Carolyn Schrader             Bruce & Linda Veldkamp
                                                                                                              Fourteenth Street CRC
Sara Kane-Smart                       Darell & Mary Schregardus             Howard & Julie Veneklasen
                                                                                                              Graafschap CRC
Herman & Suzanne Kanis                Donald & Lois Schreur                  Janice VerHelst
                                                                                                              Immanuel Baptist Church
Donald & Margaret Kiekintveld         James Schutt                          Terry & Helen VerHulst
                                                                                                              Maranatha CRC
Harris & Beth Kiekover                Darris & Debra Schuurman              Laura VerPlank
                                                                                                              Oakland CRC
Michael & Rosemary King               Edwin Schuurman                       Alan & Carla VerSchure
                                                                                                              Park Christian Reformed Church
LeRoy Kirkland                        Fritzi Sennett                        Martha Visser
                                                                                                              Pillar Christian Reformed Church
Gertrude Kleinheksel                  John & Kim Shea                       Robert & Ellen Walters
Kenneth & Margaret Kleis              Frank & Dorothy Sherburne             Norman & Joyce Wangen
Stanley & Ruth Kleis                  Susan Shipman                         Leon & Delores Wassink
Paul & Merilyn Klomparens             Jack & Mary Siebers                   Catherine Wasson
                                Please Note: We have carefully reviewed all of the names listed. However, if we have inadvertently omitted or
                                        incorrectly listed your name, please accept our sincere apology and bring any errors to the attention
                                                         of the Resthaven Development O ce at 616.396.3506, or
    2008 Volunteers & Employees

                                     Lexie Ehman                Alice Krupczak       Barbara Timmer
                                     Sarah Ellis                Linda Lampen         Liz Travis
         4-H Club                    Evergreen Kitchen Band     Gerene Langejans     Trinity Men’s Chorus
         Art Aalderink               Evergreen Harmonica Band   Audrey Lemmen        Fannie Tubergan
         Brandon Alexander           Evergreen Bell Ringers     Myrtle Lemmen        Diane Tuesink
         Amber Almanza               Len Fazio                  Wayne Lemmen         Mary Tuinsma
         Raquel Altamira             Fifth Third Bank           Alena Leshner        Bethany VanderHorst
         The Anderson Family         Kim Fischer                Annie Lohman         Elsa VanderPloeg
         MaryKay & Bob Andree        Jeremy Fogg                Ivan Lootens         Jeff VanderPloeg
         Peter Appel                 Al Fraam                   Jasmine Luepkes      Melissa VanderZwaag
         Amy Arendsen                Garden Club                Rebecca Lundeberg    Aimee VanDyke
         Wayne Arens                 Wilma Galema               Elizabeth Lyles      Kristin VanDyke
         Stephanie Balder            Heidi Gibbons              Anjali Malviya       Laurie VanLoon
         Barbara Baldwin             Becky Gibbs                Leonardo Mandujano   Araceli Velasquez
         Phyllis Baldwin             Patti Gibson               Mildred Mans         Marlene VonIns
         Alyssa Barigian             Glerum Elementary          Jan Marcus           Clarence Walters
         Trudy Barkel                Good Shepherd              Jose Martinez        Warm Friend Men’s Chorus
         Audrey Bauer                  Lutheran Church          Greg McCoy           Lauren Warren
         Devin Beattie               Matt Graham                Joseph McDonough     Waukazoo Elementary
         Barbara Becksford           Alex Griffith              Julie McGoldrick     Jessica Weidenhamer
         Nancy & Jeff Best           Kristina Grote             Lexie McGregor       Eric Weronko
         Black River Public School   Mike Haas                  Judith Meeuwsen      West Ottawa High School
         Jean Boes                   Jonathan Haggerty          Megan Mejeur         Marcia Westrate
         Marge Boeve                 Christopher Hardy          LeeAnn Millard       Dennis Whitaker
         Larry Boonstra              Brittany Harkema           Kae Moes             Dan Wicks
         Tyler Boonstra              Carrie Haulenbeek          Suzanne Molinaro     Joyce Wierenga
         Ruth Borr                   Janet Heitbrink            Cathy Monroe         Carolyn Willaman
         Claire Bos                  Maggie Heneghan            Ivy Moser            Kim Wolbrink
         Mike Bosgraaf               Herman Miller, Inc.        Joel Motman          Daniel Woodwyk
         Heather Branderhorst        Nanci Hirdes               Dan Mutschler        Alice Woudwyk
         Jennifer Brewer             Tim Hitsman                Susan Muzzy          Art & Joyce Wyma
         John & Marylin Bright       Mckenzie Hoegen            Trudy Neldon         Nicole Zeinstra
         Robert Brower               The Hoeve Family           Amber Nienhuis       George Zuidema
         Marcie Brown                Amy Hoffman                Dionna Nikkel
         Bonnie Bruursema            Chelsea Holicki            Shirley Nivison

         Anh Thu Bui                 Holland CBI                Kayla Ockerse
         Susan Buikema               Holland Christian          ODL
         Eileen Busscher               Middle School            Patricia Oetman      Brittany Alcantara
         Ruth Buter                  Holland High School        Ross Ogilvie         Angela Alsip
         Alex Calabrese                Work Study Program       Amy Olgers           Nok Alvesteffer
         Jonathan Calabrese          Holland Rescue Mission     David Olgers         Cheryl Arens
         Caroline Carter             Edgar Hop                  Melissa Ortman       Jayne Arnoldink
         Sydney Cavanagh             Hope College               Deanna Palmer        Maria Arzate
         Central Wesleyan Church     Marge Horn                 Virginia Pete        Susan Ashley
         Anne Chamberlin             Sandy Hough                Grethen Petroelije   Maryke Aukeman
         Fred Church                 Ralph Houston              Lizzy Pierce         Lisa Bailey
         Sharon Church               Karen Howard               Gretchen Plewes      Melissa Bailey
         Harrison Clark              Susan Hutchinson           Jo Polinsky          Sheila Baldwin
         Russell Conlon              Imagination Station        Joan Ponstein        Shannon Barclay
         Maxine De Bruyn             Victor Jarvis              Kris Porter          Mary Barton
                                                                Marcia Pothoven      Rachel Beckman
                                                                John Priesman        Bobett Beech
                                                                Brian Purleski       Amanda Beelen
                                                                Katie Raak           Lindsay Bekius
                                                                Geraldine Reed       Tracy Belanger
                                                                Karin Ries           Jamie Bennett
                                                                Sheryl Rydell        Kacy Berghorst
                                                                Larry Rynbrandt      Marge Bergsma
                                                                Ilse Saewert         Barbara Berkenpas
                                                                Isla Schipper        Terri Berry
                                                                John Schmidt         Katelyn Bilello
                                                                Ryan Schmuck         Heather Birkholz
                                                                Emilie Scholten      Rachel Birkholz
                                                                Stephen Schout       Jessica Bishop
                                                                Kristi Schulz        Debra Blakely
                                                                Set Free             Leigh VanKempen
                                                                Seventh Day          Rachael Boersema
                                                                  Adventist School   Georgetta Bohl
                                                                Ellen Seymour        Christine Bosch
                                                                Charlotte Siegers
     Howard & Ellen Van Raalte celebrate Valentine’s Day        Jane Slager
                                                                                     Laura Bosch
                                                                                     Sally Branderhorst
     in the Good Shepherd Atrium.                               John Slendebroek     Jacqueline Brannam
                                                                Gladys Slotman       Renae Bredeweg
         Myra DeGraaf                Reka Jellema               Jessica Smallegan    Diana Breuker
         Randy DeGraaf               Jennie Johnson             Deborah Sterken      Nicole Brink
         Amy Dennis                  Andrew Jonker              Kathy Stites         Amy Brissette
         Robert Dentzman             Georgianna Joostberns      Genevieve Stitt      Shannon Brooks
         Tim DeRidder                Flora Kalkman              Marilyn Stob         Rebecca Brower
         Harold & Dorothy DeRoo      Christopher Kanten         Jennifer Stockdale   Brandy Brown
         Randy DeWaard               Vida Keointhisone          Church Sunday        Linda Brown
         Helen DeWeerd               Kiwanis Club               Michael Swart        Nicole Brown
         Kathy Diekema               Cynthia Knickle            Stephen Swierenga    Gracie Bruursema
         Maryellen Dolphin           Kathryn Koeman             Jean Sybesma         Jerry Bryant
         Amy Doolaard                Ruth Kooiker               Target               Douglas Buckowing
         Ken Dozeman                 Caryl Koopman              Sandy Taylor         Nancy Burkitt
         Ellen Driesenga             Don Koopman                Vicki TenHaken       Janice Busscher
         Dutch Club                  Susan Kott                 Travis Terpstra
4                                                                                    Stephanie Buter

2008 Annual Report
Jodi Carter                Sandra Jacobs         Lisa Picolet                Melissa Tedeschi
Retchel Cartledge          Angelina Jacobs       Sheri Pingel                Cheryl Terhaar
Patsy Cates                Michael Jalacki       Joshua Plockmeyer           Erin Terpstra
Maria Cavazos              Kitty Jansen          Evelyn Pomp                 Jennifer Thompson
Dianna Cazabon             Jane Johnson          Loshie Potter               Katherine Thompson
Tracy Chavez               Judy Johnson          Chanret Pung                Tracy Timmer
Virginia Chittenden        Linda Johnson         Marcia Pyle                 Kristen Tindall
Zelpha Church              Racquel Johnson       Sande Quenneville           Nancy Tomky
Sophia Clark               Theresa Johnson       Jessica Rahn                Billi Treutel
Laurel Conradi             Rebecca Jones         Julianne Ralph              Meagan Trevino
Lori Cooper                Julie Jones           Adrian Ransom               Sarah Unzicker
Amanda Cooper              Jody Jordon           Julie Ras                   Angela Valdo
Teresa Craig               Cindy Joy             Outhom Ratsavong            Akiko VanAntwerpen
Marc Cresta                Mary-Fay Kade         Rebecca Reed                Jeremy VanBeek
Pam Czerkies               Jessica Kamps         Melinda Reed                Brenda VanDyke
Jenni Czerkies             Suzanne Karst         Marlene Renz                Alexandra VanHeest
Stacy Daniels              Lori Kauffman         Rachel Richter              Tasha VanKlompenberg
Lori Davino                Beverly Kemme         Melissa Rios                Barbara VanRegenmorter
Mark deRoo                 Lindsey Kempf         Yolanda Rivera              Jo Ann VanWieren
Jennifer Deboer            Carolynn Keuning      Rosalinda Roa               Linda Vandenbrink
Judee Decker               Debbie Kleinjans      Alexandera Robelin          Brenda VanderBie
Christine DeGraves         Sylvia Klokkert
Susan Dejong               Keegan Klynstra
Caitlin Derby              Jaclyn Knoll
Dannise Diaz               Lilaine Knoll
Nancy Dick                 Marilyn Kollar
Meribeth Diekema           Barbara Kuiper
Beverly Donahue            Marie Lake
Patricia Dowd              Jonnitha Lawson
Mary Driesenga             Elise Lee
Paula Duffrin              Cassie Lee
Kristine Dykstra           Katherine Leon
Elizabeth Eichler          Gladys Leon
Lavonne Elhart             Daniel Lohman
Renee Embil                Angela Lohman
Guillermo Embil            Melissa Longoria
Debbie Enriquez            Diola Longoria
Betsabe Enriquez-Padilla   Lorena Lozada
Chrisanne Erb              Judith Lubbers
Wendy Esposito             Jessica Lyczynski          With his birdhouse collection in the background,
Carol Essenburgh           Stacy Mabry
Susan Fabiano              Jennifer Mackechnie
                                                              Elder Jason Cook reflects on the value of
Nancee Felty               Mary Malviya                    family-style living at the Boersma Cottage.
Megan Fikse                Shannon March
Michael Fraam              Christina Martinez    Stacey Robertson            Charles VanderBroek
Marilyn Franken            Janice Mathews        Tumora Robertson            Lori Vandervelde
Nancy Frens                Shawn McConkey        Kimberly Robinson           Heather Vanderzwaag
Thaddeus Gamez             Julie McGowan         Leonides Rocha              Jennifer VandeVusse
Kristine Gang              Susan McMains         Alicia Rodriguez            Pamela VandeVusse
Vatsana Gavan              Amanda Meekhof        Chong Roelofs               Sarah Vanorder
Dawn Geerts                Christie Meengs       Diane Rush                  Maria Vargas
Misty Genzink              Philip Meiste         Joy Rydbeck                 Ramona Vasquez
Lavone Genzink             Deborah Meyer         Jennifer Schaab             Eunice Veldhoff
Kara Glass                 Amy Meyer             Kelly Schaap                Susana Villalta
Corina Gonthier            Gary Meyer            Candice Schmuck             Lynn Voutsas
Jesse Gonzales             Rachel Miedema        John Schnake                Gerri Wagner
Leticia Gonzalez-Molina    Christie Miller       Charlote Scholten           Lyman Wakeman
Mischa Grimm               Dawnette Miller       Kathy Scholten              Sara Walker
Nancy Guikema              Carrie Mills          Michelle Scholten           Crystal Wells
Marcela Gutierrez          Julie Mokma           Sandra Scholten             Ann West
Donna Hall                 Erica Montes          Kimberly Schuster           William White
Ruby Hamacher              Raquel Moore          Debra Schuurman             Alfred Wierenga
Judith Hann                Kerry Moore           Amy Seguna                  Sarah Wiersma
Carrie Hansen              Marie Morehouse       Pamela Senogles             Terrie Wilber
Cynthia Hanson             Paula Moreno          Jamie Sentz                 Sarah Willink
Jan Hanson-Babinski        Eric Morin            Karen Shelton               René Wilson
Barbara Haverdink          Marietta Mosteller    Rosa Sigala                 Darla Winter
Agnes Hawbecker            Lynelle Mulder        Jeanne Slenk                Kailynn Woldring
Linda Heady                Diane Mulder          Nasiha Smajic               Cassondra Wolters
Ruth Heideman              Alister Mulder        Alma Smajic                 Julie Wolters
Jenny Helder               Angel Naujokas        Miralem Smajic              Peg Yokom
Rachel Helder              Emily Nowlan          Stephanie Smeenge           Charles Yonker
Mandy Heppe                Linda Nyhof           Linda Smit                  Toni Young
Lisa Hernandez-Landis      Edwin Nyland          Nancy Smith                 Kelsey Zoet
Giannina Hill              Tenea O’Neal          Jessica Smith
                                                                             Please Note:
Leslie Hill                Loretta Orozco        Lois Sneller
Barbara Hochstetler        Heather O’Shinski     Olivia Sosa                 We have carefully reviewed all
Candice Hoegen             Lisa Oudemolen        Judith Sprik                of the names listed. However,
Ardice Holden              Cherida Pardon        Debra Steele                if we have inadvertently
Amie Holst                 Shanita Parson        Sara Stevenson              omitted or incorrectly listed
Margo Horan                Nancy Peerbolt        Michelle Stoel              your name, please accept our
Laurel Hotchkiss           Jane Pelon            Meghann Stoike              sincere apology and bring any
Sandra Houston             Paulina Perales       Rita Stone
                                                                             errors to the attention of the
Barbara Huls               Nelia Perkins         Laurie Streur
                                                                             Resthaven Development Office
Wendy Hunting              Dolores Perry         Ranee Strohschein
Jeanette Ide               Shelly Perry          Ann Sullivan                at 616.396.3506, or
Rebecca Israels            Supaluck Phonxana     Wendy Szalay      
                                                                   Non-Profit Org.
                                                                   U.S. POSTAGE

                                                                    Permit No. 10
                                                                     Holland, MI
          The Warm Friend
          Downtown Living
          at Your Doorstep
 Studio and One-Bedroon Apartments
  are now available for independent
             older adults
 Contact Susan at 616-796-3550, or at

                                                                                     Holland, Michigan 49423
                                                                                     9 East Eighth Street

 Resthaven Maple Woods
      Great, Affordable Independent
             & Assisted Living
     Places are now available for older
      adults seeking a community of
              faithful friends.                                    Our Mission:
                                                                   To glorify God by providing a
       Contact Judy at 616-796-3700 or                             continuum of quality care and                                 services that demonstrates the love
                                                                   and compassion of Jesus Christ.

 Executive Leadership Team                                         Board of Trustees
                                                                   Andy Baer
 Charlie Vander Broek, President/CEO
                                                                   Mike Bosgraaf
 Bev Donahue, Director of Finance                                  Robert Dentzman, Treasurer
 Barbara L. Huls, Director of Human Resources                      John Dice
 Becky Israels, Director of Home Care                              Len Fazio
 and Community Nursing                                             Kay Hubbard
                                                                   Susan Hutchinson
 Mike Jalacki, Administrator of the
 Resthaven Care Center                                             Greg McCoy, Chair
                                                                   Susan Muzzy, Vice Chair
 Jeannie Slenk, Director of Marketing and                          Ilse Saewert
 Community Relations
                                                                   Rev. John Schmidt
     If you choose not to receive this newsletter in the future,
                                                                   Marcia Westrate, Secretary
     please call 616-796-3501 and leave your name, address and
     telephone number (available 24 hours a day). Thank you!       Dr. George Zuidema


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