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					A Quick Reference Guide
to using student email at
 Illinois Central College.
                                            G oogle Apps                                                                         FALL 2011

                                       Email Basics
As an Illinois Central College student, you have                       Sending an email message
been issued an ICC student email account.                              To start a new message, click the Compose Mail
                                                                       button in the menu on the left.
Access your student email account
1. Go to
2. Click on Current Students.
3. Click on Student Email Login on the right
    side of the page.
Or, you can access the email login page directly at

                          Your username for accessing
                          your student email is the
                          same as your Login ID for
                          your other ICC accounts.
                           You can look up your username by
                           going to and clicking the
                           Find Login ID link for eServices.

                           Your student email Username is the
                                                                       1. Type the email address of the person you wish
                           same as your Login ID for eServices.
                                                                          to send the message to in the To: field.
                                                                            ● You can type in multiple email addresses,
Your default email password is: ICC*****                                  separated by commas.
where ***** is the last 5 digits of your Social Se-                         ● Clicking the To: link allows you to choose
curity Number (make sure to capitalize the ICC).                          from your list of saved email contacts.
Example: Your password would be ICC56789 if                            2. Type a subject line descriptive of the purpose of
your SSN were 123-45-6789.                                                your message in the Subject: field.
                                                                       3. Type the body of your message into the email
The first time you access your student email, you                         textbox.
will be prompted to activate the account and
                                                                       4. Click the Send button.
change your email password.

Your email address                                                     Adding attachments
Your ICC student email address is your User-                           If you wish to attach a file to the email you are If your username were                                sending, complete these steps while composing the
jm321a, for example, your email address would be                       email message.                                                    1. Click the Attach a file link.
                                                                       2. In the Open dialogue box that appears, browse
Google                                                                     to the folder which contains your file.
Student email is based on the Google Gmail inter-                      3. Select the file and click the Open button.
face. If you have used Google’s Gmail service, you                     Additional links in the Compose Mail window:
will find that your ICC student email looks familiar.                       Add Cc— This link allows you to send a copy of the email to
                                                                            additional people while indicating to them that they are not the
Useful Tip:                                                                 primary person that the message is intended for.
Because your ICC student email is powered by Google, you can                Add Bcc— This link allows you to send a copy of the email to
directly access many Google tools and services by logging into              additional people without including their names or email ad-
them with your ICC student email address and password.                      dresses on any of the copies of the email that are sent.

      Illinois Central College ● ICC Learning Labs – 236A, Perley 112, or Cedar 136 ● ICC Help Desk – or 694-5457         1
Inbox                                                                  email conversation, you will see the entire conver-
When you sign in to your ICC student email ac-                         sation combined together as one inbox item. A
count, you will be taken to your email inbox. From                     number in parentheses next to the sender’s name
here you can read and organize the email mes-                          indicates how many messages are included in the
sages your receive.                                                    thread.
                                                                       If you would rather not have your messages combined into
                                                                       conversations, you can turn this feature off:
                                                                       1. From your inbox, click on the gear icon in the upper right-
                                                                            hand corner of the page.
                                                                       2. Choose Mail Settings
                                                                       3. On the General tab, locate the Conversation View setting.
                                                                       4. Select Conversation View Off.
                                                                       5. Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

                                                                       Email Settings
                                                                       Customize the settings for your student email ac-
                                                                       count by clicking the gear icon in the upper right-
                                                                       hand corner of you inbox, and selecting Mail Set-
                                                                       tings. A series of tabs with settings that can be
                                                                       modified will be displayed.

                                                                       You can change your email password from within Mail Set-
Reading email messages                                                 tings by clicking on the Accounts link, and then clicking on
                                                                       the Google Accounts settings link. In Google Accounts set-
As you receive messages from other people, you                         tings you should see a Changing you password using 2-
will see them listed in your email inbox. In the                       step verification link that allows you to reset your password.
list, you will see the sender, the subject line of the
message, and the date the message was received.                        Auto-Forward Email to Another Account
                                                                       If you wish, you can set up your ICC student email
To open and read a message click on the sender’s                       account to automatically forward incoming mail to
name or the subject line of the message. When                          another email address.
you are through reading the message, you can
                                                                       1. Click the gear icon in the upper right hand
click the Back to Inbox link to return to the inbox.
                                                                           corner of the inbox, and choose Mail Settings.
                                                                       2. Click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP link.
Replying to email messages
                                                                       3. Click the Add Forwarding Address button.
1. Open the message you wish to reply to.
                                                                       4. Enter the address you wish to have your email
2. Scroll to the bottom of the message.                                    forwarded to, and click Next. A confirmation
3. Click the Reply link.                                                   email will be sent to that address.
4. Type your message in the textbox.                                   5. In another browser window, sign in to your
5. Click the Send button.                                                  other email account, open the confirmation
                                                                           email, and click on the verification link.
Forwarding email messages                                              6. Back in your ICC student email account, select
1. Open the message you wish to forward.                                   the Forward a copy of incoming email to
                                                                           option and make sure your desired forwarding
2. Scroll to the bottom of the message.
                                                                           address is selected in the drop down.
3. Click the Forward link.
                                                                       7. On the second drop down menu, choose
4. Enter the email address you wish to forward
                                                                           whether or not you want a copy of the for-
   the message to into the To: field.
                                                                           warded email messages to be retained within
5. If you wish to add your own text to the mes-                            your ICC student email account.
   sage you are forwarding, type it in the textbox.
                                                                       8. Click the Save Changes button at the bottom
6. Click the Send button.                                                  of the page.

Threaded Messages                                                      Search Mail
The organization of the inbox may be a little differ-
                                                                       Quickly locate email messages containing particu-
ent than other email systems you are familiar with.
                                                                       lar words or phrases using the Search Mail fea-
Your student email “threads” related mes-
                                                                       ture located at the top of inbox. Click the show
sages into conversations. Instead of seeing
                                                                       search options link for advanced search.
separate items in your inbox for each reply in an
     Illinois Central College ● ICC Learning Labs – 236A, Perley 112, or Cedar 136 ● ICC Help Desk – or 694-5457       2

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