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                                                                                                                V   ET 5

                                                                               December 2007
                 P R I N C E T O N , N E W               J E R S E Y           Volume 102 No. 11
                                                        Chanukah is about the Macabees
                                                        defending and rededicating the
                                                        Holy Temple in Jerusalem and
                                                        Chanukah is about the miracles.
                                                        There is a debate in the Talmud             Shabbat Worship Schedule
                                               whether the miracle was the fact that           Fridays - 6:30 p.m. Saturdays - 9:45 a.m.
                                               Judah Macabee and his small army who
                                               were so outnumbered were able to defeat                     Library Service
                                               the high-powered, professionally trained         Saturday, December 8 and 22 - 10:15 a.m.
                                               army of the Syrian-Greeks or whether the
  Do you believe                               miracle was that the small amount of oil
                                               lasted eight nights. Whichever you believe,
                                                                                                             Tot Shabbat
                                                                                               Saturday, December 1 and 15 – 11:00 a.m.
  in miracles?                                 we need to remember the miracle of
                                               Chanukah and help to connect it to our                   Junior Congregation
                                               contemporary lives.                                     Every Shabbat – 10:30 a.m.
  When I hear the phrase “Do you believe in
Miracles?” I think that either someone is
                                                 One year ago, my family and I had the                       Mini-Minyan
watching a tape of the US Olympic Hockey                                                               Every Shabbat – 10:30 a.m.
team winning the Gold Medal at Lake Placid     opportunity to be in Israel for Chanukah
in 1980 or else Chanukah is coming. Yes,       and it was a great experience. In addition
                                               to lighting candles each night with our             Midweek Minyan Schedule
my friends, in just a few days Chanukah will
                                               family and friends, and eating delicious            Sun. - 8:30 a.m. Wed. - 7:00 a.m.
be with us once again and we will have an
opportunity to be with our family and          Israeli Chanukah foods including delicious
friends to light the menorah and exchange      sufganiyit (donuts), we had a unique
Chanukah presents. And as we do I want to      Chanukah experience. Sara, the children         Bat Mitzvah
suggest that we spend time discussing the
true theme of the holiday: miracles.
                                               and I went to a program at David’s Tower
                                               in Jerusalem where we did activities that
                                                                   (Continued on page 2)           Saturday, December 1
                                                                                                       Samantha Paley

                                                                                               Daughter of Alan and Bunny Paley

                                                                                                     Saturday, December 15
                                                 The first President Bush established a                    Emma Crain
                                               famous “thousand points of light” program              Daughter of Kevin and
                                               to recognize special personal achievements                 Rebecca Crain
                                               and contributions. I take great pleasure in
                                               doing the same here at The Jewish Center.
                                                                                                     Saturday, December 22
     EIGHT CANDLES                               To make this work, I have to scale back                   Sarah Sasson
                                               from a thousand points of light to eight,             Daughter of Maurice and
                                               for two reasons. First is to use a number                  Brigitte Sasson
     Shmoneh Neyrot                            commensurate with Chanukah, and there-
                                               fore I will call them candles, not points of
                                               light. Second, while I could certainly list a
 I want to attempt what I consider a com-      thousand wonderful things happening at
plicated bit of journalism for me this         The Jewish Center, doing so would make          Shabbat Candle Lighting
month. The challenge is to simultaneously      the newsletter way too long, cost too much
celebrate Chanukah, imitate another presi-     for copying and postage, bust our budget,       December 7 . . . . . . . .4:14 pm.
dent’s famous “thousand points of light,”      and thereby possibly lead to the demise of      December 14 . . . . . .4:15 p.m.
and practice the ancient Jewish B’nai          our beloved synagogue. So I will stick with     December 21 . . . . . .4:17 p.m.
Mitzvah tradition of making cute rhymes        eight, but please know there are at least
                                                                                               December 28 . . . . . .4:21 p.m.
for each candle that is lit (I think that’s    nine hundred and ninety two other great
mentioned somewhere in the Talmud).
                                                                   (Continued on page 5)
Rabbi’s Message (continued from pg. 1)           the fact that the Jewish people are alive       and communal. As we recite Al HaNisim
taught us more about the challenges the          today is a miracle - because God has pro-       on Chanukah, we should be thankful to
Macabees faced prior to the Chanukah story       tected us and helped us survive every chal-     God for these miracles and I believe we
and the forces they fought against to not        lenge of the past.                              should try to celebrate them for more than
assimilate into the Greek culture of their                                                       just eight days.
time. We spent part of the afternoon with a       My favorite prayer and song that we             Do you believe in miracles? I certainly do.
man dressed like a Macabee of those days         recite on Chanukah helps us understand
who described challenges he and his family       this. The words are Al HaNisim - We thank        Chag Sameach - Happy Chanukah to you
faced trying to observe Shabbat and other        You, O God, for the miraculous liberation,      and your family.
important Jewish customs during those            the might deliverance, and the heroic vic-
days of persecution. He told us that the         tories You helped our ancestors to achieve,     Rabbi Adam Feldman
inner strength that helped them face the         in ancient days at this season. There are
daily challenges was also enabled them to        some modern scholars who say that the           Rabbi Feldman may be reached at
fight off the Syrian-Greek army when they        end of this phrase should read “in ancient or 609-
attacked and desecrated the Temple. He           days and at this season” to help us under-      921-0100, ext. 203.
summed up his presentation by telling us         stand that miracles are still possible today.
they were able to survive because God was        We recite this prayer on Chanukah, Purim
on their side and because of the miracle.        and Yom HaAtzmaut - the day we cele-
  His presentation made me think about           brate Israel’s independence as a modern
the challenges we face today as modern           Jewish State.                                     NOT ON THE TJC EMAIL
Jews living in America, and he also helped                                                         ANNOUNCEMENT LIST?
me realize that we all need to be more            This year, as we celebrate the miracle of
aware of miracles happening around us.           Chanukah and we celebrate 60 years of the
                                                 miracle of the modern State of Israel, I             Please contact Maryann Yarin at
Some of us experience miracles on a per-
sonal basis and for this we should be            hope that we can all be more cognizant of    
thankful. There are others who say that          other miracles in our lives - both personal

President’s Message (continued from pg. 1)       Finance Committee, Finance Department,          Dylan, Izzy, Jen, Julia, Max, Nate and Sayla;
points I could list if it weren’t for the dire   Annual Fund Committee, Financial                and the Board of Directors has even made
consequences. The reason for the cute            Secretary, Endowment Program, and of            a proclamation (viewable on our website)
rhymes is just for fun. So here it goes.         course many, many generous congregants.         in your honor. A lot has changed since I
                                                 With our budget year at the halfway mark,       was a teen in our congregation and I am
 The work of our Board of Directors could        we can recognize already how well these         amazed at what incredible leadership our
be measured by the ton, so for them I light      critical aspects of our synagogue are being     teens now have, and what an opportunity
candle number one.                               managed. The Annual Fund is doing great.        they have to harness their spirit, resources
                                                 I will leave it to our Annual Fund              and labor to achieve such a substantial
  Yes, our Board of Directors has lived up to    Committee to present specific numbers, but      example of tikkun olam.
the all-star billing I have heralded since       want to mention here that this committee
June. They all bring so much passion for         continues to accomplish the goal of estab-       For a program that deserves praise
our congregation and community, talents          lishing the Annual Fund to enable us to         even more, I respectfully light candle
and hard work. These forty members func-         operate without Sustaining Memberships,         number four.
tion as a strong team and also with great        big fundraisers, and the dreaded Kol Nidre
initiative in their respective areas. So         appeal. Our mortgage has been refinanced          Our Yachdav program is a bright point of
much of the other candles recognized             with favorable terms from the Bank of           light here at The Jewish Center. This pro-
below are due to this exceptional group of       Princeton. Our credit card processing fees      gram coordinated by Robby Devery has
people, and in concert with our dedicated        have been reduced by skillful negotiations.     won a Gold Award in the National
staff. The countless hours, meetings,            An official policy on remissions and collec-    Solomon Schecter Competition of United
emails, and phone calls really pay off. I        tions has been established.                     Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, and
can’t say enough how much I appreciate                                                           Robby has received a proclamation by the
the opportunity to work with all of them,         In recognition of a long distance mitzvah      Board of Directors. But I think the real
and how fortunate we are to have this line-      all the way to Biloxi, I admiringly light       measure of the success of the Yachdav
up of leaders.                                   candle number three.                            program is in the enrichment it provides
                                                                                                 to so many of our students who have vary-
 Like it or not, we need money to do what         For a second year, Rabbi Tucker and Fran       ing learning styles, and the comfort it
we do, so I economically light candle            Amir have led a group of our teens to           imparts the parents
number two.                                      Biloxi, Mississippi to help rebuild following   through a dedicated
                                                 Hurricane Katrina. The fact that such vol-      support group, and
  We are a big organization with significant     unteer work is still necessary after more       their joy at seeing
financial needs. Dues and tuition do not         than two years since the hurricane hit          their children called
nearly cover our necessary expenses. This        helps demonstrate the magnitude of this         to the bimah for
places tremendous responsibility on our          Mitzvah. We’re proud of you Aaron, Alex,        their B’nai Mitzvot.

 2   The Jewish Center Newsletter is a monthly publication of The Jewish Center, 435 Nassau Street, Princeton, New Jersey, 08540
President’s Message (continued from pg. 2)       Next month we enter the year 2008, sixty
  Because its helped keep our people           years since the founding of the modern                    TJC Presents
alive, for the language Hebrew, ani mad-       State of Israel. It gratifies me that the
lik ner mispar chamesh (that’s candle
number five).
                                               commitment of our Jewish Center clergy,
                                               staff, and community to Israel is already so        A Family
                                               strong that the extra programs we will do
  While I don’t want to sound like one of
those people lamenting how hard things
                                               to commemorate this anniversary will be
                                               like a turbocharger on an already high per-
                                               forming race car. At a recent AIPAC event,
were for them in the past (like the classic
complaint of walking back and forth to         Rabbi Feldman, my wife Lori and I, and
                                               twenty others from The Jewish Center
school in the snow without shoes uphill
both ways), but again, I want to highlight     heard Eli Wiesel make a highly meaningful
                                               comment on this subject. He reminded us
                                                                                                Tuesday, December 11
how fortunate we are to have some great                                                                 At The Jewish Center
programs to help members of all ages learn     that we should not just mark the 60th
Hebrew. When I decided a number of years       anniversary of the State of Israel, but also
ago that it was important to learn Hebrew      the 3060th anniversary that Eretz Yisrael
                                               has been our homeland, the place we turn
                                                                                                        5:45 p.m.
(to communicate in Israel, understand our
prayers, and teach it to my children), the     to pray, the place we yearn to return (that            Menorah lighting
only opportunity to do so was through pri-     rhyme was unintentional).
vate lessons with my friend Edna Noiman.
It was one of my fondest accomplishments.        To announce our new style that is great,                 6:00 p.m.
And now, there are a number of ways we         I artistically light candle number eight.               Program begins
can learn, improve, or just practice Hebrew
at The Jewish Center. Edna teaches two           Here’s an example of the commitment of
classes on Sunday mornings for beginners       our lay leaders to perfection for The Jewish       The Chanukah program
                                               Center. When Debbie Soffen and Josh
and intermediates. And thanks to our Israeli
                                               Zinder of our House Committee began                       includes:
Affairs committee we now have an impres-
sive “Hebrew in the Shul” program that         investigating proper signage for our facility,    • A Chinese Buffet Dinner
includes Irvit La’Kol with Nira Lavid, and     they and their VP Gil Gordon decided to
speakers in Hebrew. We even have a new         really do it right. They recognized that we         Entertainment by the
program in the Nursery School to teach our     lack an overall consistent graphic style for
four year olds a theme-based Hebrew con-       our organization, and the heart of such a         • QuipFire Comedy Group
versation curriculum. Mitsuyan!                style starts with a proper logo. So with the       of Princeton University
                                               creative brilliance of Lara Taber of 2 Design
  Since our youngest members have so           Art, we have fashioned the following new
many ways to get their kicks, I playfully      logo. This logo will now be used on the              Cost: $12.00 per adult
light candle number six.                       new signage, as well as the letterhead,
                                               cards, flyers, ads, and documents of The            $8.00 per child (under 12)
 Our kids have so many wonderful activi-       Jewish Center. Look for it to appear soon            Reservation deadline is
ties available to them at The Jewish           and frequently.
Center. Gayle Wagner continues to run            I am sure you can also look forward to                  December 5
the Joan Levin Nursery School with             countless metaphors about the emblem of          Questions? Call Neil Wise at TJC
warmth and nurturing. Not only do the          the tree as it relates to the principles and
kids get to enjoy the new and incredible       programs of The Jewish Center. I am proud              609-921-0100x209
playground during the school days, but         to be the first to do this by conveying a quo-
now, thanks to a group of committed par-       tation from architect Louis Kahn who said
ents, the playground can be supervised on      the first classroom was a teacher and stu-
Sundays for the kids to enjoy and parents      dent under a tree. I think this is a great                     (Cut off form)
to schmooze. The summer Grow and               symbol to represent our dedication to life       Name _________________________
Learn camp program has been even fur-          long learning, be it in a classroom, sanctu-
ther improved. Last but not least, they        ary, program or simply under a tree.             Phone ___________________
love the bagels, donuts and juice while                                                         Number of adults_______ Number of
their parents gather over coffee in the         Chag Sameach, Happy Chanukah,
Kid’s Kafé on Sunday mornings in the
lobby. It is coordinated by our super                                  Michael Feldstein        Amount Enclosed_______
Men’s Club and energetic Youth                                            TJC President         Return this form to the synagogue office
Department. The Kid’s Kafé has become                                                           or mail to:
one of my favorite times of the week to                                                         The Jewish Center 435 Nassau Street,
hang out and talk with fellow congregants                                                       Princeton, NJ 08540
and friends. I hope to see you there.
                                                                                                Attn: Chanukkah Celebration
 For our promised land with falafel like                                                        Please make checks payable to
heaven, I Zionist-ically light candle                                                           The Jewish Center.
number seven.                                                                                                                              3
                                                    The Jewish Center is so grateful for the many donations that you give both in
                                                   honor of joyous occasions and in memory of beloved family and friends. In order to
Contributions                                      make the logistics easier and the gifting choices clearer, a donor form is printed on
                                                   the back of each monthly newsletter. Donor forms are also available in the Main
                                                   Office. We thank you for the time, effort, and generosity that go into each of
                                                   these donations!
Donor’s Name __________________________________________
Donor’s Address ____________________________________________________________________________________________
Occasion: u In memory of:       u In honor of:
Send donation acknowledgement card to:
(Please remember, acknowledgment cards are sent for contributions of $18 or more. A listing will appear in the newsletter for any donated amount.)
Amount Enclosed: ______________________
Please indicate your choice below and mail this form and a check to The Jewish Center, 435 Nassau St., Princeton, NJ 08540. If
you are interested in planned giving opportunities, please call Gil Gordon in The Center Office, 609-921-0100, ext. 205.

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                                                                                                                             TIME VALUE
28     Deadline for January Newsletter -- December 13, 2007
                                              an important one - that of religious          sure - but it was augmented by the
                                              freedom and religious tolerance. The          glow we felt from within as we sang
                                              root of the word Chanukah is derived          together around the chanukiah. If
                                              from the Hebrew that means “dedica-           you would like a Chanukah song sheet
                                              tion” and it is also the same root for        for use at home, please call me and I
                                              the Hebrew word for “education.”              will be happy to provide it for you as
                                              Therefore, let us all be dedicated to         my Chanukah gift to you! Happy
                                              educating ourselves and our children          Chanukah, Veronica!
Cantor’s                                      to the true meaning and spirit of
                                              Chanukah.                                      Melodically yours,
                                               This year, we “beat” Christmas by two         Cantor Murray E. Simon
Happy Chanukah                                weeks! Therefore, we can begin
Veronica!                                     singing our delicious Chanukah ditties          P.S. My new DVD, Great Cantors of
                                              before we are inundated with the ubiq-        the Golden Age, with its restored rare
                                              uitous “holiday” music which is piped         film footage of the great cantors of the
  In ancient times, as in our own, victo-     through our shopping malls. These             past would make a wonderful
ry over the enemy was always the sig-         “holiday” melodies, while very tuneful,       Chanukah gift for your special some-
nal for an outburst of poetry and song.       unrelentingly permeate and penetrate          one. Please see me for details.
The Jewish community looked forward           our psyche.
eagerly to the celebration of
Chanukah, for it was the first relief          My earliest childhood recollections of
from the bleakness of the late fall and       Chanukah revolved around the light-
early winter. That is why the candles         ing of the candles and the singing of
of the chanukiah are so significantly a       beautiful Chanukah songs. What is
part of this Festival of Lights.              interesting is that most of these holi-
                                              day songs are geared for singing in the
 Chanukah is a minor holiday in our           home - not the synagogue. Some of
religious calendar, but its message is        the glow was from the candles to be

                                              detail of Berlin following Germany’s sur-       Readings on Conversion to Judaism
               Library                        render. Gift of TJC Women’s Book Club in
                                              memory of Evelyn Thurm.
                                               Sex, God, Christmas & Jews by Gil
                                                                                            edited by Lawrence J. Epstein. Jews by
                                                                                            choice have prompted a lot of dialog with-
                                                                                            in Jewry and some significant selections
                                              Mann. Intimate emails about faith and life    are recorded here.
                        The December holi-    challenges by one who managed an area of        The Pentateuch and Haftorahs by J.
                        day season is upon    America On Line about Judaism. Gift of        H. Hertz. A reference copy of the Hertz
                       us again. We have      Rabbi Annie Tucker.                           edition of the Bible, still preferred by
                      no new additions         A Pictorial History of the Jews in           many at our weekly Shabbat service.
                   specifically      about    the United States by Morris U.                  Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism
          Chanukah this year although         Schappes. A fascinating and surprising        by Geshom G. Scholem. A detailed out-
you can find books related to the holiday     “coffee table” book with over 400 pictures-   line of Jewish Mysticism from its begin-
in section K336. But we are adding a          and lots of words, too.                       nings in antiquity to its latest phase in
book that has Christmas in its title and       A Field Guide to Visiting a Jewish           Hasidism.
discusses it briefly-from a Jewish point of   Cemetery by Joshua L. Segal. A useful           Worship of the Heart: Essays on
view. The rest of the book is also quite      book on understanding the ways of Jewish      Jewish Prayer by Joseph B. Soloveitchik.
interesting.                                  cemeteries and how to interpret the           Ten essays by “the Rav,” the late, great
                                              Hebrew inscriptions on tombstones.            educator at the seminary of Yeshiva
 Recent acquisitions:                                                                       University.
  Bearing False Witness published by           The following books are the gift of Rabbi
CAMERA (The Committee for Accuracy in         Bob Freedman:                                   The following items are missing. If you
Middle East Reporting in America). A cri-      Union Hymnal compiled and published          have one of them, please return it prompt-
tique of Jimmy Carter’s Palestine: Peace      by the Central Conference of American         ly to the box on the Library desk.
not Apartheid. Gift of Cantor Murray          Rabbis. Songs and prayers for Jewish wor-       Tikkun for September-October 2007
Simon.                                        ship, mostly in English and completely          First Things for November 2007
  Jews, Germans, and Allies by Atina          rendered without the use of a single
Grossman. A description in unforgettable      Hebrew character.                                                                     5
                                                                                      Please list your skills, talents, past
                                               _________________________________      experience, special knowledge, etc.
                                                                                      that you would be willing to share
                                                                                      with us and TJC:
    THE TJC                                    EMAIL ADDRESS

    VOLUNTEER CORPS:                           _________________________________
                                               HOME PHONE
    What, Why, How                             _________________________________
                                               WORK PHONE
    Our Mission                                May we call you at work? u Yes u No
  Provide a portal of entry for every con-     _________________________________
gregant to meet new people, inspire            CELL PHONE
active involvement and share responsibil-
ities while finding satisfaction in support-
ing The Jewish Center.                         Volunteer Opportunities
                                               Events                                 Do you speak any languages in
    Flexible Commitment                        u Design Flyers                        addition to English? If yes, I speak
  In response to the desire expressed by       u Run one-time event
many people who want to get involved in                                               __________________________
                                               u Photograph events
The Jewish Center, but do not have the                                                So that we can try to make good
                                               u Order/buy food
time for board level, committee, or ongo-      u Event check-in                       matches, please tell us of any situa-
ing commitments, we can bring the              u Decorate                             tions, circumstances, etc. with
opportunities to you as your interest and      u Set up                               which you might not be comfort-
schedule permits.                              u Babysitting                          able:
                                               u Chaperone youth events
 You can do as few or as many of               u Order books for author events
these one-time needs as you
want.                                          Office/Building

    How To Get Started                         u Assist in the office onsite
 * Simply fill out the form and and deliv-     u Assist with office work offsite
er it to the Jewish Center office, or com-     u Minor fixer-upper projects
plete it on our web site www.thejewish-        u Gift shop If you have        u Make phone calls to members
any question about the program please          u Publicity (press releases)
contact Volunteer Corps coordinator
                                                                                      Planning a simcha?
Melissa Pankove at 609-799-4929 or at                          u Serve as a shamash                    Kippot for your weddings or
  * This form will tell us that you want to    u Serve as a gabbai
    be notified of volunteer opportunities     u Davening                             Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations are
    that are tailored to your time and tal-    u Lead minyan                          available in a variety of colors and
    ents.                                      u Ushering                             fabrics. Color swatches are avail-
 * Every time our lay leaders or staff has     u Lead shiva minyanim                  able for your review in the Gift
   volunteer opportunities, they will sub-                                            Shop. Prayer benchers are also
   mit the opportunity to the Volunteer        Social
                                                                                      available in a variety of styles, and
   Corps via email or phone for anyone         u Adopt new families for their first
   who is not online. The opportunity                                                 they too are available for you to
                                               year of membership                     see in the Gift Shop. Orders take
   will include a description of what is       u Host new families for Shabbatot
   involved, where, timing, and to whom                                               four weeks to process, so plan
   you should reply.                           Other Services                         ahead and order early! Hours for
 * Congregants wishing to participate in                                              ordering are BY APPOINTMENT
   an opportunity can respond. Those           u _______________________________
                                                                                      ONLY! Please call Gail Alba at
   who are not interested in a specific        _________________________________
                                                                                      (609) 275-0469.
   opportunity simply do not need to reply.    _________________________________
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support The Jewish Center by remembering               by Roz and David Vanderbilt                         Barci Thaler Finkle
and honoring friends and loved ones through                                                                  by Martha and Marty Rossman
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                                                       by Jane Silverman, Vera and Morton Leifman
General                                                                                                    Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
55PLUS                                               Confirmation Class Israel Trip                        Alison and David Politziner, Terry and Jonathan
Donna Gabai                                          In memory of                                          Epstein, Luanne and Michael Lebwohl, Tobe and
                                                     Irving Tobey                                          Nat Fisch, Abraham Krotowski, Annette Rosenberg,
In honor of                                             by Carol and Bob Schwartz                          Jackie and Cy Meisel, Rita Swirsky, Lillian
Our being called to the Torah                                                                              Fishbein, Gloria Linder, Maxine Lampert, Laura and
   by Marjorie and Bernard Chaknova                  The Hattie Griffin Fund                               Eric Perlman
B’not Mitzvah of Jessica Klimoff and Irene Klimoff   Sally Steinberg Brent and Dan Brent, Sally Goldfarb
   by Bev Surrey                                     and Joseph Straus                                     In honor of
Marriage of Douglas Pristach to Debra Spitalnick,                                                          Hospitality on Sukkot
marriage of Ronit Yeger to Kevin Johnson, mar-       Nancy Lewis Shabbaton                                    by Iris and Jonathan Gold
riage of Adina Langer to Matthew DeAngelis           In honor of                                           Marriage of Cara Zeldis and Eric Snyder
   by Lori and Michael Feldstein                     Nancy Lewis’ retirement                                  by Sharon Stamm and Jerry Zeldis
                                                       Merrye and Steve Hudis                              Baby naming of Tabitha Rose Webster
In memory of                                                                                                  by Lois and Marc Klaben, Rachel Webster
                                                       Lesley and Ross Wishnick
Henia Shylit                                                                                               Retirement of Nancy Lewis
                                                       Bev Surrey
   by Sharon and Ben Shylit                                                                                   by Susan and Jonathan Gross
                                                       Dorothy and Seymour Friedman
Eugene Blau                                                                                                Birth of Rosie Carchman Levine
                                                       Cynthia Sage
   by Stephanie and Leslie Blau                                                                               by Marsha and Eliot Freeman
                                                       Sara Bucholtz and Adam Feldman
Boris Cheifetz
                                                       Andy Frank
   by Maxine and Stuart Rosenthal                                                                          In memory of
                                                       Bobbi and Barry Freedman
Sylvia and Sidney Zagorin                                                                                  My parents
                                                       Shelley and Steve Barnett
   by Marilyn and Howard Zagorin                                                                             by Ida and Jeffrey Margolis
                                                       Marissa and Jesse Treu
Boris Cheifetz, Doris Kanter and Anne Snyder
                                                       Jane Silverman
   by Bev Surrey                                                                                           Religious School
                                                       Mara Feldman and Mitch Marder
Charles Berg                                                                                               In honor of
                                                       Annabelle and Victor Spiegel
   by Lily Noble                                                                                           Nancy Lewis
                                                       Sue Couture
Sara Warshawsky                                                                                              by Arlene and Stan Dorfman
                                                       Debbie and Paul Mendelson
   by Debra and Matt Kestenbaum                                                                            Rebecca Devery
                                                       Nora and Julian Zelizer
Ida Friedman                                                                                                 by Sam Merkovitz
                                                       Anita Cohen
   by Dorothy and Seymour Friedman
                                                       Mindy and Phil Kirstein
Anna Levine                                                                                                Shabbat Luncheon Fund
                                                       Robert Straus
   by Judy and Bob Levine                                                                                  Harriet Greenblatt
                                                       Ellen and George Pristach
Rebecca Kaufman
                                                       Lillian Fishbein
   by Kenneth Kaufman                                                                                      In honor of
                                                       Fran Frankel
Audrey J. Feldman                                                                                          Marriage of Adina Langer to Matt DiAngelis
                                                       Rhona and Allen Porter
   by Sue Couture                                                                                            by Linda and Michael Grenis
                                                       Diane and Mitch Schwartz and family
Martin Bass                                                                                                Nancy Lewis
                                                       Irene and Sam Goldfarb
   by Marian Bass and Jeffrey Albert                                                                         by Myra Weiner and Irv Newman
Anthony Ullmann                                      Steven Levine Special Needs
   by Gladys Ullman                                  Education Fund                                        Shabbat Meal for Mourners Fund
Florence Bloom                                                                                             In memory of
                                                     In honor of
   by Lynn and Joe Silverstein                                                                             Jean Rappaport
                                                     Marriage of Douglas Pristach and Debra Spitalnik
                                                     and marriage of Adina Langer and Matt DiAngelis         by Bev Surrey
Adult Library
                                                        by the School Committee
In memory of                                                                                               Social Concerns Homeless Family Fund
                                                     Fran Amir
Evelyn Thurm                                                                                               In memory of
                                                        by Mindy and Phil Kirstein
  by Jewish Center Book Group                                                                              Herbert Chinich
                                                     Men’s Club - Tzedakah Box Fund                          by Karen and David Barmak
Biloxi/Katrina Fund
                                                     In honor of
In honor of                                                                                                Teen Girls Rosh Hodesh Group
                                                     Bat Mitzvah of Leah Zinder and Bat Mitzvah of
Bat Mitzvah of Jessica Klimoff and Irene Klimoff                                                           In honor of
                                                     Claire Resnick
  by Robin Lang and Gregg McAulay                                                                          Bat Mitzvah of Claire Resnick
                                                        by The Schneider Family
                                                                                                             by Joan and Steve Resnick
Cantor’s Music Fund
                                                     Nursery School Playground Fund
In honor of                                                                                                Tree of Life
                                                     In honor of
Marriage of Cara Zeldis and Eric Snyder                                                                    In honor of
                                                     Marriage of Megan Nirenberg and marriage of
  by Sharon Stamm and Jerry Zeldis                                                                         Marriage of Cara Zeldis and Eric Snyder
                                                     Douglas Pristach
                                                       by the Nursery School Staff                           by Shary Stamm and Jerry Zeldis
                                              wherever and whenever needed, from set       dreidel, a holiday craft, story time and of
Nursery News                                  up to clean up. They are the best. It was
                                              another successful boutique, but only
                                                                                           course, latke making and eating!

                                              because of all of you.                        On Wednesday, December 12, Andi
                    Shalom!                                                                Joseph brings her musical talent to our
                                               With that event behind us, the Nursery      school and presents a Chanukah concert.
                          As I write this     School is now ready to take on               Andi is well known to our students with
                           message and        Chanukah! Our first Shmooze Time of          such songs as “There’s A Dinosaur,” “I’ve
                           reflect back on    the year will be presented by Rabbi          Got A Shabbat Feeling,” and “Put A
                           November, I owe    Tucker and visited by members of JCW on      Chicken In A Pot.” We have invited our
                           a giant size       December 4, as we discuss Chanukah in        nearby friends from Temple Beth El to
                          thank you, and      our homes. Our celebrations begin on         join us at this concert. You are welcome
                        my deepest appreci-   December 5 with our school’s Chanukah        too! That’s 10:30 a.m. on December 12.
                    ation, to so many of      Shows. If you happen to be around, stop
you. I am referring to those who helped       in for a musical treat and be entertained     As the days get shorter and the nights
behind the scenes of the Gift Boutique for    by our students. Our 2 1/2 and 3-4 year      get longer, I wish for you many cozy
months prior to the event, those who vol-     old classes will sing for us at 9:30 a.m.,   nights, and may the light from your
unteered the day of, those who supported      followed by our 4-5 year old students at     menorah shine a bright light on you
the Gift Boutique and shopped on              10:15 a.m. The celebration continues         and your loved ones.
November 6, and to those who have just        with an interactive olive oil press demon-
finished the last bit of paper work: I sin-   stration presented by Quiver Farms on         Happy Chanukah!
cerely thank you all. Our custodial staff     December 11. The students will then
was amazing. They were right here during      proceed to a variety of Chanukah activi-      B’Shalom
the whole event willing to lend a hand        ties such as cookie decorating, playing       Gayle Wagner


  Registration is now being accepted for
  The Joan Levin Nursery School 2008-
  2009 school year. Simply call the school
  office (609-921-7207) or stop in to
  receive an application.

  We are also accepting applications for
  our new class beginning in January
  2008, for our youngest students, just 12-
  18 months. K'Tontonim will be held on
  Wednesday mornings. For more informa-
  tion contact Gayle Wagner at the
  Nursery School number above or at

                                         Kid’s Kafé
                                     Sundays, 8:30 to 11:15 a.m.
                                                          TJC Lobby
     Featuring morning faire on Sundays when Religious School is in session. (Bagels, donuts, coffee, hot chocolate)
                                          All proceeds to benefit TJC’s Youth Department
                                “Building the community, one bagel at a time”
                        Want to volunteer or have food to donate? Contact or
                 or or
 Kids Kafé Update: Shmoozing,                  * Collins Butler and Jeff Schneider
 Noshing, Greeting, and Reading               have been unflappable on set up and           Thanks to all of you and to anyone we
 Every Sunday                                 break down;                                  unintentionally omitted.
                                               * For reliable food delivery we have Jeff
  Based on brisk sales each week at the       Schneider, Charlene Borsack, Jason Kay,       As you can see, the Kids Kafé is a family
 Kids Kafé, we can see that everyone has      Mark Merkovitz, and others to thank.         business, run by kids for kids-with a little
 been enjoying the food and friendships        * A big thank you to all those "sales       help from TJC Men's Club and the Youth
 on Sunday mornings. Our thanks to            people" and the clean up crew: Gabriella,    Department. If you and your children
 everyone who has patronized the Kids         Sabrina, Danielle, and Rachel Hecht;         would like to work at the Kids Kafé one
 Kafé each week. The profits are going        Elizabeth, Samuel, Madline, and Ben          week, or volunteer to pick up the food
 straight to the Youth Department to          Reichbart; Charlene and Erica Borsack,       one early Sunday morning, please con-
 fund enhancements in facilities, equip-      Lauren Soffen, Sarah Sasson, Rachelle        tact Neil Wise at nwise@thejewishcen-
 ment, and programming.                       Simon and Emma Wingreen; Geri       or Charlene Borsack at cbor-
                                              Schonberger and Melissa; Jeff Savlov;
  A special thanks to those who have been     Tirza Wahrman and Deena, Molly , and
 working so hard to make it a success:        Hannah; Polly, Ben and Sophie Strauss;        See you for breakfast at the Kids Kafé!
                                              and the Schneider children, Derek,                Charlene Borsack & Jason Kay
                                              Adam and Jacob.                                      Youth Committee Co-chairs

                                                   ISRAEL CHAMBER ORCHESTRA
                                                            1st Time Appearance in Princeton
                                                                   Dinner and Concert
                                                           Tuesday, February 19, 2008, 6:45 p.m.
                                                                        McCarter Theatre
                                                            91 University Place, Princeton, New Jersey
                  Join your friends at The Jewish Center for an evening of food, wine and music at McCarter Theater.
                  Our evening will start with a kosher reception at McCarter Theater followed by a performance by the
                                                 36-member Israel Chamber Orchestra.

                                         Musical Program: Mendelssohn Violin Concerto
                                                 Prokofiev's Classical Symphony
                                                   Beethoven's Symphony #7
                                   $90 Per Person; Includes Dinner and Premium Orchestra Seating
       Seating is Limited - For more information and to purchase tickets please contact Maryann Yarin at the Jewish Center office
                                        (609) 921-0100, ext. 201 or
                                      Sponsored by The Jewish Center Arts & Culture Committee,
10                            The Jewish Center Israel Affairs Committee and the JCC of the Delaware Valley
 Lashir, the Jewish Community              Auditorium, as well as other perfor-
Choir of Princeton, will be holding        mances throughout the year.
auditions for the coming year.
Welcoming its new conductor,                LASHIR, which sings solely in Hebrew,
Ra’anan Shefa, the choir will be cele-     Yiddish and Ladino, welcomes new
brating its 27th year of performing        members. Contact Robin Wallack at
with a Gala Concert at Richardson or call 609-924-0330.

                           SHEKET, b’vakasha!!!
             If you have a child in grades 3-6 who likes to sing, they will love SHEKET,
                               the Junior Choir of The Jewish Center.
          We sing in seven languages and perform at synagogues and community events.
        Contact Robin Wallack at or 609-924-0330 for more information.

    Save          JEWISH CENTER WOMEN
  The Date
                    And TJC MEN’S CLUB

      Jewish Center Open
         Saturday, February 9
              7:00 p.m.
             Hopewell Valley Tennis Club
              Round Robins of Mixed Doubles,
                               Doubles and Singles
                             All skill levels welcome, no
                                     partners required
                              Beer, wine, soft drinks and
                                   dinner will be served
                            Spectators are welcome!

                                              • Wedding Invitations • Birth Announcements
                                                      •Bar & Bat Mitzvah Invitations
                                               • Personalized Social & Business Stationery
                                                  Hours By Appointment • Discount Prices
                                                             Barbara Litt

                                                            PAUL B. PAPIER

                                                  Papier Photographic
                                                         S T U D I O S

                                                              136 Riverside Drive
                                                              Princeton, NJ 08540
        Need A Tallis?                                        Phone 609.924.0560
   Fabulous Selection for Women and Men
            & Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  Prices    732-613-8018
          Call for an appointment
           Yarmulkas by Amy L.L.C.
Plus Ladies’ Head Coverings & Judaica Gifts
    JEWISH CENTER                                           Jewish Center Women
                                                       Rabbi Feldman & Rabbi Tucker
                                                      The Princeton Clergy Association
 To plan ahead, here is a look at JCW                  Dedicate a Service of Light & Hope
                                                      Stand up against Domestic Violence
events programmed for the coming
                                                             Peace Begins At Home
 * Sunday Morning Torah Study

                                                              Thursday, December 13
   December 9
 * Womanspace: Service of Light and
   Hope - December 13                                                At TJC
                                                                    5:45 p.m.
 * JCW Shabbat and Luncheon

                                                  Communities of Light
   January 12
 * JCW and Men’s Club Tennis Night
   February 9
 * Sunday Morning Torah Study
   January 27
 * Cooking Demonstration
   February TBA                                    Womanspace Community of Light Program
 * Sunday Morning Torah Study
   March 9                                    The project which began in 2002 by Womanspace in Mercer
 * Spring Trip
   April 30                                     County, continues to bring multiple New Jersey counties
 * Spring Membership Luncheon                together to raise awareness of domestic violence and sexual
   May 4                                     assault and services available to victims and survivors in their
 And there will be more to come! If you
                                                communities. Hundreds of volunteers throughout New
would like to help plan an upcoming event    Jersey bring together neighborhoods, businesses faith-based
or join us at JCW, please contact me at        and community organizations to illuminate the night and
609-730-8166 or            send the message that peace begins at home. Families who
                                               struggle in silence with violence in their homes will know
                       Anne Rutman                      that their community stands with them.
         Chair, Jewish Center Women

                                                        Jewish Center Women
                                                         and Rabbi Feldman
                                                           Welcome you to join us for

                                            Sunday Morning Torah Study
                                                     December 9, 9:15 a.m.
                                                    in the Bet Midrash at the Jewish Center

                    Rabbi Feldman will lead us in a discussion about
                          significant women in Jewish history.
                       Please rsvp to Debra Kestenbaum at 609-771-1710 or
                                   or Judy Kutin at 609-683-4199 or
                                              addled elderly father, a Ukrainian war          bear.” The meeting will be at 7:00 p.m.
  Women’s Reading
                 group                        refugee and expert on tractors, is planning
                                              to marry a young, enormous-breasted
                                              woman who sees his modest pension as
                                                                                              on Monday, December 3. For information
                                                                                              please contact Louise Sandburg at
                                              her ticket to capitalist comfort. The sisters     All of our books can be ordered on-line
                     BOOK CLUB                put aside their differences, and embark on      through TJC website at www.thejewish-
                     DECEMBER PLANS           a spirited campaign to save him from boil- where you can click on the
                                              in-the-bag dinners, slovenly housekeep-         Amazon link to earn a commission for the
                                              ing, and such extravagant purchases as a        synagogue. Multiple copies of our selec-
   For our December meeting we will dis-      broken-down Rolls-Royce. In the midst of        tions are also available at Borders book-
 cuss A Short History of Tractors in          these machinations-which include long-          store and at the Princeton Public Library
 Ukrainian, a novel by Marina Lewycka.        winded letters to solicitors, venomous          on the “Book Club” table by the entrance.
 A reviewer in The New Yorker wrote, “In      gossip, and all-out spying-Lewycka              For a list of previous books or other infor-
 this comic first novel, two estranged sis-   stealthily reveals how the depredations of      mation, please contact Louise Sandburg
 ters living in England discover that their   the past century dictate what a family can      at

                                                                                              28. Chanukah candelabra
 Test your wits and your Jewish knowledge with this new feature in our newsletter – a         31. Mark Twain award-winning playright:
monthly crossword puzzle, with appropriate themes around Jewish holidays through the          Neil ___
year. You can pick up the answers in the main office, or get them even faster by going to     33. Israeli female PM
our web site Happy puzzling!                                         37. Eye-patch general
                                                                                              38. Israeli archaeology site
                                                                                              39. Diary girl
                                                                                              40. Barbra Streisand played this Fanny
                                                                                              41. Chanukah: ___ of Lights
                                                                                              42. Fountainhead author: Ayn ___

                                                                                              1. Traditional Chanukah gift
                                                                                              2. Land of Israel
                                                                                              3. Antiochus was a ___ king
                                                                                              4. ___ Tzur: beloved Chanukah song
                                                                                              5. Arthur Miller wrote Death of a ___
                                                                                              6. Chanukah revolt took place there
                                                                                              7. Chanukah lasts ___ days
                                                                                              9. Jewish snacker
                                                                                              14. Chanukah toy
                                                                                              16. Jewish pianist: Daniel ___
                                                                                              17. Operation Moses - immigration of ___
                                                                                              18. Ancient Israeli fortress revered for
                                                                                              great heroism
                                                                                              19.Mystical Israeli city
                                                                                              20. Statue bearing Emma Lazarus poem
                                                                                              22. Jewish wedding canopy
                                                                                              23. ___ Tov: Good morning
                                                                                              25. Stained windows artist, Marc
                                                                                              26. Chanukah month
                                                                                              27. Marcel Marceau's art
                                                                                              29. Ner tamid: synagogue’s ___ light
ACROSS:                                       13. Sephardic tongue                            30. Assassinated Israeli PM
3. Menorah's working candle                   15. Famous Chanukah family                      32. Nobel winner: South African author
8. Mah nishtanah is one                       19. Comedian: Jerry ___                             ___ Gordimer
10. Poet/songwriter: ___ Cohen                21. Galilee resort town                         34. Chanukah potato delicacies
11. Burned eight days                         24. A patriarch                                 35. Corned beef's partner
     12. Chanukah doughnuts                   27. Jerusalem congratulations                   36. Jewish “Father” of psychoanalysis
   Programs Galore!
 JEWISH CENTER WOMEN                           tion, etc. Please remember that if trans-
                                               portation is needed we would be happy to
                                                                                                Womanspace is a non-profit agency in
                                                                                              Mercer County serving victims of domestic
                                               assist.                                        violence and sexual assault. Jewish Center
                                                                                              Women is proud to represent TJC as we
                                                 Another recent JCW highlight was our         raise awareness of this critical social con-
                                               first Board of Directors meeting for 2007-     cern. Together with Womanspace and The
 Many exciting things happened the past        2008. Our agenda was to revisit the ori-       Princeton Clergy Association, we will be
couple of months and it’s only December!       gins and purpose of Jewish Center Women,       participating in a Service of Light and
                                               analyze where we are today and pave the        Hope at The Jewish Center on Thursday,
  JCW hosted its Third Annual Wine             direction for our future. Excellent ideas,     December 13 at 5:45 p.m. Please join the
Tasting Party on October 20. The               comments and suggestions were abundant         community as we share our support by
Hopewell Valley Vineyard’s beautiful set-      and we are anxious to implement many           lighting a special candle - a powerful sym-
ting enhanced the delicious food, award-       new dimensions to JCW. Even if you are         bol of warmth, comfort and prayer for vic-
winning wine and most importantly added        not a member of our board we are open to       tims, survivors and their families.
to the relaxed and fun ambiance for which      your input. Please contact us if you are
men and women alike enjoyed the evening.       interested in joining or would like to          The Jewish Center Women Shabbat ser-
Many thanks to Wendy Richmond and              become more involved .... we welcome you!      vice will be on January 12, 9:45 a.m. Please
Lauren Pechter for coordinating this suc-                                                     mark you calendars for this very special ser-
cessful event.                                   Wine, cheese and chatter are always the      vice. Planning has been underway for quite
                                               best ingredients for a Girls Night Out and     some time and we anticipate this to be a
  The JCW Sunday Morning Torah Studies         that is what we had on November 14. To         wonderful, spiritual and extremely memo-
began on October 28 with Rabbi Tucker          complement that, Steven Serradillo, a pro-     rable service, followed by a Kiddush lun-
leading such an inspirational introduction     fessional organizer with the company Clear     cheon. We hope you will join us.
to Pirkei Avot, Ethics of the Sages, devoted   Your Space, shared his tips and solutions
to the ethical and moral statements com-       on tackling that persistent problem of clut-    For more information on becoming a
posed by the rabbis. Todah rabbah to           ter. Our intimate setting allowed questions    part of our extraordinary group of women,
Naomi Perlman for graciously opening her       and answers relating to everything from        please contact me at 609-730-8166 or jrski-
home and making this intriguing discus-        everyday home organization to estate set-
sion so interesting and valuable. Please       tling and paper management. Look for
join Rabbi Feldman for our next session on     Steven’s tips on organizing a kosher                                       B’Shalom,
Sunday, December 9 at 9:15 a.m. See this       kitchen in the January newsletter.                                     Anne Rutman
newsletter for more info on content, loca-
                                                                                                        Chair, Jewish Center Women

                                                                                               A NOTE OF THANKS
                                     Please join
                                                                                               FROM HATTIE GRIFFIN
           Jewish Center Women
                                                                                                Dear Friends,
           as we celebrate Shabbat                                                              I want to thank you for your donations
                                                                                               to my medical fund. It has been a big
                                                                                               help to me in paying my ongoing med-
                     Saturday, January 12, 2008                                                ical bills. Your generosity is greatly
                            5 Shevat 5768
                                                                                                When I worked in the Nursery School,
                    Services at 9:45 in the morning                                            Joan always talked about thinking about
                                                                                               others and giving tzedakah. I can see
                                                                                               that the message was heeded.
             Kiddush luncheon                                                                   I have very wonderful memories of my
                                                                                               teaching time at the Nursery School
             following services                                                                and how we were all one big family. I
      The Jewish Center, Princeton, NJ                                                         think of you and your children very
                                                                                               often. Thank you for thinking of me.

              Thank you God                                                                                               Sincerely,
                                                                                                                       Hattie Griffin
      for having made me a woman...
                       WELCOME                   the years progressed, more and more peo-          My vision is to see TJC become a leader in
                                                 ple from many synagogues in the area            its youth programs and to involve the
                       GREETINGS                 participated in the fun. Last year, we had      Jewish community in more synagogue
                                                 over 600 people celebrating Purim with          activities. Since being here, I have met
                       FROM                      us at AJ.                                       many congregants and board members. I
                       NEIL WISE                                                                 hope that I can meet most of the congre-
                                                   In my youth, I was a regional Vice            gants and convince them to participate in
                       Shalom!                   President of USY, a chapter president of        new and exciting programs.
                                                 USY, I traveled to Poland and Israel with
 I’m Neil Wise, and am the newest mem-           USY, and I have been a staff member on            In my column in the January newsletter
ber of the TJC professional staff. Let me tell   USY on Wheels. My experience at USY has         I’ll describe my plans for programming
you a little about myself. I was the Director    lived on with me for all these years. I still   for other segments of our congregation.
of Programs and Youth at Adath Jeshurun          have contact with the other members of          Meanwhile, I look forward to meeting
(AJ) of Elkins Park, PA for the last five        USY who I knew back then. I found my            you, and I hope to see each of you at the
years. Prior to that I taught in the religious   USY experience so satisfying in my life         congregational Chanukah celebration on
school and was a youth group advisor.            that I want to share that feeling with the      Tuesday evening, December 11.
During my tenure our USY group won               children of TJC.
many awards and many of our members
went on to become leaders in the USY
regional organization.
                                                  My objectives for TJC’s youth program-
                                                 ming are as follows:
                                                                                                          Jewish Center
                                                  * Energize and grow the youth program
 Another of my responsibilities at AJ was
to create programs for the congregation.
                                                  * Increase the participation of our youth
                                                    in our programs
                                                  * Create new and exciting programs
                                                                                                   Blood Drive
These included a Rocking Shabbat, special
congregational-wide Havdalah programs,              for TJC                                         The Jewish Center Blood Drive will be
and holiday programs. I was especially            * Infuse the synagogue with new energy          on Sunday, December 9 from 8:30 a.m.
                                                                                                  until 2:00 p.m. Volunteer blood dona-
known for the AJ Purim extravaganza. As
                                                                                                  tions are used to save the lives of pre-
                                                                                                  mature infants, cancer patients, acci-
                                                 through May. We provide the coffee/tea           dent victims and others with life-threat-
                                                 and cookies. Feel free to invite others to       ening diseases. It’s a mitzvah to donate
                                                 the lectures. [Note that lectures are on         blood!
                                                 Wednesdays this year.]
              5768•2007-08                                                                         Sign-ups for the blood drive can be
                                                                                                  done via email or phone call, and walk-
                                                 Mark Your Calendars for                          ins are always welcome.
                                                 Upcoming Lectures:
                                                                                                   Blood donors must be 17 or older,
  Princeton                                       December 19 - Jackie Meisel, congre-            weigh at least 110 pounds and be in
          scholars                               gant and art historian to speak on Early
                                                 20th Century Jewish Artists in Paris.
                                                                                                  generally good health. Individuals with
                                                                                                  high blood pressure or diabetes can
                                                                                                  donate as long as their conditions are
         THE JESS EPSTEIN                         January 16 - Stephen Solomon, con-              under control. Most medications are
       LUNCH - AND - LEARN                       gregant and director of graduate studies         also acceptable. If you are not sure if
                                                 in the Department of Journalism at               you can donate, please stop by the
              WITH                                                                                drive or email to the address below.
                                                 NYU, to speak on his new book:
    PRINCETON SCHOLARS SERIES                    Ellery’s Protest: How One Young
        Noon to 1:20 p.m.                        Man Defied Tradition and Sparked                  The drive is open to the entire com-
        2007-08 Speakers                         the Battle Over School Prayer. The               munity. Before coming to the drive,
                                                 book explores the landmark 1963 case             donors should eat and drink well.
   The 2007/08 - 5768 year of lectures con-                                                       Bring some form of identification to the
 tinue the vision of Marian Epstein and          (Abington School District v. Schempp)
 David Atkins to access the superior schol-      in which the U.S. Supreme Court ruled
 arship in our community by inviting to          that state-sponsored prayer and Bible             Please take advantage of this conve-
 The Jewish Center academicians, artists,        reading in the public schools violated           nient opportunity to perform this
 writers, politicians, economists, and many      the First Amendment.                             important mitzvah and community ser-
 others to share their depth of understand-                                                       vice.
 ing of their field of inquiry.                   If you have any questions or comments,
   Lectures are held in the social hall pre-     please let us know via email to Ronni              To sign up and for questions, contact
 ceded by a “bag lunch.” Bring a dairy or        Ticker at or            Lynne Ross at 609-439-6834 or
 pareve lunch at noon on the third               Bob Garber at  
 Wednesday of the month from October
Bikur Cholim                                                                           TASK
                                                                                     Hunger In
                                                                                     Our Midst!
“Acts of kindness are among               *bringing meals
those things that have no lim-            *visiting people in the hospitals
                                           and in the senior care facilities
its.” Mishnah Peah 1                                                              One memorable and rewarding
                                          *organizing a blood drive
                                                                                 day recently a group of volun-
 The Bikur Cholim Committee pro-          *doing errands                         teers from The Jewish Center
vides a variety of functions which                                               helped served lunch to 422 needy
help our Jewish Center family in          We ask that if you or a family mem-    people! The satisfied diners,
need. We are comprised of a group        ber are hospitalized anywhere that      including some of the working
of people ready to assist when a fel-    you call The Jewish Center office       poor, were at the Trenton Area
low congregant requires help due to      and let us know. Helen Schlaffer        Soup Kitchen for a nutritious
an illness or disability. The kinds of   will then notify Alison and Margie,
                                                                                 lunch. You and other volunteers
things we've done for one another                                                are needed to staff the cafeteria
                                         Co-chairs of the Bikur Cholim
in the past and are planning for the                                             line. Could you help? Join a
                                         Committee, and an email will go to      group from TJC that carpools to
future are:                              the entire committee asking for vol-    the Soup Kitchen once a month.
                                         unteers to make a hospital visit or     For more information, contact
 *sending get well cards to              do whatever may be helpful.             Eileen Garber at 609-683-1037 or
  congregants                                                                    at
 *driving people to and from hospi-       Please call Alison Politziner, (609)
  tal procedures                         924-3066, or Margie Atwater, (732)
 *picking up medicine from the
                                         398-9761, for more information.
 *supermarket shopping
                                                                                   Did you know that there is a
                                                                                     Yiddish READING group
                                                                                           meeting at
                                                                                      The Jewish Center on
                                                                                          at 1:30 p.m.?

                                                                                      Call Sandie Rabinowitz
                                                                                       at 609-452-9130
                                      The Jewish Center Welcomes
            Magen David Adom (MDA) - the Red Star of David -
                                   recognized by the State of Israel
                         as its only first aid and disaster relief organization
 which operates according to the principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

  As we celebrate Hanukah, it is important to remember that Israel still fights for freedom from terror
   every day. The Israel Affairs and Social Concerns committees of The Jewish Center in Princeton
   invite you for an evening discussion with representatives from MDA to learn about the crisis in
 towns like Sderot that continue to suffer from terrorist attacks and what groups like MDA have been
                                   doing to support local residents.

                        Hear about the important work of
                          Magen David Adom in Israel
                     Wednesday, December 12, 2007, 8:00 p.m.
                                           The Jewish Center
                                 435 Nassau Street, Princeton, New Jersey

                        Open to the Community - Funds Will Not be Solicited
                     No Cost to Attend - Please R.S.V.P. to

                                             reetings to Rabbi El
                         Sp ecial Birthday G                     kins
                  The entire Jewish Center congregation and staff extend heartiest congratulations to
                                Rabbi Dov Peretz Elkins, our Rabbi Emeritus,
                                on the occasion of his 70th birthday on December 7.
               We hope Rabbi Elkins continues for many more years of devoted service and scholarship,
                and that he enjoys decades more of good health and good times with his wife Maxine
                                  and their children and grandchildren. Mazel Tov!
                                                                                to adopt Greek       melted back into the countryside. His suc-
                                                                                customs and          cesses attracted more supporters, several
                                                                                worship.             hundred men at arms. The Jews had a clear
                                                                                                     advantage in morale, for their “people’s mili-
                                                                                   As with so        tia” was composed of “sons of the country
                                                                                many revolu-         fighting on their own soil, for their own peo-
                                                                                tions,       the     ple, and prepared to die for their religious
                                                                                Maccabean            beliefs and freedom.”
                                                                                Revolt sprang
  Chanukah is almost here. There is no better   from a spontaneous act of resistance. In the           Judah Maccabee had proved that a small and
time to celebrate both freedom and indepen-     foothills village of Modin, the Seleucid army        weak people could fight successfully against a
dence than the holiday of Chanukah.             set up an altar, and ordered the local Jewish        mighty army and that spirit can be mightier
                                                priest, Mattathias, to sacrifice a pig and eat it.   than numbers. The Maccabees led the first
  Chanukah celebrates the Jewish war for        He refused, as did his five sons.                    war ever fought for religious freedom and
independence in the second century B.C. The                                                          eventually the Maccabees would establish for
heroes of Chanukah are the Maccabees, a           So began the war, as Mattathias and his sons       the first time in 450 years an independent
group of freedom fighters who fought to pre-    headed for the Judean hills, to launch a             state and a new dynasty of Jewish kings the
serve Jewish religious identity and freedom     guerilla war. They spent their first year in the     Hasmoneans.
amid the oppressive, state-mandated idolatry    hills accumulating about 200 supporters, of
of the Greeks, who ruled Jerusalem at that      whom about 50 were able-bodied men. They               The world has sometimes forgotten that
time. While the Greeks didn’t force us from     had no military training. No independent             Jews are great warriors. Yet the Chanukah
our land, we were still very much in exile      Jewish army had fought since the Babylon             light - that burning passion for freedom and
under their rule. They tried to banish our      had destroyed the Judean kingdom four cen-           independence - shone in the Warsaw Ghetto
spiritual core.                                 turies before. Their only weapons were farm-         Revolt in 1943. It shone in 1948 when tiny
                                                ing tools and whatever simple weapons they           Israel defeated the invading armies of Syria,
  The Maccabean Revolt began in 167 B.C.        could construct, such as maces or slings.            Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt - who had,
Alexander the Great’s empire had broken into    During this first year, Mattathias died, desig-      like Antiochus, announced plans to extermi-
several parts, and Israel was under the con-    nating his middle son Judah as his successor.        nate the Jews. The Chanukah light shone in
trol of the Seleucid Empire, based in Syria.                                                         the Six Day War. And it shines today, as tiny
Israel had lived peacefully under the Persian     Judah constructed a superb intelligence net-       Israel continues to defeat terrorists.
Empire and under the Ptolemic empire (of        work. He knew that his little band could not
Egypt), both of which tolerated Judaism; but    defeat the Seleucids in a fixed battle, but with
the Seleucid Emperor Antiochus Epiphanes        the support of the people in the hills and vil-
was a bigoted Hellenizer, who attempted to      lages, he staged increasingly daring night-
force the Jews to abandon their religion and    time raids on the Seleucid outposts, and then

Mazel Tov
 To Adeenah and Steve Yeger on the birth
of their granddaughter Brianna Rose,
daughter of Meira and Robert McKeever.

 To Aaron Sporn and his family on the loss
of his mother Eunice Sporn.
  To Virginia Tesser and her family on the
loss of her father Walter Wilkes.
 To Deborah Marinsky and her family on
the loss of her mother Ruth Marinsky.
  To Brian Zecher and his family on the
loss of his mother Dorothy Zecher.
                                    MAKES A GREAT CHANUKAH PRESENT!

Come to SHUL!
      Children's Services
         in December
            December 1
    Jr. Congregation - Heh L. T.
           Mini Minyan
            Tot Shabbat
            Vav Seminar
           December 8
    Jr. Congregation - Dal E 2
           December 15
    Jr. Congregation - Gim E 2
           Tot Shabbat
           Vav Seminar
        December 22 & 29
    Services in Main Sanctuary

 Look for upcoming infor-
   mation about the new
Family Service, beginning in
   January on the fourth
  Shabbat of each month!
                                       Please see Cantor Simon for details
Todah rabbah to Jennifer and

                                   Rosh Hodesh: It’s a GirlThing!
 Jeremy Black for sponsoring
  Kiddush at Tot Shabbat in
   honor of their daughter                          8th Grade Group
     Shira's fifth birthday.                      2007-2008 Calendar

If you would like to sponsor a
                                      All meetings will take place from 7:00-8:30 p.m.
     Kiddush at any of the                         At The Jewish Center
 Children's Shabbat Services,      Thursday, December 13               Tuesday, April 8
 please contact Ellen Pristach       Tuesday, January 8                 Monday, May 5
  at for         Thursday, February 7              Wednesday, June 4
      further information.
                                      Sunday, March 9
ANNUAL FUND UPDATE                             48.33%. We have collected 70% of the
                                               amount pledged, putting us way ahead of
                                                                                              Reuben Cohen
                                                                                              Lew and Lynn Coopersmith
                                               last year in collections.
The Annual Fund is Counting                                                                   Paul and Kiu Ling Deutsch
on You -                                        Thanks to all of you who have helped us       Joan Efron
                                               come this far. While we still have a way to    Marion Epstein
Have You Been Counted?                         go, we’re confident that we can count on
                                               the congregation to come through.              Craig and Denise Feder
 Last year was the first for the Annual                                                       Lillian Fishbein
Fund. We counted on the congregation            As the calendar year comes to a close, if
responding to a new way of raising funds, a                                                   Martha Friedman and Harold Heft
                                               you have not yet contributed and are ready
way designed to change the culture of giv-     to do so, please e-mail your pledge to Nancy   Jonathan and Beth Frieder
ing at The Jewish Center. No more Kol          Lewis at           Seymour and Dorothy Friedman
Nidre Appeal, no more taxing those attend-     Remember, the giving levels are:
ing social events, and no more special                                                        Gilda Gildenberg
appeals for this or that.                                                                     Irvin and Beverly Glassman
                                                Annual Fund Gift Contributions
                                                                                              Rob and Ruth Goldston
  In the past, a maximum of 40% of the          Giborim - Heroes       $5,400 and above
congregation contributed to all of TJC’s                                                      Rachel Grossman
                                                Amudim - Pillars       $3,600 and above       Kevin and Lisa Heller
annual fundraising efforts. Last year, when
all the counting was done, 47% of the con-      Shomrim - Guardians $1,800 and above          William and Ellen Hirsch Hartman
gregation contributed over $287,000. It         Bonim -    Builders        $900 and above
exceeded all the Annual Fund Committee’s                                                      Robert Karp and Linda Oppenheim
expectations. However good that participa-      Tormim - Supporters        $500 and above     Martha Kingsley
tion was, 47% is a long way from 100%           Haverim - Friends             $180 - $500     Ruth Klein
and still not even a majority of the congre-
                                                                                              Elliot and Lily Krauss
gation.                                         Please Support The Jewish Center of Our
                                               Lives! We’re counting on you!                  Marty and Ann Kugel
 As we entered 2007-08, we set some                                                           Brad and Barbara Lawrence
ambitious goals. We counted on the              Todah Rabbah,                                 Amy Lebowitz
momentum of last year carrying over into
the second year of the Annual Fund. Six                                                       Martha Liebman
                                                The Annual Fund Committee
months into the campaign, we’re pleased         Walt Meyer, Co-chair                          Albert and Marilyn Medwin
to say that congregants are standing up         Bruce Hecht, Co-Chair                         Arthur and Arlene Miller
and being counted, and we’re on our way         Stu Axelrod
toward achieving those goals.                                                                 Jay and Darlene Paszamant
                                                David Goldfarb
                                                Irene Goldfarb                                David and Alison Politziner
 Here’s what the Annual Fund is counting        Nancy Lewis                                   Allen and Rhona Porter
on achieving: the Board of Directors predi-     Mark Merkovitz
cated the Center’s 2007-08 budget on the                                                      Robert and Julie Ramirez
                                                Linda Meyer
Annual Fund raising $300,000, a 4.3%            Arlene Opatut                                 Keith and Andrea Richey
increase over last year. While 4.3% may         Jerry Neumann                                 Igor and Wendy Roitburg
seem modest, remember last year was our         Marissa Treu
best fundraising year by 43% over our pre-                                                    Lynne Ross
                                                Jesse Treu
vious best.                                     Bob Weber                                     Jan and Lois Safer
                                                                                              Meyer and Lynn Joy Sapoff
  While our overall goal is still to have
100% of the congregation contribute                                                           Jeffrey and Evelyn Sasmor
                                                Congregants who have been counted
something to the Annual Fund, being real-      between October 4 and November 14:             Martin and Lina-Ann Shane
istic we know that cannot happen.                                                             Douglas and Marcie Shavel
Financial circumstances will prevent that.
However, we are still counting on having        Eyal and Hillit Alfi                          Jane Silverman
the vast majority of the congregation par-      Joan Alpert                                   Kenneth and Hillary Silverstein
ticipate. We want last year’s 47% to be just    Assaf and Francine Amir                       Alan and Audrey Straus
a fleeting memory.
                                                Anonymous                                     Kenneth and Audrey Thompson
 So, how are we doing?                          Roger and Ann Behar                           Kimberly Vine
                                                Joel and Betsy Bernstein                      Myra and Irv Weiner
  As of November 14, 100% of the Board of
Directors has contributed/pledged. In addi-     Arthur and Lauren Blick                       Harlan and Sally Weisman
tion, 348 congregant units and two non-         Paul and Carole Braun                         Thomas and Stephanie Will
congregants have contributed/pledged.           Moshe Budmor                                  Warren and Anna Willingham
That brings the congregant participation to
                                                Bruce and Sue Carnegie                        Ross and Lesley Wishnick           9
Israel Affairs
                                   Come sing along
                                           A night of Israeli Music
                                             With Shabbi Katzir
                                     Saturday December 15 at 8:00 p.m.
                                                 at The Jewish Center.
                                                 $10 admission charge
                       For more information call Gila Levin at The Jewish Center (609-921-0100 ext. 208)

                                                                    NEED TO TALK ABOUT
11th/12th Grade                                                  THE PRICE OF PRIVILEGE?
Programming                                                           Tuesday, December 11, 2007
                                                                            7:30 - 9:00 p.m.
 Come join us for TJC’s monthly gath-
ering of 11th/12th grade students.                                  Jewish Family & Children’s Service
Keep your eyes out for Evite invitations                           707 Alexander Road, Suite 102, Princeton
to our programming and please contact
Rabbi Tucker, atucker@thejewishcen-                                 Madeline Levine started the discussion., (609) 921-0100 x213 with any               Linda Meisel, executive director of JFCS, will continue the conversation.
questions or to join our email list.
Hope to see you soon!                        This is an opportunity for parents to participate in a facilitated follow-up discussion
                                                    to the November 4 program that was held at Congregation Beth Chaim.
 Wednesday, December 5 8:15 p.m.
 Chanukkah Party at Rabbi Tucker’s                            No Fee - Please RSVP by Thursday, December 6
                                                       to Debra Levenstein (609-243-0390) or
 Friday, January 25         6:30 p.m.
 Shabbat Services / Dinner at Center
 For Jewish Life (Princeton University)

 Thursday, February 21      7:00 p.m.

 Thursday, March 13       7:00 p.m.
 Movie Night: For Your Consideration
 at Rabbi Tucker’s

 Wednesday, April 9         8:15 p.m.

 Sunday, May 18             5:00 p.m.
 Senior Sendoff / End of Year BBQ
 (Location TBA)

           WELCOME                              In synagogue we recite the Mah Tovu
                                              prayer. It is from Numbers 24:5 and is
                                                                                             excellent book by Ron Wolfson titled The
                                                                                             Spirituality of Welcoming: How to

        WELCOME                               translated as “How good are your tents
                                              (people of) Jacob, your prayer houses
                                                                                             Transform Your Congregation into a
                                                                                             Sacred Community, a guide for helping
                                              Israel.” This prayer was chosen because of     synagogues feel warm, welcoming, and
    WELCOME                                   the connection between our tents, the
                                              original places of prayer, and our syna-
                                                                                             supportive to all. We are beginning to
                                                                                             implement new practices and will con-
 to The   JEWISH CENTER                       gogues of today. We need to think of our       tinue to do so in the months to come.
                                              synagogue as the tents of old; a gathering
                                              place which offers people protection from        You may see and feel the difference as you
  Most of us belong to a synagogue to find    external elements, a safe place where one      enter our buildings. Each of us can help
meaning and wholeness in our lives. We        can enter easily and feel a comfortable        create our sacred community by welcom-
are all hoping to find others who will pro-   sense of belonging, a place to feel at home.   ing others with open arms and by sharing
vide us with the support and inspiration to                                                  our unique selves with one another. It is
proceed on our Jewish journey. The Torah       We are fortunate at The Jewish Center         said that all of us were present and needed
teaches us about Abraham and Sarah’s          that our congregation is made up of a          at Sinai in order to receive the Torah and
eagerness to perform the mitzvah of           diverse group of individuals, each on his or   that we are partners with God in enhanc-
hachnasat orchim. They welcomed guests        her unique Jewish path. Our different          ing and completing our world. Our collec-
into their tent with open arms, embodying     backgrounds, stories, interests, and talents   tive energy can make a tremendous differ-
values that were to become an essential       are what add to the richness and flavor of     ence in how it feels to be part of The
part of our tradition. The Talmud tells us    our congregation. We all have so much to       Jewish Center. Please feel free to share
that welcoming strangers is a greater mitz-   learn from and share with one another          your own insights and suggestions for
vah than welcoming the Shechinah, God’s       when it comes to creating a sense of mean-     ways to continue this important endeavor.
presence. We are asked to be a nation of      ing and wholeness in our community.            You can contact our Welcoming Practices
holy people, to help bring peace and whole-                                                  Coordinator,         Lori     Simon,      at
ness to the world, and to reach out to the     We have been working hard at The     or 609- 731-6497 or our
orphan, widow, and stranger. We all have      Jewish Center to create a warm, welcom-        President, Michael Feldstein at mfeld-
the opportunity to fulfill these mitzvot      ing, and inclusive environment for all.
right here in our own congregation.           One inspiration for our efforts is the

                                                              Upcoming Teen/USY Programs
        WHEN YOUR KIDS                                                          Teen Shabbat
         INTERMARRY                                                   Saturday, December 1
                                                                      Services at 9:45 a.m.,
   Join other grandparents as we discuss
 complex issues related to intercultural/                followed by a lunch for teens and their families.
 interfaith family relationships. Explore
 how to share your cultural or religious                                   Teen Lounge Night
 identity with your son- or daughter-in-                                       December 2
 law, their family and your grandchildren
 in ways that promote mutual respect                                      6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
 and positive communication.                                             At the TJC Youth Lounge
                                                                                Cost: Free!
     Sunday, December 2, 2007
         10:00-11:30 a.m.
       Alphabet Soup Books
                                                                          USY Chanukah Party
     Lawrenceville Shopping Center                                         Friday, December 7
     2495 US Route 1, Lawrenceville                                   At Adath Israel Lawrenceville
                 No fee                                                   Cost: $10 per person
  Please RSVP by Thursday November 29
 To Debra H. Levenstein 609-243-0390 or                     USY International Convention, Anaheim CA.
                                         December 23-30
    A Family Life Education Program
              presented by
                                                                For more information on youth programs call
  Jewish Family & Children’s Service of                                 Neil Wise at 609-921-0100
         Greater Mercer County                                         or
Our Full “Menu” of
 Shabbat Programs
at The Jewish Center

                                                                   Journey through Shabbat Morning
 Adult Education                                                   with Rabbi Annie Tucker
                                                                   Second Shabbat of every month from December-May
                                                                   (no class in November) 10:30 to 11:30 a.m.
                                                                    Join members of The Jewish Center community for an inti-
 Talmud in the Afternoon                                           mate Shabbat morning study experience. Designed to provide
 with Rabbi David Wolf Silverman                                   opportunities for exploration and conversation in an informal
                                                                   setting, the Journey program will combine learning and dis-
 Shabbat Afternoons from 3:30 - 5:00 p.m.                          cussion aimed at increasing participants’ understanding of the
 December 1 and 15.                                                structure, themes, and liturgy of Shabbat morning. Whether
                                                                   you've been coming to synagogue for years or are new to
  Explore Jewish law and Rabbinic literature responsible for       Shabbat, we hope that the Journey program will provide a
 shaping Judaism as it is today through selections from the        space to look at issues of meaning in Jewish prayer as well as
 Talmud, Midrash and Codes (using English translations).           to create a kehillah kedosha - a holy community - in which to
 Ethical and political issues will be thoroughly examined in       study and dialogue together. If you have any questions or
 this fully participatory offering.                                would like further information, please contact Rabbi Tucker at
                                                                   609-921-0100 x213 or
 Hebrew at The Jewish Center
 Hebrew on Sundays - Ivrit b'Yom Rishon                            Creating a Jewish Home: Chanukkah
 with Edna Noiman                                                  with Rabbi Annie Tucker
 Sunday morning classes will follow the Religious                  December 4
 School calendar.                                                  9:15 a.m.
  Beginning Hebrew - 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
                                                                     One of Judaism's most enduring values is the importance
  Intermediate Hebrew - 12:00 noon - 1:00 p.m.                     of the Jewish home in fostering family life and the celebra-
                                                                   tion of Jewish holidays and rituals. Come review the basics
  Learning Hebrew is not just for kids! Remember what you
                                                                   of Chanukkah, learn about its history and customs, and share
 learned all those years ago or start from the beginning!
                                                                   personal family traditions and ideas about how to make this
 Beginning Hebrew is for those who can read the letters and
                                                                   time of year meaningful and memorable. Designed for fami-
 want to learn contemporary Hebrew. Intermediate is for those
                                                                   lies with young children, although all are welcome!
 who have studied in TJC's adult Hebrew classes or who have
 previous knowledge of Hebrew vocabulary and grammar.
 Tichon students are welcome. Tuition is $118 per semester.
                                                                   Shabbat Bible BaBoker (Bible in the Morning)
                                                                   with Rabbi Annie Tucker
                                                                   Every Shabbat morning from 8:45 to 9:45 a.m.
 Freedom and Independence in
 Contemporary Israeli Literature                                    Come join our weekly Shabbat morning discussion of
 with Edna Noiman                                                  Parashat HaShavua (the weekly Torah portion). Filled
 Thursdays at 7:30 p.m.                                            with lively exploration and debate of the Torah's many
                                                                   wonderful (and often challenging) stories and themes,
  Modern Hebrew literature is far from homogeneous. The            our Bible BaBoker group has been meeting for a year
 boom in contemporary Israeli fiction and poetry reflects the      and always welcomes new participants regardless of
 complex issues of Israeli culture. In this three-part course we   background. Study with us every week or whenever you
 will explore the ways prominent Israeli authors and poets         can make it! We look forward to learning together.
 examine the questions troubling the Israeli. In each session
 we will read translated short stories, excerpts, and poems that
 will enable us to discuss these questions.                        Weekday “Bible BaBoker (Bible in the Morning)
 December 6: Demystifying the Sabra (7:30 p.m.)                    in the Afternoon”
   Through the writings of S. Yizhar, Amos Oz, and A.B.            with Rabbi Annie Tucker
 Yehoshua we will see how the Sabra faces moral and social         December 11 - 5:00 - 6:00 p.m.
 issues resulting from life in Israel.
 December 13: The Place of Faith (7:30 p.m.)                        Like its Shabbat morning counterpart (see above for
   Through the poems and short stories of Yehuda Amichai we        more information), this class provides an opportunity to
 will discuss the role Faith plays in the life of the Israeli.     study the many wonderful and challenging texts of
   Contact Edna Noiman at 609-716-1164 or edna_bryn@hot-           Parashat HaShavua (the weekly Torah portion) in a com- if you have any questions.                               fortable and engaging environment.
 The Jess Epstein Lunch and                  Commemorate a
 Learn with Princeton                        Simcha or Honor a
 Scholars Series                             Loved One with
 Third Wednesday of each month
 Noon to 1:20 p.m.                           Siddurim Purchases
 Wednesday, December 19
                                              Thanks to our ever-growing Shabbat service attendance, we
  Jackie Meisel - Art Historian              recently purchased fifty new Siddur Hadash siddurim. This is a
  "Early 20th Century Jewish Artists in      wonderful opportunity to have one or more siddurim inscribed
                                             with a bookplate noting your donation of the siddur in honor of
  Details on speakers for the remainder of   or in memory of anyone you choose. The cost is $25 per siddur
 the year to follow in the Winter/Spring
 Adult Education brochure.                   and we especially welcome donations of multiple siddurim.
                                             Please contact Gil Gordon for details.
 Introduction to Judaism
 Taught by members of the
 Mercer County Board of Rabbis               Reunite with Your Lost Gloves, Glasses, Sweaters, Etc.
 Tuesday evenings at The Jewish
 Center                                       The lost-and-found boxes in the main
 October 16 through February 5               office and the school office are over-
 (no class December 25 and                   flowing; some of the items have been
 January 1)                                  there for months. If you’re looking for
 7:30 - 9:00 p.m.                            wayward belongings please check in
   This course, which is open to the         both offices next time you’re at TJC -
 entire community, is for those who          anything remaining after December 12
 want to learn on a beginner's level
 and for those who want a refresher          will be discarded, or donated if possible.
 course on Judaism. All are welcome.

                                              New No-Parking Signs for Our Safety
 No background necessary. The $100
 fee for the course covers tuition for
 you and a significant other (spouse,
 friend, partner, or sibling, for exam-
 ple). There is an additional cost for                                                       You will notice
 textbooks. Please contact Rabbi                                                           some new no-park-
 Jeremy Master by September 27 at
 609-799-9401 to register.                                                                 ing signs posted in
                                             our parking lot and driveways. These have been added so the
 Sunday Morning Torah                        entry and exit drives, as well as the corners of the parking lots,
 Study (Sponsored by Jewish                  are kept free of cars so that emergency vehicles can get into and
 Center Women) with Rabbi                    out of our property if needed. Also, we have posted the signs in
 Adam Feldman and                            areas where parked cars would be in the path of traffic and sub-
 Rabbi Annie Tucker                          ject to fender-benders.
 December 9 at 9:15 a.m.
                                              Please also keep in mind that the curb areas on both sides of our
New to Our Jewish                            exit driveway are no-parking zones. This was done so vehicles exit-
Center Family                                ing our driveway will have a clear view of oncoming traffic. The
                                             Princeton Boro police department has begun ticketing in this area
 Edward Eigen and Deborah Lewittes and
                                             so please avoid this area to spare your fenders and your checkbook.

their son, Leo (6 months). 84 Clover Lane,    Please observe these and any future signs, as well as painted yel-
Princeton.                                   low “zebra stripe” lines, for our collective safety.
 Raphael Zwijnenberg. 1 Milkhouse Lane,
Lambertville.                                                                                                  19
Religious                                       um, interestingly named Yankie Stadium
                                                for a local resident. We met volunteers
                                                                                                program on caring for animals, they have
                                                                                                turned tzar ba'alei hayyim, care and com-
School news                                     from all over, who came to build houses,
                                                cook and serve meals, counsel residents
                                                                                                passion for animals, into an exciting year-
                                                                                                long project involving weekly tzedakah
                                                and provide whatever services are needed.       collections and discussions.
 As the Chanukah season approaches, the         Our students spent two days painting the
Chanukia and themes of light become a           common rooms of the Salvation Army                These youngsters have all taken on the
central focus in Jewish homes. We read          facility in cheery colors to make the vol-      commitment to make a difference in the
the story of how the Temple was                 unteers’ surroundings more pleasant. As         lives of others - people (and animals) they
destroyed, that there was no oil for the        was the custom among the volunteers, we         do not even know. As the school year pro-
Menorah, and of how miraculously a few          were invited to design a section of an inte-    gresses, I will be reporting on more gimi-
drops of oil were found to keep the             rior wall with our handprints. One of the       lut hassidim and tikkun olam activities
Menorah lit for eight days until a new sup-     students immediately came up with the           and projects that our students are
ply of oil could be made.                       idea of using chamsas (an upside down           engaged in. According to Maimonides,
                                                hand) instead of handprints, since they         the highest level of tzedakah is to give
  I like to think of light in another way, as   are a symbol of luck in Judaism. So,            anonymously with neither party knowing
more than just a physical phenomenon,           among a sea of handprints in Yankie             who gave or who received. Whether in
but rather as a metaphor for goodness and       Stadium there is now a section of cham-         Biloxi, McCaffery’s or the Tzahov room,
giving. In Isaiah, 44:6, the Jewish people      sas from The Jewish Center, each decorat-       our students at The Jewish Center have
are told to be or la-goyim (“a light unto       ed by one of our students.                      done just that. This Chanukah let us all
the nations”). This implies that by follow-                                                     do something special to be “a light unto
ing God's mitzvot, they would become              We were also excited to renew friend-         the nations.”
leaders and guiding lights in the world.        ships with the members of the Beth Israel
                                                Congregation. We shared Shabbat services                   Chag Sameach Chanukah,
 In the past few weeks, many of the stu-        and dinner with them and it was interest-
dents in our Religious School have              ing to hear how they are coming along
become those guiding lights. Rabbi                                                                                          Fran Amir
                                                with plans for their new synagogue. As
Tucker and I were privileged to accompa-        happened last year, our students were wel-
ny nine students from our Siyyum Tichon         comed, praised and blessed wherever they
class (Nathaniel Costin, Alex Kasdin, Izzy                                                       December Dates to Save:
                                                went. They worked hard and gave tireless-
Kasdin, Dylan Klein-Denk, Jen                   ly of themselves both in spirit and physical
Morgenstern, Max Sechzer, Julia                 work In performing the mitzvah of                Tuesday - Thursday, December 4-6
Seidenstein, Sayla Tenenbaum and Aaron          tikkun olam, repairing the world, they           TJC Chanukia Lighting at 5:45 p.m.
Wishnick) to Biloxi, Mississippi on a com-      were true “lights unto the nation.”
munity service trip to volunteer in the                                                          Thursday, December 6
Katrina recovery effort.                         In another November activity, the Zayin         Zayin classes visit seniors for Chanukah
                                                values class took a field trip to McCaffery’s
  Biloxi has changed a great deal since our     to shop for kosher Thanksgiving meals for
visit last year; enormous progress has                                                           Tuesday, December 11
                                                needy families in our community that will
been made. Gone is the visible destruc-                                                          TJC Chanukia Lighting at 5:45 p.m.
                                                be donated through Jewish Family and
tion. Gone are the blue tarps covering          Children’s Service. The students brought         TJC Chanukah party at 6:00 p.m.
countless roofless homes visible from the       tzedakah to spend, and combed the aisles
airplane windows. Gone are destroyed            to find kosher fixings for Thanksgiving          Sunday, December 16
buildings, rubble and crumpled business         meals so that several families will each         Biloxi Plus: Eleventh grade
signs. Gone is the makeshift airport. The       receive a bag of holiday groceries and a         reunion party
landscape along the beachfront is now one       turkey. The outing was the culmination of
of occasional high rise hotels, apartments      a values unit that included lessons on
and casinos with empty lots scattered                                                            Thursday, December 20
                                                hunger in the world and our community,           Last day of Religious School before break
among them. There are many houses,              kashrut and gimmilut hassidim (acts of
built on stilts and raised foundations that     kindness). As the students roamed the
make them easily recognizable as new.           aisles, several shoppers noticed them and        Wednesday, January 2
The airport is completely redone and fully      asked who they were and what they were           Religious School resumes
operational. There are new shopping cen-        doing. Again, they were praised and
ters with stores, restaurants and other         looked upon as role models for other
businesses that are providing jobs as well      teens. You can see photos of the Biloxi
as services to the community. The clean-        and McCaffery’s trips elsewhere in this
up is basically finished and the rebuilding     newsletter.
is now in progress.
                                                 Our Bet students have also been
  We spent our time working at a                engaged in a wonderful project involving
Salvation Army facility that can house and      tzedakah for the care of animals. Using
feed almost 200 volunteers at a time. It is     the concepts learned in the FLAMES
   a converted high school football stadi-
Kosher Food Donations

                      Zayin Students Stock Up at McCaffrey's for Kosher Food Donations

TJC and Biloxi - Perfect Together (Again!)


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