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									Hushmail Business Web Mail Customization
The Hushtools administrative system allows you to customize the Hushmail web mail
through a simple and secure process.

In this process, you as an administrator, perform the following steps.

   1. Sign in as an administrator to Hushtools at
   2. Customize the colors of your web mail
   3. Upload your business logo

What Do I Need?
In order to begin this process, you need to have a web based email domain set up on
the Hush Key Server.

You will also need to have an administrator account, so you can log in with
administrative privileges. To log in as an administrator, you authenticate using a digital
signature made with the same encryption keys that protect your email. So you need to
have a secure email account.

If you already have a secure email account, either on your Hushmail Business domain or
on a account, your Hush representative can configure that account to be
an administrative account for your domain.

Signing in to Hushtools

Now that you have a domain configured on the Hush Key Server, and have been
granted administrative access, you can sign in to Hushtools.

Go to:
Click the link that says “Sign In”.

Enter the full email address for your administrative account, and the associated
Once you have successfully authenticated, an “Administrator Tools” button should
Click the Administrator Tools button, and you will be taken to a section where you can
browse information about your secure email system.

Note: If you do not see the “Administrator Tools” button, it means you have not been
granted administrative privileges. Contact your Hush representative.
Customizing your Webmail Interface
Click the”Domains” link on the left to navigate to an area where you will see information
relating to your domain. Ensure that “Yes” is displayed next to “Webmail configuration
available”. If “No” is displayed then please contact your Hush representative.

Click on the button “Configure Webmail” this will take you to an area where you will see
information that relates to your web mail customization.
To change the logo click on the “browse” button then select you new logo file. Your new
logo will be uploaded. Click the “OK” button at the bottom of the page to save the

You have the ability to change the colors of your webmail. The following sections can be

       •   Main User Interface
       •   Dialog Boxes
       •   Buttons
       •   Icon Styles
       •   Custom Text

Changes are made by selecting the colour/option changes you wish for each section of
the webmail. After you have made your changes be sure to click on the “OK” button at
the bottom of the page to save your changes. The changes will be reflected next time
you login to your webmail account.

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