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					                                              PTO Post            Your School and Community Connection

 April 2010                                                                                               www.District76PTO.org

   Upcoming Events
                                 Did I Hear BINGO?!?
   5 - School starts                                  Bring your family and invite your friends to come play BINGO with us!
   8 - 4th Grade Choir Concert
   9 – Kids Night Out
                                                      We’ve received lots of awesome donations from local businesses,
   10 - Market Day                                    teachers and staff, and district families for a wonderful array of prizes
   12 – PTO Meeting                                   to be won. Some of the great prizes include themed baskets put to-
   13 – Picture Day (DL)                              gether by your teachers, a kickball game against 10 Diamond Lake
   14 – 1st Grade Concert                             teachers, hot air balloon rides, a dinner cruise for 2 on Lake Michigan,
   15 – Jazz for Jacob
                                                      a signed hat and football from Chicago Bears player Alex Brown, thea
   16 – FH Smoothie Day
   19 - Kindergarten Screening
                                 tre tickets to see The Drowsy Chaperone at the Marriott Lincolnshire, restaurant and spa
   21 - Kindergarten Screening   gift certificates, and much more!! We’re raising money for new student desks at Diamond
   23 – DL Smoothie Day          Lake School, new playground equipment at Fairhaven, and new technology at West Oak.
   23-24 - WO Spring Musical     Please join us!
   30 – BINGO Night                                   Date: Friday, April 30
                                                      Time: 5:30-8:30 pm
   3 - PTO Meeting                                    Location: West Oak Middle School (500 Acorn Lane in Mundelein)
   5 – FH Library Night          It takes many people to run an event of this magnitude. We are asking for your help to
   6 - Spring Band Concert       either setup or work a ½-1 hour shift during the event. If you haven’t had the chance to
   7 – WO Smoothie Day           volunteer this year, now is the time! Please contact Julie Jacoby at 847-918-1331 or e-
   8 - Flower Sale Pick Up       mail to jifceo73@sbcglobal.net.
   8 - Market Day
   10-14 – Staff Appreciation                       Treasurer’s Report
              Week                                  We made approximately $800 this last month from our various fundraisers
   12 - ½ Day                                       which included: Kids Night Out, Mario Tricoci, and Market Day. As a result
   12 - Staff Luncheon                              of these earnings, we were able to give back to the schools. This month
   20 – Dine Out                                    this included the following:
   28 - No School
   31 - No School
                                 •        Bought a new camera and accessories for West Oak’s Yearbook Club
                                 •        Contributed toward the purchase of Hatching Chicks at Fairhaven
 Manna Express                   •        Paid for an assembly at Fairhaven

 Gift Card Sale                                     Thank you all for your continued generosity and support!

The PTO will once again          Staff Appreciation Luncheon
be selling gift cards                               The school year is coming to an end and we’d like to show our appreciation
through Manna Express.                              to the teachers and staff in our district with our annual Staff Appreciation
The sale will take place in                         Luncheon on May 12. We need your help so that we can show our
May so be sure to get                               appreciation with great fashion! Look for a letter to come home with your
your list together now for                          child asking for a donation so that we can provide our dedicated teachers
end-of-the-year teacher                             and staff with a delicious meal and gift.
gifts, summer birthdays
and all your family’s fa-
vorite stores and restau-        School Supply Kits
rants! Please be sure to         Once again, the PTO is selling school supply kits for the upcoming school year (2010-11).
check the PTO website            Your supplies will be packaged in a memory box that is great for storing next year’s school
and PTO email for order-         work. You will love the convenience of getting all your supplies and the teachers will appre-
ing and pick up informa-         ciate the students having the correct supplies ready to go at the beginning of the year. Each
tion. If you have any            student will receive their own order form for the grade they will be entering next year.
questions, please contact        Please submit one order form per student no later than May 4.
Elisa Bailis at 847-816-
6015 or
Diamond Lake School District 76 — PTO Post                        Your School and Community Connection

District 76 PTO Directory      Third Annual Flower Sale
Co-President                                    Brighten your yard after this snowy winter with fresh flowers! PTO is having their 3rd
Julie Jacoby                                    flower sale! We are partnering with a local company to bring you the highest quality
(847) 918-1331                                  blooms! Flowers are shipped from greenhouses in Holland, MI to Diamond Lake School
                                                all in the same morning. Flats have 48 plants vs. the 24 or 32 plants that mass retail-
Co-President                                    ers sell. There is also a great quality and selection. The orders deadline has past but
Jennifer Brunkow
(847) 837-1485
brunkow4@sbcglobal.net         extra flowers have been ordered so please drop by on May 8th to browse the selection. This would be a
                               perfect time to pick up a Mother’s Day gift. Support your school and beautify your yard all at the same
Vice President
Elisa Bailis                   time! Happy Planting!
(847) 816-6015
elisa.bailis@gmail.com         If you have any questions please contact Rochelle Allen with any questions at 847-949-6467 or al-
Treasurer                      lenrrjr@comcast.net
Sarah Brennan
(847) 816-9868
                               West Oak Band Event: Jazz for Jacob!
                               To support the courage and continuing recovery of Jacob Fuston, the West Oak Band Boosters presented
Secretary                      a special fund-raising event "Jazz for Jacob" in the West Oak school gym on April 15th. There was lots of
Sandra Lee
                               great music, including all of the West Oak jazz bands, rare performances by West Oak Alumni, and even
(847) 247-8353
                               some teacher performances. The event raised well over $5,000!

Fairhaven Teacher Rep          District 76 Book Drive
Jennifer Bonde
jbonde@d76.lake.k12.il.us                     This drive is aimed in helping our Community Build Home Library’s for Families in our
Denise Thoma                                  District. Please donate your gently used or new books by May 14th. Look for collection
dthoma@d76.lake.k12.il.us                     sites in the lobbies/offices of Fairhaven, Diamond Lake, and West Oak. For further in-
                                              formation please contact Jamie Epstein (847.968.2815) OR Lori Brière (847.984.2628).
Diamond Lake Teacher Rep
Edith Reynolds
ereynolds@d76.lake.k12.il.us   Smoothie Days
Mary Dunn                      Jamba Juice Smoothie Days are back at each school this Spring. Fairhaven had theirs with great success.
Mdunn@d76.lake.k12.il.us       Be sure to mark your calendars for the upcoming days!
Laetitia DuBois
ldubois@d76.lake.k12.il.us     Diamond Lake- Friday, April 23rd
                               West Oak- Friday, May 7th
West Oak Teacher Rep
Linda Morris                   Order forms will be coming home soon, so be sure to look for them. If you are able to help distribute on
lmorris@d76.lake.k12.il.us     Smoothie Day, please contact Elisa Bailis at 847-816-6015 or elisa.bailis@gmail.com for more details.
Fairhaven Rep:
Mary Schooley                  VOLUNTEERS
(847) 549-5120                 Thank you to all our volunteers who helped with French Toast Breakfast, Picture Days, WO Spring Spirit
maryschooley@sbcglobal.net     Spectacular, Kids Night Out, Market Day, Jazz for Jacob, and FH Smoothie Days.

Diamond Lake Reps:             Congratulations and thank you to all the parents that contributed this month:
Rochelle Allen                 Enza Baker, Pam Baker, Trudy Balogh, Devida Braverman, Lara Braverman, Einat Berkman, Lori Briere,
(847) 949-6467                 Katie Brockway, Jen Brunkow, Lanie Chamopoulos, Pat Clymer, Rick Clymer, Trish Davis, Michelle Doczi,
Rochelle.allen@supervalu.com   Ann Dryer, Jamie Epstein, Debi Fanning, Suzanne Gilbertson, Mindi Gold, Gigi Gonzales-Dong, Elise
                               Hauptman, Krista Heffner, Julie Jacoby, Michelle Kaboff, Dawn Kaplan, Joan Kyser, Carol Lamberti,
Natalie Gurin                  Annde Levi, Cherrie Lozada, Jose Lozada, Sandy Lee, Debbie Less, Evelyn Maratos, Elizabeth McFarland,
(847) 918-1989                 Melissa McKinley, Mike McKinley, James Melledy, Patty Melledy, Cindy Murray, Steve Nickl, Greta Nich-
NatSC@aol.com                  ols, Sandy Noonan, Jacquie Claire Olsson, Del Parra, Marcia Peterson, Rose Punches, Shar Rao, Dan
Mala Singh                     Rath, Jennifer Rath, Wendy Reyes, Corrina Richards, Maria Rodriguez, Anna Schreck, Catherine Shan-
(847) 837-1551                 non, Xiao Stroming, Mary Thon, Denny Tong, Kathy VanDerMeulen, Pam Wagner, Jane Wang, Carol West,
malathisingh@yahoo.com         Traci West, Alla Zilber, and Roman Zilber.

                               Thanks also go to the teachers and staff that volunteered their time and money:
West Oak Reps:
Melissa McKinley
                               Mary Camardo, Leah Franceschi, Bob Hanrahan, April Johnson, Nicole Lynch, Hector Menijar, Linda Mor-
(847) 949-1768                 ris, Linda Nelson, Dr. Prosise, Veronica Salazar, Jessica Schuessler, Sandy Simonis, Chris Willeford, and
aishamck@aol.com               Noemi Zepeda.
Anna Schreck
                               Lastly, thank you to our corporate vendors that supported the Jazz for Jacob fundraiser:
(847) 566-1207
                               Culver’s of Mundelein, Garden Fresh Market, and Great Lakes Music.

Community Outreach
Jamie Epstein
(847) 968-2815

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