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Library Catalogue - Rice University.xls


									          Rice NSF ADVANCE Library Catalogue

Author                                                      Title
                                                            Vital Signs: The Trends That are Shaping our future
Deal, Terrence E.,Peterson, Kent D                          Shaping School Culture: The Heart of Leadership
Easton, Thomas A.                                           VGM Professional Careers Series: Careers in Science
Glickman, Carl D.                                           Leadership for Learning: How to Help Teachers Succeed
Kouzes, James M. Posner, Barry Z.                           Leadership the Challenge
NSTA Press Journals Collection                              Innovative Techniques for Large-Group Instruction
Senge, Peter M.                                             The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of the Learning Organization
Stevens, Carla J., Dial Micah                               Preventing the Misuse of Evaluation
Barkley, Kathy                                              At the Helm: Laboratory Investigator
The Wisconsin Program for Scientific Teaching               Entering Mentoring: A Seminar to Train a New Generation of Scientists
Lucas, Anne                                                 Strengthening Departmental Leadership
Anderson, Harlene et al.                                    The Appreciative Organization
Zenger, John H                                              The Extraordinary Leader: Turning Good Managers into Great Leaders
Ryan, Kathleen D., Oestreich, Daniel                        Driving Fear Out of the Workplace: Creating the High-Trust, High-Performance Organization
Bensimon, Estela Mara                                 The Department Chair's Role in Developing New Faculty Into Teachers and Scholars

Women in Science and Engineering
American Association
of Unversity Women Educational Foundation                   Gender Gaps: Where Schools Still Fail Our Children
Association of Women in Science (AWIS)                      A Hand Up: Mentoring Women in Science
Association of Women in Science (AWIS)                      A Hand Up: Mentoring Women in Science
Bernstein, Leonard, Winkler,                                Multicultural Women of Science:
Alan, Zierdt-Warshaw, Linda                                 Three Centuries of Contributions with Hands-on Experiments and Activities for 37 weeks
Bolden, Tonya                                               The Book of African-American Women: 150 Crusaders, Creators, and uplifters
Byers, Nina; Willams, Gary                                  Out of the Shadows" Contributions of Twentieth-Century Women To Physics
Casey, Susan                                                Women Invent!
Daniell, Ellen                                              Every Other Thursday: Stories and Strategies From Successful Women Scientists
                                                            The Equity Equation:
Davis, Ginorio, Hollenshead,Lazarus, Rayman                 The Advancement of Women in the Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering
Delta Education                                             Women in Science Rule
Drago, Robert W                                             Striking a Balance: Work, Family, Life
Eckel, Peter D., Kezar, Adriana                             Taking the Reins: Institutional Transformation in Higher Education
Ed., Zuckerman, Harriet; Cole, Jonathan R.;Bruer, John T.   The Outer Circle: Women in the Scientific Community (2)
Haven, Kendall                                                Amazing American Women: 40 Fascinating 5 Minute Reads
Kass-Simon, G; Farnes, Patricia;
Associate Editor: Nash, Deborah                               Women of Science: Righting the Record
Kraus, Joanna Halpert                                         Ms. Courageous: Women of Science
Lindop, Laurie                                                Scientists and Doctors
                                                              Are Women Achieving Equity in Chemistry? Dissolving Disparity and Catalyzing Change
Marzabadi, Cecilia H., Kuck, Valerie J., Nolan, Susan A., Buckner, Janine P.
                                                              Women Life Scientists: Past, Present, and Future -
Matyas, Marsha Lakes Ph.D; Haley Oliphant, Ed.D               Connecting Role Models to the Classroom Curriculum
McLean Media                                                  Telling Our Stories: Women in Science
Moody JoAnn                                                   Faculty Diversity: Problems and Solutions
National Council of Teachers of Mathematic                    Celebrating Women in Mathematics and Science
National Women's History Project                              Outstanding Women in Mathematics and Science
Osen, Lynn M.                                                 Women in Mathematics
Perl, Teri                                                    Women and Numbers: Lives of Women Mathematicians Plus Discovery Activities
Pomegrante books                                              Women who Dared: A book of Postcards
Preston, Anne E.                                              Leaving Science: Occupational Exit from Scientific Careers
Rimm, Sylvia                                                  See Jane Win: The Rimm Report on How 1000 Girls Became Successful Women+A2
Rosser, Sue
Schoenfeld, A. Clay                                           Mentor in A Manual: Climbing the Academic Ladder to Tenure
Slater, Elinor; Slater, Robert                                Great Jewish Women
Telgen, Diane; Kamp, Jim                                      Latinas: Women of Achievement
Toth, Emily                                                   Ms. Mentor's Impeccable Advice for Women in Academia (several copies)
Woyshner, Christine A; Gelfond, Holly S.                      Minding Women: Reshaping the Educational Realm
Cooperrider, David,                                     Appreciative Inquiry: Rethinking Human Organization Toward a Positive Theory of Change
Ceci, Stephen J; Williams, Wendy M.                           Why Aren't More Women in Science?

Appiach, K. Anthony; Gutman, Amy                            Color Conscious: The Political Morality of Race
Bazin, Maurice; Tamez,                                      An American Imperative:
Modesto and the Exploratorium Teacher Institute             Accelerating Minority Educational Advancement
                                                            An American Imperative:
Charles A. Dana Center - Texas Education Agency             Accelerating Minority Educational Advancement
Ellis, Angele; Llewellyn, Marilyn                           Who Will Do Science? Educating the Next Generation.
Guinier, Lani and Sturm, Susan                              Who's Qualified?
Haney Lopez, Ian F                                          White By Law: The Legal Construction of Race.
Hitchcock, Jeff                                             Lifting the White Veil: An Exploration of White American Culture in a Multiracial Context
Hooks, Bell                                                 Outlaw Culture
Jensen, Robert J.                                    The Heart of Whiteness: Confronting Race, Racism, and White Privelege
Kendall, Frances E.                                  Understanding White Privilege: Creating Pathways to Authentic Relationships Across Race
Miller, L. Scott                                     Changing the Faces of Mathematics: Perspectives on Latinos
Miller, L. Scott                                     Dealing With Differences: Taking Action On Class, Race, Gender, and Disability
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics          Math and Science Across Cultures
Olson, Joel                                          The Abolition of White Democracy
Pearson, Willie; Fechter Alan                        Texas Safety Standards: Kindergarten through Grade 12
Smith, Daryl G.                                      Achieving Faculty Diversity: Debunking the Myths
Williams, Clarence G                                 Technology and The Dream: Reflections on the Black Experience at MIT 1941-1999

AAUW Educational Foundation and
Wellesly College Center for Research on Women        How Schools Shortchange Girls - The AAUW Report
Alvy, Harvey B., Robbins, Pam                        If I Only Knew…Success Strategies for Navigating the Principalship
American Association of
University Women Educational Foundation              Separated by Sex: A critical look at single-sex education for girls
Areglado, Ronald J., Bradley, R.C.,Lane, Pamela S.   Learning for Life: Creating Classrooms for Self-Directed Learning
Armstrong, Thomas                                    Awakening Genius in the Classroom
Chapman, Ann - National Association                  A Great Balancing Act: Equitable Education for Girls and Boys
Drew, David E.                                       Aptitude Revisited: Rethinking Math and Science Education for America's Next Century
Duckworth, Eleanor                                   The Having of Wonderful Ideas: and other Essays on teaching and Learning
DuFour, Richard P. ed by Sparks, Dennis              The Principal As Staff Developer
Freedman, Marc                                       The Kindness of Strangers: Adult Mentors, Urban Youth, and the New Voluntarism
Furger, Roberta                                      Does Jane Compute: Preserving Our Daughters' Place in the Cyber Revolution
                                                     Turning on Learning:
Grant, Carl; Sleeter, Christine E                     Five Approaches for Multicultural Teaching - Plans for Race, Class, Gender and Disability
Lambert, Linda                                       Building Leadership Capacity in Schools
Lambert, Linda                                       Leadership Capacity for Lasting School Improvement
Mendler, Allen N.                                    Connecting with Students
Phillips, Lynn                                       The Girls Report: What We know & Need to know about Growing up Female
Putnam, JoAnne                                       Cooperative Learning in Diverse Classrooms
Reeves, Douglas B.                                   The Learning Leader: How to Focus School Improvement for Better Results
Rice University - Funded by NSF                      Equity Initiatives for Science and Mathematics
                                                     Teaching the Majority:
Rosser, Sue V                                        Breaking the Gender Barrier In Science, Mathematics, and Engineering
Sadker, Myra and David                               Failing at Fairness: How Our Schools Cheat Girls
Samuels, Linda S.                                    Girls Can Succeed In Science! Antidotes for Science Phobia in Boys and Girls
Sanders, J; Koch, Janice; Urso, Josephine                  Gender Equity Right from the Start: Sources and Resources for Education Students
Sanders, J; Koch, Janice; Urso, Josephine                  Gender Equity Right from the Start: Sources and Resources for Education Students
                                                           Lifting the Barriers:
                                                           600 Strategies that REALLY WORK to Increase Girls' Participation in Science, Mathematics, and
Sanders, Jo                                                Computers
Silver, Harvey F.;Strong, Richard W., Perini, Matthew J.   So Each May Learn: Integrating Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences
Silver, Harvey F.;Strong, Richard W., Perini, Matthew J.   So Each May Learn: Integrating Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences
Slater, Judith J.                                          Anatomy of a Collaboration: Study of a College of Educational Public School Partnership
Sparks, Dennis; Hirsh, Stephanie                           A New Vision for Staff Development
Spevak, Peter A., Ph.D; Karinch, Maryann                   Empowering Underachievers: How to Guide Failing Kids 8-18 to Personal Excellence
Villa, Richard A.,Thousand, Jacqueline S.                  Creating an Inclusive School
Zmuda, Allison; Kuklis, Robert; Kline, Everett             Transforming Schools: Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Payne, Ruby K., Ph.D                                       A Framework for Understanding Poverty

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