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Native Android App for Time Collection by

 Technology development provider Flintec has been managing time collection by phone for Kaba and
PCS-partners for years. Using phones (both land line and cell phones) in this endeavor has proven to be an
easy, reliable, and cost-effective alternative to the employment of traditional stationary time collection
Introducing its newest development, Flintec now implements innovative solutions in time collectiont via
SmartPhones (Android 2.x and up to Windows Mobile 6.5.3): this technology allows the users to conveniently
communicate via phone (with only a SIM card needed), plus it offers easy visual operations via screen
(similar to an internet application). Using the SmartPhone is easy and fast through manual input ("typing")
and visual output on the screen. Phone lines are used for data transfer with the host computer to guarantee
cost effectiveness.
The GPS version (Android SmartPhones) supplies GPS coordinates along with time collection via internet
connection. For the non-GPS version, data transfer between smartphone and Flintec telephony server
(clock-in, clock-out or balances) is provided free of phone usage charge. For complex information (flextime
balance, overtime, vacation days, ...), the provider's "clip-no-screening" feature is a role model for
convenience and speed.
Example 1: Automatic time collection: If an employee enters or leaves a predefined area (construction site,
office, etc.) with SmartPhone close by, clock-in or clock-out is registered automatically and immediately. The
employee's moving around within this area is not captured, only the binary value of his or her entering or
leaving the predefined foot print.
No personnel is needed to administer time stamps, no ID card needs to be swiped. The GPS function initiates
time capturing - according to predefined rules - automatically.
Example 2: Attendance check: If the employer wishes to monitor whether or not the employee is working in
an intended location, he or she can quickly check by location query: at any time, the employee's GPS location
will tell of his or her current whereabouts (if within the predefined area).
Both examples offer convenient visualization of GPS data on Google Maps - literally one mouse click away.

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