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									      Tasmanian Walking Tours and Accommodation

The bayoffires Tasmania guided walk is the ideal breakout that one
needs from the monotonous everyday routine. Tread through the
extravagant trails and pathways through the jungles and mountains of
Tasmania. Discover the scenic exquisiteness of the area and walk
alongside the different species of plants and animals with the help of
knowledgeable guides and enjoy the Tasmanian experience. Tasmania
is an island state of Australia which comprises of roughly 300 islands
and has its presence just about 240 kilometers down the south eastern
side of Australia. What is great about the Tasmania Walks is that not
only does Tasmania have the cleanest air, scientifically proven, in the
world but it also vast stretches of fertile soils. The 1000 mountain peaks
and the vivid fauna and flora will instantly make you fall in love with the

From the umpteen activities that you can take on, the
bayoffires.com.au Tasmania Guided Walks are the more renowned
ones. So what is it about these walks that are so appealing to the
adventurists who swarm in hundreds every year? Is it the National
parks and the World Heritage Center that covers a third of the entire
island, or is it the ancient contours filled with wilderness that you could
just walk into, or is it the plethora of wildlife – both plants and animals
that tempt you? I am sure that your answer would be “All three!”
Tasmania Guided Walks
The Tasmania guided walks are not your average bush walking that is
normally carried out. Camping is one aspect but the other and the more
luring facet of these walks are the multi day hikes and treks through the
jungles, valleys and mountains. Overnight camping in the great doors
gets a whole new meaning. For people who like to explore by
themselves, there are independent trials to take the self reliant walkers
though the ups and downs of the Tasmanian slopes.

Tips and Tricks
There are a set of important tips that one needs to keep in mind before
you head out to the Tasmania guided walks. You need to read up and
extensively research as to the destinations that you need to head to.
Apart from this, you need to be furnished with the gear required for
walking and/or hiking. And the most importantly, you need to be wary
of the surroundings and relish the rustic outdoors.

www.bayoffires.com.au offers Forester Beach Camp and the award
winning Bay of Fires Lodge. No need to sleep in tents with
uncomfortable mattresses and sandy floors, our accommodation is an
important aspect of the walk and we believe it should be enjoyed not

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