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23 October 2007
– Issue 37

The Newspaper of
De Montfort Students


                                                                                                                                                            Media Group of the Year 2007

2.1’s TOO EASY
 Degree Classifications “meaningless”
                                                                                 e traditional degree grading
                                                                              system looks set to become extinct
                                                                              over concerns students are achieving
                                                                              top-level passes ‘too easily’.
                                                                                                                                            don’t agree with this move as it will not differentiate
                                                                               Fiona Goby                                                   between student’s abilities. I also think people will not
                                                                                                                                            work as hard if it means only having to obtain a certain
                                                                              A government enquiry published this week is expected          percentage to pass. e fact that a detailed report
                                                                              to deem the current undergraduate grades “unfit for            would be provided is irrelevant; you can’t put that on
                                                                              purpose”, and will instead give way to a simple pass or       your CV.”
                                                                              fail mark, along with detailed ‘reports’ to justify that         Psychology student Ben Jackson agrees; “ ere’s so
                                                                              mark.                                                         many people vying for jobs when you come out of uni
                                                                                     e inquiry, led by Professor Bob Burgess of the         you shouldn’t just be split into pass or fail”.
                                                                              University of Leicester for the past four years, has             Professor Burgess has argued that today’s degree
                                                                              unsurprisingly caused concern amongst De Montfort             classfications are “becoming meaningless as a guide to
                                                                              University students, worried their hard work may not          achievement”. Students may still be given an overall
                                                                              count towards their final grade distinction, and therefore     mark, possibly by percentage, to give to future employers,
                                                                              have been without merit.                                      although details on this at present are unclear.
                                                                                  However, many academics are in support of the                One suggestion is to provide a Higher Education
                                                                              enquiry and it’s findings, claiming that it is not the mark,   Achievement Report (HEAR) to provide a breakdown
                                                                              but the skills acquired during the period of study, that      of the student’s individual academic achievement.
                                                                              really count in the world of employment. Photography             Despite this, critics have warned that if employers are
                                                                              and Video Lecturer Laura McGregor said: “I don’t think        unaware of how to read these reports, the result may
                                                                              it’s a huge problem, unless you want to go onto a further     be total misunderstanding of degree results, as well as
GOING FOR GOLD | Ali Moore, former head of IT for Demon                       institution that requires some kind of a classification, but   even a lowering in the regard of undergraduate degrees
FM (pictured with his girlfriend Lauren) has been nominated for a             on the whole and in my experience it depends on what          in general.
Student Radio Association award after picking up silver last year for Best    you do and how you think... it’s not the number or mark,            e move comes after a record number of students
Newcomer. Read about Demon FM’s other nominations on Page 3.                  it’s how flexible and creative you are”.                       obtained firsts and 2.1’s for the 2006-2007 academic year,
                                                                                     ird year DMU student Leanne Baratt said: “I            amid the ‘dumbing down’ of higher education debate.

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                                                                                                                                                    Tuesday 23 October 2007
2                                                                                                                                                                   Issue 37

                                                                          James Dixon                                            Valerie Paynter, from Hove, concurred with
                                                                                                                               Palmer, “ e sight of what Leicester residents
                                                                                                                               have to live with is very depressing.”
                                                                         Students at the University of Leicester’s Opal          Overlooking Nelson Mandela Park, and
                                                                         Court Hall of Residence are living in the             Regent’s College large grounds, the hall of
                                                                         worst new building in the country according           residence are conspicuously large, and a sharp
                                                                         to architectural magazine Building Design.            contrast with not only the green space to its’
                                                                               eir ‘winning’ citation claims that despite      front and rear but the largely Georgian town
                                                                         it not being “the brashest, the biggest or            houses that buttress the development.
                                                                         even the ugliest building on this year’s                However, David Taylor, senior partner at
                                                                         shortlist” that it is a “textbook example of the      architects Stephen George and Partners, said
                                                                         insensitive development(s) being allowed to           “We appreciate that design is subjective.”
                                                                         creep across the country.”                              “But Opal Court was a design that delighted
                                                                            Liz Palmer, a voter in the online poll was even    our client (a private developer), was supported
                                                                         more dismissive, “ e tiny, token butterfly roof        by the city council and the students have been
                                                                         on the top of each core is pathetic, the colours      very impressed with the facilities.”
                                                                         are a grim, post-modern throwback, and in               DMU wasn’t without criticism either;
                                                                         scale, language, materials, form and design, it’s a   Grovesnor House was shortlisted for the same
                                                                         lesson in how to ignore context.”                     accolade but didn’t quite make the grade.

                                                                         Four Students and a
                                                                         Forty-Seven Year Old

                                                                                                                                party goers began snapping away and captured
                                                                          Leanne Baratt                                         photos of Grant looking worse for wear and,
                                                                                                                                in one, looking as though he is about to share
                                                                          Hugh Grant shocked a group of female                  a kiss with one of the students. Many of
                                                                          students after joining them for a flat party,          the photos were uploaded on to the website
                                                                          unusually different to his usual celebrity             Facebook within hours.
                                                                          hangouts and A-list guests.                              Surrounded by affluent young girls half
                                                                                e Four Weddings and a Funeral star was          his age Grant lapped up the attention. One
                                                                          visiting Fife for the renowned Alfred Dunhill         student at the party said; “ It was weird being
                                                                          Links Championship golf tournament,                   in this small room with 10 to 15 people and
                                                                          playing alongside Samuel L Jackson and                Hugh Grant sitting on the sofa looking kind
                                                                          Dennis Hopper, when he met the St. Andrews            of creepy. Nobody could quite believe he had
                                                                          University students in a local pub.                   come to a student party.”
                                                                             Student Cecilia Hoffman, 19, who invited               Grant then invited a group of the girls back
                                                                          Grant to the party said; “We asked him for            to his hotel in the early hours of the morning
                                                                          a picture first. en we said: ‘Do you wanna             where they talked some more and drank
                                                                          come to a party?’...He said ‘Yeah.’”                  champagne before he made his excuses and
                                                                             Grant then followed the students to a local        left the students to reflect on the bizarre events
                                                                          terraced house where a friend was throwing a          of the evening. Next time you’re throwing
                                                                          party and joined in by drinking rum and cokes         a party be prepared; you may get a surprise
TOWERING OVER THE SCENERY | Leicester University’s Opal Court on          and joking about the ‘hovel’ they lived in.           A-list guest and photos of your party featured
Lancaster Road, an eyesore amongst the greenery of Nelson Mandela Park       As word spread about unexpected star guest         in the national press.
   The Newspaper of De Montfort Students                                                                                                                                                                        3

Tipped to be Top                                  example of how hard last year’s team worked.       Demon FM previously won the Best
                                                                                                                                                     Monday October 15 saw the re-launch
 Jamie Potter                                        “It’s also a credit to our production and     Station accolade in 2001, and has also won        of, a website
                                                  technical team to be nomainted for Best          awards for Best Specialist Music Show in          dedicated to raising awareness amongst
Demon FM has been nominated three times           Technical Innovation. e department               2003 and 2004.                                    students to the symptoms of depression,
at the annual Student Radio Association           has come on leaps                                                                                  as well as helping students currently
awards, including a nomination for Best           and bounds and the                                                                                 suffering from depression.
Student Radio Station.                            nomination will give                                                                                      e period after Freshers Week is
  Ali Moore also picked up a nomination           them the respect they                                                                              commonly known as the time of year
for Best Male, after winning a silver award       deserve.                                                                                           when students are most at risk from bouts
for Best Newcomer at last year’s ceremony.           “Of course Ali                                                                                  of depression; it is the time when most
   e station has also been nominated for Best     Moore was going to                                                                                 students start to feel homesick and the
Technical Innovation for its development of       pick up Best Male,                                                                                 realisation of University, with all its hard
web presence and online services.                 how could he not? Ali                                                                              work and independence, dawns on you.
      e prestigious awards ceremony, sponsored    is a brilliant example                                                                                It is not unusual for students to feel
by Radio 1, will be held in London on 15th        of what Demon                                                                                      this way, however often they find it hard
November. e winners will be selected by           FM can do for its                                                                                  to know where to go for help, which
a panel of judges including such names as Jo      members. We’re all                                                                                 is where the newly refurbished website
Whiley and Scott Mills.                           incredibly proud                                                                                   comes in. With detailed information on
  Station manager, Andy Schooledge, said:         and wish him all the                                                                               getting help, as well as real life stories
“To be nominated for Best Station is a            luck at the awards                                                                                 and help for friends of those suffering
fantastic boost for the station and is a true     ceremony.”                                                                                         depression, there is also now a feedback

RAG goes Criminal
                                                                                                                                                     section where students can share their
                                                                                                                                                     experiences with others. After all, they do
                                                                                                                                                     say a problem shared is a problem solved.
                                                                                                                                                     Get involved with the campaign at www.

                                                  raise, the proceeds of which will go to the      hour deadline. e RAG Jailbreak promises
 Luke Harris                                      National Children Charity. Students are          to be a unique experience for those involved,
                                                  invited to donate online at www.justgiving.      with a prize for the winning team and the after
                                                  com/annamoss or donate to the collection         party at Level 1 on the Saturday. For more
RAG the fundraising society is back again         buckets on the day.                              information and to get your application pack
this year with more activities for the student       Following on with the jail theme, on Friday   please visit Anna Moss in the Students’ Union,
body, all in the name of good fun and             2 - Saturday 3 November RAG are hosting          on the First Floor of the Campus Centre.
charity.                                          Jailbreak, an exciting event in which all           For the clubbers of De Montfort,
  Last year RAG raised £7,000 for worthy          students can participate and raise money for     Wednesday 14 November will see the RAG
causes and this year aim to beat the target of    the British Heart Foundation. Teams of three     hose their annual barcrawl, more details
£10,000.                                          or four must reach announced destinations        will be available nearer the date but it looks
  On November 1 at 10.30am, Vice                  within the U.K. and collect souvenirs along      set to be an eventful night. If you would
President Student Activities Anna Moss will       the way, all without the aid of money and        like to get involved with RAG or have any
be arrested at the Campus Centre and will         solely relying upon their blagging abilities.    ideas for fundraising then please come
be escorted in a police car to e Guildhall              is means that students must try to get     along to the weekly meetings, 6pm on
where she will spend a night in a disused cell.   free lifts in cars, train and bus journeys and   Tuesdays at Level 1 or contact amoss@dmu.
Her bail is set at £300 which RAG hope to         food for all the team and keep to the thirty for more information.

British students spend
                                                                                                                                                     Stay another
‘the least time studying’                                                                                                                            day... or don’t
 Lorna Simpson
                                                  in other European countries. In Holland
                                                  and Germany the average is 30 hours and
                                                                                                    claiming that English students are the ‘most
                                                                                                    evolved and civilised in Europe’.                turn up at all
                                                  France has a staggering 35 hours. ere are              e social aspect of university is almost
                                                  now concerns these figures will affect the          as important as the academic side in the         Boy band East 17 failed to make an
A Study has shown that English students are       world-class status of English universities,       growth of confidence, independence and            appearance at DMU’s Big Bad Cheese on
the ‘laziest’ in Europe.                          the employability of future graduates and         individuality of students. Many students live    Saturday October 13... because they were
  1500 first and second year students              the number of overseas students considering       by burning the candle at both ends; life is      stuck on the M25.
were questioned as part of ‘ e Academic           English universities.                             there to be lived and all work and no play         A spokesperson for the band explained
Experience of Students in English                    However, many academics and students           makes for one dull student.                      that a traffic accident meant the band
Universities’ produced by the Higher              a like have rushed to defend English                   e survey also shows that women work         would not make it in time for their
Education Policy Institute (HEPI).                universities, arguing that the length of study    harder than men, spending on average 13.3        ‘performance’.
      e study showed that studentson average      does not affect the quality of the teaching.       hours on private study compared to 11.7            Despite the fact that East 17 were
study 26 hours a week; this includes lectures,    High rates of completion of degrees and           hours. Veterinary and health related subjects    missing from the night’s programme,
tutorials and private study.                      good graduate salaries reflect this. Terrence      clock the highest number of hours of study       spirits were high and nobody appeared
      ese figures seem paltry when compared        Blacker, writing in e Independent                 whilst the lowest total hours goes to business   broken hearted by the absence.
to the amount of hours of study by students       (September 26) disputes the HEPI study            and communications studies.
                                                                                                                                                                                    Tuesday 23 October 2007
   4                                                                                                                                                                                                Issue 37

 Ali Moore
                                                       be the kind of snobby, upper class kid you are
                                                       expecting I am from reading the above few
                                                                                                               Don’t be fooled. e majority of value
                                                                                                             foods are amazingly good. So far only beans
                                                                                                                                                                Sheep. Yes it was recommended by certain
                                                                                                                                                                film critics and had tempting adverts. e
                                                       sentences.                                            and cornflakes can’t match the higher priced        truth is simply don’t go see it. A sexually
When you’re a student lets face it money is               It is here I admit that I’ve always loved fine      versions. If you know of any more please let       transmitted infection is more entertaining.
tight. ere are so many things that need to             food and in particular food that comes from           me and the entire student population know.
be paid for, fees, rent, bills, books, computers,      the “Finest” ranges of certain shops. Not               Some of you may be thinking that the
posters. e list goes on.                               because I’m a snob, but because that’s what I         discovery of value foods at such a late age is a
   Of course on top of that you have to go out         had been used to for the past 18 years of my          bad thing. I don’t really give a monkey’s as I
at least 4 times a week. Some students rely on         life. As students we can’t always afford these         feel I’m able to fully appreciate it now. More
student loans, free overdrafts, credit cards, 3        ‘Finest’ ranges.                                      than I would, if I’d grown up with it.
jobs and selling anything they can to get the                 is is when I was introduced to the               I urge everyone to try out value foods,
money they need to live. Others have wealthy           wonder that is value food. If you talk to             whether it is because you have no cash or
parents who are able to support their lifestyle.       one of my housemates they will be able to             because you are looking to save money to pay
Despite this the majority of us are constantly         remember how surprised I looked when I                for more nights out.
complaining about money and how we don’t               tasted my first value meal. e surprise was               Value food was just the start for me. I’ve
have enough.                                           that I found the value food was actually pretty       now turned into an amateur David Dickinson
   I am one of the lucky ones. My parents are          much the same as what I had been eating               (without the dodgy tan and silly hair) looking
savers and investors and have stored up money          before. Now I’m not saying it was the same            for bargains wherever I can.
over the years like squirrels, with a view to pay at   but it was a lot better than I expected and at a        Money is valuable stuff and should be saved
least some of the cost of their children going to      much better price.                                    where possible so that you can spend more on
university. I am very lucky and grateful to them          In my mind it was created by a genius. e           doing the things you like doing, such as going
for this because it means that I don’t have to         bigger genius (probably the other genius’ evil        out, partying, and buying amusing things like
worry about money as much as other people.             twin) is the person who managed to charge more        snooker, golf and light-up Frisbees from the
   I live with friends who are not so well off          than five times the amount for the same item by        laminated book of dreams.
as me and have to pay for more things on               just livening it up with a better looking label and     And don’t spend money going to the
their own. Without them I would probably               a brand name that catches the consumer’s eye.         cinema to see a rubbish film called Black                               Picture:
“How much would it cost
 me to get to Thailand?”
– Daydreaming student

          For advertising opportunities contact:

                  Victoria Kirwan-Taylor
   BAM Agency | 0845 1300 667 |
                                                                                                                                                                                 Tuesday 23 October 2007
   6                                                                                                                                                                                             Issue 37

Not in my Name
Jamie Potter joins protestors at RAF Menwith Hill to learn why the spy base is a bone of contention
As a child, I remember the countless Sunday             Closer to home, Des Browne effectively
afternoons when my family would hike                 quashed any democratic debate on the issue
around the hills and dales of the North              by announcing his decision immediately
Yorkshire Moors.                                     before Parliament’s summer break. ere was
   Up on Menwith Hill, near Harrogate, a             no consultancy regarding the decision. Hilary
number of giant white ‘golf balls’ stick out         Wainwright, editor of the Red Pepper, said
like sore thumbs. What I thought in my               at the protest: “ e gap between the new
innocent youth were simply funny sculptures          rhetoric of participatory democracy, and the
put there for the amusement of small                 reality of decisions being taken behind closed
children, I now know are actually part of a          doors grows greater and greater.
sophisticated military radar station.                   “What forced me to be here is that decision
      e ‘radomes’ are giant white spheres            by Des Browne, taken as though it was
housing satellite dishes, used to intercept          about an MoD car park or something. An
global communications transmitted by                 administrative decision that Menwith is going
satellite. RAF Menwith Hill is the world’s           to be a base for this so called defence system,
largest intelligence gathering base outside the      which is not defence, which is actually a
US, and is operated by America’s National            major act of aggression to be talking about
Security Agency.                                     the militarization of space.”
   Earlier this year, just before Parliament            Speaking on the day, Jean Lambert, Green
broke-up for summer, Defence Minister Des            Party MEP for London, said: “ e Czech               are not accountable to the UK government;          pander to the Bush administration’s every
Browne announced that the spy base will be           Republic will actually have a vote in their         further evidence of the surrender of British       whim, at the expense of democracy in the UK
used as part of the United States’ ballistic         Parliament later this year, wouldn’t it have        sovereignty to the American empire.                itself. Blair willingly led us into an unjust war
missile defence system. ere are currently no         been nice to have had one in the UK?”                 John Trickett, MP for Hemworth, the              in Iraq alongside his American chums. Now
interceptor missiles located at the base, but              e British government is refusing to open      constituency where the base is located, said:      Brown seems equally willing to blunder into a
the data gathered there will be transmitted to       up the issue to democratic debate, to let the       “At a time when we should be pushing               new cold war.
US command where it will be disseminated             people of this country have a say in what goes      with every ounce of diplomatic credibility            For myself in particular this is a case of
to such locations. Effectively, RAF Menwith           on with regards to issues which could affect         for disarmament and a nuclear weapons              ‘not in my back yard’. e thought of the
Hill is now a key target of enemy combatants.        this country’s national security.                   convention, we are in danger of allowing the       Americans putting my beloved Yorkshire at
Whoever they are…                                       Jean Lambert added: “ is isn’t a bilateral       United States to colonise our country in its ill   the top of the list of targets boils my blood,
   A similar intelligence base is proposed for a     campaign either. It is important that we make       advised, globally dangerous, so called national    but I would still be vehemently opposed to
location in the Czech Republic, and a missile        this a European wide issue, because even if         defence system.”                                   this site wherever it was located. Nuclear
base is being planned for Poland. e purpose          the Czechs say no, the Poles say no, then the         Hilary Wainwright added: “It’s such a            weapons are abhorrent and totally unjustified.
of this missile defence system, we are told,         Romanians, or somebody else will say yes.”          crucial issue because it symbolises the UK’s          For the UK government to be party to
is to safeguard against rogue nations such as           Just as this government is happy to ignore       subordination to US military adventures, and       the proliferation of these weapons and
Iran, but it has, understandably, raised great       our democratic right to debate the issue, it        therefore it’s making the UK more and more         co-aggressors in a new arms race is simply
concern in Russia, and bitter political fighting      is also jumping at the opportunity to let the       of a target for the sort of terrorism that the     unacceptable. For the UK government to do
is currently ongoing between the US and              Americans get away with murder on our               US is fuelling.”                                   this without the consultation of the British
Russian governments.                                 soil. e NSA and the staff at Menwith Hill              Again the UK government is willing to            people is downright appalling.

Turnaround Brown?                                     to take power, it would require much less for        format scrapped in favour of a proportional
 Thomas Colley                                        them to upset labours hold on government.            representation system in which the
                                                          is is because if the Conservatives manage to     percentage of votes is clearly matched by the
It was all set for a November election. ere           achieve as much as a 4% shift then we would          percentage of seats awarded in Parliament.
were election-winning policies announced              have a hung parliament. What this means is              is would be seriously damaging to the
and even an election-winning budget, yet              that the labour party would still have a very        historical control of both the Labour and
despite all of this there is to be no election.       slight majority of seats, but that this tiny         Conservative parties. It would further mean
    is is a result of the findings of most recent      amount would be deemed not enough to form            that Labours power is diminished as it would
polls, that show that the Conservatives have          a stable government and one that could govern        have to work with the Liberal Democrats
a slight edge over Gordon Brown’s Labour              effectively. us leaving Brown to make one             and come up with policies that would have
party.                                                of two decision; Firstly he could hold a second      the support of both parties.
      To take power the Tories would need a           election, this could go either way, he could           Clearly this is the most valid reason as to
12% percent shift in voting in their favour, and      increase his number of seats or lose more to the     why Gordon Brown has backed out of the
whilst this is of course not impossible it would      opposition parties.                                  proposed election, the fear of losing Labour’s
be the largest shift in British political history,       More likely however, Brown would take the         and his hold on power. Brown will of course
and an improbability. Meaning that it is about        second option, is would more than likely see         have to the face an election eventually but
as likely to happen, as us finding weapons of          him forming a coalition government with the          we will not see one in the immediate future
mass destruction in Iraq.                             Liberal Democrats. For the Liberal Democrats         unless he feels confident enough that he can
       If this is the case I hear you cry then why    of course, this would be a huge opportunity          see off Cameron and his Tories. Until then
worry about holding the election. Well there          to finally wield some power and bring in              the longer he leaves the election, we will
is one key reason as to why Mr Brown has              some of their long held policies, primarily          see the growth in people questioning his
refrained from calling us to polls, whilst yes,       reforming voting for national elections, which       legitimacy as a Prime Minister that has never
it is true the Tories would need a massive shift      would see the traditional first past the post         been elected to the post.
    The Newspaper of De Montfort Students                                                                                                                                                                   7

Big Green Fuss?                                           Entries were marked equally on taste and
 Shahinaz Nabeeh                                       ingredients, to win a hamper full of local and
                                                       organic food. e University catering services
    e University of Leicester played host last         also offered local, organic and Fairtrade
week to an event that could possibly be the            alternatives all day on campus. In addition,
one thing to put DMU students to shame.                there were local and organic sandwiches for sale
   Big Green Week, which ran between Monday            in coffee bars and local and organic fruit and
15 and Friday 19 October 2007, was aimed               vegetables.
at “engaging staff and students and raising                A Healthy Eating workshop was also
awareness of environmental issues at the               running, with nutritional information, taste-
University campus.” As well as demonstrating           testing, recipe ideas and advice on healthy
how to make personal lifestyles more ‘Green’ and       eating if your kitchen skills are not up to
environmentally friendly.                              scratch.
   Each day of the week saw a different theme,             Climate Change and Energy Day was on
with information stalls, guest speakers, all day       Wednesday, with a solar powered cinema called
activities and even a farmers market. Student          Projector Tank showing films throughout the
organisers were also keen on getting as many staff      day. More importantly, there was a Climate
and students as possible to make a green pledge,       Change Communication workshop, with
committing themselves to a small change that will      speakers and presentations by various experts,
                                                                                                            ETHICAL BAKING COMPETITION | Organic creations baked by University
benefit the environment, either on campus or at         raising awareness and helping develop more
                                                                                                            of Leicester Students compete against each other to win a hamper of organic food.
home, with a chance to win prizes, ranging from        campaign ideas for Universities in the future.
inter-rail tickets for two, to a weekend for two in       Talks also included information on how to
an eco-cabin.                                          become a conservation volunteer, jobs in the
   Monday was scheduled to be Transport and            environmental sector for graduates, the effect of
Travel Day, staff and students were encouraged to       politics on climate change, the forests of Siberia
arrive at University without their cars, to promote    and the Flamingos of Ethiopia, as well as a
sustainable ways of travelling to the University.      seminar titled ‘Modern China & Pollution - a
   Organisers shut the central campus car              historical perspective’ and a photo exhibition.
park and organised for a free rickshaw to take            Waste and Recycling was launched on
students and staff to and from their lectures all           ursday, with a ‘Swap Shop’, a chance to
day. e day also included a chance to test drive        exchange old clothes with new ones. An ethical
various fun and strange bikes, a sale of second-       fashion show was organised, and a recycled
hand bikes, a bike doctor and cycle trainers, for      fashion show competition, with some very
confidence boosting and advice on cycling to            interesting entries.
the University and local cycle routes, as well as            e Grande finale to this amazing week was
information on special offers bus companies             Pledge Day on Friday, with a massive photo
‘Arriva’ and ‘First’ have to offer on bus travel.       opportunity on Victoria Park, and a last chance
   In addition, there were fun activities all day,     to make an environmental pledge with a chance
including a bike fancy dress competition, a            to win prizes.
mass bike ride to Botanical Gardens in Oadby                 e Eco-Fair was filled with stalls to
and an alternative transport race, with entries        demonstrate how to get involved with
ranging from roller-skates, to wheel barrows and       environmental projects and careers, and how
space hoppers, all powered by non environment          to become greener at home and save money,            LET THEM EAT SOAP | Cake, but not as we know it. Organic soap on sale.
harming fuels.                                         as well as giving out information about
   Tuesday was Local, Fairtrade and Organic            environmental campaigns.
Food Day, local producers from Leicester and the             roughout Big Green Week, University of
surrounding area were available, allowing visitors     Leicester students demonstrated that there are
to sample some of their Fairtrade produce, and         small changes that collectively can have a big
demonstrating how to grow your own.                    environmental impact, but more importantly
   Local farmers and manufacturers were happy          how much impact students can actually have
to talk about their products and their eco friendly    on various issues.
processes of producing the finest cheeses, meats,          We urge as many students as possible to get
poultry, jams, bakes, fruits and vegetables, and a     involved; not only in environmental orientated
personal favourite, chocolate.                         issues, but also in any issue that you feel
      roughout the day, there was an Ethical           passionate about, the influence you can have
Baking competition, the challenge was to use           is unimaginable and can really make a huge
ingredients that are as local, organic and Fairtrade   difference. And after all, we need to show them
as possible.                                           how DMU do it.

                                                                                                            FARMER’S MARKET | Local and Fairtrade products cause a buzz.
                                                                                                                                                                             Tuesday 23 October 2007
   8                                                                                                                                                                                         Issue 37

Daytime TV Smackdown
                                                   country, it has been revealed that the show
 Sammi Edwards                                     has an audience share of 34% (at 9.25am),
                                                   with ITV gloating about Kyle’s unique style
With a timetable of university lectures and        of resolving issues.
daytime programmes to fit in between at                Maybe this is where the television network
your pleasure, why are we not realising that       have gone wrong: after switching Trisha
television is getting out of control?              Goddard and her more down-to-earth tactics
   I did not think it could get much worse:        over to Five, ITV bosses grabbed the chance
you would think that British hillbillies           of getting the outspoken, catchphrase –ridden
appearing on chat shows to sort out their          chat show host in their primetime morning
problems was pretty bad, but now we are            slot.
officially being told that it is total rubbish by       But this is what our nation really wants,
court judges in a recent scandal.                  someone less misfortunate than us to ridicule
   Jeremy Kyle is one of the newest and most       and that is what the television channel have
controversial recruits to the daytime circuit      provided us with. But with journalists it is
and is attempting to help those of the British     a different issue, more of a slagging match
population in need. Yet recently the show has      even when they agree that Kyle’s interviewing
suffered a blow as sponsors have pulled out         technique is hardly sympathetic.
due to recent guest head-butting a love rival.        Rob Lyons, an Internet blogger is
   When David Staniforth (45) a security           managing to testify his hate for Sunday
guard left bus driver Larry Mahoney (39)           Mirror columnist Carole Malone (after
with a bloody nose, they must never have           hosting Sky One’s faux court show Guilty)
thought that the assault would have caused         but still manages to agree with her point.
such controversy and left them in the legal           Carole Malone said: “Anyone who watches
battle of all legal battles.                       his show - and I do - will know that far from
   Judge Alan Berg had more than opinion to        looking like he wants to help people, he          FACE OFF | Jeremy Kyle has been dubbed as a “hard-faced talker” who has
say about this: using the term ‘a human form       behaves like he hates them. On top of that        managed to swindle 34% of audience share at 9.25am weekday mornings.
of bear-baiting’ about the show’s approach to      he’s arrogant, smug, vain and aggressive. And
its guests, Berg slated Kyle for putting people    who does he think he’s kidding when he says
with little intellect in violent situations that   he’s in the job to help people? e Hell he        amongst journalists, but students are now          advantage of it through drinking, but really
they feel is the only way of resolution.           is – he’s in it for himself.”                    making the most of Kyle’s annoying habits:         is this something to shout about: daytime
   “I have had the misfortune of viewing e            And not only has it caused a storm            creating a drinking game based on watching         television being on such a low level of brain
Jeremy Kyle Show, and it seems to me that                                                           episodes of the show.                              power that really is not motivating us to be
its whole purpose is to affect a morbid and                                                            Whilst researching for this article, I came      the next Einstein of our generation.
depressing display of dysfunctional people                                                          across a video on YouTube entitled ‘Myles             I cannot knock the fact that generally
who are in some kind of turmoil.                     “ ey basically                                 vs. e Jeremy Kyle Drinking Game’ in                daytime television is following on this same
   “It shouldn’t surprise anyone that these                                                         which you are given a list of Kyle’s typical       path. But when programmes such as these
people, some of whom have limited                    wanted me to make                              catchphrases such as ‘FACT!’ and ‘True             are becoming more popular because of
intellects, become aggressive with each other.                                                      or false, yes or no?’ and have to drink in         their tarnished content and guests being
    is type of incident is exactly what the          a fool of myself ”                             response to.                                       rallied up like a set of circus freaks, it is not
producers want.”                                                                                      I must give credit to this character as he       generally something I hope continues long
   Being an avid viewer of the programme,                                     –Peter Davies         has made the effort to realise what annoying        into the future.
along with the population of students in this                                                       sayings are most likely to crop up and take

 Confessions of a talk show host
   is is not the only thing that Kyle has blundered on, as we look back at his past of smooth-talking
 ways we can witness why he has become the loudmouth he is today.
 Stealing the bride                                  It was then when Kyle won over
                                                   Germaine’s heart and managed to start a new
                                                                                                    make a fool of myself – and that’s exactly
                                                                                                    what I did,” to journalists of e Sun
                                                                                                                                                       often gives as an example to guests problems.
                                                                                                                                                       Journalist Paul Vallely has best described this
 Back in Kyle’s radio days he worked for           family and life with her.                        newspaper. He later added: “I was half-cut by      regular occurrence in a nutshell.
 Birmingham radio station BRMB on his own                                                           the time I went on stage. ey knew I was an           ‘He is always telling viewers how “as
 late night confessions show. But Kyle was to      All liquored up                                  alcoholic and they should never have given         any regular watcher will know, my brother
 find his future romance as the radio station                                                        me a drink.”                                       had a cocaine addiction”, that “my sister-
 launched their innovative blind date contest      Just recently before the whole head-butting        A spokesman from ITV said: “Peter was            in-law was a prima ballerina and weighed
 ‘Two Strangers and a Wedding’ back in 1999.       scandal, e Jeremy Kyle show was accused          not encouraged to drink and was not given          four and a half stone”, that “I used to
       e show aimed to find the perfect match       of plying alcoholic guest Peter Davies with      four or five cans of lager as he claims. He was     have a gambling problem” and that he
 between two random Brummies with the              larger before the show to make him more          given two small cups of weak lager (half a litre   regularly “used to drive through the night
 help of astrologers and psychologists to          confrontational. e ex-heroin addict, from        in total) over a two-and-a-half-hour period to     to see my kid”. All of which qualifies him
 get them down the aisle. Greg Cordell, a          Cheshire, appeared on the show in February to    counteract alcohol withdrawal symptoms.”           to pronounce authoritatively on drugs,
 sales manager, and his chosen bride Carla         discover why his father cut him from his will.                                                      gambling, eating disorders, child-rearing
 Germaine, a former model married live on             Studio staff allegedly supplied the            A personal affair                                   and divorce.’
 national radio airwaves and managed survive       distressed guest with alcohol and encouraged                                                          Telling us of his personal experiences and
 for 12 weeks living together after returning      him to drink more, with Mr Davies                If you are a regular viewer of the show then       saying that he knows all there is to know is
 to normal life again.                             explaining: “ ey basically wanted me to          you will discover much of Kyle’s past that he      just making him out to be a bad agony aunt.
   The Newspaper of De Montfort Students                                                                                                                                                                             9

DMU Says...
           takes to the streets to find out what you think about Jeremy Kyle and his
recent eccentric TV antics.

Marc Wright                                    Mickey Morris                                       Sally Cox                                           Jennie Gornall &
2nd year Creative Writing and
                                               1st year English and Media                          1st year Design Craft
                                                                                                                                                       Lucie Anderton
                                               “I just think that it’s human reactions: he         “I think it was waiting to happen, but it           2nd year Contour Fashion
“Young children who are playing truant from    takes people on and he winds people up to           could go either way really as people may
school and may be watching Jeremy Kyle         the full extent so he has got to expect that sort   be interested but it could also work against        “People create a drama so they can get on TV.
during the day and seeing people getting       of reaction out of some people. More people         him. He made it what it was by creating             It’s not necessarily a good thing and it’s not
head butted, it’s not giving them the right    watch it for pure entertainment, because if         that situation for his guests, it sensationalises   helpful to those that go on there, as they do get
impression. e kinds of people that go          they see someone head butt another person           television and people want to create those          some counselling but it’s not the correct way to
on the show are messy anyway so it’s not       then it’s interesting. Obviously it’s not clever,   sorts of situations so they can publicise           do it. Producers could help off camera rather
surprising that it’s getting out of hand.”     but it makes good TV.”                              themselves.”                                        than trying to scandalise to create a TV show.”

The Return of Stephen K Amos                   understand (mostly coming from his own
 Matt Horn                                     personal life and childhood).
                                                  His stories echo morality tales and ironic
Comic legend Stephen K Amos is about           situations, with hints of distinct charisma
to head back to Leicester in a one off gig      and digs at even the average person.
on his tour, and his past has undeniably          Like most comedians, Amos has to
shown that he’s worth a visit.                 constantly deal with and be aware of the
  Since his initial debut six years ago,       prospect of having to react fast to a bad
Stephen K Amos’s lifestyle and career          crowd, and within his long career, has
has grown exponentially within the             made sure the onlooker is thoroughly
comic industry, with highlights such as        entertained, in a very stylish and expert
having the chance to perform at both           manner to prevent this.
the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the             However, in one instance, an audience
Melbourne International Comedy Festival        member rudely shouted out in the middle
to largely packed audiences.                   of one of his gigs that he had heard a
  He has also had the odd occasional spot      particular story he was telling (a year
on TV thrown in as well, one of them           before), to which Amos replied instantly
being a guest presenter for a week on the      by asking everyone else if his set had been
hit series: ‘Have I Got News For You’.         a Beatles concert would someone have
  Amos has been seen by critics to have        interrupted their performance with the
some sort of naturally born comic talent       same complaint.
that can manifest itself directly on an           In the upcoming year, Amos is touring
unprovoked audience.                           round the UK for the first time ever, with
  He can grab the attention of any             one date being e Y in Leicester on the
onlooker from the start of his set and never   25th October, which looks to be a fantastic
let them go, feeding them line after line      night of comedy. Tickets cost £10, £8                 UNMISSABLE | Amos, known for his quick witted and true to life comedy, is
of well-observed material that anyone can      concessions.                                          performing for one night only at The Y Theatre in Leicester this month.
                                                                                                                                                                           Tuesday 23 October 2007
 10                                                                                                                                                                                        Issue 37

Multicultural Leicester
Celebrates Caribbean Style
                                                 traditional Jamaican rum to wash it down
 Nikisha McIntosh                                with. You could also get your hands on home
                                                 made arts and crafts including exquisite
One of Leicester’s biggest carnivals was         beaded jewellery, funky key rings, t-shirts,
back again this summer, celebrating its          paintings and originally styled Bob Marley
23rd anniversary in style. Full of colour and    hats to get you in the high flying spirit mood.
excitement, Leicester’s Caribbean Carnival          Activities galore kept the kids entertained,
takes place every year celebrating the diverse   with a mini fun fair, face painting, giant
culture of Leicestershire.                       slides and plenty of ice cream to keep
   Bringing families and friends together of     them smiling. With performances from
all ethnic backgrounds to celebrate in proper    top musicians all the way from Trinidad,
Afro - Caribbean style. is year’s carnival       playing Soca and funky calypso beats using
started off in the city centre, meandering its    traditional steel pans and percussions. e
way through the streets of Leicester. Giant      accomplished dancing from the youngsters
colourful floats, festivities, dancing and        was truly unmissable as they ‘booty popped’
music, hundreds of people lined the streets      to the dancehall smash hit song Dutty Wine.
to watch the procession of the carnival move     As the evening clocked on, it was time for
on to Victoria Park. Diana Dudas a visitor       the Caribbean Carnival to pack up and say
to the city approved “the second I arrived in    farewell for yet another year. As the gates
town I immediately felt the cities buzz and      closed to Victoria Park Leicester locals were
excitement”.                                     able to leave with a smile on their faces,
      e transformation of Victoria park was      with yet another great memory of fun and
tremendous. Over 100 stalls selling home         laughter and a deeper insight to different
cook Jamaican foods, including its most          cultures from around the world. is great
famous spicy Jamaican chicken dish ‘Jerk         celebration is not to be missed, so be sure to
Chicken’ with other cuisines including,          get involved with your friends next summer
fried fish, fried dumplings, patties, ackee       and feel the Caribbean vibe and celebrate
and calaloo, and cocktails with a dash of        with joy.

                                                                                                   An Array
                                                                                                   of Cultural
                                                                                                   Londoner Rebecca Bridges reports on her
                                                                                                   experience of this year’s Notting Hill Carnival.
                                                                                                   “as an expression of identity but also of          dancing and getting the crowd to join in the
                                                                                                   belonging, culturally enriching to the rest of     festivities and the true spirit of the carnival,
                                                                                                   British society”.                                  there really is never a dull moment. All this
                                                                                                      With the theme this year being “set all free”   filling streets that normally act as commercial
                                                                                                   – celebrating 200 years since the elimination      premises. With Trinidad and Tobago leading
                                                                                                   of slavery everyone was thriving in the            the way getting everyone from every place
                                                                                                   atmosphere. With Choice FM holding a               involved no one could stand still.
                                                                                                   massive R&B rave to 60’s music being played           Along with the diverse music and amazing
                                                                                                   in a distant tent; there was surely something      dancing being performed everyone was also
                                                                                                   there to fit everyone’s taste.                      blessed with the variety of food available.
                                                                                                      Cultural music being blasted from the           Ranging from a nice classic burger to fun-fair
                                                                                                   stands brought a sense of diversity to the         style candy floss to more traditional corn on
                                                                                                   place. e legendary Panorama National               the cob; you couldn’t go home hungry!
                                                                                                   Champions of Steel Competition provided               However, underneath the joyous
Imagine standing in a crowded street, a          biggest events in London, mixing together all     the audience with a treat as five bands led         celebrations going on in the many tents there
mass of colours everywhere, people dancing       the different cultures in one big experience,      the way. Regular locals had the opportunity        existed also a negative darker side. Over
around you in every direction, every culture     with over half a million people taking to         to experience a flavour of the carnival before      the weekend two people were shot and a
being represented in one place at one time,      the streets that one weekend you were sure        the event with the sound of rehearsing for the     massive 206 arrests being made, however this
this is the Notting Hill Carnival.               to be in for an exciting journey. Professor       battle audible from local streets.                 didn’t hold London back from enjoying the
  Notting Hill Carnival, held this year on the   Chris Mullard, Chairman of the Notting Hill          Marching down the street came the large         festivities and will not this journalist from
26th and 27th of August 2007, is one of the      Carnival Board Ltd described the carnival         array of brightly designed costumes, people        returning next year.
   The Newspaper of De Montfort Students                                                                                                                                                                             11

Battered Frog                                                                                                                                            10 ings
Legs or Pudding?                                                                                                                                         that make you
                                                                                                                                                         proud to be
Sophie Meis evaluates how to identify your fellow French student
through the medium of food.                                                                                                                              British
Alas, the latest French generations seem          - so you should not end up scoffed at.               in disgust are French.
to have given up the baguette-beret-and-          When discovering English supermarkets                  Nevertheless, they are if they start
Eiffel-Tower fashion for a more discrete           (namely Morrisons as it is not too far              praising the delicate fume of Camembert or
camouflage, which is quite unfortunate as it       from the campus), the first culture shock a          Roquefort, the sweetness of Crème de marron
made their kind easily recognizable. In order     typical Frenchman will be subject to can be         or crêpes and the subtle taste of Champagne
to identify them, one might want to perform       summarized in one sentence: “Where on               or Bordeaux. However, with Leicester offering
a simple but effective test; next time you         Earth have they hidden the real bread?”             so many different types of food available
meet focus the conversation on food.                 Indeed, the big sandwich loafs labelled as       from curry to tapas then maybe choice is the
      e quickest but rudest way to identify       “bread” are but a substitute to it in France.       problem.
a French student is simply to rely on blunt           ey are contemptuously called pain de mie              e final but most expensive technique
stereotypes although not old mockeries about      which means “bread of crumbs”.                      in determining whether your fellow student
Joan of Arc or Napoleon. Remarks on how              After having realised in terror that baguettes   is French is to invite them to a French
some crazy people in some parts of the world      or farmhouse loafs are bound to become rare         (anglicised) restaurant. e kind where you
are disgusting enough to pull out the legs of     commodities, the French student makes new,          can order a baguette sandwich with chicken
poor defenceless frogs - or capture snails in     terrible discoveries. One of these being that       tikka and mint yoghurt in it - grape jelly         It’s been said that Britain is ever changing,
their garden - and actually eat them while        fruits, ranging from bananas to oranges, are        also does the trick, where the croissants are      with a more diverse culture than ever
they could just settle for chicken nuggets.       often sold unripe, by the time the greenish         stuffed with fruits and éclairs au chocolat are     before Sarah Taylor examines what makes
      e tricky part here is to manage to make     colour disappears moisture has replaced it.         filled with crème chantilly instead of crème        her proud to be British.
such assertions with a straight face. If your     Another is that prices are quite reasonable, or     pâtisserie. If he chokes himself up reading the
listener stares at you blankly - giving you an    at least they would be if only in Euros.            menu, he is French.                                1. PG Tips – Because, yes, a cup of tea really
uneasy feeling that you’re being the village         Furthermore, a few English or American              As a conclusion, one could argue that the          does solve everything.
idiot - or starts laughing aloud, they are        products peculiar to a French person may            easiest and safest alternative would be to
French. If they nod complacently or get hold      indeed turn out to be edible. Cases have            directly ask the interested where he is from,      2. Markets – No matter how much you
of the occasion to narrate their latest trip to   already been heard of French hybrids falling        this is quite true, but where would be the            pretend to hate those mouthy cockney
Paris, he is not French.                          in love with the taste of peanut butter, jelly or   challenge?                                            stall-vendors, you know you really love
   Another but more subtle method would           vanilla fudge.                                                                                            the hustle and bustle of Saturday morning
consist of interrogating your suspect about             e main problem is that mostly only             Do you have any views on this article?              markets.
their impressions of Leicester food. e            British people are able to cope with British          If so, email your comments to
advantage is they will be the one speaking        food and so, not all foreigners who describe it                           3. British bands – a cut above all the phoney
                                                                                                                                                            American accents. It’s cut-glass or nothing.

                                                                                                                                                         4. Festivals – because nothing like
                                                                                                                                                            Oktoberfest even comes close to Reading
                                                                                                                                                            or Glastonbury.

                                                                                                                                                         5. Croquet – so satisfyingly posh.

                                                                                                                                                         6. Pimms – any time of the day, any day of
                                                                                                                                                            the week – it’s Pimms O’Clock!

                                                                                                                                                         7. Comedians – Ricky Gervais, Lee Evans,
                                                                                                                                                            Russell Howard – we love you.

                                                                                                                                                         8. Useless Phrases – like “I have a bone to
                                                                                                                                                            pick with you”, they all make no sense
                                                                                                                                                            but trotting them out makes you feel
                                                                                                                                                            wonderfully British.

                                                                                                                                                         9. Summer Nakedness – At the first ray of
                                                                                                                                                            sunshine we all know the Brits that strip
                                                                                                                                                            to their bare essentials regardless of where
                                                                                                                                                            they are in the hope of a tan!

                                                                                                                                                         10. Sunday Lunch – A roast dinner is perfect
                                                                                                                                                             to soak up the rest of the alcohol from
                                                                                                                                                             last night and cure your hangover, as
                                                                                                                                                             well as beating the rest of the junk food
                                                                                                                                                             you’ve been eating for the rest of the week.
                                                                                                                                                             makers, fans and enthusiasts worldwide.
                                                                                                                                                                                Tuesday 23 October 2007
 12                                                                                                                                                                                             Issue 37

Hair Dye Disasters
Sîan Kinski looks hair horror stories and at the pitfalls to avoid when being bold with dye.
Hair colour can be that amazing magic wand that can                     “Yet after the allocated time, the colour was a bright canary
instantly transforms a person’s image. Whether people pay            yellow!”
for it to be done professionally or just buy a home dye kit             “In a panic I decided to quickly re-dye it with the ordinary
and do it in the privacy of their own bathroom, the change           blonde I also bought. I had it in the back of my mind that this
can be incredible.                                                   was not going to be good for my hair but all I could think was
   Hannah Day, a great fan of having her hair regularly              the intense laughter when other people saw it.”
coloured by professional hairdressers, said: “I would never             “When I rinsed it all off, and dried it, the results were
trust myself to dye my own hair. I know it would go wrong            not perfect, but much better than previous. However the
so I prefer paying that bit extra to get a result I know I will be   condition was not great, but at least I no longer looked like a
happy with.”                                                         light bulb!”
   However, home dye kits are a popular method, particularly            Although Leathers’ hair eventually got to the colour she
amongst students, mainly because they are much cheaper               wanted and quickly, this in fact was the worst thing she could
than going to the hairdressers each time they want a change          have done, and she was very lucky her hair was not intensely
of image.                                                            damaged after all the hair colouring she put through it.
   Connie Slate said: “I’m always changing the colour of my             Pauline Jones, a mobile hairdresser who often has to deal
hair. And I’m too cheap to pay lots of money for it so I just        with hair dye disasters, said: “ e more chemicals put onto
buy dye from the shops. I’ve never had a disaster with it. I         hair, the worse the outcome. e best thing to do is see a
suppose I’m just lucky!”                                             professional, and get their advice, and even get them to sort
       ere is so much choice of various colours and shades on        out the job for you.”
the shelves nowadays and it seems so simple to just pick up             “It might cost slightly more, but they will always give
a box where the particular colour looks nice on the model.           the customer a result they would be happy with whilst
However, it is vital that careful consideration is made when         consideration into the health of the hair is maintained”
deciding, as hair colouring can sometimes go the complete               However, if money is a real issue, like most students, there
opposite way that one would prefer!                                  are other alternatives, including getting long locks cut shorter,
       e main thing to remember is that hair colour is nothing       to minimise the intensity of the bad colour as well as avoiding
like paint on furniture that can just be wiped off.                   the use of heating materials like hair dryers and straightners –
   It is more like painting a red wall white. It will need several   difficult girls, but if their use is maintained the hair will just
stages of colour before it is perfectly white.                       break even more, and the consequences will just be worse.
       e same goes for some hair colouring projects, (bearing in        Furthermore it is important to consistently condition the
mind it is much more delicate than furniture!). If it does go        hair as many times as it can possibly happen, which will slowly
wrong, it can take several attempts and lots of patience for it      repair the dry and damaged hair.
to get back to a colour that the consumer is happy with, unless         Jones adds: “ e best thing for coloured hair is to let it grow
the aim is to have a bald head by the end of it!                     out or adapt naturally, with more attention to conditioning it.
       is is the problem with home hair dye kits. Most of the           “Time is the best thing to give it, and who knows, after a
people that use them are not professionals; therefore do not         week or so the intensity of the colour might wear off and it
really know what they are doing. So if the colour does turn out      will look really nice.”
to be a complete disaster, it is likely that panic strikes and an          e same goes for those men out there that have
immediate rush to the shops to buy another dye often occurs.         catastrophes with home hair dye kits, but then again, at least
   Laura Leathers, a student from Derby, has had her own             an option for them is that they can always shave it all off if it
experiences with hair dying at home, some of which have not          really is that bad!
concluded with the best results.                                           erefore the underlying message of this article is that yes,
   She said: “I decided that I was fed up of being a brunette.       home hair dye kits are much cheaper, and at times they do
I wanted to go back to being blonde again. So I bought               work. But if they do go wrong, do not go damaging your hair            HOW IT SHOULD BE DONE | DMU Student
a pre-lightener kit that would strip off the dark dye I had           even more! Go seek advice and guidance on what to do next.             Teresa Cartlidge shows a successful dye job.
previously used.”                                                    Otherwise the consequences can be horrid.

 I Moved Away to Avoid the Racists
 Moving from a tiny village or town in the          notice the variation of race and culture, but it   further opportunities for people my age            obvious compared to what she was used to,
 countryside, to the big city of Leicester          did not bother me in the slightest.”               available, it is likely that there will be quite   yet it was not an issue at all for her.
 would seem quite a scary experience, for all          “I can see why some people who are not          a lot of different cultures moving down                She said: “ e only thing I noticed was
 sorts of reasons.                                  used to interacting with people from different      south, especially because it is such a nice        that I now have a much more diverse group
       is article will look at how some female      backgrounds would be daunted by them, but          area to live in.”                                  of friends which I love and without moving
 students, who have moved from small villages       at the end of the day I see them as being no          “I’m really glad I did move away at quite       to Leicester this would not have happened
 and towns, have found the interaction with         different whatsoever.”                              a young age, because at least I could never        because there is no mix of cultures and race in
 those of a different culture or race, as it is         “I know some people who have lived in           be one of those people that becomes racist         Torpoint.”
 something they are not used to.                    a largely ‘white’ populated area in Cornwall       because of the views and attitudes of people in          e aim of this article was basically
    Lauren Edlin, who is a second year DMU          as being so narrow-minded which is                 my local village.”                                 written for those students who feel daunted
 student, moved from the remote village of St       worrying, particularly because the nearest            Jessica Waters also moved to Leicester from     by moving from a largely ‘white’ orientated
 John, in Cornwall, to Leicester last year. She     city, Plymouth, is an up and coming city,          a small town called Torpoint, in Cornwall,         village or town, to very mix cultured city to
 explains how she felt in her first few weeks of     due to the shopping mall and new university        last year to begin her university course at        assure them everyone should be treated as
 living in a city.                                  buildings.”                                        DMU. She agrees with Edlin, in that the mix        equals and those of a different race are no
    She said: “When I moved up here I did              “ erefore because of all the jobs and           of different race and cultures in the city are      different.
   The Newspaper of De Montfort Students                                                                                                                                                                    13

Leicester juice bar Green Monkey is expanding into the DMU Jungle bringing with
it several Celebrity endorsements including famous nudist TV host, Keith Chegwin.
                                                            is juice is very good for you as
  Amy Leathers                                       the strawberries will give you plenty of
                                                     vitamins, the mango is a skin healing fruit
When you’re a student it’s not always easy to        that replenishes skin and prevents spots,
be healthy, but now there is a simpler way           pineapples are excellent for the lungs and
to get your 5-a-day with the Green Monkey            people with asthma, and bananas contain
juice bar on Level 1.                                potassium, which releases energy throughout
      e juice bar run by Ravi Gadher, 29,            the day.
Director of Green Monkey, said that the aim             Juices are also a wonderful way to make
of the juices was to “give students a healthier      you feel better after a night out and get rid of
lifestyle option”.                                   a hang over.
   He also added that “We make it nice and              Mr Gadher said “Instead of feeling really
simple with juices, we have the majority             rubbish the next morning, we can give you a
of vitamins in there, to give you a boast            lot of vitamins in your juice. You will enjoy
throughout the day”.                                 the taste and it will help you go to lectures
   Green Monkey will be in the union                 and focus on your studies”.
throughout the year offering a delicious                 Some students have a juice to give them
alternative way of making sure you eat enough        extra energy before they go to sporting
fruit, with a warm and friendly welcome.             events.
   Mr Gadher also works with the NHS to                 Green Monkey sponsors our very own
gather information about how he can improve          Women’s Rugby team to show their policy on
his health as well as others.                        equal rights and opportunities.
   He said: “I went into the juicing world to               e company’s philosophy on health is
get a healthier lifestyle for myself.”               that if you look after your body, your body
   When Ravi was 28 years old he suffered a           will look after you, and they also aim to help
heart attack. is was a combination of an             people achieve a newer and fresher lifestyle.
unhealthy lifestyle and because heart attacks               e customers well being seems to be very
are a heredity in his family.                        much at the heart of this company, as Ravi
                                                                                                        FAMOUS FACES | Loseby Lane brightened up by vibrant colours from the Green
   After suffering from a heart attack at such        at Level 1 said “juices not only promote a
                                                                                                        Monkey Juice Bar along with various celebrities featured in the shop window.
an early stage in his life, Ravi said that “when     healthy mind but a healthy body as well”.
you’re young you never think about the health           “Green Monkey believes in the mind, body
issues, until it’s too late.”                        and soul.”
      is is very true as many students opt for          Green Monkey Juice Bar was the first in
the unhealthy option of microwave meals and          Leicester and is also the first in Leicestershire
processed foods because it’s cheaper. As many        to use apples in their juices rather than                                                   2,000 Cancer Cases
of you do not necessarily have the budget to         oranges. e reason for using apples is to do
buy fresh fruit and vegetables all the time,         with cancer awareness; apples help to prevent                                               “Alcohol Related”
because it does not last as long as maybe most       cancer cells from building up in the body.
students staple diet of frozen chips.                   He also states that “most people use                                                     Health experts highlight how a healthy
   However in one juice you can get all your         oranges because it is a cheaper option, but we                                              lifestyle when you’re young could decrease
five a day for just £2.00 for a regular or £2.50      are here to give people the healthier option                                                the risk of cancer when you’re older.
for a large one.                                     which is why we use apples. It might cost                                                      Cancer Research UK has said that: ‘half
      ere is a wide variety of juices, milkshakes    more money but it keeps people healthy.                                                     of all causes of cancer could be prevented
and smoothies on offer to suit all tastes, which          at’s why we’ve done so well”.                                                           by lifestyle changes.’
range from a Mango Tango to a delightful                                                                                                            It has been found that if you live a
Detox and the most popular Rainbow                    When you go into town why not visit                                                       healthy lifestyle when you are younger
Cocktail.                                              Green Monkey’s other store on Loseby                                                      it could reduce your risks of contracting
      e Rainbow Cocktail is bursting with fruitful     Lane? Or if you’re feeling a bit lazy but                                                 breast cancer dramatically.
goodness as it contains raspberries strawberries,      still want to be healthy, you can call for                                                   Scientists have discovered that between
mangos, passion fruit and pineapples.                  your order on 0784 250 7876.                                                              10-30 % of cases of cancer are caused by
                                                                                                                                                 an unhealthy diet.
                                                                                                                                                    Alcohol adds to around 2,000 of

                                              puts the Help in Health.                                                                           breast cancer cases in the UK each year,
                                                                                                                                                 and women who drink more than three
                                                                                                                                                 alcoholic drinks a day are increasing the
                                                                                                                                                 risk of breast cancer by 30 %.
 If YOU would like to have your health problems solved but are too                                                                                  Most people may have known a family
                                                                                                                                                 member or someone who has had cancer,
 embarrassed to go to the doctor, then this could be just for you. All                                                                           as one in three people in UK develop
                                                                                                                                                 cancer during their life.
 you need to do is confidentially email your problems to health@                                                                                     Breast cancer is the most common cancer in
                                                                                                                                                 women in Britain and every year there are 44, and Dr Ian Cross from the DMU surgery will answer                                                                                600 cases. Men can also get breast cancer and
                                                                                                                                                 there are 300 cases detected each year. Breast
 them for you; your answers will then be published in the next issue.                                                                            Cancer Awareness Day is on October 26.
                                                                                                                                                                                    Tuesday 23 October 2007
 14                                                                                                                                                                                                 Issue 37

 Album Reviews

High On Fire – Death                                   Radiohead – In                                      Babyshambles –                                     Jacknife Lee –
Is This Communion                                      Rainbows                                            Shotters Nation                                    Jacknife Lee
High On Fire                                           Let’s forget                                        For Britain’s                                         e fact that
are back with                                          about the                                           most                                               Garret Lee
their follow-                                          pioneering                                          contentious                                        has produced
up to 2005’s                                           marketing                                           rock star,                                         hugely
‘Blessed                                               behind this                                         Shotters                                           successful
Black Wings’.                                          album, the                                          Nation is Pete                                     bands such
And what                                               fact that                                           Doherty’s                                          as U2, Snow
a welcome                                              fans can pay                                        biggest chance                                     Patrol and
return.                                                whatever they                                       to prove                                           Green Day, as
‘Death Is is                                           want for it and                                     his worth.                                         well as winning
Communion’                                             the idea that                                       Yes, he’s one                                      a Grammy,
takes you on a punishing journey of                    it could be the start of a musical revolution.      of the most talented musicians of his              brings high expectations. Shamefully though, it
dirty heavy metal with sexy strings and                    e principal question on any self respecting     generation, but consistency is what we want        doesn’t deliver the goods. For his fourth studio
thunderous drums.                                      Radiohead fan’s lips is that after the four year    with this album and thankfully that is what        album, the music itself is the most impressive
   Produced by Jack Endio (Nirvana,                    wait, will it be worth the one penny or ten         Blur producer Stephen Street brings to the         feature, with a gentle mix of deep bass lines and
Soundgarden) Matt Pike’s vocals are                    pounds that they’re going to spend?                 table. e first single taken from the album,         hand tapping drums. is is topped up with
mesmerising and full of raw angry energy. It’s            Well, from the vibrant rhythmic beats of         Delivery, demonstrates a more radio- friendly      some electro beats on the odd song, resulting in
relentlessly heavy, in the best way possible.          opener 15 Step to the laid back magnetism of        sound but without letting go of that gloomy        some fantastic chilled-out tracks.
Intricate time signatures and rhythm changes           House Of Cards, this record offers something         Babyshambles appeal. e influences are easier           After a first listen, the biggest disappointment
set High On Fire apart from the rest, the trio         more assessable than their last three but without   to spot this time around also. Unbilotitled        was the repetitiveness of the lyrics and eerie
working faultlessly together to do all sorts of        losing that innovative Radiohead chic. An           sounds like it could have been borrowed from       vocals, which didn’t fit with well enough with
naughty stuff to your ears. Giving a good dose          intimate album with beautifully constructed         the R.E.M. mantelpiece and Crumb Begging           any of the songs. Disregarding that, the first
of rock and roll, the title track is a brutal assult   songs such as the fast paced ambient guitar         Baghead is what e Beatles would sound like         single Making me Money is a peach of a song,
of everything we love about a group of hairy           melodies of Weird Fishes/Arpeggi and the            if they reunited for the soundtrack to Guy         highlighting the potential of Jacknife Lee. I
grubby men, teasing us with thier combination          haunting masterpiece Nude. Lyrically om             Ritchie’s next film. It’s not all a game of ‘name   Love the Useless follows, which could easily be
of dazzling stickman-ship and drudging                 Yorke is once again introspective but without       that tune’ though especially when Doherty          confused with a song from the Snow Patrol back
fretwork. If you’re into Mastodon, Unearth or          the frustration of you feeling alienated by his     expresses his signature poetic side on poignant    catalogue. ere’s plenty here to please the avid
Lamb of God then check High On Fire out.               words. It’s a remarkable achievement from           album closer, Lost Art Of Murder. Of all the       chill fan, however there really is no depth to the
   ey’re touring soon, don’t be a fool and miss        Britain’s most groundbreaking band and their        ex-Libertines members’ records this is the most    music. Hopefully he can take this to a bigger
out on the opportunity to see these true metal         most consistent record since the seminal OK         accomplished and Doherty has proven that he        level or just stick to what he is good at and keep
gods in all their dirty rock n roll glory.             Computer.                                           can fly solo without Carl Barat.                    producing some great bands.

9/10                                                   10/10                                               8/10                                               4/10
                                     Sally Johnson                                         Alex Dugasse                                       Alex Dugasse                                          James Cross

 Single Reviews
Rufus Wainwright –                                     Kate Nash –                                         Kings Of Leon –                                    Oasis – Lord Donʼt
Tiergarten                                             Mouthwash                                           Charmer                                            Slow Me Down
Set to woo                                             Kate Nash is                                        Charmer                                            Lord Don’t
UK fans on                                             the latest in                                       is the third                                       Slow Me
his upcoming                                           line of artists                                     single to be                                       Down is the
October tour,                                          to be dropped                                       taken from                                         surprise new
critically                                             off by the                                           the KOL’s                                          bluesy single
acclaimed                                              hype bus.                                           third album                                        from the
Rufus                                                  Now she’s got                                       Because Of                                         rock and roll
Wainwright                                             the album out                                           e Times.                                       stars recorded
releases the                                           of the way                                          As soon as                                         during the
third single                                           she can relax                                       the rapid                                          Don’t Believe
from his gold-                                         and deliver                                         bass kicks in                                          e Truth
selling LP Release e Stars.                            more pop treats without the pressures of            you know this it’s going to be good. en            sessions. Noel
Tranquil harps and soothing piano sections lay         expectation. Mouthwash is her next single,          an onslaught of swift drum beats invade            takes to the
the foundations for Wainwright’s distinguish-          an innocent piano-driven account of a               your ears and know it’s going to be great.         helm on vocals
ably calming vocals as he asks us ‘Won’t you           seemingly non superficial existence. It makes        Finally Caleb Followill, in his best Frank         and he sings like he means business. Lyrically
walk me through the Tiergarten?’ Wainwright            a change from the shallow pop offerings              Black impression, screeches out, ‘she’s such a     it’s as vigorous as their earliest material such
produces a lullaby-like quality in this song that      from the tedious ‘Generation X Factor.’             charmer oh no,’ and delivers some of his best      as Cigarettes and Alcohol but musically it just
could lead even the most focussed of people               ere is no doubt that Nash exercises her          vocals yet.                                        sounds like recycled clatter from their favourite
into reverie, especially as he employs such gentle     talent and childlike imagination in this song          It’s great to see that after three albums       bands. ere’s not much here that gives you
percussion and background vocals to the equa-          but sadly it doesn’t come close to shaking          one of America’s most essential bands is           that wow factor but it does give you the feeling
tion. Tiergarten will leave you feeling uplifted       pop music to its ‘Foundations’ like its             still churning out great catchy southern           that for the first time in a long time the band
and starry-eyed.                                       predecessor did.                                    influenced rock tunes.                              actually sound like they’re enjoying themselves.

7/10                                                   7/10                                                9/10                                               6/10
                                    Louise Skinner                                         Alex Dugasse                                       Alex Dugasse                                        Alex Dugasse
   The Newspaper of De Montfort Students                                                                                                                                                                       15

 Live Reviews

Wheatus @ Level 1, DSU                                                                           Battles @ Camden Koko
                                                  play was rewarding. I enjoyed Wannabe                                                             less, on par with the keyboards and guitars.
 Luke Fogg                                        Gangster and Lemonade. I came, as I’m sure      Mark Young                                           Battles find ways to transport you, not just
                                                  many others did, to sing out at the top of                                                        into other realms, but into other plains of
Wheatus are one of those bands that are           my lungs to Teenage Dirtbag. Wheatus were      New York City’s experimental electro               existence – worlds where white isn’t white but
most famously known for one song. is              entertaining, energetic and very grateful to   math-rock act Battles played to a sold out         it isn’t black either, it’s a whole new colour
sometimes implies that there is a lack of         the crowd, and all of these things added to    Camden Koko crowd for the London leg of            that you can only fathom by experience. ese
diversity, but it can sometimes be the case       my enjoyment as I sang along to the songs      their current European jaunt.                      are worlds where communication is based on
that a band becomes too famous for one            that I knew and grew up with.                     Listening to Battles is captivating.            electronic impulses, rhythms and ambience.
song, and has nothing else that is of such                                                       Watching them as well is nothing short of          And you don’t need to learn the language; you
‘cult’ status.                                                                                   awe-inspiring. ey deliver songs in unusual         simply feel it to understand it.
      is is the case with Wheatus. ey have                                                       time signatures, an acute element of the                  e band line up visually in their usual
several good songs, and they really showed                                                       math-rock genre, but it’s not simply the song      fashion, armed with their arsenal of guitars,
that by entertaining the crowd. Songs such                                                       itself that is played at an unusual rhythm –       keyboards, synthesisers, effects pedals,
as Leroy and Mr Brown were all very well                                                         each member layers his lines, starting with        scratch pedals and lap-tops. Add to that
received. When they played A Little Respect                                                      the drums, on top of one another, playing          some of the most impressive beat-boxing
the song was very well received. I enjoyed the                                                   to his own individual temporal frame, either       you’re likely to witness.
sensation of singing along with my friends                                                       ignoring the drumbeat or syncopating                      e only element I felt was needed to
to a song that was slightly cheesy, but that                                                     against it. e song structures rely on the          complete the overall aesthetic experience
cheesiness made it all the more enjoyable.                                                       members communicating with each other              was some background visuals or a lightshow
Unfortunately, the sound set up was, at                                                          through subtle gestures on stage.                  of some sort. e omission of these
times, shocking. I couldn’t hear the words of                                                       Equally impressive is their seemingly           supplements was no doubt a conscience one
the songs, because of background noise. It                                                       infinite multitude of effects, each delicately       aimed at channelling the eye on the actions
wasn’t that I couldn’t hear Brendan Brown                                                        chosen and employed with the specific intent        of the members, but this isn’t always an
(lead guitar, vocals) when he was just talking,                                                  of ‘rewiring your head’ (as one journalist said)   available option in a crowd of this size.
but when the band were actually playing                                                          in a particular way. Even the ‘vocal’ lines are       Battles are definitely an act you need to
songs, it was hard to hear the words.                                                            subjected to enough electronic trickery to         catch – they may just change your entire
   Having said all of this, seeing Wheatus                                                       make them just another layer, no more no           perspective on music.

                                                                                                 Maximo Park @
                                                                                                 Cambridge Corn Exchange
                                                                                                                                                    brilliant rendition of Apply Some Pressure, a
                                                                                                  Shefali Srivastava                                poignant, bittersweet Books From Boxes, and
                                                                                                                                                    the deliciously creepy but fun fairground-

 “Where can I get a meal that’s as                                                               Launching with break-neck energy into their
                                                                                                 eighteen-song set, mostly showcasing second
                                                                                                                                                    vibe of Unshockable standing out as some of
                                                                                                                                                    the many, many highlights.
  good as home cooked food?”                                                                     album Our Earthly Pleasures, the ‘Park make
                                                                                                 their ninety minutes on stage a visual and
   – Hungry Student                                                                              aural treat.
                                                                                                   Live, they almost sound like an eerily
                                                                                                 exact replica of their albums with the
                                                                                                 volume turned up to the max – almost, but
                                                                                                 better in fact: the guitars are crunchier, the
                                                                                                 skins are beaten with military precision,
                                                                                                 the keyboard playing is gleefully manic
                                                                                                 and the bass lines are even more buzzing
                                                                                                 than any amount of pristine record
                                                                                                 production could’ve suggested. But it’s
                                                                                                 insanely charismatic lead singer Paul
                                                                                                 Smith who makes the band; gallivanting
                                                                                                 about the stage like a gloriously eccentric
                                                                                                 circus ringmaster and looking dapper in
                                                                                                 his trademark red-and-black ensemble
                                                                                                 of bowler hat/suit/tie, enthusiastic hand
                                                                                                 gestures and emphatic facial expressions to
                                                                                                 match, standing out in stark contrast to his          Exiting the stage on Our Velocity, the
                                                                                                 comparatively inanimate bandmates. He              crowd are left to riotously chant ‘MAX-
                                                                                                 also provides plenty of crowd banter tonight       I-MO! MAX-I-MO!’ before Smith and
                                                                                                 – explaining the stories behind songs,             cohorts return for a three song encore,
                    For advertising opportunities contact:                                       personal anecdotes, and the numerous               grinning ear to ear, finally ending on
                                                                                                 humble yet clearly delighted ‘thankyous’           Graffiti. Appropriate perhaps to end
                                                                                                 that seemed to follow every rapturous              with their first ever single release, giving
                                    Victoria Kirwan-Taylor                                       crowd reaction.
                                                                                                   Smith’s idiosyncratic, warbly yet
                                                                                                                                                    a full-circle sense of completeness to an
                                                                                                                                                    electrifying evening. Intelligent, stylish, fun,
                                                                                                 yearning vocals are faultless and soar             provocative and sincere – there was no place
  BAM Agency | 0845 1300 667 |                                                     over the instrumentation, a staggeringly           for scenesters here.
                                                                                                                                                                              Tuesday 23 October 2007
  16                                                                                                                                                                                          Issue 37

 Cinema Reviews

The Kingdom                                      Ratatouille                                       War
Cast: Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner
Director: Peter Berg
                                                 Cast: Patton Oswalt, Lou Romano
                                                 Director: Brad Bird
                                                                                                   Cast: Jet Li, Jason Statham
                                                                                                   Director: Phillip G. Atwell
                                                                                                                                                         Day Watch
Cert: 15                                         Cert: U                                           Cert: 18
                                                                                                                                                           e Demon is offering the students of De
                                                                                                                                                         Montfort University the opportunity to
                                                                                                                                                         win some Day Watch goodies.

                                                                                                                                                            ese goodies include a Day Watch baseball
                                                                                                                                                         cap, a T Shirt and a set of shot glasses.

                                                                                                                                                         All you have to do to be in with a chance
                                                                                                                                                         to win one of three goodie bags is answer
Whether or not e Kingdom has something           In this delightful and visually stunning film,        e trailers and posters for this film suggest        the following question:
meaningful to say about world politics is        the plot follows Remy and his pursuit of his      there will be the mother of all battles
unclear, however, what is evident is that this   dream of becoming a chef. e only trouble          between two of B Movies’ hard men. What               Who is the author of the
is one of the years best action movies. e        for Remy is that he is a rat. Amusing antics      a shame this movie is a cheat. Aside from
film starts with an intriguing section plotting   follow throughout, with frequent moments          the ridiculous plot, awful scripting and often        book that Day Watch is based
the history of Saudi Arabia, which bleeds into   of laughter created by Remy’s new human           headache inducing camera work, the two                upon?
a rip-roaring terrorist attack on American       friend Linguini, the clumsy garbage boy.          leading men are woeful. Jet Li is a shadow
civilians. e film never pauses for a moment       Ratatouille is Bird’s first return to the Pixar    of his former self and is beginning to show           a. Stephen King
all the way through to its outstanding           director’s seat since e Incredibles, and from     his age, and Jason Statham surpasses himself,
finale, which may be one of the finest action      his performance there is strong anticipation as   making a bad script worse with a pathetic             b. Sergey Lukyanenko
sequences committed to film. is, coupled          to what is going to come out of the idea-tank     American accent and the inability to properly
with strong performances from all of the cast,   at Pixar next. is adorable film is one which       convey emotion. e fight sequences do not               c. J K Rowling
especially actor Ashraf Barhoum who plays        will be enjoyed by all Pixar fans, and has all    add any credibility and feel like they have
the Americans Saudi ‘babysitter’, creates a      the ingredients to make the perfect family        been done many, many times before. Avoid
film that is a must for all action fans.          film.                                              this movie like the plague.                           Get your answers in to competitions
                                                                                                                                                and good luck! All
9/10                                             8/10                                              1/10                                                  winners will be informed by email.
                                                                                  Craig Browne                                         Rob Smyth
                                    Rob Smyth

Mr Brooks                                        Disturbia
Cast: Kevin Costner, Demi Moore,                 Cast: Shia LaBeouf, David Morse                    DVD Reviews
Director: Bruce A Evans                          Director: DJ Caruso
Cert: 18                                         Cert: 15
                                                                                                    United 93
                                                                                                    Cast: Christian Clemenson, Trish Gates, David
                                                                                                    Alan Basche, Cheyenne Jackson
                                                                                                    Director: Paul Greengrass
                                                                                                    HMV Price: £6.99

                                                                                                    “On September 11th, four planes were hijacked.
                                                                                                      ree hits their targets. One did not.”

                                                                                                    United 93, directed by Paul Greengrass, (an
                                                                                                    English director) is a real-time, reconstruction
Mr Brooks is a very intelligent film which        Disturbia gives a British audience another         documentary styled movie, based on the
follows Mr Brooks, played superbly by            chance to witness one of Hollywood’s up and        plane that crash landed in Pennsylvania on
Costner, who has an addiction to killing.        coming young actors; Shia LaBeouf plays            September 11th through the intervention of
   is movie is not just your normal ‘cat and     a wayward teen who, whilst under house             the passengers trying to regain control.
mouse’ chase; it has so many levels to it        arrest and when not spying on his hot new             e words ‘If we don’t get in there, we’ll all die’
and closely looks into the lives of the two      neighbour, suspects murder is afoot.      e        from the film are the most effective in showing
main characters. Tracy Atwood, played by         film is basically a remake of Hitchcock’s Rear      the determination and the heroism the crew had
Moore, is the police officer hunting Brooks        Window but with nowhere near the class of          in trying to take over, namely to save themselves and other lives. e film, however, doesn’t show
who has her own story explored through           the original, however, this does not mean          the actual crash or the explosion of the plane, (more of a 1st person view looking at the descent of
the movie, adding so much more depth to          the film is bad. LaBeouf takes an often             the plane) and because of this, the ending can be seen as somewhat unique and dignified.
such a suspenseful thriller. e strong plot       mediocre script and makes it sound witty              United 93 has been tastefully done and made: through using unknown actors, well
line with some brilliant acting helps create     and interesting; reaffirming the belief that         specialised directing from Greengrass, no cheap effects, such as computerisation or dramatic
a high amount of tension throughout Mr           he is the next big thing. An excellent turn by     music (although there is some sombre music within the film) and no misinterpretation of
Brooks, making it one of the most intellectual   David Morse as the films big bad guy, ensures       the actual events, the film can be considered more than just a film that you rent out or even
psychological thrillers released this year.      a good, entertaining flick.                         watch in the cinema.

9/10                                             7/10                                               8/10
                                 Craig Browne                                        Rob Smyth                                                                                               Matt Horn
   The Newspaper of De Montfort Students                                                                                                                                                                              17

Who’s Afraid of a Horror Film?
       e Demon Film Editor Sarah Ghost discusses the decline in scary movies.
As cinemagoers nowadays we expect a high           technical quality of cinema that they are
standard of horror film. In modern times            today, so were a lot simpler in taste and a lot
it just simply is not good enough to have
a man in a scary suit following people and
murdering them; after all this is not an
episode of Scooby Doo is it?
   But with Hallowe’en approaching why is
                                                     “After all this is
it that audience’s these days become less and
less afraid of horror movies, and why do they        not an episode
demand more frightening and often more
grotesque images in order to scare?
      e main answer to the question of why
                                                     of Scooby Doo is
we need more to be scared has got to be
focused around the media and the country’s
growth in this respect. When horror films first
immerged they were the first films of their          more impressed by the movies produced.
kind, pioneering through use of dialogue,            As the movie industry grew and media
camera angles, makeup, lighting and tomato         became more open to the public, audiences
ketchup blood. Audiences had never seen            required a different kind of horror, and
anything like it, but as more and more were        the 70s and 80s saw a wide variety of films
produced, they knew what to expect of the          including Psycho and e Exorcist that are well         HOSTEL PART II | This woman may appear petrified, but her audience is not.
movies and got bored.                              known horror classics to this day.
      e first horror movies were being                For years we as modern people have been
produced when media was doing something            surrounded and bombarded with visual               and shootings. e violence and horror of              are often insurmountable, as many modern
entirely different to what it does now. Rather      imagery, be it from TV, the papers, billboard      these images begin to wane the more we are           horror directors have found. e only really
than seeking for the facts, the papers at this     posters or the cinema. e modern audience           accustomed to them. e quality to shock               good horror movie released in the last five
time often gave representations, propaganda        has had all kinds of graphic representation        becomes increasingly difficult for any TV or           years is Saw, but even that movie does not
in the case of the aftermath of WWII, in           thrown at it, from pictures of starving            movie director.                                      so much scare as it makes you squirm in
order to keep the public unaware and positive      African children, to pictures from the               To be scared in these modern times means           discomfort. Of the horror movies released
about their nation.                                trenches of the First World War. TV has            to be absolutely petrified out of your skin and       some even cause laughter, which proves the
   Audiences were not open to the same             grown a thriller genre of its own, often with      carted out of the cinema screaming in terror.        point that these days it takes a lot more than
advertisements, TV programmes, or the same         disturbing images of corpses, rape, stabbings         e standards of scare are so high that they        invading aliens to get us sweaty-palmed.

Disappointing Resident Unbelievable
Rob Smyth examines the decline in respect for the films of a gaming legend.
How did it all go so wrong? With such a
wealth of source material from some of the
most critically acclaimed and financially
successful games of the 1990s, how come the
Resident Evil film franchise was so awful?
  To fully realise how big a disaster this has
been we must go back to the start. Resident Evil
was a videogame designed by Capcom for the
Playstation One. e original game follows
the story of a S.W.A.T style team who have to
investigate strange occurrences inside a local
mansion. ey realise a shadowy company
known as Umbrella has been reanimating the
dead and they now have to somehow survive this
horror. e game was a huge hit and spawned a
number of sequels on various platforms.
  So when in 1999 Sony decided to turn
this popular game into a film, fan boys                RESIDENT EVIL | The movie left fans cheated.
around the world could not wait. If times
were not exciting enough, it was announced
that Zombie legend George A Romero was                e movie was awful, and was made worse by        still high hopes for the movie.                      Carrying on with the mumbo jumbo spouted
assigned to write and direct. is is where          a script seemingly written by a ten year old          Somehow they had made it even worse than          in the first two films, and now with yet more
things started to go horribly wrong. Romero        which only featured slight references to the       the original. Although filmmakers included            aspects of the games included, many fans feel
was soon fired due to internal conflicts, and        games. Although critically derided, the film        favourite characters and monsters from the game,     that this may claw back some credibility for
with the film now in production hell, fans          went on to make over $100 million dollars          they were not utilised correctly, and, coupled       the much-derided franchise.
thought the worst of this ill-fated project        worldwide which guaranteed a sequel.               with nauseating camera work and the return                ose who watch this movie are doing so
until it was seemingly rescued by English                e only light at the end of tunnel was that   of the ten-year-old scriptwriter, game fans were     out of a need for resolution. ey need to feel
filmmaker Paul Anderson.                            maybe the filmmakers would listen to the fans       outraged. Yet, due to those hopeful game fans, the   that all the excitement and hope they once
      en on July 12 2002 the date had finally       and make sure the next film, titled Apocalypse,     film grossed an incredible $129 million dollars.      had ends with something half decent. If not,
arrived. Resident Evil: e Movie was about to       would do the game and the fans justice. So            Resident Evil Extinction is the third and         the next chapter of Resident Evil really will be
hit screens. A big disappointment lay ahead.       when it arrived in October 2004 there were         hopefully the final part of the franchise.            extinct in the eyes of its fans.
                                                                                                                                                                    Tuesday September
                                                                                                                                                                  Monday 24 23 October 2007
 18                                                                                                                                                                                       37
                                                                                                                                                                                    Issue 35

Mens Football
Feel the Heat
  e Mens’ Football First Team lose their second match in a row but are still feeling
confident about the future. e Demon investigates.......
 Jamie Minshull

   is week DMU Men’s Football 1st team
travelled away to play against Aston
University. Initially, DMU were looking for
a good practice match in preparation for a
future fixture against DMU rivals Leicester
  Even after a extremely successful season last
year DMU have had a slow start to the season
this year loosing their first game against
Manchester Metropolitan University. e
disappointment of the first match appeared to
seep over into the Game against Aston.

  “ e DMU boys
  pulled it together
  and began to hold
  posession ”

  To begin the match DMU had trouble
keeping the ball, not managing to string 5
passes together. Consequently, the tension
began to show on the field and throughout          failed to clear the ball Aston scored for the                                                 to try and regain possession.
the crowd.                                        second time.                                                                                     Nick Stratton, a valued player in the second
  After a few stern words from manager               Whilst DMU weren’t playing at their                                                        half, tackled hard but was booked by the
Nick Stockley the DMU boys pulled it              best the two new fresher’s who were playing       “Although DMU                               referee with a yellow card for his passionate
together and began to hold possession whilst      Graeme Squire and Bradley ompson were                                                         display and it was not to long before Aston
attempting to break down the Aston defence.       showing steady quality and fitting in well to      Pressured on they                           began to panic and their tackles became
  As the first half continued Astons level         formations.                                                                                   wreck less injuring Squire and their player
of play began to slip so to compensate they          After a tiring first half the whistle was       could not find                               sporting the number 6 shirt was also booked.
opted for a long ball tactic. In the 27th         blown. Team Manager Stockley gathered                                                            Although DMU pressured well they
minute it paid off. A floating Ball was picked      the players together and with an ‘attitude        that elusive second                         couldn’t find that elusive second goal and
up by an Aston striker and he was taken           reminiscing of Brian Clough’ explained                                                        the game concluded 2-1. Fresher Bradley
down by goalkeeper Owyn Sidwell who               the faults of the team with a brilliant,          Goal”                                          ompson was awarded Man of the match
desperately tried to play the ball. e penalty     inspirational half time team talk.                                                            and all agreed it was well deserved due to his
was awarded and Aston was successful,                DMU then took to the field with a slightly                                                  hard work and passion for the team.
bringing the score to 1-0.                        altered formation. New player Fano’s came on    finally began to play the football they are       Team Manager Stockely had this to
  DMU then battled well with Ant Moyse            for injured player William Bennton-Diggins      renowned for.                                 say ‘Although we lost its good to see an
dominating in the air and winning tackles         and Moyse was pushed back. DMU almost             After 20minutes Moyse played a brilliant    improvement on last week’s performance.
but the long ball kept creeping behind the        appeared a new side and were playing the ball   Ball through to ompson who elegantly          Its early in the season but we have had two
defence. Sidwell made some commendable            with ease. Limahl came on for Khalid Grey       lobbed the ball over the Goal keepers head    games with only two training sessions but I
saves but eventually the pressure was too         up front and DMU finally found their shape.      taking DMUs first goal of the match. With      am confident if we can put the work in we
much for the defence and as Jamie Minshull        Stockely was put back up front and DMU          the score now 2-1 Aston desperately tackled   will be a great force in the league this season’.
    The Newspaper of De Montfort Students                                                                                                                                                                                        19

Not a Walkers in
the park for U-21s
                                                      side kept up a high-tempo, whilst the defence           Blackburn striker who coolly slotted through the      produce anything other than several long-range
                                                      remained untroubled.                                    legs of the keeper. It was no more than England       shots and a header easily held by Joe Hart. Stevan
  Chris Hislop                                           The first real chance fell to the home side. A       deserved at this stage.                               Jovetic, 17, is thought to be a £7 million pound
                                                      Huddlestone corner was met by captain Steven               Andrew Surman, making his first start was          target for Sir Alex Ferguson, but even he failed to
The people of Leicester were treated to the           Taylor, but his header flashed across goal and          replaced due to injury on the half hour mark          find a way through the solid England rear guard.
future of English football as the Under 21’s came     rebounded off the woodwork. Taylor has been             by former Arsenal trainee Fabrice Muamba and             Nedum Onuoha nearly settled English nerves
to the Walkers Stadium to face Montenegro in a        instrumental in making sure England haven’t             England began to lose their way                       as his header cannoned off the bar but the second
Euro 2009 qualifier.                                  conceded a goal in the campaign so far, but also           somewhat. Montenegro deserve credit for            goal proved elusive. Montenegro began to show
   A team packed full of talent, Premiership          showed he is a genuine threat in the opposition area.   a first half showing in which they dealt with         more attacking intent as they sensed England’s
experience and including the star-name of                Matt Derbyshire, playing up front with the           attacks, particularly a huge number of corners.       frustration growing. A corner was brilliantly dealt
Theo Walcott, was widely expected to brush            wide support of Gabriel Agbonlahor and Walcott             In the half-time break, fans were treated to the   with by Hart who punched to safety.
aside a Montenegro side, disposed of 3-0 in the       began to look lively and began to create space          incredible trickery of U.K freestyle champion            The rest of the game petered out after a
corresponding fixture. However, the Eastern           for the midfield to exploit. Having first had a         Daniel Magnuss. Using just about every part of        string of substitutions and England held on
European side proved to be a sterner test this time   header easily saved, he was almost put through          his body Magnuss performed trick after trick that     comfortably for to ensure a 100% start to their
around.                                               by Agbonlahor and England began to show real            blew most of the audience away.                       qualifying campaign.
   During the opening exchanges England made          menace.                                                    After the break Milner began to assert himself        A televised Friday night kick-off, would deter
much of the early running, with Newcastle’s              Just after the 20 minute mark Derbyshire’s           and was unlucky to see a thumping long range          many from heading to the game, however, an
James Milner receiving a great deal of the ball       persistence finally paid off. Milner, receiving the     drive tipped over. An England penalty claim was       impressive 20,022 helped to create an atmosphere
down the right flank. Highly rated Tottenham          ball midway into the Montenegro half threaded           also denied as the referee missed a clear handball.   that undoubtedly helped England and ensured
midfielder Tom Huddlestone made sure that his         a superb through ball into the path of the              Montenegro continued to hang on, but couldn’t         for an enjoyable evening in the East Midlands.

      “Who what when where
      – how much..? Can I get two?”

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                                                                                                                                                                    Monday 24 23 October 2007
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                                                                                                                                                                                      Issue 35

Netball First’s
Falling Match
  Holly A Peacock
  After a disappointing season for both
teams in Netball last year, the newly formed
first team walked on to the pitch with quiet
confidence for their first match of the season
against Lincoln University.
  Newly ¬ chairman Amy Alborough has
taken on a tougher training regime to ensure
the standard of fitness within both teams is
high enough to carry them back up the league
this year.
      e match began with both DMU and
Lincoln showing equal skills in both defence
and attack. Centre player Gemma Hulme

  “ is tactic was
  overused and DMU
  defence made every
  effort to double mark
  the Goal Shooter”

                                                  tactics. Almost every pass into the circle was    ended with a disappointing score of 14-9 to    third quarter ended with a score of 22-14.
said ‘in the first quarter DMU had the             an overhead pass to the Lincoln Goal Shooter.     Lincoln.                                          In the last quarter DMU only managed
upper hand. Our confidence and fitness has          However, after the first 5 minutes into the          Yarnold claimed ‘ e difference in score       2 goals in 15 minutes making an obvious
improved a lot since last year’. Although the     second quarter this tactic was overused and       in the second quarter was obviously hard       decrease in the overall score. e DMU
enthusiasm of the players carried the DMU         DMU defence made every effort to double            to recover from’ and in the third quarter      defence played better with more interceptions
girls through the first quarter the end result     mark the Goal Shooter.                            DMU closed the gap between the scores          but for all the opportunities and effort from
showed an antagonising result of 5 -5.                  e ball travelled down the court well with   making the goal score 8 from Lincoln and       all members of the attack, the goals just
      e second quarter began with the             steady pace and accuracy from DMU but the         5 from DMU shooters. e third quarter           weren’t going in.
substitution of Wing Defence player Natasha       girls were met with more of a challenge by        was perhaps the most exciting episode in the      Despite the falling score throughout the
Erminia-john for Katie Yarnold. Interceptions     Lincolns defence. Lizzie Carter played Wing       match ‘DMU came into themselves’ said          match and with a loss of 30- 16 the DMU
were strong and frequent from all centre          Attack and worked well around the circle          spectator Lisa urlow.                          firsts walked away with their heads held high.
caught players but with the sheer height of       feeding the ball continuously into the circle       Alborough put increased pressure on          Centre Gemma Hulme was awarded woman
Lincoln’s newly subbed Goal Shooter, DMU’s        to shooters Nikki Bone and Maxine Edwards         Lincolns Goal Attack and the Lincoln Wing      of the match by the Lincoln team and it was
defence could not intercept the passes into the   after a promising first quarter the shooters       Attack was double marked by Hulme and          all agreed that it was well deserved after her
circle. Goal keeper Holly Peacock and Goal        kept up the energy and managed to maintain        Erminia-John resulting in the centre passes    positive encouragements and excellent skill
Defence Alborough were forced to adopt new        the steady amount of goals. e quarter             being passed back to the Lincoln Defence. e    throughout the match.

     Ultimate Frisbee
    Demons Ultimate Frisbee have kicked off the year in style once more, winning the plate at a begginners tournament in Manchester.
      e tournament consisted of 20 fresher teams with each less than a month of playing time under their belt.
    Demons managed to squeeze in just two training sessions with the new recruits before sending them off to compete.
      ey represented DMU brilliantly, finishing ninth and having a fantastic weekend seeing off teams such as Norwich based Aye-Aye and Manchester’s team Halcyon.
    Congratulations to Richard Arrowsmith who recieved Most valuble Player of the tournament.

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