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Lampiran 5 Test

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 A.    Esther (seorang pegawai baru) memperkenalkan diri pada                  (UNTUK
       Tia di kantor.                                                        PEMERIKSA)
 X:    Hello. My name’s Esther.
 Y:    Oh, ni_______ to meet you. I’m Tia. Are you new here?            1.
 X:    Yes. It’s my fi______ day, in fact. I’m in t______ sales         2.           3.
 Y:    So a_______ I! Let me know i_______ you need                     4.           5.
       a_______ help.                                                   6.
 X:    Oh, thank you! When d_______ you start working here?             7.
 Y:    Two years a_______. By the way, where are you fr_______?         8.           9.
 X:    Surabaya, originally, but my family ca_______ to Jakarta in     10.

B.     Reza berlibur di Eropa. Dia menulis kartu pos kepada guru            (UNTUK
       bahasa Inggrisnya.                                                 PEMERIKSA)
       We’re i_______ London, having a gr_______ time, but             1.       2.
       everything i_______ very expensive, so we can’t stay            3.
       he_______ long. We like the wea_______. It’s much warmer        4.       5.
       th_______ we expected. Our English is impr_______ all the       6.       7.
       time. People actually understand wh_______ we say to            8.
       th_______! Very best wis_______, Reza.                          9.       10.

 C.    Di toko, Carlos (Y) mencari celana panjang yang cocok                   (UNTUK
       untuk dibeli                                                          PEMERIKSA)
 X:    Good afternoon, sir. Can I he_______ you?                       1.
 Y:    I’m looking for a pair of trou_______.                          2.
 X:    What si_______?                                                 3.
 Y:    Er, 32. Da_______ blue, if possible. O_______ maybe grey.       4.           5.
 X:    Perhaps something li_______ this?                               6.
 Y:    They look t_______ small for me.                                7.
 X:    Oh, I don’t th_______ so. Why don’t you t_______ them on?       8.           9.
       The changing room is just over th_______.                       10.

 D.    Seorang ibu membicarakan calon suami putrinya.                        (UNTUK
       Well, I really like h_____ . He’s quite yo_____, only twenty-    1.        2.
       five, but he h____ a good job. He works very ha_____ and he      3.        4.
       ho______ to start his o_______ company soon. His father is       5.        6.

     a_____ architect and his mother tea______ at Sam Ratulangi          7.         8.
     University. He’s g_____ one brother and two sis_____.               9.        10.

E.   Pak Wira memberikan petunjuk cara mencapai kantornya                     (UNTUK
     untuk teman.                                                           PEMERIKSA)
     This is h_______ you get to my office. Get o_______ the train       1.        2.
     at the end of the line. Out_______ the station, there’s a bus       3.
     th_______ goes round the campus once every ho_______, but           4.        5.
     if you don’t want to wa_______, you can walk. It’s not              6.
     f_______, only five minutes. Go al_______ the path through          7.        8.
     the park, until you re_______ the faculty building. My office is    9.
     on the th_______ floor.                                            10.

F.   Di kantor pos, Terry (X) menanyakan tentang pengiriman                     (UNTUK
     paket.                                                                   PEMERIKSA)
X:   Good morning. I’d like some information, please. Er, what
     would be the fas_______ way to se_______ a package to               1.         2.
     Sydney in Australia?
Y:   Well, if it’s urg_______, I suggest that you u_______ our           3.         4.
     Super Mega Express service.
X:   Super Mega Express? That mu_______ be expensive.                    5.
Y:   Well, it depends. Let’s s_______ how much the package               6.
X:   Oh, I don’t think it’s very he_______. But I’m afraid I haven’t     7.
     bro_______ it with me. I’m ju_______ enquiring for a friend of      8.         9.
     mi_______.                                                         10.

G.   Peter menelpon Anna untuk mengajaknya menonton film.                       (UNTUK
X:   Hi, Anna! Doing anything tonight?
Y:   N_______ really. Why?                                              1.
X:   Well, my parents have gi_______ me two tickets for “Alien6”.       2.
     Wo_______ you like to come with me?                                3.
Y:   OK, su_______. What time?                                          4.
X:   I can pi_______ you up at 7.15.                                    5.
Y:   Er, that’s b_____ difficult. You see, my English class fini____    6.         7.
     at seven. Er, look, the school’s quite ne____ Studio 31. Why       8.
     don’t we me____ a little later, say, 7.30. at the cinema?          9.
X:   Alr_______. Good idea. See you there.                              10.

H.   Dua orang teman mempergunjingkan tetangga mereka.                       (UNTUK
X:   Have you he_______ the news about Titi? She’s go_______ to         1.       2.
     Paris tomorrow.
Y:   What? But she can’t aff_______ that!                        3.
X:   She c_______ now. She’s w_______ the big prize on that quiz 4.                5.
     show, you know, “Talk, Talk, Boom!”
Y:   When w_______ that? I’ve ne_______ seen her on TV.          6.                7.
X:   Last Wednesday night. Ever_______ in the neighborhood has 8.

     be_______ talking about it.                                       9.
Y:   Huh! So why didn’t you te_______ me earlier?!                    10.

I.   Ini adalah riwayat pekerjaan yang ditulis sebagai pelengkap              (UNTUK
     surat lamaran.                                                         PEMERIKSA)
     I grad_______ from Quickcheck Business College in 1991.          1.
     Then I be_______ work a_______ an accountant with an             2.         3.
     engi_______ company, but I le_______ after six months in         4.         5.
     or_______ to help my uncle to r_______ his printing              6.         7.
     business. How_______, in 1993, he went bankrupt, and             8.         9.
     si_______ then I have been una_______ to find work.              10.

J.   Ini adalah cuplikan misteri pembunuhan.                                  (UNTUK
     Then, as Mia stared at the dead man on the ground, she
     noticed something. In the inside poc_______ of his coat, 1.
     th_______ was a pistol. She stood up and hur_______ back to 2.               3.
     the town centre. “I must go to the police,” she th_______. 4.
     “But what will I tell them? I was s bu_______ looking at the 5.
     bo_______ that I didn’t p_______ any attention to where it 6.                7.
     was ly_______. I’m not even cer_______ I could find the 8.                   9.
     place ag_______.                                             10.

K.   Rudi (X) menceritakan masalahnya kepada Pak Sastra yang                  (UNTUK
     memberikan nasihat.                                                    PEMERIKSA)
X:   I’ve been here for three months now, but I st_______ haven’t     1.
     ma_______ any friend.                                            2.
Y:   You seem to so_______ a lot of time home b_______                3.         4.
     yourself. You really ou_______ to go out more.                   5.
X:   Yes, but socializing isn’t ea_______ for me. I’ve always         6.
     fo_______ it hard to talk to stra_______.                        7.         8.
Y:   Have you tried joi_______ a club?                                9.
X:   Mmm, that’s not a b_______ idea. Maybe I will.                   10.

L.   Ini adalah berita pendek dari sebuah surat kabar.                        (UNTUK
     Bangkok (Reuter): A man in north-eastern Thailand
     committed sui_______ yesterday by pou_______ petrol over         1.         2.
     himself and setting himself on fi_______, so that his daughter   3.
     could col_______ money from his li_______ insurance and          4.         5.
     pay her school fe_______. Police quoted the dead ma_______       6.         7.
     widow as saying that he had been suff_______ from                8.
     depression foll_______ a long period of illness and              9.
     unem_______.                                                     10.

M.   Dua pengusaha mendiskusikan masalah merokok di tempat                    (UNTUK
     umum.                                                                  PEMERIKSA)
X:   How was your trip to Singapore?
Y:   Fine, exc_______ for one policeman, who really ann______         1.         2.
X:   Why? What happened?
Y:   He made me pay fi_________ for lighting a cigarette in the       3.
     street. Wh__________ a stupid regulation! People should          4.
     have the ri__________ to dec__________ for themselves            5.         6.
     whe_______ they want to smoke or not.                            7.
X:   Yes, I ag_______. But isn’t it rather sel_______ of you to       8.         9.
     smoke without cons______ the health of the people around         10.

N.   Ini adalah cuplikan dari artikel mengenai lingkungan.                    (UNTUK
          For thousands of years the atmosphere has ke_______ the     1.
     Earth’s temperature at about 15o C. How? By trapping some
     of the sun’s he_______. But now pollution has intr________       2.         3.
     more gases into the atmosphere, so the pla_______ is getting     4.
           A greenhouse bec_______ hot for the same rea_______.       5.         6.
     Its glass allows the heat to en_______, but then prev_______     7.         8.
     some of it from leaving. That’s w_______ scientists              9.
     ca_______ the problem of rising temperatures ‘the                10.
     greenhouse effect”.

O.   Seorang penumpang menulis surat keluhan mengenai                         (UNTUK
     layanan taksi di bandara.                                              PEMERIKSA)
     Dear Sir/Madame, I am writing in connection with an
     incident which occurred at your airport last Friday. My flight
     h_______ been delayed as a res_______ of engine trouble, so      1.         2.
     it was midnight and very f_______ taxis were available.          3.
     When I eventually succ_______ in finding one, the driver, in     4.
     an obv_______ attempt to take adva_______ of my situation,       5.         6.
     demanded over tw_______ the normal fare! In my                   7.
     vi_______, firm measures should be ta_______ against such        8.         9.
     taxi-drivers. This would not on_______ help your customers,      10.
     but also improve the reputation of your airport. (etc, etc.)


Name : __________________________________                        SCORE
Date    : __________________________________                    Marked by       Checked by

A       B     C      D     E      F     G      H      I     J      K        L   M        N   O

A.     Seorang asing memperkenalkan diri pada tetangga.                        (UNTUK
X:     Hi! My name’s Tim. I’ve just moved in ne_______ door.           1.
Y:     Oh, ni_______ to meet you. I’m Sumarno. Where are you           2.
       fr_______? Are you American?                                    3.
X:     No, actually, I’m Bri_______.                                   4.
Y:     Oh. Is this your fi_______ stay in Indonesia?                   5.
X:     No. I ca_________ here in 1991, b________ only for a            6.           7.
       f_______ days. It’s good to be here ag_______.                  8.           9.
Y:     Well, let me know i_______ you need anything.                   10.
X:     Thanks very much.

B.     Nancy dan Tony yang sedang berlibur menulis kartu pos                 (UNTUK
       pada teman mereka.                                                  PEMERIKSA)
       We arr__________ here two days a_________ and are                1         2.
       sta_______ at the Grand Hotel. We really like o_______           3.        4.
       room. It h_______ a beautiful view of the ocean. Th_______       5.        6.
       are a l_______ of good restaurants around, but we                7.
       pre_______ to eat in the hotel: it’s mo_______ comfortable!      8.        9.
       See you so_______. Love, N + T.                                 10.

C.     Nyonya Piranti ingin membeli meja di toko mebel.                       (UNTUK
X:     Good morning, Madame. Can I he_______ you?                      1.
Y:     Co_______ I have a look at so_______ tables, please?            2.           3.
X:     Yes, of cou_______. Come this w_______, please?                 4.           5.
Y:     Mmm, I like this o_______. But I’m afraid it’s n_______         6.           7.
       really big enough.
X:     Well, we do have something lar____ here, in almost t_____       8.           9.
       same style. What do you think?
Y:     Ah yes! This is just wh____ I’m looking for! How much is it?    10.

D.     Pak Anto memberi pendapat tentang rekannya.                          (UNTUK
       Well, she wo_______ hard, and h_______ reports are always       1.        2.

     on ti_______. She’s very interested i_______ the job and            3.         4.
     always ready to le_______ new things. The only problem              5.         6.
     i_______, she doesn’t have many fri_______ in the office.           7.
     People say she’s t_______ serious. But I don’t ag_______            8.         9.
     with them. She’s just a b_______ shy, that’s all.                  10.

E.   Agung memberi petunjuk tentang cara untuk sampai ke                        (UNTUK
     rumahnya.                                                                PEMERIKSA)
     Dear Andy, I was gl____ to hear that you’ll be ab___ to come        1.          2.
     to the party. This is h____ to get to my house. After tur___ off    3.          4.
     the toll road, drive al____ Jl. Juanda until you re____ the         5.          6.
     traffic-lights. Go stra____ on, and my house is just pa___ the      7.          8.
     petrol station. It’s the on___ house in the street with a           9.
     parabola. Looking for___ to seeing you. Best wishes, Agung.        10.

F.   Seorang Inggris mencari keterangan mengenai perjalanan                     (UNTUK
     ke Indonesia.                                                            PEMERIKSA)
X:   Good morning. I’m planning a tr_____ to Indonesia. I’ve got         1.
     ne_____ been there before. How long is the fli______ ?              2.         3.
Y:   Well, by Garuda, it’s around seventeen ho_______.                   4.
X:   And what about Bali? Is that f____ away from Jakarta?               5.
Y:   Oh no, only 75 minutes. Wo__ you like to bo__ a ticket now?.        6.         7.
X:   Ermm, l_____ me think it over. I’ll ca____ you tomorrow.            8.         9.
     M____ I have your telephone number?                                10.

G.   Jane menelpon Tanti untuk mengajaknya bermalam di                          (UNTUK
     pantai Carita.                                                           PEMERIKSA)
X:   Hello, Tanti. Jane he___.                                          1.
Y:   Oh hi, Jane! I haven’t seen you for ag___ ! Where have you         2.
X:   In Medan. I just g____ back yesterday. Anyway, are you             3.
     fr___ this weekend?                                                4.
Y:   Yes, I think s____. Why?                                           5.
X:   Well, I was thinking of invi_____ you to Carita. Some friends      6.
     of mi_____ are going to re____ a house there. It’s a really        7.          8.
     great place, right next to the be____.                             9.
Y:   That sou_____ great. I’d love to!                                  10.

H.   Dua orang teman mempergunjingkan tetangga mereka.                          (UNTUK
X:   You know what? Ibu Wira’s g_______ a new fridge!                   1.
Y:   Really? And last week I s____ a huge delivery van parked           2.
     out_____ her house.                                                3.
X:   D_______ you? Hmm, I won_______ how she can                        4.         5.
     aff_______ to buy all that stuff. She’s always telling             6.
     ever_______ that she’s sh_______ of money.                         7.         8.

Y:   Well, maybe she’s be_______ buying things on credit.              9.
X:   Huh! Let’s s_______ if she can keep up with the payments!        10.

I.   Ini adalah riwayat pekerjaan yang ditulis sebagai pelengkap              (UNTUK
     surat lamaran.                                                         PEMERIKSA)
     After college, I worked fro MUMN from 1975 until 1989.
     Then I w____ a scholarship to study Engi___ in the UK. After      1.         2.
     fini_____ my studies there, I retu_______ to Indonesia, and       3.         4.
     si___ then I have be___ employed by PT Tokaya, a___ a             5.         6.
     member of their R & D team. How___, as the company is             7.         8.
     about to cut i___ research budget by 60%, I feel that I can no    9.
     lon___ continue to work there.                                   10.

J.   Ini adalah cuplikan cerita misteri pembunuhan.                           (UNTUK
     Edgar marked another circle around the spot, and we be____        1.
     to dig again. We were all so tired th____ we had to take a        2.
     re_____ every few minutes. We had been digging for about an       3.
     hour wh_____ Jason’s dog started bar____ loudly, and then         4.         5.
     jumped into the ho____. It madly pulled away at the so_____       6.         7.
     with its front paws. Almost a_____ once, it unco_____             8.         9.
     something: a girl’s hand, wearing a beautiful sil_____ ring.     10.

K.   Bob meminta nasihat temannya mengenai cara belajar                       (UNTUK
     bahasa Indonesia.                                                      PEMERIKSA)
X:   I’ve been here for two years now and I st___ can’t speak          1.
     Indonesian prop____.                                              2.
Y:   Why do you say that? I’ve often he____ you having a friendly      3.
     ch____ with your Indonesian driver.                               4.
X:   Oh, I can d_______ that alright, but I can’t take pa_______ in    5.         6.
     more serious discussions.
Y:   Have you tr_______ taking lessons?                                7.
X:   No, actually, I haven’t
Y:   Well, you ou____ to join a class. It’s much more fun th_____      8.         9.
     studying b____ yourself.                                         10.

L.   Ini adalah berita pendek dari surat kabar.                               (UNTUK
     Jakarta (APF): Police have arre_______ six members of             1.
     a______ all-female pickpocket gang l_______ bt the wife of a      2.         3.
     well-known businessman. “The six wo_______ are                    4.
     be________ held at police headquarters, un_______ we              5.         6.
     complete our investigations,” he said a police spokesman. He
     also to_______ reporters that the prisoners, w_______ are all     7.         8.
     married, specialized in rob__________ people at large             9.
     wedding receptions given by wea_______ families.                 10.

M.   Dua orang teman mendiskusikan masalah di jalan raya..                      (UNTUK
X:   Sorry I’m late! I w____ stopped by a policeman for n____            1.
     wearing my safety belt. I had to pay a fi___.                       2.         3.
Y:   What are you so ann____ about? Why can’t you just ob___             4.
     the law li____ everybody else?                                      5.         6.
X:   Well, I think I should be all___ to decide for myself whe__ or      7.
     not I want to wear a safety-belt. It’s my life. I want my o__       8.
     decisions.                                                          9.
Y:   But this is about saving your life. What i____ you were            10.
     killed? What would happen to your family?

N.   Ini adalah cuplikan dari artikel mengenai lingkungan.                      (UNTUK
     Wild orangutans can still be fo_______ in the forests of            1.
     Kalimantan and Sumatra. Unfo__________, they are under              2.
     threat from hun_______, who kill the mothers and smuggle            3.
     the babies abr_______, where they usually e_______ up in            4.         5.
     zoos or circuses. And for every baby orangutan wh______             6.
     arrives saf_______ at its destination, five or six are likely to    7.
     d_______ during the journey. For this rea_______, the total         8.         9.
     number of orangutans is grad_______ decreasing.                    10.

O.   Seorang tamu hotel menulis surat keluhan mengenai                          (UNTUK
     layanan di hotel tersebut.                                               PEMERIKSA)
     Dear Sir/Madame, I wish to make a complaint about the
     po____ quality of the service provided bt the staff during my       1.
     rec____ stay at your hotel. I arrived, after a long and             2.
     excha___ journey, only to find that my room h_____ not been         3.         4.
     cleaned, ow____ to a “misunderstanding” concerning the date         5.
     of my arrival. A receptionist, wh____ attitude was most             6.
     unhelpful, see____ to think that it was my fa____ ! She             7.         8.
     informed me that I should have conf____ my reservation in           9.
     writing in advance. I tried to rem____ calm, but …. (etc, etc.)    10.

Vocabulary Test
                             Vocabulary Test untuk PRE TEST
                                   (Time: 60 minutes)

1.  yang lalu         11.    seberang         21. menceritakan   31. menunggu
    a. last                  a. friend             a. follow          a. cover
    b. crowd                 b. common             b. tell            b. kill
    c. fresh                 c. post               c. invite          c. boil
    d. holiday               d. opposite           d. dance           d. wait
2. sedikit            12. tua                 22. terlalu        32. menimbang
    a. bitter                a. old                a. too             a. weigh
    b. sour                  b. brave              b. equal           b. help
    c. famous                c. free               c. correct         c. begin
    d. little                d. inside             d. bitter          d. cross
3. simpan             13. lidah               23. angin          33. universitas
    a. foreign               a. blood              a. honey           a. injection
    b. keep                  b. flour              b. ant             b. university
    c. strange               c. ice                c. wind            c. collar
    d. before                d. tongue             d. damage          d. headmaster
4. bangun             14. negara              24. truk           34. sampai sekarang
    a. know                  a. hill               a. truck            a. hurry
    b. get up                b. damp               b. bee              b. excuse
    c. die                   c. country            c. cycle            c. yet
    d. bomb                  d. branch             d. film             d. bargain
5. salib               15. korek api          25. kereta api     35. kunjung
    a. bright                a. collar              a. shed            a. keep
    b. common                b. match               b. train           b. watch
    c. hobby                 c. dining-hall         c. forest          c. build
    d. cross                 d. garage              d. boat            d. visit
6. tubuh             16. oli                  26. biasanya       36. melambai
    a. damage               a. bandage             a. happen          a. wave
    b. smooth               b. car                 b. although        b. forget
    c. body                 c. oil                 c. usually         c. hear
    d. clean                d. fence               d. fresh           d. enjoy
7. giliran           17. orang asing          27. lebar          37. mengendarai
    a. film                a. hen                 a. wide             a. dreamt
    b. turn                b. corn                b. continue         b. arrived
    c. iron                c. bill                c. important        c. drove
    d. blow                d. foreigner           d. free             d. avoided
8. helai             18. kanan                28. sesuatu        38. memilih
    a. branch             a. right                a. building        a. felt
    b. hotel              b. light                b. thing           b. told
    c. farm               c. important            c. friend          c. invited
    d. sheet              d. dangerous            d. kind            d. chose
9. ringan            19. mencium              29. kayu           39. memikir
    a.           f         a. boil                a. wood                        a. taught
       ind                 b. smell               b. bomb                        b. stayed
    b.           i         c. copy                c. cycle                       c. slid
       nstead              d. help                d. homework                    d.
    c.           l                                               thought
    d.           k
10. pindah           20. rusak                30. mengetik       40. merobek
    a. build              a. boiled               a. cook           a. tore
    b. move               b. preferred            b. hide           b. won
    c. forget             c. damaged              c. type           c. woke
    d. change             d. crowded              d. avoid          d. told

41. berbicara       52. buku catatan       63. pondok             74. rendah
    a. met               a. note book           a. pan                 a. low
    b. spoke             b. curtain rod         b. aim                 b. mad
    c. copied            c. razor               c. hut                 c. dissatisfied
    d. kept              d. van                 d. brick               d. mysterious
42. menggantung     53. menyebarkan        64. murah hati         75. gua
    a. hid               a. wish                a generous             a. drawer
    b. stole             b. act                 b. disappear           b. arrangement
    c. stung             c. spread              c. handsome            c. bribe
    d. hung              d. hire                d. certain             d. cave
43. mencoba         54. kobis              65. perang             76. bermaksud
    a. tried             a. cabbage             a. tablet              a. float
    b. prayed            b. steamboat           b. right-hand          b. intend
    c. melted            c. desert              c. war                 c. accuse
    d. lost              d. carrot              d. queen               d. disturb
44. membayar        55. pejal              66. mengharap          77. belakangan ini
    a. collected         a. hopeful             a. earn                a. daily
    b. ached             b. calm                b. hope                b. hardly
    c. grew              c. false               c. breathe             c. monthly
    d. paid              d. solid               d. manage              d. lately
45. berlutut        56. kapak              67. jangkar            78. lusin
    a. excused           a. prince              a. spade               a. dozen
    b. burst             b. axe                 b. king                b. single
    c. knelt             c. job                 c. piano               c. ton
    d. spent             d. lip                 d. anchor              d. large
46. menemukan       57. tukang cat         68. percaya            79. menteri
    a. found             a. examiner            a. celebrate           a. thorn
    b. continued         b. notice board        b. believe             b. sailor
    c. knew              c. candle              c. bark                c. driver
    d. sewed             d. painter             d. sow                 d. minister
47. meninggalkan    58. menasehati         69. rumah bertingkat   80. peniti
    a. changed           a. recognize           a. flat                a. frame
    b. frightened        b. advise              b. ornament            b. pin
    c. grew              c. amuse               c. leader              c. relative
    d. left              d. praise              d. stranger            d. horn
48. menang          59. aliran             70. menguji            81. biasa
    a. covered           a. stream              a. call                a. possible
    b. hurried           b. government          b. examine             b. longer
    c. won               c. plane               c. suit                c. ordinary
    d. heard             d. lecturer            d. judge               d. wise
49. kelahi          60. iri                71. ingin tahu         82. pemandangan
    a. sung              a. sure                a. anxious             a. scenery
    b. fought            b. jealous             b. selfish             b. sack
    c. mixed             c. disappointed        c. curious             c. taxi
    d. rolled            d. dishonest           d. serious             d. tray
50. kemampuan       61. batu karang        72. gagal              83. gelang
    a. raincoat          a. band                a. fail                a. bracelet
    b. ability           b. mummy               b. realize             b. seed
    c. mirror            c. cliff               c. admit               c. view
    d. screw             d. daddy               d. nod                 d. member
51. mengucapkan     62. berbaring          73. pita               84. kedudukan
    a. expect            a. arrange             a. deer                a. suit
    b. drop              b. handle              b. coal                b. coal-mine
    c. pronounce         c. guess               c. ribbon              c. traveler
    d. whistle           d. lie                 d. rod                 d. position

85. meraba           89. musim gugur          93. menganggap            97. bingung
     a. imagine           a. bottom                a. lift                   a. hopeful
     b. rent              b. autumn                b. cold                   b. valuable
     c. touch             c. duster                c. suppose                c. dissatisfied
     d. explore           d. button                d. parking                d. confused
86. kawin            90. tanda tangan         94. sabuk                 98. cacing
     a. hunt              a. shaving brush         a. switch                 a. article
     b. married           b. vase                  b. steering wheel         b. worm
     c. splash            c. salary                c. leather                c. pump
     d. suggest           d. signature             d. list                   d. insect
87. rahasia          91. menolak              95. mempercayai           99. saran
     a. hopeless          a. freeze                a. notice                 a. raincoat
     b. thorny            b. refuse                b. turning                b. rabbit
     c. interested        c. arrest                c. trust                  c. toe
     d. secret            d. swallow               d. depend                 d. suggestion
88. mencukur         92. kemudi               96. termometer           100. perdana menteri
     a. shave             a. signpost              a. thermometer            a. minute-hand
     b. lead              b. bathing shorts        b. tire                   b. shore
     c. separate          c. steer                 c. torch                  c. wrist-watch
     d. support           d. shell                 d. librarian              d. prime minister

                        This is the end of the vocabulary test

                           Vocabulary Test untuk POST TEST
                                   Time: 60 minutes

 1. dapat, bisa         12 rusa                   23. ulet, sukar        34. nada irama
    a. curious                a. deer                  a. solid              a. thermometer
    b. wise                   b. armchair              b. mysterious         b. princess
    c. obedient               c.            lip        c. wonderful          c. tray
    d. able                   d.            moto       d. tough              d. tune
2. kerangka             13. sayup-sayup           24. benih              35. mencari nafkah
    a. signature              a. generous              a. scenery             a. imagine
    b. daddy                  b. mad                   b. message             b. realize
    c. frame                  c. satisfied             c. seed                c. earn
    d. piano                  d. faint                 d. merchant            d. decide
3. membebaskan          14. perhiasan             25.memimpin             36. angkat
    a. lie                    a. ditch                 a. hope                a. lift
    b. suit                   b. rule                  b. scratch             e. intend
    c. act                    c. ornament              c. divide              f. envy
    d. rid                    d. trunk                 d. lead                g. recite
4. tanduk               15 mengatur               26. kuningan            37. lebih rendah
    a. horn                   a. refuse                a. brass                a. below
    b. ribbon                 b. bear                  a. coal                 b. furthest
    c. oar                    c. arrange               b. gold                 c. exact
    d. sausage                d. explore               c. ash                  d. northern
5. memanggil             16. kumpulan musik       27. mengalikan          38. sepasang
    a. advise                 a. band                  a. shave                 a. various
    b. spit                   b. guide book            b. multiply              b. pair
    c. call                   c. right hand            c. suit                  c. private
    d. cheat                  d. actor                 d. arrest                d. single
6. paru-paru             17. lihat, perhatikan    28. tablet              39. memperpanjang
    a. lung                   a. believe               a. tablet              a. tiring
    b. ear-ring               b. breathe               b. pin                 b. temperature
    c. mirror                 c. disturb               c. rod                 c. value
    d. queen                  d. notice                d. butterfly           d. stretch
7. mungkin               18. mata kaki            29. laci                40. ujung
    a. jealous                a. ankle                 a. hut                 a. eastern
    b. delighted              b. anchor                b. drawer              b. yip
    c. possible               c. tobacco               c. worm                c. edge
    d. merry                  d. trumpet               d. traveler            d. southern
8. satu setel pakaian    19. mengapung            30. dekat               41. merayakan
    a. axe                    a. float                 a. secret              a. spread
    b. suit                   b. spread                b. anxious             b. celebrate
    c. mayor                  c. whisper               c. close               c. judge
    d. shadow                 d. add                   d. honest              d. guess
9. boleh                 20. nama ukuran +½ liter 31. maksud              42. memberi selamat
    a. may                    a. dozen                 a. bracelet            a. squat
    b. pronounce              b. cent                  b. intention           b. expect
    c. introduce              c. ton                   c. necklace            c. congratulate
    d. pretend                d. pint                  d. beggar              d. scratch
10. yakin                21. putra mahkota        32. teratur             43. jika
    a. disappointed           a. minister              a. daily               a. ordinary
    b. unwise                 b. prince                b. regular             b. if
    c. sure                   c. painter               c. monthly             c. likely
    d. wonderful              d. horse-man             d. nightly             d. nearly
11. vas bunga           22. tenang                33. kecemasan           44. jarang
    a. note book              a. dishonest             a. anxiety             a. rare
    b. leader                 b. calm                  b. article             b. regular
    c. taxi                   c. generous              c. introduction        c. single
    d. vase                   d. obedient              d. invitation          d. tight

45. bukti               57. cermin             69. mengingatkan      81. kelihatannya
    a. scenery               a. bribe               a. accuse             a. son
    b. oar                   b. leather             b. realize            b. touch
    c. actor                 c. mirror              c. warn               c. explain
    d. proof                 d. voice               d. recognize          d. seem
46. cemas, khawatir     58. ilmu ukur          70. susunan           82. adat
      a. shave               a. geography           a. suggestion         a. custom
      a. excited             b. algebra             b. arrangement        b. coal
      b. worried             c. geometry            c. ornament           c. screw
      c. delighted           d. arithmetic          d. department         d. stranger
47. karung              59. pelaut             71. menarik           83. bengkok
      a. sack                a. sailor              a. interest           a. solid
      b. market              b. minister            b. handsome           b. below
      c. motor-car           c. examiner            c. selfish            c. bend
      d. straw               d. member              d. satisfied          d. low
48. ilmu bumi           60. gila               72. pemandangan       84. Paskah
      a. geometry            a. confused            a. stage              a. sincere
      b. algebra             b. handsome            b. pocket-book        b. Easter
      c. arithmetic          c. blind               c. view               c.     interested
      d. geography           d. mad                 d. waiter             d.     mysterious
49. mampu               61. sen                73. batu bara         85. banjir
      a. can                 a. dozen               a. brass              a. power
      b. afford              b. cent                b. candle             b. screw
      c. must                c. inch                c. gold               c. rod
      d. shall               d. dollar              d. coal               d. flood
50. pertengkaran        62. bernapas           74. pegangan          86. pipa
      a. mouse trap          a. arrest              a. manage            a. passport
      b. tooth paste         b. introduce           b. handle            b. tray
      c. quarrel             c. breathe             c. whisper           c. insect
      d. waiter              d. guess               d. persuade          d. pipe
51. tanda               63. sepatutnya         75. sombong           87. putri mahkota
      a. sign                a. able                a. delighted         a. queen
      b. navy                b. ought               b. obedient          b. princess
      c. passport            c. shall               c. honest            c. sea-shell
      d. packet              d. if                  d. proud             d. trumpet
52. selamat datang      64. setuju             76. membeku           88. pekerjaan
      a. disagree            a. agree               a. call              a. job
      b. welcome             b. able                b. freeze            b. stage
      c. agree               c. dissatisfied        c. shave             c. battery
      d. appear              d. ashamed             d. drop              d. nail
53. menghilang          65. walikota           77. ibu               89. seperempat galon
      a. disagree            a. member              a. daddy             a. ton
      b. mispronounce        b. queen               b. manager           b. dollar
      c. dishonest           c. actor               c. steamboat         c. quart
      d. disappear           d. mayor               d. mummy             d. inch
54. menyalak            66. bijaksana          78. tiang, jabatan    90. saudara
     a. bark                 a. anxious             a. salary            a. article
     b. imagine              b. blind               b. feather           b. list
     c. drop                 c. wise                c. post              c. relative
     d. disturb              d. mysterious          d. railway           d. stranger
55. caci maki           67. mencocokkan        79. penjahit          91. berduri
      a. scold               a. suit                a. signature         a. question-mark
      b. bracelet            b. arrest              b. member            b. tobacco
      c. war                 c. disturb             c. tailor            c. sea-shore
      d. ornament            d. believe             d. actor             d. thorny
56. sutra               68. cemas, khawatir     80. lalu lintas      92. tangan kanan
      a. candle              a. satisfied           a. oar               a. razor
      b. beggar              b. worry               b. traffic           b. right-hand
      c. library             c. delighted           c. plane             c. introduction
      d. silk                d. dishonest           d. rabbit            d. librarian

93. berjongkok         95. tingkat        97. melelahkan      99. mengecewakan
     a. can                 a. degree          a. merry            a. disturb
     b. squat               b. edge            b. satisfied        b. explain
     c. blame               c. actor           c. serious          c. amuse
     d. whisper             d. shore           d. tiring           d. disappoint
94. tegas              96. luar negeri    98. terowongan      100. papan pengumuman
     a. solid               a. surround        a. taxi             a. notice-board
     b. low                 b. forwards        b. title            b. raincoat
     c. strict              c. order           c. tunnel           c. minute-hand
     d. dissatisfied        d. abroad          d. navy             d. mouse-trap

                           This is the end of the vocabulary test

Structure Test
                             Structure Section untuk PRE TEST
Directions: Questions 1-15 are incomplete sentences. Beneath each sentence you will see four
words or phrases, marked (A), (B), (C), and (D). Choose the one word or phrase that best
completes the sentence. Then, find the number of the question and cross out the letter of the
answer you have chosen.

Time: 60 minutes

1. Most Americans families _______ at least one automobile.
   (A) have
   (B) in
   (C) that
   (D) has

     The sentence should read, “Most Americans families have at least one automobile.”
     Therefore, you should choose (A).

2.   _________ recent times, the discipline of biology has expanded rapidly into a variety of sub
     (A) It is since
     (B) When
     (C) Since it is
     (D) In

     The sentence should read, “In recent times, the discipline of biology has expanded rapidly into
     a variety of sub disciplines.” Therefore, you should choose (D).

Now begin work on the questions.
 1. Lionel Hampton, _____, was born on             3. Meteorologists, ________, have long
    April 12, 1913.                                   sought ways of controlling local and
    (A) for whom an orchestra leader and              regional climates.
        vibraphone improviser                         (A) whose study of the weather and its
    (B) was an orchestra leader and                        patterns
        vibraphone improviser                         (B) they study the weather and its pattern
    (C) an orchestra leader and vibraphone            (C) their study of the weather and its
        improviser who                                     patterns
    (D) orchestra leader and vibraphone               (D) who study the weather and its patterns
        improviser.                                4. According to the United States Department
 2. The term “money” ________ to any                    of Agriculture, corn has developed into a
    medium that is generally accepted in                larger American cash crop ________
    exchange for goods and services.                   (A) that wheat has
    (A) referring                                      (B) more than wheat
    (B) can refer                                      (C) like that of wheat
    (C) to refer                                       (D) over that of wheat
    (D) it refers

5. ________ is probably linoleum tile.         11. Macroeconomists, ________, analyze
    (A) Flooring the most durable accepted         aggregate production and consumption
         material                                  activities.
    (B) Flooring the most durable material         (A) global economic trends seeking to
         accepted                                       predict
    (C) The most durable accepted flooring         (B) seeking to predict global economic
         material                                       trends
    (D) Accepted the most durable flooring         (C) sought predicting global economic
         material                                       trends
                                                   (D) they seek to predict global economic
6. _______ that of most other vertebrates, the          trends
    human eye is remarkable for the functions
    it serves in relation to vision.           12. Short-tailed whip scorpions are not
    (A) It is like                                 commonly found in North America,
    (B) Like                                       _______ micro-whip scorpions.
    (C) Similar                                    (A) and are neither
    (D) How it is like                             (B) and neither
                                                   (C) and neither are
 7. By experimenting with garden peas, Gregor      (D) are neither
    Mendel _______ some of the basic
    concepts regarding the means by which 13. Only by reproducing at a tremendous rate
    genetic traits are passed from parents to      _______ to survive in the sea.
    offspring.                                     (A)      many plant and animal species
    (A) was derived                                        manage
    (B) deriving                                   (B)     manage many plant and animal
    (C) he derived                                         species
    (D) derived                                    (C) do many plant and animal species
 8. _______ by word of mouth, much Native          (D)      manage plant and animal species
    American literature is oral.                           many
    (A) It can transmitted
    (B) Transmitting it                        14. As archaeologists study the prehistory of
    (C) Transmitted                                early food production, they are developing
    (D) Transmitted it                             new techniques _______ prehistoric food
                                                   residues and early domestic animals.
9. Although tornadoes are most common in the       (A) are analyzing
    central U.S., they sometimes occur             (B) analysis of
    _______ New England.                           (C) to analyze
    (A) east as far                                (D) analyzed
    (B) to the east
    (C) as far as east                          15. In his poetry, Robert Frost expressed
    (D) farthest east                                emotions forcefully, _______
                                                    (A) were felt
10. Not only _______, but he also won the           (B) that he felt them
    hearts of many as chivalrous hero.              (C) as he felt them
    (A) was am outlaw Jesse James                   (D) they were felt
    (B) was Jesse James an outlaw
    (C) Jesse James was an outlaw
    (D) Jesse James being an outlaw

                                      Written Expression

Directions: In questions 16-40 each sentence has four underlined words or phrases. The four
underlined parts of the sentence are marked (A), (B), (C), and (D). Identify the one underlined
word or phrase that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct. Then, you find the
number of the question and cross out the letter of the answer you have chosen.

1. The octopus is a unique animal because they has three functioning hearts.
                A                     B     C                  D

     The sentence should read, “The octopus is a unique animal because it has three functioning
     hearts.” Therefore, you should choose (C).

2.   The beagle, one of the most ancient breeds of dog known, originating in England.
                           A        B                    C         D

     The sentence should read, “The beagle, one of the most ancient breeds of dog known,
     originating in England.” Therefore, you should choose (D).

Now begin work on the questions.

16. John F. Kennedy, forty-three year old on his inauguration, was the youngest man and the first
                          A                          B                     C
    Roman Catholic elected to the American Presidency.

17. Summer comes to the Northern Hemisphere when the earth’s axis tilts toward the solar.
                                             A                B            C         D

18. Modern American women, whom lives have become more and more stressful and career
                                   A                 B
    still have longer life expectancies than do men.
                        C                   D

19. Because much species of plants and animals in Hawaii are threatened with extinction within a
               A                                        B                C
    short period time, scientists are trying desperately to rescue them.

20. Most males begin to experience lost of hair at around forty years of age.
                          A           B               C                 D

21. Empathy includes sentiments of sympathy, compassion, and to pity.
                A                B               C              D

22. In his quest for national united, Thomas Jefferson sought political support from banking,
                            A                               B     C
    commercial, and manufacturing interests.
23. Identical twins have all almost of their genes in common, so any variation between two
                              A                           B
    twins is in large part due to the effects of the environment.

                  C                    D

24. At Dinosaur National Monument in Utah, the ancient remains of many animals are left part
    A                                                 B                                  C
    unexcavated so that visitors can see how their fossilization occurred.

25. Giant cuttlefish are camouflage artist, displaying a vivid and expressive range of colors.
                                A                B              C                   D

26. Soon after its opening on the stage, The Glass Menagerie won criticize acclaim for its author
       A                        B                                     C                 D
    Tennessee Williams.

27. Food can pick up microbes during processing, to package, transportation, storage, or
           A B                                   C                           D

28. Phonologists study the sound patterns of language to learn the rules that governance the way
                   A                                      B               C        D
    sounds are combined.

29. In 1860, while staying of her parents, Rebecca Harding Davis wrote “Life in the Iron Mills,”
                A                  B
    her first, and possibly her greatest, short story.
       C                           D

30. Emotionally stable people seem to have about the same number of nightmares as highly
        A                              B                 C
    anxiously individual.

31. Both the red and the white poppy grows wild in mountainous areas that receive a lot of sun.
                                       A B                            C               D

32. If the concentration of chlorine in water is carefully controlled, and it will not harm
                                    A                B                   C
    human beings.

33. The Human Society fights to discourage cruelty treatment of animals and sponsors shelters
                             A                 B                                       C
    for the protection of stray and lost pets.

34. Beginning her life in North America as an immigrant whose English language skills were
                                                             A                                B
    Eva Hoffman went on to become one of greatest American writers of the twentieth century.
                      C                     D
35. The more a robot can be programmed regarding its domain of activity, the best it can perform
                                A                                            B
    that activity without frequent human intervention or reprogramming.
          C                                                    D

36. Success as a radio performer depends heavily the kind of vocal personality expressed.
             A                        B                   C                        D

37. In spite of countless obstacles, Charles Lindbergh remained relentlessly in his efforts to cross
                         A                                            B                         C
    the Atlantic in his small monoplane and finally succeeded in the spring of 1927.

38. Although suspects denied to commit any offence against controversial author George
                                   A      B
    Harris, it is commonly thought that poison was the cause of his untimely death in 1869.
                                    C                                   D

39. A fossil skull estimated to be over nine million years old was unearthed in the fall of 1989.
                                                                      A                   B
    and is thought to be the earliest known example of a hominid.
                                        C                   D

40. Although certain features of human behavior are known to have a genetic basis, but it is
                                                      A                                B
    impossible to assess the effects of the environment on the expression of the many genes that
                               C                                                     D
    influence behavior.

                             This is the end of the structure test

                             Structure Section untuk POST TEST
Directions: Questions 1-15 are incomplete sentences. Beneath each sentence you will see four
words or phrases, marked (A), (B), (C), and (D). Choose the one word or phrase that best
completes the sentence. Then, find the number of the question and cross out the letter of the
answer you have chosen.

Time: 60 minutes

1. Most Americans families _______ at least one automobile.
   (A) have
   (B) in
   (C) that
   (D) has

      The sentence should read, “Most Americans families have at least one automobile.”
      Therefore, you should choose (A).

2.    _________ recent times, the discipline of biology has expanded rapidly into a variety of sub
      (D) It is since
      (E) When
      (F) Since it is
      (D) In

      The sentence should read, “In recent times, the discipline of biology has expanded rapidly into
      a variety of sub disciplines.” Therefore, you should choose (D).

Now begin work on the questions.
 1. Political demonstrations on American            4.   North Carolina is well known not only for
    campuses have abated ______                          the Great Smoky Mountains National
    (A) after 1970                                       Park ________ for the Cherokee Indian
    (B) in 1970                                          settlements.
    (C) for 1970                                         (A) also
    (D) since 1970                                       (B) and
                                                         (C) but also
 2.    Ancient civilizations such as those of            (D) because of
       Phoneticians and the Mesopotamians
       _____ goods rather than use money.           5.   General Grant had General Lee _____
       (A) use to trade                                  him at Appomattox to sign the official
       (B) is used to trade                              surrender of the Conference forces.
       (C) used to trade                                 (A) to meet
       (D) was used to trade                             (B) met
                                                         (C) meet
 3.    Justice Sandra Day O’Connor was                   (D) meeting
       ________ to serve on the U.S. Supreme
       Court.                                       6.   If a ruby is heated _____ temporarily lose
       (A) the woman who first                           its color.
       (B) who the first woman                           (A) would
       (C) who the first woman                           (B) will
       (D) the first and a woman                         (C) does
                                                         (D) has

 7.   small specimen of the embryonic fluid is    12. For the investor who _______ money,
      removed from a fetus, it will be possible       silver or bonds are good options.
      to determine whether the baby will be           (A) has so little a
      born with birth defects.                        (B) has very little
      (A) A                                           (C) has so few
      (B) That a                                      (D) has very few
      (C) If a
      (D) When it is a                            13. _______ both men and women have often
                                                      achieved their career ambitions by
 8.   All of the people at        the AAME            midlife, many people are afflicted by at
      conference are _______                          least a temporary period of dissatisfaction
      (A) mathematic teachers                         and depression.
      (B) mathematics teachers                        (A) Because
      (C) mathematics teacher                         (B) So
      (D) mathematics’ teachers                       (C) A
                                                      (D) Who
 9.   To generate income, magazine publishers
      must decide whether to increase the         14. Of all the cereals, rice is the one _______
      subscription price or _______                   food for more people than any of the
      (A) to sell advertising                         other grain crops.
      (B) if they should sell advertising             (A) It provides
      (C) selling advertising                         (B) That providing
      (D) sold advertising                            (C) provides
                                                      (D) that provides
 10. If it _______ more humid in the desert of
     the Southwest, the hot temperatures          15. Travelers _______ their reservations well
     would be unbearable.                             in advance if they want to fly during the
     (A) be                                           Christmas holidays.
     (B) is                                           (A) had better to get
     (C) was                                          (B) had to get better
     (D) were                                         (C) had better get
                                                      (D) had better got
 11. _______ ______ Java Man, who lived
     before the first Ice Age, is the first
     manlike animal.
     (A) It is generally believed that
     (B) Generally believed it is
     (C) Believed generally is
     (D) That is generally believed

                                     Written Expression
Directions: In questions 16-40 each sentence has four underlined words or phrases. The four
underlined parts of the sentence are marked (A), (B), (C), and (D). Identify the one underlined
word or phrase that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct. Then, you find the
number of the question and cross out the letter of the answer you have chosen.

1. The octopus is a unique animal because they has three functioning hearts.
                A                    B      C                  D

     The sentence should read, “The octopus is a unique animal because it has three functioning
     hearts.” Therefore, you should choose (C).

2.   The beagle, one of the most ancient breeds of dog known, originating in England.
                         A          B                    C         D

     The sentence should read, “The beagle, one of the most ancient breeds of dog known,
     originating in England.” Therefore, you should choose (D).

Now begin work on the questions.

16. The duties of the secretary are to take the minutes, mailing the correspondence, and calling the
                                 A B                      C
    members before meetings.

17. If biennials were planted this year, they will be likely to bloom next year.
                                                A        B        C       D

18. The value of the dollar declines as the rate of inflation raises.
                     A          B C                             D

19. Even though a member has drank too much the night before, the counselors at Alcoholics
                              A         B                 C
    Anonymous will try to convince him or her to sober up and stop drinking again.

20. Anthropologies assert that many of the early American Plains Indians did not engage

     in planting crops but to hunt, living primarily on buffalo meat.
                       A B            C       D

21. The neutron bomb provides the capable of a limited nuclear war in which buildings
                                     A            B                   C
    would be preserved, but people would be destroyed.

22. The differential attractions of the sun and the moon have a direct effect in the rising
                                                           A                   B       C
    and falling of the tides.

23. With special enzymes that are call restriction enzymes, it is possible to split off segments
                                   A                                            B
    of DNA from the donor organism.
             C         D

24. Before TV, the common man seldom never had the opportunity to see and hear his leaders
                                   A        B                              C
    express their views.

25. If it receives enough rain at the proper time, hay will grow quickly, as grass.
    A                B                                      C             D

26. Psychology Today is interesting, informative, and it is easy to read.
                     A      B                           C            D

27. Before she died, Andrew Jackson’s daughter, who lives in the family mansion,
      A                                          B C
    used to take tourist through her home.

28. It is essential that the temperature is not elevated to a point where the substance formed
                                            A                B
    may become unstable and decompose into its constituent elements.
           C                                       D

29. Two of the players from Yankees has been chosen to participate in the All Star game.
              A                      B          C         D

30. John Philip Sousa, who many people consider the greatest composer of marches, wrote his
                        A     B                        C
    music during the era known as the Gay 90s.

31. Although it can be derived from oil, coal, and tar, kerosene is usually produced by refine
          A                  B                                                 C         D
    it from petroleum.

32. Aeronomy is the study of the earth’s upper atmosphere, which includes their composition,
               A B               C                                         D
    temperature, density, and chemical reactions.

33. The new model costs twice more than last year’s model.
                    A            B        C D

34. The purpose of the United Nations, broad speaking, is to maintain peace and security and
                 A                             B       C
    to encourage respect for human rights.

35. Aging in most animals can be readily modified when they will limit caloric intake.
      A           B                                      C       D

36. Even though Miss Alabama lost the beauty contest, she was still more prietier than the other
           A                                                     B        C         D
    girls in the Miss American pageant.
37. Although Congressional representatives and senators may serve an unlimited number of term,
    the president is limited to two, for a total of eight years.
                       B                  C               D

38. Although we are concerned about the problem of energy sources, we must not fail
                           A                                              B
    recognizing the need for environmental protection.
         C                D

39. Because of the movement of a glacier, the form of the Great Lakes was very slow.
        A                                      B C                               D

40. In 1776 to 1800, the population of the U.S. continued to rise, reaching five million
    A                         B                              C        D
    citizens by the turn of the century.

                           This is the end of the structure test

Lampiran 6 Petunjuk Penilaian Karangan
                           Test of Written English (TWE) Scoring Guide

 Rating Scales                                           Description
      6          An essay at this level
                  • effectively addresses the writing task
                  • is well organized and well developed
                  • uses clearly appropriate details to support a thesis or illustrate ideas
                  • displays consistent facility in use of language
                  • demonstrate syntactic variety and appropriate word choice though it may have
                    occasional errors

      5          An essay at this level
                  • may address some parts of the task more effectively than others
                  • is generally well organized and developed
                  • uses details to support a thesis or illustrate an idea
                  • displays facility in the use of language
                  • demonstrates some syntactic variety and range of vocabulary, though it will probably
                    have occasional errors

      4          An essay at this level
                  • addresses the writing topic adequately but may slight parts of the task
                  • is adequately organized and developed
                  • uses some details to support a thesis or illustrate an idea
                  • demonstrates adequate but possibly inconsistent facility with syntax and usage
                  • may contain some errors that occasionally obscure meaning

      3          An essay at this level may reveal one or more of the following weaknesses:
                  • inadequate organization or development
                  • inappropriate or insufficient details to support or illustrate generalizations
                  • a noticeably inappropriate choice of words or word forms
                  • an accumulation of errors in sentence structure and/or usage

      2          An essay at this level is seriously flawed by one or more of the following weaknesses:
                  • serious disorganization or underdevelopment
                  • little or no detail, or irrelevant specifics
                  • serious and frequent errors in sentence structure or usage
                  • serious problems with focus

      1          An essay at this level
                  • may be incoherent
                  • may be underdeveloped
                  • may contain severe and persistent writing errors

      0          A paper is rated 0 if it contains no response, merely copies the topics, is off-topic, is
                 written in a foreign language, or consists of only keystroke characters.

Sumber: ETS TOEFL Guide (2000)

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