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									                                           Season' s Greetings!
Nurse’s Notes:
                                            Volney School News                                                      December 2011
If your child gets sick, please
keep him/her home from school.
                                                              From the Principal’s Desk...
A child who is sick will not be            Happy Holidays!
able to perform well in school and
             is likely to spread the       Traditions are always abundant at Holiday time. Everyone has a story to tell about
             illness to other chil-        something that they do each and every year to make it a little more special for their
             dren and staff.               family. We celebrate some traditions here at school as well. We will have our Holiday
             Please make ar-               assembly on Tuesday December 13th. December 23rd will be a busy place here - our
             rangements for child-         Holiday Sing-Along will be in the morning and the Holiday Movie Get-together in the
care ahead of time so you will not         afternoon. Hopefully we will get a visit from the “jolly man in red” as well!
be caught without a place for
your child to stay if he/she is ill.       Traditions can also be established for other events and times of the year. After all,
                                           aren’t traditions the habits that develop over time? Think about how you can establish
Our school policy states that you
should not send your child to
                                           an academic tradition with your child. Could it be watching a favorite movie together
school if he/she has:                      after a great report card, writing stories about school together, or telling each other
                                           about the high points of each day at school or work? Maybe it is making a special
1. Fever in the past 24 hours
2. Vomiting in the past 24 hours           breakfast the first school day of each month...
3. Diarrhea in the past 24 hours           Having a tradition makes something special. Take time to think about how you can
4. Chills / Sore throat
5. Strep Throat (must have been taking     make school a more special place for your child. Kids need to understand how im-
an antibiotic for at least 24 hours be-    portant it is for them to be successful at school and that their success in school will fuel
fore returning to school).                 their success for the rest of their life. We have high expectations for each and every
6. Bad cold, with a very runny nose or     child at this school and you should have a high level of expectation for this school, be-
bad cough, especially if it has kept the
child awake at night.                      cause together we are trying to create a tradition of excellence for your child. Have a
                                           great Holiday Season and enjoy some time with your family!
If your child becomes ill at school
and the teacher or school nurse                                                                                                                Mr. Hendrickson
feel the child is too sick to benefit
from school or is contagious to
other children, you will be called                                        Parent Group News
to come and take him/her home
from school. It is essential that                  Holiday Shop            The next Parent Group Meeting                           Volney Parent Group is asking
                                                                           is on December 13th @ 6:00pm.                           for donations of new winter
the school nurse have a phone
number where you can be con-               Dec. 12th, 13th, 14th and       Hope to see you there!                                  hats, mittens, scarves, and
                                                                                                                                   gloves to hang on our tree. The-
tacted during the day and an                         15th!
emergency number in the event                                                      “ The Giving Tree”                              se items will benefit our local
you cannot be reached. Please              We are once again having                                                                families in need. You can send/
be sure that arrangements can              the Holiday Shop! It starts
be made to transport your child
                                                                                                                                   bring these into school from
                                           Monday Dec. 12th and will                                                               Monday November 28th – De-
home from school and that child-
                                           run thru Thursday Dec.                                                                  cember 16th! Your generosity is
care is available in case of ill-
ness. If your daytime or emer-
                                           15th. The hours are 9:00 -                                                              a wonderful gift!
gency phone number changes                 noon each day. The Holiday
during the year, please notify             Shop was started by our par-                                                            The Volney Parent Group
your child’s teacher and the office        ent group to give students a                                                            ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
so that the emergency infor-               chance to “go shopping” for
mation can be updated immedi-              presents for family members.
ately.                                     Anyone wishing to volunteer
 As a reminder—please make sure your should contact Mrs. Beecher
child has an extra set of clothes “just in @ 598-2472 or the Main Of-                                         Remember to keep sending in
 case” as they do play outside at recess fice @ 593-5570.
  and accidents happen. It is also im-
                                                                                                              your Box Tops and Campbell’s
 portant that they are dressed appropri-   Thank you,                      In the spirit of giving…           Soup Labels—every little bit
  ately for outside play during winter
  months: coats, gloves/mittens, hats,     The Volney Parent Group         It’s that time of year when we put helps!
                boots, etc.                                                up our annual “Giving” Tree! The
                      Q. What did Frosty the Snowman do when they placed the magic hat on his head?
                                     is Coming!                                               Student Spotlight—Pt. 1!
          SNOW DAYS AND EMERGENCY CLOSINGS:                                                For the fifth year in a row, Mr. William Barclay, member
                                                                                           of the Assembly of New York State, has held a Summer
 During the school year, it may be necessary for the district to                           Reading Challenge for students statewide. This program
 cancel or delay school. If school is closed before the normal                             promotes reading and reward the students for a job well
 starting time, there will be an announcement on the radio and                             done, and this year had the highest number of participants
 various TV stations stating that “Fulton Schools are                                      since the start of the program! Students who participated
                                                                                           and completed this challenge were recognized for this
 Closed.” If school closes once the school day has begun, it                               accomplishment. We are proud to announce that two stu-
 will be announced on the radio and television stations as                                 dents from Volney School met this challenge; Mary
 listed below:                                                                             Jerred and Gerrit Ossevoort! Mary is a 2nd grade student
                                                                                           in Mrs. DeLisle’s classroom. Gerrit is a Kindergarten
                                 Radio Stations:
                                                                                           student in Mrs. Borgert’s
           620 AM                 104.7 FM               105.5 FM                          classroom. All of the partici-     Pictured below is Gerrit with
                                                                                                                               Assemblyman Will Barclay.
           570 AM                 96.7 FM                94.5 FM                           pants were invited to a sum-
           1300 AM                93.1 FM                                                  mer reading party at the
                                                                                           Maxwell Memorial Library
           TV Stations:                               Internet:                            in Camillus. Congratulations
      Channel 3 – WSTM                                                             Mary and
                                                                                                               Gerrit! We
      Channel 5 – WTVH                                                             are very
      Channel 9 – WSYR                                                                  proud of
      Channel 10                    
                                                                                                               you both!
                                                                                                              Pictured at left is
                                                                           Miss Mary Jerred.
                                                                                                                                    Photo courtesy of the NYS Assembly website.

                     Student Spotlight—Pt. 2!                                                             Holiday Food Drive
  Fulton City School District Announces Winners of First Quarter
                “It’s COOL 2B In School” Drawings
                                                       As part of the “It’s Cool 2B in School”
                                                       attendance awareness campaign, nearly
                                                       2,000 students in the Fulton City School
                                                       District, along with their parents and
                                                       guardians, signed a pledge at the begin-
                                                       ning of this school year to attend school,
                                                       be on time and ready to learn.

                                                       Establishing and maintaining exemplary
                                                       attendance habits is an area of focus
                                                       across the school district. Good attend-
                                                                                                    From L– R: Mrs. FitzGibbons, Mr. Arrigo, and Mr. Shepard.
                                                       ance habits are recognized as an im-
                                                       portant part of meeting the district wide     Volney Elementary School recently held
                                                       PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions
                                                       and Supports) expectations to be respect-     our annual Holiday Food Drive. The food
 Pictured below is Mr. Hendrickson, Alicia Merritt,    ful, responsible and safe students and        drive is held to help make the holidays a
                 and Ms. Spencer.                      members of the community.                     little brighter for those less fortunate. It
Students who signed the attendance pledge and maintained an attendance rate of 90%
                                                                                                     was a great success again this year. A big
or better during the first quarter were eligible to enter a drawing for a $100 Wal-Mart              “thank you” to Joe Arrigo and Justin Shep-
gift card. One winner was selected from each of the district’s six schools. The winner               ard from Catholic Charities for picking up
from Volney Elementary School was Alicia Merritt! Congratulations on a job well done,                all of the donations, and to Ms. Spencer
                                                                                                     and Mrs. FitzGibbons for all of their hard
Students who continue to maintain attendance rates of 90% or better and have signed                  work in organizing this event. And a spe-
the attendance pledge will be eligible to enter additional drawings held throughout the              cial “thank you” to all who so generously
school year.
                                                                                                     donated canned goods and non-perishable
The Fulton City School District would like to thank Fulton Sunrise Rotary Club, Fulton Noon Rota-    items. The holiday season will be a lot
ry Club, Fulton Professional Firefighters’ Association, Fulton Savings Bank, Burke’s Home Center,    brighter for so many families!
Dental Health Solutions of Fulton, Kathy’s Cakes and Specialty Treats and Performance Physical
Therapy for their generous donations in support of this campaign.                                    Happy Holidays!
                           A. When Frosty put the magic hat on his head, he came to life and danced.
                                               Saluting Our Veterans!
                     This year for Veteran’s Day, Volney School decided to honor the relatives of students and staff with
                     an assembly. Before the actual assembly, Mrs. Kimball coordinated a “meet and greet” in which
                     each of the Veterans shared their experience. We learned that we had Vets from WWII all the way
                     through our current war in the Middle East. To start the event, the Chorus students sang “Proud to
                     Be and American” and said the Pledge of Allegiance loudly and proudly. The purpose of the event
                     was to thank each veteran for their service, and each was presented with a Certificate of Apprecia-
                     tion and a flower from their family member.

                                                                                                                            Thomas Morelli

                                                  We Are Thankful For...
...good food, good friends, and good times! Recently all of the students in Ms. Hughes' Kindergarten
                                  class made their very own Thanksgiving Feast! The students made
                                  mashed potatoes, fruit salad, they decorated cookies, and ate tur-
                                  key cold cuts. The kindergarteners
                                  were all dressed up as Native        Pictured in the photos making their
                                                                       Thanksgiving feast are: Jacob Ingersoll,
                                  Americans and Pilgrims in cele- Maliki Pope, Keira Scott, Teddy Peder-
                                  bration for their feast. They really son, Anna Lund, Paige Ball, Lucas Smith,
                                  enjoyed learning all about the       Madison Tyler, Brayden Moshier, Tyler
                                                                       Budd, Emma Kerfien, Lauren Bush, Laura
                                  First Thanksgiving Dinner.           Bartlett and Laura’s mother Mrs. Bartlett
                                                                                 who was helping out in the class.

                                December 2011 Calendar of Events
December 1st: School Spirit Day / Assembly @ 8:45am                          December 23rd: Holiday Sing-Along / 9:15am
December 1st: Fulton Community Tree Lighting / 5:00-7:00pm                   December 23rd: Holiday Movie / 1:30pm
December 6th: Holiday Concert / 6:30pm / GRB Auditorium                      December 26th: NO SCHOOL / Recess / Office Closed
December 7th: Gertrude Hawk Candy Order Pick-up                              December 27th: NO SCHOOL for Students / Recess
December 13th: Parent Group Mtg. / 6:00pm                                    December 27th: Board of Ed. Mtg. / 7:30pm / BOE
December 13th: Board of Ed. Mtg. / 7:30pm / BOE                              December 28th: NO SCHOOL for Students
December 20th: Site-Based Mtg. / 4:00pm / Library                            December 29th: NO SCHOOL for Students
December 20th: Hanukkah (Begins at sundown)                                  December 30th: NO SCHOOL / Recess / Office Closed
December 22nd: School Spirit Day / Assembly @ 8:45am                         January 2nd: NO SCHOOL / Recess / Office Closed

                                       Q. How many candy canes are made each year?
              Monthly Role Model                                         “On-a-Roll” Model
Teacher:                        Student Selected:          Teacher:                        Student Selected:
Mrs. Grabowski                  Grace Olon                 Mrs. Grabowski                  Hunter Riebel
Ms. Hughes                      Tyler Budd                 Ms. Hughes                      Lucas Smith
Mrs. Rowlee / Mrs. Hendrickson Antonita Bond               Mrs. Rowlee / Mrs. Hendrickson Geena Abbott

Mrs. White                      Zachary Brown              Mrs. White                      Sydni Perry
Mrs. Caltabiano/Mrs. Hendrickson Leah Rowlee               Mrs. Caltabiano/Mrs. Hendrickson Ty Hodges

Miss Wood                       Sydni Casler               Miss Wood                       Tylyn Boshart
Mrs. Borgert                    Unavailable                Mrs. Borgert                    Travis Mazzaroppi
Mrs. DeLisle                    Ryan Nichols               Mrs. DeLisle                    Mallorie Smart
Mr. Downes / Mrs. Hendrickson   Lyndsey Warner             Mr. Downes / Mrs. Hendrickson   Makayla Ellis

Mr. Greer                       Sarah Wells                Mr. Greer                       Alexis Bardin

Mr. Kimpland                    Samuel Thompson            Mr. Kimpland                    Troy Rook

Mrs. Sawyer                     Ella Henderson             Mrs. Sawyer                     Rylee Teifke

Mr. Smith / Miss Caprin         Katelyn Gerth              Mr. Smith / Miss Caprin         Jeremy Fuller

Mr. Farfaglia                   Michael Janaro             Mr. Farfaglia                   Luvlee Croci

Mrs. Brewster / Mr. Hibbert     Cassandra Seaton           Mrs. Brewster / Mr. Hibbert     Jason Riebel

Mrs. Healy                      Alyssa Young               Mrs. Healy                      Mandee Price

Mrs. Schnall / Miss Caprin      Travis Loomis              Mrs. Schnall / Miss Caprin      Autumn Kennedy

Ms. Arden / Mrs. Zimmerman      Tyler Thompson             Ms. Arden / Mrs. Zimmerman      Jaymes Garrison

Mr. Dempsey                     Juliet Manchester          Mr. Dempsey                     Joseph Benavidez

Mrs. Wiegand                    Katie Hall                 Mrs. Wiegand                    Collin Bennett

Mrs. Petrie                     Coby Wells                 Mrs. Petrie                     Alex Stoutenger

Mr. Bartlett/ Mrs. Zimmerman Jasmine James                 Mr. Bartlett/ Mrs. Zimmerman Hunter Dudley

Mr. Cahill                      Caitlyn McAfee             Mr. Cahill                      Kali Swank

Mrs. Kimball                    Michael Gerth              Mrs. Kimball                    Cassandra Hartranft

                     Congratulations!                                             Great job!

                A. There are about 1.76 BILLION candy canes made each year for the Holiday season!

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