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									                                     The Prophet, peace be upon him, says that one of the favors which Allah has given to the nation of Islam is that
                                     the whole earth has been made a "Mosque" for it. A Muslim may offer his prayer anywhere on earth provided of
                                      course that the place where he is praying is free from impurity. However, the Prophet, peace be upon him, has
                                                           made an exception in the two cases of a graveyard and a bathroom.

           No.              Place               Region                   Location                                          Remarks

                   "Prayer is the first matter that will be judged on the Day of Resurrection - If it is accepted
                  then the rest of our actions will be accepted, but if it is rejected then the rest of our actions
                                                                          will be rejected".
                 Abdul Aleem Sidique                                                                   Tel: 6345 6504
                                                         MRT Stn: KEMBANGAN (EW6)
            1    90, Lor K Telok Kurau            E                                                    Fax: 6345 0274                               Email:
                                                         Bus: 15,155
                 Singapore 425723                                                            

                                                         MRT Stn: BUGIS (EW12)
                 Abdul Gafoor                                                                          Tel: 6295 4209
                                                         Bus: SBS - C3,23,66M,130,
            2    41, Dunlop Street                C                                                    Fax: 6293 3486                              Email :
                                                         64, 65, 81, 85, 97, 103, 111, 130, 139
                 Singapore 209369                                                            
                                                         SMRT - 67, 857, 960, 980

                                                         MRT Stn: NOVENA (NS20)
                 Abdul Hamid (Kg Pasiran)
                                                         Bus: SBS - 21, 54, 56, 131, 143, 162,         Tel: 6251 2729
            3    10, Gentle Road                  C
                                                         54,124,143, 162M,162X,86,163,518              Fax: 6259 14
                 Singapore 309194
                                                         SMRT - 167

                 Ahmad                     2,
                                                         MRT Stn:                                      Tel : 6479 6442
                 Lorong Sarhad
            4                                    W       Bus: SBS - 200                                Fax : 6479 8487                             Email
                 Singapore 119173 (South
                                                               SMRT - 176, 188               
                 Buona Vista Road)

                 Ahmad Ibrahim                           MRT Stn:                                      Tel: 6454 0848
            5    15, Jalan Ulu Seletar            N      Bus: SMRT - 167, 169, 171, 800, 811,          Fax: 6454 4770                              Email :
                 Singapore 769227                        856, 858, 859, 969, 980             

                 Al-Abdul Razak
                                                         MRT Stn: Eunos                                Tel: 6846 8404
            6    30, Jalan Ismail                 E
                                                         Bus: 15,21,25,51,55,60,63,93,94               Fax: 6846 8404
                 Singapore 419285

                 Al-Abrar (Koochoo Pally)                MRT Stn: TANJONG PAGAR (EW15)
            7    192, Telok Ayer Street           S      Bus: SBS - 10, 131, 186                       Tel: 6220 6306
                 Singapore 068635                        SMRT - 167, 605, 608, 700, 75, 970.

                                                         MRT Stn: HARBOUR FRONT (NE1) &
                 Al-Amin                  50,                                                          Tel: 6272 5309
                                                         Tiong Bahru
            8    Telok Blangah Way               W                                                     Fax: 6270 2153                              Email:
                                                         Bus: SBS - 124, 131, 195,198
                 Singapore 098801                                                            
                                                               SMRT - 605

                 Al-Ansar                                MRT Stn: BEDOK (EW5)                          Tel: 6449 2420
            9    155, Bedok North Ave 1           E      Bus: SBS - 60,87 17, 87, 225, 226,            Fax: 6445 4702                              Email:
                 Singapore 469751                        227, 229, 506                       

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           No.                Place              Region                   Location                                    Remarks

                                                          MRT Stn: SOMERSET (NS23)
                 Al-Falah                                 Bus: SBS - 7, 14, 16, 14E, 16, 16M,
                                                                                                   Tel: 6235 3172
                 Bideford Rd #01-01                       36, 36M, 65, 65M, 85, 85M, 111, 123,
            10                                     C                                               Fax: 6735 5580
                 Cairnhill Place                          124, 143, 143M, 162, 162X, 174, 502
                 Singapore 229650                         SMRT - 106, 167, 171, 190, 603, 605,
                                                          700, 77

                                                                 "Prayer is the essence of worship."
                 Al-Firdaus                11             MRT Stn: Boon Lay                        Tel: 6764 6334
            11   Jalan Ibadat,                            Bus: SMRT - 172, 175, 180, 187, 190,     Fax: 6762 5328                              Email:
                 Singapore 698955                         67, 975                        

                 Al-Huda                  34,
                                                          MRT Stn: BUONA VISTA (EW21)              Tel: 6468 4844
            12   Jalan Haji Alias                  C
                                                          Bus: SBS - 156                           Fax: 6463 9589
                 Singapore 268534

                                                          LRT Stn: PENDING (BP8)
                                                                                                   Tel: 6769 0770
                 Al-Iman                   10,            Bus: SBS - 64, 65, 81, 85, 97, 103,
                                                                                                   Fax: 6769 8970                             E-mail:
            13   Bukit Panjang Ring Road          W       111, 130, 139
                 S(679943)                                SMRT - 171, 184, 187, 190, 700, 960,

                 Al-Istighfar              2,                                                      Tel: 6583 8711
                                                          MRT Stn: PASIR RIS (EW1)
            14   Pasir Ris Walk                    E                                               Fax: 6583 8722                          Email :
                                                          Bus: SBS - 3, 6, 89, 9, 19
                 Singapore 518239                                                        

                                                          MRT Stn: Ang Mo Kio, Serangoon or
                                                          KOVAN (NE13)
                 Al-Istiqamah                                                                      Tel: 6281 4287
                                                          Bus: SBS - 25, 43, 55, 74, 76, 132,
            15   2,Seranggon North Ave 2           E                                               Fax: 6281 3204                             Email :
                                                          165, 70, 103, 147, 109
                 Singapore 555876                                                        
                                                          165, 315, 511
                                                          SMRT - 169, 853 , 854.

                                                          MRT Stn: Eunos & KEMBANGAN (EW6)
                 Alkaff Kampung Melayu                                                           Tel: 6242 7244
                                                          Bus: SBS - 8, 15, 21, 22, 58,59,60,
            16   200, Bedok Reservoir Road         E                                             Fax: 6242 0112                               Email:
                                                          65, 65M, 87, 226, 228,
                 Singapore 479221                                                      
                                                          SMRT - 67 228,506,SS2.

                                                          MRT Stn: POTONG PASIR (NE10)
                 Alkaff Upp Serangoon
                                                          Bus: SBS - 13, 81, 82, 85, 97, 103,      Tel: 6280 0300
            17   66, Pheng Geck Avenue             C
                                                          107, 107X, 111, 133, 147                 Fax: 6288 9019
                 Singapore 348261
                                                          SMRT - 106, 61, 67, 857.

                 Al-Khair                  1,                                                      Tel: 6760 1139
                                                          LRT Stn: KEAT HONG (BP3)
            18   Teck Whye Crescent               W                                                Fax: 6763 6028                              Email:
                                                          Bus: SMRT - 175, 190, 307
                 Singapore 688847                                                        

                 Al-Mukminin Mosque                       MRT Stn: JURONG EAST (EW24-NS1)          Tel: 6567 7777
            19   271, Jurong East St 21           W       Bus: SBS - 52,98, 105, 183, 502.         Fax: 6567 3441                              Email:
                 Singapore 609603                         SMRT - 176, 187, 188.          

                 Al-Muttaqin                              MRT Stn: ANG MO KIO (NS16)
                                                                                                   Tel: 6454 7472
                 5140, Ang Mo Kio Central                 Bus: SBS - 13, 86, 162, 162X, 162M,
            20                                     C                                               Fax: 6451 0781                          Email:
                 Avenue 6                                 138, 269
                 Singapore 569844                         SMRT - 825, 851, 852, 853, 853.

                 "Truly, to a happy state shall attain the believers: those who humble themselves in their prayer,
                              and who turn away from all that is frivolous, and who are intent on inner purity."
                                                                            [Qur'an 23:1-4]

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           No.                Place            Region                 Location                                         Remarks
                 Al Taqua               11A,
                                                                                                  Tel : 64427704
                 Jalan Bilal Bedok                      MRT Stn: TANAH MERAH (EW4)
            21                                   E                                                Fax : 64454732
                 Off Bedok Road                         Bus: 10, 14, 14E
                 Singapore 468862

                                                        MRT Stn: FARRER PARK (NE8)
                 Angullia               265,
                                                        Bus: SBS - 23, 64, 65, 65M, 66, 81,       Tel/Fax: 6295 1478                      Email :
            22   Serangoon Road                  C
                                                        85, 85M, 97, 103, 111, 131, 139, 147
                 Singapore 218099
                                                        SMRT - 106, 61, 67, 857.

                                                        MRT Stn: Bishan
                 An-Nahdhah                                                                       Tel: 6354 3138
                                                        Bus: 410 (white plate) or bus number 53
            23   9A Bishan Street 14             C                                                Fax: 6354 3139                          Email:
                                                        from the Bishan Interchange. Alight 1
                 Singapore 579786                                                       
                                                        bustop after the interchange.

                 An-Nur                 6,                                                        Tel: 6363 1383
                                                        MRT Stn: MARSILING (NS8)
            24   Admiralty Road                  N                                                Fax: 6365 4449                        Email:
                                                        Bus: SMRT - 178, 856, 903
                 Singapore 739983                                                       
                 Ar-Raudhah              30,                                                      Tel: 6899 5840
                                                        MRT Stn: BUKIT BATOK (NS2)
            25   Bt Batok East Ave 2            W                                                 Fax: 6564 1924                          Email:
                                                        SMRT - 176, 945, 970
                 Singapore 659919                                                       

                 Assyafaah               1                                                        Tel : 6756 3008
                                                        MRT Stn: Sembawang
            26   Admiralty Lane                  N                                                Fax : 6753 0095                         Email:
                                                        Bus: SMRT - 980 and 856.
                 SIngapore 757620                                                       

                 Assyakirin                                                                       Tel: 6268 1846
                                                        MRT Stn: LAKESIDE (EW26)
            27   550, Yung An Road              W                                                 Fax: 6268 9725                        Email:
                                                        Bus: SBS - 79, SMRT - 178
                 Singapore 618617                                                       

                 Baalwie                2,              MRT Stn: NEWTON (NS21
                                                                                                  Tel: 6732 6170
            28   Lewis Road                      C      Bus: SMRT - 171, 67, 700, 700, 77,
                                                                                                  Fax: 6735 2319
                 Singapore 258590                       851, 852, 960, 961, 970, 980

                                                        MRT Stn: DHOBY GHAUT
                 Bencoolen               51,
                                                        Bus: SBS - 64, 65, 85, 97, 103, 111,      Tel: 6333 3016
            29   Bencoolen St #01-01             C
                                                        131, 139, 147, 147M, 166                  Fax : 6337 3751
                 Singapore 189630
                                                        SMRT - 857, 980.

                                                        MRT Stn: WOODLEIGH (NE11):
                 Bidadari               510,
                                                        Bus: SBS - 13, 81, 82, 85, 85M, 97,
                 Upp Serangoon Road
            30                                   E      100, 103, 107, 107X, 111, 133, 135,       Tel: 6286 8480
                 Bidadari Muslim Cemetery
                 Singapore 534530
                                                        SMRT - 106, 853.

                                      Be ever mindful of prayers, and of praying in the most excellent way;
                                                        and stand before God in devout obedience.
                                                                           [Qur'an 2:238]
                                                        MRT Stn: CITY HALL (EW13-NS25):
                                                        Bus: SBS - 2, 12, 32, 33, 51, 62, 63,
                 Burhani (Dawoodi Bohra)
                                                        80, 81, 103, 124, 147, 147M, 166,
            31   39, Hill Street                 C                                                Tel : 6224 1021
                                                        174, 174M, 197
                 Singapore 179364
                                                        SMRT - 190, 61, 603, 851, 961, 960,
                                                        MRT Stn: EUNOS (EW7)
                 Darul Aman              1,             Bus: SBS - 2, 7, 13, 15, 21, 24, 25,      Tel: 6744 5544
            32   Jalan Eunos                     E      26, 28, 30, 51, 55, 93, 94, 154, 155,     Fax: 6744 4325                        Email:
                 Singapore 419493                       352, 385                        
                                                        SMRT - 61, 67, 854, 853

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           No.              Place               Region                   Location                                       Remarks

                                                         MRT Stn: TAMPINES (EW2)
                 Darul Ghufran                                                                        Tel: 6786 5545
                                                         Bus: SBS - 3, 10, 22, 23, 31, 65, 65M,
            33   503, Tampines Avenue 5           E                                                   Fax: 6786 5485                        Email:
                                                         69, 72, 291, 292, 293
                 Singapore 529651                                                           
                                                         SMRT - 67

                 Darul Makmur           950,                                                          Tel: 6752 1402
                                                         MRT Stn: YISHUN (NS13)
            34   Yishun Ave 2                     N                                                   Fax: 6752 2743                               Email:
                                                         Bus: SMRT - 800, 804, 806, 811, 812
                 Singapore 769099                                                           

                 Darussalam                              MRT Stn: CLEMENTI (EW23)
                                                                                                      Tel: 6777 0028
                 3002, Commonwealth                      Bus: SBS - 14, 74, 96, 105, 147, 151,
            35                                   W                                                    Fax: 6774 2603                            Email:
                 Avenue West                             154, 165, 166
                 Singapore 129579                        SMRT - 106, 173, 184, 188, 189, 963.

                                                         MRT Stn:                                     Tel: 6287 9225
                                                         Bus: (SBS): 25, 51, 53, 55, 81, 87,          Fax: 6382 5852                             Email:
                 En-Naeem Mosque        120,             151, 322, 323, 326, 327            ,
            36   Tampines Road                    E      SMRT - 854                         
                 Sinagpore 535136

                                                         MRT Stn: KALLANG (EW10)                      Tel: 6846 0857
                 Haji Mohd Salleh
                                                         Bus: SBS - 2, 13, 21, 26, 51, 62, 63,        Fax: 6846 4417                               Email
            37   245, Geylang Road                E
                                                         80, 100, 158                                 :
                 Singapore 389304
                                                         SMRT - 67, 853
                                                                                                      Tel: 6220 9257
                 Haji Muhammad Salleh                    MRT Stn: TANJONG PAGAR (EW15)
                                                                                                      Fax: 6323 1139
            38   37, Palmer Road                  N      Bus: SBS - 70, 82, 130, 186
                 Singapore 079424                        SMRT - 700, 970

                 Haji Yusoff               2,            MRT Stn: KOVAN (NE13)                 Bus:
                                                                                                      Tel: 6284 5459
                 Hillside Drive                          SBS - 80, 81, 82, 85, 85M, 97, 111,
            39                                    E                                                   Fax: 6284 5814                        Email:
                 Upper Serangoon Road                    136, 153
                 Singapore 548920                        SMRT - 106, 61, 67, 857

                                                         MRT Stn: LAVENDER (EW11)
                 Hajjah Fatimah
                                                         Bus: SBS - 7, 32, 51, 63, 80, 82, 100,
            40   4001, Beach Road                 S                                                   Tel/ Fax: 6297 2774
                                                         107, 107X, 145, 197
                 Singapore 199584
                                                         SMRT - 603, 61, 851, 961, 980

                                                         MRT Stn: BOON KENG (NE9)
                 Hajjah Rahimabi                                                                      Tel: 6255 8262
                                                         Bus: SBS - 21, 124, 125, 131, 139,
            41   76, Kim Keat Road                C                                                   Fax: 6255 6407                              Email:
                 Singapore 328835                                                           
                                                         SMRT - 603

                 Hang Jebat             100,                                                          Tel: 6471 0728
                                                         MRT Stn: QUEENSTOWN (EW19)
            42   Jalan Hang Jebat                 C                                                   Fax: 6471 1912
                                                         Bus: 191
                 Singapore 139533
                                                                                                      Tel: 6561 7990
                                                         MRT Stn: JURONG EAST (EW24-NS1)              Fax: 6566 5537
            43   492, Teban Gardens Road         W
                                                         Bus: SBS - 30, 78, 79, 143, 143M, 381
                 Singapore 608878

                 Hussein Sulaiman                        MRT Stn:
            44   394, Pasir Panjang Road         W       Bus: SBS - 10, 30, 51, 143, 143M, 200
                 Singapore 118730                        SMRT - 176, 188

                                                         MRT Stn: CHINATOWN (NE4)
                 Jamae Chulia Mosque
                                                         Bus: SBS - 2, 12, 33, 54, 62, 63, 81,        Tel: 6221 4165
            45   218, South Bridge Road           S
                                                         103, 124, 143, 143M, 147, 147M, 166          Fax: 6225 7425
                 Singapore 058767
                                                         SMRT - 603, 608, 61, 851, 961.

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           No.               Place               Region                 Location                                       Remarks

                 Jamek Queenstown                         MRT Stn: REDHILL (EW18)
                                                                                                   Tel: 6472 7298
            46   946, Margaret Drive               C      Bus: SBS - 51, 111, 132, 139, 186
                                                                                                   Fax : 6471 0678
                 Singapore 149309                         SMRT - 106, 77.

                 Jamiyah Ar-Rabitah                       MRT STN: REDHILL (EW18)
                                                                                                   Tel: 6273 3848
            47   601, Tiong Bahru Road             C      Bus: SBS - 32, 33, 63, 64, 132, 115
                                                                                                   Fax: 6272 3848
                 Singapore 158787                         SMRT - 605, 608, 75, 851, 970

                 Kampong Delta             10,            MRT Stn: TIONG BAHRU (EW17)              Tel: 6272 1750
            48   Delta Avenue                      C      Bus: SBS - 51, 64, 186                   Fax : 6273 0094                      Email:
                 Singapore 169831                         SMRT - 970                     

                 Kampong Holland                          MRT Stn: BUONA VISTA (EW21)
            49   39, Lorong Liput                  C      Bus: SBS - 200                           Tel/Fax : 6462 0112
                 Singapore 277746                         SMRT - 106, 61, 970

                 Kampong Siglap                           MRT Stn:                                 Tel: 6243 7060/61
            50   451, Marine Parade Road           E      Bus: SBS - 31, 36, 36M, 197, 401         Fax: 6441 0634                        Email:
                 Singapore 449283                         SMRT - 608, 853                

                             And before God prostrate themselves, willingly or unwillingly, all things and beings
                                                           that are in the heavens and the earth,
                                                  as do their shadows in the mornings and the evenings.
                                                                            [Qur'an 13:15]

                 Kassim                 450,              MRT Stn: KEMBANGAN (EW6)                 Tel: 6440 4742
            51   Changi Road                       E      Bus: SBS - 2, 7, 24, 25, 26, 28, 30      Fax: 6440 3947                          Email:
                 Singapore 419877                         SMRT - 61, 67, 854             

                 Khadijah                                 MRT Stn: ALJUNIED (EW9)                  Tel: 6747 5607
            52   583, Geylang Road                 E      Bus: SBS - 2, 13, 21, 26, 40, 51         Fax: 6747 5929                       Email:
                 Singapore 389522                         SMRT - 67, 853                 

                                                          MRT Stn: EUNOS (EW7)
                 Khalid                 130,
                                                          Bus: SBS - 16, 33, 2, 7, 21, 24, 26,     Tel: 6345 2884
            53   Joo Chiat Road                    E
                                                          28, 30, 51, 154                          Fax: 6346 1279
                 Singapore 427727
                                                          SMRT - 61 , 67 , 854
                                                          MRT Stn: LAVENDER (EW11)
                                                          Bus: SBS - 2, 7, 12, 32, 33, 51, 62,     Tel: 6294 3862
            54   471, Victoria Street              S
                                                          63, 80, 107, 107X, 133, 145, 197         Fax: 6392 3981
                 Singapore 198370
                                                          SMRT - 190, 61, 851, 960, 980

                                                          MRT Stn: RAFFLES PLACE (EW14-
                 Moulana Mohd Ali
                 UOB Plaza                                                                         Tel: 6536 5238
            55                                     S      Bus: SBS - 2, 10, 12, 33, 54, 62, 70,
                 80, Raffles Place, #B1-01,                                                        Fax: 6536 5247
                                                          81, 147, 147M, 186, 196
                 Singapore 048624
                                                          SMRT - 167, 605, 608, 700, 75, 970

                 275, Braddell Road
            56   Singapore 579704                  C      (MOSQUE IS BEING REBUILD)                Email:
                 Tel: 6256 1166
                 Fax: 6256 1156

                                                          MRT Stn: COMMONWEALTH (EW20)
                 Mujahidin                                                                         Tel: 6473 7400
                                                          Bus: SBS - 51, 93, 100, 123, 147, 153,
            57   590, Stirling Road                C                                               Fax: 6473 6241                       Email:
                                                          196, 198
                 Singapore 148952                                                        
                                                          SMRT - 61, 855, 961, 961

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           No.              Place                Region                   Location                                   Remarks

                                                          MRT Stn: KEMBANGAN (EW6)
                 Mydin                   67,
                                                          Bus: SBS - 2, 7, 24, 25, 26, 28, 30,   Tel: 6243 2129
           58    Jalan Lapang                      E
                                                          32, 42, 83                             Fax: 6243 2721
                 Singapore 419007
                                                          SMRT - 67, 854

                 Omar Kampong Melaka
                                                          MRT Stn:: CLARKE QUAY (NE5)            Tel: 6532 6764
                 Mosque                   10,
           59                                      C      Bus: SBS - 51, 143, 143M, 186          Fax: 6536 2339                           Email :
                 Keng Cheow Street
                                                          SMRT -: 608, 970             
                 Singapore 059607

                 Omar Salmah Mosque 441B
            60   Jalan Mashhor                     C      Bus: 2, 12, 33, 54, 143, 147           Tel: 6250 0120
                 Singapore 299173

                          O you who believe! Seek help in patience and prayer. Truly! Allah is with the patient."
                                                                 [surah al Baqarah; 2:153-154]
                 Pertempatan Melayu
                 Sembawang Mosque          27-
            61                                     N                                             Tel: 6257 7614
                 B, Jalam Mempurong
                 Singapore 759055

                 Pulau Bukom Mosque
                 Pulau Bukom            P.O.
            62                                     S
                 Box 1908           Singapore                                                    Fax : 6263 4088
                 Pusara Aman              11,
                                                          MRT Stn: Boon Lay
                 Lim Chu Kang Road
            63                                     N      Bus: 405                               Tel: 6792 9378
                 Muslim Cemetary
                 Singapore 719452
                                                                                                 Tel: 6749 2382
                 Salim Matar                              MRT Stn: Aljuneid
                                                                                                 Fax: 6743 2619
                 No 1 Mattar Road                         Bus SBS - 40, 63, 65, 66, 135, 154,
            64                                     E                                             Email:
                 Singapore 387713                         155, 158
                                                          SMRT -: 61

                                                          MRT Stn:BUGIS (EW12)
                                                          Bus: SBS - 2, 7, 12, 32, 33, 51, 62,
                 Sultan                                   63, 80, 133, 145, 197                  Tel: 6293 4405
                 3, Muscat Street                         SMRT - 190, 61, 603, 61, 851, 960,
            65                                                                                   Fax: 6293 2463
                 Singapore 198833                         961, 980                               Email:

                 Tasek Utara
                                                          MRT Stn:
                 46, Bristol Road
                                                          Bus: SBS - 131
            66   Singapore 219852
                                                          SMRT - 851, 980

                 Temenggung Daeng Ibrahim                 MRT Stn:     HARBOUR FRONT (NE1)
                 30, Telok Blangah Road                   Bus: SBS - 10, 30, 65, 80, 85, 97,
                 Singapore 098827                         100, 131, 143, 143M, 145, 166, 507
            67                                            SMRT -176, 188, 61, 855, 963           Tel: 6273 6043

                 Tentera Di Raja 81,
                                                          MRT Stn: DOVER (EW22)                  Tel: 6776 5612
                 Clementi Road
            68                                            Bus: SBS - 33                          Fax: 6776 5424
                 Singapore 129797
                                                          SMRT - 184, 188, 189, 61, 75           Email:

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           No.            Place             Region                    Location                                      Remarks
                 Wak Tanjong
                 25, Paya Lebar Road
                 Singapore 409004                    MRT Stn: PAYA LEBAR (EW8)
                                                     Bus: SBS - 2, 13, 21, 24, 26, 28, 40, 51,   Tel: 6747 2743
                                                     70, 70X, 135, 154, 155                      Fax: 6747 3384

                                  Seven Days without Prayers make One WEAK

                                           Interesting Facts About Mosques in Singapore
                                                              Total no. of mosques - 69 mosques
                                             No. of mosques Built Using Mosque Building Fund (MBF) - 22 mosques
                                                                        Oldest Mosques
                                                                 Omar Kampung Melaka Mosque
                                                       Located at Kang Cheow Street off Havelock Road,
                                                          Built in 1820 by Syed Omar bin Ali Aljunied
                                                                 First mosque Built using MBF
                                                                       Muhajjirin Mosque
                                                          Located at 275 Braddell Road built in 1977
                                                                        Biggest mosque
                                                                       Assyakirin mosque
                                                                 Located at 550 Yung An Road
                                               Can accommodate about 6,000 people in a congregation prayer.
                         Smallest Mosque: Tasek Utara Mosque. Located at 46 Bristol Road near KK Women's & Children's Hospital
                                                 can accommodate about 120 people in a congregation prayer.
                                                                       ( MUIS Website)

                               All Praise To Allah! Thanks heaps. Please keep the information coming.

                                                                How can you Despair?
                                                    Despair is when you are not getting anywhere.
                                           ALLAH has said that He will never let any of our good deeds be lost.

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                May ALLAH bless you all, especially to the one who had initiated this list and to those who have contributed                      into
                                                                    the making of the list.

                                      Update:Sentosa Island - 30 Dec'08 by Salbiah Adnan (Singapore Airlines)
                                      These information is available online at:
                                                         Also at:

                                            " Verily, the prayer keeps one from the great sins and evil deeds"
                                                                    [al Ankabut 45]".

                                                       Musholla in Singapore

           No.             Place            Region                     Location                                        Remarks

                                                          The Most Powerful Nine-Letter Word
                                                                              Acquire It
                                                                (of Allah & the Holy Qu'ran)
                                                                       [Surah Ya Sin 36:2]
                                                                       [Surah Yusuf 12:2]
                                                                                                 Its just by the mid stairways inbetween
                                                                                                 level 3 & 4. Sejadah is provided and also
                                                     Equinix Building. West side 3rd floor       there is an arrow sign on the ceiling
                  Ayer Raja Cresent                  @Ayer Raja Cresent                          indication the kiblah direction.

            2     AIA Building               W         Basement 2 Carpark                          You need a visitor's pass to enter.

                                                       Car park, basement of Lobby 4, Block B.     Fan, Telekong and Slippers are provided.
            3                                W         (Lobby 4 is behind Block B).                Ablution: use the Handicapped toilet 1st floor of
                                                       Take lift to the basement.                  Lobby 4.

                                                                                                   A small prayer room for Muslimin and Muslimah,
                  ANSON HOUSE          72
            4                                W         4th floor carpark, at the extreme end.      partitioned with a curtain.
                  Anson Road
                                                                                                   Ablution: go down using the metal staircase.

a388b908-9e7d-4c17-b5c1-6079eee6e1b5.xls                                                                                                   106 of 121
           No.              Place             Region                    Location                                           Remarks

                 AOS Building/StarHub                  @Ayer Rajah Crescent, 7th Floor                Sejadah provided.
                 Cable Vision building                 Staircase.                                     Ablution: use toilet on any floor.

                                                                                                      The musholla is beside lot numbers 58 to 65.
                                                                                                      Ablution is at the toilet just beside the musholla.
                                                       Location is the carpark at No. 6 Battery Rd
                                                                                                      Slippers, songkok, sejadah are provided and qiblat
                                                       (Standard Chartered Bank).
            6    BATTERY ROAD                                                                         direction is also indicated.
                                                       Enter the carpark from Bonham St, go to
                                                                                                      Muslimah might need to bring their own telekong,
                                                       Lower B2 deck.
                                                                                                      but there is no partition to separate male and
                                                                                                      female prayer area. (Maybe not meant for
                 BUKIT BATOK DRIVING                   The location of Musholla is at Level 3, on     Qiblat marked on floor. Sejadah,Telekong and
            7                                  W
                 CENTRE                                the Left position. .                           Al'Quran provided. For Ablution, use toilet nearby.

                                                                                                      Separate prayer rooms for Muslimin and Muslimah.
                                                       6th floor carpark. Take lift to carpark. Ask
                 Capital Square          23                                                           Telekong, sejadah, songkok and fan all provided.
            8                                          any Malay driver if you not sure of the
                 Church Street                                                                        Rooms are well maintained.
                                                                                                      Ablution: oustide the room.

                                                       5th Floor recess area behind Alkaf Foreign
                 CAUSEWAY POINT                        Exchange. Ref. Bro Muhamad Rafie.              The recess space is between the stairs and the wall.
            9                                   N
                 SHOPPING CENTRE                       The former place i.e. beside Al Nada           Borrow sejadah from the money-changer.
                                                       Barber has been sealed off.

                 CENTRAL POLICE                                                                       For NS Reservists Only.
                                                       Restricted Place 4th floor Male locker
            10   DIVISION HQ                    S                                                     Ask anyone in the locker room for directions.
                 CANTOMENT COMPLEX                                                                    Ablution: use the toilet.

                                                       Core K 2nd floor. The door to go down is on    The Ladies prayer room is locked but you can
            11   CHANGI AIRPORT AFT 5                  3rd floor next to canteen entrance, on the     borrow the key from any SATS or SIA Cargo staff
                                                       right.                                         at the 5th floor or call 6621 if required.

                 CHANGI AIRPORT CARGO
            12                                  E      Above canteen, roof level

                                  The Apostle of Allah was asked: Which of the actions is best? He replied:
                                                           Observing prayer early in its period.
                                                                        [abu Dawud 2: 426]

                 CHANGI AIRPORT CARGO
                                                       Level 2 below the canteen next to the          Use staircase D to go to the 2nd floor. Telekongs
                 COMPLEX . CIAS Cargo
            13                                  E      staircase. The surau is on the left of the     are provided. Ablution: use toilet at level 3 toilet
                 Centre Building - No. 45
                                                       entrance.                                      near the canteen (toilet at level 2 is staff only).
                 Airport Cargo Road.

                 CHANGI AIRPORT                        Level 1 Arrival transit west wing (before
            14                                  E
                 TERMINAL 1                            immigration clearance).

                 CHANGI AIRPORT                        Transit Mall Level 2 near Charles & Keith
            15                                  E
                 TERMINAL 2                            store. Behind RMG Clinic

                 CHANGI AIRPORT                        Transit Mall Level 2 near Mont Blanc store
            16                                  E
                 TERMINAL 3                            and Sunglass Hut.

                 CHANGI AIRPORT                        Food Court Level 3M. Strictly for
            17                                  E                                                     Try ask any Muslim stall holder
                 TERMINAL 2                            stallholder

a388b908-9e7d-4c17-b5c1-6079eee6e1b5.xls                                                                                                        107 of 121
           No.              Place               Region                     Location                                           Remarks
                                                         Level 1, behind the 7 Eleven store.
                 CHANGI GENERAL                          Pass the passageway opposite the ATM.
            18                                    E                                                      Sejadah is provided. Ablution: use the toilet.
                 HOSPITAL                                Turn left about 10metres, the space is on
                                                         the right.

                                                          It is located at ward 34, 4th storey where
                                                                                                         Please take note you have to bring your own prayer
                 CHANGI GENERAL                          actually the space is supposed to be
            19                                                                                           mat or telekong. The toilet is nearby and there is
                 HOSPITAL                                visitors but is converted for Muslim to do
                                                                                                         an arrow at the ceiling for us facing the kaabah.
                                                         their prayer.

                                                                                                         Surau is marked at the door. Ssejadah, telekong,
                 CID bulidling.
           20                                     S      13th floor opposite the toilet..                Qiblat and slippers are provided.
                 Police cantoment complex.
                                                                                                         Ablution: use the toilet.

            21   CITY PLAZA                       E      Just beside Arnold's Chicken eatery,            There is a makeshift prayer place set by the guard.

                                                                                                         The room is air-conditioned. Space for Muslimin and
                                                         5th level car park at the corner.
                                                                                                         Muslimah is partitioned with a curtain. Telekong is
           22    CLIFFORD CENTRE                  S      Take the car park lift behind Fuji Film
                                                                                                         availabe but its best to bring your own.
                                                                                                         Ablution: its outside the room.

                 CYCLE & CARRIAGE,                       2nd floor beside the car washing bay within     Sejadah, songkok, telekong are provided.
           23                                    W
                 ALEXANDRA COMPLEX                       the car park.                                   Ablution: inside the room.

                                                         Basement 1 car park. Enter the car park,
                                                                                                         Telekong and slippers are provided.
                 DBS BUILDING CARPARK                    turn right, its at the end.
                                                                                                         Ablution: go to one level down.
           24    SHENTON WAY                      S      There are 2 rooms next to the driver rest
                                                                                                         There are 2 gents toilets. For ladies, use the left
                 (Behind CPF Building)                   area.                                  Ask
                                                                                                         toilet but place a "Ladies" sign on the door
                                                         any Malay driver if

                             "If a person had a stream outside his door and he bathed in it five times a day,
                                                      do you think he would have any filth left on him?"
                                             The people said, "No filth would remain on him whatsoever."
                                                         The Prophet (peace be upon him) then said,
                                    "That is like the five daily prayers: Allah wipes away the sins by them."
                                                                      [Sahih al Bukhari, Muslim]
                 DARUL ARQAM          Geylang
            25                                    E      Musollah at 2nd Level

            26   East Shore Hospital                     2nd floor end of corridor by the ICU ward

                 MINISTRY OF                             Level 26. To go to musollah, take a visitor's
                 ENVIRONMENT              40             pass at visitor's lobby (West wing lobby).
            27                                    C                                                      Separate ablution areas for men and women.
                 Scotts Road         (Near               Take lift to level 25 and then the stairs to
                 Newton MRT)                             level 26.

                                                         Next to Hilton Hotel, near the Hard Rock        The room is located next to a tap, good for 2
            28   FORUM GALLERIA                   C      Cafe. Take lift at the loading bay, go to       persons at a time. Qiblat is marked & sejadahs are
                                                         level 4 (roof-top) and turn right.              available. It is advisable to bring your own telekong.

                                                                                                         The Musollah door is facing the ablution area.
                                                         Basement 1 Carpark, on the left of the lift
            29   Four Season Hotel                C                                                      Toilets also located behind the lift lobby. Sejadah
                                                         lobby (for car park).
                                                                                                         and kain available. Telekong is available.

                 FUNAN CENTRE Opposite                                                                   Ask any Muslim shopowner and they will be able to
            30                                    C      Basement level.
                 Central Fire Station                                                                    assist you.

a388b908-9e7d-4c17-b5c1-6079eee6e1b5.xls                                                                                                              108 of 121
           No.              Place            Region                    Location                                             Remarks

                                                                                                       Seek help from the security at the information
                                                      Go to security restroom at the basement
            31   GERMAN CENTRE                 C                                                       counter if the room is locked.
                                                      car park next to the motorcycle parking lot.
                                                                                                       Ablution: outside the room.

                                                                                                       Enter from the side facing Arqam. Telekong
            32   GEYLANG MARKET                E      Nice small surau at Perkampungan Melayu,         available. Info: there is religious class on Tuesdays
                                                                                                       after maghrib.

                                                      Level 1, go thru the main entrance, and turn
                 GLENEAGLES HOSPITAL                  right and along the corridor, before the
            33                                 C                                                       Ask any Muslim staff for directions.
                 (next to Botanic Gardens)            toilets there is a staircase, go in and you
                                                      will see the musollah.

                                                      Basement 1, Carpentry + Engineering              Get slippers there, the ablution area is upstairs
                                                      Workshop. Go to the valet parking booth          near the vehicle washing bay/ rear entrance of
            34   GOODWOOD PARK HOTEL           C
                                                      and you will see a door leading to steps         Gordon Grill kitchen. Ask any Muslim staff there
                                                      going down to B1.                                for assistance.

                                                        Salat is a pillar of the religion (Islam).
                                                      He who establishes it, establishes religion;
                                                      and he who destroys it, destroys religion."
                 GUTHRIE BUILDING                     4th floor. MERCU Learning Point.                 Ablution: use toilet on the same floor. Musollah is
            35   (Geylang, beside AIA          E      Go to the office and ask the receptionist        spacious: can take 8-10 muslimah and 40 jemaah.
                 Changi)                              for the Musollah.                                Very clean. Officers are helpful.

                                                      Stairway door next to front desk security.
                                                      You may ask assistance from the security if
                                                                                                       Bring your own prayer items. Toilet is on the other
            36   Harbourfront Tower 1                 you're not from the building.
                                                                                                       side of the front desk, directly opposite.
                                                      Its just an available area without carpeting

                                                      1) Staircase landing between the HDB
                                                      Display Sales Area and the POSB Loan             Qiblat is indicated. However, amenities are not
                 HDB Hub Biz Three, Lorong
            37                                 C      Center. The door is beside the lift and          available. Ablution: use the toilets opposite the
                 6 Toa Payoh
                                                      marked “For staff only”. Immediately             staircase.
                                                      inside, on the right is the staircase landing.

                                                                                                       They have 2 Mushollas, one for public (beside its
                 HDB Hub East Wing,                   9th Floor (#09-01) (Law firm: M S Subra          reception desk) and another one inside their office.
            38                                 C
                 @HDB Hub Toa Payoh.                  TT & Partners)                                   Abolution can be taken @the toilet at the same
                                                                                                       level. Telekung and sejadah are provided. Kiblat is
                                                                                                       indicated with a sticker at the ceiling. Can fit 2
                                                                                                       people at a time.
                                                      2) 2nd staircase landing is on 8th floor
                                                      opposite the PSB Academy (#08-11). Take
                 PSB Academy                                                                           Qiblat is indicated. No amenities available.
                                                      lift near the HDB Hub reception counter
            39   (Specially for those          C                                                       Ablution: use toilets on the same floor near the
                                                      (Opposite the HDB Display Sales Area).
                 attending courses)                                                                    JCU Singapore office.
                                                      The exit (Stair SD1) is beside the lift

                                                                                                       Quite secured as the lift door is not use unless of
                                                      Makeshift firemen's lift landing space as a
                                                                                                       emergency. For Qiblat, face the lift door and turn
                                                      prayer corner . It is at the rightwing near
            40   Alternative site              C                                                       about 20deg to the right. There are doors on the
                                                      buffet corner for trainees attending
                                                                                                       left and right.                     Ablution: use
                                                      courses at the PSB Academy.
                                                                                                       toilet on the right. Advice: bring own telekong.

a388b908-9e7d-4c17-b5c1-6079eee6e1b5.xls                                                                                                        109 of 121
           No.              Place             Region                   Location                                             Remarks
                                                                                                      Area carpeted courtesy of the Muslim brothers
            41                                         Basement Carpark.                              working in the building.
                                                                                                      Ablution: use toilet at 1st floor.

                                                       Level 5 & 7. Take lift from the main lift
                                                                                                      No telekong provided. Get direction from any Malay
            42   HONG LEONG BUILDING            S      lobby to the 7th floor. Go to the end of the
                                                                                                      driver if you need.
                                                       car park.

                                                       There is a prayer room is at level 4; hotel
                                                                                                      The room has separate prayer rooms and ablution
                 HYATT HOTEL , Scotts                  guests must ask the staff to bring you to
            43                                  C                                                     facilities for muslimin and muslimah. Prayer mats
                 Road                                  the prayer room, as you need card access
                                                       to the room.

                 Institute of Certified                                                               No telekong. Request keys to the prayer room from
            44                                         It's located at the 2nd level.
                 Public Accountants (ICPAS)                                                           the reception.

                                                                                                      A small room provided with sejadah & Telokong and
                 IKEA                                  Basement car park, underneath the
            45                                 W                                                      ablution facility; partitioned with a curtain for
                 ALEXANDRA                             escalator.
                                                                                                      Muslimah & Muslimin. Well maintained.

                                                       There are 2 very good musholla rooms, one
                                                                                                      The rooms are self-contained, air-conditioned and
                                                       for male and one for female. It's located
                 IKEA            TAMPINES       E                                                     carpetted. you can take abolution in the rooms,
                                                       on the 4th floor, near the toilets behind      slippers are provided and so are the telekungs
            46                                         the Ikea Restaurant.
                                                       Ground Floor, rear entrance from Toh Guan
                                                       Road.                                          (Please double check as feedback received Musollah
                 IMM BUILDING                          There is a door (musollah inside) in the       is not open to public). A few meters in front of the
            47                                 W
                 Jurong East                           building facing Toh Guan Rd just beside the    door, on the grass verge is a tap where you make
                                                       entrance to the car park of the building       ablution.

                                          One of the Saliheen was asked how he kept his khushu' in prayer
                                                                (concentration & humbleness etc)
                           He said, 'I imagine that Allah is before me, that the Angel of Death is at my back,
                        that the gardens of Jannah are to my right, that the fires of Jahannum are on my left
                                                          and that I am standing on the Sirat'

                                                       In Block A there is one musholla here and
                                                       the only musholla in this school. The
                 Informatics (10 & 12                                                                 No partition for Muslimah and Muslimin, most
            48                                         musollah is situated between student
                 Science Centre Road).                                                                probably for men only. Ablution: use toilets.
                                                       service(A01-01) and IPDC service and

                                                       Level 3
                 INST OF PUBLIC ADMIN                  The room in IPAM is no longer available.
                                                                                                      Note: Masjid Kg Holland is 5 minutes walk from
            49   & MANAGEMENT (IPAM)           W       According to the staff you may use any
                                                                                                      IPAM if you use the side gate exit.
                 31 North Buona Vista Road             classroom which is without signage for

                 International Business
                                                       Location is at Basement 1, Loading Bay.        Sejadah and slippers are available.
            50   Park, Jurong East. The
                                                       Room is on the right of the cargo lift.        Ablution: use toilets on 1st or 2nd floor.

                 INTERNATIONAL PLAZA                   7th Floor car park, a small area as a prayer   Very good toilet facilities at 6 & 8 floor.
            51                                  S
                 Tanjong Pagar                         place.                                         Muslimah needs to bring telekong.

a388b908-9e7d-4c17-b5c1-6079eee6e1b5.xls                                                                                                        110 of 121
           No.              Place            Region                    Location                                               Remarks

                                                      Basement 2 Car park. The room is behind
                                                      the Banquet Food court.                          For directions & the keys to the musollah, please
                 JURONG POINT                         Take the travellator down to basement 2          ask the Malay vendors at the foodcourt.
            52                                W
                 (Strictly for staff only)            and turn left. The room is with a small          (Apparently it has been closed due to complaints
                                                      ablution corner. It is locked so if you really   from public).
                                                      need it ask the secur

                                                                                                       A makeshift musollah at the staircase landing.
            53   Keppel Distripark             S      Blk 511, 5th Floor                               Sejadah provided but no telekong.
                                                                                                       Ablution: use toilet next to the staircase.

                                                      ADD: M. HASSAN 2                                 Its on the 2nd floor of the coffee shop.
                                                      KTM railway food station                         (outside the shop- there is a banner to indicate the
            54   KTM RAILWAY STATION,                 32 keppel road                                   surau)
                                                      railway station building                         Big and spacious, with wuduk facilities for ladies
                                                      s'pore (089059)                                  and gents.

                                             "Prayer is the essence of worship." [Hadith]
                                                                                                       Ask the Security officer (usually Male Muslim) at
                                                      HDB Branch Office Building. Next to Lot 1
                                                                                                       the reception counter for permission.
                                                      which housed NTUC dental clinic.
            55   LOT 1 Shopping centre        W                                                        Space only for 1 person. Prayer mat provided.
                                                      1st level, Security Officer Room near Bin
                                                                                                       Ablution: near bin centre beside security officer

                                                      Basement car park Extreme end of Green           Car park entrance from Marina Mandarin, the one
            56   MARINA SQUARE                 S
                                                      Zone area.                                       nearest to CityLink.

            57   MDIS (CHANGI HQ)              E      LEVEL 5 STAIRCASE                                Sejadah is provided. Ablution: use toilet nearby.

                                     Everything has its polish and the polish of hearts is Dhikrullah. (Hadith)

                                                      Musollah kami terletak di Tingkat 3 RADIO        Bilik bertanda SURAU dan cukup lengkap dengan
            58   MEDIACORP RADIO
                                                      Building dan bersebelahan dgn pejabat RIA -      telekong , kain dan sejadah. Di buka 24 jam.

                 MERIDIEN ORCHARD
            59                                 C      Basement 2                                       The musollah is a small container like room.

                                                                                                       It’s a makeshift musollah, ask any Muslim driver if
                                                      Millenia Tower B1 car park, take the lift to     you need help.
            60   MILLENIA TOWER                S
                                                      B1 and go to the car park.                       Ablution: use toilets at upper level before going to

                                                                                                       Entry to the musollah is by using Staff Pass only. It
                                                      The new musollah is at Basement 1.               should not be a problem - ask any Muslim staff and
            61   Ministry of Home Affairs             (The musollah on the 3rd level AHU room          they can direct accordingly.
                                                      has been closed).                                Go via the Multi-purpose hall, turn right and take
                                                                                                       lift to Basement 1.

                                                      Opposite the registration counter, there's
                                                                                                       You can ask any staff, doctors or nurses. They will
            62   Mt Alvernia Hospital          C      a small room called 'Quiet Room' specially
                                                                                                       be able to help.
                                                      reserved for Muslims to do their prayers.

            63   Muhammadiyah Association      E      14 Jalan Selamat

                 Muhammadiyah Education                                                                Very spacious, plenty of toilets and wudhu for both
            64                                 E      Lorong 13 Geylang, Take lift to Level 6.
                 Centre                                                                                men and women.

a388b908-9e7d-4c17-b5c1-6079eee6e1b5.xls                                                                                                        111 of 121
           No.              Place          Region                   Location                                             Remarks
                                                    For Muslimah:
                                                                                                   For Muslimin:
                 NATIONAL INSTITUTE                 In between Blk 2 and 3, Basement 1, near
                                                                                                   Blk 5, Basement 1, near the Gymnasium, Use the
            65   OF EDUCATION               W       the motorcyle parking bay. Ablution: use
                                                                                                   staircase near the water coolers.
                 NTU                                toilet at Blk 3, same floor close to the car
                                                                                                   Ablution: use toilet near the

                                                    Located at West Entrance, VIP Lobby,
                                                                                                   Sejadah and telekong are provided.
            66   National Stadium            C      behind the Booking Office. You can ask any
                                                                                                   Ablution: use any toilets at around the stadium.
                                                    of the security guards for direction.

                                                    Emergency Ward at the Emergency
                                                                                                   Ask any Muslim lady working at the front counter.
                                                    Entrance. Turn to the right and go up the
                 NATIONAL UNIVERSITY                                                               Prayer mats provided but not telekung.
            67                              W       staircase.
                 HOSPITAL                                                                          Ablution: use the washroom on the ground floor,
                                                    For Muslimah 4th floor. For Muslimin 3rd
                                                                                                   Emergency Ward

                                                                                                   Prayer mat, kopia, telekung are provided in the
                 NATIONAL UNIVERSITY                                                               cupboard. Qiblat indicated on the ceiling.
            68                              W       QUIET ROOM on level 6 (Ward 60-64)
                 HOSPITAL                                                                          Ablution: use the washroom or basin in the Quiet

                         He is the best man whose life is long and whose actions are good.
                                                                                                   The musollah is on 6th floor. Take the staircase, no
            69   NUS                        W       The Shaw Foundation Building AS7.
                                                                                                   lift access.

                                                                                                   There is a narrow staircase in front of the central
                                                    A really small room in the AS6 building.
            70   NUS                        W                                                      library. After going down through the steps (2
                                                                                                   steps) one can find the room.

                                                    Sports & Recreation Centre). Please ask ,
                 NANYANG TECHNOLOGY
            71                              W       Mr Abdul Rahman Hj Matwan, staff in the        Room carpeted and sejadah available. No telekong.
                                                    General Office for location.

                                                    Block A. Level 1 staircase. in front of
                                                    security guards' room.(better to ask for
                                                                                                   Take staircase to level 5.                       Block
                                                    assistance). No telekong here.
            72   NANYANG POLYTECHNIC         N                                                     P. Level 8 staircase. Both staircases can be used as
                                                    There are 2 staircases at block E, not the
                                                                                                   prayer area.
                                                    one in front of the Student Development

                                                                                                   Ablution: For Muslimin, use toilet at level 2.      For
                                                    1) Muslim Students' Society (MSS)
                                                                                                   Muslimat, from the Clubhouse, go straight and turn
                                                    Clubhouse, Blk 73, Level 3. Left at the end.
            73   Ngee Ann Polytechnic       W                                                      left, Ladies' toilet is at the end.
                                                    Take the staircase at Canteen 1, near the
                                                                                                   Slippers for wudoo' are provided. If you need help
                                                    Drinks stall.
                                                                                                   ask any student at the Clubhouse.

            74   Ngee Ann Polytechnic       W       2) Blk 27, Level 6, staircase landing.         Telekong, sejadah and slippers are provided.

                                                    3) Blk 51, staircase landing between Level 1   Take the staircase next to vending machines.
            75   Ngee Ann Polytechnic       W       and Level 2.                                   Slippers are provided.
                                                                                                   Ablution: use toilet, level 1.

                                                    3rd Floor car park.                            The surau is on the left for both Muslimin and
                 NOL BUILDING
            76                              W       Take lift to 3rd floor and go thru the door    Muslimah. Ablution: use tap at the "No Washing of
                 ALEXANDRA ROAD
                                                    that has a "music lounge" label.               car" label.

                                                     Car park, Level 5-Central Lift Lobby:         For ablution, please go to the 2nd floor toilet of
                 Novotel Clarke Quay
            77   (also for Liangcourt               There’s a small space just outside the exit    the West Lobby, there’s a Low Sink of ablution.
                                                    of the Lobby. It’s in the Carpark Slippers     (Toilet at level 5 is currently under renovation)
                 shopping centre) C?
                                                    are provided

a388b908-9e7d-4c17-b5c1-6079eee6e1b5.xls                                                                                                     112 of 121
           No.              Place            Region                     Location                                         Remarks

                                                      For Muslimah:
                                                      Library Level 3, staircase Landing.
                                                      Take lift to level 5 and then take stairs to   For Muslimin:
            78   NTU North Spine              W
                                                      level 6. The musollah is near staircase        Level 3 (Roof Top) Passenger Lift U Room N3
                                                      landing, no ablution area, no fan - quite
                                                      poorly ventilated.

                                                      For Muslimah:                                  For Muslimin:
            79   NTU South Spine              W
                                                      Level B5, Cargo Lift Lift Lobby S1             Level 2(Roof Top), Passenger Lift AHU Room S3

                                              (Oh Allah, Guide me with those whom You have guided,
                                           and strengthen me with those whom You have given strength,
                                    and take me to Your care with those whom You have taken to Your care,
                                                      and Bless me in what You have given me.)
                                             [Abu Dawud, Ibn Majah, An Nasai, At Tirmidhi, Ahmad,
                                                         Ad Darimi, Al Hakim, and Al Bayhaqi]

                 NATIONAL UNIVERSITY                  Faculty of science,
                                                                                                     Go to the roof-top. Ablution: use any toilet on
            80   OF SINGAPORE                 W       Microbiology block (MD4),
                 (NUS)                                5th Floor, Annexe Block

                                                                                                     For exact location please ask Security         guard at
            81   OCEAN BUILDING                S      B1 and B2 car park.
                                                                                                     Ocean Building ground floor

                                                      Basement 3 level car park. Take lift from      Next to it, there is a prayer room, not air-
                 ORCHARD HOTEL (Arcade                Orchard Hotel (Arcade Shopping Centre)         conditioned. Ablution is outside the room. The room
            82                                 C
                 Shopping Centre)                     to basement 2. Turn right and take the         is partitioned Muslimin and Muslimah. Telekong is
                                                      ramp to basement 3.                            available. Seek help from hotel staff if you need.

                                                                                                     No telekong available. For the key, please ask the
                                                      There's a small surau somewhere in the 3rd
            83   Orchard Parade Hotel          C                                                     bellhop.
                                                      floor carpark,

                                                      5th floor, at the end of the car park. Take
                                                      lift at Isetan, out into the car park, turn
                                                      left towards the end. If you use the           The room is infront of a trolley bay and is marked
                 PARKWAY PARADE
            84                                 E      escalator from Giant, go the 5th floor car     with a sign on its door. It is carpeted and provided
                 SHOPPING CENTRE
                                                      park and to the Right corner. (You can also    with sejadah, telekong and an ablution area.
                                                      ask the Isetan Malay staff for direction.
                                                      They will be able to assist)

            85   PENINSULA PLAZA               S      Basement floor.                                Ask the Indian shop owner

                                                      Basement, the building beside Funan
                                                                                                     The musollah is the staircase landing in front of the
                 PENINSULA SHOPPING                   Centre. You can enter from Hill St. (opp.
                                                                                                     toilets. Ablution: use toilet or the washing
            86   COMPLEX (EXCELSIOR            S      Central Fire Stn.) or from Coleman St.
                                                                                                     basin/area. Prayer mats are on top of the mail
                 COMPLEX)                             (Peninsula Shopping Complex entrance).
                                                                                                     boxes at the entrance.
                                                      Located near the toilets.

                 Persekutuan Silat
                                                      Silat Centre of Excellence                     Musollah is available for those visiting Bedok
            87   Singapura & Persekutuan       E
                                                      No 7 Bedok North Street 2                      stadium, Bedok Swimming complex or its vicinity.
                 Sepak Takraw Singapura

a388b908-9e7d-4c17-b5c1-6079eee6e1b5.xls                                                                                                      113 of 121
           No.             Place               Region                      Location                                           Remarks
                                                          For Muslimah:
                                                          6th level Tower Block Room 0606, open
                 PSB BUILDING      Formerly
                                                          during prayer time. If locked please ask for   For Muslimin:
                 NPB/PSB Building 2 Jalan
            88                                  W         key at Management Facilities Office            10th level Tower Block. Room no 1011. Room is not
                 Bukit Merah Central
                                                          (United Premas) at Level 1. For direction      lock. Ablution in toilet outside.
                 (SPRING Singapore)
                                                          you may ask the Receptionist at customer
                 QUEENSWAY SHOPPING                       1st Floor near toilet. Access thru the Exit
            89                                  W                                                        There are taps inside for ablution.
                 CENTRE                                   door.

                                                                  (Oh Allah, I hope for Your Mercy.
                                              Do not leave me to myself even for the blinking of an eye.
                                 Correct all of my affairs for me. There is none worthy of worship but You)
                                                                  [Abu Dawud 4/324, Ahmad 5/42]
                 REGIONAL LANGUAGE
                                                                                                         The musollah is marked. There is a tap for ablution.
            90   CENTRE                          C        11th floor room in front of the lift.
                                                                                                         Sejadah and telekong available.

                                                          From the entrance at Turkish Kitchen, turn     The musollah is next to a tap and is marked.        No
            91   RENDEZVOUS HOTEL                S
                                                          left and take lift to Basement 1.              telekong.

                                                                                                         I think we should also try get some response from
                                                          The nearest is Bencoolen Mosque, behind
                                                                                                         SMU students. I believe there is a musollah along
                                                          the hotel. Along Bencoolen Road it is
            92   RENDEZVOUS HOTEL                C                                                       Armenian street (opposite s-11 along the old central
                                                          noticeable for its sign of a crescent and
                                                                                                         library @ stamford rd). the musollah is inside one
                                                                                                         of the Muslim food stalls.

                 Republic Plaza, Tower 2,                 Take lift at Tower 2 lobby (Next to Golden     For Mens Only. Slippers, Electric Fan are provided.
            93                                   S
                 Raffles Place                            Shoe Car Park) to 2nd Floor and turn right.    Ablution: use tap outside the men toilet nearby.

                                                                                                         The room is air-conditioned and partitioned for
                                                                                                         Muslimah and Muslimin. It is only open from 1-2pm
                                                        Block W3, level 4 room N (W34N).
            94   Republic Polytechnic            N                                                       and 4.30-6.30pm (student break time). Telekong,
                                                        In one of the facilitation block.
                                                                                                         Sejadah and Slippers are available. Ablution: use
                                                                                                         toilets on the same level.

                                                          The musollah at Robinson Point was
                 ROBINSON POINT                           removed in Feb/Mar this year. That was         There are separate rooms for Muslimin and
            95   BUILDING,                       S        a good and cosy place but was removed          Muslimah; and with ablution facility. There are
                 Robinson Road                            by Management there for parking space I        telekong and sejadah.
                                                          The surau for Muslimin & Muslimah is on
                                                          the second floor. From the hotel entrance      A shoe rack is provided inside.Telekong & sejadah
                 ROYAL CROWN PLAZA
            96                                   C        go right to the Gents & Ladies Restrooms,      are available. Ablution: For Muslimin it is next to it.
                                                          next to the Lift. Go upstairs to the car       For Muslimah turn left just outside the prayer area.
                                                           Rangers' Station which is just along the
                                                          road towards the Beach Station. For those
                                                          of you who are not familiar with the island,
                                                          ask the Sentosa staff on the ground for        Currently, there is no wuduk area. Only wash
            97   SENTOSA ISLAND                           guidance. Don't ask for "Surau"                basins. So, you need to go to the toilets which are
                                                          specifically as they would not know. Ask for   nearby to take wuduk
                                                          Rangers' Station and the Rangers who are
                                                          on duty at the Rangers' Station will direct
                                                          you the way. .

a388b908-9e7d-4c17-b5c1-6079eee6e1b5.xls                                                                                                           114 of 121
           No.               Place              Region                      Location                                              Remarks
                                                                                                           Please ask for the Supervisor who will be glad to
                                                           At the Annex Building of the Science            show the musollah.
            98   SCIENCE CENTRE                  W
                                                           Centre.                                         Ablution area, Sejadah, kain and telekong are

                                                           #04 Lobby C (next to TAS Riser). One            Once you're out from lift you see
                 Science Park Drive 1
                                                           person at a time can sholat coz it is a small   EXIT (Roof Eccess) & Washroom.
            99   The Rutherford Building
                                                           store rm located at 4th flr.                    Before the washroom turn left you can spot the
                                                                                                           passage, will see the TAS Rise Rm, Electrical Rise
                                                                                                           Rm well the same row
                                                           SKL Musollah is at the extreme corner
                 SEMBAWANG KIMTRANS                        (Exit staircase) near Habba Sped. At the
                                                                                                           Sejadah, mat and slippers provided for ablution.
           100   Ltd.        30 Old Toh          W         new building, the MD has reserved a prayer
                                                                                                           Telekong not available.
                 Tuck Road       #05-01                    place at the top of the building near the
                 Sembawang satay Club
                                                           Musollah or muslimin and muslimat is behind     For shoppers patronising shops at Sembawang
           101   (NOW MOVED TO CITY               N
                                                           Roti Prata stall, Level 1.                      Shopping Centre. (NO MORE AVAILABLE)
                 PLAZA GEYLANG)

                                                         (I seek the Forgiveness of Allah (three times),
                                                  Oh Allah, You are Peace and from You comes Peace.
                                                   Blessed are You, Oh Owner of Majesty and Honour)
                                                                           [Sahih Muslim, 1/414]

                                                           83 CLEMENCEAU AVE                               Ablution: for Muslimin are provided.
                 SHELL HOUSE, UE
           102                                    C        BASEMENT 3 CAR PARK.                            For Muslimah it is advisable to do it in toilets at
                                                           Enterance via the Escalator.                    ground floor.

                 SHELL TOWER              78               Basements car park. (Opposite IBM
           103                                    S                                                        Use the exit door. There are taps for ablution.
                 Shenton Way                               Building) Level 5 car park

                                                           83 CLEMENCEAU AVE                               Ablution for men are provided whereas muslimah
                 SHELL HOUSE, UE
           104                                    C        BASEMENT 3 CAR PARK.                            are advised to perform ablution at
                                                           Enterance via the Escalator.                    nearby toilets at ground floor.

                 SHELL TOWER                               Basements car park. (Opposite IBM               There is an exit door - enter. There are taps for
           105                                    S
                 78 Shenton Way                            Building) Level 5 car park                      ablution.

                 SHERATON TOWERS                           Car park, basement 4. There are 2 small
                 SINGAPORE                39,              prayer rooms, Muslimah & Muslimin, located      The rooms are air-conditioned. Slippers,
           106                                    C
                 SCOTTS ROAD          (Near                beside the washroom. Please take the car        telekongs and Electric Fan are provided.
                 Newton MRT)                               park lift from the lobby.

                                                           There is a small room with ablution             Please ask the Muslim receptionist (at the
                 The Siemens Centre, 60
                                                           facilities at the ground floor. The room is     main entrance reception counter) to open the
           107   MacPherson Road                  E
                                                           locked, as it's meant for staff at the          door for you. Let her know when you are
                                                           centre.                                         done, so that she can lock the door.
                                                                                                           For Muslimah: Core 5C & 6E.                     For
                 SINGAPORE AIRLINES
                                                                                                           Muslimin: Core 3D & 5E                     (opposite
           108   Airline House                    E
                                                                                                           Staff Travel).                       All Amenities
                 Changi Airport

                 SINGAPORE AIRLINES
                 SIN Sales Passenger                                                                       Strictly for SIA staff Only                     All
           109   Services                         E        Level 8F extreme right.                         amenities available.    For info please call Duty SRO
                 NTUC Income Building                                                                      Tel: 6507133
                 Tampines Central

                 SINGAPORE AIRLINES
           110   STC Building                     E        Level 5 - 05C                                   For Muslimah and Muslimin. All amenities available.
                 Upper Changi Road East

a388b908-9e7d-4c17-b5c1-6079eee6e1b5.xls                                                                                                            115 of 121
           No.              Place             Region                   Location                                               Remarks

                 SINGAPORE AIRLINES
                                                       Ground Floor. After security, turn right to     Staggered time for Muslimah & Muslimin. Please
           111   MSD Building                   E
                                                       the end near to the Ladies toilet.              check with security.
                 Upper Changi Road East

                 SINGAPORE AIRLINES
                 SIN Sales Passenger                                                                   Strictly for SIA staff Only                      All
           112   Services                       E      Level 8F extreme right.                         amenities available.    For info please call Duty SRO
                 NTUC Income Building                                                                  Tel: 6507133
                 Tampines Central

                    "From amongst the seven whom Allah will give shade to on the day when there will be no shade
           113             except His shade, will be that person whose heart was attached to the masjid."
                                                           [Sahih al Bukari]

                                                       The surau is behind the Singapore Coronary
                                                                                                       The surau (formerly known as Surau MacAlister)
                                                       Centre adjacent to the Centre carpark and
                                                                                                       had been renovated. It is very convenient for
                                                       the surau sign can be seen from centre.
                 SINGAPORE          GENERAL                                                            visitors who have afternoon appointments in the
           114                                 W       For Muslimah, you need to walk behind as
                 HOSPITAL                                                                              hospital. Solat Jumaat is held in this surau. If you
                                                       the only access to the prayer room is by
                                                                                                       have any problem please seek assistance from any
                                                       passing the toilet and the entrance near a
                                                                                                       MOH muslim

                 SINGAPORE INSTITUTE
                                                       Prayers at room 1-07, it's on the left if you   There is a carpet provided to be used as sejadah.
           115   OF MANAGEMENT                 W
                                                       enter from the main entrance of SIM.            Muslimah need to bring own telekong.
                 (SIM - Clementi)

                     "Verily, the first House (of worship) appointed for mankind was that at Bakkah (Makkah), full of
                                                  blessing, and a guidance for Al-alameen"
                                                           [surah ali Imran; 3:96].

                                                                                                       Toilets beside the auditorium (the upper floor
                 SINGAPORE INSTITUTE                   Main building - where the Auditoriums are
                                                                                                       auditoriums). There is a door next to the ladies
           116   OF MANAGEMENT                 W       situated.
                                                                                                       toilet which will lead you to a small space, used for
                 (SIM - Namly Avenue)
                                                                                                       prayer. No sejadah or telekong.

                                                       Annexe building - where the classrooms are      Please bring own sejadah and telekong. Those who
                 SINGAPORE INSTITUTE
                                                       situated.                                       attend night classes can ask the muslim staff to
           117   OF MANAGEMENT                 W
                                                       The Staircase landing on the left and right     open one of the classrooms, one of them is Encik
                 (SIM - Namly Avenue)
                                                       end of the building (next to the toilets).      Rahman.

                                                       There is an official prayer room at the
                 Singapore Management                                                                  Access card is required - thus the room is only
                                                       Lower Basement. Take lift beside the 7-11
           118   University campus at Bras      C                                                      available to students and visitors with visitor's
                                                       outlet at the Concourse B1 down to Lower
                 Basah.                                                                                pass; not open to the public.
                                                       Basement and turn right.

                                                       T5,Level 3,staircase landing.Take the
                                                                                                       Both men and women toilets available at Level
           119   Singapore Polytechnic                 staircase nearest to the Library and Admin
                                                                                                       3.Telekongs and

                                                       T14 (Level 8)
                                                                                                       Kiblat is provided and sejaddahs and telekongs
                                                       The mushollah is located at the staircase
                                                                                                       are provided. Ablution is taken at the toilets on
           120   Singapore Polytechnic                 landing, with one at each end of
                                                                                                       level 7 as the toilets on level 8 are only for use
                                                       the building.
                                                                                                       by staff.

a388b908-9e7d-4c17-b5c1-6079eee6e1b5.xls                                                                                                         116 of 121
           No.             Place               Region                    Location                                           Remarks

                                                                                                       Kiblat, sejaddahs and telekongs are provided.
           121   Singapore Polytechnic           S
                                                                                                       Ablution is to be taken at the same-level toilet
                                                        T18( Level 8)
                                                        Located at the far end of the building, also
                                                        at a staircase landing.

                                                        SPMLS Room (on top of FC 5)
                                                        The Singapore Polytechnic Malay Language
           122   Singapore Polytechnic                                                                 Amenities are all provided.
                                                        Society room is always welcomed for
                                                        fellow muslims to pray there.

                                                        (Omni-Theatre Building) Pass the ticketing
                 SINGAPORE SCIENCE                      counter, walk to the Omni-Theatre
           123                                  W                                                      prayer mats also available.
                 CENTRE                                 entrance queuing bar and turn left to the

                                                        A spacious room at the Loading/Unloading
                 ZOOLOGICAL GARDENS                                                                    Telekong available. Ablution place is at the back of
                                                        Bay. Beside the Trams parking area near
           124                                   N                                                     the room. Please ask the Muslim Tram drivers for
                                                        the entrance. (Please ask permission as the
                                                                                                       actual directions.
                                                        musollah is for staff only)

                 SOUTHPOINT              200
           125                                   S      Basement 1 Car park                            Musollah is a part of parking lot.
                 Cantonment Road

                                                            The Most Selfish One-Letter Word
                                                                                  Avoid It
                                                                        [Surah al-Kahf 18:34]

                                                                                                       It is well maintained by the staff. Telekong
                                                                                                       available. Ablution: use tap near the cleaner's store.
                 SINGAPORE POWER                        Musollah is at Basement 1 Car park, near
                                                                                                       The allen-key for the tap is kept inside the
           126   BUILDING                        C      the car park exit, beside the cleaner's
                                                                                                       musollah. Visitors can ask the car park staff or any
                 111, Somerset Road                     store.
                                                                                                       SP Muslim staff for direction. Musollah open on

           127   Suntec city tower 4             S      Carrefour delivery office.                     Ask the person in charge.

                                                        Staircase landing between 1st and 2nd
           128   SUPREME COURT                   S      floor, side entrance facing Parliament

                 TAKASHIMAYA                            Basement 1, a small room near to the           Ablution can be taken outside the room. Sejadah
           129                                   C
                 DEPARTMENT STORE                       toilets and staff entrance.                    also provided. Max only 2 persons in the room.

                                            "The most beloved places to Allah on earth are the Masjid,
                                           and the most hated places to Allah on earth are the Markets."
                                                                                                       Level 2 corridor near the toilet and Isetan
                                                        There is now a new musollah at Tampines        warehouse room. Go towards the toilet, turn left
           130   TAMPINES MALL                   E
                                                        Mall.                                          when you see a corridor. Telekong, sejadah and
                                                                                                       Slippers are provided.

                                                        Main Building (Wards) 3rd Floor,
                                                                                                       Ablution at Toilets On Same Level. Clean, sejadah
                 TAN TOCK SENG                          (Operating Theatre's Waiting Area) The
           131                                   C                                                     available but no telekong. Potted plants have been
                 HOSPITAL                               makeshift musollah at TTSH is no longer
                                                                                                       placed there instead, since late Sep

a388b908-9e7d-4c17-b5c1-6079eee6e1b5.xls                                                                                                        117 of 121
           No.              Place            Region                   Location                                            Remarks

                 TECH Semiconductor
                                                      Prayer Rooms : Fab 1 & Fab 2 Common            Wuduk can be easily taken in the lavatories with
           132   1, Woodlands Industrial
                                                      Locker Changing room cubicles.                 cubicles. The cubicle has a wash basin.
                 Park D, Street 1.

                                                      Level 3. It is to the right of the entrance
                                                                                                     Sejadah, songkok, telekung and radio are available.
                 TECHLINK BUILDING                    of Federal Express Office. The room is
           133                                                                                       Ablution: use the Cleaner's Room which is on the
                 LOBBY A                              shared by Muslimin and Muslimah, in turns,
                                                                                                     right of the passage way leading to the toilet.
                                                      by placing the sign indicator.

           134   Temasek Tower                 S      Surau at basement 2 red zone Surau             Wuduh at toilet, fan, sejadah, songkok and kain.

                                                      Third or fourth floor under 'Emergency
                                                      Exit' staircase. There is a prayer room at
                                                                                                     For both Muslimin and Muslimah. Telekongs
                                                      9th Floor at the Attorney General
           135   THE ADELPHI                   S                                                     available, probably belonging to the staff there.
                                                      Chambers. From the reception counter take
                                                                                                     Ablution: use the nearest toilet/washroom.
                                                      a right turn. The room is marked "PRAYER
                                                      ROOM" on the door.

                                                         The Most Satisfying Two-Letter Word
                                                                                Use It
                                                                   [Surah al-An'am 6:71-72]

                                                                                                     Telekongs and prayer mats are available.
                 TOA PAYOH COMMUNITY                  A small room, reserved for musollah (For
           136                                 C                                                     Ablution: use the toilet. Ask Librarians for direction
                 LIBRARY                              staff).
                                                                                                     of the musollah.

                                                                                                     A separate room for Muslimin and Muslimah.
                                                      There is a designated place for solat at the
           137   Thomson Medical Centre        C                                                     Sejadah and telekong available. Very comfortable
                                                      6th floor.
                                                                                                     place insyaAllah.

                 TUNG CENTRE BUILDING                 Musollah at B1 – car park.                     Ablution in toilets at staircase. Telekongs and
           138                                 S
                 Along HSBC, Raffles Place            Take lift to basement.                         slippers available. Ask Security for assistance.

                                                      It is near the motobike practical holding
                                                                                                     About 7 people can fit in at 1 go . For ablution, use
           139   Ubi Driving Centre            E      area. Just ask the instructors for
                                                                                                     the toilet nearby.

           140   United Square                 C      Car park level 5A next to ramp to level 6.     For ablution use toilets on level 3 or 4.

                                                      Basement 2 car park nearer to motorcycle       Unfortunately, I don't think it exists anymore (info
           141   Westin Stamford               S                                                     rcvd 21oct'05)

                                                                                                     Take Cargo Lift to 7th Floor. Out of lift take a
                                                                                                     LEFT and go to the cooling tower. Take the pathway
                                                                                                     around the tower and it will lead to the staircase
           142   WISMA ATRIA                   C      7th Floor car park (staircase landing).
                                                                                                     landing (converted to musholla).        Sejadah,
                                                                                                     Telekong, Kain and songkok are available. Ablution:
                                                                                                     use the tap there.

                                 All Praise To Allah! Thanks heaps. Please keep the information coming.

                   If you know of any Musholla not mentioned in this list please forward the information to Jureni Yussoff aka Waji at
         or or to Suhadar aka Wada at or

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           No.            Place            Region          Location                                Remarks

          The information on Musholla locations are good at the time of inputting. Should there be any change to its location
            for which we have no control of, readers are kindly requested to inform us at the email addresses mentioned

                                  The Hardest Working Seven Letter Word
                                                          Achieve It
                                                    [Surah al-Nur 24:37-38]

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                                                       Islamic Organisations In Singapore
           No.                Place           Region    Location                                     Remarks
                                                        AMP @ Pasir Ris
                 (ASSOCIATION OF                                                                     Tel: 6416 3966
            1                                           1 Pasir Ris Drive 4, #05-11,
                 MUSLIM                                                                              Fax: 6583 8028
                                                        Singapore 519457

                 CENTRE FOR                                                                          Telephone : 6440 7723
                                                        32 Onan Road, The Galaxy, Singapore
            2    CONTEMPORARY                                                                        Facsimile : 6440 6467
                 ISLAMIC STUDIES                                                                     Email :

                                                        32 Onan Rd The Galaxy                        Tel No : 63488344 ext 48,43, 41, 34, 40       Email
            3    DARUL ARQAM
                                                        Singapore 424484                             Address :

                                                                                                     Tel : (65) 67431211
                                                        31 Lorong 12 Geylang
            4    JAMIYAH                                                                             Fax : (65) 67450610
                                                        Singapore 399006

                                                        Wisma MENDAKI
            5    MENDAKI                                51 Kee Sun Avenue                            General Line : 6245 5710
                                                        Singapore 457056

                                                                                                     Tel: 62427388 Fax: 64492781
            6    MUHAMMADIYAH                           14 Jalan Selamat Singapore 418534

                                                        Islamic Center of Singapore                  Tel: 6256-8188; Fax: 6253-7572
            7    MUIS                                   1, Lorong 6 Toa Payoh                        Telebox: 6253-7631
                                                        Singapore 319376                   

                 Muslim Kidney Action                                                                Tel: 64407390 Fax: 64407386
                                                        122 Telok Kurau Road,
            8    Association (MKAC                                                                   Email: /
                                                        Singapore 423806

                 Persatuan Ulama dan Guru               Wisma Indah
                 Agama Singapura                        448 Changi Road                              Telephone: 63469350
                 (Singapore Islamic                     #03-01                             
                 Scholars and Religious                 Singapore (419975)
                 Teachers Association.

                 “Pelajar-Pelajar Agama
                                                        Blk 364 Bukit Batok St 31
                 Dewasa Singapura”                                                                   Tel: 6513 2300
            10                                          #01-259
                 (Association of Adults                                                              Fax: 6566 4852
                                                        Singapore 650364
                 Religious Class Student of

                 PERTAPIS                                                                            Tel: 6745 3969 Fax: 6747 0845
            11   (Persatuan Taman Pengajian             Blk 1, Joo Chiat Road, #04-1001, Joo Chiat   Email:
                 Singapura)                             Complex, Singapore 420001                    General Enquiry:

                                                                                                     Tel : 67440258 , Fax : 67481417
                 (PERSATUAN PEMUDI                      Blk 1 , Eunos Crescent , #01-2509 ,
            12                                                                                       Email :
                 ISLAM SINGAPURA-                       Singapore 400001
                                                                                                     Webpage :

                                                                                                     Main line: 6337 0207 or 6337 9720
                 ROMM -Registry of Muslim               7 Canning Rise
            13                                                                                       Fax: 6337 1908
                 Marriages                              Singapore 179869
                                                                                                     Web site:

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           No.             Place             Region   Location                              Remarks
                 Syariah Court Singapore
                 Ministry of Community                512 Thomson Road                      Tel: 63548371
                 Development, Youth &                 Singapore 298136                      Fax: 63548381
                 Sports Building

                                                               How can you Despair?
                                                   Despair is when you are not getting anywhere.
                                         Allah has said that He will never let any of our good deeds be lost.

                                        The Most Enviable Eight-Letter Word
                                                                 Distance It
                                                      [Surah Yusuf 12:8-9]

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