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									                             CITY OF VENICE
                            HURRICANE GUIDE
    Hurricane Season is from June 1 - Nov. 30. Please keep
this information handy throughout the season. And please
join us for the annual Hurricane Information Seminar, Friday,
May 11, from 8 a.m. - noon. The agenda is at the end of this
    To have a speaker talk to your organization about hurri-
cane preparedness, contact Interim Fire Chief Shawn Carvey,
(941) 480-3030.
    For more information about this publication, contact
Marketing and Communications Officer Pam Johnson, (941)
486-2626, ext. 24005.
 2012                                 Venice City Hurricane Guide                                 Page 1

Hurricane season: Be Prepared
    Hurricane season in South-         frame homes could sustain major        well.
west Florida is June 1 - Nov. 30.      roof and siding damage. Failure of
    The following summarizes           aluminum, screened-in swimming             Category 4: 131-155 mph
information in the Saffir-Simpson      pool enclosures will be common.        winds. (Up to 18 -foot storm
Hurricane Scale. For more infor-       There will be a substantial per-       surge.) Catastrophic damage will
mation, see:                           centage of roof and siding damage      occur. There will be extensive        to apartment buildings and indus-      damage to roofing materials, win-
html                                   trial buildings. Masonry walls that    dows and doors, with complete
                                       are not reinforced can collapse.       failure of roofs on many small res-
Category 1: 74-95 mph winds;           Windows in high-rise buildings can     idences and even well-built struc-
(Expect up to 5-foot storm surge)      be broken by flying debris. Falling    tures. Other conditions listed
There is danger of injury to people    and broken glass will pose a signif-   above will exist. Most of the
and animals due to flying debris.      icant danger even after the storm.     affected area will be uninhabitable
Damage is likely to be primarily to    Commercial signage, fences, and        for weeks or months.
landscaping, older mobile homes.       canopies will be damaged or
Unprotected windows, porches,          destroyed. Many shallowly rooted            Category 5: 156 mph and over
screens and sheds are vulnerable.      trees will be snapped or uprooted.     winds. Catastrophic damage will
Power losses are expected.             Many roads will be blocked. Power      occur including all the conditions
                                       outages may last up to several         listed above. (More than 18-foot
     Category 2: 96-110 mph            weeks. Potable water could             storm surge) Extensive damage to
winds. (8-foot storm surge expect-     become problematic if filtration       windows and doors, complete fail-
ed.) Extremely dangerous winds         systems fail.                          ure of roofs on many residences
will cause extensive damage.                                                  and industrial buildings. Extensive
    There is a substantial risk of     Category 3: 111-130 mph winds.         shattering of glass in windows and
injury or death to people and ani-     (Up to 12-foot storm surge) Storm      doors. Some complete building
mals due to flying and falling         will result in devastating damage      failures. Small buildings will be
debris. Mobile homes can be            with high risk of injury or death to   overturned or blown away.
destroyed and poorly constructed       people and animals. Newer
frame homes may lose their roofs.      mobile homes will sustain severe           This information is provided by
Unprotected windows will have a        damage while older mobile homes        the National Weather Center.
high probability of being broken       will be destroyed. Other condi-
by flying debris. Well-constructed     tions listed above may occur, as

  Tie down, clean up and prepare for strong winds
          Everyone should secure all outdoor belongings. It’s part of being a good neighbor.
          Loose patio furniture, bird feeders, garden ornaments, tools, toys and other items left in the yard
  can be blown into windows and through doors during hurricanes. When something penetrates a building,
  it can cause total collapse of the structure.
          Put all loose items indoors. The home you save may be your own.

          Builders: A city ordinance requires building contractors to secure all construction materials and
  equipment within 24 hours of the issuance of a hurricane watch. Penalties for not doing so include possi-
  ble fines, jail time and license review.
 2012                                         Venice City Hurricane Guide                                Page 2

Be Informed
     The city’s annual Hurricane Preparation               TV: Sarasota County Emergency Management on
  Seminar takes place May 11, from 8 a.m. - noon in        government access TV Comcast Channel 19 and
  Council Chambers at City Hall, 401 W. Venice Ave.        Verizon Channel 32, SNN Comcast Channel 6, and
  Meteorologist Bob Harrigan will be among the             ABC Channel 7.
  speakers. (See agenda on Page 9.)                        The Internet:
                                                               Department of Community Affairs:
  CODE RED, a computer software system, can call 
  every city resident with an emergency message in             Division of Emergency Management:
  less than four hours. If your phone rings during hur-
  ricane season, it could be the city with recorded            City’s Web site:
  information about emergency conditions, shelters   
  or other items of interest.                                  County’s Web site:
      To update information to be assured of receiv- 
  ing such calls, go to the city’s Web site:               Facebook: Go to; click on Emergency Notifica- and
  tion System, just below the Code Red icon on the         hit the “like” button so you will receive our mes-
  lower right side of the screen. Then fill out the form   sages.
  and submit.                                              Venice Public Library, 300 S. Nokomis Ave., for
      For more information, contact Marketing and          information about hurricane preparation.
  Communications Officer Pam Johnson, 486-2626,            The city receives NOAA weather radio signals which
  Ext. 24005.                                              provide storm warnings. These special radios may
                                                           be purchased at telecommunications stores.
  RADIO: WENG 1530 AM, ClearChannel 1230 AM.

Hurricane Warning:
    An announcement that hurricane conditions (sustained winds of 74 mph or higher) are expected some-
where within the specified coastal area. Because hurricane preparation activities become difficult once winds
reach tropical storm force, the hurricane warning is issued 36 hours in advance of the anticipated onset of trop-
ical-storm force winds.

Hurricane Watch:
   An announcement that hurricane conditions (sustained winds of 74 mph or higher) are possible within the
specified coastal area. Because hurricane preparation activities become difficult once winds reach tropical
storm force, the hurricane watch is issued 48 hours in advance of the anticipated onset of tropical storm force
                                                   Courtesy of the National Hurricane Center

2012 Hurricane Names
Alberto                      Gordon                         Michael                    Tony
Beryl                        Helene                         Nadine                     Valerie
Chris                        Isaac                          Oscar                      William
Debby                        Joyce                          Patty
Ernesto                      Kirk                           Rafael
Florence                     Leslie                         Sandy
 2012                                          Venice City Hurricane Guide                                   Page 3

What the city will be doing
    When a hurricane watch is                Keep the flow. The stormwater          Recovery. Once the storm has
announced, the city immediately          crews inspect outlets to make cer-    passed, the first effort toward
initiates its hurricane plan.            tain all are flowing.                 recovery will center around
    Decision makers meet. Emer-              Emergency declared. The city      health, safety and welfare. The
gency services begin communicat-         clerk prepares a declaration of       police and fire departments will
ing with the county’s emergency          emergency for the mayor or city       begin making assessments of
management department, while             manager to sign. This declaration     damage, initiate search and rescue
everyone keeps a close eye on the        is imperative if the city is to       operations, look for downed wires
hurricane track.                         receive reimbursement from            and inoperative traffic signals.
    If the hurricane continues to        Federal Emergency Management               Public works crews will begin
threaten Southwest Florida, other        Agency in case there are damages      clearing roads, the most critical
activities begin.                        to public property.                   being those leading to the hospi-
    Pick up and tie down. Public             Batten down the hatches. As       tal.
Works personnel start to tie down        the watch turns to a warning, the          The utilities employees will
and collect any city owned items,        building inspectors check to be       check to be certain lift stations are
such as cigarette containers, trash      sure all construction materials in    functioning and water pipes are
cans and street furniture, includ-       the city have been secured.           flowing. Generators will keep lift
ing benches in parks and at the              NPODS ready to go. The city’s     stations pumping. It is not unusual
jetty. The Solid Waste Division will     representatives to the Neighbor-      for tree roots to pull up pipes as
collect trash until winds are too        hood Points of Distribution are       they topple over in the wind.
high for the activity to be safe,        prepared to distribute water soon          Florida Power and Light will
usually about 24 hours before the        after a catastrophic landfall.        immediately begin to restore
storm is expected to arrive.                 EOC activation. The city’s rep-   power to critical facilities such as
    At that time, residents who          resentatives to the county’s          hospitals, fire stations, water and
have left garbage and recycling on       Emergency Operations Center will      sewer plants and police stations.
the curb should bring them inside        report for duty with sleeping bags         The City of Venice will make
so they do not get blown around          and other necessities that will       every effort to get back to busi-
and cause damage.                        enable them to work there for         ness as usual as soon as possible.
    The landfill will be closed.         several days if necessary.                 If City Hall is not usable, it is
    Fuel      up.    The     Utilities       Other critical personnel will     possible the employees will relo-
Department begins its emergency          report to Fire Station 3 to perform   cate to a reinforced building, such
preparations, provisioning fuel for      their duties throughout the storm     as the Venice Community Center.
generators and staging both              and during the post storm activi-          Storm debris will be collected
equipment and employees. All             ties.                                 in the order of need for human
departments fill gas tanks of all            On your own. When winds           health and safety. The cleanup
city vehicles.                           reach 45 mph, emergency services      could take several weeks or longer
    More decisions. The Public           can no longer respond due to the      depending on the intensity of
Safety Advisory Group works with         danger of high winds turning over     damage.
the American Red Cross to deter-         fire trucks and other equipment.           The city’s goal is to complete
mine which shelters will open and            This ensures manpower and         the recovery process as quickly as
when. Firefighters and police offi-      equipment will be available imme-     possible within the city’s financial
cers help evacuate people with           diately after the storm for search    constraints. It is essential that all
special needs, and make sure the         and rescue and other emergency        residents help by taking care of
mobile home residents are aware          responses.                            their personal property.
that they should evacuate.
2012                                         Venice City Hurricane Guide                                  Page 4

Secure your property
       The following are suggestions for making property the most hurricane resistant it can be:

    • Cover windows with wood boards, hurricane shutters, or replace old windows with hurricane resist-
ant windows. When wind forces from hurricanes break windows, the resulting updraft can lift the roof off
the structure. The opening also admits water from the storm, and broken glass can create a hazard.

   • Either purchase professionally made hurricane reinforcement for the garage door, or reinforce it with
wood 2 x 4s.

   • Pick up all loose items in the yard and bring them inside. In 80 mph winds, even small items can
become dangerous projectiles.

     • Do not put garbage on the curb for collection. Once winds reach a certain level, the county landfill
will close and it will not be safe for trucks to operate. Garbage cans and bags left outside then become haz-
ards in the wind.

 Protect yourself with flood insurance
    The City of Venice is an active    erage for flood and wind.            waterproof container.
participant in the National Flood          The National Flood Insurance         Before you leave, enact your
Insurance Program Community            Program offers flood insurance       pet plan, board up windows and
Rating System. This allows city        coverage to city residents.          glass doors, anchor loose yard
residents a discount on flood              A 30-day waiting period prior    objects or bring them inside and
insurance purchased through the        to the beginning of coverage is      lock your doors.
National      Flood     Insurance      required.                                The integrity of the stormwa-
Program.                                   As you prepare for hurricane     ter drainage system must be pro-
    Property in Venice located         season, contact your insurance       tected to ensure proper func-
along low lying and coastal            agent to review your insurance       tioning during severe weather.
regions can be vulnerable to           coverage      and    information         It is illegal to obstruct ditch-
flooding.                              regarding the National Flood         es, swales or other drainage
    Please contact the city’s          Insurance Program.                   structures.
Planning and Zoning Department             In the event you evacuate            If you notice someone block-
at 486-2626, Ext. 28004 or stop        during a storm, remember to          ing a stormwater runoff struc-
by City Hall, 401 W. Venice Ave.,      take your important documenta-       ture, please report it to the city
to learn if your property is locat-    tion, including your insurance       engineer at 486-2626, Ext.
ed in a flood zone.                    policies, insurance carrier con-     25003.
    Standard homeowner insur-          tact information, and pictures of
ance policies do not include cov-      your home and contents, in a

Did you know? If a storm takes down street signs and landmarks, it can be difficult for everyone, including
emergency services, to find their way through the city. That is why street names are painted on curbs at
several major intersections.
2012                                   Venice City Hurricane Guide                                  Page 5

Where                               What you’ll need to take
                                        Going to a shelter should be your last choice of options for deal-

you’ll go                           ing with a hurricane. A better option is leaving the state when the
                                    storm starts to enter the Gulf of Mexico and is predicted to come
                                    toward the Florida west coast. If you can’t do that and you live in an
    In the event a hurricane        area that is not prone to flooding, fortifying your home and staying
warrants      evacuation,    the    there is another option. If you must leave your home and go to a
American Red Cross will open        shelter, here are some things you will want to take with you:
shelters as needed and as               • Pillows, blankets, air mattresses and sleeping bags.
deemed serviceable. The open-           • Extra clothing, shoes, eyewear, personal hygiene items such as
ings will be announced by local           toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, toilet paper, towels and
media, as will those that are to          soap.
be used if you bring your pets.         • Important papers (especially those proving residency) in
Do not go to a shelter until the          waterproof containers.
announcement has been made              The Venice Police Department will carefully monitor people
on television or radio. The fol-    who are allowed to go into devastated areas. Unless you can prove
lowing are possible Red Cross       residency, you may not be allowed to return to your home immedi-
emergency shelters in this area:    ately due to the need for security.
    • Pine View School, 501 Old         • Bottled water and non-perishable food with manual or bat-
Venice Road, Osprey, pet friend-           tery operated can opener.
ly;                                     • Rolls of quarters.
    • Venice Community Center,          • Medications.
326 S. Nokomis Ave., Venice;            You may want to put important papers, medications and other
    •     Garden     Elementary     items which are easily damaged by water inside a plastic container,
School, 700 Center Road,            such as a sealed plastic bag.
    • Glenallen Elementary
School, 7050 Glenallen Blvd.,       Numbers to have in an emergency:
North Port;                           • Venice Police Department
    • North Port High School,             Non-emergency: (941) 486-2444
6400 W. Price Blvd., North Port,          Immediate Emergency Only: 911
pet friendly;
    • Heron Creek Middle               • Venice Fire Department
School, 6501 W. Price Blvd.                Non-emergency: (941) 480-3030
North Port, pet friendly;                  Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
    • Taylor Ranch Elementary              Immediate Emergency Only: 911
School, 2500 Taylor Ranch Road,
Venice.                                • To report a water or sewer emergency: (941) 486-2770
    Alcoholic beverages and
weapons are not permitted at           • To report a power outage:
these shelters.                          Florida Power and Light: 1-800-4-OUTAGE (468-8243)
    If you have special health
considerations and are not able        • For non-emergency city information, City Hall:
to evacuate by yourself, register        (941) 486-2626, Monday - Friday; 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
with Sarasota County Special           • Other non-emergency information: 211
Needs at 861-5000.                     • Sarasota County Call Center: (941) 861-5000
2012                                          Venice City Hurricane Guide                                    Page 6

After the storm subsides
     After the storm, it is possible electric and phone     What items go in which piles?
 services may not be available for several weeks.                • Yard waste
 Fuel may not be available and transportation of gro-            Tree branches, leaves and logs.
 ceries and other necessities may not be possible                • Spoiled food or contaminated recyclables,
 right away. The following items will be helpful to         such as wet cardboard and paper, should be placed
 have:                                                      in cans or plastic bags and placed on the curb.
     • Cash, rolls of quarters                                   • Structural debris and bulky waste
     • Two weeks worth of bottled water and non-                 Building materials, drywall, lumber, carpet, fur-
 perishable food along with a manual can opener.            niture, mattressees and plumbing materials.
 Plan on a gallon of water per person per day, plus a            • Appliances
 gallon of water per pet per day.                                Refrigerators, washers, dryers, freezers, air con-
     • A flashlight for each member of the family, as       ditioners, stoves, water heaters and dishwashers.
 well as extra batteries.                                        Remove all contents, such as food, clothes or
     • First-aid book and first-aid kit.                    dishes and remove doors from the appliances.
     • A cooler for food and another for ice.                    • Electronics
     • Plastic tarp for temporary roof or window                 Televisions, computers, radios, steros, DVD
 repair.                                                    players, telephones and other devices.
     • Plastic garbage bags.                                     • Houshold Hazardous Waste
     • Mops, buckets, towels and disinfectant.                   Oil, batteries, pesticides, oil-based paints and
     • Items for infants, children and pets.                stains, cleaning supplies, lawn chemicals and com-
                                                            pressed gas.
     Remember: Among the greatest dangers after
 the storm are downed power lines. Do not walk
 near or drive over any wires lying on the ground.              You can help emergency services by:

     Do not allow children (or adults) to play in               • Being prepared to be independent for sever-
 stormwater runoff after an event, as the water                 al days.
 may be contaminated or harbor vermin.
                                                                • Making sure you have medications you nor-
 Cleaning up                                                    mally take and using them as prescribed.

     To help the city clean up the waste after a                • Refraining from swimming or surfing in the
 storm, please do the following:                                gulf waters due to rip tides.
     • Separate garbage, construction debris, vege-
 tation, household hazardous waste, white goods                 • Refraining from driving on roads until they
 and electronics and place them in seaprate piles at            have been cleared of downed wires and
 the curb.                                                      debris.
     • Refrigerators, freezers, washers and dryers
 must have doors removed.                                       • Moving over and allowing emergency vehi-
     • Keep all debris for collection close to the road,        cles to pass. If you come up on an emergency
 just as you do during regular collections, and do not          vehicle stopped on the road, move into the
 pile anything against trees or poles, or under wires.          next lane if safe to do so. If it is not safe to
                                                                change lanes, slow down as you go by. This is
                                                                not just courtesy, it’s the law.
2012                                          Venice City Hurricane Guide                                   Page 7

 Do you have a pet plan?
                                 Whether you stay at home or go to a pet friendly
                             shelter, here are a few tips to help your furry friends
                             weather the storm:
                                 • Have a pet carrier and a kennel available. Your
                             pet should be comfortable staying in the kennel for a
                             few days. Do not leave your pet outside during or after the storm.
                                 • Be sure your pet has current vaccinations and a collar with license and
                             rabies tags, as well as an identification tag.
                                 • Prepare an easily cleaned area away from windows to keep pets during the
       • During the storm, separate pets from each other, even if they are friendly and accustomed to being
       • Some public shelters allow pets; they will be placed in a kennel area away from the general public.
  Bring your pet’s food, water, medicine, clean-up bags and be prepared to care for your pet while at the shel-
  ter. The pet-friendly shelters will be announced at the time they are opened.
       • Stock up on pet food, newspapers, cat litter, plastic bags, disinfectant and other supplies for use after
  the storm. You may be without electricity for several weeks, and gasoline and grocery supplies may be

Home, sweet home: Make it strong
   There are several things you can do to make your home more capable of surviving hurricane force winds:

   • Anchor the roof: If built before 1994, a gabled roof should be braced at the ends with horizontal and
vertical beams. Wood sheathing should be behind the stucco of the triangular gable end walls.

    • Brace entry and garage doors with foot and head bolts with a minimum 1-inch bolt throw length. The
failure of the entry or garage door causes about 80 percent of residential hurricane damage.It may be worth
the investment to purchase hurricane resistant doors.

   • Protect windows with high impact shutters or boards. Pick up anything outside that can be blown
through a window in high winds.

   • Have a safe room - preferably one in the center of the home without windows or glass doors. It can be a
bathroom, hallway or closet.

   • For more ideas about protecting your property see or
 2012                                            Venice City Hurricane Guide                                    Page 8

Your Hurricane Check List
Get Ready In May                              • Have a tarp and                           a hurricane has two parts.
    • Begin stocking up on bottled        other emergency equip-                          Often when the eye passes
water, canned goods, medications          ment on hand.                                   over, it is very calm and
or any other items that might be              • If you are concerned                      sometimes people think
difficult to obtain for a week or two     that your home is in a                          the storm is over.
after a storm.                            flood-prone area, store
    You should plan to have one           sandbags or bags filled                          Do not go out on the
gallon of bottled water per person        with garden mulch to place around        streets immediately after a storm,
per day to last about two weeks.          your house before the storm. The         because:
    You’ll also want to have a hand       mulch can be used later in the gar-          • there may be contaminated
or battery operated can opener.           den.                                     flood waters;
    Other items to stock up on                When a hurricane watch is                • there may be pot holes or live
include large heavy-duty garbage          announced for this area:                 electrical wires under flood waters
bags, paper towels, toilet paper,             • Watch television, listen to        which cannot be seen;
sanitary wipes, first aid supplies,       radio and check weather informa-             • most traffic signals will not
bleach and liquid dish soap; mos-         tion sites on the Internet for infor-    function;
quito repellent; plastic eating uten-     mation.                                      • emergency services need the
sils and paper cups and plates.               Sarasota County Emergency            roads as clear as possible to
    • If you have a barbecue grill,       Management broadcasts on                 respond to the number of calls
stock up on charcoal and matches.         Comcast Channel 19 and Verizon           they will get;
    • Go over your hurricane              Channel 32.                                  • snakes, rats and other vermin
preparation and evacuation plan               Other local area television sta-     will be displaced from their usual
with your family. Let out-of-town         tions that provide information           habitat and try to share yours.
relatives know your plan and              include ABC 7 on Comcast and
where you will be during the              Verizon Channel 7 and SNN                    Here are some other tips:
storm.                                    Comcast Channel 6.                           • Do not swim or surf in the gulf
    • If you plan to stay in a shelter,       • Begin collecting all loose         waters because there will probably
drive to the various shelters so that     items from your yard and porch,          be dangerous rip tide currents.
hours before an impending storm,          including lanais and pool cages.             • Plan for being in heat without
when the American Red Cross               Even small items picked up by            air conditioning for an extended
announces which shelters will be          strong winds can break a window          amount of time.
open, you can confidently and eas-        or lodge in a roof or other part of a        • Invite your neighbors over for
ily get there.                            structure making it vulnerable to        a barbecue. Pool the food you have
    • Purchase battery operated           failure during a hurricane.              in your freezers so it is not left to
radio, television, flashlights and            • Place shutters or plywood          spoil.
other items that will add to your         over your windows.
comfort if you are without electric-          • Make sure your vehicle’s gas
ity for a week or two. Be sure to         tank is full.
have spare batteries for these                • Fill the bathtub with water.
items.                                        • Fill an ice chest or cooler with
    • Have your insurance and                  ice.
other important papers in a safe,             • Charge cell phone batteries.
waterproof container that you can
take with you if you leave your           During the storm:
home.                                       • Most importantly, remember
2012   Venice City Hurricane Guide   Page 9

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