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					                       SCARY STORIES

Aiken, Joan. Give Yourself a Fright: 13 Stories of the
Supernatural. 1989. Thirteen spine-tingling tales which
explore other worlds of fantasy and suspense.

Alcock, Vivien. The Stonewalkers. 1983. A garden statue of
Belladonna, brought to life by a flash of lightning, gathers
a stone army from gardens and churches as twelve-year-old
Poppy and her friend Emma watch, fascinated and terrified.
See also, The Monster Garden. 1988.

Avi. Seer of Shadows. 2008. In New York City in 1872,
fourteen-year-old Horace, a photographer's apprentice,
becomes entangled in a plot to create fraudulent spirit
photographs, but when Horace accidentally frees the real
ghost of a dead girl bent on revenge, his life takes a
frightening turn.

Bang, Molly. The Goblins Giggle and Other Stories.   1988.
Five spooky tales told by a master storyteller.

Becker, Tom. Darkside. Book 1. 2008. Jonathan Starling's
father is in an asylum and his home has been attacked when,
while running away from kidnappers, he stumbles upon
Darkside, a terrifying and hidden part of London ruled by the
descendants of Jack the Ripper, where Jonathan is in mortal
danger if he cannot find the way out.

Bracegirdle, P.J. Fiendish Deeds. 2008. As eleven-year-old
Joy Wells, proud resident of the nearly-abandoned town of
Spooking, tries to stop construction of a water park in a bog
she believes is home to a monster and the setting of her
favorite horror story, a man with his own mysterious
connection to Spooking will do anything to stop her.

Brittain, Bill. Who Knew There’d be Ghosts? 1985. Three
spunky youngsters join forces with two lively ghosts to save
a historic mansion from being destroyed by a crooked antique
Bruchac, Joseph. Dark Pond. 2004. After he feels a
mysterious pull drawing him to a dark pond in the woods,
Armie looks to old Native American tales for guidance about
the dangerous monster lurking in the water. See also,
Skeleton Man. 2001.

Byars, Betsy. McMummy. 1993. In this combination of the
humorous and the bizarre, a boy faces off against a sinister,
humming pea pod that’s growing in the greenhouse of a
brilliant, eccentric professor.

Carman, Patrick. Skeleton Creek. 2009. Although housebound
following an eerie accident, teenaged Ryan continues to
investigate the strange occurences in his hometown of
Skeleton Creek, recording his findings in a journal and
viewing email video clips sent by fellow detective Sarah. The
reader may view Sarah's videos on a website by using links
and passwords found in the text.

Cassedy, Sylvia. Behind the Attic Wall. 1983. Maggie
Turner is contacted by ghosts in the large house where two
great-aunts live.

Crew, Gary. The Watertower. 1998. On a scorching hot summer
day in Preston, Australia, Spike and Bubba go for a swim in
the old water tower which casts a long dark shadow across
everything in the area.

Delaney, Joseph. Last Apprentice: Revenge of the Witch.
2005. Young Tom, the seventh son of a seventh son, starts
work as an apprentice for the village spook, whose job is to
protect ordinary folk from "ghouls, boggarts, and all manner
of wicked beasties." See others in series.

Dunlop, Eileen. The House on the Hill.     1987. Cousins
visiting, proud, unfriendly Aunt Jane in   her spooky Victorian
house come upon a fifty-year-old mystery   which is frightening
in its investigation and which reveals a   tragic story in
Jane’s past.

Gaiman, Neil. Coraline. 2002. Looking for excitement,
Coraline ventures through a mysterious door into a world that
is similar, yet disturbingly different from her own, where
she must challenge a gruesome entity in order to save
herself, her parents, and the souls of three others.

Gaiman, Neil. The Graveyard Book. 2008. Nobody Owens is a
normal boy, except that he has been raised by ghosts and
other denizens of the graveyard.
Garden, Nancy. My Sister, the Vampire. 1992. On their own
at their family’s summer cottage, twelve-year-old Tim and his
sisters encounter a series of odd goings-on that lead to the
elusive new owners of a nearby deserted island.

Graff, Serena. Blackwell's Island. 2005. n 1914, eleven-
year-old Alex and his nine-year-old sister, Anna, are taken
from New York City's Lower East Side to Blackwell's Island,
where there are lunatics, prisoners, evil caretakers, ghouls,
and, perhaps, their missing mother.

Hahn, Mary Downing. Wait Till Helen Comes. 1986. Molly and
Michael dislike their new stepsisters but realize they must
try to save her when a ghost beckons the child to certain
doom. See also, The Old Willis Place. 2004.

Howe, James. Bunnicula   Meets Edgar Allan Poe. 2006. An
overly-alarmed Chester   the cat predicts a gruesome fate for
the pets in the Monroe   household when a writer of juvenile
horror fiction and his   bird companion stay overnight.

Jacques, Brian. Seven Strange and Ghostly Tales. 1991.
From the far corners of the author’s mind come seven original
tales to amuse – and chill the spines of – all who read them.
See also, The Ribbajack & Other Curious Yarns. 2004

Jennings, Paul. Unreal! Eight Surprising Stories. 1985.
Find out about ice cream that changes your looks; Old Ned,
the outhouse-haunting ghost; “lucky lipstick” that makes
everyone (and everything) kiss you, and more in this
collection of short stories. See also, Uncanny! Even More
Surprising Stories. 1988.

Juster, Norton. The Phantom Tollbooth. 1961. Milo finds a
mysterious package in his room. Inside of it is a genuine
turnpike tollbooth. More surprises lay ahead for Milo as he
drives his electric car through the tollgate and suddenly
finds himself in the enchanted home of some of the craziest
creatures ever imagined.

Kehret, Peg. The Ghost's Grave. 2005. Apprehensive about
spending the summer in Washington State with his Aunt Ethel
when his parents get an overseas job, twelve-year-old Josh
soon finds adventure when he meets the ghost of a coal miner.
See also, Horror at the Haunted House. 1992.

Kennedy, Richard. Inside My Feet: The Story of a Giant.
1979. A very brave young boy sets a trap for the invisible
thing that has come in very visible giant boots and carried
off his mother and father.
Lehr, Norma. The Secret of the Floating Phantom. 1994.
Eleven-year-old Kathy is more than intuitive. She can
actually see things other kids can’t – like ghosts who have
knowledge of buried treasure.

Lubar, David. Curse of the Campfire Weenies, and other
warped and creepy tales. 2007. Thirty-five creepy stories
about pigeons, ancient predators, Girl Scouts, and other
terrifying things.

Mahy, Margaret. The Haunting.    1982. Barney finds that the
ghostly visions and voices he’s experiencing are somehow
related to an evil uncle with supernatural gifts.

Maguire, Gregory. Seven Spiders Spinning. 1994. Ice Age
spiders thaw out in modern-day Vermont in a neat combination
of clever wit and delicious chills.

Maloney, James. Trapped. 2008. David and his parents move to
a new town with a huge storm drain that would be perfect for
skateboarding, and in spite of hearing warnings about a
terrible accident that occurred there, David is determined to
try it out.

Mazer, Anne. A Sliver of Glass and Other Uncommon Tales.
1996. The eleven tales in this haunting collection emphasize
the uncanny occurrences of the paranormal world. In the title
story, a sliver of glass embedded in a young girl's eye
causes her to turn to ice from the inside out.

Medearis, Angela. Haunts: five hair-raising tales. 1996. A
collection of stories mainly set in Texas and based on tales
of local ghosts.

Myers, Anna. Graveyard Girl. 1995. During the yellow fever
epidemic in Memphis in 1878, twelve-year-old Eli and Addie, a
young child he befriends, struggle to survive with the help
of Addie’s ghost-mother and a girl who works at the busy

Pearce, Q. L. More Scary Stories for Sleep-Overs. 1992.       A
collection of eleven scary stories including the titles
“Crying Wolf”, “Wish Fulfillment”, and “The Box”.

Poe, Edgar Allan. Tales of Edgar Allan Poe. 1991. Fourteen
of Poe’s most horrifying stories illustrated by Barry Moser.
Poe is credited with raising the Gothic horror tale to new
heights and inventing the modern detective novel.
Porte, Barbara Ann. Jesse’s Ghost and Other Stories. 1983.
Strange and spine-prickling, these twelve very short stories
make a fascinating collection.

Pullman, Phillip. Clockwork. 1998. Long ago in Germany, a
storyteller's story and an apprentice clockwork-maker's
nightmare meet in a menacing, lifelike figure created by the
strange Dr. Kalmenius.

Reiss, Kathryn. Sweet Miss Honeywell's Revenge: a ghost
story. 2004. Zibby Thorne hears strange noises coming from
her new dollhouse. Most frightening of all, whatever make-
believe Zibby plays with the dolls comes true--but in a
twisted kind of way. So when her family and friends start
having bizarre accidents, Zibby is certain the dollhouse is
somehow responsible.

Richards, Justin. Shadow Beast. 2005. A daring bank robbery
leads the Invisible Detective gang down into the sewers,
where they discover a hideous beast whose master is the bank
robber. See also, Double Life. 2005.

Richardson, E.E. Devil's Footsteps. 2005. After the
disappearance of his brother Adam, thirteen-year-old Bryan
faces a shadowy, centuries-old evil presence known as the
Dark Man that, taking the form of its victims' worst fears,
stalks the town's children.

San Souci, Robert. Dare to be Scared: thirteen stories to
chill and thrill. 2003. See also, Double-dare to be scared:
another thirteen chilling tales. 2004.

Seabrooke, Brenda. The Vampire in my Bathtub. 1999. After
moving into an old house, thirteen-year-old Jeff opens a
locked closet and finds an ancient, good vampire named
Eugene, who is being hunted by his cousin Louis, an evil

Sedgwick, Marcus. The Book of Dead Days. 2004. With the help
of his servant and an orphan girl, a magician searches
graveyards, churches and underground waterways for a book he
hopes will save him from a pact he made with evil.

Slade, Arthur. Dust. 2003. Eleven-year-old Robert is the
only one who can help when a mysterious stranger arrives,
performing tricks and promising to bring rain, at the same
time children begin to disappear from a dust bowl farm town
in Saskatchewan in the 1930s.
Stine, R. L. Nightmare Hour. 1999. Ten stories to bring a
shiver at any hour. See also, Beware!: R.L. Stine picks his
favorite scary stories(pb).

Strickland, Brad. The Whistle, the Grave, and the Ghost.
2003. While Lewis is on a camping trip with his Scout troop,
he finds an old grave and a mysterious whistle. When Lewis
discovers the whistle has the power to stop the boys who
bully him, he must make a tough decision as he is drawn into
a battle with an ancient evil.

Teitelbaum, Michael. Scary States of America. 2007. Twelve-
year-old Jason Specter, self-proclaimed "clearing house for
the weird," introduces and presents his favorite stories of
the paranormal--one from each state of the Union--submitted
to the Web site he created after his own encounter with a
ghost at school three years earlier.

Tolan, Stephanie. Who’s There? 1994. Fourteen-year-old
Drew and her younger brother arrive at the home of their
father’s estranged family and find a very nasty ghost in

Ury, Allen B. Scary Mysteries for Sleep-Overs. 1996.
Presents nine stories with scary endings, including
“Deadman’s Curve”, “Suspended Animation” and “Public Enemy”.
See also, More Scary Mysteries for Sleep-Overs. 1996.

Warren, William. The Graveyard and Other Not-So-Scary
Stories. 1984. Short stories, each presented in a split
sequence: the first leaves the reader on the verge of horror;
the second presents an ordinary explanation for the
situation. See also, The Thing in the Swamp and More Not-So-
Scary Stories. 1984.

Welch, Robert C. Scary Stories For Sleep-overs.   1991.
Presents a selection of scary stories.

Zindel, Paul. The Doom Stone. 1995. When fifteen-year-old
Jackson visits his aunt in England, he becomes caught up in a
chase to capture an unknown creature who is stalking and
killing people on the plains surrounding ancient Stonehenge.
See also, Loch: A Novel. 1994
(Collections of short stories)

Greenberg, M. Great Writers and Kids Write Spooky Stories.
1995. Contributions from authors such as F. Paul Wilson,
Ramsey Campbell, Peter Straub and others – written in
teamwork with their children.
Hill, S. The Random House Book of Ghost Stories. 1991. A
collection of seventeen ghost stories by authors such as Joan
Aiken, Walter R. Brooks, and Leon Garfield.

Low, A. Spooky Stories for a Dark and Stormy Night. 1994. A
collection of more than fifteen traditional and original
scary stories.

Pepper, D. The Oxford Book of Scary Tales. 1992. A
wonderfully illustrated collection of stories filled with
ghosts, monsters and strange happenings.

Powling, C. Faces in the Dark: A Book of Scary Stories.
1994. A collection of stories about ghosts and other spooky

Richardson, J. Beware! Beware! Chilling Tales. 1987. Nine
chilling tales which journey the reader into strange and
sometimes sinister worlds just beyond view.

Yolen, J. Things That Go Bump in the Night. 1989. A
collection of original stories about noises, dreams, and
shadows of the night that frighten and beguile the
imagination. See also, Vampires: A Collection of Original


Galdone, Paul. King of the Cats. 1980. As a gravedigger
tells his wife how a band of cats marched into the cemetery
to mourn their dead king, their own cat listens with a
strange intensity.

Goode, Diane. Diane Goode’s Book of Scary Stories and Songs.
1994. A collection of traditional tales with some poems and
songs, mostly on a ghostly theme.
Hamilton, Virginia. The Dark Way: Stories From the Spirit
World. 1990.    A collection of folktales, legends, and myths
involving the supernatural, from cultures around the world.

Leach, Maria. Whistle in the Graveyard:    Folktales to Chill
Your Bones. 1982. A shivery collection     of short, chilling
tales about such horrifying creatures as   “Jenny Greenteeth”
and “Raw Head” is delightful for telling   “Under the Covers”.

Oliver, Jane. The Kingfisher Treasury of Spooky Stories.
1992. A collection of modern and traditional stories about
ghosts and other spooky things.

Olson,   A. Ask the Bones: scary stories from around the
world.   1999. A collection of scary folktales from countries
around   the world including China, Russia, Spain, and the
United   States.

Pearson, Maggie. The Headless Horseman and Other Ghoulish
Tales. 2000. A collection of scary stories including “The
Bunyip”, “Bluebeard”, “Vaslissa and Baba Yaga”, and “The
Skeleton Woman” among others.

San Souci, Robert D. Short and Shivery: Thirty Chilling
Tales. 1987. A collection of thirty short and spooky tales
from the folklore of Russia, Virginia, Ireland, Canada and
other areas of the world. See also, Even More Short &
Shivery: Thirty Spine- Tingling Stories, 1997.

Schwartz, Alvin. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. 1981.
Stories of ghosts and witches, “jump” stories, scary songs
and modern day scary stories. See also, More Scary Stories
to Tell in the Dark, 1984 and Scary Stories 3: More Tales to
Chill Your Bones. 1991.

Yep, Laurence. The Man Who Tricked a Ghost. 1993. Sung, a
brave man who is not afraid of ghosts, meets one on a dark
road and tricks it into revealing its secret weakness.

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