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					  SCALA All County High School Art Show Student Participants 2006

Student                       Title                     Media

Bayport Blue Point
1a. Joseph Sopp          Portrait of My Mother          Oil
 b. Joseph Sopp          Just Called to Remind You      Oil
 c. Joseph Sopp          Reflection of Time             Mixed Media

4. Samantha Carrasquillo      Unlocked                  Photography
5. Kelly Scott                Search                    Photography
6. Alyssa Smith               Cut Short                 Photography
7. Carlos Ventura             Self Portrait             Electronic Art
8. Wanda Rivera               Untitled                  Watercolor
9a. Gil Soto                  Woken By Dreams           Electronic Art
 b. Gil Soto                  Copy After Bierstadt      Electronic Art
 c. Gil Soto                  Love For Family           Electronic Art

10. Victoria Dehan            iDefine                   Photography
11. Danielle Monaco           Tarnished                 Sandstone/Acrylic
12. Rachel Jacob              Introspectif              Pen & Ink
13. Naila Sulaiman            Overwhelmed               Pencil
14. Alexandra Goldmann        Photography               Photography
15.a. Laura Larocca           Effervescence             Plaster
    b. Laura Larocca          Contemplation             Oil
    c. Laura Larocca          Fluidity                  Oil

East Islip
16. Danielle Ingram           Unforgotten               Photography
17. Gloria Cheang             Phoenix                   Electronic Art
18. Rebecca Eden              Single Peony              Pencil
19. Nick Lopergalo            Arliss in Fridge          Electronic Art
20a. Kristen Schultz          Self Portrait             Pencil
   b. Kristen Schultz         Seven Deadly Sins -Lust   Colored Pencil
    c. Kristen Schultz        Colors of Summer          Colored Pencil
    d. Kristen Schultz        Light on Your Feet        Pencil
Half Hollow East
21. Michelle Sawyer          Self Portrait w/ Braids      Oil Paint
22. Antonella Russo          Untitled                     Watercolor
23. Nicholas Zito            Untitled                     Photography
24. Aashima Kapoor           Healing Hands                Emulsion Print
25. Gary Carle    Anubis-Warriors of the Underneath       Multi Media
26a. Jason Riggs             Wired 1                      Oil Colored Pencils
   b. Jason Riggs            Wired 2                      Oil Colored Pencils
   c. Jason Riggs            Wired 3                      Oil Colored Pencils

Half Hollow West
27. Jamie Iaquinto             After the Game             Acrylic & Watercolor
28. Andrew Kang                Thoughts                   Print & Pencil
29. Elana Shoykhet        Still Life with Glass Bottles   Acrylic
30. Mitch Candreva             South Street Seaport       Photo Emulsion
31. Gabrielle Korn             Julia Dancing              Electronic Media
33a. Alicia Stein              The Colors of Nature       Photo Emulsion
    b. Alicia Stein            Reflections                Pencil
    c. Alicia Stein            Pansy                      Watercolor

34. Keri Fyfe                 Self Portrait               Mixed Media
35. Kristi Carroll            Expiration                  Watercolor
36. Alyssa Arcieri            Reminders of Youth          Oil Pastel
37. Lauren Dzwil              No String Attached          Pastel
38. Katelyn Kasten            Pom Pom                     Acrylic

39. Charlene Schneider        Love Together               Electronic Art
40. Emilia Bajena             People Love Machines        Oil Pastel
41. Steve Pfost               On A Run                    Photography
42. Noelle Posadas            Bright Eyes                 Oil Pastel
43a. Jodie Embleton           Fowl Soul                   Charcoal
   b. Jodie Embleton          Untitled                    Acrylic
   c. Jodie Embleton          How To Play It Safe         Pencil

Mt    Sinai
44.   Tim Henry              A Tree Grows in Mt. Sinai    Photography
45.   Brian Miller            The Wheel of Time           Photography
46.   Jonathan Wang           Turbando Il Riposo          Conte Crayon
47.   Jillian Russel          A Different View            Pencil
48.   Jessica Spano           Innocence                   Photography
North Babylon
49. Monique Carroll             Coral Reef With Fish      Acrylic
50. Adrianna Saccone            Serenity                  Ink
51. Gina Figalore               Masquerade                Acrylic & Plaster
52. Lynda Pavlicko              Penquins on Ice           Pastel
53. Lorenzo Iucalano            Ireland                   Acrylic

Sachem East
54. Jenny Song                  Inquisitive               Pencil
55. Chris Lee                   Self Portrait             Electronic Art
56. Christina Curcio            Untitled                  Electronic Art
57. Brendan Rochet              The Rochet Cipher         Acrylic
58. Melissa Deri                Blue Solitude             Acrylic
59a. Jacqueline Ortiz           Haber Rep                 Pastel
    b. Jacqueline Ortiz         Rope                      Colored Pencil
    c. Jacqueline Ortiz         People Fishing            Pastel

Sachem North
60. Xena Holtzapfel      In Memory of the 9 of Clubs      Wire
61. Jackie Starker            Gitty Get Up                Pencil
62. Jackie Starker            Saxa                        Pencil
63. Holly Brookfield          Self Portrait 1             Acrylic
64. Holly Brookfield          Self Portrait 2             Acrylic
65a. Candra Provenzano        Flower Power                Acrylic/Tissue
    b. Candra Provenzano      Different Masks             Acrylic
    c. Candra Provenzano      Red Head                    Acrylic/Tissue

West Babylon
66. Michelle Beaudrot           Screaming Demons          Mixed Media
67. Andrew May                  The Lake at Mid-Day       Photography
68. Carolyn Presti              Nav                       Colored Pencil
69. Robert Samartino      A Product of the Assemblyline   Oil
70a. Virginia Pape        Koyra and the Jabberwock        Watercolor & Pen
   b. Virginia Pape             BKLYN                     Air Brush
   c. Virginia Pape             Antoinette                Pencil & Ink

William Floyd
71. Sabrina Innes               Closet                    Pastel
72. Jessica Kirichenko          Skulls                    Pastel
73. Luke Diorio                 Strummer                  Mixed Media
74. Kimmy Owens                 Self Portrait             Oil
75. Christine Sanwald           Cows with Guns            Pencil & Pastel

76. Crystal Jones               CJ                        Plaster
77. Tafeisha Heights            My Heart                  Plaster
78. Brian Jackson               Untitled 1                Photography
79. Brian Jackson               Untitled 2                Photography
                           Scholarship and Awards

Brookhaven Arts and Humanities Cultural Center
Mary Reary Scholarship: Jason Riggs, Half Hollow Hills East. Wired

Suffolk County Art Leaders Association (SCALA)
Best In Show:   Xena Holtzapfel, Sachem North. In Memory of the 9 of Clubs

First:       Joseph Sopp, Bayport/Blue Point. Just Called to Remind You
Second:      Laura Larocca, Commack. Fluidity
Third:       Robert Samartino, West Babylon. A Product of the Assembly Line
Honorable    Mention Brendan Rochet, Sachem East. The Rochet Cipher
                       Holly Brookfield, Sachem North. Self Portrait (64)
                       Jamie Iaquinto, Half Hollow Hills West. After the Game
First:       Jodie Embleton, Lindenhurst. Fowl Soul
Second:      Jonathan Wang, Mt. Sinai. Untitled
Third:       Jenny Song, Sachem East. Inquisitive
Honorable    Mention Jacqueline Ortiz, Sachem East. Haber
                        Jessica Kirichenko, William Floyd. Skulls
First:       Xena Holtzapfel, Sachem East. In Memory of the 9 of Clubs
Second:      Laura Larocca, Commack. Effervenscence
Third:       Michelle Beaudrot, West Babylon. Screaming Demons

Mixed Media
First:   Danielle Monaco, Commack. Tarnished
Second:  Christina Sanwald, William Floyd. Cows with Guns
Third:   Luke Diorio, William Floyd. Strummer

First:    Alexandra Goldmann, Commack. Photography
Second:   Mitch Candreva, Half Hollow Hills West. South Street Seaport
Third:    Brian Jackson, Wyandanch. Untitled 1 (78)
Honorable Mention Samantha Carrasquillo, Brentwood. Unlocked

Electronic   Art
First:       Christina Curcio, Sachem East. Untitled
Second:      Carlos Ventura, Brentwood. Self Portrait
Third:       Gloria Cheang, East Islip. Phoenix

Nancy Richner Education Program Coord, Nassau County Museum of

Joy Weiner     Director of Education, Heckscher Museum of Art

Thanks to Brookhaven Arts and Entertainment Books, Charity Bernard

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