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									                                                                                                    SAVE THE DATE

MAY 4, 2012
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Strength strategist, best-selling author and                                                 85,000 participants globally.       3 hrs. as worldwide trending
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 2011 GiANT Impact, LLC. All trademarks shown are the property of their respective owners.                                                        as a leader
 for the
Development News........16                America. We certainly take pride in accepting      Spirit Dance. The students will need this in
                                          that accolade. I have been very pleased with       order to limber up for Semester Exams from
School Calendars......17-19               our recent successful Freshmen Retreat day.        January 18th to the 21st. M.U.N., an activity
Alumni Section.........20-39              Over 150 seniors donated their day off to          that has been going strong all year, is
                                          serve in Campus Ministry as peer leaders and       sponsoring the annual M.U.N. International
                                          facilitators for this, one of the more important   Dinner on the 29th of January.
                                          events in the compendium of our religious
                                          mission.                                           February will provide our campus with
                                                                                             several religious events: a senior Kairos
                                          I think that this is certainly the appropriate     retreat on the 2nd to the 4th, Ash Wednesday
                                          time to say thank you and well done to all         on February 9th, and the Sophomore retreat
                                          who have participated in the fall sports           on the 24th and 25th. On the social scene, our
                                          program. We have been very successful in our       highly important fundraiser, Valentasia, is
                                          team efforts due to the dedication and hard        scheduled for February 12th at the Balboa
                                          work of so many. Similar work ethics are           Bay Club. It would be so helpful to our school
                                          demonstrated by many other student                 if all of the parents and alumni who can do so,
                                          activity groups, too. Of special note, is the      put this event on their to-do list.
                                          success of the marching band and tall flags.
                                          The sound has been superb and so has the           With most sincere wishes for a very Merry
    S A N TA M A R G A R I TA             garnering of prestigious awards at various         Christmas and a Happy New Year, I remain,
 C AT H O L I C H I G H S C H O O L       competitions.
                                                                                             Sincerely in Christ,
  22062 Antonio Parkway                   Now, as we move into December and beyond,
  Rancho Santa Margarita                  there are some items of current interest. The
     California, 92688
                                          Performing Arts Christmas Production,
     949-766-6000         TEL             December 2nd, was the usual extravaganza…
     949-766-6005         FAX             kudos to those students who performed so           Brother Lawrence Monroe, FSC
                                          masterfully. Not to be upstaged, the drama
                                          department presents "Up the Down                                                                    SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL
 A Message from the Diocese

                                                                                                 Office of Faith Formation
                                                                                                 Marywood Center
                                                                                                 P.O. Box 14195
                 DIOCESE OF ORANGE                                                               2811 E. Villa Real Drive
                                                                                                 Orange, California 92863-1595
                                                                                                 Phone (714) 282-3060
                                                                                                 FAX (714) 283-5059

Dear Principals, Teachers and School Staff Members,

Welcome to the 2004-05 School Year! May the year ahead bring academic, physical and spiritual progress to each of you and
to the students in your school. Thank you for your commitment to Catholic education and your many sacrifices to make it a
feasible ministry for the Church. Your investment and hard work is a true gift of love! I pray that this year will be an exciting
and growth-filled experience in every school of the diocese.

It was wonderful to join with so many of you in our recent "Back-to-School" Convocation at Saint Callistus Church. The
insights, experiences and humor shared by Sister Carol Cimino SSJ were down to earth and true-to-life. It was especially
powerful to experience the solidarity and unity of our diocese-wide community of educators joined in Eucharist with Bishop
Brown. The moment of commissioning and blessing was particularly meaningful and enriching. I hope that this day gave you
an encouraging and affirming start...and I hope that the memory of our day together will be a support to you in days to come.

"Faith in Every Student" is the theme that the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA) has established for the
2004-05 School Year. Those words point to the essence and purpose of every Catholic school. We seek to achieve excellence
in our academic curriculum and athletic achievements, but our primary purpose is to enrich the lives of our students by
teaching them the ways of faith. Our deepest desire is that every student who attends one of our Catholic schools will know,
believe and treasure the tradition of faith which is so dear to all of us.

Of course, faith doesn't happen on its own. When students observe strong and committed models of faith in their teachers and
parents, they are more receptive to the message we teach. Our gospel instruction is made more credible when there is a strong
partnership of trusting faith between home and school. I hope that this year provides you the opportunity to get to know your
students' parents in order to develop a strong and mutually supportive relationship, which will support the educational

This year our office has a new name, "The Office of Faith Formation." This new title expresses the priority that Bishop
Brown seeks to give to the lifelong spiritual development of every Catholic Christian. In addition to providing guidance,
direction and support to the forty-four Catholic schools within the Diocese of Orange, our office is now working with the
Youth and Young Adult Ministries throughout the diocese, Schools of Religious Education in each parish, Safe
Environment/Charter Implementation and Schools Development. All of these various activities have the common purpose of
guiding young people in the ways of faith.

May the inspiration, energy and enthusiasm with which we began this school year sustain us through the months ahead! May
God bless each of you, your classrooms and your students!


2                                                             SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL
                                                                                                                      Alumni news
                                               Lost                                 Alumni
Paul Ambrose, 1991         James Harless, 1994                                       John Lanning, 1998          Erika Williams, 1999
Shannon Brennan, 1991      Jennifer Jones, 1994                                      Matt Lingo, 1998            Clint Worley, 1999
Adam Brown, 1991           Darren Kane, 1994                                         Paul Lisek, 1998            Jeffrey Wroblewski, 1999
Patrick Butler, 1991       George Maristela, 1994                                    Thomas Mackrell, 1998       Christopher Baggio, 2000
Angela Califano, 1991      Tara Mc Dowell, 1994                                      Matthew Madden, 1998        John Blue, 2000
Leana Cavazos, 1991        Erika Moore, 1994                                         Zachary Martinez, 1998      John Paul Bravo, 2000
Michael Ciabattoni, 1991   Karin Moran, 1994                                         Jill Mc Conica, 1998        Kelsey Breunig, 2000
                                                        Meagan Lingo, 1996                                       Casey Brogdon, 2000
Robert Clark, 1991         Alexandra Morrall, 1994                                   Heather Mc Donald, 1998
                                                        Megan Mc Lean, 1996                                      Phillip Carr, 2000
Christopher Duffy, 1991    Michael Raths, 1994                                       Trevor Mc Intosh, 1998
                                                        Thomas Mc Shane, 1996                                    Steven Conway, 2000
Christine Elliott, 1991    Samuel Robertson, 1994                                    Eric Mc Lean, 1998
                                                        Dustin Navarro, 1996                                     Nicole Curtis, 2000
Amy Fabricatore, 1991      Krystal Snow, 1994                                        Parker Mc Manes, 1998
                                                        Paul Niemeyer, 1996                                      M. Greg Cutler, 2000
Carlos Forster, 1991       John Vallas, 1994                                         Jessica Nahas, 1998
                                                        Brian Piesner, 1996                                      Rebecca Davis, 2000
Richard Hagmann, 1991      Joey Villasenor, 1994                                     Jeff Ojile, 1998
                                                        Randy Reyes, 1996                                        Carl De Carlo, 2000
Kevin Henricks, 1991       Louis Warner, 1994                                        Brandon Owens, 1998
                                                        Teresa Spyra, 1996                                       Christopher Hageman, 2000
Laurie Jackson, 1991       Barbara Abbriano, 1995                                    Eric Paine, 1998
                                                        Miguel Tello, 1996                                       Jennifer Hock, 2000
Jennifer Jacobs, 1991      Matthew Ahmer, 1995                                       Nicole Piscititelli, 1998
                                                        David Tosti, 1996                                        Karly Jalowiec, 2000
Helena Johnson, 1991       Michael Allred, 1995                                      James Pittenger, 1998
                                                        Robert Waldron, 1996                                     Tiffany Kashima, 2000
Harry Kim, 1991            Alejandro Arreguin, 1995                                  Melissa Pleckham, 1998
                                                        David Watson, 1996                                       Ronald King, 2000
Sarah Kordus, 1991         Leslie Bruinsma, 1995                                     Veronica Rivera, 1998
                                                        Kim Abbriano, 1997                                       Sara Mahamedi, 2000
Jeff Layne, 1991           Vicki Crookshanks, 1995                                   Natalie San Roman, 1998
                                                        John Archuleta, 1997                                     Brian Rayburn, 2000
Damian Mathis, 1991        Byron Dale, 1995                                          Ralph San Roman, 1998
                                                        Troy Brogdon, 1997                                       Wesley Riechmann, 2000
Jennifer Mino, 1991        Alissa Diederich, 1995                                    Michael Sawdon, 1998
                                                        Cassydy Capra-Gavin, 1997                                Rachelle Routsong, 2000
Charles Pereida, 1991      Brian Dugan, 1995                                         David Simon, 1998
                                                        Tiffany Chiu, 1997                                       Bahman Safari, 2000
David Perry, 1991          S. Curt Fiore, 1995                                       Brian Walton, 1998
                                                        Lindsey Cornell, 1997                                    Lindsey Schueler, 2000
Jennifer Phillips, 1991    Benjamin Fischel, 1995                                    William Wheat, 1998
                                                        Daniel Deen, 1997                                        David Schweitzer, 2000
Edward Rock, 1991          Alicia Forster, 1995                                      Kari Williams, 1998
                                                        Alefa Gomez, 1997                                        Christopher Trudeau, 2000
Nicole Simms, 1991         Suzanne Forstrom, 1995                                    Curtis Wright, 1998
                                                        Lauren Haag, 1997                                        Laura Bonser, 2001
Christian Stone, 1991      Leah Futterman, 1995                                      Trisha Wynn, 1998
                                                        Chris Huber, 1997                                        Timothy Clark, 2001
Michael Teichmann, 1991    Francis Gonzalez, 1995                                    Christian Agudelo, 1999
                                                        Bryce Jackson, 1997                                      Meghan Donahue, 2001
Sean Williams, 1991        Steven Haag, 1995                                         Tiffany Anderson, 1999
                                                        Brandon Joffe, 1997                                      Donovan Dorsey, 2001
Alison Wilson, 1991        Jason Hartman, 1995                                       Nicole Bennett, 1999
                                                        Michael Jones, 1997                                      Justin Frye, 2001
Lorena Young, 1991         Ian Haskins, 1995                                         Gillian Bracken, 1999
                                                        Robert King, 1997                                        Kevin Harty, 2001
Lisa Cabrera, 1992         Carl Hendrickson, 1995                                    Andrew Breunig, 1999
                                                        William Mc Guire, 1997                                   Margaret Harty, 2001
Pete Fabricatore, 1992     Erika Jaeger, 1995                                        Francis Bruno, 1999
                                                        Heather Morales, 1997                                    Jeremy Hilborn, 2001
Tammy Foster, 1992         Marina Jurica, 1995                                       Michael Catalanotto, 1999
                                                        Christopher Pasley, 1997                                 Scott Marston, 2001
Sara Kelley, 1992          Elizabeth Kozlowicz, 1995                                 Alexis Davies, 1999
                                                        Kelley Pedrick, 1997                                     Erica Mc Peck, 2001
Kristian Kerekes, 1992     Jacqueline Lanning, 1995                                  Valerie De Paul, 1999
                                                        Christopher Powell, 1997                                 Colin Mulligan, 2001
Scott Lewis, 1992          Louis Manera, 1995                                        Parris Fallgatter, 1999
                                                        Kyle Rainey, 1997                                        Jason Stevens, 2001
Allison Lucas, 1992        Amber Mays, 1995                                          Lauren Gick, 1999
                                                        Kristen Rowe, 1997                                       Robert Webb, 2001
Matthew Miller, 1992       Ryan Mc Brayer, 1995                                      Mary Girgis, 1999
                                                        Valerie Shepherd, 1997                                   Devin Courtney, 2002
Thomas Murphy, 1992        Stuart Miller, 1995                                       Spencer Gloger, 1999
                                                        Summer Spinks, 1997                                      Lucille Francois, 2002
James Pacelli, 1992        Brendan Mulligan, 1995                                    Ashley Hales, 1999
                                                        Jonathan Watson, 1997                                    Christopher Marston, 2002
Jon-Paul Praisler, 1992    West Munz, 1995                                           Erin Hampton, 1999
                                                        Milad Azadi, 1998
Kelly Siegfried, 1992      Veronique Paquet, 1995                                    Stephanie Henrick, 1999
                                                        Kerri Becker, 1998
Shannyn Taylor, 1992       Shannon Pedrick, 1995                                     Jonah Hoskins, 1999
                                                        Jordan Beckner, 1998                                     If your name appears
Gina Villasenor, 1992      Mark Pepping, 1995                                        Andrew Humphreys, 1999
                                                        Ryan Benedict, 1998
Eric Cardenas, 1993        Varavarai Phromyothi, 1995
                                                        Erica Blodgett, 1998
                                                                                     Shawn Johnson, 1999         on this list it means
Thomas Dickson, 1993       Regan Pierce, 1995                                        Cameron Laugharn, 1999      we have attempted to
                                                        Michelle Caico, 1998
Chad Dueker, 1993          Timothy Pringle, 1995                                     Kristen Leduc, 1999
                           Ryan Reightley, 1995
                                                        Meghan Clarke, 1998
                                                                                     Lindsay Martin, 1999
                                                                                                                 mail you something
Jon Gingrich, 1993
Gina Halliday, 1993        David Reskey, 1995
                                                        Jon Clements, 1998
                                                                                     Christian Masini, 1999      and it was returned to
                                                        Ryan Coiner, 1998                                        us, therefore, we have
Rita Miller, 1993          Julie Schumacher, 1995                                    Sean Mc Bride, 1999
                                                        Kayse Cushing, 1998
Peter Schwartz, 1993       Katherine Smissen, 1995
                                                        Joshua Davis, 1998
                                                                                     Brad Muhlhauser, 1999       no current address
Justin Short, 1993         Carol Wheat, 1995
                                                        Joshua Dunlap, 1998
                                                                                     Lauren Nelson, 1999         information. If you
Charleen York, 1993        Christina Woodward, 1995                                  Daniel O'Connell, 1999      or someone you know
                                                        James Dunn, 1998
Jackie L. Barrera, 1994    Kelley Box, 1996                                          Dustin Patterson, 1999
Michael Bedrick, 1994      Daniel Clark, 1996
                                                        Norman Giroux, 1998
                                                                                     Sarah Proffitt, 1999
                                                                                                                 appears on this list,
Jamie Berman, 1994         Brett Cook, 1996
                                                        Hazel Gonzalez, 1998
                                                                                     Michael Raley, 1999         please contact the
                                                        William Hageman, 1998                                    Alumni Office by
Kellee Booth, 1994         Darren Cunningham, 1996                                   Claire Rouleau, 1999
                                                        Elizabeth Han, 1998
Alyssa Cardenas, 1994      Anthony D'Amato, 1996
                                                        Ryan Hay, 1998
                                                                                     Cory Simmons, 1999          e-mail at
Amy Carter, 1994           Jennifer Douglas, 1996                                    Suzanne Steeves, 1999
                                                        Stephanie Hayes, 1998
Steven Clements, 1994      Mazen Faysal, 1996                                        Serlena Teatum, 1999        and provide current
                                                        John Hinds, 1998
Matthew Ericson, 1994      Lindsay Gladwell, 1996                                    Patrice Vice, 1999
Jodie Gordon, 1994         Hank Harrington, 1996
                                                        Christina Koutras, 1998
                                                                                     Ashley Webb, 1999           mailing information.
                                                        Hillary Lamp, 1998
Michael Greco, 1994        Mike Kureh, 1996                                          Melanie Whittington, 1999

 SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL                                       December 2004, January - February, 2005                          39
 Class Updates
Kevin Papay '03 is enjoying his second year at Harvard             Kelyn Mainwaring '04 is attending Loyola Marymount
University where he is majoring in Government with a               University in Los Angeles and is majoring in History.
minor in Spanish. Kevin participates in several intramural
sports and is on the Undergraduate Advisory Committee for          Alek Ramoska '04 is a freshman at the University of
Government. Kevin also tutors sixth graders twice a week           Colorado, Boulder and is currently an Applied Physiology
as part of a volunteer organization called Tenacity.               major. He recently pledged Phi
                                                                   Kappa Tau fraternity, is active in
Christopher Steele '03 is currently attending UC Berkeley.         intramurals and also volunteers in
Recently, his family auditioned for the show, "Who Wants           the physical therapy clinic at the
to Marry My Dad," and was one of the two finalists, but            health center on campus. Alek
lost it due to similarities to the family from the first season.   enjoys running for enjoyment on
Otherwise, things continue as normal.                              the mountain trails nearby
                                                                   campus and working out at the
Kim Wallace '03 is a sophomore at the University of                rec center. Alek absolutely loves life at college and the
Colorado, Boulder where she is majoring in Business                outdoor life of Colorado!
Administration. At UC Boulder, Kim is an active
member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. (See family
photo on page 37.)                                                 Doug Reinhardt '04 signed a professional baseball contract
                                                                                      with the Anaheim Angels. He was
                                                                                      assigned to the Mesa Angels in the
Class of 2004                                                                         Arizona League where he led the team
                                                                                      in hitting for the second half of the
                                                                                      season. Doug finished his rookie sea-
Alicia Fujii '04 is a freshman at Yale currently                                      son strong earning him an invitation to
majoring in Economics. Alicia is                                                      participate in the prestigious 2004
also playing on the nationally                                                        Angels Arizona Instructional League.
ranked Varsity Women's Soccer
team as a forward and
mid-fielder where she has had an                                   Thomas Sabin '04 is currently a freshman attending New
assist against Manhattan (9/5/04)                                  York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Thomas is a
and a goal against Central                                         drama student at the Lee Strasberg Institute.
Connecticut (9/10/04).

                    Michelle Hull '04 is a freshman at
                    Harvard and majoring in Government.            * Many alumni mention that they would like to hear
                    She is the starting left fullback for the       from other SM alums. Due to privacy laws, we do
                    nationally ranked Crimson Varsity
                                                                       not publish contact information in Wings. To
                    Women's Soccer team. Michelle was
                    one of two Harvard players named to
                                                                    contact any alumni, please email the Alumni Office
                    the All-Tournament Team at the                 at or call 949-766-6000 ext. 1511.
                    UConn Adidas Classic by the
                    participating coaches. Michelle also
                    earned an assist in Harvard's 4-1
                    victory over Cornell with a
through-pass to Brittany Meeks '03, for an all-Santa
Margarita goal. Michelle is the 4th in the line of SMCHS
Women's Soccer players to join the Crimson including
Lauren Cozzolino '00, Becca Mildrew '02 and Brittany
Meeks '03.

38                                                            SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL
                                                                                       Around Campus news

                              FROM THE ACTIVITIES OFFICE
       Senior Class News                                                                Peer Court

Graduation cap and gown costs                                     Peer Court will take place in the Science Lecture
are included in the graduation fee                                Hall after school on Wednesday, January 5, 2005 at
paid by senior parents prior to                                   2:45 p.m. Any student who is able to attend is
graduation. Please be aware that                                  encouraged to volunteer to participate as a juror in
some outside groups obtain                                        this real life courtroom event. This is a great
mailing lists from the Department                                 opportunity to see what the sentencing phase of a
of Motor Vehicles and send                                                            real juvenile court proceeding is
notices regarding caps and gowns.                                                     like. Make it a point to attend this
Don't be fooled into paying twice                                                     session of Peer Court!
for your student's cap and gown.
For assistance in answering any graduation related
questions, please feel free to contact the Activities
Office at 949-766-6050.                                                           The Valentine Store

Seniors, check out the Senior Booklet on the SM                    The Valentine Store will be open February
website for upcoming events and activities.                        1-11, 2005. The Valentine Store helps you
                                                                   remember all of those special people in your lives
                                                                   by offering a wide selection of gifts, cards, candy
               Freshman Class News                                 and flowers. Valentines will be delivered in the
                                                                   morning on Valentine's Day. If you would like to
                   Freshman Class officer elections                send a Valentine to your student or let a special
                   are scheduled for February 16,                  Santa Margarita employee know
                   2005. Class officer applications will           you appreciate them, call the
                   be available in the Activities Office           Activities Office at 949-766-6050
                   in late January 2005.                           for more information.

                                       SMCHS Magazine Drive
The annual Magazine Drive is February 3-22, 2005. Please spread the word to all of your family and friends. Lots of great
prizes will be given away including a trip to Hawaii! Information will be forthcoming in the mail and also given to students.
This year there will be one (1) turn-in day on Tuesday, February 22, 2005.

Volunteers Needed: In order for the Magazine Drive to be successful, we need parent volunteers to help record magazine
orders. We are looking for 15 helpers on February 22-25, 2005. If you are available to volunteer from 7 a.m.-3 p.m. on one
of those days, please call Carolyn Stromberg at 949-589-2170 or the Activities Office at 949-766-6050.

    SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL                            December 2004, January - February, 2005                  3
    Around Campus news
                                                                    TALON T HEATRE
                                  Talon Theatre is getting deeper into its season. A few weeks ago, Rumors, by Neil Simon, closed to
                                  great reviews. But in just a few short days, “Up the Down Staircase,” by Bel Kaufman, will open in
                                  the Eagle Dome. This is the story of a first year teacher and her attempts to reach the students that
                                  she teaches. It is an inspiring story of dedication and is filled with humor and love. You don't want
                                  to miss this production. It was the first production that was directed under the name of "Talon
                                  Theatre" by Mr. Mark Till and Mr. Jeff Nowlin. It will be performed December 7-11, 2004 at 7:30
                                  p.m. Tickets will be on sale in early December.
                            Shortly after “Up the Down Staircase” closes, auditions for the Spring Musical will be held. This
year we will be reviving the production of “Godspell,” by Steven Schwartz and John Michael Tebelak. Details on the auditions
will be available in early December. “Godspell” will open in the Spring of 2005.
In January, the Theatre Production class will be performing R. T. Robinson's “The Cover of Life.” This production will be
directed by current senior, Ryan MacKenzie and will take place in the Drama Room January 12-15, 2005. Don't miss this
drama about three wives whose husbands are off fighting in World War II.

                                Beginning Theatre Arts Students Get Dramatic!
                                           Several students from Beginning Theatre Arts classes have begun training this year. Mr.
                                           Stube and Mrs. Hauser are pleased with the number of beginning actors and hope they will
                                           be able to continue their training at SMCHS with the Drama Department and Talon Theatre.
                                           This year the senior students will expand their ability to appreciate this art form by
                                           developing and creating their own original scripts and style. This is an invaluable tool for the
                                           patron they will soon become as they go on from this campus to their future. In-class
                                           training includes acting, directing and design projects. Students are also encouraged to
                                           become part of the major productions on campus. Beginning Theatre Arts (BTA) classes are
                                           open to all level students. Be sure to catch a show at the Talon Theatre in the 2004-2005
      BTA students working on their first original script

    Model United                                                                                  Students at the Tower of London

                                             N ATIONS           NEWS

    Ten students from Santa Margarita Catholic High School recently returned from the
    Royal Russell Model United Nations Conference held in East Croydon, England.
    The students represented the countries of Brazil and Argentina in a mock meeting of
    the Untied Nations. In addition to attending the conference, the students got a chance
    to tour London and visit Paris. Students visited landmarks such as the Tower of
    London, St. Paul's Cathedral, the Tate Modern Art Museum, the Cabinet War Rooms,
    and Westminster Abbey. The students were given a special tour of Big Ben and had
    the opportunity to climb the clock tower. The highlight of the week was a trip across
    the channel for a tour of Paris. Students took a guided tour of the city that was
    followed by a cruise down the Seine River and a visit to the Louvre.                                    Students at the Eiffel Tower

    The Model UN program will attend two conferences in December and January. The
    first conference will be the Mira Costa Conference on December 4, 2004. Over one
    hundred novice MUN delegates will attend the conference. On January 15th and
    16th over two hundred delegates will attend the Mission Viejo Conference. On
    January 29, 2005 Model UN will host the annual International Dinner and Silent
    Auction in the Moiso Pavilion (gym). The dinner will raise money to help offset the
    costs of conferences in London, Washington DC, and Boston. The rest of the funds
    will go towards senior scholarships.

4                                                                    SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL
                                                                                                   Class Updates
                       Natalie Fujii '02 is attending USC       Amanda Dolan '03 is currently studying theatre at San
                       with a major in Business and a           Francisco State University. She is very excited to not only be
                       minor in Communications. Natalie         performing college theatre, but playing acting roles
                       is an active member of Kappa             different than "the mother" as she did in several SMCHS
                       Kappa Gamma sorority and is also         shows.
                       a USC Song Leader. Through Song
                       Leading she has participated on the      Nathan Imperiale '03 is a sophomore at George
                       Super Bowl '03 float and also            Washington University where he is majoring in Electronic
                       traveled to Hong Kong to be a part       Media. Nathan had the
                       of the Chinese New Year parade.          privilege of being a finalist in
                       Recently Natalie's picture was put       the "Stand Up and Holla"
on the cover of the USC Saturday Night publication.             essay contest sponsored by the
                                                                Republican National
Rory O'Neill '02 is currently a junior at Columbia              Convention and MTV's
University and is majoring in History. He is spending this      "Choose or Lose" campaign to
school year abroad in Madrid, Spain. In February 2005, he       get out the youth vote.
will be working as an intern at the American Embassy.           Nathan's essay was one of 10
                                                                chosen from over 1,000
                                                                students who submitted essays which answered the question
Jack Pichard '02 is a junior at
                                                                "Why is the President's call for community service important
Princeton where he is a History major.
                                                                and how have you demonstrated it?" As one of the runner
Jack is also the starting setter for the
                                                                ups, Nathan was invited to attend the Republican National
Princeton Tigers Men's Volleyball
                                                                Convention in New York City to participate in the "Page
Team. He spent part of last summer in
                                                                Program" along with the winner and the other finalists. They
New York City as an intern with
                                                                enjoyed a whirlwind itinerary which included a Yankees
Merrill Lynch and is now
                                                                game, 42nd Street on Broadway, lunch and tour of the New
having the time of his life on a fall
                                                                York Stock Exchange and a tour of the Old Post Office
semester abroad in Brisbane,
                                                                Building which housed the thousands of media covering the
                                                                convention. He attended the hottest ticket party in town,
                                                                "THE R," hosted by the Bush twins, spent time with Ted
Kristen Wallace '02                                             Koppel and Peter Jennings (see photo), met Vice President
is currently a junior                                           Dick Cheney and was interviewed by numerous news
at the University of                                            organizations.
Colorado at Boulder
where she is a
                                                                Marcus Lovingood '03 is a cast member at the Disneyland
                                                                Resort. He has currently joined the closing cast of
major with a
                        Wallace Family Photo                    "Disneyland's 45 Years of Magic Parade: The Parade of the
Business minor.
                                                                Stars" and hopes to open "Disneyland's 50th Anniversary
Kristen is also active as the Vice President of the Chi
                                                                Parade: The Parade of Dreams" in the spring of 2005, and
Omega sorority and plans to study abroad spring semester
                                                                still graduate with a B.A. in Dance and Communications by

Class of 2003                                                   Andrew Nieves '03 is currently in his sophomore year at
                                                                Villanova and is majoring in Finance. He is active in
Nic DiLoretta '03 attends USD and loves it there! He is a       intramural sports and is also working on campus.
founding father of Beta Theta Pi fraternity and is involved
in intramural sports as well as various other USD activities.   Caitlin O'Neill '03 is a sophomore at St. Mary's in Moraga
                                                                and is currently majoring in Communications.

   SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL                            December 2004, January - February, 2005                 37
 Class Updates
Lauren (Heri) Fawcett '00 married Aaron Fawcett of                 Jarrett Keegan ‘01 is currently a senior at Embry Riddle
Mission Viejo and they just had a baby boy. Gavin Markus           Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona. He is majoring
Fawcett was born on August 6, 2004. Once Gavin is a little         in Aerospace Studies and will graduate with minors in
older, Lauren has plans to continue with cosmetology school.       Aviation Safety, Aviation Business Administration and
                                                                   Defense Studies. He is scheduled for commission through
Christina Fujii '00 graduated from the University of Notre         AFROTC as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air
Dame with her degree in Industrial and Graphics Design.            Force in 2005 and is shooting to become a fighter pilot. He
She is currently taking classes at the Art Institute in Pasadena   is a founding father of the Sigma Chi fraternity on campus
and hopes to eventually move into package design. Christina        and is heavily involved in securing a permanent charter for
is also working in communications and customer relations in        the organization. Jarrett enjoys flying, working out, running,
the executive offices of The Montage.                              skiing and participating as both a player and a referee in
                                                                   intramural sports. Jarrett's most memorable experience thus
Katie (Wagner) Heisel '00 went to Missouri for                     far in Prescott has been mentoring a 10-year-old in a
college and received her BS in                                     neighboring town as a Big Brother of Yavapai County.
Parks, Recreation, and
Tourism. After graduation she
married her best friend and                                        Matthew Nieves '01 is in his final year at the University of
partner in craziness in May                                        Notre Dame and is majoring in Finance and Government. He
2004. Katie and her husband,                                       spent his junior spring semester studying abroad in London.
Jason, spent the summer doing                                      While at Notre Dame he has participated in intramural sports,
an internship in Rocky                                             the Business Club, campus ministry activities and has been a
Mountain National Park as                                          Teacher's Assistant in the computer department since his
back country rangers. They                                         sophomore year.
took some time to travel and visit family and friends in
California before heading back to Missouri. After that - job
hunting in Missouri.
                                                                   Class of 2002

Brian Sabin '00 is currently living in Japan. Upon                 Jessica Armijo '02 was one of ten students from California
graduating from the University of San Francisco with a             to be chosen to participate in the "Page Program" at the
degree in Computer Science, Brian moved to Japan to be an          Republican National Convention in New York City in August
assistant English Teacher with Japan's JET program for a few       2004. As part of this program Jessica distributed materials,
years. He is in the Kyushu (Southern Japan) in Ushibuka, a         acted as support staff and helped to pump up the crowd. She
small fishing village.                                             will be participating in two political internships in the coming
                                                                   year, one at the White House and one with NASA. Jessica is
Lauren (DiCianni) Servino '00 graduated from the                   currently a junior attending American University in
University of San Diego with a BA in both Psychology and           Washington, DC.
Communication Studies. She worked part time in the public
relations department of a local biotech company while              Allison Case '02 is currently at UCI where she is studying
planning her wedding to the love of her life, Kevin Servino.       Drama and Musical Theatre. At UCI, she has been a dancer
They were married on October 16, 2004 in the Immaculata            in the opera “Dido and Aeneas” and also in the musical
Parish on USD campus.                                              “Hair.” She dances in the parades at Disneyland and was
                                                                   offered a contract to perform in Tokyo at Tokyo Disneyland,
Class of 2001                                                      but declined to stay in school.

Cameron Hunnel '01 spent his first two years of
college at UC Santa Cruz and his junior year at UC
Riverside. He is completing his final year at UC Riverside
and is majoring in Business.

36                                                             SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL
                                                                                      Around Campus news
     Several Tournaments Slotted for
        Competitive Debate Team                                        Eagle Dance Team
 This fall the Eagle Competitive Forensic Team has           The Eagle Dance Team is busy working toward their upcoming
 completed tournaments at Cal State University Long          competition season. The girls have a history of success,
 Beach, Cal State University Fullerton and Cypress. In       including being named National Champions at the Walt Disney
 December they will travel to San Diego for the Christmas    World Competition three years in a row. This year the dancers
 Classic. Both the CSU Long Beach and Christmas Classic      plan to reclaim that title as they travel to Orlando in early
 tournaments host high school debaters and competitive       March to compete in the Contest of Champions. In addition,
 speakers from the western states. Eagle team members        the Eagle Dancers will compete locally against teams from all
 will have an opportunity to compete with debaters from      over California with a total of six competitions for the season.
 Washington, Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico and Hawaii.         In the past few years, the team has accumulated hundreds of
 The novice team members are working on policy cases to      first place trophies and they look forward to adding more
 begin tournaments after the first of the year. Several      trophies to the walls in the Eagle Dome.
 varsity members are working on individual entries in
 Dramatic/Humorous Interpretation and                        During the season, the Eagle Dancers will compete with seven
 National/International Extemporaneous. This is a full       different routines and six solos. These routines encompass
 season for the 2004-2005 Debate Team. The second half       many styles of dance including jazz, ballet, hip-hop, modern
 of the season begins in January 2005 at Cal State           and lyrical. The Santa Margarita Dance Team works with
 Fullerton and team members are looking forward to a         numerous professional choreographers. This year's
 February slot at UC Berkeley. On we go!                     choreographers include Mike Esperanza, Sara Sanders, Danny
                                                             Batimana, and Karen Ayres. Each of these choreographers
                                                             offers a unique and different style that contributes to the
                                                             dancers' wide vocabulary of movement. The Dance Team is
                                                             blessed to have these talented individuals working with the

                                                             The first competition is January 29, 2005. If you are interested
                                                             in supporting the Eagle Dance Team, come out and cheer them
                                                             on. If you would like more information about their
                                                             competition schedule, please contact the Dance Office or check
     Two students preparing for their debate competition     the Dance Team web site:

            Red Cross news
                                                               The 2004-2005 Eagle Dance Team

The second Blood Drive of the school year will take place
on Thursday, January 27, 2005 from 7 a.m. until 1 p.m. in
the Moiso Pavilion (gym). Students who are at least 17
years of age, weigh 110 lbs. and are in good health can
donate blood. Parents, friends and neighbors are also
welcome and do not need an appointment. There is almost
always a critical shortage of blood in Southern California
and 20% of the blood supply comes from high school
students! Please help our community and save lives by
donating blood. More information can be obtained by
emailing Mrs. Keane, the Faculty Advisor, at

     SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL                          December 2004, January - February, 2005                5
    Around Campus news

                                               PEP SQUAD NEWS
                                    ASICS Competition
                                    The Pep Squad is proud to be hosting the ASICS Cheer and Song Competition on
                                    Saturday, January 22, 2005. This will be an exciting, all day affair for highly rated
                                    teams from around the Southland. For information, contact Sue and Ted Johnson
                                    at 949-858-0796 or Liz and Gerhard Jurinek at 949-443-2344.

         9th Annual Baseball & Pep Squad                                              Winter Formal
                   Golf Classic
                                                                   Mark your calendars for Winter Formal! The dance
      The 2005 Baseball & Pep Squad Golf Classic will be           will be hosted by the Pep Squad. The Winter Formal
      co-hosted on Monday, January 10, 2005. Scheduled             will be "An Evening in Paris." Great music is
      activities include a day of golf at Coto de Caza Golf and
                                                                   promised for sophomores, juniors and seniors to
      Racquet Club, the post-tournament dinner, a no-host
      cocktail reception, and silent and live auctions. Green      dance the night away on Saturday, February 26,
      fees are $250 per person and include breakfast, lunch,       2005. For more information, contact Kristen and
      dinner, and other festivities. Those interested in           Jeff Laakso at 949-830-6076.
      participating may call Lisa and Gerald Reed at
      949-766-0525 or Stephanie and Steve Smith at

    SMCHS Crowned a Queen...
                               Monica Bennett was named 2004 Homecoming
                               Queen. Monica was escorted by her father, Marc
                               Bennett, at the Homecoming Game. Monica is
                               ranked in the top 4% of her class and is a member of
                               the National Honor Society. She was a member of
                               the Pep Squad for two years and she is a four year
                               participant of the Talon Theatre. She is also
                               President of the Drama Club, Lieutenant Governor of        The 2004 Homecoming Court.
                               Kiwins and a member of the Campus Ministry Club.
                               In addition, she is the Vice President of the Senior
                               Class. The 2004 Homecoming King was Julian

                               Adrienne Wright and Bridgette Hertel were Senior
       Monica at the           Princesses while Tahnee McKelligan and Jessica
    Homecoming Game on         Russell were Junior and Sophomore Class
      October 8, 2004.         Princesses, respectively. Kurt Rommel and James
                               Sublette were Senior Princes.

                                                                               Monica and her father, Marc Bennett.

6                                                         SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL
                                                                                                       Class Updates
He is currently working at The Orphanage, a visual effects      James P. Rankin '99 attended Cal State Hayward
house located in San Francisco. He is an assistant technical    pursuing his four year degree in Physical Education while
director and writes software tools and provides technical       also attempting to play for the men's soccer team. He has
assistance for artists. He has worked on feature films such     been working for Home Depot for the past year and enjoying
as “Hellboy,” “The Day After Tomorrow,” “Sky Captain,”          it.
“The World of Tomorrow” and other movies and
                                                                Megan (McMillan) Stube '99 graduated from UCLA's
Angelee (Persons) Willis '98 is living in Luton, England        School of Theatre Film and Television Class of 2003 with a
with her husband, Keith. She completed an AA at Franklin        B.A. in Theater and an emphasis in Lighting Design. A few
College in Lugano, Switzerland and also did two years at        months after graduating she married the love of her life, Jeff
George Washington University in Washington, DC.                 Stube '92 on August 9, 2003. Her desire to work normal
Angelee is currently working as a dental nurse and will be      hours and make a regular decent salary led her to her current
finishing her double degree in International Affairs and        job as Office Manager for a General Contractor - Casco
                                                                Contractors, Inc. She still gets her theater & lighting fill by
World Religions while in England.
                                                                designing the lighting for several of SM's Talon Theatre

Class of 1999                                                   Jonathan Toomey '99 graduated from California Institute of
                                                                Technology in spring of 2003 in Aerospace Engineering.
Ashley (Toch) Maas '99. (See Dan Maas '98.)                     Currently, he is a graduate student at UCLA working in the
                                                                SOFIA Laboratory investigating the flight properties of
Brandon Meeks '99 married Jennifer Dentt on                     insects. He plans to finish at UCLA in the spring of 2008 with
                           June 19, 2004. The garden            his PhD in fluid dynamics. Jonathan says, "so basically, I am
                           ceremony was held in San Diego       still in school."
                           in front of approximately 250
                           friends and family members.          Class of 2000
                           Fellow classmates Corey Collins
                           '99, Chris "Moose" Zavouris '99
                           and Andy Lurker '99 as well as       Dani DiLoretta '00 graduated from USC in May 2004 with a
                           Brittany Meeks '03 were part of      BS in General Studies and a California Preliminary
                           the wedding party. Brandon and       Credential. During her career at USC Dani was a member of
                           Jenny met while attending U.C.       Alpha Chi Omega sorority and served as President,
                           Santa Barbara. Brandon graduated     Centennial Scholarship Recipient, USC Dean's List, and
in June 2003 with a degree in Computer Science and is a         member of Gamma Sigma Alpha Honor Society. Dani is
Systems Analyst for a mortgage lending company in San           currently teaching second grade at Our Lady of Fatima in San
Diego. Jenny graduated in 2002 and is a travel agent and        Clemente and enjoys her students tremendously! She will be
accounting assistant for Kahala Travel in San Diego. They       pursuing her Masters in Education in January 2005. Dani
are living in La Jolla, just a short commute to work during     sends a fond hello to the class of 2000!
the week and near the beach where they can surf on the
                                                                Carly Draudt '00 continues to work
                                                                hard at rehabilitation after her critical
Brian Papay '99 graduated from Santa Clara University in
                                                                accident on a jet ski in October 2003
2003 and is working for KMPG as part of their Contract
                                                                during her senior year in college in
Compliance Group. He was recently jump promoted at his
                                                                South Carolina. To find out more
one year review to Senior Associate. Brian is based out of
                                                                about Carly's progress and to leave
KPMG's Mountain View, CA office but travels throughout
                                                                her a personal message and obtain
the US for his job so he is able to visit with family and old
                                                                donation information visit her
friends. Brian is currently living in the Mountain View
                                                                website at

   SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL                              December 2004, January - February, 2005                  35
 Class Updates
Karly (Farris) Foster '98                                         Gwynne Langley '98 received her MA in History and
married Mark Foster '93                                           Museum Studies from Tufts. She then got a job working as a
on July 5, 2003. They have a                                      researcher at a digital library called the Perseus Project,
beautiful daughter, Molly                                         which is also run through Tufts. Gwynne also does volunteer
Margaret, who was born on                                         working with homeless kids and is involved in a
August 3, 2004.                                                   neighborhood social group. She loves living in the Boston
                                                                  area and if any other alumni are there, she would like to be in
                                                                  touch with them!

                                                                  Dan Maas '98 and Ashley (Toch) Maas
Conor Friedersdorf '98 is a Pomona College                        '99 were married on March 13, 2004.
graduate with a degree in Journalism. He is currently             Dan graduated from USC in 2002.
preparing to move to Prague until beginning grad school.          Ashley also graduated from USC from
                                                                  the Marshall School of Business in 2003.

                        Kyndell Gaglio '98 just returned
                        back to the states after working for a
                        French firm specializing in event
                        planning. While abroad, Tiffany
                        Brown '98 came to visit her in Paris.     Sally Nall '98 is doing well! She is attending graduate
                        Kyndell recently purchased a LSAT         school at Columbia University in New York City and
                        prep book, but she says she has “yet      loving it.
                        to crack it open...”
                                                                  Brian O'Neill '98 graduated from Princeton University in
                                                                  2002 and is attending his final year of Law School at the
                                                                  University of Michigan. He became engaged to his girlfriend
Lieutenant Derek Heath '98 graduated from the Air Force           of four years, Kathy, in June 2004 with a
Academy and recently received his "wings" at Vance Air            summer of 2005 wedding planned.
Force Base in Oklahoma where he graduated at the top of his
class from the rigorous pilot                                     Tiffany Pizzi '98 is a graduate of San Diego State and is
training program. For the past                                    working for Sea World and the United Spirit Association.
year he has been training on the
T-37 fighter jet and Beech Jet T-1                                Courtenay (Lauer) Taylor 98' (See photo on page 31.)
aircraft. After his completion of
training, he was given the choice                                 Randy Vanderplow '98 graduated from the University of
to fly either fighter jets or the                                 Washington in December 2003 with a degree in Business
larger transport planes, and he                                   Management and a minor in Communication. After playing
chose the Boeing C-17                                             four years of college baseball he played two years of
Globemaster III, as it is the                                     professional baseball in the Independent League playing for
newest and most sophisticated                                     the Springfield-Ozark Ducks in Missouri and was named to
transport jet in the Air Force. He will be spending a few         the Frontier League All-Star team. Randy is now playing
months in Altus, Oklahoma which is the training base for the      professional baseball with the New York Yankees
C-17. After he has completed that training, he will go to         organization. In the very short off season, he continues train-
McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey. He will be flying all       ing and works for the family business -V&M Restoration.
over the world and his commitment to the Air Force is for
another 10 years.                                                 Brent Villalobos '98 graduated from Stanford University
                                                                  with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Drama.
Lisa Kahle '98 graduated from Boston College and is               After having spent some time in Boise, ID working as a
currently living in San Diego while finishing her final year of   software developer for Hewlett-Packard, Brent decided to
law school at USD.                                                move back to California to pursue a career in visual effects.

34                                                            SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL
                                                                                      Around Campus news

                                    SMCHS Regiment Marching Band and Color Guard
                                              Enjoy a Record Season
                                   The Santa Margarita Catholic High School Eagle Regiment Marching Band and Color
                                   Guard enjoy a record season with three Grand Champion Sweepstakes Awards in three
                                   consecutive weekends.

                                   On Saturday, October 23, 2004 Irvine High School hosted its annual field show
                                   tournament in the Irvine High School Stadium. The SMCHS Eagle Regiment Marching
                                   Band and Color Guard won the Grand Sweepstakes Award besting 13 other schools from
                                   all over Southern California, including some very large bands from the Anaheim area.
                                   Besides taking home the Grand Champion Sweepstakes Award, the Eagle Regiment also
                                   won the following awards: Most Outstanding Woodwind Section, High General Effect,
                                   High Visual, Sweepstakes Percussion and 1st place Color Guard.

                                   On Saturday, October 30, 2004 the SMCHS Eagle Regiment Marching Band and Color
                                   Guard won another Grand Sweepstakes at the Loara HS Field Show Contest. They
                                   bested 12 other schools in the 3A Division and took home five Sweepstakes trophies.

                                   And once again, on Saturday, November 6, 2004, the SMCHS Eagle Regiment Marching
                                   Band and Color Guard won the Grand Sweepstakes (for the 4th year in a row) at the Chino
                                   HS Invitational Field Show Contest. The Eagle Regiment competed in the 3A division, but
                                   they out scored many of the 4A and 5A bands at the tournament. At this tournament, the
                                   students had the privilege to watch both the Fresno State Marching Band and the amazing
                                   UCLA Marching Bruins!

                                   Band Director, Mr. David Weinberg exclaimed, “We are the talk of town!” Congratulations
                                   to Mr. David Weinberg, his staff, students and parents for an incredible achievement.

    Boys Track & Field News                                              GirlsTrack & Field News
                                                               Any girls who were unable to attend the December 1, 2004
Attention Parents of Boys Track & Field                        meeting for the Girls Track & Field Team need to pick up an
                                                               information packet from Coach Ferry. Girls currently
                                                               involved in a winter sport also need to pick up a packet.
The pre-season Parent Information Meeting will be held
                                                               Coach Ferry can be found on the third floor of the G-building
on Tuesday evening, January 25, 2005 in the Science            in rooms G301 or G302 during periods 1, 2, 6, and 7.
Lecture Hall. The meeting will start at 7 p.m. and will go
                                                               There will be a parent meeting on Wednesday, January 12,
until the last question has been answered which is usually
                                                               2005 at 6:45 p.m. in the Science Lecture Hall. This will be
around 8:30 p.m. All parents, whether you are new to the       the only parent meeting of the year. It is recommended that
program or a veteran, are encouraged to attend. This is        new families including those whose daughters are currently
                                                               involved in a winter sport attend this meeting.
your opportunity to meet the coaches, get your questions
answered and find out about the program. Please come           All of the paperwork (including physicals and blue cards) and
prepared with your calendar/schedule so you can get            the track fees are due Friday, January 14, 2005. Packets and
                                                               fees can be turned in to Coach Ferry or the Athletic Office.
involved with your son's team by volunteering.
                                                               Girls who have not turned in their paperwork and fees or
                                                               spoken to Coach Ferry by January 14, 2005 will not be able to
                                                               join the team.

     SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL                          December 2004, January - February, 2005               7
Counseling/Academic news
      A Reminder fr om the                                              School Maestr o
       Counseling Of fice
You should have received a letter in October                  Did you know that School Maestro is the official
informing you of the change in the Counseling                 grading program for SMCHS? The official grade is
Office "alpha" breakdown. Listed below is                     recorded by teachers and kept in School Maestro. Quarter
another reminder in case your student's                       grades and semester grades can be viewed by students and
counselor changed:                                            parents by using "In Touch" which can be accessed
                                                              through the school website Should you
       Julie McClure - A-D
       Kris Jondle - E-Ll                                     have any questions about a grade, please contact the

       Mary Falk - Lm-Rh                                      individual teacher.
       Cathie Calderon - Ri-Z

                            Congratulations to the following students from the
           Class of 2005 for their recent selection into National Merit Scholarship Corporation:

                     Hollie Boivin                   Carl Di Marzio                     Scott Stromberg
                     Paul Brutoco                     Mike Naddor                       Thomas Weiler
                    Alex Choperena                   Steven Shaffer                     Adrienne Wright

 Dance Department News...
 The SMCHS Dance program is gearing up for another exciting year, with over 130
 dancers currently enrolled in the program. The IB Dance Program continues on with
 amazing growth. As of June 2004, 34 SMCHS dancers have successfully completed the
 IB Dance curriculum, earning either a Certificate or Full Diploma as a result of their
 participation and hard work. Sixteen dancers are currently preparing for the spring
 exams conducted by a visiting examiner who will evaluate the composition and
 performance components of the course work. Santa Margarita continues to be at the
 forefront in the development of this prestigious program.

 The annual Spring Dance Concert will again be the big event of the year for all dancers. This year's dates are April 28-30,
 2005. Call Ms. Wooley at 949-766-6000 x 4101 for more information and ticket availability. As always, this will be a sold
 out event.

8                                                           SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL
                                                                                                   Class Updates
Nora Mautner '97 is currently living on Capitol Hill in           returned back to Germany in August and then had some time
Washington, DC and enjoyed working on the                         off and visited Berlin for a few days. Matt can't believe how
victorious Bush-Cheney '04 campaign.                              green everything is back in Germany which is so weird after
                                                                  seeing nothing but sand for so long. He will most likely be
                             Damien Minna '97 suffered a          back in the Middle East for Thanksgiving, Christmas and
                             tragic accident this summer          New Year's.
                             while vacationing on a
                             houseboat with his family at         Noah Toomey '97 graduated from USC's School of
                             Lake Mead. Damien is                 Architecture in 2002 (Fight On!) and is working at a great
                             paralyzed from the neck down         architecture firm, LPA, in Irvine. You can check out some of
                             but has an incredible attitude and   their work on the website Noah has been
                             is fighting hard each day to         busy studying for the ARE (Architectural Registration
                             become stronger. He is currently     Exams), but in the meantime recently became a LEED
                             in a hospital in Colorado that       (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Accredited
specializes in spinal injuries. You can follow Damien's           Professional. His after hours activities include leading the
progress and also leave a message at his website                  high school youth group, HAVEN, at Corpus Christi Parish where there is also detailed                  in Aliso Viejo, starting a Christian rock band, going to
information about fundraising events and making                   concerts, designing a new home for his parents, going to the
donations.                                                        beach, working on his condo and going out with friends.

Kelley O'Halloran '97 is                                          Class of 1998
currently living in Encinitas, CA.
She obtained a degree in Interior
Architecture and Design at the                                    Tiffany Brown '98 just moved to San Francisco to
Interior Designers Institute in                                   pursue a graduate degree in Psychology at Golden Gate
Newport Beach. She is currently                                   University.
one of the lead designers at
Design Line Interiors in San                                      Danielle Deblieux '98 graduated from USD and is working
Diego, which is one of the top                                    for Disney in the Human Resources Department and will be
model home design firms in the                                    doing business for them in Hong Kong later this year.
country. She has enjoyed being in
two weddings of fellow Eagle                                      Marissa (Finn) Evans '98 was married on January 17, 2004
alums, Megan (Strader) Meihaus '97 as the Maid of                 to Zachary Evans of Spokane, WA.
Honor, and Matt Martin '97 as a reader. She and her               Marissa and Zach were married at
boyfriend, Paul Stratton, recently vacationed in Hawaii.          the Immaculata Catholic Church at
                                                                  her alma mater, the University of
                                                                  San Diego. The couple is now
Matt Shipstead '97 is a First Lieutenant in the Air Force         residing in Hanford, CA where they
                               as a C-130E pilot and is           purchased their first home. Marissa
                               stationed at Ramstein Air          is currently working as a manager of
                               Base in Germany. The               housing rentals for Housing and
                               C-130E flies tactical airlift      Urban Development. Zach is a
                               and airdrops throughout            Lieutenant in the US Navy and is
                               Europe, Africa, and the            currently an instructor pilot for the FA-18 Hornet in
                               Middle East which means,           Lemoore, CA. Former SMCHS classmates in attendance at
                               "the big planes take the           the wedding included Stacy Blankenship '98, Jeff Goold
                               cargo to the bases and then        '98, Michelle Kallen '98, Kia (Davis) Wronka '98,
                               moves it forward and either        Brannan Hersh '98, Landon Klug '98, Michelle Stewart
drops the cargo or lands the C130-E where other aircraft          '98, Mike Doyle '98, Cody Shedd '98, Conor Friedersdorf
can't go." Matt has flown combat missions in Bosnia,              '98, and Alison Gilchrist '98.
Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa. Matt left Iraq and

   SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL                              December 2004, January - February, 2005                33
     Class Updates
 Jolene (Shurlock) Vartanian '96 and Marco Vartanian '96         Washington, DC and work in politics. Erin is currently
 were married on August 14, 2004 at St. Nicholas Catholic        working for a Republican Congressman from New Jersey and
 Church in Laguna Woods. Both having graduated from USC          loving every second of it! She loves the east coast and doesn't
                                        in 2000, the highlight   think she will ever leave. Erin has been with her boyfriend
                                        of the reception was     David Burns, (a TEXAN) for almost two years and has never
                                        a performance by the     been happier!
                                        Trojan Marching
                                        Band and the USC         Jill Cooper '97 graduated from USC in 2001 and is now
                                        Song Leaders. A          living in West LA. She is working at Guess?, Inc. in
                                        number of the guests     Advertising as the International Media Planner and Marketing
                                        and members of the       Coordinator which means she works with all international
                                        wedding party were       licensees and distributors (currently 39 countries) to plan their
 SMCHS grads including best man Brian Meihaus '96,               print and outdoor advertising and some special events. Jill
 groomsmen Greg Storm '96 and Brad Byszewski '96 and             says that her job is fun and it has been a great learning
 bridesmaid Talia Serra '96. Marco and Jolene                    experience.
 honeymooned in Bora Bora and now live in Mission Viejo.
                                                                 Sara Heri '97 attended University of South Carolina where
                                                                 she studied Sport and Entertainment Management and was
 Class of 1997                                                   captain of the Gamecocks Women's Volleyball Team. She
                                                                 received her degree in Sport and Entertainment Management
 Elizabeth Barry ‘97 is currently                                in 2001. After graduation, Sara completed a year long
 in Los Angeles completing her                                   internship with the Anaheim Angels and the Mighty Ducks of
 last semester of rotations at                                   Anaheim. At the end of the internship she was hired by the
 Children’s Hospital. Elizabeth                                  Mighty Ducks of Anaheim and is currently the Marketing
 attends the University of Chicago                               Representative for the team. An interesting note for alumni is
 Medical School where she met                                    that there are currently four SMCHS graduates working for
                                                                 the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. They are Alex Gilchrist '93,
 her fiance. Both Kirk and
                                                                 Director of Communications, Matt Savant '95, Marketing
 Elizabeth are looking forward to
                                                                 Manager, Dennis Keane '96, Premium Ticket Representative
 March when they will learn their
                                                                 and Sara!
 residency assignments. They are
 also looking forward to a May 2005 wedding.                     Jacqueline (Wescombe) Hoppe '97 attended USC where she
                                                                 majored in Broadcast Journalism. She was a member of the
 Lauren (Owens) Bordages '97 has recently returned to her        Pi Beta Phi sorority with fellow SMCHS alumnae: Ami
 alma mater, SMCHS, to work in the Office of Development,        (Aylor) Brown '97, Jill Cooper '97, Nicole McKeehan '97
 Alumni and Public Relations. Since July 2004 she holds the      and Brooke Smith '97. Jacqueline met Blair Hoppe her
 position of Community Relations Coordinator. One of her         freshman year at USC and they were married in July of 2003.
 responsibilities is designing and producing Wings. Lauren
 and Drew Bordages '97 moved back to the area from San           Matt Martin '97 graduated from Purdue University in 2002
 Diego in May 2004 and are currently living in Ladera Ranch      with a BS in Biology and minor
 with their new puppy, Thatcher.                                 in Management. Matt is
                                                                 currently a third year medical
 Ami (Aylor) Brown '97 was married to Curtis Brown in            student at Georgetown
 February 2000 and lived in Buffalo, NY for four and half        University School of Medicine,
 years. They recently moved to Chicago and just bought a         Class of 2006. He married
 house in Lakeview. They have two children Gage Dean and         Jaclynn in July of 2003 and they
 Garrett Boyd who are 22 months and five months.                 currently reside in the
                                                                 Washington, DC area.
 Erin Connolly '97 graduated from Boston College in 2001
 and moved to Chicago and worked at News America
 Marketing for a year and a half. She loved Chicago and met
 the most amazing people but had an itch to move to

32                                                            SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL
                                                                                                             Academic news

                                                             FOR LIFE
                                                       All 9th and 10th Grade
                                                        Students & Parents
                          SMCHS is proud to announce that it will be offering its 8th Annual
                                    INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE
                                DIPLOMA PROGRAMME INFORMATION NIGHT

       For additional information contact the                                           Wednesday, January 5, 2005
        SMCHS IB Office at 949-766-6034                                                 7:30 p.m. in the Eagle Dome


SIGN-UPS FOR EXTENDED TIME FINALS: December 13-17, 2004 and January 3-7, 2005 in the ASP Trailer
Students cannot assume they will receive accommodations just because they received it in the past. Students must sign-up prior to the
deadline; documentation must have been previously reviewed and approved by ASP, testing should be three years current and on file in
the ASP office to take exams with extended time.

EXTENDED TIME/SPECIAL FORMATS AP TESTING: Deadline for SSD Eligibility Form to ASP - February 9, 2005
Students who qualify for special accommodations and are in AP courses may take their AP exams with extended time and other
available special formats. You must indicate this on your SSD Student Eligibility Form to be qualified by the College Board. Forms are
available in ASP. Please see ASP or your counselor for more details.

For first time eligibility applicants, please remember to submit all completed forms and payment to Mary Manese or Michelle Stout in
the ASP Trailer. If you have been previously approved by SAT and you have your SSD code, you may apply directly to SAT with your
code number or code letter either by mail, phone or online. SAT and College Board have made significant refinements to the student
eligibility requirements to receive special accommodations on the SAT and AP examinations. For more detailed information, please
contact ASP, your counselor, refer to the July/August SMCHS Wings Newsletter or visit the College Board website at Extended time SAT and ACT test dates and registration deadlines are subject to change. For more
information, please contact Mary Manese at 949-766-6085, or visit the college board website at and ACT
website (ACT Special Testing applications are available online) at

Your student may choose to take both an SAT and the ACT test within one period, however, he/she may take only one of the available
SAT tests (standard, non-standard/Extended time, or the SAT IIs/Achievements), within one period. We suggest that the student discuss
with his/her counselor which test should be taken. It is not recommended that students take any of these tests prior to the spring of their
junior year.

Fees due to SAT and ACT will be stated on the test applications. The additional fee for special testing services at SMCHS is $40.00 per
test (ASP students are exempt from this fee) payable to SMCHS and is due when you submit application forms.

Call 949-766-6085, email or visit the ASP website at

   SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL                                    December 2004, January - February, 2005                        9
 Academic/Campus Ministry news
        SMCHS Earns Catholic Honor Roll Award
 The Catholic High School Honor Roll named Santa Margarita Catholic High School as one of the 50 best
 secondary Catholic schools in America.

 The first annual honor roll recognizes the nation's top 50 high schools based on their demonstrated commitment to
 academic excellence, Catholic identity and civic education.

 One other California school made the list; Notre Dame High School in Los Angeles. The primary goal of the
 honor roll is to encourage schools to educate their students as effectively as possible, in a way that integrates
 Catholic faith and prepares students for the world.

 In addition to the top 50 list, the honor roll also published the top 20 finalists in three categories that are important
 to overall excellence: academics, Catholic identity and civic education. SMCHS was within the top 20 finalists in
 the Civic Education category. The honor roll is an independent project of the Acton Institute for the Study of
 Religion & Liberty, an international research and educational organization based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

 The honor roll was produced in consultation with a national advisory board
 comprised of Catholic college presidents and noted Catholic scholars.

 Congratulations to all Students, Faculty, Staff and Administrators for achieving such a
 prestigious award!

                  Campus Ministry News...upcoming retreats

                                                                                                Kairos 59
                             Seniors, if you have not already signed up for Kairos,
                             please consider doing so. You will not want to miss out
                             on the amazing retreat! The dates for upcoming Kairos
                             are February 1-4, 2005 and March 8-11, 2005.
                 Kairos 61

     Kairos 60
                             Juniors, mark your calendars for the Junior Class
                             Retreat on April 12-14, 2005.

                             Sophomores, mark your calendars for the Sophomore
                             Class Retreat on February 24-25, 2005.

                                                                                                 Kairos 61

10                                                        SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL
                                                                                                 Class Updates
They just gathered in San Francisco/Napa Valley for a         2003 and Liz Clogg '96 was her maid of honor. Cynthia and
mini-reunion. The alums in the photos are: Jenni Nall '96,    Matthew are very happy living in Redlands with Spencer,
Erin Lavin '96 & Kris Vallas '96 and the Eagles who           their recently acquired Chihuahua mix dog, and love the
went to Napa include from top: Erin Lavin '96, Grant          small town feel of the community.
Brown '98, Kris Vallas '96, Allen Krist '96, Sean
Redfern '96, Eric Brown '96, Jenni Nall '96, Russ             Tracy (Mc Croskey) Stiegler '96 and Justin Stiegler '96 are
Schwartz '96, Kevin McNeil '96, Matt Nickels '96, Josh        doing well living in San Gabriel! Justin is the Sales Manager
Farra '96, Dennis Keane '96 & Matt Pholson '96.               for the Los Angeles Regional Office
                                                              for Pacific Life and Tracy is the
                                                              Marketing Executive for her new
                                                              in-home business of helping
                                                              families remove the toxic products in
                                                              their households and improving
                                                              families overall wellness.
                                                     Their daughter, Katelyn,
                                                              was 18 months in November and
                                                              she's walking and talking up a storm.
Sarah Maureen (Walker) Ollenburger '96 graduated
from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in June 2000 with a degree      Robert Taylor 96' and Courtenay (Lauer) Taylor 98' wed,
in Psychology. She was married on October 27, 2001 to         or should we say eloped, on June 17, 2004. The nuptials took
Loren Ollenburger. The couple lives in Ladera Ranch and       place in Valdosta, GA, home of the Moody Air Force Base.
is expecting their first child, Jackson Walker Ollenburger                                  The two met randomly on
on December 1, 2004. Sarah is currently the Savvy                                           Memorial Day weekend in 2003
Manager at Nordstrom, South Coast Plaza and Loren is an                                     at a beach party in San Diego.
Account Associate at PIMCO in Newport Beach.                                                After some small talk, the two
                                                                                            discovered one of the fun things
Mary Kathleen (Sabin) Person '96 received her Masters                                       they had in common was
in Educational Administration at St. Mary's Moraga in May                                   SMCHS. The rest is history.
2004. Mary is now an Admissions Counselor at Boston                                         Currently, the couple resides in
University while her husband, Kerry, is getting an MBA                                      Georgia. Rob is serving as a
and MEng at MIT Sloan. The couple is currently living in                                    Captain in the US Air Force and
Cambridge.                                                    is eagerly pursuing a career in combat rescue. Courtenay is
                                                              in school, yet again, marching towards a second degree in
Matt Pohlson '96 recently had a part in the hit show          nursing. The couple plans to move to Anchorage, Alaska
Everwood. He had several scenes where he was playing          within the next 12 months.
one of the local townspeople.
                                                              Jennifer Turner '96 attended the University of Notre Dame
Cynthia (Close) Pool '96 graduated magna cum laude            and graduated in 2000 with a Bachelors Degree in Pre-med
                        from the College of Santa Fe, NM      and Anthropology. She then went on to Georgetown
                        in 2000 with a degree in Studio       University in Washington, DC for Medical School and
                        Art and a minor in Psychology.        graduated this past May. She is now doing her medical
                        After working for the Art Institute   internship in Pediatrics and Internal Medicine at Brown
                        in LA, Cynthia returned to            University in Providence, RI and is absolutely loving her
                        Concordia University and earned       work and living in New England.
                        her teaching credential in spring
                        2002 and will be earning her          Jason Varvas '96 is active duty Navy working at the
                        Masters in Education. This fall       National Security Agency and currently living in Maryland.
                        she began teaching art in the
Rialto Unified School District at Kolbe Middle School.
Cynthia married Matthew Pool of Foothill Ranch in July

   SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL                           December 2004, January - February, 2005                 31
     Class Updates
 Tiffany (Blackburn) King '95 graduated from USC with a          Class of 1996
 degree in Accounting. Tiffany will be the SMCHS Ten Year
 Reunion Committee Chair for the Class of 1995 and hopes
 to see all of her fellow classmates at the Reunion on           Brian Patrick Berg '96 married Roxanne Lee Ringold at a
 July 23, 2005. Tiffany and her husband Stephen currently        wonderful ceremony on the North Shore of O'ahu, Hawai'i at
 live in Irvine.                                                 the Turtle Bay Hilton Hotel and
                                                                 Resort. They attended the Pro-Bowl
 Lisa Waggoner '95 graduated as Valedictorian in 2000            two days later and then honeymooned
 with a BFA in Animation from the Art Institute of Southern      on the island of Lana'i at the Manele
 California. She was hired by Twentieth Century FOX              Bay Hotel. Roxanne and Brian
 network as a color artist for the animated Television show      welcomed their lovely daughter,
 “The Simpson's.” She is currently in her fourth season with     Cassidy Kellee Berg, into the world
 the show and has won an Emmy Award for her work. You            on July 12, 2004 born in the Mission
 can see her name in the credits every Sunday night at 8         Viejo Medical Center. She was 8 lbs 4
 p.m. on FOX. Lisa has also worked on many other                 oz and 21 inches long and is absolutely beautiful. Brian has
 upcoming animated features. She currently lives in Los          been an insurance agent for the past four years. He has also
 Angeles with her two cats Maximus and Cesar, and she            been playing Arena Football for the past three years and
 looks forward to her ten year reunion to see all her friends.   might be facing retirement due to injury and his growing
                                                                 family. The couple is living in Ladera Ranch where they
 Brooke Martin '95 graduated from USC with a degree in           bought a townhouse last year.
 History. She was on the Trojan swim team (NCAA
 Division I Champs!) and retired her senior year after two       Jessica (Nahas) Foley '96 earned a Bachelors Degree in
 shoulder surgeries. Brooke spent her last semester abroad       Psychology from Harvard University in 2002. She is enrolled
 in Australia and then moved to San Diego where she has          in a dual doctorate program at Nova Southeastern University
 been teaching special education for four years. She             in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, working towards a PhD and
 recently completed her Masters Degree in Special                PsyD in Clinical Neuro-psychology. Jessica and her husband
 Education and has plans to either attend law school or          John dance as partners in a swing/lindy hop performance
 teach abroad, possibly in New Zealand or Australia.             troupe in the Miami area called "Explore the Floor."

 Oakley (Phromyothi) Boren '95 attended USC ("Fight              Brian Meihaus '96 and Megan (Strader) Meihaus '97 are
 on" Trojans) and graduated a semester early with a BA in        excited to be new homeowners! They recently moved into
 Communications and a minor in Cinema & Television.              their first home in Quail Hill in Irvine on their one year
 Oakley considers herself a SciFi junkie and a tech geek.        wedding anniversary. Brian and Megan are having fun
 She worked for the Hollywood Stock Exchange (HSX) and           reconnecting with many other SM alums!
 then returned to USC for her MA in Communication
 Management. In January 2002, Oakley married Brandon             Jennifer Nall '96 currently lives in Chicago and has been
 Boren, a coworker from HSX, and moved to Long Beach.            since graduating from Saint Mary's
 Nowadays, she "slaves" for a political PR firm in Long          College. Recently, she bought a
 Beach and runs a part-time IT business with her husband.        condo and now works at an
                                                                 investment firm in The Loop. All of
 Mary Beth Salomone '95 graduated from American                  her SMCHS friends still keep in
 University in Washington, DC in 1999 and remained in            touch. (continued on page 31)
 Washington to work for three years. She moved to New
 York in the fall of 2002 to seek fame and fortune…or to
 put her policy and advocacy experience to work and join
 the staff of a small nonprofit organization working on early
 childhood education issues. What it lacks in fame and
 fortune it makes up for in other ways and New York is a
 daily adventure. Mary Beth is currently living in Brooklyn.

30                                                           SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL
                                                                                              Christian Service news
  Make A Wish Foundation Thanks                                                       Eagles for CHOC at CHOC Walk 2004
Wish Grantors Laurie VanderMey and Allie Pashley of the Make A Wish
Foundation would like to thank the members of SMCHS football team,
Eagle Regiment and Pep Squad for their participation in Sean O'Donoghue's
Wish Party on Sunday, October 3, 2004. SMCHS sibling, Sean
O’Donoghue, was granted a wish after undergoing a heart transplant. The
following students provided entertainment at Sean’s football themed party.

   Football players:       Eagle Regiment:         Pep Squad:
   Sean Aldridge
   Mason Frakes
                           Jason Payne
                           Corey Plamondon
                                                   Elisa Arthur
                                                   Briana Wolfsmith
                                                                                         Eagles For
   Colby Rodgers
   Mike Rusert
                           Kiersten Cogswell
                           Andrew King
                                                   Jessica De Filippo
                                                   Brittany Campbell
   Bryan Redsun            Charlie Vogelheim       Nicole Jurinek
   Matt Steinbach          Kirstin Thorn           Jessica Newman              CHOC Disneyland Community Walk
   Kevin De Wert           Rebecca Lowe            Danielle Johnson            Our team of almost 150 walkers raised over $10,000!
   Omar Villamar           Rebecca Nichols         Christina Baca
   Russell Hoeflich
                                                                               Thanks to our families and generous sponsors for
                           Nikki Moss              Noelle Bellow
                           Richard Shaw            Sara Van de Velde           helping the kids at CHOC!
                           Matt Taylor
                           Taylor Bradford                                     Toy Drive:
                           Dayne Plamondon                                     Eagles For CHOC, along with the Red Cross Club
                           Mike Wright
                           Kirsten Parpana                                     will be organizing a school-wide drive to collect
                           Collin Nelson                                       Christmas toys for hospitalized kids and needy
                                                                               families. Toys will be collected at school beginning
Sean was granted his wish to fly to Green Bay, Wisconsin to meet his hero,     December 1-14, 2004. Please send an unwrapped toy
Packers’ Quarterback, Brett Favre. Sean and his family were treated as VIP
guests during their visit and at the Green Bay Packers’ game.                  to school and help these families who are going
                                                                               through a difficult time.
Make A Wish Foundation would also like to give a big thank you to the
following parents and SMCHS staff who helped make this party a success:        Next Club Meeting:
Andrea Aldridge, Lauren Bordages, Tom David, Karen De Filippo, Megan
Meihaus, Gail Nichols, Melanie Peterson, and Mr. Dave Weinberg. We             Wednesday, December 1, 2004, 8:30 a.m. in the
couldn't have done it without you!                                             Development Office. Bring your Christmas toy for
                                                                               the Toy Drive.

                                                                               Hospital Volunteering:
                                                                               New training classes will be held in February 2005 for
                                                                               members interested in working in a hospital
                                                                               environment. All volunteers are required to work at
                                                                               least one four-hour shift each month.

                                                                               Check out the club’s new website for the calendar and
                                                                               latest information: Go to Choose
                                                                               Campus Life, Christian Service, Opportunities, and
                        Football players, Eagle Regiment and                   find EAGLES FOR CHOC.
                             the Pep Squad with Sean.

     SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL                                    December 2004, January - February, 2005               11
 General news

 Business Office News                                             Westway Uniform Company
 The Business Office would like to wish all of our families a     The Westway Uniform Company store will be closed
 blessed Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year! It's
 hard to believe that we are nearly half way through the school   during the December holidays from December 16, 2004 -
 year! At this time we would like to thank all of you who are     January 3, 2005. The store will reopen January 4, 2005.
 making your tuition payments in a timely manner. Those of        During this period (and any other time) orders can be taken
 you who may have encountered some difficulty in making           by phone, fax, e-mail or by website and will be shipped or
 your tuition payments when they are due are asked to please
                                                                  delivered to you promptly. The Westway Uniform
 contact the business office so that a payment plan can be
 worked out.                                                      Company website will be available for processing
                                                                  orders on December 1, 2004.
 Please be reminded that your monthly payments are due on
 the first of every month and are considered late after 4 p.m.    FAX: 949-388-3669
 on the 10th of the month. Monthly tuition began July 1, 2004     Email:
 and will conclude on April 1, 2005. If you are on the
 semi-annual payment plan, your second half yearly payment        Website:
 is due on January 1, 2005 and will be considered late after 4    Store Phone (for inquiries during hours): 949-716-5330
 p.m. on the 10th of January. There is a $10.00 late fee that     Home Office (for inquiries after hours): 949-496-3968
 will automatically be charged to your tuition account if your
 payment is not received in the Business Office by 4 p.m. on      Store Hours: Tuesday & Thursday from 3 p.m. - 6 p.m.
 the 10th of the month. There are no exceptions. Also, it is      and Saturday from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
 very important that you tear off the top portion of your         Closed Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Holidays
 statement to return to the Business Office with your payment.
                                                                  The store is located on the corner of Bake & Rockfield
 Thank you for your cooperation!                                  at 15540 Rockfield Blvd., Suite A-2, Irvine, CA 92618.

 Attention Parents
 A number of websites have recently developed that allow young people to post
 information and pictures about themselves. An example of such a website is The information on this website often includes personal
 information such as a picture, the school the student attends, where he/she lives,
 names of their friends and email or instant message contacts.

 Please take a few minutes to talk to your son or daughter about the potential
 dangers in posting personal information on the web. In this day and age, we all
 need to protect our identity:
         Never share a photo online.
         Never post your own personal information online.
         Never allow friends to put private information or photos of you on a website.
         Never agree to meet someone who contacted you from a website.

 Remind your child that the internet is open to everyone. There is no way to be sure the person
 accessing the information isn't a child molester, burglar or kidnapper.

12                                                        SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL
                                                                                                     Class Updates
Class of 1994                                                       Kristopher Kelly '95 graduated from NYU with a BFA in
                                                                    Musical Theatre. Kristopher made his TV debut in 2004,
                                                                    appearing on the Soap Opera, “Guiding Light.” He is a
Kate (Elftman) Rader '94 is                                         member of Actors Equity Association and has appeared both
currently living in Quail Hill in                                   off-Broadway and he says, "so far off Broadway it's not
Irvine with her husband, Jeff                                       worth mentioning." While Kristopher has never studied the
Rader. They moved back to                                           art of photography, his deep interest made him decide, just
California last July after living                                   over a year ago, to set up a small studio and begin
in Chicago, Seattle and Dallas.                                     photographing people.
They both work for the family
business, Noelle Corporate                                          Fritz Maskrey '95 married Keleigh Michelle Lilian
Communications, and are                                             Peterson on December 13, 2003 and the couple lives in
enjoying being back in Orange                                       Huntington Beach. Fritz is the Director of Corporate
County. Kate is a member of                                         Partnerships and Sales at California Speedway in Fontana
Junior League and recently                                          and Keleigh is an RN at Seacliff Healthcare in Huntington
chaired a fundraiser event for the Pacific Symphony                 Beach.
Orchestra. They are pictured here with their dog, Holly.
                                                                    Meghan (McNulty) Bottomley '95 was married on May 1,
Patrick Strader '94 married Dana Brady on May 15, 2004.             2004 to her husband, Brandon, just outside of Washington,
The wedding took place at the Santa Clara Mission Church on         DC on Kent Island, MD. The couple met at the University
                             the campus of Santa Clara              of Arkansas in 1998. Megan is currently working as an
                             University, where they met during      Employee Relations Specialist for a Government Contractor
                             Law School. The reception was at       in Washington, DC.
                             Capital Club Athletics in San Jose.
                             Brian Meihaus '96 and Aaron
                             Maldonado '94 were groomsmen
                             and Megan (Strader) Meihaus
                             '97 was a bridesmaid. Eric                                     Danielle (Burd) Bennett '95 was
                             Krumplitsch '94 was an usher                                   married on August 7, 2004 to
                             and Kelley Moohr '94 and Julia
                                                                                            Timothy Bennett at St. Edward
                             (Cronin) Holt '94 did readings.
                             Also in attendance were Mike                                   Catholic Church in Dana Point. Her
Jones '94, Wes Holmes '94, Scott Lanni '93, Meghan                                          bridesmaids were SMCHS
(Meihaus) Van Aarde '93, Britt (Farwick) Strottman '93,                                     classmates Alicia Forster '95,
Renee McKay '95 and Caroline (Kelley) Gray '95. They                                        Katie Flynn '95, and Lisa Anstead
honeymooned in Maui. Patrick and Dana now live in Irvine                                    '95 with Mike Braun '95 serving
where Patrick formed the Law Offices of Patrick B. Strader
                                                                                            as one of the groomsmen. Many
dealing in all aspects of business law from start-up to the legal
issues of an operating entity. He is also the Vice President of                             other SMCHS alumni attended the
Starpointe Ventures, a real estate development and consulting                               wedding including Scott Cody '95,
company.                                                                                    Jay Soto '95, Brandon Blackinton
                                                                                            '95, Kenny Stevenson '95, Kevin
Class of 1995                                                                               Stevenson '95, Katie Kearins '95,
                                                                                            Tim Padayachee '95, Erich Pryor
Theresa (DeHerder) Langhaar '95 graduated from Loyola                                       '95, Sean Stevenson '91 and
Marymount University in 1999 with a degree in Theatre and                                   Jamee York '93. Danielle
continued to study theatre in London and Los Angeles. After                                 graduated from Law School in
working as a TV producer for five years in LA, she decided                                  2002 and is currently an attorney
she had enough and headed to the Midwest. She currently                                     working in New York.
lives with her husband, Victor, and dog, Ringo, in a town
outside of Chicago.

     SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL                              December 2004, January - February, 2005                  29
  Class Updates
Class of 1991                                                      has his Bachelors Degree in Drama and his emphasis was in
                                                                   Scenic Design and Construction. He graduated in the spring of
                                                                   1996 and is currently the Director of Theatre Arts for Santa
Heather Lynn (Petrash) Stockton '91 and her                        Margarita Catholic High School. He is going into his 8th year
                           husband Joe, who have been              of full time teaching and will also be continuing work on his
                           married seven years this past           California Teaching Credential. On August 9, 2003 he married
                           October, have two beautiful             Megan (McMillan) Stube '99 and they are living in Rancho
                           children; Evan born 10/31/01            Santa Margarita.
                           and Katie born 4/2/04. She
                           works part time as a front desk
                           clerk at the Aspen Hotel in
                           Soldotna, Alaska. They have an          Class of 1993
                           exciting life of fishing, hunting,
hiking and enjoying the outdoors while living in Alaska.
                                                                   Mark Foster '93 married Karly (Farris) Foster '98 on July
Class of 1992                                                      5, 2003. They have a beautiful daughter, Molly Margaret,
                                                                   who was born on August 3, 2004. (See photo on page 34.)
Jennifer (Morrell) Crowell '92 regrettably missed both her
five year and 10 year SM reunions. She married Michael
Crowell on March 29, 2003 in Hawaii and they had a home            Alex Gilchrist '93 graduated from Loyola Marymount
in Irvine until recently when they moved to Portland,              University in 1997 with a degree in Marketing. He worked
Oregon due to a job transfer. Jennifer had been working in         with the Anaheim Angels & Mighty Ducks starting in 1996
the apparel industry since 1995 at St. John Knits in Irvine        and was named PR Manager for the Ducks in May of 2000.
and Paul Frank Industries in Costa Mesa until the move             This past summer he became the Director of Communications
when she made a career change. She now works at a small            for the Ducks.
wealth management firm in downtown Portland. Jennifer
and Michael have no children yet, but hope to in the future.
She would love to know if there are any SM alumni living
in the Portland area.                                              Jill (Heneghan) Mulato ‘93 is
                                                                   married to Greg Mulato '94. Jill
Suzanne (Clegern) Siler '92 is a practicing                        and SM classmate, Page Bowman
Speech-Language Pathologist in Silicon Valley. She is              ‘93 completed their first marathon
currently working with children who are deaf or hard of            running 26.2 miles through San
hearing. She received her MA from San Jose State                   Diego. Together the two raised
University in 2003, and her BA in Linguistics from UC              $5,000 for the Leukemia and
Irvine in 1996. She is still very active in dance and is part of   Lymphoma Society to help aid in the
a local touring group. She married her boyfriend of seven          fight against cancer. They would
years, Matthew Siler, in 2000 at the Mission San Juan              like to thank their families and
Capistrano. Suzanne's brother Michael Clegern '97 was one          friends for their generous support!
of the groomsmen.

Wes Sankey '92 graduated in December 1997 from
Northern Arizona University with a degree in                       Ron Hubers '93 has recently passed the nine year mark of
Communications with an emphasis in Broadcast Production            serving in the US Navy, having joined in May of 1995. He is
and a minor in Technical Theater. Currently living and             currently an Information Systems Technician 1st Class in
working in Colorado, he interned in the video department           Surface Warfare/Aviation Warfare. He and his wife, Sarah,
for the World Champion Denver Broncos during their first           have a daughter, Anja, and are living in Virginia.
championship. Wes works as an operations technician for
the ABC affiliate in Denver, Colorado, KMGH-TV.

Jeff Stube '92 attended the University of California in
Irvine's School of the Arts where he majored in Drama. He

28                                                             SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL
                                                                                                                                    General news

                                                                                                                     Scrip News...
                                                                                                         Important eScrip Information
                                                                                            You may now register your Macy's credit card with eScrip and
                                                                                            receive credit for Macy's purchases!

                                                                                            When you receive a replacement credit card that you have
          Help Lower Your Tuition - BUY SCRIP!!!                                            registered with eScrip - replacing an expired card or a lost/stolen
                                                                                            card - you must notify eScrip with the new credit card number
                                                                                            and/or expiration date. If you do not register the card, eScrip will
   The Scrip Program costs you nothing extra!! Dollar-for-Dollar Value                      not be able to track the contributions to give you credit.
                                                Scrip Program, SMCHS benefits and so do
      There isno cost to you. Simply by using the
      you. This is one fundraiser that gives back to We will share th discount percentage
                                                you.                 e
                                                                                            You may update your account information online at
      50/50 with you which can loweryour student’s school tuition be donated to a school
                                                                or                 Click on "My eScrip" or through eScrip
                                                                                            Customer Service at 1-800-592-0942 by following the prompts on
                                                                                            the recorded message.
                                                                                            If you or any friends/relatives who have signed up for eScrip have
             1. SCRIP (GIFT CERTIFICATES /CARDS) – JUST LIKE CASH                           a different last name than the student who is to receive the eScrip
             2.   (ELECTRONIC) eSCRIP **                                                    credit, please contact Catherine Hassen at (949)766-6004 or
                                                                                   with the supporter's name and student
             3. RALPHS CLUB CARD **
                                                                                            name. Otherwise, it is impossible to match the student with the
             4. ALBERTSONS PREFERRED CARD **                                                supporter in order to receive credit.

                                                                                            eScrip members need to renew their commitment to Safeway, and
   **Sign up your family & friends -- just let us know their names so we can credit you!
                                                                                            Safeway stores, Vons and Pavilions, annually. There are two
         If you have any questions, please stop by Front Office or call the Office of
                                                the                                         ways to renew:
         Administration at 766-6003.
                                                                                            1. Call (800) 801-4973
                                          Thank You!                                        2. Visit and click on "Yes! Renew"


Albertson's, Sav-On and Ralph's Grocery stores have discontinued their                                   HELP!! MISSING ALBERTSONS
paper scrip program, however, they have replaced it with another program                                       INFORMATION!!
that is easier and more convenient!
                                                                                            For those of you who registered your Albertsons card in the
Go online to click on "In the Community," then                           Community Partners Program and designated SMCHS to
click on the Community Partners logo link. Once you log in, click on                        receive your credit, please check your card number to see if
"Sign Me Up" and designate SMCHS (Community Partner ID                                      the following card number belongs to you or
#49001001689) to receive credit. Albertsons will donate back to the                         someone you registered:
school quarterly a percentage (up to $250/month = 1%; $250-$450/month                                                42574523869
= 2%; $400-$500 = 3% and over $500/month = 4%) of your purchases at
Albertsons and Sav-On which SMCHS will split with you 50/50.                                Also, we are not able to match the following supporter to a
                                                                                            SMCHS student:
You may register your Ralph's Club Card at the front desk of SMCHS to                                      Aaran E Haase 42569953205
also receive credit for your student's tuition, sport or club. Your Ralphs
purchases will be tracked by your club card usage and a percentage of                       This name and number is listed on the quarterly report dated
your purchases ($0-$500/month = 4% and over $500/month = 5%) will                           July 31, 2004; however, we are not able to apply the credit to
be donated back to the school quarterly which SMCHS will split with you                     any SMCHS student's tuition account, sport or club. If this
50/50.                                                                                      name or number belongs to you, please e-mail Catherine
                                                                                            Hassen immediately at or call
Obtain even more credit by registering family and friends' club cards too!                  949-766-6004.
Please remember to notify us of their name(s) so we can give the credit to
your student. Call Catherine Hassen at (949) 766-6004 or e-mail with any questions.

      SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL                                                  December 2004, January - February, 2005                           13
 General news

Dear Santa Margarita Family:

We hope all of you enjoyed a festive Thanksgiving and are transitioning into the
Christmas season. We had a wonderful opportunity to show prospective new
students and the community our beautiful campus and wonderful school at the
Open House on November 21, 2004. This year's event was as, if not more,
                                                                                             Let SMCHS help you
successful than last year. Shortly after you receive this issue of Wings, the fac-             Christmas Shop!
ulty and staff will be presented with their Christmas bonuses courtesy of last
spring's Golf Marathon and the generosity of the many who supported that             Scrip makes wonderful Christmas and
event. Please keep checking the SMCHS web site for updates on this year's Golf       corporate gifts. We now have Staples cards in
Marathon on June 7, 2005.                                                            $25.00 denominations. Remember, Scrip
                                                                                     certificates and cards make perfect stocking
The Welcome Parent BBQ provided an opportunity for 230 new parents to                stuffers! Please visit the front desk to
acquaint themselves with our campus and establish new friendships with other         purchase Scrip certificates and cards.
families. The SMCHS Steel Drum Band provided entertainment and performed
superbly.                                                                            The SMCHS Coverlet, designed by Mill Street
                                                                                     Designs, makes a perfect holiday gift. The
We welcome Dr. George & Jennifer Lasezkay and Jim & Cathy Roby as our                coverlet captures the beauty of our campus and
newest members of the Guild Executive Board. They have already provided us           depicts Our Lady of Joy, the statue of the
with new insights and fresh ideas to help us serve the school and you. A huge
                                                                                     Blessed Virgin Mary that resides in our Strader
thank you to Patty Brand for leading the Gift Wrap program! Her tireless
                                                                                     Grotto and many of our school’s most
dedication and boundless energy helps make this program successful.
                                                                                     significant buildings. A coverlet is on display
We strongly encourage you to become active and participate in any of the school      in the front office. At $45.00 each, the 100%
events and programs. Parent support and participation is an integral part of the     cotton, two-layer jacquard coverlet is
success of SMCHS and your student. One of those events is the annual                 preshrunk, colorfast and machine washable. It
Christmas Production on December 2, 2004 presented by the Performing Arts            makes the perfect gift for family members near
Department. A few of the other ways to participate is the Mothers Club and           and far. Proceeds benefit the Academic
Moms In Touch.                                                                       Booster and the Teacher Classroom
                                                                                     Enhancement Grant Program. Please visit the
SAFE HOMES is an ongoing Guild sponsored and administered program to                 front desk to purchase a coverlet or call
promote safe and drug/alcohol free places for our students to gather. Each year      949-766-6000.
all parents are mailed a SAFE HOMES brochure and commitment card. A list
of all parents who have made this commitment for this school year has been
mailed to all SMCHS families. If you did not receive a pledge card and would
like to be included in this program, please contact Delene and Jim Hoff at

May God bless all of you during this holiday season and on into 2005. As
always, please contact any one of us if we can help you in any way.

Vaya Con Dios and In Eagle Spirit,

Isabel & Mark Bloom
2004-2005 SMCHS Guild Co-Presidents

14                                                               SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL
                                                                                                           Alumni news

         Alumni Parent Auxiliary
     SM Moms Book Clubs…Still Together
          After All These Years!       Halloween Hoot
Two Santa Margarita Moms Book Clubs were formed several              The golf on October 27, 2004 may have been rained out for
years ago for Mothers Club when Sally Gorelick and Missy
Stalcup were the Activities Co-Chairs. These Book Clubs are          the annual Mothers Club Halloween Hoot Golf Tournament
still thriving, even after all these years. These moms get           but the festivities still continued with great costumes, lunch
together once a month socially, to enjoy breakfast, lunch or         and a silent auction featuring wonderful prizes. About 25
dinner and to discuss the current book selection. They have
read a "ton of books" and also had the opportunity to meet           Alumni Moms came out to join in this traditional event
with a few authors over the years. Mostly, they just enjoy           which is named appropriately, as it is always truly a "hoot"
each other's company and it is a great way to keep in touch!         to see the moms dressed up and having so much fun. This
The bonds of the SMCHS experience extends far beyond just            year the group was joined by four Snow Whites, Sister Mary
our children's four years here. It creates lifelong friends, not
only for our children but also for our parents. Eagle Spirit         Julie and her students, "Michael Jackson" and fans, a special
spreads far and wide!                                                group of inmates and many, many more. This is just one
We'd love to hear of any special activities in which you have        more way our alumni moms stay involved even after their
participated as a result of your sons’ or daughters’ Santa           students have left the eagle nest!
Margarita high school years! Email Michele Papay at Also, the Alumni Parent Auxiliary is a fun
way to stay connected with Santa Margarita, so be sure to
become a member.

                                                       ~ The Lion King ~
                           Mark your calendars for Wednesday, April 6, 2005
                   and join us for a fun evening with new and old friends of SMCHS!

   WHO:             All APA Members & Guests are Invited!

   WHAT:            Disney's The Lion King at the Orange County Performing Arts Center
                    Best Seats in the House - Box Seats & Up Front Seating - Tier 1
                    Only 40 seats available

   WHERE:           Orange County Performing Arts Center - Performance at 8 p.m.
                    Reception prior to performance ~ More Information in Invitation to follow

   WHEN:            Wednesday, April 6, 2005 - Ticket Price $75.00 per person

   HOW:             Invitations will be mailed in early 2005!
                    Call the Alumni Office at (949) 766-6000, ext. 1511 or email

     SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL                                December 2004, January - February, 2005                27
Alumni news
                     EAA Scholarship Enters Fifth Year

            Jennifer Abalos and                                          Brad Mielke and              Thomas Sabin and
              Heather Casey                   Tai Baird and
                                              Megan Moen                 Nathan Imperiale              Ashley Kalimada

The Eagle Alumni Association has been very proud to present two $1,000 scholarships for the past four years during the
annual Senior Awards Night in May. The scholarship winners are selected from an impressive field of applicants based on
academics, extra-curricular activities, service and a personal interview. Also, each winner must possess the extra
quality of "Eagle Spirit" and a special pride and attitude about being an active alumni who will give back to Santa Margarita
in the future.

In addition to the $1,000 each, the winners are also given lifetime memberships in the EAA, an eagle cross pen,
individual eagle plaques and their names are added to the perpetual scholarship plaque in the Alumni Office at SMCHS.

The Scholarships are funded completely through donations and we hope that this tradition can continue. If you are
planning on making an alumni or alumni parent donation and would like to designate it for our Eagle Alumni Association
Scholarship, please indicate so in the memo section on your check. Also, watch for future editions of Wings to see what our
previous EAA Scholarship winners have been doing since high school graduation. We love to see our Eagles Soar!
                                                       Past EAA Winners:
                                  Class of 2001:   Jennifer Abalos and Heather Casey
                                  Class of 2002:   Tai Baird and Megan Moen
                                  Class of 2003:   Nathan Imperiale and Brad Mielke
                                  Class of 2004:   Ashley Kalimada and Thomas Sabin

                                         MARK YOUR CALENDARS!
                                  FUTURE REUNIONS: SAVE THE DATES
        FUTURE REUNIONS: SAVE THE DATES.....All Five Year Reunions are currently being planned
             for the 2nd Saturday in July and the Ten Year Reunions are the 4th Saturday in July.

                           Class of 2000 Five Year Reunion is scheduled for July 9, 2005
                                      Class of 1995 Ten Year will be July 23, 2005!
              If you belong to the Class of 2000 or 1995, please be sure we have your current address on
                            file so you can be sure to receive an invitation in Spring 2005.

                         Check out the webpage for more information as the dates approach!

26                                                           SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL
                                                                                           Mothers Club news
A Message from the Co-Presidents
             Thank you to Syd Riccio for presenting our October meeting on College Information! She put together a
             fabulous and funny panel of experts to help us get ready for the college experience. She is busy putting our
             next speaker together and I'm sure it will be as informative and entertaining as the last. A big thank you to
             Marla Arthur and Marcia Feucht for a fabulous Halloween Hoot! Despite the rain, there was lots of laughter,
             spectacular costumes and delicious food. What a fun day! Christie Graniere deserves a bunch of thanks for
             organizing the Mothers Club booth at the Christmas Boutique. We are blessed to have such great moms who
volunteered to work the booth in between shopping the boutique. Thank you all for donating your time. If you missed any
of the products that Mothers Club had to offer at the boutique, please come to one of our meetings and check out the items.
We have SMCHS flags, tote bags, license plate holders and a brand new cookbook available. They make great gifts or
necessity items! Vicki Ramoska and Linda Magarro put together several Thanksgiving Baskets for some of our families for
the holidays. We would like to extend a heartfelt "Thank You" to all who were able to donate. We are looking forward to
the Christmas holiday season as well with our High Tea at the Four Seasons. Thank you to Leslie Vancho and Nancy Moss
for organizing a festive day.

Please remember that you are always invited to any of our meetings, functions and social events. All board members are
eager to help you in any way that you need assistance. We love to have fun and share our experiences with all of our
mothers at Santa Margarita. There is so much more to
come for the rest of the year. Our meetings will be on
Thursdays at St Kilian Parish beginning in January
2005. One other change is that the Fashion Show will
be on Sunday, May 1, 2005 at the Sutton Hotel. Please
make note of the change and keep an eye out for more
information in the spring!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Gail Nichols & Carol O'Neill
Mothers Club Co-Presidents
                                                                       Mothers Club Annual Halloween Hoot

                                                                                  December 2, 2004
            SMCHS Mothers Club Membership 2004-2005                                       Holiday High Tea
                                                                                          Four Seasons 11:00 a.m.
Phone:______________________________Email:______________________                  January 13, 2005
                                                                                          General Meeting- 8:30 a.m.
                                                                                          St. Kilian Church Hall
                                                                                  February 17, 2005
(Please Check)
                                                                                          General Meeting- 8:30 a.m.
New Member___       Returning Member___       Alumni Member___                            St. Kilian Church Hall

Permission to print your name and address etc. in our directory?                  March 15, 2005
Yes____NO___                                                                              Lenten Retreat
                                                                                          Location TBA- 9:00 a.m.
Please make your $25.00 check payable to: SMCHS Mothers Club
Send form and check to:                                                           April 21, 2005
                Mothers Club                                                              General Meeting- 8:30 a.m.
                c/o Santa Margarita Catholic High School
                22026 Antonio Parkway                                                     St. Kilian Church Hall
                Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. 92688
                                                                                  May 1, 2005
                                                                                          SMCHS Mothers Club
             Remember to renew your membership each year!                                 Fashion Show Luncheon

   SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL                            December 2004, January - February, 2005                15
Development news

       Valentasia 2005 Underwriting Party                                         SM Alumni Family Receives
                                                                                    Philanthropist Award
                          Santa Margarita Catholic High School current
                          parents, alumni parents and other supporters         Roger and Gail Kirwan, alumni parents of
                                                                               Nicole ‘92 and Sean ‘93, were honored on
                          gathered at the beautiful Coto de Caza home of       November 10, 2004 with the National
                          Ed and Susan Gotschall on Saturday, November         Philanthropy Day “Outstanding
                          6, 2004 to raise money to underwrite Santa           Philanthropist” award.
                          Margarita Catholic High School's Annual Benefit
                          Gala Valentasia 2005.                                The Kirwans played a major role in the
                                                                               founding of SMCHS and they have made
 Ed and Susan Gotschall                                                        many significant contributions to our school,
                          Approximately 100 guests gathered in the             such as funding our language lab and also
                          Gotschall's backyard, transformed into a Napa        funding a continuous memorial scholarship
                          Valley vineyard to enjoy a "divine evening" of       in honor of Richard Voelkel for an
                          wine tasting and exquisite cuisine by Restaurant     outstanding MUN senior each year.
                          Pascal. In attendance were school Principal,         The Kirwans have been incredible leaders in
                          Brother Lawrence Monroe and Assistant                the community. Not only were they
                          Principals, Dr. Mary Beth Dougherty and Tom          nominated by SMCHS, but also by Boys
                          Smith and current teacher, Greg Rhodes. Many         Hope Girls Hope, the Hoag Hospital
                          members of the Valentasia Committee were in          Foundation, Our Lady Queen of Angels
                                                                               Parish, Casa Teresa, and the Philharmonic
                          attendance including this year's Co-Chair couples,   Society of Orange County.
                          Tricia and Daniel Donahue and Linda and David
      Chair Couple,       Birck. Valentasia 2004 Co-Chairs Ann and Craig       Congratulations to the Kirwans on such an
 Tricia and Dan Donahue   Rommel and Ginni and Kent Valley also attended.      outstanding and deserving award!

                          Party-goers dined on delicious gourmet food paired with exclusive
                          Napa Valley wines selected by winemaker, Kent Fortner. Along
                          with Kent Fortner, owners of Amazing Grapes, a new wine store in
                          Rancho Santa Margarita, were on hand to educate attendees about
                          the wines and the wine making process. The evening concluded
                          with dancing under the stars.
                                                                                                    Margaret and Carl Apfelbach
                          The event was a success, raising $44,000. Guests had the
     Chair Couple,        opportunity to underwrite specific items for the Valentasia Gala
 David and Linda Birck    Benefit. Underwriters enjoyed signing "giant checks" to show their
                          support of SMCHS. Valentasia 2005 will be held on February 12,
                          2005 at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach. Valentasia is the
                                            only SMCHS fundraiser that benefits the entire
                                            school. For more information on Valentasia,
                                            please contact the SMCHS Office of                         Bob Curran showing
                                            Development at (949) 766-6080 or via e-mail at                 his support
                                  , or visit our website at

     Valentasia Committee Members and
          guests enjoy the festivities
                                                                                                       Donna and Joe Petrilli

16                                                            SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL
                                                                                                            Alumni news
                                Interesting Alumni Data
Former Eagles have been spotted all over campus! Many Eagles have come back to the nest to work at SMCHS. These
dedicated employees help keep the Eagle spirit alive. See any familiar names?

Alumni Currently Working as Year Round Faculty or Staff:
Lauren (Owens) Bordages '97, Community Relations Coordinator
Nick Braun '99, Religion Teacher
John Byszewski '91, Security/Football Coach
Brandon Cosenza '92, Spanish Teacher/Surf Coach/Baseball Coach
Hayes Ferry '91, Spanish Teacher/Girls Track and Field Coach/Girls Cross Country Coach
Lisa Gantz '00, Religion Teacher
Bryan Kretzmer '00, Religion Teacher
Corey Lindabury '93, Visual Arts Chairperson
Scott McIntosh '94, Social Studies Teacher/Football Coach
Megan (Strader) Meihaus '97, Development Manager
Blake Oldfield '99, ASP Program Assistant
Michelle Sarkees '96, Health Teacher/Girls Volleyball Coach                            Nick Braun ‘99 began teaching Religion at
Jeff Stube '92, Director of Theatre Arts                                                       SMCHS this school year.

We also have several alumni who help out as coaches for all sports during the year and we are so appreciative that our
alumni are so willing to give back to their Alma Mater with their time, talents & treasures!

                Wedding Bells are Ringing among SMCHS Alumni
If you are a SMCHS alum and you married another SMCHS alum, we want to hear your story!
Please send an email to and tell us about how you met and when you got married. Please
send a current photo too. As this seems to be a growing trend among alumni, we'd like to feature these couples
in an upcoming edition of Wings!

                         Alumni Data as of November 1, 2004
                                                        Alumni: 5,072
                                                Eagle Alumni Association: 1,453
                                                 Alumni Parent Auxiliary: 377

                              Class of 1991             219         Class of 1998             442
                              Class of 1992             261         Class of 1999             371
                              Class of 1993             285         Class of 2000             427
                              Class of 1994             311         Class of 2001             417
                              Class of 1995             351         Class of 2002             428
                              Class of 1996             334         Class of 2003             417
                              Class of 1997             409         Class of 2004             400

    SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL                               December 2004, January - February, 2005                     25
 Alumni news

                                            Alumni Events...Past & Future
Talon Theatre Anniversary Celebration
      “Talon Theatre” is celebrating its 15th year this season with special events for our alumni. As listed in the parent section
      of this issue of Wings, Talon Theatre is reprising three of our past productions. During these reprises, we have been
      inviting alumni via email and announcements on our website to come back to see these wonderful productions. We are
      reserving seats for our alums, as well as hosting a reception before the Friday evening performances. You are also
      invited to join the cast and crew of the production after the Friday performances at Ball Park Pizza in RSM. We always
      enjoy hearing from and seeing our Talon Theatre alums and hope to see you at our productions. For more information
      contact Jeff Stube @ or visit our website at

Calling all Alumni Girls Waterpolo Players...
      On Thursday, December 30, 2004, the Girls Water Polo team will be playing a game against Los Alamitos beginning at
      11 a.m. The Varsity game will begin at noon and the JV game will be immediately following. The really exciting news
      is we will be running an Alumni Game beginning at 2 p.m. Any female water polo players who have participated in the
      program at SMCHS are invited to participate! The alumni will be playing against our current Varsity and against each
      other in a fun afternoon of water polo. Come out and enjoy! For more information, please contact Kevin Ricks at
Save the Date for Valentasia 2005
     Did you know that SMCHS Alumni can attend our Annual Benefit Gala, Valentasia, for a 50% reduced ticket price?
     This year Valentasia will be held at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach on February 12, 2005. The ticket price for
     alumni and their guests is $75 per person. This year’s theme is "and the beat goes on…" celebrating the music of
     the 60s and 70s! There will be a live and silent auction, as well as dinner and dancing. Come join us for a fun evening
     in support of SMCHS! Please call the development office at 949-766-6080 if you'd like to be on the mailing list.

SMCHS Alums Cheered the Eagles onto Victory...
                                                                                    Homecoming 2004
                                                         School Spirit and Alumni was the theme of the night and it was a great
                                                         evening for all at the exciting 2004 Homecoming Football Game. On
                                                         October 8th Santa Margarita emerged victorious over the Foothill
                                                         Knights 38-12 before a crowd of about 4,000 fans! Among those fans
                                                         were a great showing of alumni who got into the Eagle spirit and
                                                         enjoyed "going back in time" and cheering for the team with former
                                                         classmates! Blue & Gold pom-poms were everywhere throughout the
                                                         stands as the Alumni Office distributed them to help rally enthusiasm for
                                                         the Eagles. The energy was apparent and we are always happy to see
 From left: Drew Bordages'97, Lauren (Owens) Bordages    our Alumni return home!
  '97, Megan (Strader) Meihaus '97, Brian Meihaus '96,
       Elizabeth Barry '97, Jennifer Turner '96, &                                         Kevin Papay, Julia Pederson, and Meghan Grizzle
                   Kevin Meihaus '99
                                                                                                    with Mrs. Lyn Alexander and

     Keeping in Touch with Graduates                                                                 Dr. Mary Beth Dougherty.

     While attending the "Learning and the Brain" Conference in Boston, Dr.
     Mary Beth Dougherty and Mrs. Lyn Alexander had an opportunity to have
     dinner and receive a tour of the campus with Harvard students Meghan
     Grizzle, Kevin Papay, and Julia Pederson, SM graduates from the Class of

     Send us your photos of reconnecting with SM grads or teachers and we
     would love to share the news! We are so proud of all our Eagle Alumni.

24                                                                SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL
                                                                                                                               December 2004
                                                 Sunday                    Monday                              Tuesday                              Wednesday                              Thursday                                      Friday                            Saturday
                                                                                                                                         1                                    2                                      3                                      4
                                                                                                                                         Fac & Dept Mtg Day 7                 Regular Day 4                          Special Sched Day 3                     G JV Bball Woodbridge Tourn
                                                      November 04                            January 05                                                                                                              (7:40-2:29)                             Possible V Fball CIF Semi Finals
                                                                                                                                         (Fac Mtg 7:45-8:30)                  G JV Bball Woodbridge Tourn            Christmas Assembly                      V Wrestling Tourn, Gym 9:30
                                                    S M T W T F S                         S M T W T F S                                  (Dept Mtg 8:30-9:30)                 Advent Services                        Debate Christmas Classic La Costa       Debate Christmas Classic La Costa
                                                       1 2 3 4 5 6                                            1                          (Classes 9:49-2:27)                  B Fr Blue Bball @ Estancia             Advent Services                         MUN Mira Costa HS
                                                                                           2    3 4 5 6 7 8                              Advent Services                                                             B Fr Blue Bball @ Estancia Tourn        B Fr Blue Bball @ Estancia Tourn
                                                    7 8 9 10 11 12 13                                                                    10 Month Plan Tuition Payment Due
                                                                                           9   10 11 12 13 14 15                                                                                                     B FS Soccer @ Brea Olinda 3:15          B JV Bball @ Tustin Tourn
                                                   14 15 16 17 18 19 20                                                                  B FS/JV/V Soccer vs Estancia         B JV Bball @ Tustin Tourn              B JV Bball @ Tustin Tourn               B So Bball @ Ocean View Tourn
                                                                                          16   17 18 19 20 21 22                            3:15/4:45/3:15                    B So Bball @ Ocean View Tourn
                                                   21 22 23 24 25 26 27                   23   24 25 26 27 28 29                                                                                                     B So Bball @ Ocean View Tourn           B V Bball @ SLO Tourn
                                                                                                                                         B JV Bball @ Tustin Tourn            B V Bball @ SLO Tourn                  B V Bball @ SLO Tourn                   G V Bball University Tourn
                                                   28 29 30                               30   31                                        B So Bball @ Ocean View Tourn        Christmas Production, Gym 7:00         Mothers Club Tea, Ritz Carlton 11:00    Possible Fball CIF
                                                                                                                                         G FS Bball Marina Tourn              Mothers Club Tea, Ritz Carlton 11:00   Possible Fball CIF
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Possible G Vball State Finals
                                                                                                                                         IB G4 Presentations, SFS 7:00        Possible G Tennis G Ind                Possible G Tennis G Ind

                                          5                      6                               7                                       8                                    9                                      10                                     11
                                          Debate Christmas       Regular Day 1                    Regular Day 7                          Mass Day 6                           Regular Day 3                          Regular Day 2                           Corazon
                                                                                                                                         Immaculate Conception of                                                    B FS/JV/V Bball @                       G FS Bball Trabuco Tourn
                                           Classic La Costa                                       B Fr Gold Bball @ Santa                  Mary
                                                                                                                                                                              G FS Bball Trabuco                       Woodbridge                            Possible V Fball CIF
                                                                 G FS Bball Trabuco
                                                                                                    Ana Tourn                                                                  Tourn

                                                                   Tourn                                                                 Curriculum Mtg 2:45                                                         B FS/JV/V Soccer @ FV 3:15                Championship 7:30
                                          G V Bball University                                    G JV Bball Artesia Tourn               B Fr Gold Bball @ Santa Ana Tourn    B Fr Gold Bball @ Santa Ana            Corazon Christmas Fundraiser Ends       Winter Drama Production,
                                           Tourn                 B Fr Gold Bball @ Santa                                                 B FS Bball vs Jordan 4:00                                                   Elem Band Concert 7:30                    Dome 2:30/7:30
                                                                                                  G V Bball University Tourn                                                    Tourn
                                                                   Ana Tourn                                                             B JV/V Bball @ Jordan 5:30/7:00                                             Winter Drama Production, Dome 7:30
                                                                                                  Tues Night @ the Movies,               B JV/V Soccer vs Century 3:15        G JV Bball Artesia Tourn               B Fr Gold Bball @ Santa Ana Tourn       B Fr Gold Bball @ Santa Ana Tourn
                                                                 G JV Bball Artesia Tourn           B210 7:00                            G JV Bball Artesia Tourn             G V Bball University Tourn             G JV Bball Artesia Tourn                G JV Bball Artesia Tourn
                                                                                                                                         G V Bball University Tourn                                                  G V Bball University Tourn              G V Bball University Tourn
                                                                 G V Bball University             Winter Drama Production,                                                    Winter Drama Production,
                                                                                                                                         Winter Drama Production, Dome 7:30                                          Possible Fball CIF Finals               Possible Fball CIF Finals
                                                                   Tourn                            Dome 7:30                                                                   Dome 7:30

                                          12                     13                              14                                      15                                   16                                     17                                     18
                                          G V Bball University   Regular Day 7                    Regular Day 6                          Regular Day 5                        Regular Day 4                          Minimum Day 3                           B Fr Blue Bball @ La
                                                                                                  B Fr Blue Bball @ La Habra             B Fr Blue Bball @ La Habra           B Fr Blue Bball @ La Habra             B Fr Blue Bball @ La Habra                Habra Tourn
                                           Tourn                 B Fr Blue Bball @ La               Tourn                                  Tourn                                Tourn                                  Tourn
                                                                   Habra Tourn                    B JV Bball @ Ocean View                B JV Bball @ Ocean View              B JV Bball @ Ocean View                B FS Soccer vs Brea 3:15                B JV Bball @ Ocean View
                                                                 B FS/JV/V Soccer vs MV             Tourn                                  Tourn                                Tourn                                B JV Bball @ Ocean View                   Tourn
                                                                   3:15/4:45/3:15                 B So Bball @ Edison Tourn              B JV/V Soccer @ Santiago             B So Bball @ Edison Tourn                Tourn                                 B So Bball @ Edison
                                                                 B JV Bball @ Ocean View          B V Bball @ Irvine World                 3:15                               B V Bball @ Irvine World               B So Bball @ Edison Tourn                 Tourn
                                                                   Tourn                            Tourn                                B So Bball @ Edison Tourn              Tourn                                B V Bball @ Irvine World Tourn
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             B V Bball @ Irvine World Tourn
                                                                 B So Bball @ Edison Tourn        G FS/JV/V Bball vs FV 4:00/5:00/7:00   B V Bball @ Irvine World             Parent Volunteer Christmas             Faculty/Staff Christmas Lunch, Gym
                                                                                                  Tues Night @ the Movies, B210 7:00       Tourn                                Brunch, Gym 9:00                        12:00                                G JV Bball Marina Tourn
                                                                 G FS Bball Trabuco Tourn

                                          19                     20                              21                                      22                                   23                                     24                                     25
                                          G JV Bball Marina      Christmas Break                  Christmas Break                        Christmas Break                      Christmas Break                        Christmas Break                        Christmas
                                           Tourn                 B JV Bball @ Los Al              B FS/V Bball vs Cal High               B Fr Gold Bball @                    B Fr Gold Bball @
                                                                  Tourn                             4:00                                   Saddleback Tourn                     Saddleback Tourn
                                                                                                  B JV Bball @ Los Al                    B JV Bball @ Los Al                  B JV Bball @ Los Al
                                                                 G JV Bball Marina                  Tourn                                  Tourn                                Tourn
                                                                  Tourn                           G JV Bball Marina Tourn                G JV Bball Marina Tourn              G FS Bball Tustin Tourn
                                                                 G V Bball Santa Barbara          G V Bball Santa Barbara                G V Bball Santa Barbara              G V Bball Santa Barbara
                                                                  Tourn                             Tourn                                  Tourn                                Tourn
                                          26                     27                              28                                      29                                   30                                     31
                                                                 Christmas Break                  Christmas Break                        Christmas Break                      Christmas Break                        Christmas Break
                                                                 B Fr Blue Bball @ MD Tourn       B Fr Blue Bball @ MD Tourn             B Fr Blue Bball @ MD                 B Fr Blue Bball @ MD
                                                                 B Fr Gold Bball @        Sa-     B Fr Gold Bball @        Sa-             Tourn                                Tourn
                                                                   ddleback Tourn                   ddleback Tourn                       B So Bball @ Laguna                  B So Bball @ Laguna
                                                                 B So Bball @ Laguna              B So Bball @ Laguna                      HillsTourn                           HillsTourn
                                                                   HillsTourn                       HillsTourn
                                                                 B V Bball @ Orange Tourn         B V Bball @ Orange Tourn               B V Bball @ Orange Tourn             B V Bball @ Orange Tourn
                                                                 G FS Bball Tustin Tourn          G FS Bball Tustin Tourn                G FS Bball Tustin Tourn              G FS Bball Tustin Tourn
                                                                 G V Bball Marina Tourn           G V Bball Marina Tourn                 G V Bball Marina Tourn               G V Bball Marina Tourn

December 2004, January - February, 2005
                                                                                                                January 2005
                                              Sunday               Monday                      Tuesday                    Wednesday                          Thursday                           Friday                          Saturday
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        New Years Day
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Semi-Annual Plan Tuition
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Payment Due
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        10 Month Plan Tuition
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Payment Due

                                       2                   3                         4                           5                                 6                              7                                     8
                                                           Regular Day 6             Regular Day 5               Regular Day 4                     Early Day 3                    Rally Day 1                           B Fr Blue/So/JV Bball @
                                                                                                                 B Fr Blue/JV/V Bball vs           G FS/JV/V Bball @ Peninsula    Winter Sports Rally,                    Los Al 1:00/2:30/4:00
                                                           School Resumes            G FS/JV/V Bball @                                                                                                                  Fr/So Wrestling Tourn,
                                                                                                                   Whittier 4:00/5:30/7:00           4:00/5:00/7:00                 Gym 1:30
                                                                                       Burroughs 4:00/5:00/                                        G Soccer @ Montgomery 3:15                                             Gym 9:30
                                                                                                                 B JV/V Soccer @ Irvine 3:15                                      B Soccer @
                                                                                                                 IB Information Night, Dome        Incoming Frosh Night, Gym        Montgomery 3:15                     Debate CSUF Invitational
                                                                                     Tues Night @ the               7:30                              7:30                        Debate CSUF Invitational
                                                                                       Movies, B210 7:00         Peer Court, SLH 2:45

                                       9                   10                        11                          12                                13                             14                                    15
                                       Debate CSUF         Regular Day 5             Regular Day 4               Faculty Mtg Day 3                 Regular Day 7                  Regular Day 6                         Drama Workshop I,
                                                                                                                 B Fr Blue/JV/V Bball vs           Drama Workshop I, Drama        B Fr Blue/JV/V Bball vs Bosco
                                        Invitational                                 College Financial Aid         Servite 4:30/6:00/7:30            Rm 7:30                        4:30/6:00/7:30                       Drama Rm 7:30
                                                           Writers Lecture            Mtg, SLH 7:00              B Fr Gold/So Bball @ Servite      G FS/JV/V Bball vs St Joe      B Fr Gold/So Bball @ Bosco
                                                            Series, Gym 7:30         G FS/JV/V Bball vs            4:30/6:00                         4:00/5:00/7:00                 4:30/6:00                           MUN Mission Viejo
                                                                                      Rosary 4:00/5:00/7:00      Drama Workshop I, Drama           G Soccer vs Rosary 3:15        B Soccer vs Servite 3:15               HS
                                                           Bball/Pep Squad                                         Rm 7:30                         Wrestling @ MD 6:00
                                                                                     Tues Night @ the Movies,                                                                     Drama Workshop I, Drama Rm 7:30
                                                            Golf Tourn                 B210 7:00                 Curriculum Mtg 2:45               Mothers Club, St Kilian 8:30   Spirit Dance, Gym 10:00-12:00

                                       16                  17                        18                          19                                20                             21                                    22
                                       MUN Mission Viejo   Martin Luther King Day    Semester Exams              Semester Exams                    Semester Exams                 Semester Exams                        Asics Competition,
                                                                                                                                                                                  Special Schedule
                                        HS                 Full School Holiday                                                                                                    Period 3 Exam                          Entire Campus 8:00
                                                                                     Special Schedule            Special Schedule                  Special Schedule
                                                           B Fr Gold/Fr Blue/So/JV                                                                                                B Fr Blue/JV/V Bball vs MD
                                                                                     Period 4 & 5 Exams                                            Period 1 & 2 Exams                                                   G V Bball @ Ayala
                                                             Bball @ Ocean View                                  Period 6 & 7 Exams                                                 4:30/6:00/7:30
                                                                                     G Soccer @ MD 3:15                                            G FS/JV/V Bball vs MD          B Fr Gold/So Bball @ MD                Extravaganza
                                                           B V Bball @ MLK                                       B Soccer @ MD 3:15                 4:00/5:00/7:00                  4:30/6:00
                                                                                     Tues Night @ the
                                                             Games Riverside
                                                                                       Movies, B210 7:00         Wrestling vs Amat 6:00            G Soccer @ St Joe 3:15         B Soccer @ Bosco, 3:15

                                       23                  24                        25                          26                                27                             28                                    29
                                                           Semester Break            Distribution Day 3          Dept Mtg Day 2                    Regular Day 6                  Early Day 5                           MUN International
                                                                                     (7:40-2:37)                                                                                                                         Dinner, Gym 6:00
                                                           Faculty/Student                                       B Soccer vs                       Blood Drive                    B Fr Blue/JV/V Bball @
                                                                                     3rd Qtr Begins
                                                            Holiday                                               Montgomery 3:15                  G FS/JV/V Bball @                Servite 4:30/6:00/7:30
                                                                                     G Soccer vs
                                                                                                                                                     Rosary 4:00/5:00/7:00        B Fr Gold/So vs Servite
                                                                                       Montgomery 3:15
                                                                                                                                                   G WP @ MD 4:00                   4:30/6:00
                                                                                     Tues Night @ the Movies,
                                                                                       B210 7:00                                                   Wrestling @ Bosco 6:00

                                       30                  31
                                                                                                                        December 04                                                       February 05
                                                           Regular Day 2                                              S M T W T F              S                                       S M T W T F                  S
                                                                                                                              1 2 3          4                                               1 2 3 4 5
                                                                                                                      5 6 7 8 9 10          11                                         6 7 8 9 10 11 12
                                                                                                                     12 13 14 15 16 17       18                                       13 14 15 16 17 18 19
                                                                                                                     19 20 21 22 23 24       25                                       20 21 22 23 24 25 26
                                                                                                                     26 27 28 29 30 31                                                27 28

                                                                                                                  Alumni news

              Class of 1994 Celebrated their 10-Year Reunion

The Class of 1994 celebrated their Ten Year Reunion on Saturday, July 24, 2004 at The Clubhouse Restaurant in South Coast Plaza. This
was a new venue idea with the reunion held at a restaurant instead of a hotel. The atmosphere was fun and the students and their guests
were ready to party. The dinner buffet was outstanding and everyone seemed genuinely excited to see each other with lots of hugs and
screams of excitement when they found old friends! The memory table was filled with fun prom pictures, candid photos, sport and
school publications and a great "clothesline" with sports uniforms, t-shirts and sweatshirts from their high school days. Prizes were given
to those students who were married the longest, traveled the furthest, the most recently engaged couple and those who changed the least
and the most! Each classmate received a Memory Book filled with updates and pictures provided by the students and also a CD filled
with music from their Santa Margarita years! Many thanks to the Reunion Committee of Jodie (Julian) Cerruti, Jaime Donnelly and
Electra Poag who worked hard to help make the night a great success!

                 Class of 1999 Celebrated their 5-Year Reunion

The Class of 1999 Five Year Reunion was held on Saturday, July 10, 2004 at Dave & Buster's in the Irvine Spectrum. It was an amazing
evening with The Class of 1999 setting an all time record for attendance with about 150 students and guests attending the fun event! The
students had a great night laughing and catching up with old friends. The Memory Table, filled with high school publications, t-shirts,
sweatshirts and photos sparked fond and funny memories. The students enjoyed a Mexican Buffet Dinner, danced the night away to a DJ
and played pool in the game room. One of the highlights was watching their senior video which had been played at Grad Night after
their graduation. It was a great night to renew old friendships, reconnect and make new ones!

    SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL                                    December 2004, January - February, 2005                      23
     Alumni news

                                                                    Alumni Support
                                                              Two of our SMCHS alums are in need of support and
      Donor Benefits and Recognition Levels                   prayers. Carly Draudt (Class of 2000) was in a jet
                                                              skiing accident while she was away at college in
                                                                                   October of 2003 and suffered a
             FRESHMAN $1 - $99                                                     brain injury. Damien Minna
             Name Recognition in the SMCHS Annual                                  (Class of 1997) dove off a pontoon
             Report, in Wings and on our website.                                  boat in August of 2004 while on
             Invitations to SMCHS special events.                                  vacation with his family and
                                                                                   suffered a spinal cord injury. They are both
                                                                                   undergoing major rehabilitation and are fighting every
             SOPHOMORE $100 - $249                                                 day against difficult odds. We invite you to visit each
             Free admission to the SMCHS                      of their websites and for more
             homecoming game* and benefits listed above.      information, to offer your support and learn how to make a donation.

              JUNIOR $250 - $499                                                          SMCHS Alumni
              Free admission to SMCHS' Benefit Gala,
              Valentasia* and benefits listed above.                                      in the Military
                                                              In spring of 2004, the Alumni Office in conjunction with Mothers
                                                              Club sponsored "Operation Military Alumni" for the second
              SENIOR $500 - $999                              consecutive year. About 24 packages were mailed to SM alumni
              Recognition on the Honor Roll of Donors in      who are serving in the Military throughout the US and the world. The
              Lyon Hall and benefits listed above.            "goodie baskets" were filled with a personal note from the sender
                                                              and various items to help them remember a little bit of home.

                                                              The Alumni Office is constantly trying to find our alums who are
              BACHELORS $1,000 - $2,499                       serving their country and we would love to hear from you. We honor
              Invitation to Principal's Eagle Court Dinner*   all our service men and women and recognize the sacrifices they
              and benefits listed above.                      make to serve our country and apologize if you are missing from our
                                                              list. Please e-mail Michele Papay at with any
                                                              forgotten names. What an incredible way of sharing that special
                                                              "Eagle spirit!"
              MASTERS $2,500 - $4,999
              Special thank you gift and benefits listed                                We salute you ~
                                                                 Eric Brown '91-USMC                     Mike Roths '96-USMC
                                                                 Christian Corry '91-USMC                Robert Taylor '96-USAF
                                                                 Kathryn Dullack Burns '91-USAFR         Jason Varvas '96-USN
              DOCTORATE $5,000 and above                         Greg Warrington '91-USMC                Brian Estes '97-USA
              Permanent recognition on campus and                Roburt Yale '91-USA                     Elind Garcia ‘97-USAF
                                                                 Jason Ortiz, '91-USAF                   Matt Shipstead '97-USAF
              benefits listed above.                             Thad Zak '91-USA                        Stephanie Soltis '97-USAF
                                                                 Brennan McKernan '92-USN                Matt Brooks '98-USN
                                                                 Ryan Hart '93-USMC                      Stacy Dempsey '98-USAF
 *This benefit is awarded only during the fiscal year            Ron Hubers '93-USN                      Andrew McKee '98-USN
                                                                 Brad Laule ‘93-USNR                     Derek Heath '98-USAF
 (July 1-June 30) in which the level is achieved.                Stacy McClain '93-USAFR                 Stacie Persons ‘98-USAF
                                                                 Mike Nesbitt '93- USMC                  Nicholas Suhr ‘98-USA
 To make a gift to the Santa Margarita Catholic High             Dave Reinhard '93-USCG                  Chris Vice ‘98-USAF
 School Alumni Fund, please send a check made                    Tim Sulick '93-USN                      Mike Coppock '99-USN
                                                                 Paul Ferguson '94-USAF                  Sean Crawford '99-USMCR
 payable to SMCHS in the donation envelope enclosed              Tony Bierenkoven '95-USAF               Will Watson '99-USAF
 in this issue of Wings.                                         Court Holland '95-USAF                  Craig Coppock '00-USA
                                                                 Amy Nesbitt '95-USAF                    Patrick Laughlin '01-USN
                                                                 Charlie Vice '95-USCG                   Bradley Smith ‘02-USMC
             Thank you for your support!                         Casey Weiner '95-USMC                   Bryan Csik ‘03-USAF
                                                                 Alex King '96 -USA                      Gabriel Medeiros '03-USMCR

22                                                                   SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL
                                                                                                               February 2005
                                                 Sunday              Monday                   Tuesday                         Wednesday                  Thursday                      Friday                        Saturday
                                                                                    1                              2                             3                         4                                 5
                                                                                    Regular Day 1                  Mtg Day 7                     Split Assembly            Regular Day 3                     B V Bball @ Nike
                                                                                    G FS/JV/V Bball @ St                                          Day 5                                                       Extravaganza
                                                                                     Joe 4:00/5:00/7:00            (8:42-2:27)                                             B Soccer vs MD
                                                                                    G Soccer @ Rosary 3:15         (Faculty Mtg 7:45-            Magazine Drive Kick-Off    3:15                             Frosh Entrance Exam
                                                                                    10 Month Plan Tuition                                         Assembly                                                    8:00
                                                                                      Payment Due
                                                                                                                     8:30)                       G Soccer vs MD 3:15       Color Guard
                                                                                    Kairos Retreat                 B Soccer @ Servite 3:15       G WP vs Rosary 4:00        Contest, Gym 6:00                G FS/JV/V Bball @
                                                                                    Tues Night @ the Movies,       Kairos Retreat                Kairos Retreat            Kairos Retreat                     Pacifica 1:00/2:30/
                                                                                      B210 7:00                                                                                                               4:00
                                          6                   7                     8                              9                             10                        11                                12
                                                              Regular Day 1         Regular Day 7                  Mass Day 6                    Regular Day 3             Regular Day 2                     Corazon
                                                                                    B Fr Blue/JV/V Bball @ Bosco
                                                                                                                                                 B Fr Blue/JV/V Bball @

                                                              Spring CSF Drive                                     Ash Wednesday                   MD 4:30/6:00/7:30       Debate UC Berkley                 Debate UC Berkley
                                                                                    B Fr Gold/So Bball vs Bosco
                                                               Begins                 4:30/6:00                    AP Exam Registration          B Fr Gold/So Bball vs      Tourn                             Tourn
                                                                                    G Soccer vs St Joe 3:15        B Soccer vs Bosco 3:15          MD 4:30/6:00                                              Possible Wrestling
                                                              AP Exam               AP Exam Registration
                                                                                                                                                                           AP Exam
                                                                                                                   G FS/JV/V Bball @ MD          G WP @ St Joe 4:00                                           CIF
                                                               Registration         Spring CSF Drive
                                                                                                                                                 AP Exam Registration
                                                                                    Tues Night @ the Movies,
                                                                                                                     4:00/5:00/7:00                                                                          Valentasia, Balboa Bay
                                                                                                                                                 Spring CSF Drive          Spring CSF Drive
                                                                                      B210 7:00                    Spring CSF Drive                                                                           Club 6:00
                                          13                  14                    15                             16                            17                        18                                19
                                          Debate UC Berkley   Regular Day 7         Regular Day 6                  Special Sched Day 5           Regular Day 3             Early Day 2                       Possible B Soccer
                                           Tourn                                                                   (Fr 7:40-2:27)                LA Religious Ed           Possible B Bball CIF               CIF
                                                              Spring CSF Drive      Possible B Bball CIF           (So/Jr/Sr 8:42-2:27)            Congress Youth Day      LA Religious Ed
                                                              Valentines Day        Spring CSF Drive               Fr Class Officer Elections    Mothers Club, St Kilian     Congress                        Possible G Bball CIF
                                                                                                                   Curriculum Mtg 2:45             8:30                    Possible G Soccer CIF
                                                                                    Tues Night @ the               Possible B Bball CIF
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Possible Wrestling
                                                                                                                                                 Possible G Bball CIF      Possible G WP CIF                  Ind Div
                                                                                     Movies, B210 7:00             Possible B Soccer CIF
                                                                                                                   Possible G Soccer CIF         Possible G WP CIF         Possible Wrestling Ind Div
                                                                                                                   Spring CSF Drive              Spring CSF Drive          Spring CSF Drive

                                          20                  21                    22                             23                            24                        25                                26
                                                              Presidents Day        Regular Day 6                  Dept Mtg Day 5                Regular Day 2             Early Day 1                       MUN Los Alamitos HS
                                                                                    Magazine Drive Turn-In                                                                                                   Practice SAT/ACT
                                                              Full School Holiday    Day                           Possible B Soccer             Soph Retreat              Possible B Bball CIF                Exams 8:00
                                                              B Track Jog-a-thon    Possible B Bball CIF            CIF                          Possible G Soccer         Soph Retreat                      Winter Formal, Gym 8:00
                                                                                    Spring CSF Drive Ends          Possible G Bball CIF           CIF                                                        Possible G Bball CIF
                                                                                                                                                                           Possible B Soccer CIF
                                                                                    Possible G Soccer CIF                                                                                                    Possible Wrestling
                                                                                    Possible G WP CIF                                            Possible G WP CIF         Possible Wrestling                  Masters
                                                                                    Tues Night @ the Movies,                                                                Masters
                                                                                      B210 7:00

                                          27                  28
                                                              Regular Day 5                                                 January                                                 March
                                                              Possible G WP CIF                                         S M T W T          F S                                  S M T W T          F S
                                                                                                                                           1                                            1 2 3 4          5
                                                                                                                        2    3 4 5 6 7 8                                        6 7     8 9 10 11       12
                                                                                                                        9   10 11 12 13 14 15                                  13 14   15 16 17 18      19
                                                                                                                       16   17 18 19 20 21 22
                                                                                                                       23   24 25 26 27 28 29                                  20 21   22 23 24 25      26
                                                                                                                       30   31                                                 27 28   29 30 31

December 2004, January - February, 2005
 Alumni news

                    Welcome to Our Exciting, First Ever,
                         All-Alumni Issue of Wings!
                       For the first time ever, we are reaching out to all of
                          our more than 5,000 Santa Margarita Alumni

                                The following pages include:

                           More than 100 Class Updates & Photos
                                      Alumni Events
                                      Reunion News
                               Alumni Serving in the Military
                       Eagle Alumni Association Scholarship Tradition
                                  Alumni Giving Program
                                     Lost Alumni List
                              Fun Alumni Mom Get-Togethers
                         Alumni Parent Auxiliary "Lion King" Event
                                       And more...

                       The Alumni Office is excited to be able to reach out
                          to all of you ~ We have great ideas about future
                           events including informal class get-togethers,
                        alumni career day for current students, getting our
                        alumni council up and running and so much more!
                       We are proud of our former Eagles and want to hear
                                 from you! Send us your comments,
                       suggestions and updates. Contact Michele Papay in
                         the Alumni Office at 949-766-6000 ext. 1511 or
                We hope you enjoy this very
                                      special edition of Wings!

20                                                 SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL
                                                                                                                  Alumni news
Fellow SMCHS Alums,

My name is Megan (Strader) Meihaus and I am the Development Manager at SMCHS…and a proud graduate of the Class of 1997! This
is my second school year back on campus in the Office of Development, Alumni and Public Relations and it has
been wonderful to get back in touch with many of you, as well as meet our current Eagle families. Allow me to
take a few moments to tell you about the SMCHS of today.

A lot has changed in the seven years since I graduated, and our beautiful campus looks better than ever. We now
have a state-of-the-art FieldTurf football field, a high-tech production truck for our daily Eagle Television
program, an impressive track scoreboard and record monument and a brand new electronic marquee in the front of
school. It's exciting to note that all of these new additions have been fully or partially funded by the generosity of
                           our Eagle Family! While there are many new sites on campus, the things I remember
                           most fondly have remained the same. The cheerleaders still do the "8-clap," they still      Track Monument
                           have the same chocolate chip cookies at lunch, they still pray twice a day over the loudspeaker and many of our
                           beloved teachers are still here, as enthusiastic as ever.

                           Many of you have been receiving this alumni Wings publication twice a year because you signed up for the
FieldTurf Field            Eagle Alumni Association upon graduating and paid a $25 lifetime membership fee. However, most of you
                           have not received Wings prior to this issue and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all back to
the Eagle community. We have missed you! To date, we have only had the funding to mail this publication to those alumni who have
paid the Eagle Alumni Association dues. However, this Christmas we are able to send this issue, our BIGGEST
and BEST alumni issue ever, to each and every SMCHS alum! But, we can only continue to do this with your
help. Our goal is to receive enough financial support from our alumni to be able to include every alum in the
Eagle Alumni Association…for free! This means all alums would receive Wings twice a year, as well as
invitations to special alumni events.

As we are approaching our 20th anniversary in 2007, we feel we are now at the exciting time when many
                                                                                                                  Electronic Marquee
of our alumni are in the position to give back to SMCHS through their time, talent and treasure. We have
already received some significant charitable contributions from our alumni and we'd like to thank those of you who have been generous
with your support! It is wonderful to see you giving back to your alma mater. There will be many benefits associated with giving to
                            SMCHS, including recognition on the website and in our Annual Report, as well as invitations to exclusive
                            donor events, free admission to the homecoming game and special thank you gifts! Please see the following
                            pages for more information.

                            We hope that you enjoy reading this publication as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Thanks to all of
                            you who provided updates for this record-breaking edition of Wings. We are happy to say that every SMCHS
                            graduating class is represented in this issue in over 100 updates! To those Eagles who we haven't heard
                            from, please continue to keep us updated on your lives. It’s great to see how high our Eagles have soared!
 ETV Production Truck

In Eagle Spirit,

Megan (Strader) Meihaus                                         SMCHS Office of Development, Alumni and Public Relations
Development Manager

*For those of you who already paid the EAA fee,
we will include your $25 in your lifetime giving
history to SMCHS and will be sending you a small
token of our appreciation.

                                                      Michele Papay        Lauren Bordages           Megan Meihaus       Claudia Nieves

    SANTA MARGARITA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL                                   December 2004, January - February, 2005                        21

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