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									PanoMap                                       ®
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                                                                                                             Since 1976
Laser Scan Database Available on Android Smartphone

CSA Laser Scanning Technology, PanoMap®, provided in a photo-realistic format, is available on a smartphone or tablet
(Android), and is designed for plant walkdowns, survey inspections and spatial field applications. The smartphone PanoMap
application can hold thousands of 360° laser scans. Its database is created on a PC using CSA’s PanoMap software and trans-
ferred to the smartphone. The database can include the original scans as well as 3D CAD models merged into the scans.

                                                                                  3D scan
                                                                                  (in red)

The smartphone enables access to a plant spatial database of 3D scans, for specific tasks.
The user can navigate through scans via the keyplans showing specific locations. Individ-
ual areas are identified by buildings, floors, or zones. The user selects an area in the key-
plan, taps on a scan, and the scan is displayed.
Another access is via a plant walkthrough generated from individual scans. The walk-            Navigate to hyperlinked scans
through path can represent an inspection path, plant walkdown sequence, radiation sur-           via an interactive keyplan
vey path, or other spatial information. The user can analyze the walkthrough path on his
computer or follow it on his smartphone while in the plant. The system automatically displays
the highlighted pipeline, conduit, or component as it appears in different laser scans.
A recent application consisted of 30 pipelines in a nuclear power plant, which were marked
and viewed in a continuous manner by stepping through the applicable laser scans. Identify-
ing and following the survey path can be a very useful tool in the nuclear industry for ALARA
CSA software supports scan data collected by laser scanners from all major manufacturers
using either the native laser scan format or .ptx format. Laser scan data from different
sources is converted into PanoMap format by utilizing CSA LSSM (Laser Scan Space Man-
ager) technology. LSSM is the mastering module that also includes laser scan data (point
cloud) processing and automatic registration.
One of the major benefits of PanoMap is compact file size—the point cloud data is repro-
duced in PanoMap format, without compromising the accuracy of the data.

 Applications in development include:
     Using the phone camera to take images that will be integrated with the scans
     Voice recording of inspections and walkdown data
     Wireless transfer of data from the phone to/from external databases                            Pan/Zoom to specific
                                                                                                   components in a plant
     Applications to support specific plant activities
                                                                                                PanoMap® Saves Dose                                                                      770.955.3518
PanoMap CSA Laser Scanning Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?                                                         Can CSA provide a complete turnkey project?
PanoMap is a database-driven laser scanning technology. It          Yes, CSA provides complete solutions which include field scan-
represents an as-built 3D laser scan model. PanoMap includes        ning, registration of scans, and creation of a scan database. A 3D
a very powerful laser scan viewer that allows the user to dis-      model can be built if required. CSA can also deliver specific appli-
play collected laser scan data—commonly referred to as point-       cation analysis.
cloud data.
                                                                                                                     Component labels
PanoMap has many powerful features. It can be used for sim-                                                          and measurement
ple viewing and measuring, as well as more complex tasks                                                             tags, viewable in 3D
such as modeling, interference checking, and equipment re-                                                           scans, are tied to the
moval simulation processes. Existing facility databases can be                                                       plant database.
accessed through PanoMap.
                                                                                                                     Viewing is done from
What are the PC hardware requirements?                                                                               the position of the
                                                                                                                     laser scanner.
PanoMap can be run on any modern Windows PC. The soft-
ware is installed on client PCs; laser scan project data resides
on the server.
                                                                    Can you describe the process of a typical project?
Does PanoMap run on mobile devices?
                                                                    CSA provides all necessary equipment, and nuclear-industry ex-
The PanoMap app runs on Android based smartphones and               perienced operators, required for laser scanning.
tablets. It is designed to support plant walkdowns, and is an
effective tool in conjunction with the device’s built-in camera.    Laser scans are processed, registered to the plant coordinate
                                                                    system, and fitted to keyplans by CSA. The scans are grouped by
How do PanoMap files differ from typical point-cloud                location and elevation applicable to the project. The completed
data files used by competitors?                                     project is delivered to the site. PanoMap user training is typically
                                                                    provided at the time of project delivery.
CSA converts laser scan point-cloud data into a photo-realistic
viewing format with a significantly reduced file size, which is     What happens if the area is retrofitted
much more effective for plant applications. Integration with        and new scans are taken?
intelligent, spec-driven technology provides additional benefits.
                                                                    An existing laser scan database can be easily updated with the
                                                                    new scans. As a rule, CSA archives older versions of laser scan
Can PanoMap integrate with 3D technology?
                                                                    databases as well. If only a small change is made in a particular
Yes. Plant/CMS functionality makes integration with all major       area, the laser scan can be updated with a simple 3D model of the
CAD systems possible, and it is a powerful tool for interference    area affected. Larger changes may require re-scanning.
detection. The user can easily check as-designed against as-

built information. Ingress/egress of equipment removal simula-      Does PanoMap work with any laser scanner?
tion can be automatically analyzed for clashes.
                                                                    Yes, PanoMap works with data from virtually any laser scanner in
Any new design can be verified against the as-built laser           current use.
scan data.
                                                                                                                                              PanoMap® is a registered trademark of CSA, Inc.

                                                                    How have CSA’s technologies added value to its
What is Plant/CMS?                                                  customers’ projects?
Plant/CMS (Configuration Management System) is CSA's 3D             CSA’s technologies provide a critical link between as-designed
technology that easily integrates with PanoMap. It contains a       and as-built data in a user-friendly, database-driven program.
powerful conversion capability to/from all major CAD systems.
                                                                    PanoMap and Plant/CMS are fully capable of integration with dif-
CSA can easily export/import a variety of CAD systems into          ferent databases, providing a legacy of useful information for a
PanoMap (through Plant/CMS).                                        wide variety of plant personnel. CSA provides a complete turnkey
                                                                    solution; or it can be client-customizable, depending on the
                                                                    customer’s requirements.                                                                          770.955.3518

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